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News and commentary about President* Joe Biden

Introduction by The Editor:
The news media declared Joe Biden to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election on November 4th, long before any state had so certified.  Then the Biden handlers set up the fictitious "Office of the President Elect" for his television appearances, to promote the perception that he actually won fair and square.  Officially, there is no such office.  There is nothing magical about any president's "First 100 Days" in office, yet that's all the news media could talk about in January.  One might be tempted to ask, What's the rush?  Indeed, Joe Biden is now acting like a dictator, just like Barack H. Obama, issuing dozens of unilateral decrees, in the form of executive orders, the purpose of which is to legislate from the White House all the policies that the Congress wouldn't be able to pass, and immediately implement the Democrats' socialist platform.  But Joe Biden is just a puppet:  He is a senile old man who will sign anything his handlers tell him to sign.  He will read whatever words come up on the teleprompter, just like Barack H. Obama.  He is apparently trying to weaken America's economy, just like Barack H. Obama.  The national news media are doing everything possible to portray Joe Biden in a positive light, just as they did for Barack H. Obama.  The Biden presidency is starting to look like Obama's third term.

The biggest mystery in America today is this:  Who is running the Executive Branch of the federal government? This is an original compilation, Copyright © 2024 by Andrew K. Dart

Yet another note from The Editor:
Perhaps I should apologize, or boast, that this page has turned into a four-megabyte heap of text related directly to Joe Biden.  Unlike the multiple pages of news and commentary about Barack H. Obama, no attempt has (yet) been made to sub-categorize articles about Biden's unwise decisions, mental state, cloud of corruption, or other topics — with the exception of his favorable treatment by the press, and his long list of objectionable appointments.  Use the "Find" function in your browser to get to a specific subject.

Appended 3/3/2023:
This collection has grown to 5½ megabytes, but only the first megabyte or so is on this page.  The rest has been moved to the overflow area, to save bandwidth — yours and mine.  Mostly mine.

Overview #1:
Biden is the most amoral President in US history.  The President pretends to be Catholic but clearly does not live by Catholic tenets.  He supports abortion up until the moment of birth.  This past week, he sent a cease-and-desist letter to the priests who have been ministering to Catholic patients at Walter Reed Hospital.  He intends to contract outside persons to provide Catholic ministry.  While VP, he supported the persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor for refusing to provide abortion services to their employees.  In short, he is about as Catholic and Christian as Nancy Pelosi, another faux Catholic, a classic elitist who has nothing but contempt for actual Catholics, actual Christians.  There are years of evidence, including from Biden's own daughter's diary, that Biden is a pedophile or at least has pedophilic tendencies.  He cannot keep his hands off young female children; he fondles and sniffs them.  Tara Reade's account of his molestation of her years ago is credible. [...] The sadly mentally incapacitated Biden is a tool of the worst people on the planet:  the Communist Party of China and the Machiavellian scoundrels of the WEF. [...] Biden's weakness has reverberated throughout the world.  His thwarting of our energy independence, his absurd implementation of all the covid restrictions that submarined the US economy and his vaccine mandates that have killed thousands will be his legacy.  This President's obsession with LGBT issues, especially the transgenderism of children, proves his evil intent beyond all other issues.

Overview #2:
A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century.  The laptops are real.  The FBI has known this since 2019, when it first took possession of them.  When the New York Post attempted to report on them, dozens of the most senior national security officials in the United States lied to the public, claiming the laptops were likely part of a Russian "disinformation" plot.  Twitter, Facebook, and Google, operating as fully integrated branches of the state security infrastructure, carried out the government's censorship orders based on that lie.  The press swallowed the lie and cheered on the censorship.  The story of the laptops has been framed as many things, but the most fundamental truth about it is that it was the successful culmination of the years-long effort to create a shadow regulatory bureaucracy built specifically to prevent a repeat of Trump's 2016 victory.  It may be impossible to know exactly what effect the ban on reporting about Hunter Biden's laptops had on the 2020 vote, but the story was clearly seen as threatening enough to warrant an openly authoritarian attack on the independence of the press.  The damage to the country's underlying social fabric, in which paranoia and conspiracy have been normalized, is incalculable.  As recently as February, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez referred to the scandal as the "half-fake laptop story" and as "an embarrassment," months after even the Bidens had been forced to acknowledge that the story is authentic.

Laptop recap and overview:
Hunter Biden:  Looking at that laptop that wasn't mine violated my privacy.  After Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal broke down, he changed lawyers and changed strategies.  His former lawyer was a deal maker.  His new one, Abbe Lowell, is famed for his confrontational, slash-and-burn approach.  His latest move is another flamethrower blast.It's a lawsuit to contain the troubles caused by Hunter Biden's infamous laptop computer, the one he left at a Delaware repair shop but failed to pick up and pay for.  When he dropped it off, he signed the shop's standard agreement saying that, if he didn't return and pay for the work, the shop would then own the computer its contents.  The computer repair shop owner examined the data on the laptop as a result, and this has caused a world of hurt for the Bidens.  The repairman gave the computer to intermediaries who gave it to the New York Post, the only newspaper that was interested.  Since then, the Biden family has been dealing with the consequences, mostly by denying the computer was really Hunter's or the data from it was faked — claims which have been disproven by two different US media investigations.  The idea that the data isn't Hunter's has also been contradicted by IRS whistleblower testimony.  Nonetheless Team Biden has battled hard to suppress reporting of the data.  This suppression wasn't designed to help Hunter.  It was designed to help his father win the 2000 election.  That's why father, son, and the team surrounding them denied everything about the computer, claimed it was all a Kremlin fabrication, and tried to prevent newspapers from reporting about it and social media from discussing it or even circulating the newspaper articles.

Overview and recap:
Biden's Criminal Enterprise.  President Joe Biden's questionable activities go back to his first year as Vice President in 2009 and continued throughout his eight years serving in the two-term Obama administration, punctuated with son Hunter being paid $1 million a year as a board member of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma in 2014.  That role continued for more than four years, with a large $10 million dollar payoff from Burisma coming to Hunter and Joe Biden after the latter blackmailed Ukraine by threatening the withholding of $1 billion in U.S. aid unless prosecutor general Victor Shokin was fired from the corruption investigation of Burisma in March of 2016 — an investigation that would have exposed fraud, including questionable payments to Hunter Biden.  FBI documents refer to the two $5 million payments to Hunter and Joe Biden as a 'bribe' paid by Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky.  The case for impeaching President Joe Biden goes beyond bribery and emolument high crimes related to Ukraine.  In 2014, Hunter Biden introduced his father, then Vice President, to Kazakhstan oligarch Kenes Rakishev at a dinner.  Records and testimony obtained by James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee show that at that time of introducing Rakishev to Vice President Biden, Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer were working on a deal involving Burisma, on whose board they both served, and a Chinese company that would have been based in Kazakhstan.  To facilitate the deal and his relationship with Archer and the Bidens, Rakishev wired $142,300 to Rosemont Seneca — a shell company created by Devon and Hunter — the exact amount needed to fund Hunter's sportscar purchase the next day.

Loving Dad Joe Engages Son in Life of Crime.  Organized crime bosses protect themselves from legal jeopardy by insulating themselves from the dirty work.  They use underlings to sell their product, collect the money, launder the money, and if necessary take the fall.  If a legal price is to be paid, it's paid by the expendables.  The boss keeps them quiet with hush money, legal assistance, and witness intimidation.  Does anyone believe that a cartel boss helps an arrested underling out of love?  Nope.  He does it in service to his own selfish interests — which brings me to Hunter Biden's loving father, Joe.  We've learned a great deal about the Biden family business in the last three years from abandoned laptops, congressional investigations, and federal whistleblowers.  We know that Hunter was working on a deal with a Chinese energy company in which 10 percent would go to the "big guy."  We learned from Hunter's business partner, Tony Bobulinski, that the "big guy" was Hunter's code name for his dad, Joe Biden.  Oddly, Bobulinski was never interviewed by Biden's consigliere or his crew, the Department of Justice.

'Someone's got to go to prison'.  [Scroll down]  Then there are the extraordinarily criminal activities of Biden's son Hunter.  The media and the CIA, FBI and DOJ all knew the Laptop from Hell was authentic in December of 2019 but suppressed it and/or claimed it was "Russian propaganda."  That includes William Barr, a wolf in sheep's clothing if there ever were one.  The powers-that-were covered up the existence of his laptop, chock full of proof of Hunter's many perversions — drugs, meth, cocaine, prostitutes including very young girls, and his many schemes to shakedown millions of dollars from foreign actors for who-knows-what in return.  But one thing is clear beyond doubt, given what the Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith laid out before us on Wednesday, information gleaned from IRS whistleblowers.  No taxes were paid on millions of ill-gotten dollars.  When he did pay taxes, he deducted his payments to prostitutes, sex clubs and porn sites.  How's that for chutzpah?  As someone commented the other day, this is a family of feral dogs!  They continue to disavow a biological granddaughter.  Hunter sells his pathetic paintings in some sort of obvious money laundering scheme.  And poor, old, demented Joe continues to deny any malfeasance.  He denies he ever had anything to do with Hunter's business dealings.  Once a grifter, always a grifter.  The Biden family is essentially a mob of the mafia-like variety.

Timely news and commentary:

A Terrifying Combo:  Biden and the Nuclear Football.  Not Biden's age, as such, but his cognitive decline renders him disabled.  His aiders and abettors discharge most of the duties of the office, with he serving as a useful idiot.  He's just a clueless figurehead.  But there is one thing the malevolent minions cannot usurp from his duties: he has the sole authority to launch nuclear weapons.  Outside of the White House, that authority can be initiated by the Presidential Emergency Satchel, colloquially called the Nuclear Football.  Is there anything — anything — more terrifying than a bumbling Biden in control of such a thing?  The possessed Dem demon with dementia is always within reach of the Football.  Under military supervision, it follows him everywhere.  It is one thing to be comfortably secluded with top advisors in the White House Situation Room, or the National Military Command Center, or equivalent, but entirely another to grapple with the Football while flummoxed on the road.  And that seems to be Biden's constant mental state.  Speedy decisions, at least rational ones, are well beyond his capacity.

New Evidence of Biden Quid-Pro-Quo in Ukraine.  A new batch of emails released by journalist John Solomon provides the most compelling evidence to date that Joe Biden abused his position as Vice President to protect a Ukrainian oligarch who was under investigation for corruption and bribery.  The oligarch, Nikolay Zlochevsky, is the owner of Burisma, the firm that paid Hunter Biden $1 million a year for a no-show job.  The emails, whose origin remains unclear but which may have been obtained via the House Oversight committee, also show Zlochevsky planned to use Hunter to set up a $120 million venture in Liechtenstein.  However, while the Liechtenstein story has been the focus of attention, the real story buried in the new email batch has nothing to do with Liechtenstein.  That story centers around an email from Hunter's business partner, Devon Archer, that shows that Burisma unambiguously demanded that the corruption investigations into Zlochevsky be shut down.  While a previous email with a similar message had been recovered from Hunter's abandoned laptop, the language used in the new email is even more blunt in conveying that Burisma was demanding direct intervention from US authorities to end the Ukrainian prosecutor general's investigation into Burisma.  Within a few weeks of the email, Joe Biden ordered the president of Ukraine to dismiss his prosecutor general.

When China Wired Money to Joe's House.  When Hunter Biden got wire transfers from China, they went to Joe Biden's address.  In the summer of 2019, while Joe Biden was running for president, the money was rolling into Delaware from Communist China.  This was the same Wilmington house where classified documents were lying around while Hunter Biden was living while allegedly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on prostitutes:  some of them apparently foreign nationals.  On paperwork, Hunter appeared to claim ownership of the house and in 2010, he had begun paying for the upkeep of the house and his veep dad's bills.  By the time Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR, was sending a $250,000 wire payment to Joe Biden's address, the former vice president and future president had already met with the Chinese investment exec doing business with his family and had written recommendation letters for his kids.  The $250,000 Chinese wire was described as a "loan".  But how was Hunter, by then approaching rock bottom, going to pay it off?  Where was the money coming from?

The White House lashes out frantically at those saying something is wrong with Biden.  Biden ain't the man he used to be.  His opponents point out that he is a frozen, slurring, falling mess.  His supporters insist that behind the apparent decrepitude lies a man of infinite wisdom and deep humanity.  This fight has been going on for a while, but it's heated up with a new batch of videos showing Biden wandering away from G7 photo ops and standing frozen at events.  Here are the most recent controversial videos, which have not been cut, speeded up, or slowed down, although the third zooms in on what's happening on stage.  In the first video, as the cluster of G7 leaders applauds someone who just parachuted in, Biden gets distracted and wanders off to give a thumbs-up to someone off-camera.  (It's not to the paratrooper kneeling at his feet because Biden's thumbs up is clearly intended for someone at a greater distance.)  [Tweet with video clip]  In the second video, Biden is at a Juneteenth event and, while everyone around him dances, he stands stock still:  [Tweet with video clip]  And lastly, here's footage of Biden at a fundraiser, again seemingly frozen:  [Tweet with video clip]

FBI knew in 2016 Hunter's team plotted $120 million Ukrainian deal while Joe was VP.  The FBI learned as far back as 2016 that Hunter Biden and his partners had plotted to set up a new venture in tax-friendly Liechtenstein that would be capitalized by a whopping $120 million investment from the controversial owner of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, according to documents obtained by Just the News that have been kept from the American public for eight years.  The mega-deal was not referenced inside Hunter Biden's now infamous laptop or during the 2019 impeachment proceedings involving Ukraine, but was instead chronicled in a trove of 3.39 million documents the FBI seized from Hunter Biden and his business partners during an investigation of securities fraud nearly a decade ago.  The cache of documents was recently turned over by former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer to the House Oversight Committee as part of its impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden's conduct.

Secret Service Destroys Video of Biden's Dog Commander Biting Incident.  In a controversial move, the Secret Service has reportedly destroyed surveillance footage of an incident involving President Joe Biden's dog, Commander, biting a Secret Service agent.  This revelation has sparked outrage and raised serious questions about transparency and accountability within the Biden administration.  [Advertisement]  Commander, a two-year-old German Shepherd, was involved in at least 24 biting incidents involving Secret Service personnel, according to newly released documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.  These incidents reportedly occurred over a period from October 2022 to July 2023, primarily at the White House and other Biden family properties.  [Advertisement]  [Tweet]  The destruction of the video footage has led to allegations of a cover-up.  Critics argue that this action obstructs a full and transparent investigation into the behavior of the President's pet and the handling of the situation by the Secret Service.

The Editor says...
The writer sheepishly states, "The destruction of the video footage has led to allegations of a cover-up."  No, the destruction of the video footage IS a cover-up.  Say what you mean.  If the footage was destroyed, something is being covered up, because it is an embarrassment to the Biden puppeteers, whoever they are.  Speaking of Secret Service cover-ups, who did they decide was the owner of the bag of cocaine at the White House in July, 2023?  Because the answer can't possibly be the only obvious one.  Blame that on the dog, too.

Three signs that Biden's campaign is broken at its core, incoherent, and fraudulent.  Biden's campaign seems to be giving up on promoting Biden and is, instead, focused on attacking Trump and his voters.  This is because, no matter how much money Biden manages to raise and no matter the media's efforts on his part, nothing can hide the fact that his campaign is broken, incoherent, and fundamentally fraudulent.  First, the Biden campaign is broken because he has no accomplishments.  His nearly four years in office have been one disaster after another, and the comparisons with Trump's economy, border control / illegal aliens, and foreign policy vastly favor Trump.  That reality was driven home today with the AP story that Biden is about to spend $50 million dollars on pre-debate ad buys.  The ads will bypass Biden's record to focus on the three constitutionally obscene cases brought against Trump in NY: [...]

Biden Launches $50M Anti-Trump Ad Blitz to Highlight Trump's Conviction.  Joe Biden's campaign launched a $50 million television ad blitz on June 17, 2024, to hit Donald Trump over his 34-count felony business fraud conviction, which many of Trump's supporters describe as witchhunts.  The 81-year-old's ad campaign was created to highlight Trump's conviction by a Manhattan jury on May 30, 2024, attacking Trump by calling him "a convicted criminal who's only out for himself," the New York Post reported.  "In the courtroom, we see Donald Trump for who he is.  Meanwhile, Joe Biden's been working, lowering healthcare costs and making big corporations pay their fair share.  This election is between a convicted criminal who's only out for himself and a president who is fighting for your family," the narrator says in the 30-second ad titled "Character Matters."

The Editor says...
Yes, character matters.  Leaving a packet of cocaine in the White House matters.  Ten percent for the Big Guy matters.  Laundering money through Ukraine matters.  Lying about an abandoned laptop matters.  Stealing the 2020 presidential election matters.  Putting a brain-dead puppet in the White House who will sign any bill they put on his desk really matters.  Not knowing who the puppet masters are matters a lot, because nobody voted for them.

Biden's Chief Gaslighter Says Those Videos Of Joe Freezing And Wandering Aimlessly Are Fakes.  White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says videos of Biden freezing and appearing confused are "cheap fakes video."  Don't believe your own eyes, folks.  Pierre said right-wingers who are sharing these videos have a "credibility problem."  "I think you all have called this the cheap fakes video, and that's exactly what they are.  They are cheap fakes video."  "They're done in bad faiths.  And some of your news organizations have, have been very clear, have stressed that these right wing, the right-wing critics of the president have a credibility problem because of the fact-checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation."  [Video clip]

Biden's Continued Presidential Campaign is Inhumane.  It can sometimes be lost when we speak of the Biden "glitches" that these are all-too-obviously signs of advancing dementia, and his family and the media continuing to insist that it be on display for the whole world to see is not just detrimental to the United States, but it's utterly inhumane.  The latest is his wandering off at the G7 summit in Italy.  As several world leaders stood below, a parachuter with a large "G7 Italia 2024" flag descended to their location.  While the others were cheering, Biden gawked at the fluttering parachute and seemed to reach upward as if he meant to wrangle it.  He then looked leftward, disinterested in what the others were applauding, and began to wander several feet away from the group.  Giorgia Meloni, Italy's new Prime Minister, had to move toward him, grab his right arm, and call him over for a photo.  As the others struck confident poses, Biden very slowly put on his trademark aviators and stood there looking exactly like what he is — a senile old puppet who must be led around by handlers and who is marvelously out-of-place among those powerful world officials.

The Lights Aren't Even On.  We've all heard the saying, "The lights are on, but nobody's home."  I suspect most of us could readily come up with a list of people to whom that applies, including in politics — maybe especially in politics.  [Advertisement]  Watching our commander in chief on the world stage over the past week has made it abundantly clear that the same cannot be said of him.  In Joe Biden's case, it seems that the lights aren't even on anymore.  [Tweet]  I don't say that to be cruel — although it can be easy to wander into bash-the-president territory.  That's pretty much been an American pastime all along — by design.  I say it because it's both self-evident and seriously disconcerting.

Representative Anna Paulina Luna States DC Dems Discuss Replacing Joe Biden Before General Election.  We consistently hear people say something akin to "they can't replace Joe Biden."  It's a little odd, because I'm really not sure where that level of understanding DC comes from.  Replacing Joe Biden on the ballot before or after the November 2024 election is as simple as one typed sentence from his doctor saying he is not capable of fulfilling another term.  Not complicated.  Very simple.  Can happen at any time.  The DNC corporation appoints a replacement, the leftists rally sympathy around him, and Biden is escorted away for a life of indulgences and free stuff.

Joe Biden Appears to Freeze, Obama Escorts Him Off Stage During Star-Studded Fundraiser.  President Joe Biden appeared to freeze while on stage during a star-studded fundraiser on Saturday night and was seen being led off the stage by former President Barack Obama.  Biden and Obama attended the Los Angeles fundraiser, along with celebrities such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Black, and Jason Bateman, among many others.  Before the fundraiser, it was reported that the Biden campaign had raised more than $28 million.

Hunter Biden is his father's son.  For the entirety of his pre-Presidential career, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was never one of Washington's A-listers.  He was always an afterthought, sometimes a joke.  His biggest political achievement was lucking into the Senate at 29 from a toll-booth state and staying until retirement age.  He won a grand total of six elections along the way, building a national political career with fewer than one million votes in all six races combined.  Truly skilled professional politicians — Obama, Clinton, Dubya — usually reach the White House by their late forties or early fifties.  (Reagan and Trump were much older, but for them politics was a second career.)  When Biden tried for the brass ring in the 1988 Presidential race, at 45, his lies and exaggerations made him a laughingstock.  He was forced to drop out before the Iowa caucuses.

Did Joe Biden's ghostwriter commit the crime that's been wrongfully used against J6ers?  It is a serious crime to interfere with a federal investigation, and it seems that Mike Zwonitzer, Joe Biden's ghostwriter, has admitted on the record that he did so.  However, to no one's surprise, AG Merrick Garland's "Justice" Department seems uninterested in this possible crime.  The big irony is that Zwonitzer's apparent wrongdoing seems to have violated 18 U.S.C. § 1512, which is the same statute that the Garland DOJ has been abusing to put January 6 defendants in prison.

This Is Why Democrats Are Panicking About Joe Biden.  A new Suffolk poll of black voters in two crucial swing states has come out and to say the news is devastating for Joe Biden is an understatement.  We've talked about how Joe Biden has been losing significant support from black voters since 2020, and this new poll continues to show the same trend.  [Advertisement]  In Pennsylvania, Biden gets 56% of the black vote, with Donald Trump getting 11%.  Third party candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein collectively get 16%.  In Michigan, another must-win state for Joe Biden, he captures only 55% of the black vote, compared to Donald Trump's 15% with another 15% going to the third party candidates.  [Tweet]

Do the Plotters of the '51 Intel Experts' Coup Deserve Prison?  [Scroll down]  They had known since December 2019 that this [Hunter Biden laptop] story might drop.  That was when Mac Isaac alerted the FBI to a laptop Hunter Biden had abandoned at his computer repair shop in Delaware.  Fearing that the story might break at any time, operatives within the FBI reached out to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms well before the 2020 election and warned them of a potential Russian pre-election "hack and dump" operation.  If done with ill intent, these operatives deserve prison time as well.  On the day the Post story broke, representatives from the FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force met with Facebook execs.  As would later be confirmed at a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing, the FBI knew that the laptop was, in fact, Hunter Biden's.

Sick Of and Done With.  They're kidding, right?  That "Joe Biden" is capable of being president?  Not just for another four-year term, but right here and now? [...] Lately, even the news media has begun to report "Joe Biden's" senile mishaps.  On Thursday at an outdoor photo op during the G7 meet-up in Italy, the ol' dawg just wandered off from the assembled pack of world leaders until Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni went and reeled him back in.  Earlier in the week at a Juneteenth party, they rolled him out on the White House lawn like a cigar-store Indian where he stood utterly frozen while all around him boogalooed and clapped to the music of jubilee.  Do you think that folks are starting to notice?  Even many [...] Democrat Party regulars who have been just fine with the controlled demolition of our country under this human door-stop of a president are murmuring ominously that the scam has become too obvious.

Summer Surprise:  The Looming Biden Replacement.  In February, I predicted that it can't be Joe Biden representing the Democratic Party in November, and that he would be replaced sometime in the summer before the Democratic National Convention. [...] But here we are, several months later, still pretending that Biden will be on the ticket in November.  And the old man isn't getting any better, folks.  The glitches are getting worse, whether he's wandering away from world leaders at the G-7 or rambling more incoherently than ever.  Such recent displays led Steve Forbes to recently suggest that "the continued, painfully obvious mental decline of our commander-in-chief has revived widespread public speculation of his withdrawing."  And though they stopped for a while, even Democrats are noticing and making similar comments again.

No one is above the law?  Biden would be sued over dog attacks if he were anyone else, says Turley.  Legal scholar Jonathan Turley made the case Friday that "any other family" would face a lawsuit or two or three or more if their dogs were as aggressive and dangerous as that of the Bidens.  "The latest account shows that President Biden was personally handling his dogs during incidents of biting secret service," he posted on X Friday.  "If this were any other family, there would be a strict liability tort action against the Bidens."  [Tweet]

8 ways the Biden administration is working to increase gasoline prices.  The Biden administration claims that draining the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve shows its commitment to low gas prices.  In fact, this is yet another cynical ploy to disguise that its real goal is raise gas prices.  [Tweet]  Biden's claim that he released 1 billion barrels of gasoline to "lower prices at the pump" is his latest attempt to convince Americans he's trying to lower gasoline prices.  But in fact, he's doing his utmost to raise prices, because this is necessary for his anti-fossil-fuel goals.  From Day 1, President Biden has openly supported the destruction of the fossil fuel industry, from his 2019 campaign promise of "I guarantee you, we're going to end fossil fuel" to his 2021 executive order declaring that America will be "net zero emissions economy-wide" by 2050.  Biden's "net zero" plans require gasoline to be illegal or unaffordably expensive.

Dems inflicting elder abuse.  Joe Biden is a deteriorating elder who seems more dead than alive at this point.  He certainly has earned the moniker Grim Reaper-in-Chief.  While the abuse he hurls upon his aides may be deserved, our country doesn't deserve his shrieking tirades and gratuitous putdowns. [...] Many elders remain vigorous, but Joe Biden is empirically not one of them.  But while he is abusing us, Jill is abusing him.  She'd rather be immersed in White House perks and jet-setting trips over the globe than do the honorable thing: advising the lowlife idiot to bow out of the presidential race.  What a selfish, elderly-abusing person she really is.  She may think she's propping-up hubby, but she's actually humiliating him by enabling him to exhibit infantile conduct in public.

Hunter Biden drops lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani over laptop.  Now that the federal government itself has used Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop information as evidence in court, affirming its authenticity, there probably are only a handful of diehards who still portray it as Russian disinformation.  Even Biden now has dropped a lawsuit he had filed against former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his former lawyer, accusing them of manipulating data on the unit.  That piece of electronics was a key to Joe Biden's election victory in 2020.  When it was uncovered by the New York Post, which reported on the scandalous information it contained about Biden family operations, including overseas business schemes, the FBI warned publications against using it.

Joe Biden Is Definitely Senile and Dangerous.  The mental acuity of the joke that currently occupies the Bully Pulpit arose in February, when special counsel Robert Hur released his report concerning Joe Biden's handling of classified documents.  Hur's investigation found that Biden had, on numerous occasions, illegally mishandled classified documents.  Furthermore, "during his [Biden's] interview with Hur, the special counsel wrote that the president was confused about the timeline of events and was unable to ascertain questions about his time as vice president."  It continued in March, with Brit Hume saying, "I was saying back when it was not at all fashionable to say it, that he [Biden] is senile.  And now I think he is palpably senile and the country sees it." [...] The New York Post editorial board wrote in June, "Between his constant verbal fumbles, endless wander-offs and bouts of confused aggression, all in public, it's beyond clear to everyone with eyes and ears that Biden's been on a steep downslope for months, if not years."

The Bidens are a dysfunctional family of grifters.  Hunter Biden was found guilty of a serious crime, the least serious crime he has committed in his life of depravity and debauchery.  He was his father's bagman, sent around the world to sell American influence in Joe's name for large amounts of money.  The Bidens are a family of grifters.  They thought they were so clever.  They went to great lengths to cover their illegal tracks by setting up countless LLCs and assorted bank accounts.  The family has lived far beyond the means of a senatorial or vice-presidential salary for decades.  For fifty years, Joe Biden has been a thug, a plagiarist, a criminal.  He is a pathological liar, as even the New York Times has noted.  He was a known racist for years, too; Robert Byrd of KKK infamy was his mentor.  Like most criminals, Joe is not very bright.  Now, as the world watches him descend into the well-known signs of dementia, the left continues to pretend he is qualified to run for a second term when he is clearly not.  Joe is over, done.  He belongs in a care home.  The Biden family is obviously profoundly dysfunctional, rife with adultery, drug addiction, promiscuity, alcoholism, and criminality.

WATCH: A Dazed and Confused Biden Lands in Italy, and It's Scary.  Joe Biden is in Italy for the G7 summit, and a big piece of the agenda is, of course, finding new and exciting ways to send even more aid to Ukraine because why not, right?  [Advertisement]  Well, I think Ol' Joe will need a regular dose of whatever drug he was given for his State of the Union address because based on his arrival, it's going to be a long trip for his handlers.  As has become standard operating procedure for Biden, he deplaned Air Force One on the short stairs, but what was particularly noteworthy about his arrival was how dazed and confused he appeared as he shuffled down the stairs.  [Tweet with video clip]  Yeah, that's awkward.  Between the slow shuffle and the blank stare, it doesn't seem like he knew where he was.  And it gets worse.  [Tweet with video clip]  It's like he's a walking corpse who needs to be directed where to go.

When Republicans whine about Trump's 'character'.  Paul Ryan says he won't vote for Trump because of his character.  That means he and other NeverTrumps are glad to accept Biden for another four years because their vote could defeat Trump, which is their goal.  I have never heard Ryan talk about Biden's character. [...] So I would ask Ryan to explain how the following things that Biden has done, or said, show that he has good character:  He took his son around the World collecting kickbacks for the Biden family.  He lied to the public continuously that he never had any involvement with his son's business dealings.  He intentionally lied to the public that Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation.  He continually lies about his personal biography.

Joe's Distemper Is Showing.  It's been said that in the end, fate gives us all the face that we've earned.  That maxim seems to have been tailor-made for Joe Biden; can there be a more revealing portal to the man's core than the unpleasant countenance he now imposes on the public?  As his faculties erode on the national stage, what remains of him, what is still somewhat coherent and translatable, is his essential meanness.  It's a feature that's always been present, lurking just below the surface of the smiling bonhomie, characterizing his manner and method through most of his political career.  Now, as the manufactured good nature recedes, in order to make his words impactful, to give them direction and effect, they need to be propelled by a considerable charge of anger.  He puts across his teleprompter-fed points by raising the decibel level to uncomfortable heights.  The bitter, geriatric junkyard dog visage he now sports during his public utterances calls to mind his former White House roomie — the dreaded Secret Service nemesis and eventual D.C. exile, Commander the German Shepherd.

'Hunter's Conviction Blows Up Trump's Claim of Two-Tiered Justice System' — No, It Doesn't!  Allegations against the Bidens include illegal influence peddling and failing to register as a foreign agent.  Last year, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said: "I want to go back to where we were in January when we started this investigation.  This was the narrative: the President's son's laptop was Russian disinformation; Hunter Biden was a legitimate business guy, just like Jared Kushner; No Biden ever took money from China — that's what Joe Biden said; No money ever changed hands while Joe Biden was Vice President; Joe knew nothing about his son's dealings; And Joe never met with or spoke with any of the foreign nationals who had wired the family money."  The only reasons Hunter stood trial, and now faces prosecution for tax charges, are because A) IRS whistleblowers came forward and alleged Hunter benefited from special treatment, and B) the sweetheart deal the Justice Department negotiated with Hunter's defense lawyers blew up when the presiding judge refused to go along with it.

Biden Close to Total Collapse.  Like the degenerate ruling class he personifies, Biden is well past his expiration date:  [Two tweets with video clips]  The fraud required to keep this sick joke in power will be so massive, Democrats may have to impose martial law to prevent "extremists" from threatening Our Democracy by contesting the election results.

Hunter's Laptop Helped Secure a Conviction.  Its Suppression May Have Swung an Election.  Prosecutors in the gun case against Hunter Biden attested to the authenticity of a laptop he left at a repair shop in 2019, and a jury convicted Biden on Tuesday in part based on that evidence, even though at least two polls suggested that constant denials that the laptop was his from Democrats, social media, and legacy media helped President Joe Biden get elected in 2020.  "This is not a point the news media wanted to acknowledge during trial coverage," Tim Graham, director of media analysis at the Media Research Center, a conservative media watchdog, told The Daily Signal. "It was the shame of the liberal media since the FBI had the laptop all along."  Graham was referring to the fact that the FBI was in possession of Hunter Biden's laptop and knew it was his when the story of its existence broke in 2020.  Had a sizable number of Joe Biden's supporters been aware of the authenticity of the laptop that suggested the elder Biden financially benefited from foreign dealings that his son was involved in, a late 2020 Media Research Center/Polling Company survey shows that then-incumbent President Donald Trump would have won the election with 289 electoral votes.

Biden Has Trouble Immediately Upon Landing in Italy.  As we reported, Joe Biden traveled to Italy Wednesday for the G7.  White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wouldn't confirm exactly how many family members were on the trip with him and who they were. [...] Finnegan Biden was seen on video boarding the plane.  The White House has now confirmed that all of Hunter Biden's adult children are traveling with him:  Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy.  Peter Neal, Naomi's husband, is also on the trip.  The Daily Mail also mentioned speculation about Naomi being pregnant.  So what are they doing on the trip?  What do they have to do with the G7?  Is this a family vacation on the taxpayer dime?

Biden's 'Floating' Scandal Exposed, As Soldiers Blow the Whistle on Joe's Scheme.  President Biden has spent at least $320 million of your tax dollars to build a floating pier outside Gaza.  He did this, it seems, to win back progressives who are siding with Palestinians over the Israel-Hamas war.  But this pier has been a disaster from day one.  It broke after just eight days, and even after it was repaired, the UN stopped bringing supplies through it.  [Advertisement]  The Pentagon under Biden initially said there wouldn't be any issues with having 1,000 U.S. troops near Gaza.  However, recent reports are uncovering the risks involved in this mission.  This is a concerning situation for our American soldiers, who are facing constant danger.  Let's explore the true motivation behind why Biden is exposing them to these risks.

The Martyring Of Hunter Biden Is A Distraction.  First, let's dispel the myth that Hunter Biden's conviction on gun charges proves that Joe Biden's Department of Justice dispenses justice fairly. [...] Hunter is exceptionally lucky he's only facing tax and gun charges.  Though, perhaps, lucky is the wrong word.  It wasn't luck, after all, that AG Merrick Garland did basically everything within his power to keep Hunter out of a courtroom.  After the Trump DOJ dragged its feet, Garland made sure to try and wait out the statute of limitations on Hunter's most serious potential crimes.  On many, he did.  It wasn't luck that Garland named Delaware's David Weiss, whose office was filled with Biden allies, as special counsel.  It wasn't luck that the Secret Service showed up to help Hunter with his gun problem.  It wasn't luck that the feds cooked up an astonishing customized immunity deal for Hunter, which would not only give him a pass on any felony gun and tax charges, but also on a slew of unrelated, far more serious, potential offenses, including failure to register as a foreign agent, bribery, and corruption.  Do you think anyone else gets this kind of consideration from the DOJ?

Nice try, FJB: Sacrificing Hunter won't work.  Never underestimate Biden's ability to win a general election.  He's beaten Republicans 10 consecutive times, beginning in 1972, when as a complete unknown he knocked off an incumbent senators in a year in which Nixon took 49 states including Delaware.  FJB would sacrifice anything or anybody to win.  You don't go from graduating 79th in a class of 87 at Syracuse University College of Law to the presidency by playing nice.  He lies.  He plagiarizes.  His sniffs children like they were pies.  Bye, bye, Hunter.  Daddy's got to make his justice system look legitimate.  Politico loyally promoted the DNC line: "Hunter Biden verdict throws 'sand in the gears' of GOP's attacks on legal system."  The attack is not on the legal system.  The attack is on those who abuse the system.

Hunter Biden Convicted of 3 Felony Gun Crimes, Jury Deliberated for Three Hoursu.  We all knew this was going to happen, almost this exact way.  December, 2022 — "Monaco will coordinate the timing of the arrest and indictment of Hunter Biden to coincide with the arrest and indictment of President Trump.  This will provide the narrative of blind justice the DOJ will attempt to leverage to stop national reaction."  And, that's exactly what Lisa Monaco and Main Justice did.  Hunter Biden was found guilty of three felony gun charges, and will likely receive a very limited sentence (probation or similar) with no jail/prison time.  The major crimes of bribery, money laundering, public corruption, Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) violations, are all being ignored.  The Biden crime syndicate is being protected.

Hunter's Conviction Is A Fig Leaf To Cover The Biden Family's More Serious Crimes.  Hunter Biden was found guilty Tuesday on three federal gun charges, but his conviction is no victory for the rule of law.  The trial sidestepped the most serious allegations against Biden — and their implications for his president father — while teeing up talking points for Biden supporters to insist the justice system is fair after the left brazenly weaponized the justice system to target former President Donald Trump.  President Joe Biden's son was found guilty of lying on application paperwork while addicted to drugs to obtain a firearm and unlawfully possessing said firearm.  Leftists like MSNBC's Andrew Weissmann, desperate to absolve themselves of accountability for cheering on the weaponization of the justice system against Trump, have already begun using Hunter's conviction to declare the justice system works just fine since Hunter was also found guilty.  But as Federalist CEO Sean Davis aptly noted shortly before Hunter's conviction, "any verdict in the gun trial is functionally irrelevant because the corrupt Biden [administration] has already proven that the entire justice system is rigged."

Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes!  Here is another way to tell that Democrats are panicking:  They feel obliged to deal, somehow, with the fact that Joe Biden is senile.  The Washington Post headlines:  "How Republicans used misleading videos to attack Biden in a 24-hour period."  ["]President Biden, who at 81 is a couple of decades younger than many of the veterans he honored during Thursday's D-Day commemoration in Normandy...["]  Well then, he is practically youthful! [...] But the Post says nothing about Biden's Juneteenth brain freeze, his multiple incidents of falling down, his frequent descents into incoherence, his need to be led around to show him where to stand, his inability to read a teleprompter, and so on.  Many dozens of episodes of obvious senility have been preserved on video, and many millions of Americans have seen them.

The real reason for the Hunter trial.  Vivek Ramaswamy tweeted, "The Hunter Biden trial is a smokescreen.  It's designed to make the prosecution of Trump appear nonpartisan, yet the outcome of the Hunter trial doesn't matter because Joe Biden can & will pardon him.  The trial's timing is no coincidence: right after the Trump conviction, but set to finish before Joe Biden leaves the White House." [...] The trial is not about Hunter's illegal purchase of a gun.  The trial exists only so Democrats can say, see, no one is above the law not even the president's son — when in fact, Hunter and all the Bidens are above the law.  When was Hunter court-martialed by the Navy for his cocaine abuse?  His father has used his position in DC to shield Hunter — as well as Ashley and the rest — from ever being held responsible for their criminality.  And so the crimes piled up.  Ramaswamy does get right that this is a sham trial is designed to legitimize the latest legal farce in New York.  Judge Merchan went out of his way to commit every conceivable judicial error to reverse the outcome on appeal.  I mean, who tells a criminal jury that they don't have to be unanimous in convicting a defendant?

Biden Family Shady Business Deals Appear To Be Coming More In Focus.  President Biden has maintained efforts to distance himself from his family's business affairs throughout his presidential campaign and tenure, yet a recent report sheds light on the extent to which individuals in the president's inner circle have been engaged in Biden family enterprises.  According to a report from Politico, Biden has shared a personal bookkeeper with his son, Hunter Biden, a personal lawyer with his brother, Jim Biden, and the former head of then-Vice President Biden's Secret Service detail aided Jim Biden in probing a potential Chinese business partner.  Despite assertions from the Bidens regarding the observance of strict "firewalls" concerning business discussions within the family, the Politico report delineates the significant involvement of individuals in the president's circle in matters concerning Hunter and Jim Biden's ventures.

The Bidens Are a Horrible Bunch of People.  [Scroll down]  Curiously, Joe (who is magically filthy rich after a lifetime in "public service") doesn't appear to have helped Hunter pay the millions in child support he owes Kathleen, but he did dish him a lot of cash for things like a $50,000 "loan" for the truck when he already owned 2 other vehicles.  That $50,000 cash "loan" is alleged to have happened when Hunter was a full-blown junkie because everyone knows good parents give their strung-out kids sweaty wads of cash all the time since getting them help is for suckers.  You'd think they wanted Hunter dead, but for that, you'd have to believe there was a loan.  There's only the claim of a loan made after the discovery of a $50,000 check from Hunter to Joe the same day he received a half-million-dollar payment from a Chinese "investor."  It's just a coincidence, I'm sure, that it works out to "10% for the Big Guy."  The whole family is disgusting, beyond disgusting.  But what do you expect from a kid-sniffing, credibly accused rapist who has the exclusive means to exonerate himself by releasing his Senate personnel records now sealed under his orders but won't?  People with nothing to hide would not hide things long after death.

Politico reports on the Biden family syndicate, and it's crickets all around.  Did you know that Politico committed an act of journalism yesterday, reporting honestly on the Biden family syndicate?  This was such a rare act that you'd think its reporting would stand out, especially given that it's read by absolutely everyone in the Acela corridor.  You'd think CNN would be 24/7 with Brady Bunch-style pundits pundit-ing on the story because it's an incredibly [bad] bill of horribles for the sitting president.  But nooooooo...  Everyone on that progressive train is undoubtedly aware of it, but they ain't talkin' 'bout it.  Nope.  No way.  No how.  It ain't good for the regime.  It ain't good for the narrative. [...] Imagine if this entire article were about the Trump family and not the Biden family, and you'd have an all-out conflagration of a D.C. scandal on your hands.

Will the Democrats Survive this Year's Election?  Americans and the western world in general are losing their enthusiasm for government-centered solutions to the various problems that we are facing. [...] This slide in their popularity is not going unnoticed among the movers and shakers in the Democrat fold.  But most of what they can do is to just dump Biden — which is pretty much impossible to do without it being really, really ugly.  Let alone it's already pretty late in the game.  Had there been an active spoiler campaigning all along to unseat Biden, such as in 1980 when Ted Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter, this scenario would have been more realistic.  They have also been trying to destroy Trump by putting their Department of Justice toadies to work in tying him up with legal challenges.  How's that working out?

If you vote for Joe Biden ...  If you vote for the current president who is trying to destroy a former president for far lesser offenses than he himself has committed, you are a hypocrite.  If you vote for the man who is currently attempting to imprison his political opponent, perhaps for life, for the sin of standing in the way of his continued power, you are an ignorant fool.  If you vote for the man who has labeled nearly half of your countrymen "domestic terrorists," you are a cad of the highest order.  If you vote for the man who is clearly beholden to at least one — likely more than one — of America's enemies, each with totalitarian governments, you cannot claim to be a patriot or defender of democracy.  If you vote for the man who clearly — and in so many ways — favors illegal immigrants over American citizens, and those who break the law over those who abide by it, you are voting for chaos, pain, and societal destruction.

Time to Jettison the Animals.  The most astounding part of America's "Joe Biden" three-plus-years thrill ride is that the Party of Chaos and Hoaxes was able to pretend until just a few days ago that this political phantasm could run for re-election.  Now, regime insiders are forced to confess that they can't hide it anymore.  They spilled the beans as "unnamed sources" this week in a huge Wall Street Journal article.  The president is going necrotic in full view of the whole world.  His mind is gone.  He looks ridiculous when he shuffles in front of the cameras.  He utters obvious absurdities and lies.  His wife has to lead him around like a dog on a leash.  Everyone can see it.  He's got to go.  ASAP. [...] The one coherent thought in his failing mind is that he has pardon power as long as he is president.  It's not so much Hunter and that silly-[...] gun case in Wilmington, which he'll surely wriggle out of.  It's more about the brothers Jim and Frank and all the spouses and offspring who received wire transfers of Chinese money, Ukraine money, Russian money, Kazak money, Romanian money....

The Biden deep fakery of Merrick Garland.  Following an investigation by special counsel Robert Hur, Americans learned Joe Biden, who Hur characterized as a sympathetic, elderly man with a poor memory, is so mentally impaired he cannot be prosecuted for serial violations of classified document law spanning decades.  He is, however, qualified to be President of the United States.  That Biden violated even the Espionage Act by knowingly providing classified information to a ghost writer isn't sufficient cause for prosecution.  Not so for Donald Trump who kept some such materials exclusively at Mar-A-Lago under continuous guard by the Secret Service. [...] Biden kept documents in multiple, unsecured places, including in an open box in his garage.  A transcript of Biden's hours-long interview (available here) with Hur has been released.  The DOJ has recently admitted in a court filing that the transcript has been edited, though they pinky swear that editing is absolutely minimal, removing things Joe said like "uh," "um," and "I, I, I.'  Trust the DOJ.

Quotations from Chairman Joe.  It's a shame that commercial publishers have lost their appetite for mocking Democratic presidents.  President Biden provides a steady stream of new material every day, much of it related to the sunset of his mind in the foggy ruins of time.  Biden sat for an interview with Time at the White House on May 28.  The transcript makes for painful reading.

Biden to be Replaced come August.  Has Biden finally caved in to close the border after he opened it up on his first day in office?  This seems like admitting he made a mistake which has hurt so many people in this country. [...] Mr. Biden is using the same kind of tools that President Trump used to secure the border that the Democrats called him a racist over.  On the first day of office, Biden opened the border to anyone from Asia, Africa, and South America.  His policies have angered Mexico and other countries where people have been migrating to get their free handouts with Biden T-shirts.  Five million illegal immigrants have poured into the country without background checks.  Some countries emptied their prisons and sent them to Biden's Land.

The Broken Chain of Command.  [Scroll down]  The United States is in a different situation than ever before, too.  Who has the nuclear football?  Is it, as suggested in a few media reports, some Marine at the side of Joe Biden?  Who would actually give the order to initiate a strike or counterstrike?  Joe?  The man who can't find his way off of a stage without getting lost?  Some Marine standing by, with the suitcase open, waiting for a nod from the man letting ice cream drip down his knuckles?  Is it Austin who wore the clown-inspired facemask while reviewing the troops during Covid?  Doesn't that violate the civilian-rule over the military?  We are talking about the end of the world, or at least, the end of the United States and the fact that we, the people, don't have any idea who is actually in charge of our massive nuclear arsenal is a serious consideration. [...] Not to worry, that's all been taken into account, the protocols for ensuring it's the right decision have been hammered out.  Really?  But then, who is giving that order?  Is it an unelected Susan Rice?  An unelected Barack Obama?  The military itself does not have the authority to make that decision and the doubt that Joe can make it is what the 25th Amendment is for.  Does one trust Kamala?

America's Corrupt Political Class Should Be Prosecuted, Not Trump.  It's also worth noting that federal law enforcement explored charging Hunter Biden with sex-trafficking crimes for working with sex traffickers and bringing prostitutes across state lines.  Yet none of these charges were brought.  Instead, his father's own Department of Justice ultimately tried to arrange maybe the most extraordinary immunity deal ever to sweep any potentially serious sex crimes under the rug, as well as deliberately letting the statute of limitations on his tax crimes expire, while persecuting IRS whistleblowers who called them out for ignoring it.  (Hunter's money laundering and acting as an unregistered foreign agent are also mysteriously being ignored.)

Biden Does Weird Stuff Again During D-Day Memorial in France.  Even the media who notice how dementia seems to be increasing in Joe Biden pretend not to understand the full scale of the problem.  As the Daily Mail describes the awkward moments, they couch their explanation amid soft sentences intended to obfuscate the reality that Biden is impaired and getting worse.  He may not have lost all his marbles, but the hole in the bag is big enough for most to have dropped.  After Biden had his episode and Jill tried to give him directions by covering her mouth, eventually they both just left the stage and French President Macron carried on by himself.  [Video clip]

It's time for Biden to leave.  Where is Dandy Don Meredith when we need him?  Someone should be singing, "Turn out the lights, the party's over," because Joe Biden's presidency must end.  His appearance at the D-Day commemoration at Normandy was certainly the final proof that he cannot continue no matter how hard his staff tries to hold him up.  The American press gave Biden a pass, but the Brits were under no pressure from a vengeful deep state to toe any line.  The Mirror reported, "Joe Biden sparks concern as onlookers fear he 'pooped his pants' after he 'can't figure out' how to sit down.  "The President made a few noticeable gaffes while meeting with the French leader for a D-Day event on Thursday morning."  The Express reported, "Joe Biden pulled away from D-Day event by wife Jill as viewers ask: 'What's going on?'"  Taking him away to the limo because he could not make it through the ceremony was reminiscent of the time Hillary showed up so hung over that she could not make it through the commemoration of 9/11 in 2016.  [GIF illustration]

The 'Laptop from Hell' fiasco is a symptom of the Right's impotence.  I'm sure most people reading this remember the "Laptop from Hell," not to mention why the media completely blackballed the laptop story.  However, just in case you were living under a rock in 2020, let me remind you:  the "Laptop from Hell" refers to a laptop owned by First Son Hunter Biden containing evidence of (to put it mildly) gobsmacking amounts of corruption and actual foreign influence over then-Vice President Biden, which was laundered almost exclusively through dealings with his son Hunter.  It was also the mother of all October surprises and should have been enough to put Joe Biden himself away, even with the headwinds of 2020.  The contents of the laptop and the payments from Ukrainian, Chinese, and Russian officials far outweighed any 'unreported campaign influence' a hush money payment made.  Instead, it barely made a blip.  Why?  Because 51 "intelligence officials" publicly claimed that the laptop was a "Russian disinformation" operation, at which point the government rushed to bully social media companies into de-platforming anyone who mentioned it.  This included the one press outlet with the courage to do a story on it — the New York Post — whose story was totally overlooked as a result.  The laptop became the story, not the payments.  And if you want to know the really corrupt part?  The guy who was responsible for shutting down the Laptop from Hell with this phony "intelligence" argument is now Joe Biden's Secretary of State, Tony Blinken.

Hunter Biden told Congress he didn't work on visas for Burisma boss, but emails suggest otherwise.  Hunter Biden told Congress earlier this year during his impeachment deposition that he would never have assisted his Ukrainian business partners in resolving their travel visa issues.  But evidence newly obtained by Congress directly conflicts with that testimony.  In one email, in fact, Hunter Biden asserts he is working with someone to get visa issues resolved for Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of the Burisma Holding energy firm that hired the future first son on its board.  "Me [sic] contact has said that he will take care of it--- BUT I have not gotten confirmation yet that he has done so with 100% certainty," Hunter Biden wrote Burisma executive Vadim Pozharskyi in a February 2015 email that was seized by the FBI during a criminal investigation a decade ago and recently obtained by Just the News.

The Hunter Biden trial has got me thinking.  Both China Joe and Doctor Jill have spoken of their great and enduring love for their son, and their admiration for how he has so courageously fought addiction.  (The implication seems to be that they're referring to his drug addiction, not his sex addiction, but who knows?)  They speak of addiction as if it's something that strikes a person from out of nowhere, at random, like a wildcat hiding in a tree that pounces upon an unsuspecting hiker.  But that's not how drug addiction works, and "victims" of such addiction are not innocent passersby who are randomly targeted; they become addicts as a result of specific actions and behaviors they have committed under their own free will.  This also seems to have gone unnoticed amidst all the caterwauling of sympathy for Hunter Biden and praise for how he has been so very brave in dealing with his addiction.

Biden's Wrong.  It's 'Reckless, Dangerous, And Irresponsible' Not To Challenge Unjust Verdicts.  President Joe Biden is wrong on just about everything consequential.  It's actually quite remarkable.  Biden doesn't seem to be able to land on the correct position on any important topic even by sheer happenstance.  That's my view.  It's also apparently the view of a substantial majority of Americans, since Biden polls well underwater on every major issue. [...] Biden's latest consequential error came in his comments about the verdict in The People of the State of New York v.  Donald J. Trump case and Trump's (and much of the public's) reaction to that verdict.  Biden fumed that it is "reckless, it's dangerous, it's irresponsible for anyone to say that this was rigged just because they don't like the verdict."  In fact, the opposite is true.  It is necessary, healthy, and responsible (in the quintessential sense of American responsibility) for people to speak out when they do not agree with the government's exercise of prosecutorial power.

Beware the cornered rat!  Since 2016 the Democrats have increasingly been behaving like trapped cornered rats.  The party is very corrupt, and is very exposed to prosecution for many illegal acts in the past decade.  Biden and his son Hunter especially face many legal issues for taking bribes from China and the Ukraine in exchange for aiding those foreign governments — against the interests of the U.S.  It appears their political support is waning, and that their hold on power following the November election is becoming increasingly impossible.  Not only do all the trends say that Trump will win, but that the Republicans will gain solid control of both houses of Congress.  Beware the cornered rat.  It can become very very deadly in its desperation to survive.  Right now I consider the Democratic Party under Joe Biden and its partisan supporters in the coastal states and urban centers to be extremely dangerous people, unwilling under any condition to accept defeat.

Time To Fight Dirty.  [Scroll down]  And when I say we need to fight dirty, let me clarify what I am not saying.  I am not saying that we should persecute innocent people, like the Left does.  I am saying that we need to go full-throttle, no-holds-barred lawfare against those who do break the law and smugly get away with it. [...] Hunter Biden's laptop was discovered to have incontestable evidence on it that "the big guy," while vice president, had used his government position to leverage favor for his wayward son in Burisma and other overseas adventures.  The now-infamous letter signed by over fifty former intelligence officials intentionally misled its readers with the baseless assurance that the laptop story was Russian disinformation.  Attorney General Merrick Garland is not pressing charges.  Biden got away with it.

Why Joe Biden's Hur Interview Recording Was Hidden.  You may recall that President Joe Biden previously sat down for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur regarding the investigation into the many classified documents that Biden improperly removed from the White House over the years.  A transcript of that interview was grudgingly produced later, informing the public that charges would not be filed against Biden because he was supposedly unlikely to be convicted, being an "elderly man with a poor memory." Something didn't seem right and the House sought the original audio recording of the interview, but the White House refused to allow it to be made public, with Biden making the stunning assertion of executive privilege based on "privacy" concerns to keep it hidden.  Now, thanks to some digging by Judicial Watch, we may (possibly) know why that was done.  According to a release from the Justice Department on Friday night, the transcript was altered with various words removed and significant "clean-up" work having been done to it.

Desperate, Lying Biden May Abuse AI To Pull The Ultimate Race Hoax.  All of the Biden whoppers are delivered by a man whose cognitive faculties may well be in severe decline, but also one who has spent his entire adult life as a sociopathic liar, who takes delight in the mental conquest of lying just as he does the physical conquest of sexual predation.  It is patently clear that 99% of what comes out of Biden's mouth, and those of his surrogates is an abject, gaslighting falsehood.  Many in the voting public have now woken up to this fact, which is why we've seen so many red-pilled ex-Biden backers suddenly flipping their support to Trump in protest of all — or even some — of the above.  Taking a page from Adolf Hitler, Democrats already primed people for the so-called Big Lie, deflecting from the fact that they were in the process of committing it by, appropriately enough, projecting it preemptively onto Republicans[.]  Regrettably, we may now be on the cusp of what history will record as the "Biggest Lie," if and when the truth ever comes to light — something so shamefully bald-faced, so transparently manipulative, that most will think, "They wouldn't dare lie about that."  But indeed, Biden has proven nothing if not that he will lie about anything.

Biden declares it's 'dangerous' for anyone to say Trump trial was 'rigged'.  On Friday, Joe Biden addressed the guilty verdict reached the day prior in the falsified business records case against Trump, declaring that it's "dangerous" for people to say that it was a rigged trial.  [Advertisement]  "It's reckless, it's dangerous, it's irresponsible for anyone to say this was rigged just because they don't like the verdict," Biden said.  [Video clip]  [Advertisement]  "The American principle that no one is above the law was reaffirmed."

The Editor says...
There is little or no room on this website for statements by Joe Biden.  Everything in Biden's statement was a lie.  Surely somebody else writes all of his public statements; but even so, he willingly repeats the lies and puts his name on them.

House GOP chairman accuses Hunter Biden of lying to Congress, citing new whistleblower evidence.  The chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday formally accused Hunter Biden of lying to Congress, releasing fresh evidence from two IRS whistleblowers that conflicts with the testimony President Joe Biden's son gave to lawmakers a few months ago.  "Hunter Biden's deposition is key to understanding the attempts to conceal how the family made millions from selling access," Chairman Jason Smith, R-Mo., said in a statement.  "Yet, new documents provided by the whistleblowers show that Hunter Biden repeatedly lied to Congress in his February deposition to distance his involvement in what should be considered a clear scheme to enrich the Biden family."  The allegation could set up a potential criminal referral from Congress to the Justice Department seeking a fresh prosecution of Hunter Biden, who already faces two trials this summer on gun and tax evasion charges.

Six Week Trial And Nobody Knows The Crime.  The Hush Money Trial of Donald Trump in New York is a stain on the American Justice system that had been the envy of the world.  The justice system is another entity that President Joe Biden destroyed.  Who could have predicted that Joe Biden, the guy from Scranton, could have successfully put a wrecking ball to so much of America?  Joe Biden has been a loser and liar his entire political life.  He had to withdraw from two previous presidential bids for plagiarism and has suffered through three-plus years of lies in the White House. [...] Biden announced he would have a statement for the press at the conclusion of the trial.  Biden is sadly salivating at the possibility of referring to his opponent as "Convicted Felon Donald Trump." [...] Joe Biden is shallow, devious, opportunistic, and a thief.  He may also be guilty of treason, which will be the coup de grace of his legacy, and he can take Hunter down with him.

Biden received sensitive data, briefings from security advisers via his private pseudonym email.  While he was vice president, Joe Biden received sensitive communications via his private email accounts created under a fictitious identity, including foreign policy discussions with his national security adviser, schedules of meetings with Cabinet secretaries and a summary of at least one intelligence briefing to President Barack Obama, according to new emails obtained by Just the News.  The new memos were released by the National Archives over the Memorial Day holiday weekend under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by the Southeastern Legal Foundation on behalf of Just the News that sought emails that Biden received or transmitted as vice president using his account.  While none of the newly released emails had classification markings on them, several included sensitive information transmitted over an insecure Google email account that could be of value to foreign powers and hostile spy agencies.  The latest batch involved communications mostly from 2012.

Convention? What Convention?  Dems Kill Biden Escape Hatch.  So much for all those Chicago Switcheroo scenarios!  Political analysts will have to set aside months of speculation about a convention surprise, thanks to the DNC's inability to research state deadlines for ballot access — and Ohio Democrats' desire for foreign money in ballot-issue campaigns.  [Advertisement]  As Jazz noted earlier, the dream is over.  Rather than wait for the convention to nominate Joe Biden as their presidential nominee, the DNC will hold a "virtual roll call" to nominate Biden in time for Ohio's August 7 ballot deadline: [...] Apparently, no one at the DNC bothered to look at ballot-access deadlines in all 50 states, or at least in Ohio.  Given how important the Buckeye State is to both parties in presidential elections, that seems to be a significant error.

Did Joe Biden Just Commit Another Crime to Protect Hunter?  The Biden family is neck-deep in corruption, and yet, time after time, it becomes increasingly clear that they feel they can get away with it.  Even as Hunter Biden faces criminal gun and tax charges, and Joe Biden is the subject of an impeachment inquiry, they just can't help themselves.  Perhaps they figure that since the media is on their side, they don't have to worry about honest coverage blowing their cover.  And they are mostly right.  The mainstream media has been insisting for months now that House Republicans have turned up no evidence of corruption by Joe Biden, which is patently false. [...] According to a White House poll report, Joe Biden made a rather curious visit to his son Beau Biden's widow, Hallie Biden, Sunday night. [...] But, why did this happen on Sunday night of all nights?  Could be it be that mere days earlier it was reported that Special Counsel David Weiss is planning to called Hallie Biden as a witness in Hunter Biden's gun trial?

They lie because they get away with it.  On Monday, we honored the million men who died defending our great nation and protecting our God-given rights.  Sadly, the current resident in the White House decided to honor instead a drug addict and armed robber who died in police custody.  His staff perpetuated the lie that George Floyd was murdered by a policeman — a lie upheld by a kangaroo court in Minnesota.  That's the power of the Big Lie.

If You Stand With Joe Biden, You Are Standing With An Actual White-Supremacist.  Isn't that a lovely picture of Angie Brennan and the imposter-figurehead-President Joe Biden.  But does Little Miss Angie know she is standing with a White-Supremacist?  For example, Biden believes that White people like him should get to decide who is a "real Black" and who is not.  Remember this from 2020:  [Video clip]  And this was NOT a "one-off."  Just recently, Biden told graduates at Morehouse College essentially that they had just wasted four years because America is pervasively and incurably racist ... the clear implication being that these graduates will amount to nothing without Great White Father Biden in the White House.  A variation on 2020's "you ain't Black."

Hunter Biden's laptop was denied, disparaged, censored — now it's evidence of a crime.  The evolution of Hunter Biden laptop denial over the last three and a half years has been mind-boggling.  You need a chart to keep up.  First the laptop was a non-story (thanks, NPR).  Then it was "hacked material" (thanks, Twitter).  Then it was "Russian disinformation" (thanks, CIA).  Then it was a "Russian plant" (thanks, Joe Biden).  Then it was "stolen" by Russians.  (Hunter weighed in with crystal clarity:  "I have no idea ... There could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me.  It could be that I was hacked.  It could be that it was Russian intelligence.  It could be that it was stolen from me.")  Then it was "hacked by Rudy Giuliani" (thanks, Kevin "Sugar Brother" Morris).  And now it is the backbone of the prosecution case against the first son in the felony gun trial he faces in Delaware in a little over a week.

Biden Reminds West Point Graduates of their Political Duty to Interfere in Election if Leftist Vision of Democracy is Threatened.  Many political followers have likely tracked the Obama-era emphasis about changing the intents, purposes and mission of the U.S. military.  During the Obama administration the ideologues who traveled with the Lightbringer, looked at the Pentagon through the prism of domestic affairs; essentially, how can the Dept of Defense be shifted to support the anticolonial effort?  With standards changed to accommodate women in combat, the U.S. military had been increasingly shifting toward political correctness and gender inclusion since the late 1980's.  However, it was Obama Inc who pushed wokeism to be the primary effort of military leadership.  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a Marxist tool for domestic manipulation of military and social engineering.  By the time we see the issues behind Defense Secretary James Mattis, Joint Chief's Chairman Mark Milley, and the attitude of Alexander Vindman et al, it was already too late.

New Documents Prove FBI Knew of Biden Ties to the CCP.  Federal agents knew from 2013 that Hunter Biden used access to his father on Air Force 2 to set up business ventures with Chinese communists.  We now have proof of what many believed.  The FBI knew and let Joe Biden become president.  Easier to blackmail?  James Comer finally got the documents from Devon Archer's lawyers.  During the 2016 election, Hunter Biden used that access on an official government trip to Beijing on Air Force Two to connect Chinese business partners with Vice President Joe Biden.  According to almost 3.4 million pages of documents, Hunter's father met with these people.  The documents were recently turned over to Congress and obtained by Just the News.

Feds secretly knew for years Joe Biden met with son's Chinese partners on official trip.  Federal agents gathered evidence during the 2016 election that Hunter Biden had used access to his father on an official government trip to Beijing aboard Air Force Two to connect prospective Chinese business partners with then-Vice President Joe Biden, according to a massive cache of documents recently turned over to Congress and obtained by Just the News.  "They got to meet Dad.  All very good.  Talk later," Hunter Biden wrote in a December 2013 email confirming how he connected his Chinese associates with his father in a Beijing hotel after the vice president had met with Chinese President Xi Jinping.  The younger Biden also bragged in his emails that his father was so enamored with China's communist leader that "I think they are in love with each other," the emails showed.  "They all most kissed on departure," Hunter Biden wrote in one of the emails seized by federal agents.

The democrats pretend.  [Scroll down]  Will [Joe Biden] debate Trump in June?  Highly doubtful.  He agreed to debate in a pinch, or rather his handlers did, knowing that they could and most probably will come up with an excuse to cancel.  Biden is so clearly not up to debating Trump, without drugs and/or an earpiece.  If he can't get through a short speech that is displayed on a teleprompter, how can he respond to debate questions, even if he is given those questions ahead of time which we all know he would be.  Jake Tapper is one of those pretending Biden is capable, but even he and Dana Bash will not be able to help poor Joe appear sentient.  His brain is gone, over and done.  His wretched wife, if she had an ounce of actual feeling for the man, would never have let him agree to run again.  She so badly wants to be Edith Wilson redux.  She is a craven narcissist who has sullied the office of First Lady.

Dementia Joe Circles Back to Racism.  Anyone who's ever dealt with an Alzheimer's (or dementia) parent or grandparent knows the routine — they only talk about five or six topics before they return to the first. [...] If white supremacy is Joe's Topic #2, what could possibly be #1?  Drum roll, please... the topic that Biden always "circles back" to is racism.  Biden starts with racism, goes to topic #2 (white supremacy) and #3, then back to racism.  The man is obsessed with racism and returns to it over and over again.  He's been doing this for years.  In 2011, Biden told a black audience that Republicans are "gonna put y'all back in chains."  In 2020, he told blacks, if you don't know who to vote for "you 'ain't black."  As a candidate, Biden made skin color (not competence) the primary qualification for his vice president.  As president, skin color (not competence) is Joe's primary consideration for Supreme Court appointments.  His focus on skin color must be belittling and condescending to all blacks, especially those who are qualified and competent.

Uncovering the Mysterious Disappearance of Hunter Biden's Handgun:  The Shadowy Tale of a Mexican Grocery Store.  [Advertisement]  Amidst the ongoing controversies surrounding the Biden family, a new and bizarre story has emerged involving Hunter Biden's missing handgun.  The weapon, a .38 revolver, was allegedly purchased at a Mexican grocery store under questionable circumstances.  The incident has sparked speculations and raised questions about the legality and potential consequences of such actions.  [Advertisement]  The mystery began when a report surfaced claiming that Hunter Biden's gun was illegally thrown out by Hallie Biden, his brother Beau's widow.  This revelation sparked outrage and fueled suspicions about the true intentions behind the purchase of the firearm.  How did Hunter obtain the gun?  Was it a legal purchase?  And why did Hallie dispose of it in such a shady manner?  [Advertisement]  [Tweet]  According to sources, Hunter Biden, known for his troubled past and legal troubles, bought the gun at a questionable Mexican grocery store, bypassing the necessary background checks and paperwork.  This revelation has shed light on the ease of acquiring firearms in the United States and raised concerns about the potential dangers of unregulated gun sales.

If the Dems ditch Biden, what then?  [Scroll down]  Cutting to the chase, fear of Trump rather than love of Biden is what the Dems actually have in their toolbox.  Since Trump isn't all that scary, they have to invent reasons to be afraid of him.  All we can do is watch them try.  That being said, it's likely to get pretty gross.  Rather than typically pragmatic Republicans, Democrats are gluttons for power at any price.  Their motto should be "the end justifies the means."  Kind of reminiscent of Vladimir Lenin.  If they had any sense of shame, Trump would not now be on trial.  So don't take Biden's defeat for granted.  Desperate desires can lead to desperate methods.

Jill Biden ludicrously claims Trump would 'destroy' public education if elected.  First lady and fake "doctor" Jill Biden ludicrously claimed Saturday that former President Donald Trump will destroy the public education system if reelected to office.  Speaking at the United Federation of Teachers' annual spring conference, she argued instead that her husband, President Joe Biden, is the one who'll bless public education.  "I always believed that Joe would be the best education president," she said, according to the New York Post.

The Editor says...
Some future president should disband the Department of Education, which does nothing but spend money, with no improvements to show for it.  But that's a long way from dismantling public education.  Public schools existed long before the Department of Education.

Biden Didn't Report His Free Vacations at Billionaire's Homes.  A Soros-funded site, ProPublica, has investigated Justice Clarence Thomas endlessly for nothing.  One of those nothings was his stay with billionaire friends, which he didn't report.  He didn't have to report them, but that doesn't matter to the leftists.  Joe Biden is not reporting his free vacations at billionaire's homes, and ProPublica is totally uninterested.  ProPublica even won a Pulitzer for reporting legal non-disclosures meant to embarrass Originalist justices [as opposed to activist justices].  Democrats do that.  They give each other awards.

What has Biden accomplished in his presidency?  Devastation.  Biden and his sycophants in the media sing his praises on a daily basis, pretending he has been an effective president.  In fact, all he has accomplished is desecration on every level. [...] Biden long ago sold out his country for money.  He has long been the most corrupt member of Congress and has always used his position to enrich himself and his family.  He has never worked to the benefit of his constituents or the American people.  When all the truth is revealed, we will all know that Biden and his family are a criminal enterprise the rivals the Mafia for depth of corruption.

Biden Adviser [explains] Why 'No Crowd' Debate Demand Was Non-Negotiable for Biden.  Though it was pretty obvious why Biden didn't want a studio audience present, an unnamed Biden adviser admitted in an interview that the "no crowd" demand was absolutely non-negotiable, because a crowd full of voters were people who Trump could feed off of, and whose reactions in the process could potentially derail Biden's debate agenda. [...] Relatedly, a one-on-one without a lively audience but which includes liberal media moderators could also make things quiet/controlled enough that Biden would better be able to hear his handlers through an earpiece.  Just sayin'.  In any event, as we noted before, these demands are not those of a campaign that really believes Biden "won" the 2020 debates against Trump.  In reality, it's a strong signal that they — and Biden — are terrified, and want to manage every single detail as tightly as they do any other event Biden attends.

Rep. Comer Found New Biden Family Accounts Linked to China.  Rep. James Comer, who is conducting the investigation into Joe Biden and his family, updated Maria Bartiromo on Fox News.  He has found new Biden family bank accounts that were used to launder money from China. [...] "I mean, I don't think you would find very many people that have a billion dollar net worth that have as many different bank accounts as this Biden family had.  Many of these were shell companies, as you and I have discussed, Maria, companies that's sole purpose was to launder the money that the Bidens were receiving from China, from Romania, from Russia, and never one time through the course of this entire investigation, even during the depositions with Hunter Biden and the transcribed interview with Jim Biden were they able to answer exactly what the family did to receive this money."

I smell a rat.  Joe Biden suddenly anxious to debate Donald J. Trump seemingly out of the clear blue doesn't smell right.  His Fraudulency (H/T John Nolte) can't put two sentences together much less navigate an intelligent debate with a seven-year old.  Clearly we know ol' Joe didn't call for this.  He's happy sitting in his basement or on the beach, eating ice cream and falling off his bike at every opportunity.  We all know he doesn't want this.  Who set him up and why?  I preface the following suggestions on the fact that the Left has already demonstrated how elaborately sinister they can be with the election theft of 2020, the staging of January 6 with pipe bombs as "plan B," and the endless lawfare attempts to incarcerate the former (and hopefully future) President with made-up crimes they're not even attempting to hide anymore behind a veil of legitimacy.  No conspiracy theory is off the table any more, therefore we must all proceed ever so cautiously.  We cannot assume everything is as it seems.

Joe Biden is carrying debt of up to $815,000, financial records show.  President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are carrying a personal debt of up to $815,000, their financial records show, and no one is buying the president's books.  Most of the couple's debt is the mortgage on their Delaware home and an equity loan on that home.  Additionally their debt consists of a term loan of about $15,000 and a loan against a mutual fund for about $50,000.  In total, the Bidens reported assets between roughly $1 million and $2.6 million and liabilities between roughly $350,000 and $850,000, according to an Office of Government Ethics form that lists ranges rather than precise figures.

The Biden Reelection Strategy.  Joe Biden polls at or below 40 percent approval.  Historically, such unpopularity has made it almost impossible for a president to be reelected.  [Advertisement]  His age advances by the hour.  His voice falters, his memory fades, and his gait is reduced to short steps, with his arms, winglike and in tandem, offering balance.  [Advertisement]  Biden is not so much an octogenarian as an unhealthy and prematurely aging 80-year-old.  It is America's irony that he is fit for almost no other job in the country other than President, which apparently allows for a 3-day-a-week ceremonial role while others in the shadows run the country.  [Advertisement]  So how does Biden become renominated and reelected, as polls show he is behind in almost every critical swing state on nearly every issue?  [Advertisement]  Answer:  not by campaigning, not by championing his record, and especially not by doubling down on his neo-socialist and now unpopular agendas.  Instead, his campaign is focused on four other strategies to beat Donald Trump.

Presidential Debates Start Next Month Which Means They're Setting Biden Up.  With Democrats doing well in fundraising, there is no viable reason for an incumbent president to want an early summer debate.  There are usually three fall debates to maximize viewership, but both Biden and Trump are exceptional cases.  For Trump, the dates work to fit around the lawfare being waged against him.  This makes sense even as the trials themselves do not.  But for Biden, the reason to propose such an early debate is ominous.  If they're able to pump him full of enough stimulants to make him appear lucid for an hour or two, then there's a chance he could actually continue to be the Democrat nominee.  But in the likely event that he bombs from his severe lack of mental acuity, Democrats will have the predicate to replace him and the time to get their new candidate on most ballots.

The Biden Lies the Liberal Media Want You to Forget.  As the 2024 election approaches, the left-wing corporate media have lost all interest in President Biden's frequent lies about his life and career.  In the past, these journalists have paid brief attention to the one of President's latest tall tales, but rarely have they ever bothered to revisit them when the moment has passed.  No matter how frequently Biden may lie, the media refuse to see a pattern.  As NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham has noted, prominent Biden fact-checkers spend a great deal of time disputing negative claims about Biden, yet they show little interest in fact-checking the man himself.  Thanks to this favoritism, the President has gotten away with telling a host of utterly false or unproven stories about his own life.  Some of these stories are less than a month old, while others have popped up multiple times throughout Biden's decades-long political career.

The Ravings of a Kindly Old Man with a Poor Memory.  Joe Biden, long before he was, ahem, installed as president, pilfered and retained highly classified information in three different locations, one a presumably dust-and-spider-infested garage.  But Robert Hur, the kind of federal prosecutor we should all be so lucky as to encounter, found that Crusty Joe was much too likable and fried to ever prosecute or convict.  So no charges for poor, old, senile, and likely incontinent, Sleepy Joe.  And that's my defense for anyone triggered by my forthcoming political and social ramblings. [...] Should a guy who can barely walk, talk, read a teleprompter, or control his bowels, be steering the vaunted ship of state?  Of course not.

How America came to hate FJB.  Biden was the most unknown president since William Howard Taft to the American people.  Most people knew two things about Biden:  1) he was Obama's VP and 2) he wasn't Donald Trump.  Three years ago, Americans saw No. 2 as a good thing. [...] His haphazard surrender of Afghanistan did him in.  The public saw that he left behind billions of dollars worth of military equipment in a manner reminiscent of Vietnam, a war that helped catapult him into the Senate as a peacenik.  The difference in 2021 was Americans didn't much care about Afghanistan because no one was drafted to fight it, the protests were few, and the feeling was that we had won.  Ditching Afghanistan did him in.  College football crowds began chanting [F] Joe Biden.  This shocked me because college students are supposed to be socialist tools who just repeat whatever their pinko professors say.  The media tried to ignore the chants but when the chants hit NASCAR, the media had to notice.  Instead of telling the truth, they lied.  The lie backfired.

Fake Fact-Checkers Snopes Is Forced To Reverse Their False Claim About Ashely Biden's Diary.  Snopes reverses their 'Fact Check' after Ashley Biden confirmed her diary was real in a letter to Judge Laura Taylor Swain.  Old Twitter would have used Snopes to ban us all for "misinformation."  Ashley Biden appeared to suggest that her father was a pedophile by writing in her diary that he would have "probably inappropriate" showers with her.  In a letter Judge Swain, Ashley confirmed the diary was real and whined that people were using it to attack her father.

Has America Finally Had It With Joe Biden?  Joe Biden's personal approval rating is at historic lows; almost all his policies do not poll fifty percent.  He is behind Trump in almost all the swing states.  And now he lies serially even to sympathetic interviewers.  In short, finally Biden has been exposed for what he always was and represented.  Senator and Vice President Joe Biden was always sort of a buffoon.  He is by nature a grandstander who handsomely profited from his office while posing as good ole Joe from Scranton. [...] He is a fabulist who believes that the more animated he misleads and slurs ("semi-fascists" "fat", "lying dog-faced pony soldier", "chumps", "dregs of society", etc), the more likely he is to get away with it.  He is a confessed plagiarist.  And he has also invented much of his biography, from would be star, college-scholarship athlete and brilliant law student to semi-truck driver and jailed civil rights activist.  His uncle, we are instructed, was eaten by cannibals.  Joe assures us that he was the first in his family to go to college.

The Biden Anti-American Legacy.  Never before has an American president been so physically unstable that he needs an accompanying entourage wherever he walks.  That shakiness is a visual metaphor of Biden's presidency.  He represents a departure from previous presidents in being the only president who leaves voters doubting whether he is actually in charge and wondering why a frail 81-year-old, broadly despised man is being pushed to run again, even as most don't believe he's capable of completing that term if elected.  Biden came in as the anti-Trump antidote who was supposed to unify us and bring the adults back into the room.  Biden faces an international and domestic dumpster fire as he flip-flops from issue to issue.

Democrat Voter Triage.  Four years ago, when Biden "won" the shadiest election in modern history, I expected four or eight years of nonsense and a lot of bad laws that would have to be repealed.  Sort of a repeat of the Carter years.  Boy howdy, was that ever an overoptimistic assessment.  Carter should be thanking his lucky stars that Biden has handily bumped him out of the unenviable spot of "worst president ever."  Which is actually a difficult accomplishment, when you think about it.  I won't bother to list all of the aspects of his job which Biden has managed to bumble.  Once you get past abandoning Americans and equipment in Afghanistan, allowing two wars to start, tanking the economy, ignoring the border laws, and using the Justice Department as his personal pack of thugs, it starts to get depressing.  And we're not even halfway down the rap sheet.

The core of the Biden crimes and the Suspicious Activity Reports.  Several small volumes have been written about the Biden Laptop and the scandals therein, and rightfully so.  What these exposés omitted were the hundreds of documented crimes (both felonies and misdemeanors) and the necessary information to thoroughly expose and prosecute them.  The Bidens' nepotism, although egregious, was not easily actionable under U.S. law.  These omissions have served as a classic limited hangout for the family, who benefited from the milquetoast research put forward by most of the press.  Nearly everyone who has written about these matters has buried the lede by missing — like ships passing in the dead of night — a statute that was written with Hunter and his ilk in mind:  the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).  The FARA requires those acting as an agent for a "foreign principal" to register with the DOJ. [...] Because the bar to comply with the FARA is so low, the penalties for violating the statute are relatively steep, including fines and up to five years in prison.  Hunter and his business partners flagrantly violated this law for nearly a decade.

Biden abandons Israel to appease student rioters and help Hamas survive.  Let's distill the real significance of Biden's decision:  First, this action proves that Biden has never really wanted Hamas destroyed.  Though he has appeared to support Israel from the beginning of this war, he has also been somewhat two-faced about that support.  Throughout the war, beginning almost immediately after October 7th, he has continually applied pressure on Israel to slow or even stop its effort, while in the background he has continued to funnel money and aid to Hamas.  Now he is made blatantly obvious his alliance with Israel is only skin deep.  As far as he is concerned it is perfectly okay to have a new Nazi regime established next door to Israel, flinging rockets and mobs of terrorists into its territory to kill Jews, even as that new Nazi regime indoctrinates more Arabs to its cause.  Second, by this decision Biden is meekly appeasing the student pro-Hamas rioters on college campuses.  They want Hamas saved and Israel destroyed, and have been protesting violently in order to influence Biden and the Democrats to apply pressure on Israel to stop its offensive.  Biden has now bowed to that pressure.

Joe Biden Just Committed an Impeachable Offense, and Donald Trump Might Have Something to Say About It.  Joe Biden has committed his umpteenth impeachable offense.  According to reports, the Biden administration has halted multiple arms shipments to Israel.  That decision comes amid a domestic political crisis for the president in which he is desperately seeking to appease Hamas-supporting Democrats who have taken to the streets.  The shipments are Boeing-made precision bombs and follow a ruse by Hamas to claim they had accepted a "ceasefire" just as Israel began its assault on Rafah.  [Tweet]  In other words, Biden just committed an impeachable offense.  Congress appropriated that aid to Israel.  He doesn't get to delay it in an attempt to smooth over his political misfortunes at home.  How do I know that?  Because that's the standard Democrats set with their first impeachment of Donald Trump.  The former president was impeached and given a trial in the Senate in early 2020 based on the idea that he had held up an aid package to Ukraine in an attempt to benefit politically (in this case, investigating Biden family corruption in the country).  There is no tangible difference between that and what Biden is doing with this aid to Israel.

Biden's double game on Hamas should fool no one.  When President Joe Biden wants to say the right things about Israel and antisemitism, he knows how to do it.  Much like his comments immediately after the Oct. 7 massacres, his speech at a Holocaust commemoration held in the U.S. Capitol on May 7 struck all the right notes. [...] Yet, the president said, "people are already forgetting.  They are already forgetting.  That Hamas unleashed this terror.  It was Hamas that brutalized Israelis.  It was Hamas who took and continues to hold hostages.  I have not forgotten nor have you.  And we will not forget."  While his words earned the applause they garnered, that last statement isn't true.  That's because his policies — as distinct from some of his speeches that were, like those at the Holocaust ceremony, largely aimed at Jewish voters — contradict that promise.  Although he initially endorsed the Israeli goal of eliminating Hamas and seemed to implicitly commit to that again in his speech, the entire thrust of Biden's current Middle East policy is quite the opposite.  He is doing everything he can, including threats of cutting off certain military weapons, diplomatic maneuvers at the United Nations and duplicitous efforts to push through an agreement with the terrorist group, to save Hamas from defeat just when Israel put it on the ropes.

Biden Shows Even Reading Is a Problem Now.  Joe Biden had the United States Military Academy's Black Knights to the White House on Monday to present the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy to them for winning the competition among military academies.  The Army team actually won it back in December after beating Navy, but it's taken Joe Biden this long to get around to recognizing them and presenting the trophy. [...] Then the cadets had to deal with Joe Biden, who looked ancient and spoke for only about five minutes.  You can see here how even straight reading off the teleprompter leaves Joe confused about what he's supposed to be saying.

Unrepresentative Government.  There used to be rituals common to all political campaigns, but you don't see them much anymore.  This included multiple events taking place every day, announced in advance, and open to the media and the public. [...] Biden's recent visit to Tampa got me thinking about this.  There were news stories announcing his visit in advance, but it was impossible to find out where it was.  The media did not even acknowledge its own silence, taking it for granted that members of the public should not get to hear the president speak.  When Biden arrived at the local community college campus — a location announced at the last possible movement — he met with hand-picked local party functionaries, and he gave a rather extreme speech that praised abortion as if it were the Eighth Sacrament.  Wherever he goes, Biden almost never mixes with regular people.

Has Leftist Lawfare Created the Police State Yet?  Could it be that the average non-leftist citizen now feels both powerless and terrified to object to any of these injustices?  They see the brutal treatment meted out to President Trump, his associates, and his legal team, on the one hand, versus the reverence for a president whose family has inexplicably received millions of dollars from foreign sources and for violent protesters who have magically escaped jail time, or of crack-using, tax-dodging Biden family members.  Consider the brazenness and audacity of this administration, including its DOJ, over the last several years.  Their targeted victims have purposely included some of the most credentialed, accomplished, prominent, well-connected, and well-heeled Americans, people such as cabinet members, generals, journalists, and even attorneys of those same victims.  Other victims have been ordinary folk, such as people's friends, family members, parents opposing sexualized curricula at their kids' schools, or peaceful men and women holding up signs near an abortion clinic.

Biden DHS shuts down 'experts' panel featuring signatories of infamous Hunter laptop letter.  The Biden administration agreed Friday to shut down a panel of "experts" that included multiple signatories of a letter that dismissed a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden as Russian disinformation.  The Department of Homeland Security agreed to "wind down" the Homeland Intelligence Experts Group in 30 days following litigation from America First Legal, according to court documents.  The experts in the group included former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who signed an October 2020 letter that claimed a bombshell New York Post report about emails from the laptop supposedly abandoned by Hunter Biden "has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation."

Report: Biden Unable to Handle His Job, Hands Things Over to Kamala.  We have all asked people to lend a hand when doing a job before.  It's human nature to ask for help.  That being said, if you ask someone for help you don't completely abandon the job.  That seems to be what Joe Biden has been doing.  The Biden presidency has been so predictable.  Governing by executive order, refusing to speak to the press, a border crisis, and handing over power to Kamala Harris.  Everyone who was paying attention could see the cognitive decline of Joe Biden.  Even those who hate him have felt at least a small amount of sympathy for the man who is clearly suffering from the effects of old age, and is being controlled by his allies, and possibly even his wife, in the Democrats' quest for power.  As his administration continues to shield Biden from the press, reports have come out of the White House that Kamala Harris is taking over many of the duties we typically see the president in charge of.

Joe Biden is far from 'decent' despite what the media and celebrities may claim.  Joe Biden is the least popular president of the past 70 years, according to a new Gallup poll.  But you wouldn't know it if you were at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington on Saturday night.  The glittering event is supposed to be a roast of the president.  Instead, it was a flattering suck-up to Biden amid jabs at Donald Trump.  "Saturday Night Live" comedian Colin Jost, best known as Scarlett Johansson's second husband, is a Staten Island boy who reads The [New York] Post, so you'd think he'd have a clue.  But he ended his performance with a gushing tribute to Biden's "decency."

DA Finally Reveals Underlying Crime Trump Allegedly Committed, and the Bidens Should be Nervous.  Prosecutors in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's office have finally revealed the underlying crime they allege Donald Trump was committing when he allegedly falsified business records.  According to Fox News, "New York prosecutor Joshua Steinglass on Tuesday said the other crime was a violation of a New York law called 'conspiracy to promote or prevent election.'" [...] If this silly legal fairy tale somehow results in a conviction, all of the people involved in "catch-and-kill" related to the 2020 election, including the 51 former intelligence officials who lied about the origins of the Hunter Biden laptop story, those who arranged for the New York Post's story to be censored, and people who conspired to deplatform those who said anything negative about Joe Biden, better watch out.

Biden should be more concerned than anyone about the precedent the Trump trials are setting.  With news about the White House's collusion with prosecutors in the slew of trials thrown at President Trump as he campaigns for re-election, it's natural to think that Joe Biden and his mentor, Barack Obama, are mainly interested in knocking him out of the race before anyone can get a chance to vote for him.  Obama, after all, got his start in politics by doing just that.  No one can say that Obama doesn't know the Chicago Way.  But while this activity is natural for Obama, Joe Biden looks more like a sitting duck, an unwitting boob, a goose, slowly being fattened for the Christmas dinner.

Is Biden's IRS Meddling In The IG Investigation Of Hunter Biden Whistleblowers?  "The IRS needs to get into gear immediately and provide answers about the scope and status of the alleged investigatory process" into the Hunter Biden whistleblowers, Sen. Chuck Grassley told The Federalist.  Grassley's comment comes after he received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service commissioner stating that the IRS is not investigating the whistleblowers and that any investigation would be handled by the inspector general's office to ensure independence.  The IRS commissioner's claim is far from comforting, however, given that a recent court filing indicates the chief counsel office of the IRS is kept apprised of the IG's apparent probe of the whistleblowers.  Last month, Special Counsel David Weiss responded to a motion Hunter Biden filed seeking dismissal of the criminal tax charges pending against the president's son in California.  In his motion, Hunter argued the IRS's supposed "outrageous conduct" violated his due process rights and justified dismissal of the indictment.  That "outrageous conduct," according to Hunter's motion, consisted of the government "not taking action to curtail the misconduct or prevent the unauthorized disclosure of confidential grand jury and taxpayer return information," by IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.

Joe Biden Shakes Hands with Air After Incoherent Speech in Tampa.  Joe Biden on Tuesday arrived in Tampa, Florida to attack the 6-week abortion ban during remarks at Hillsborough Community College's Dale Mabry campus.  Florida is Trump country!  No one cares that Joe Biden is in Tampa.  He can't even fill a small venue.  [Tweet]  Biden is hoping to shore up the Gen Z vote in Florida by attacking the state's 6-week abortion ban that goes into effect May 1.  After finishing his slur-filled speech, Biden turned to his right and shook hands with air.

Biden Pushes Debunked Claim Trump Told Americans to Inject Themselves With Bleach, Here's the Truth.  Four years ago, the media birthed one of the biggest fictions that it pushed during the COVID-19 pandemic: that Donald Trump told Americans to inject themselves with bleach.  He did no such thing, but the desperate Biden campaign wants you to think so.  [Tweet with video clip]  The false claim originated from the White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing on April 23, 2020.  During the briefing, Trump and others discussed possible COVID-19 treatments, including UV light treatments. [...] As you can see, Trump wasn't talking about bleach.  He was talking about what is known as blood irradiation therapy — which can be done intravenously.  The clip that the Biden campaign shared is absurdly out of context.

He's obviously not the real president.
Democrats are using an infirm 81-year-old Joe Biden to defraud the electorate.  [Scroll down]  It's not just Biden's sepulchral presentation, but his administration's increasingly unpopular policies covering the economy, the border, foreign affairs and a raft of fringe social engineering projects, such as Friday's rewriting of Title IX, which effectively abolishes the distinction between women and men.  The nation was not exactly crying out for this Orwellian policy, but it's part of the curious tapestry of bespoke pandering that constitutes Biden's re-election platform.  Pretending you've stopped inflation, pretending you need Congress to shut the border, pretending that your uncle was eaten by cannibals:  These are not vote-winners for Biden.  Whether he's walking "like a toothpick," as Donald Trump describes the president's stiff gait, falling over, garbling teleprompter scripts, or breaking into sudden angry yelling, in the normal political calculus, such a candidate should be heading for a car crash.  Even worse, the backup plan is Kamala Harris, [...] With Harris, what you see is what you get:  a complete phony spouting condescending claptrap.

You don't have to be very bright to understand that lying, swearing, graft, and abortion are wrong.
Biden 'doesn't understand the Catholic faith,' bishop says: 'I'm not angry at him, he's just stupid'.  A Catholic bishop in Michigan weighed in on the discrepancy between President Biden's policies and his professed Catholic faith earlier this month, suggesting "forgiveness" for the president's "stupidity."  Bishop Robert Gruss of the Diocese of Saginaw mentioned Biden during "Forgiveness as the Heart of Christianity," a lecture given on Apr. 5 at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption.  In the discussion, Gruss urged congregants to let go of unproductive anger and resentment towards others — citing his own experience growing up with an alcoholic father and a letter he wrote in adulthood forgiving him for the trauma of his youth.

Senile Joe Tries to Order a Milkshake, Gets Lost, Wanders Away from Handlers.  A visibly confused Joe Biden struggled to order a milkshake at a Philadelphia convenience store Thursday.  His handlers attempted to guide the aging president through the process, but he eventually gave up and wandered away.  [Three tweets with video clips]

This Is How Joe Biden Was Greeted In His Hometown Of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Joe Biden is greeted in his hometown of Scranton, PA.  [Video clip]

Biden Tried To Recreate Trump's Chick-fil-A Moment But No One [Cared].  Biden takes a page from Trump's book and orders a milkshake at a Wawa in Philadelphia, a week after Trump ordered milkshakes at a Chick-fil-A.  Spot the difference... Biden started ordering a milkshake and then got distracted with a box.  It was later revealed that his entire visit to the Wawa was staged.  Workers were caught on camera scripting his visit and even preparing for the cashiers "tip."  The visit looked much different than Trump's visit to Chick-fil-A where he was greeted by tons of excited [and genuine] supporters.  [Video clip]

The Difference Between Trump's Bodega Visit and Biden's Gas Station 'Photo-Op' Is Truly Remarkable.  Support for the two 2024 election candidates looks very different, and it's good news for those who want the United States back to the way it was before Democrats assumed office.  After spending hours in a Manhattan courtroom on Wednesday, former President Donald Trump was met with an abundance of support while visiting a local New York City bodega.  "Trump, Trump, Trump," "Four more years," and "We love Trump," could be heard from the streets of the city as the 2024 hopeful addressed the crowd.  The crowd filled with dozens of supporters began singing the National Anthem as the former president approached them.  The energy was abundant, lively, and full of hope as Trump promised to Make America Great Again.  Nothing compares to his presence — however hard President Joe Biden tries.  [Tweet]

The Editor says...
Trump's event featured a large and genuinely supportive crowd.  Biden's event was a scripted copycat astroturfed farce, and an abject failure.

Joe Biden Struggles with Takeout Box at Carefully Choreographed Visit to Wawa in Philly.  Joe Biden on Thursday continued campaigning in Pennsylvania and made a stop in Philadelphia.  This is Biden's last day in Pennsylvania this week before he returns to the White House.  After a gaffe-filled speech to a paltry crowd in deep blue Philly, Biden made a trip to Wawa.  Every moment of Biden's visit to Wawa was highly choreographed and scripted.

Biden Claims He Prevented Israel from Invading Haifa — an Israeli City.  President Joe Biden appeared to confuse the Israeli port city of Haifa with the Palestinian town of Rafah in the Gaza Strip during an interview on Wednesday in his home town Scranton, Pennsylvania.  In video circulated by the Republican National Committee — but evidently cut from the version of the interview that eventually aired on TV stations — Biden claimed credit for having pressured Israel not to launch an attack on its own city[.]

"Are You Ready to Choose Freedom Over Democracy?  Because That's America!" — Joe Biden Falls Apart in Philadelphia.  Joe Biden on Thursday continued campaigning in Pennsylvania and made a stop in Philadelphia.  This is Biden's last day in Pennsylvania this week before he returns to the White House.  So far, Biden's stops in Scranton and Pittsburgh have been total disasters.  A protestor was removed from Biden's Philly event.  Notice how small the room is.  Biden can't even fill a small venue in deep blue Philadelphia.

Joe Biden says things, and then there's reality.  Joe Biden is out in Pennsylvania saying that Trump got rich the old-fashioned way:  he inherited it.  At least that is an honest way to get rich.  Trump inherited money, and he took a massive amount of risk and created a huge number of jobs.  Biden, on the other hand, got rich the same way a lot of politicians get rich.  He used his powerful position in government and took his son around the world on government-paid transportation, collecting kickbacks from a number of adversaries, including Russia, Ukraine, and China.  The only thing the Biden family had to sell was access to Joe.  They did not take risks.  They did not develop anything.  They did not have a service or product to sell.  They did not create jobs.  They created shell companies to launder the money through.  That is not an honest way to get rich, but a lot of corrupt politicians have achieved wealth the same way.  Biden also claims that Trump doesn't pay taxes.  He pays a huge amount of taxes — whether it is real estate taxes, payroll taxes, or income taxes when the tax code shows he owes them.

Joe Biden Is a Sniveling, Unabashed Coward.  Joe Biden is a coward in every sense of the word.  Cowardice emanates from him like rotting garbage.  Cowardice overflows his speeches like a drain backing up from a clogged sewer line.  Cowardice infects everything he touches.  The well from which he extracts his cowardice is truly bottomless.  To witness it, in its shameless, reeking putrescence, is utterly cringeworthy.  There is nothing beneath the man.  There is nothing he won't say or do to retain power. [...] Over the years, Biden's media quislings have laughably associated many virtuous adjectives with him in efforts to fortify his reputation.  Decent.  Moderate.  Accomplished.  Steady.  Lucid.  It is telling that nobody, not even the most ludicrous of leftist outlets, has ever called him brave.  That's with good reason.  And anybody still quietly harboring that delusion before this past weekend just got the red pill they needed.  His betrayal of Israel should cement for any fence-sitters what the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians already knew full well: that Biden has all the spine of a common garden worm.

Joe Biden doesn't feel our pain, he mocks it.  And you know what that means.  Inflation and crime, more than any others, are the political issues that voters feel in their gut rather than consider in their mind.  For President Joe Biden, this is a massive problem because not only are Americans deeply worried about both, they blame the sitting president.  According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, 56% of Americans disapprove of Biden's handling of crime, compared to a mere 38% who approve.  On inflation, it's even worse, with the president 26 points underwater.  Taxes, foreign policy, even something as emotionally fraught as abortion are ideas that most people grapple with intellectually, weighing concepts and compromises, deciding whose approach they prefer.

The Deep State's Accelerating Attacks On Trump Show A Consciousness Of Guilt.  Joe Biden has proven to be a puppet of the Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian oligarchs — a true Manchurian Candidate.  Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's princeling, raked in millions of dollars at arm's length from Uncle Joe for the Biden crime family from adversaries for no credible business reason.  Why?  The purpose was to gain access to Joe Biden for favorable policy decisions and actions, i.e., going soft on China and Russia, releasing funds to the Iranian Mullahs whose proxies attack Israel, selective prosecution of political enemies, and allowing a two-tiered justice system.  It's become clear in the past three years that a whole cadre of domestic and foreign adversaries all engaged in or aided and abetted in a coup to unseat a duly elected President and to prevent his reelection. [...] Facts show that the Biden and Clinton families are criminal enterprises as defined in the RICO Act.  The families conspired with others, both foreign adversaries and domestic operatives, for their personal gain or benefit to undermine and even sabotage the best interest of the American people and America's national security interests, including using election fraud.

The American public is exhausted by Biden.  During all this time, thanks to the utterly craven, stupid media, we have been, daily, reassured not to believe our own eyes regarding the actions and sentiments of the worst U.S. president in our history, but rather to believe the lies which rapidly provide cover for all and any of Biden's outrageous decisions.  In point:  the spending of our hard-earned money via taxes, 'entitlements' such as Medicare, and a slew of progressive support garbage that has never worked but has driven our minority populations into the ditch.  Biden has flooded the country with illegals, cartels, and deadly drugs, all of these entrants are receiving his mercenary 'kindness' via flights, hotel stays, credit cards, I.D.s, and more.  Why is illegal immigration another Biden mercenary activity?  Because he is buying their votes so he can continue (he thinks) riding the putrid wave of greatest privilege in the elite swamp.

Biden Held a Rally in His Pennsylvania Hometown and Barely Anyone Showed Up.  Joe Biden traveled to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday but did not get the reception he might have hoped for.  Photos of Biden's event appeared to show just a few dozen people in attendance for a campaign speech in which he unveiled plans to increase taxes on the super-rich.  Meanwhile, images from Trump's rally in Pennsylvania over the weekend showed thousands of people in attendance who had come to see the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.  [Tweet]  According to CNN, which often operates as an unofficial mouthpiece of the White House, Biden was seeking to push his own version of "economic populism."

Gaming the 2024 Campaign.  First, on the negative side of the ledger, Biden suffers continual mental and physical decline, which is accelerating exponentially.  His work week is now more off than on.  Aides pray that he can get through a teleprompter without complete incoherence.  His speech is so slurred, his syntax so bizarre that he seems to speak a language that is mostly indecipherable. [...] The odds are 50/50 whether Biden will even make it over the next five months to the August Democratic Convention.  And, assuming that he does, can he rein in efforts to push him off the ticket?  Second, the Biden family is corrupt.  Hunter still faces spring- and summer-long felony exposure in connection with his Biden-family brand of tax cheating.  Joe knows that his own documents, first-hand witnesses, bank statements, Hunter's emails, and testimonies from Hunter's associates reveal that the otherwise talentless but high-living Biden extended family was surviving only by the sale of Senator, Vice President, and future President Joe Biden's name — and his known willingness to pay fast and loose with legal and ethical constraints.

"Don't" Is Not A Foreign Policy.  The ground shook in Tehran as Ali Khamenei, the 84 year old supreme leader of Iran, shook in his boots as he listened to President Joe Biden give his terse warning to Iran about attacking Israel.  Biden looked into the camera, mustered all of his intestinal fortitude, and barked a single word that he thought would instill fear in the rogue country, "Don't."  Without another sound, he turned and shuffled away from the podium.  He had spoken.  It was feckless, but why should we expect more from this man who has disappointed us daily during his presidency?  I can imagine Biden had a similar effect on Benjamin Netanyahu as he listened to the American President, and it just adds to the confusing message of support that Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have been delivering since the October 7 attack last year.  One day, Biden is pledging unwavering military support for our greatest ally in the Middle East, and the next day, he is condemning Israel's strategy and tactics.  Since World War II, American support for the sovereignty and safety of Israel has been unconditional except for two Presidencies, Obama and Biden.

Don't, Don't, Don't.  Biden and Barack Obama came out of the same school of weak appeasement and coddling Iran, and weakness invites attack.  Add to that not just the policy and response to Iran's aggressions have been weak, but Biden himself is the personification of weakness.  That's led to where we are now, with the box Biden has painted himself into, with bad actors getting out of hand and the Biden team trying to figure out what to do.  Let's follow along with Joe Biden's bold pronouncements in the face of aggression, with a little help from Maze.  [Tweet with video clip]

Biden Insisted on Vacation in Face of Threat From Iran, Now He's Rushing Back.  Something Is Up.  Joe Biden left for his beach house in Delaware on Friday, despite the threat of a potential attack on Israel by Iran hanging out in the wind. [...] It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it wasn't a good idea to go on vacation.  What about the danger to the American troops in the region?  What about the hostages being held by Hamas?  But Biden didn'tt want anything to stand in the way of his vacation, and whatever they do for him when he's in Delaware.

Bad News for Hunter Biden As Judge Denies Motions to Dismiss Delaware Gun Case.  First Son Hunter Biden struck out in Delaware District Court on Friday as Judge Maryellen Noreika denied his motions to dismiss the criminal gun charges against him.  The disappointing (for Hunter) ruling came just two weeks after a California District Court denied his motions to dismiss tax evasion charges against him.  While the California case is set for trial on June 20, 2024, the Delaware case currently is set to begin trial on June 3, 2024, with a pre-trial conference now set for May 24, 2024.  In orders issued Friday afternoon (which may be viewed below), Noreika denied Biden's motions to dismiss on the basis of claimed immunity pursuant to the pretrial diversion agreement, selective and vindictive prosecution, and that Special Counsel David Weiss was appointed in violation of Department of Justice (DOJ) regulations.

Biden, It Was YOU!  It was not President Trump who refused to enforce our immigration laws.  It was YOU!  It was not President Trump who opened our southern border to 10 million illegals from around the globe.  By erasing President Trump's executive order, worked out with Mexico, to house illegals there, Biden made himself responsible for the entry of drug cartels, criminals, gang members, rapists, and terrorists from enemy countries into our collective home.  It was YOU!  It was not President Trump who secretly and illegally flew 325,000 illegals from across the globe to cities across the U.S. at taxpayers' expense.  It was YOU!  It was not President Trump who allowed CCP-affiliated military-aged men to enter our collective home illegally.  It was YOU!  It was not President Trump who erased our energy independence by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and making us once again energy dependent on foreign sources.  It was YOU!

Of Course, DNC Has Quietly Been Paying Biden's Legal Fees.  If you've heard any of the talking points coming out of the Biden camp in the last few weeks, you've probably heard the one about Trump's legal bills.  But it turns out that even as the Biden campaign and the DNC were making that case, the DNC was also paying Biden's legal bills.  Here's Biden's campaign finance chairman Rufus Gifford appearing on MSNBC Sunday.  "Every single dime that you give the Biden-Harris election campaign, we spend talking to voters," he said.  He added, "We are not spending money on legal bills."  This ciip of Gifford saying all of that was posted on YouTube by the DNC along with links so people could make donations.

Biden's $1.5 million in legal fees in classified documents probe were covered by campaign donations.  President Joe Biden used campaign donations to pay his legal bills related to the investigation of his handling of classified documents, a stunning new report revealed on Friday.  Biden and his allies have blasted rival Donald Trump for using donors' money to pay for his massive legal bills.  But Biden is doing the same thing, Axios reported, revealing the Democratic National Committee paid more than $1.5 million to lawyers or firms representing Biden during special counsel Robert Hur probe of the president's handling of classified documents.

Joe Biden's Former Stenographer Publishes Book on Why He Should be in Prison.  Mike McCormick, who served as Joe Biden's stenographer traveling with him around the world including to Ukraine, recently published a book revealing what he saw, which included criminal activity in regards to the Burisma kickback scheme.  "The Case to Impeach and Imprison Joe Biden" lays out probably the most comprehensive account ever written about the scheme.  McCorrmick became aware of the criminal nature of the activity after poring over the emails on Hunter Biden's laptop, which allowed him to put it all together.  "When I worked for him, I thought Joe was harmless — egotistical, buffoonish, and unpresidential, but harmless," he said.  "Now I think of him as an evil criminal who should be impeached and imprisoned."  McCormick served as Biden's stenographer when he was vice president from 2011 to 2017, transcribing every speech and interview.  He said he personally witnessed Biden negotiate the Burisma kickback scheme — U.S. funding to Ukrainian energy, primarily Burisma, in exchange for putting Hunter Biden on Burisma's board of directors — on a trip to Poland in 2014.

Joe Biden: "I Used Teach the Second Amendment in Law School...".  Joe Biden sat down for a one-on-one softball interview with Democrat-friendly Univision.  Biden attacked the Second Amendment during his interview and told Univision host Enrique Acevedo that he used to teach law school.  "I used to teach the Second Amendment in law school ... From the very beginning, there were limitations.  You couldn't own a cannon!" Biden said.  Of course, the Univision host did not push back on Joe Biden's lies.

Biden Just Betrayed Every American (Except Islamic Extremists).  Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates famously said that Joe Biden "has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."  But even Gates should be shocked by the words that came out of Joe Biden's mouth today.  "What I'm calling for is for the Israelis to just call for a ceasefire, allow for the next six, eight weeks total access to all food and medicine going into the country," the president said, as unbelievable as it may seem.  Nothing was said about hostages being released (Hamas has already admitted over the last few days that at least some of the hostages are dead).  There was no call for Hamas to surrender or even stop rocket attacks and acts of terrorism.  War only ends because it is so difficult for one side and its populace to continue the war.  And Biden wants to keep dragging it out; allow Hamas, which is committed to the destruction of Israel, to regroup and re-arm; and set the stage for more events like October 7, God forbid.  Hey, Joe, what about the hostages still being held by Hamas who are American citizens?

Liar!  All the necessary laws are already on the books.
Biden: I'm 'Examining' if I Can Shut Down Border Unilaterally, 'Trying to Work Through that'.  During an interview with Univision that took place last Wednesday and aired on Tuesday, [...] Interviewer Enrique Acevedo asked, "Have you made a final decision on taking executive [action], in terms of what you want to do at the border, that includes the power to shut down the border, as it was suggested?"  Biden answered, "We're examining whether or not I have that power.  I would have that power under the legislation when the border has over... 5,000 people a day trying to cross the border, because you can't manage it, slow it up.  There's no guarantee that I have that power all by myself without legislation.  And some have suggested I should just go ahead and try it, and if I get shut down by the court, I get shut down by the court, but we're trying to work through that right now."

The time to start asking this question was about two years ago, when the answer was already obvious.
Is Barack Obama serving a third term by running a 'shadow government' in Biden's White House?  Former U.S. president Barack Obama once famously said that he would serve a third term as long as he didn't have to do all the legwork.  "If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or front woman, and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats ... and then I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I'd be fine with that," Obama remarked to liberal comedian Stephen Colbert in November 2020.  Sounds familiar, doesn't it?  According to multiple media outlets, Obama has been making his presence increasingly felt in the cognitively impaired Joe Biden White House.  Reports published by Deep State-owned CNN, the New York Times, and The Washington Post have all touted the former president's intensifying involvement in the administration's efforts, a not-so-subtle sign as to who is really in charge.

More about Obama's third term.

This Is Who Joe Biden Is Appeasing in Michigan As He Abandons Support for Israel.  President Biden has lost the plot in the Israel-Hamas war.  His alleged moral clarity in full support of Israel has been interrupted by a panic over losing votes in Dearborn, Michigan.  The level of antisemitism in America is alarming.  The fact that the president is now more worried about his re-election in November than he is about the survival of Israel and Jews is shocking.  There is history here, though.  Biden was Barack Obama's vice president and Obama's contempt for Israel, especially Prime Minister Netanyahu, was well known.  Some Obama bros even worked against Netanyahu in an election in Israel.  Joe Biden likes to say he's been friends with Netanyahu for decades.  With friends like Biden, Netanyahu doesn't need any more.

The Editor says...
Barack H. Obama is no friend of Israel, and we are living in Barack H. Obama's third term.  I'll wait here while you connect the dots.

When China Wired Money to Joe's House.  In the summer of 2019, while Joe Biden was running for president, the money was rolling into Delaware from Communist China.  This was the same Wilmington house where classified documents were lying around while Hunter Biden was living while allegedly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on prostitutes: some of them apparently foreign nationals.  On paperwork, Hunter appeared to claim ownership of the house and in 2010, he had begun paying for the upkeep of the house and his veep dad's bills.  By the time Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR, was sending a $250,000 wire payment to Joe Biden's address, the former vice president and future president had already met with the Chinese investment exec doing business with his family and had written recommendation letters for his kids.  The $250,000 Chinese wire was described as a "loan".  But how was Hunter, by then approaching rock bottom, going to pay it off?  Where was the money coming from?

Justice Department Refuses to Hand over Audio of Joe Biden's Special-Counsel Interview.  The Justice Department is refusing to provide House Republicans the audio recording of President Joe Biden's interview with special counsel Robert Hur.  The DOJ wrote a letter Monday to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R., Ohio.) and Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R., Ky.) explaining its decision not to turn over the audio recordings.  "Indeed, by the Committees' own measure, the Department has met your stated informational needs.  The Department has produced the two classified documents you requested, the transcripts of the Special Counsel Office interviews of the President and of Mark Zwonitzer that you requested, and the correspondence regarding the Special Counsel's report that you requested," wrote Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte, according to a copy of the letter obtained by National Review.

Joe Biden's Narcissism Devolves Into Sociopathy at Baltimore Bridge Collapse Site.  Joe Biden made a short trip to Baltimore on Friday [and ...] visited the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, which occurred after a container ship lost power and hit one of the support structures.  As the president's public appearances go, his latest was typical.  Biden slurred his words and got confused multiple times, both things that seem to occur every time he gives a speech.  If he ever figures out how to exit a stage, it'll be the first time in a long time.  There was one moment that caught my eye, though, because it exposed something deeper than the president's general senility and lack of timing.  [Tweet with video clip] [...] This was not just a harmless infrastructure failure.  Six people died after the bridge collapsed, with some bodies being found in vehicles submerged at the bottom of the bay after an extensive search.  Biden was at the site of a deadly tragedy.  What kind of person shows up in that setting and starts giving a bad comedy routine?  Further, what kind of person then makes up a story in an attempt to make themselves the center of attention?

And So Sayeth the Donald.  President Biden's grating SOTU address, complete with an Obama-esque public flogging of the Supreme Court, leaves little doubt that he and the Democrats consider the abortion issue to be their get out of jail card, their virtual reprieve from the governor, sparing them the political execution their dismal handling of the nation's affairs has justly earned.  It didn't occur to Mr. Biden's speechwriter/handlers in crafting this discordant national harangue that of all the people to threaten with the "political power of women," members of the Supreme Court are the least appropriate officials to address in this manner.  It's their clear duty to keep their eyes firmly planted on the Constitution and ignore prevailing political winds and passions of the kind to which Mr. Biden mindlessly alluded.

DOJ Seeks Prison Time for Woman Who Found Ashley Biden's Diary that Revealed Old Joe's Perverted Acts with His Daughter.  As previously reported, Ashley Biden, Joe Biden's youngest daughter, left her diary under a mattress at the Palm Beach rehab home following a stay at a treatment facility.  Two individuals who found Ashley Biden's diary at a halfway house later sold the diary to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.  In a January 2019 entry, Ashley Biden recalled how she used to shower with her father, Joe Biden, and suggested it may have contributed to a sex addiction.  The diary describes Ashley and her father Joe Biden taking showers together at an inappropriate age.

Biden Starts Yapping at the Teleprompter Guy During Confused and Embarrassing Speech.  Another day, another confused and embarrassing performance from the current White House resident.  Greek Independence Day was the occasion on Thursday, with Joe Biden hosting a reception in the East Room.  Why Greek Independence Day is an event worthy of a White House reception wasn't immediately clear, and neither was anything the president said.  Right on cue, Biden did his faux Forrest Gump routine where he inserts himself into every aspect of every culture.  It's fitting that just two days before this speech, the president repeated a tall tale about being raised by the Puerto Rican community.  Biden has also made similar claims regarding the Jewish and Black communities.  There's almost no ethnicity he won't appropriate in some manner.

This would be a step in the right direction, and much quicker than impeachment.
Archbishop Viganò: Biden must be recognized as excommunicated after 'Trans Day of Visibility' declaration.  The unprecedented and scandalous proclamation of March 31 as "Transgender Visibility Day" by self-styled U.S. President Joe Biden -- who dares to declare himself a Catholic -- constitutes a most serious offense to God and to millions of Catholics and Christians in America and around the world, before which it is impossible not to react with due firmness.  I urge American citizens and their representatives in government to recognize the total unworthiness of Joe Biden to hold an institutional position, which it is well known that he used fraudulent and manipulative action to achieve in the 2020 presidential election.  I ask my brethren in the episcopate and priests to recognize that Joe Biden has incurred latæ sententiæ excommunication, and as such must be expelled from the churches and not admitted to Communion.

Texts from Hunter Biden's business partner to Tony Bobulinski suggests president [Biden] was part of deal with Chinese government-linked oil giant CEFC.  Emails show Hunter Biden's ex-business partner and impeachment witness Tony Bobulinski offered information to Democrat lawmakers on Joe Biden's links to his son's shady business dealings as early as 2020.  Records also show the businessman offered to turn over his business cell phones to forensic analysts — countering claims from Democrats that he isn't willing to back up his story with evidence.  The emails between Bobulinski and Democrat lawmaker Ro Khanna come from a short documentary released by Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night, with behind-the-scenes footage of Bobulinski during a congressional hearing last month.

Who Will Vote for a Walking Corpse?  Social media was briefly abuzz last month about Presidentish Joe Biden's boat-anchor shoes, the ones meant to help keep him from falling.  But the shoes aren't what really weigh him down — it's voter expectations that he won't survive a second term.  Before we get to that, a little more on the shoes because I honestly can't get enough of that story.  After Biden was first spotted sporting his snowboard-sized kicks, the RNC tweeted, "Biden's handlers are forcing him to wear a new pair of 'lifestyle sneakers' because he trips so much," which of course, lefties denied.  "Inside Edition" protested that Biden's Hoka Transport shoes are just "lifestyle sneakers" while also admitting that the "wide sole" is "no doubt great for stability."  I don't have a photo I can post of the Transports, but not only are the soles wide enough to save both Jack and Rose from drowning in the freezing North Atlantic, they don't even have regular laces.  Biden's Transports are laced with those pull strings that my kids' shoes had before they learned to tie their own.  Is that common on shoes for grownups?  I have no idea.  But the fact remains that in his Hokas, Biden is basically a living, breathing Weeble.

Biden Bizarrely Denies Declaring Easter Sunday 'Transgender Day of Visibility'.  President Joe Biden reportedly denied declaring Easter Sunday the "Transgender Day of Visibility," despite issuing a very clear proclamation on Good Friday, which stated in part, "I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility."  RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Melanchthon Wegmann detailed the Q&A of Biden's denial on Monday.  According to Wegmann, Biden said, "I didn't do that" and claimed that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), who criticized Biden for making the proclamation, is "thoroughly uninformed": [...]

Black Gold.  In 2019, while campaigning in New Hampshire, Joe Biden promised to "end fossil fuel." Not only has he failed to keep his promise, oil consumption has reached a new all-time high.  For this we should all be thankful.  When a climate activist challenged him on that September day about his connections to the co-founder of a liquified natural gas company, Biden, as he has done throughout his career of "public service," became Joe the Clown.  Calling her "kiddo," he told her to look into his eyes, then said "I guarantee you.  We're going to end fossil fuel."  The ever-fawning-for-Democrats media called it an "intimate moment."  But it was nothing more than a typical "Biden moment" on the campaign trail.

Joe Catholic strikes again.  Honestly this is obscene and disrespectful to people who celebrate Easter Sunday for a different reason.  Joe Catholic is either a fraud, a man signing whatever they put in front of him or maybe both.  Imagine a president signing a proclamation honoring Ho Chi Minh on Memorial Day, or one honoring Jim Crow on Martin Luther King Day or one honoring King George II on July 4th.  The insanity goes on in large part because they know at the White House that the press won't ask the president about it.  They never do and KJP may hang up on them if they do.

Biden Turns the Transgender High Holy Day Into a 'Look at Me' Moment.  By now, we're all aware that the White House managed to commit the most sacrilegious act imaginable — or at least made the biggest possible slap in the faces of Christians — by emphasizing "Transgender Day of Visibility" over Easter.  While the holiday honoring our secular state religion of transgenderism is fixed on March 31, it could have and rightly should have taken a backseat to the moveable feast that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.  Instead, Joe Biden, his handlers, and the rest of his administration chose to double down on honoring a tiny minority of transgender Americans over the millions of Christians who celebrate Easter Sunday.  The White House statement on Easter was only 94 words, while the proclamation of "Transgender Day of Visibility" clocked in at a whopping 635 words.  On the president's X/Twitter account, the "Transgender Day of Visibility" tweet was twice as long (45 words) as the Easter tweet (20 words).

Joe Biden Tells 'Trans Americans' They Are 'Made in the Image of God'.  President Joe Biden's secular deputies kidnapped Christian theology to champion transgenderism on the holiest weekend for Christianity.  On Sunday afternoon, Biden's X account tweeted:  "Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans:  I see you.  You are made in the image of God, and you're worthy of respect and dignity."

The Social Justice War To Replace Christianity.  You might think that on Christianity's most holy day, a president running for reelection in a majority Christian nation would go out of his way to avoid antagonizing Christians.  You'd be wrong.  The Biden Administration has declared today, Easter Sunday, as a "Transgender Day of Visibility." [...] Transexist dogma demands that you agree that 2+2=5.  To note the biological reality that human beings with XX chromosomes are female, and XY chromosomes are male, and that no amount of cosmetic surgery can ever change that, is commit a heresy against the new church of social justice.  Transesxist dogma is so unpopular that they're even rejecting it in New York City, but the Biden Administration still insists on forcing it down America's throats.  Even in an election year.  Even on Easter Sunday.  The brazenness of dedicating Easter Sunday to transexual activism should convince you that the hard left is actively hostile to Christianity.  They view it as a competing source of moral legitimacy that thwarts their will-to-power desire of a complete transformation of American society.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility.  For those of you who celebrate this sacred day, Happy Easter.  For those who don't, most Americans appreciate that it is the holiest day of the year for you and treat it with civilized respect.  To the President who claims he is a Catholic in good standing, it's just another day to poke his fingers in your eyes.  Yes, the White House is hosting the traditional easter egg rolling event, but it has banned all religious symbols at the event, and in a proclamation dated, "in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-four" announced that this day, March 31, is "Transgender Day of Visibility."  (Can you honestly say transgenders have been invisible in this Administration or generally in our country these days?)  It strikes me that it is so deliberately offensive to Christians it's puzzling.

Not to mention the lying and swearing...
Cardinal Says Joe Biden is a "Nominal" Catholic, Should be Excommunicated for Supporting Abortion.  In a new interview, a Catholic Cardinal who headed up one of the top Vatican offices says Joe Biden is "nominal" Catholic and should be excommunicated for supporting abortion.  Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who previously lead the Vatican's highest doctrine office, called abortion "infanticide" and saying those politicians who actively support abortion like Biden should be "excommunicated."  "The word 'abortion' is too much a soft word.  The reality is killing, murder of a living person," said Gerhard Cardinal Müller.  "There's no right to kill another person.  It's absolutely against the Fifth Commandment."

The Democrat party is a Potemkin village.  Nothing has revealed the shallow, empty façade of the Democrat party like the rather obscene fundraiser held Thursday night at Radio City Music Hall.  Joe Biden's campaign is going so badly that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were resurrected from the shadows to bolster Biden's sinking polling numbers.  Whoever is running the campaign apparently thinks people are so stupid that getting those two former presidents on board will fool voters into thinking Biden is not the failed, demented, callous man he is.

The House Formally Invites President Biden to Testify in Impeachment Inquiry.  House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer has sent a seven-page letter (below) to invite President Joe Biden to testify in the Republican impeachment inquiry.  The letter is the latest, and best, reduction of the glaring contradictions in the President's past statements on his family's well-documented influence peddling operation.  President Biden is not expected to testify.  However, the media should be interested in his answering the questions presented by the Committee.  It is now clear that the President lied during his campaign and during his presidency on his lack of knowledge of his son's business activities as well as his denial of any money gained from China.  Yet, the White House responded, again, with mockery — a sense of impunity that only exists due to an enabling media.

The Editor says...
Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you.  Years from now.  Out of context.  In a meme.

The Most Destructive Americans of the Last 70 years.  [Scroll down]  But wait... since this was written how can you omit Joe Biden?  Although he doesn't know what he is responsible for, his being manipulated as president has done more 'outright' harm to this country that any other person[,] because it is a blatant spit in your face to America as a sovereign nation.  He has destroyed energy independence, allowed millions across our southern border, sanctioned (or blessed) transgenderism, and mandated an experimental vaccine that has killed thousands, caused loss of livelihoods, and put our military in jeopardy in many ways.

Being non compos mentis, Biden is unfit to voteNon compos mentis translates to, "of unsound mind."  In some respects, we have an unsound electoral system:  an idiot can run for our highest public office, but be unfit to vote for himself.  Joe Biden is de facto unfit to vote.  After Special Counsel Robert K. Hur's report in the Joe Biden classified documents case, it should be easy to establish that Biden is also de jure unfit to vote.  Thirty nine states have laws that permit judges to disenfranchise people with varying stages of mental disorder, like idiocy.  Since Biden is the village idiot in Wilmington, Delaware, let's look at their law that restricts the voting rights of people with mental disabilities:

Biden Losing Minorities.  [Scroll down]  No less acute is Joe's mental health.  If you look, for example, at the pre-election debate between Trump and Biden in 2020, you can see that the latter at that time was almost able to express himself sensibly and explain his thoughts.  If you look at him now, you can only see an old person who cannot do or say anything without prompting from his assistants.  The president either "doesn't want to answer questions," or "technically shouldn't be here," or "oh, what I'm doing here" (just look at his hands at this point).  Biden is not mentally healthy, no matter how much he claims otherwise.  This is also evidenced by the large number of vacation weekends that he has taken since the beginning of his term (resting 40% of days — something an ordinary man cannot dream of), and the small number of public appearances, and the quality of his performances in these rare moments.

Jill Biden Compares Florida to Nazi Germany.  Oh, so now were back to the nazi references?  The communist left, including baby sitter and husband cheater Jill Biden can't seem to agree on one insult.  Can't stick with "MAGA extremists", "Nazis" or "Russian owned" slurs they've used since 2015.  Now, "Doctor" Jill Biden is comparing Florida to Nazi Germany or something.  Of course she made these cracks in of all places, California at a fundraiser.

Biden Gets Heckled in Raleigh and Folds Like a Cheap Camera.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were in North Carolina on Tuesday, hoping to get some votes from a vital swing state by talking about healthcare.  So far, the polls indicate that North Carolina is trending in favor of former President Donald Trump, not to mention all the other swing states.  [Tweet]  So Biden is trying to figure out some approach to overcome his own incoherence and failed policies and convince Americans to vote for him.  On Tuesday, he tried to pitch Obamacare as a rationale.  Of course, he left out all the falsehoods that Obama/Biden told us when they sold it: that you can keep your plan and keep your doctor.  Oh, and your premiums will go down.  But as he was talking about Obamacare, he was interrupted by anti-Israel activists.  You can hear one of the activists yell out, "What about the healthcare in Gaza?" as Biden looks around in confusion.  [Tweet with video clip]

It Sure Looks Likes Joe Biden Lied to the Special Counsel About His Political Origin Story.  Did Joe Biden lie to then-Special Counsel Robert Hur about a long-proclaimed political origin story?  According to a new report, it sure looks like it.  In October of 2023, while being questioned by Hur about his illegal taking and storing of classified documents, the president decided to explain the one time he's "ever lied."  Biden claimed that, as a young lawyer, he once defended a construction company against a worker [...].  As the tale goes, the president was so great at his job that he wrote a "memo" that got the case thrown out.  He then supposedly felt so guilty that he turned to a life of public service, not for the power, fame, and fortune but to help the little guy.  One can't help but laugh at Biden's proclamation that the above incident is the only time he's ever lied in his entire life.  The president's career has been marked by the repetition of numerous falsehoods, to the point where there are too many to count.  So what's the problem with this specific story?  Per the Free Beacon's investigation, it "almost certainly" isn't true. [...] Biden has been telling that story for decades, and there's ample evidence he's been lying this entire time.  The president appears to have inserted himself into a case his law firm lost while he was still in law school.

The Jimmy Carter-ization of Kamala Harris.  Joe Biden's presidency is plagued by inflation, stagflation, and a Middle Eastern war, along with an Eastern European war and African decay.  In addition, America suffers from an open border, drug problems, and accelerating crime that has turned entire cities, such as New York, into slums.  Oh, and as in the 1970s, he loses wars.  (By the way, we abandoned Vietnam before Carter's presidency, but Biden was one of the Democrat architects behind that abandonment.) [...] Today's embarrassed laughter comes from a president who repeatedly falls down the stairs, shakes hands with invisible people, must be told to get out of the rain, needs giant Easter Bunnies to escort him on the White House grounds, and compulsively sniffs children.  Although, on second thought, none of that's very funny, is it?

"">The Untouchables:  Bidens, Burisma and the Intelligence Community.  Mike Benz is the founder and CEO of the Foundation For Freedom Online, which "Through educational reports, legal assistance, and public policy analysis concerning developing threats to digital liberties" seeks to "provide nonpartisan insights and assistance to all peoples taking a stand for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the free exchange of ideas online."  Prior to FFO, Benz was "a former State Department official with responsibilities in formulating and negotiating US foreign policy on international communications and information technology matters."  Benz's voice is an important one that communicates clearly about a vast amount of analysis and findings that he confirms with a deep and thorough inside perspective overlaid by technical expertise and diplomatic acumen.  Specifically, Benz has made several recent videos in addition to appearances made with Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon and other conservative media figures.

Democrats lost one precious thing at Hunter influence peddling hearing.  This week, Democrats appear to have finally drained away what remained of themselves and their party.  For years, Democratic members and the media have demanded any evidence of the direct involvement or knowledge of President Joe Biden of the influence-peddling operation of his son, Hunter, and his brothers, James and Frank.  In the hearing, witnesses testified under oath about specific meetings with Joe Biden discussing these foreign dealings and the family business interests.  Bank records were introduced showing the transfers of millions going to Hunter and various Biden family members.

Desperate Biden Falsely Claims Trump 'Told Us to Inject Ourselves With Bleach'.  Joe Biden has released a new campaign video with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.  Though the video claims to have been recorded live, it hilariously features an insane number of jump cuts, suggesting it actually took multiple takes throughout the recording process to get Biden's performance on the mark.  But, that aside, the video made it quite clear that Joe Biden is so desperate, that he's trying to rehash long-debunked accusations against Trump in the hopes of trying to turn his faltering campaign around.  "This is the guy who doesn't care about science and reason," Biden claims in the video. "Remember, during the pandemic, Donald Trump told us to inject ourselves with bleach.  He said there's nothing to worry about if you do that."

House Oversight Committee Witnesses Makes Clear:  The Bidens Lied.  The House Oversight Committee Hearing on "Influence Peddling:  Examining Joe Biden's Abuse of Public Office" from Wednesday was dominated by key moments, especially when it comes to witness Tony Bobulinski.  In his opening statement, Bobulinski testified that Hunter Biden perjured himself.  He also mentioned repeatedly throughout the hearing how the Bidens lied.  It wasn't just Hunter who perjured himself, Bobulinski said, but so did President Joe Biden's brother, Jim Biden, when it comes to involvement with Chinese-linked company CEFC.  Bobulinski said he had "met with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Jim Biden at the Beverly Hilton in May 2017," which Hunter acknowledged but Jim denied took place.  With passion, Bobulinski emphasized that "Hunter Biden, in his own transcribed interview, confirmed that that meeting took place," adding "Hunter confirmed his uncle perjured himself in front of this Committee."

Trump's Third Act has begun.  The Democrats planned to cripple Trump financially so he couldn't spend as much on the campaign.  Trump turned Leticia James into his best fundraiser.  Lots of interesting developments lately on the topic of the 2020 election.  The Simulation wants at least one of those fresh allegations to be a Kraken.  Trump's legal maneuvering is likely to keep him eligible for the election.  You can fantasize about a heroic Democrat such as Newsom swooping in and replacing Biden, but it's looking less likely every day.  If it had always been the plan, it would have happened by now.  Looks like Biden has to stay on the job to keep the Biden Crime Family out of jail.  The predictable Democrat Summer Hoax will add some excitement, but it will be forgotten and debunked by November.

CIA blocked Hunter Biden's 'sugar brother' Kevin Morris from being interviewed by federal investigators, whistleblower claims.  The CIA ordered tax investigators not to interview the 'sugar brother' who bailed out Hunter Biden with millions of dollars, a whistleblower has claimed.  Kevin Morris loaned the president's son at least $5 million, bought his artwork, and made payments to Hunter's ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, as well as Lunden Roberts, the mother of his illegitimate four-year-old daughter.  But federal officials investigating the first son's tax affairs were summoned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, and told them that Morris was off-limits to them.

Joe Biden Gives Rambling Incoherent Speech to a Few Rows of People in Arizona.  Joe Biden, the most popular president in US history who got 81 million votes in 2020, gave a rambling incoherent speech to a few rows of people at the Intel Ocotillo Campus in Chandler, Arizona.  Just look at the setup for the most popular president ever who supposedly won Arizona in 2020:  [Tweet]  Biden on Wednesday announced an $8.5 billion investment with Intel for a major CHIPS and Science Act award.  The truth is DEI — Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — killed the CHIPS Act.

Tony Bobulinski Accuses Hunter Biden of Committing Perjury, and He Has Receipts.  During an impeachment inquiry hearing on Wednesday, Tony Bobulinski testified regarding his previous business dealings with members of the Biden family.  During the hearing, he accused Hunter Biden of committing perjury during his previous testimony, and he called Joe Biden "a serial liar."  "You are presented with two narratives in this investigation," Bobulinski said in his opening statement, which was received by PJ Media.  "A false one being pushed by Joe Biden, a serial liar and fabulist now under this impeachment investigation for public corruption; his brother Jim Biden, a 75-year-old man who cannot keep his lies straight, including under oath; and his son Hunter Biden, a chronic drug addict facing two indictments with twelve counts."  Bobulinski continued, "You also have before you the truth, confirmed by multiple Biden family business partners over many years and backed up by mountains of irrefutable evidence, including text messages, emails, documents and recordings."  He then accused Hunter Biden of lying throughout his testimony to Congress last month and committing "egregious" perjury, and he came with receipts.

Former Biden Business Partner Accuses Hunter, Jim of Lying under Oath about Chinese Dealings.  In his opening statement before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, Hunter Biden's former business partner Tony Bobulinski publicly accused the first son and his uncle, Jim Biden, of lying under oath about the nature of their business dealings with Chinese conglomerate CEFC.  Bobulinski is testifying on Wednesday about the Biden family's foreign business dealings, the subject of the House GOP's impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.  He testified behind closed doors last month and vividly recalled meeting Hunter, Joe, and James Biden in May 2017 to discuss a proposed joint venture with CEFC.  Bobulinski cited three examples of alleged perjury from Hunter Biden's sworn testimony last month, accusing Hunter of lying about: the timeline of his business relationship with CEFC, his father's interactions with his business associates, and the threatening text he sent a Chinese businessman in which he demanded payment and said he was sitting next to his father.

Hunter Biden's Business Partner Attacks Democrats Raskin and Goldman for Lying on Behalf of Biden Crime Family.  Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski blasted Representatives Jamie Raskin and Don Goldman today in his opening statement before the House Oversight Committee.  Bobulinski accused Raskin and Goldman of lying to the American public in order to protect the Biden crime family.  The House Oversight Committee is holding its second hearing today as part of its impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

The public humiliation of Joe Biden.  Anyone who's ever known someone with senile dementia, can see that Joe Biden's elevator no longer goes to the top floor.  At age 81, with a history of multiple brain aneurysms and surgeries, poor Joe's literally unravelling before our eyes.  Look at him at his campaign stops.  He can barely walk and needs sneaker soles the size of pickleball paddles to stay upright.  He can no longer safely navigate the main steps to Air Force One, his handlers instead using a much shorter set of stairs typically reserved for his staff and low-level functionaries.  His mouth hangs open, his pale blue eyes have that heartbreaking look of sheer panic, and he has no idea what to do with his hands, other than to mindlessly extend them in the hope that someone, anyone, will proffer a handshake.  He now frequently gets lost, wandering around event stages and unsure where to stand or exit.  He often turns in circles, waiting anxiously for someone to guide him.  In a pinch, the Easter Bunny will do.  Most days, his voice is shot.  He whispers, coughs, mumbles, and swallows his words.  He can no longer speak extemporaneously, much less handle a hostile interviewer or a debate.

Even More Dirt on the Bidens [has been] Dredged Up.  We all know Hunter Biden did some shady stuff beyond hookers and crack, even if you don't think his father Joe was involved.  Hate to burst the mainstream media news bubble you live in but more evidence mounts against the guy practically daily through House Republicans' impeachment inquiry.  That mainstream media bubble keeping you in the dark probably didn't tell you that a strategy memo dredged up by the inquiry showed Hunter Biden was involved in an unsuccessful attempt by CEFC China Energy to buy Westinghouse, an America-based but Japanese-owned (by Toshiba) manufacturer of nuclear reactors.  CEFC, which was in pretty deep with Chinese intelligence and was where Joe became Mr. "10% for the Big Guy," sought to buy Westinghouse through intermediaries such as Hunter associate James Gilliar's European Energy and Infrastructure Group because that's not suspicious at all.

The Mystery of Biden's New Boat Anchor Shoes Has Been Solved, and It's Worse Than Speculated.  [Scroll down]  The President of the United States has to wear giant-soled tennis shoes just to walk across the grass to board a helicopter.  He's wearing them with suits, not workout clothes.  During Inside Edition's report, they mention that the shoes are designed for "maximum stability."  That's true, which speaks to just how bad things have gotten for Biden.  If he were wearing them when he walked around his Delaware property, no one would bat an eye.  The fact that he's having to wear these things in formal situations hits differently, though.  The country is now at the place where it's current president can't walk properly without special shoes.  What's next?  A cane?

Biden's cyber-mess flying under the radar.  The [State of the Union] speech itself was a clinic in Beltway gaslighting, with Biden making a number of questionable to outright dishonest claims related to job growth, inflation, and so many other issues of concern to Americans.  On job growth, Biden's claim to have created "15 million new jobs" in three years fails to acknowledge the fact that about 12 million of those jobs can and should be classified as post-COVID "Return-to-Work" jobs that were actually created by his predecessor, President Donald Trump.  On the topic of inflation, Biden actually told the joint session of Congress that the United States had achieved the "lowest in the world."  But in reality, the United States is experiencing higher inflation than a number of industrialized nations and new reports show that the rate has actually ticked upward.  Despite all the misleading chest-pounding during the address, one major issue that President Biden mostly stayed away from was America's crumbling cybersecurity infrastructure.

Jill Biden Is an Absolute Disgrace.  Jill, who insists on being call "Dr. Jill" because that's what people lacking real accomplishments do, stands idly by as her husband is abused by handlers because she loves the trappings of the White House.  An argument could be made that she's simply too stupid to notice what's happening, and that is possible, but it's unlikely.  She sees him up close, and has for years.  Joe has always been stupid, but the senility is new.  It would be harder to miss than all of his groping, grabbing, nibbling, sniffing, rubbing and sexually assaulting over the years, all of which (except the last one) were regularly done in public.  Jill didn't care.  Jill doesn't care.

Hunter Biden witness may be self-serving but his China cover-up info is accurate.  Fugitive Gal Luft, the "missing witness" from the Biden corruption investigation, has made fresh allegations about the president's family's China connections in an exclusive 50-page expose obtained by The [New York] Post.  The former Israel Defense Force lieutenant colonel, who worked with the same Chinese energy company, CEFC, that paid Hunter and Jim Biden more than $8 million, skipped bail in Cyprus last year after being charged with attempted gun-running, acting as a foreign agent for China and lying to the FBI.  While his attacks on federal prosecutors clearly are self-serving, his disclosures so far have proven accurate, and his ongoing conversations with former employees of CEFC while on the run have produced new information about how influential Americans on both sides of the aisle in Washington were recruited to serve China's imperialist Belt and Road Initiative.  Hunter Biden, "the true sheikh of Washington," as one of his partners dubbed him, wasn't the only VIP cultivated by CEFC's enigmatic billionaire chairman Ye Jianming, who sprinkled expensive diamonds around Washington like candy.

The Biden Transcripts:  Confusion, Evasion, and Outright Lies.  The transcripts of President Biden's interviews with Special Counsel Robert Hur have been released in anticipation of Hur's testimony today before the House Judiciary Committee.  The interviews cover two days:  October 8, 2023 and the October 9, 2023.  And already, the media has seized upon a line of attack against Hur: that Biden wasn't confused about the year of his son's death, that Biden was lucid and clear and that Hur misrepresented Biden's statements and his state of mind.  But that isn't the truth.  The transcripts, in fact, show Biden struggling with basic facts.  The year his son Beau died.  The year he left office.  The year Trump was elected.  Here's a short excerpt illustrating all these issues: [...] In a span of two pages of transcripts, Biden finds himself forgetting key dates and needing the assistance of his lawyers to make it through the interview.  But that's not the only example.

Hunter Biden's federal gun trial set for June 3: President's son faces up to 25 years in prison.  A federal judge ruled that Hunter Biden will face a trial on federal gun charges on June 3 in Delaware.  The president's son, 54, has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges related to him lying about his drug use when purchasing a gun in 2018. He faces up to 25 years in prison if he is convicted after the trial that could last up to nine days.  His gun trial on June 3 comes immediately for a separate trial in a case brought by Special Counsel David Weiss on nine tax charges set for June 20 in California.

The Editor says...
Hunter Biden will never go to prison, for one reason or another.  Joe Biden certainly won't.  Neither will Hillary Clinton.  Neither will Anthony Fauci.

Special Counsel confirms president wanted to keep documents for 'pride and money'.  Former special counsel Robert Hur revealed in Capitol Hill testimony that Biden 'willfully' retained classified materials as a private citizen and gave them to Mark Zwonitzer — the ghost writer of his $8 million book — who later tried to destroy them.  Hur arrived on Capitol Hill to offer insight into his devastating classified documents report that painted Biden as 'elderly' and 'forgetful' and with 'diminished faculties,' but did not recommend charges for the president.  He pushed back on Democrats who claimed his report cleared Biden of any wrongdoing, saying it 'did not exonerate' the president.

Hur Transcript Released:  Things Just Got a Lot Worse for Joe Biden.  Last month, the Hur report found that Joe Biden willfully retained, mishandled, and disclosed classified information but determined that he was essentially too senile to stand trial.  According to the report, Biden struggled to remember details, and he couldn't remember when his son Beau died.  Joe Biden angrily defended his memory in his unplanned address and attacked Special Counsel Robert Hur for bringing up Beau during his interview during the investigation, which managed to make things worse for him. [...] Joe Biden didn't even remember what year Donald Trump was elected president.  Two people then jumped in to correct Biden by saying it was 2016.

Democrats Are Seething After Robert Hur's Testimony, and the Highlights Are Brutal for Joe Biden.  Congressional testimonies often don't live up to the hype, but Robert Hur's trip to Capitol Hill on Tuesday was everything Republicans were hoping it would be.  The now-former special counsel was in charge of investigating Joe Biden's theft and mishandling of classified documents, some of which were found unsecured in his garage.  That led to a report from Hur that was lambasted by Democrats for supposedly overstepping its bounds.  What was the issue?  It included ample evidence of the current president's senility, including significant memory loss.  But if Democrats were hoping to beat back some of the narratives produced by Hur's accurate portrayal of the facts, they quickly found out he wasn't there to play along with their gambit.

Turley: Democrats 'Bordered on Delusional' While Questioning Special Counsel Hur.  Special Counsel Robert Hur's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday on his report about Joe Biden's willful retention of classified documents and other sensitive material lived up to the "pre-game" hype that many expected.  While Republicans continued to stress the two-tiered justice system in the case of Biden's classified documents vs. those of Donald Trump, Democrats continually tried to put words in Hur's mouth that neither he nor his report said.  So how bad were the Democrats?  George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said the Democrats' questioning of Hur "seemed almost to border on the delusional."

'I did not exonerate him': Robert Hur sets Dem rep straight on conclusion of report.  Special counsel Robert Hur corrected Democratic Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal at a Tuesday hearing when she said his report exonerated President Joe Biden for his handling of classified documents.  Hur issued his report in February on Biden's handling of classified documents, deciding not to pursue charges against the president because he would be unlikely to get a conviction.  Jayapal asserted Hur's report exonerated Biden, but the special counsel disputed her statement.  [Video clip]  "This lengthy, expensive, and independent investigation resulted in a complete exoneration of President Joe Biden," Jayapal said.  "For every document you discussed in your report, you found insufficient evidence that the president violated any laws about possession or retention of classified materials."  "[Exoneration] is not a word that I used in the report," Hur asserted.  "And that's not part of my task as a prosecutor."  Jayapal talked over Hur as he elaborated on his answer.  "You exonerated him," she said.  "I did not exonerate him," Hur responded.  "That word does not appear in the report, congresswoman."

Byron Donalds Explains the Most Convincing Pieces of Evidence Showing Biden Family Influence-Peddling.  Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) appeared on "Sunday Morning Futures" with Maria Bartiromo to explain the most serious evidence against the Biden Crime Family and their attempts to profit off Joe Biden's name and official position.  [Transcript]  He also spoke about the two-tiered justice system in today's America, where Biden got a free pass despite having piles of classified documents in his garage and other locations:  [Tweet]

An Aging Puppet.  While not all dementia or Alzheimer's patients show increased aggression or angry behavior, many of them do.  They may curse, hurl insults, or yell at you.  Short of losing their sanity, the caregiver becomes a kind of expert diplomat, taking note of triggers that might warn of the coming combative behavior.  Sometimes there are no clues, just rage. [...] We also watched in disbelief as the executive branch attacked the judicial branch, with President Biden "having an invective against the Supreme Court justices" sitting directly in front of him in the chamber.  I've never seen anything like it; it was like watching someone sucker-punch the Constitution.  Meanwhile, the mainstream media was declaring that the president "delivered perhaps the best speech of his life last night; he may have also changed the race itself."  I agree he changed the race all right, but not the way they're thinking.

The White House Tried to Remove Mentions of Biden's Poor Memory from the Hur Report.  Special Counsel Robert Hur is expected to testify before congress tomorrow, the first time he will have spoken publicly since the release of his report.  In anticipation of that moment, the Washington Post published a lengthy story about tensions between the White House and the Justice Department.  The gist of the article is simple.  The White House is angry about the Hur report's discussion of Joe Biden's poor memory and also about the ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden.  Naturally all of these complaints come from unnamed White House sources.  It doesn't matter, because they are offering the same tired talking points you've heard many times before.  What I found far more interesting was the list of ways in which the White House had tried and failed to change the report before it was made public.  When the White House first got the finished reported they asked Hur to remove references to Biden's memory.  Hur refused:  [...]

The State of the President.  It was inevitable that the corporate media would applaud President Biden's State of the Union address if he had the vitality to stand upright for two hours and the vision to read a teleprompter.  For ordinary voters who aren't paid to praise him, Biden's performance last Thursday night probably confirmed many of their fears about leaving him in office for another term.  This, for example, is how he described the current state of our domestic politics:  "Not since President Lincoln and the Civil War have freedom and democracy been under assault here at home as they are today."  If your uncle said that during a family dinner everyone would agree that another trip to rehab was in order.  Biden's speech was full of similarly crazy claims.  Predictably, he brought up the fabled Jan. 6 riot and claimed, "Insurrectionists stormed this very Capitol and placed a dagger at the throat of American democracy."  Never mind that no one involved was ever charged with insurrection.  Ignore the polls showing that most Americans saw the event simply as "a protest that went too far."

They won't replace Biden.  The good news is that after his SOTU, it appears Biden is solidly on the ticket for 2024.  Breitbart reports that "President Joe Biden's reelection campaign raised a record-breaking $10 million in the day following his State of the Union speech on Thursday, his team told NBC News."  Many have posited that due to his unpopularity and failing in the polls, he would likely be replaced this year by Newsom, Whitmer, or even Michelle Obama.  If that happened, we'd have more to worry about against a candidate that might just be electable by even moderate Democrat standards.  However, with this kind of "record-breaking" fundraising just based on his SOTU performance, those prospects are getting dimmer.

Special Counsel Dave Weiss Hits Back at Hunter Biden, Accuses Him of Lying to the Court.  Special Counsel Dave Weiss accused Hunter Biden of lying to the Court in a reply to his motion to dismiss his charges in California.  The Justice Department in December filed new criminal charges against Hunter Biden.  Hunter Biden was hit with a 9-count indictment filed in the Central District of California:  Tax evasion, failure to file/pay taxes, and false/fraudulent tax return.  The new indictment was handed down by Special Counsel David Weiss after a sweetheart plea deal on tax charges fell apart over the summer.

Joe Biden Marks Ramadan with Sympathies for Muslims and Their 'Immense Pain'.  President Joe Biden marked the beginning of Ramadan by issuing a statement recognizing the "moment of immense pain" for many Muslim Americans while affirming his efforts to deliver humanitarian aid into Gaza.  Biden, who says he is pushing to establish a truce in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, wrote in the statement Sunday evening:  ["]Tonight — as the new crescent moon marks the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan — Jill and I extend our best wishes and prayers to Muslims across our country and around the world.  The sacred month is a time for reflection and renewal.  This year, it comes at a moment of immense pain.  The war in Gaza has inflicted terrible suffering on the Palestinian people.["]

Obama's Biden Conundrum.  By March 20, 2024, Donald Trump will have amassed sufficient Republican delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination.  On the same date, Joe Biden will have accumulated the delegates required to secure the Democrat nomination.  Thirty-three weeks before the election, the nominating process will theoretically be concluded.  However, Joe Biden will be the oldest presidential nominee in American history (he will be 82 in November) and suffering from noticeably accelerating mental and physical disabilities.  If over the next seven months he were to die, or have a debilitating stroke or, in a far more likely scenario, is forced by the party hierarchy (i.e., Barack Obama) to drop out of the race due to his age, escalating infirmities and persistent unpopularity, the process to replace him is relatively straightforward.  The only considerations will be when Biden exits the race and the timeframe necessary to print ballots.  However, choosing someone to replace him is a potential minefield only Barack Obama can navigate.

Does a Bellicose Biden want War?  Joe opened his remarks firing shots across Putin's bow and the bows of homegrown deplorables — you know, the rabble of rural Whites who dare own bibles and guns, and Christian "nationalists," who share the founders' awful conviction that our rights derive from God, not man.  Flippin' insurrectionists, man!  Biden's rhetoric was part — but only part — gamesmanship.  His handlers need to rev-up chunks of the party's base, including spouseless females, while luring back menopausal suburban women.  After eight years of hysterics and hate, rank-in-file hysterics and haters are a tad exhausted.  They aren't showing enough intensity about old Joe's reelection bid.  So, time to fearmonger and rattle sabers.  For the establishment — which Democrat, Inc., is a subsidiary — enemies are foreign and domestic, Putin and flyover denizens.  Put those together and Joe sounded like elites hanker for more than war.  They hanker for Armageddon — if all else fails.

Special Counsel Robert Hur Is No Longer a DOJ Employee, Will Testify Before Congress As a Private Citizen.  There are multiple reports Monday night that Special Counsel Robert Hur, who investigated Joe Biden's handling of classified documents, is no longer a Department of Justice employee and will be testifying at a House Judiciary Committee hearing as a private citizen.  The Independent, known as a reliable lefty rag, published a story based on anonymous sources claiming that Hur "arranged his departure from the Department of Justice to be official as of Monday 11 March," specifically so he would not be "bound by the ethical guidelines which govern the behaviour of federal prosecutors" when testifying.  According to the story, Hur has also "surrounded himself with Republican partisans and notorious figures linked to former president Donald Trump" in preparation for the testimony.

Transcript from documents probe contradicts Biden's account of exchange with Hur over son's death.  A transcript of President Joe Biden's interview with the special counsel who investigated his handling of classified information contradicts the president's characterization of an exchange about the death of his son, Beau Biden, from brain cancer.  "There's even a reference that I don't remember when my son died," a visibly irate Biden told reporters hours after special counsel Robert Hur's report was made public last month.  "How [...] dare he raise that?  Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself:  It wasn't any of their [...] business."  But according to an ABC News review of the transcript, it was Biden, not Hur, who first invoked his son's death — and the president indeed struggled to recall the exact year it occurred.

The moral failure of Biden's State of the Union address.  In an age in which partisanship is greater than ever, opinions about the quality of the annual report by the president to the Congress — mandated by the U.S. Constitution — depends entirely on whether the listener shares the party affiliation of the person who lives in the White House.  That means that Democrats regarded President Joe Biden's State of the Union address as feisty, truthful and showed that he was not too old to serve and exactly what the country needed to hear.  Republicans thought of it as angry, divisive, full of lies and wondered whether the 81-year-old had relied on some artificial help to get through the evening while speaking at a speed that was oddly faster than his usual pace.

Why would anyone vote for Biden?  Let's look at some of the damage he has done since he took the oath of office on January 20, 2021.  He dismantled the border security policies that President Trump put in place and ended the border wall construction.  We now have about 9 million more illegal aliens disseminated across our country.  We haven't even begun to feel the existential pain of that invasion.  Under Trump's leadership, in 2018, the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world's largest producer of crude oil.  On Biden's first day in office, he shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, eliminating 11,000 well-paying jobs, and handed energy supremacy to our foreign enemies. [...] If Biden were the CEO of a major company and had drastically reduced the establishment's position in the corporate world, not only would he not have the audacity to expect re-election, but he'd certainly be given the boot before he could do any more harm.

Need More Proof Biden Was Drugged for the State of the Union?  A great deal hinged on Joe Biden's performance during Thursday evening's State of the Union address.  The White House knew more than anything that Biden had to dispel concerns regarding his age and cognitive decline. [...] One expert says that Biden's performance featured the telltale signs of being medicated.  Dr. Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist specializing in elderly dementia patients, pointed out that Biden's increased speed and volume during the address, contrary to his usual slow and stumbling demeanor, could be indicative of stimulant usage, potentially Adderall or another amphetamine.  "[Adderall]'s given to focus someone's attention so if you give it to someone who is not focused and give it to them ahead of a big event like the State of the Union, it will improve their focus," Lieberman told the Washington Times.  "But it's treating the symptoms rather than boosting the brain and it's addictive so it's dangerous."  As compelling and convincing as Lieberman's theory is, there's actually more evidence Biden was not his usual self during the State of the Union.

The Fate of the Union.  The Kid from Scranton's most memorably mendacious line got front-loaded, so as not to be lost on the watching millions already nauseated by "JB's" pre-speech triumphal journey from the entrance down the aisle through the mob of his elected admirers clamoring for selfies:  "Not since President Lincoln and the Civil War have freedom and democracy been under assault here at home as they are today," the president squawked.  True dat.  The part he left out was that said assault emanates entirely from the very government he pretends to head.

Joe Biden and the war on truth.  I had been told that Joe Biden, the president of the United States, would be delivering the 2024 State of the Union Address on Thursday, March 7.  As it happened, he didn't.  Instead, he indulged in a surreal, medically enhanced species of primal scream therapy.  This was laced with liberal dollops of what Freudians call "projection," accusing his political opponents of stifling democracy when everyone outside the orbit of the state propaganda machine knows that the surveillance apparatus over which Biden presides — ex officio, at least — is a self-perpetuating machine for extinguishing democracy and its prime nutrient, frank commitment to the truth.  It was a truly bizarre performance in which the angry, semi-coherent maunderings of an angry old man again and again collided with the irrefragable wall of mundane, historical fact.  The collision was dissonant.  The compliant, poodle media obviously got the memo that the speech was to be described as "fiery."  I hope that the PR genius who came up with that adjective as a synonym for "partisan incontinent hectoring" gets a bonus.  He deserves one.  But the rest of the world was appalled by the spectacle.

An AI-generated speech shouted at the teleprompter by an angry old man on amphetamines.  This week was the ridiculous annual spectacle where the president is supposed to tell us the state of our so-called union, as if we don't already know.  That's a particularly appropriate topic for the current president who was elected on the promise that he would be a "uniter, not divider" who would bring normalcy and decency back to the office. [...] Given that, forget about the state of the union.  Consider the state of the presidency.  When the main mission of the most important speech of the president's long career is to show he's not asleep, his state is not good.  He did accomplish that limited mission of showing he wasn't asleep.  The guy shouted at the teleprompter for over an hour.  He wasn't just sleep-talking, and it wasn't just the meds doing the talking.  No, he was sincerely angry at that teleprompter.  And very clearly woke.  High as a kite, but woke.  Highly woke, and wickedly, wokedly high.  His anger at the teleprompter was a natural consequence of the years of miscommunications between the two.  The teleprompter tells him to say something, and he often says something quite different.

Joe Biden's Upper Wears Off, Leading to an Absolutely Disastrous Appearance in PA.  Many have speculated that Joe Biden was hopped up on something during Thursday's State of the Union.  Whatever stimulation he received before taking the podium, it wasn't enough to stop him from calling Laken Riley by the wrong name and proclaiming that women have "electrical power," among other flubs.  Somehow, things managed to get much worse on Friday.  After an ill-advised impromptu presser on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews, the president traveled to Pennsylvania for a campaign rally.  Let's just say the upper wore off, leading to perhaps his most senile speech yet.  [Tweet with video clip]  Watching that, all I can do is let out a long, slow sigh.  This guy is the President of the United States, and he doesn't even know what office he's running for.

Was Biden Drugged for the State of the Union?  One Expert Thinks So.  Joe Biden's fiery but mostly peaceful State of the Union address prompted many to suggest that he had been drugged before the speech to ensure an energetic performance.  I don't doubt that many wags made those comments in jest, but it may actually be the truth.  A psychiatrist who specializes in elderly dementia patients told the Washington Times that Biden displayed behaviors indicative of stimulant usage to conceal cognitive decline during his State of the Union address on Thursday.  While Democrats were rushing to claim that his performance proved that he was physically and mentally capable of handling the presidency, Dr. Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist based in Beverly Hills, Calif., noted that Biden's speed and volume during the speech could have been a sign that he was on Adderall or another amphetamine.  "If you look at how Joe Biden usually is — slow and stumbling — compared to how he was during the State of the Union — fiery and angry — these are signs that are typical for someone taking Adderall or any amphetamine," Lieberman told the paper.

Biden's SOTU address was, quite simply, horrible.  Joe Biden's State of the Union ("SOTU") was unlike anything I've seen before, and I started watching these speeches in the mid-1980s.  No president has ever been so maniacally wired, periodically incoherent, or viciously angry.  That was style.  The substance was worse.  Biden opened by calling Trump a Nazi, shifted to Ukraine, promised to stamp out "insurrections," and attacked Republicans — and then ended by calling for non-partisanship and comity.  Throughout it all, he lied and then lied some more.  This was a Dark Brandon campaign speech, not an SOTU.  If you didn't watch Biden's SOTU, count yourself lucky.  It was a deeply disturbing experience. [...] Joe Biden was an angry Grandpa Simpson, with the volume cranked up and the speed out of control.  This was the kind of guy who, in a rage, would readily push the red button.  That alone was unnerving, demonstrating that we have a maniac in office — and, worse, his rage is against the American people.  Biden didn't open by speaking to Americans about our wonderful country.  He began by saying that America is facing a dystopian moment because Donald Trump is effectively Hitler, a point he returned to in an ad-lib during the speech.

Why Can't Joe Biden Understand the Difference Between Leadership and Anger and Yelling?  During more than three years of his presidency, Joe Biden has become known as much for his bursts of anger and yelling as for his serial lying and concocting mumbling words that make zero sense. [...] There's a strong possibility that Biden can't help it.  Or that he now thinks his anger and yelling demonstrate leadership.  They don't.  While I'm neither excusing nor justifying Biden's SOTU behavior, I'm suggesting that he convincingly demonstrated on Thursday that he suffers from dementia.

Biden Lied 30 Times During The State Of The Union.  President Biden has been known to tell some pretty outrageous lies throughout his political career.  So, it came as no surprise when Ol' Sleepy Joe spewed out more than a few whoppers during his State of the Union address on Thursday.  From foreign policy to the economy, there was almost no subject in which the president didn't lie to the American people.  In case you missed his dumpster fire speech, here's the definitive list of Biden's biggest SOTU falsehoods.

Response to Biden's State of the Union Address:  His Worst Speech Ever?  Biden, who was almost a half hour late, forgot to allow the Speaker of the House to introduce him, as is customary. [...] Had he been reminded (instructed?) to allow the speaker to introduce him?  If not, why not?  Or did he simply forget?  It was an inauspicious beginning to a dreadful speech. [...] How was Biden supposed to show that he was not the failing old man, slurring his words, and falling upstairs that people have seen on television now for months on end?  To put it otherwise, what do you do to look normal when you're not normal?  You compensate.  But in doing so, there is a danger that you overcompensate.  And that's just what Biden did last night.  Biden was strident for almost the entire speech, with an occasional whisper (as is his custom). He sounded like an angry old man, yelling at people he didn't like, telling them to get off his lawn or keep their dirty hands off his 1967 Chevrolet Corvette.  It's okay, when giving a speech, to raise your voice occasionally, to make a point, or to scold those who are evil.  But to shout for an entire speech is not just weird; it has precisely the opposite effect of the one that Biden's team must have intended.  Biden came across, not as a strong, determined leader, but as a grumpy old man.  And that, sadly, is perhaps what Joe Biden has become.

Tucker Carlson Reacts to Joe Biden Shouting Incoherent Gibberish at the State of the Union.  There really isn't much you can say about what was witnessed last night in the People's House.  Joe Biden shouting at America for an hour while muttering something about snickers bars, snack food and the need to send billions of dollars to Ukraine was essentially the gist.  Following one of the most incoherent teleprompter reads in the history of presidential politics, one can only imagine how Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin were briefed on what took place in Washington DC at 9:00pm.  Suffice to say, no sleep was lost amid the global community of leaders who smile as the USA influence collapses.  What was even more goofy, was the pretending amid the corporate media that Joe Biden said stuff that was discernable and/or potentially fitting the office of the executive.  The various news agencies each described the color of the emperor's new coat as if it actually existed.

This was a terrible speech terribly delivered.  It's a good thing no drug test was required before the address.  Biden sounded hopped up.  He spoke too fast.  He slurred his words.  He was frequently difficult to understand.  He shouted a variety of clichés and shibboleths as though we might otherwise miss their depth and meaning.  The disparity between the shibboleths and the shouting was almost funny.  Biden sounded like a 45 rpm record playing at 78.  It was an old record — it had scratches at several places that caused it to skip the groove.

Biden's Handlers Really Overshot His SOTU Uppers Dosage.  [Scroll down]  Biden's chronic slurring doesn't become any more intelligible with amplification.  While it's true that absurdism is integral to my brand of political opinion writing, I never wander far from the truth.  Some people may think I'm talking about "uppers" simply because I like to be merciless when writing about Joe Biden.  I would remind everyone that I am an entertainer from the 1980s, so I have more than a passing familiarity with what people on high-end stimulants look and act like.  POTUS was straight-up wired last night.  Squinting, angry, and loud Teleprompter Biden will no doubt be met with rave reviews from the usual suspects for this SOTU speech.  An old man yelling might not have the appeal out in the hinterlands that they think it will, however.  Older people who are losing it upstairs get angry and yell a lot, too, after all.  This is a limited-use strategy for Biden's puppet masters, of course.  He's probably going to be napping until Easter.

Joe Biden's State of the Union Was the Most Unhinged and Angry in History.  In completely unsurprising fashion, Joe Biden arrived 20 minutes late for his own State of the Union on Thursday.  Once he finally took the podium, it became clear that he shouldn't have shown up at all.  Perhaps it was a screw-up on the dosage by his drug cocktail team, but Biden spent the first half hour of the speech screaming uncontrollably, while intermittently coughing and slurring his words.  It was surreal and by far, the most unhinged and angriest State of the Union in history.  There will no doubt be headlines proclaiming otherwise, and they will be false.  [Tweet with video clip]  There were also plenty of instances of the president's senility showing through.  In the early part of the speech, Biden brought up January 6th and proceeded to completely flub two of his big zingers.  [Two tweets with video clips]  The president then threatened the Supreme Court, albeit in the most mentally deficient way possible, shouting that "women are not without electrical power."  [Tweet with video clip]

Biden took a recovering economy and intentionally wrecked it.
Biden Falsely Says He Inherited An Economy on Brink of Collapse.  Claim:  Biden claimed that the U.S. economy was on the brink of disaster when he took office.  "I inherited an economy that was on the brink.  Now our economy is the envy of the world!" Biden said.  Verdict:  False.  President Biden inherited an economy that was strongly rebounding from the pandemic.  In the fourth quarter of 2020, the economy grew at an annual rate of 4.3 percent.  In the prior quarter, it had grown at an annual rate of 33.1 percent, as the economy whipsawed from lockdown to reopening.  As Biden took office, in the first quarter of 2021, the economy was growing at a 5.2 percent annual rate.  (Until the Department of Commerce revised its calculations last fall, this was reported as an annual rate of 6.3 percent.)

Biden makes it clear whose side he's on.
Biden to announce US military-led mission to build port on Gaza coast to boost aid.  President Biden will announce during his State of the Union address Thursday that he's directing the U.S. military to lead the construction of a port along the coast of Gaza on the Mediterranean Sea to boost the amount of aid getting to Palestinian civilians.  "We know the aid flowing into Gaza is nowhere near enough and nowhere near fast enough.  The president will make clear again this evening that we all need to do more, and the United States is doing more," a senior administration official said on a call with reporters.  The port would be able to receive large ships that can bring in food, water, medicine and other supplies into Gaza, which has been under fire for months as Israeli forces carry out shellings and military operations in response to Hamas's attacks last October.

DOJ Freaked Out After Matt Gaetz Brought Up Hunter's Laptop During Hearing.  Employees at the Department of Justice (DOJ) sent an email in March 2022 regarding Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz's line of questioning to the assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI's) cyber division about Hunter Biden's laptop, according to documents uploaded by the DOJ.  During the March 2022 hearing, Gaetz entered Hunter Biden's laptop into the Congressional record and pressed the FBI on the location of Hunter Biden's laptop, to which he did not get an answer.  Gaetz also asked if the Biden family had been compromised and if anyone at the FBI knew where the laptop was located.

Biden's biggest SOTU obstacles.  The obstacle course facing President Biden this week during Thursday's belated State of the Union address presents a formidable challenge.  It may prove difficult for the 81-year-old president to navigate.  Expectations could not be lower.  Biden faces the usual challenges of exaggerating his paltry policy wins, justifying his substantial missteps and attacking his political opponents.  But those questions may be overshadowed by more basic ones.  Can he make it from start to finish gaffe-free?  Will we be able to understand his words?  Will this be one of the shortest addresses ever?  Will he even be able to find his way off the stage?

The Editor says...
Will he arrive 45 minutes late?  Will he trip and fall on his way into the room?  Will he drift onto an anecdotal rabbit trail?  Will he recount an episode in his life that obviously didn't happen?  Will he be able to read the teleprompter with his eyes fully dilated?  Will he divulge something he's not supposed to mention?  Or will he stop in mid-sentence to stare into space; and if that happens, how many seconds will elapse before somebody intervenes?

Confused-looking Biden says he'll 'get in trouble' for answering reporters' questions.  A confused-looking President Biden once again admitted he'd get in "trouble" for taking questions at a press briefing Tuesday — just hours after his press secretary staunchly defended his mental acuity.  The 81-year-old commander-in-chief started uttering the familiar yet bewildering refrain before he even lifted the microphone off the table at the launch of a task force aimed at lowering costs for American families.  "I have a lot of questions.  I better not start the questions.  I'll get in trouble," Biden mumbled, garnering a few laughs from the audience.  He delivered a ragged exhale into the mic before placing it back down and stared blankly ahead with his mouth agape, ignoring some of the reporters' last-ditch attempts to squeeze in a final question as they were leaving.

The Editor says...
Not only is this man hopelessly senile, he doesn't understand who he is.  He doesn't understand that he is in charge, otherwise he wouldn't say such things.  On the other hand, maybe he understands that somebody else is in charge, and it's someone whose scolding castigation Mr. Biden genuinely dreads.

Is the Establishment Trying to Push Biden Out?  There's much evidence to support the argument that Obama's people are working hard to push Biden out of the race.  That's because Obama's people are doing their best to push Biden out of the race.  David Axelrod has been sounding the alarm about Biden's electoral prospects for months, and he hasn't been alone in the effort. [...] It's not that Trump has suddenly gotten popular with voters; the fact is that voters doubt that Biden is up to being President.  In other words, this election is about Joe Biden, when the Biden camp wants all the focus to be on Donald Trump.  That is one of many reasons that all these legal attacks are coming in 2024, not 2021.  They want people focused on all things Trump.  That strategy is failing miserably, as is typical in Biden's strategies.

Obama's Third Term — Going For Four.  The United States of America has become the laughingstock of the world, with Joe Biden playing the role of our "president" in this macabre stage production put on by the Luciferian Globalists.  Indeed, one foreign news agency recently ran a headline referring to Biden as "President Mumblebub."  He's taken a lot of criticism for his actions — and inactions — as the so-called "leader" of the free world.  Since he took office, we've seen record-breaking deficit spending, a collapse of our nation's infrastructure, the destruction of our major cities, record homelessness and drug use, the abandonment of our national borders — not to mention the highly-orchestrated and brilliantly-executed invasion of our nation by foreign enemies.  Over the past three years, we've also endured the "transgendering' of our military, the weaponization of our so-called "justice system," the persecution of political opponents, and unbridled government tyranny. Some say Biden is incompetent, and I would have to agree.  The fact that Biden is suffering from dementia is obvious, as he garbles his words when speaking, cannot remember how or when his son, Beau, died, cannot remember the names of countries or world leaders, and shakes hands with the air as he wanders around the stage after speaking, until one of his handlers gathers him up and leads him away.

Hunter Biden's Chinese legal 'client' threatens to sue unless first son pays back $1 million.  Hunter Biden was paid $1 million by Chinese firm CEFC to act as attorney for its employee, Dr. Patrick Ho, but now Ho is threatening to sue the first son within seven days unless he gets the money back — because he claims Hunter did no legal work for him.  Ho sent a legal letter to Hunter last week requesting that their attorney-client agreement be terminated immediately and threatening legal action unless he receives a detailed list of services provided by Hunter and reimbursement for the unused funds, as laid out in the 2017 contract.  Ho's letter, sent by Hong Kong law firm Huen & Partners to Hunter's attorney Abbe Lowell in Washington, DC, set a deadline of seven days for the repayment of any remaining funds.  "Patrick says he paid him, and that Hunter never did anything for him," a friend of Ho's told The [New York] Post, "and that according to the contract, the money should be reimbursed."

Biden Business Associate Jason Galanis Says Hunter Used Joe To Get Deals 'Across The Finish Line'.  Former Biden family business associate Jason Galanis told lawmakers last month that Joe Biden was used repeatedly to get deals "across the finish line."  On Monday, the House Oversight Committee released the transcript of lawmakers' interview with Jason Galanis, who was a colleague of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer between 2012 and 2015.  Their goal, Galanis said, "was to make billions, not millions."  Access to Vice President Biden, according to House testimony, was one of their primary products sold to foreign businessmen.  "Our business included the acquisition of an 85-year-old Wall Street firm, Burnham and Company, the $1.5 billion surviving division of Drexel, Burnham, Lambert, and, combining that with other businesses in insurance and wealth management we owned and acquired," Galanis explained. "Burnham was the focal point for integrating a, quote, Biden family office into a large-scale financial company with international influence."  Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, Galanis said, relied on Biden, then vice president, to grow their business.

Funk & Wagnall's, 1964
Funk & Wagnall's Standard Dictionary of the English Language,
1964 International Edition, Volume One, page 548.

How To Destroy the American Legal System.  By either listening to testimonies or reading transcripts of the various 2024 Trump election-related court cases and testimonies, what we are left with is an epidemic of lies.  [For example,] Hunter Biden's current testimonies are contradicted by his own text messages, bank records, phone records, and testimonies of some of his associates.  Anytime he is trapped in inconsistencies, he falls back on his addiction.  Translated, that means we are sometimes supposed to believe he is a Yale-trained lawyer, experienced corporate grandee, and skilled negotiator, and thus carefully avoided involving his father in the family's various schemes.  And then again, sometimes when the evidence is damning and overwhelming, he simply cannot remember, or claims he was addled at the time in question due to his medical "addiction".

Chinese Doctor Who Paid Hunter Biden a Million Dollars for 'Legal Services' Wants Refund.  Remember that guy Hunter Biden referred to [...] on a recording in 2018?  That guy was Dr. Patrick Ho, although it's not clear exactly what his role with China was.  According to Ho, CEFC paid Hunter Biden a million dollars to act as his attorney back in 2017.  But now according to a new report, Ho just sent a legal letter to Hunter threatening to sue him if he doesn't give the money back, because Ho says he didn't get any legal work for the money.

Impeachment Bombshell:  James Biden Confirms that Joe Biden Received $40K From China.  During his testimony in the impeachment inquiry, James Biden admitted that a Chinese government-linked company, CEFC China Energy, funded a $40,000 check that went to Joe Biden in 2017.  James Biden claimed that he did not believe that CEFC China Energy was under the control of the CCP.  He clarified, stating, "I just misspoke" about a previous statement he made during a 2022 IRS interview.  In that interview, James had indicated that his nephew Hunter was collaborating with him and had characterized CEFC chairman Ye Jianming as a "protégé" of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Biden New Comments on Meeting With Hunter Associates Are Incredible, Given Testimony of Hunter, Others.  Joe Biden was heading out to Marine One to go to Camp David on Friday afternoon for yet another vacation.  It also looked like he had other family members going with him.  But Biden can't seem to tell the truth or keep his stories straight from one minute to the next, when it comes to the question of him and his son Hunter's business partners.  For years, he has told us he never spoke to his son about his business.  Then when the pictures of Joe meeting with Hunter's various business associates started dropping and some told their stories, Joe Biden's story was finally adjusted to him saying that he never was "in business" with his son.  It was a big shift that they pretended had always been his position, in an Orwellian spin.  Hunter Biden gave his deposition behind closed doors on Thursday, and the transcript [ws published] on Friday.  Among the things that Hunter admitted was that Joe Biden had dined with some of Hunter's associates at the Cafe Milano.  There are also pictures of Joe Biden with some of those associates.

Hunter admits Joe Biden's the 'big guy' at long last — but we knew all along.  For years, Hunter Biden and his associates have denied that the "big guy" mentioned in an email about one of the first son's shady deals was Joe Biden, yet now Hunter's admitted it in a congressional deposition — amid whining and crying about the political persecution he's experiencing.  Yes, he's tried to wave it away, claiming that the email from business partner James Gilliar proposing a 10% stake for Joe was merely a "pie-in-the-sky idea."  Yes, he's offered the lame defense that if only he had known, "I would have picked up the phone and said, 'You're out of your mind.'"

Was there ever any doubt?
After years of denials, Hunter Biden finally acknowledged Joe was 'the big guy' in $5M China deal.  At long last, first son Hunter Biden affirmed during his Wednesday impeachment inquiry deposition that his father, Joe, was "the big guy" referenced in an email about a business deal with a Chinese state-linked energy firm that yielded millions for Biden family members and other associates, more than three years after The [New York] Post broke the story — but rejected the notion that the president was ever penciled in for a 10% stake.  The deposition represents the first time the 54-year-old Hunter has admitted that his former business partner James Gilliar was referring to Joe Biden when he raised the prospect on May 13, 2017, of the first son holding a 10% stake in the lucrative joint venture involving CEFC China Energy "for the big guy."  "I truly don't know what [...] that James was talking about," the first son said when asked about the reference, according to a transcript released Thursday.

Why the Democrats Can't Replace Biden.  After the release of Special Counsel Kennth Hur's report on Joe Biden's mishandling classified documents and then the President's performance several hours later in his hastily convened press conference, a number of Democrats fleetingly expressed misgivings about the head of their party's reelection prospects next November.  Let's face it — if your Grandpa likewise raved and ranted after his memory and mental acuity had been called into question, you would seriously start to consider taking away his car keys.  Adding to the Dems electoral hyper-anxiety is the fact that the President's forgetfulness and confused ramblings won't ameliorate on the hustings over the next eight months — they can only worsen.

Biden's Stiff Gait as He Shuffles Along Desolate Stretch of Texas Border Shocks the Public.  Joe Biden arrived in Brownsville, Texas on Thursday for a drive-by photo-op border visit.  Brownsville is a desolate stretch with virtually no illegal alien invasion compared to other hot spots such as El Paso and Eagle Pass.  Trump supporters protested Biden's arrival.  [Tweet with video clip]

Biden Behind Closed Doors:  Not Without His Notecards!  On Wednesday, former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy revealed something that those who have been paying attention have known for some time:  Joe Biden has lost whatever self-possession he ever had.  Now, the president can't even manage a behind-closed-doors meeting with members of Congress without his notecards, which are prepared by... who?

Biden Announces Unannounced Hospital Visit Because He's Fine and Nothing Makes Sense Anymore.  "What's the President's health really like?" has been one of Washington's favorite inside-the-Beltway parlor games since FDR was lying to the nation — with the help of a willing press — about his visibly failing physical and mental health during his wartime 1944 reelection campaign.  With war raging in Eastern Europe, the Gaza Strip, the Red Sea, and China getting increasingly frisky across the Pacific, concerns about Increasingly Slow Joe's well-being are certainly well-founded.

The Editor says...
At least when F.D. Roosevelt was president, even though he was ill, nobody had to wonder if he was really in charge.

'No word on cognitive exam': Biden makes surprise trip to Walter Reed for alleged 'physical'.  Sparking speculation, President Joe Biden's South Lawn shuffle included an announcement for an unscheduled trip to the hospital.  Weeks after Special Counsel Robert Hur presented the state of Biden's mental faculties as a reason not to charge him for mishandling classified documents, and little more than a day since those issues manifested in a 25th Amendment resolution, the president told the press Wednesday he was headed for his annual physical.  With a to-go cup in one hand, the octogenarian marched out of the White House to meet Marine One on the South Lawn and waved to the press as he announced, "I'm going to Walter Reed to get my physical."

The Editor says...
Ordinarily, when an old man makes an unscheduled trip to a hospital in a helicopter, the prognosis is quite poor.

House Republicans Subpoena DOJ for Records of Biden's Interview with Special Counsel.  House Republicans are subpoenaing the Justice Department for records from special counsel Robert Hur's interview with President Joe Biden, conducted during Hur's investigation of the president's retention of classified documents.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R. Ky) and House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) subpoenaed the Justice Department Tuesday afternoon for interview transcripts, audio, notes and video files from Hur's interview of President Biden.  "The Committees further seek to understand whether the White House or President Biden's personal attorneys placed any limitations or scoping restrictions during the interviews with Special Counsel Hur or Mr. Mark Zwonitzer precluding or addressing any potential statements directly linking President Biden to troublesome foreign payments," the lawmakers said in a subpoena cover letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Republican Ken Buck demands Vice President Kamala Harris convene Cabinet and invoke 25th Amendment.  Anti-impeachment Republican Rep. Ken Buck is now calling for President Biden to be removed from office another way — through the 25th Amendment.  The Colorado Republican claims that Biden is not fit to serve after Special Counsel Robert Hur found the president mishandled classified documents because he is elderly and forgetful.  A resolution he introduced Monday demands Vice President Kamala Harris immediately convene the Cabinet and declare 'what is obvious to a horrified nation:  That the President is unable to successfully discharge the duties and powers of his office.'

Did Biden Just Create A Constitutional Crisis?  The Supreme Court told President Joe Biden that he didn't have the authority to forgive student loan debt.  But he did anyway, bragging that the Court "didn't stop me."  So why do we even have a legislative branch and a high court if the president is going to make law as if he were a king?  It's Biden's party, and its activist media, that has been carping for years about losing "our democracy."  Yet when a Democratic president bypasses the checks and balances that are the backbone of our republic, the three co-equal branches framework of government that is intended to guard against descending into a dictatorship, they celebrate rather than condemn.  Maybe it's because they care about the integrity of our system of government only when it's making policies they want.

Robert Hur Couldn't Determine Who Had Access to Biden's Stolen Classified Docs Because Security at Penn Biden Center Deleted All Visitor Logs From 2017-2021.  Special Counsel Robert Hur could not determine who had access to Joe Biden's stolen classified documents stored at Penn Biden Center because security deleted all the visitor logs from 2017-2021.  According to Hur, Joe Biden kept more than 600 pages of classified documents in unlocked drawers/closets at the Penn Biden Center and stored some of them in dilapidated boxes in his Delaware garage and other unsecured locations.  The FBI identified numerous folders, including many labeled "EYES ONLY VPOTUS" which contained highly classified material related to intelligence sources and methods.

Indisputable Evidence of Biden's Corruption.  Congressional investigators examining the president and his family have uncovered payments of millions of dollars from overseas entities in exchange for favorable treatment or the promise of it:  The Biden family received:  Over $3 million from Romania.  Over $8 million from China. $6.5 million from Ukraine.  Moreover, there is ample testimony under oath documenting Biden family corruption, most recently by Tony Bobulinksi, Hunter's partner:  [" ...] He points to 'stacks of evidence that Joe Biden showed up at meetings, shook hands, participated in phone calls,' including claims he was on at least 20 Hunter business calls.  Joe Biden 'was calling to demonstrate the Biden brand to whoever was in that meeting, whether it was the Ukrainians, the Romanians, the Russians, Colombians, Chinese, whoever it was.  That's all he had to do.' Mr. Bobulinski says.  'Just him being on the phone is evidence of involvement and enabling the transaction.'["]

James Biden shills for the Biden Crime Family.  Democrat/socialist/communist (D/s/c) apologists would have us believe the Biden Crime Family is entirely innocent, the victim of evil MAGA persecution. [...] Let's review:  At least nine Biden family members, including two grandchildren, have been paid from family overseas "business ventures."  None of these people had any business acumen, knowledge or services to offer foreign governments or businesses.  Hunter Biden, a drug-addled know-nothing has admitted, on camera, the foreign entities that paid him millions did so because his last name is "Biden."  None of these supposed "loans" is accompanied by any documentation.  Joe Biden has repeatedly said he never discussed business with his son, but:  ["]The National Archives and Records Administration has admitted that it is in possession of nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records and documents that potentially show President Biden using a pseudonym during his vice presidency, it was revealed on Monday.["]  Many of these were communications with Hunter.  So, there are more than 150 suspicious activity reports from banks on the Biden Family, which, including grandchildren, has made tens of millions for apparently doing nothing, and James Biden throws away a diamond.  Sounds legit to me.

Constitution? What Constitution?  We keep on being gaslit with the argument that Joe Biden is dedicated to preserving the norms and laws of our Republic, while Trump is bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic.  As with so many things argued by the Left, the opposite is the case.  When Trump overstepped his authority and was chastised by the Court, he bowed to their authority.  Biden?  He does the opposite and brags about it.  [Tweet]  Example #1 is, of course, his student loan forgiveness efforts.  Biden ran on providing student loan forgiveness, and when he assumed office, he tried to wipe away billions in this debt with the stroke of a pen.  It was a blatant overreach of his authority, and before he did it, he and other Democrats acknowledged that fact.  His actions had no legal basis, yet he did it anyway.

Special Counsel Indictment Looks Just As Bad For David Weiss As The Charged FBI Informant.  On Thursday, Special Counsel David Weiss unsealed an indictment charging a longtime confidential human source (CHS) with making false statements.  But it wasn't Christopher Steele, the CHS who threw the country into turmoil for four years by peddling the fraudulent Steele dossier.  Former CHS Stefan Halper, who helped further the Russia-collusion hoax, also wasn't the subject of the indictment.  Nor was CHS Rodney Joffe, who sought to destroy the Trump presidency with the Alfa Bank hoax.  No, it was the CHS who, on June 26, 2020, told his handler that the owner of Burisma claimed he had paid Hunter and Joe Biden each $5 million in bribes in exchange for protection from being investigated by the Ukrainian prosecutor.  Thursday's indictment revealed the name of that CHS for the first time — Alexander Smirnov — and alleged that Smirnov's aforementioned statements, which were memorialized in an FD-1023 report, were false.

James Biden Claims Joe Biden 'Never' Had Involvement in Family Business.  James Biden, President Joe Biden's brother, told the impeachment inquiry on Wednesday that Joe Biden "never had any involvement or any direct or indirect financial interest" in his business ventures.  The claim comes as House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY), a former bank board member, found in October that a $200,000 check from Americore, which allegedly defrauded Medicare, landed in Joe Biden's bank account via James Biden.

Biden's outrageous spin on his special-counsel lies could set him up for impeachment.  In his press conference following the report on his retention of classified documents, Joe Biden lashed out at special counsel Robert Hur for saying the president has such "diminished faculties," it would be difficult to criminally charge him.  One of the key and scripted moments was Biden angrily denouncing Hur for raising his son's death.  Many in the media eagerly replayed the clip the next day, calling Hur's question outrageous, callous and unprofessional.  But NBC reports it was not Hur but Biden himself who raised Beau Biden's death.  In the disastrous press conference, Biden went on the attack, [...] NBC's sources suggest this was a knowingly false claim by the president — he was the one who raised his son's death.  If true, this isn't something the White House can simply fix with a few rewrites in brackets.

Delusions, Alternate Realities, and the Biden Consortium.  Hunter Biden has a train of a dozen lawyers defending him on felony indictments ranging from several counts of tax fraud to gun violations.  From time to time, the contents of his laptop come up, both in these criminal trials and in civil suits.  The information on the laptop is, of course, incriminating and useful to various prosecutors and litigants.  Yet Hunter himself is suing the computer repairman with whom he dropped off his laptop and never retrieved — and never paid — despite signing a waiver relinquishing ownership if and when in default of payment and claim.  But the weirdest element of the Biden labyrinth of illegality is that both Hunter and his attorneys footnote their writs and statements with the inexplicable notion that the laptop is not necessarily Hunter's own — but then again, it could be.  In other words, they are not presenting evidence to show that either the photographs, texts, or emails are concocted, even while they are suing various parties for defamatory dissipation of the sort of true, sort of false contents.  Translated:  The surreal truth is that Hunter is very mad that what he did illegally in part is evidenced on his own laptop, and he wants that information either suppressed or disowned, but without perjuring himself by stating the material on his laptop is not his own — because of course it is his.

Brandon, Rotting in the (White) House.  [Scroll down]  We're also informed in recent days by the Department of Justice that "Joe Biden" is not mentally competent to answer for anything in a court of law, should someone inquire into the signal irregularities emerging from the fugitive annals of his long career.  Of course, "Joe Biden" running for reelection is one of the greatest gags ever put over on the American public.  But more astounding yet is that half the country persists in pretending to believe it.  They are egged on in every possible way by persons in high places of government fearful of going to prison if the Democratic Party loses its grip on the levers of power.  Since "Joe Biden" is not actually calling the shots, one naturally wonders who is responsible for all the dubious achievements of the past three years.  I guess we'll find out when Mr. Trump wins that election in November, an outcome increasingly guaranteed unless "Joe Biden" (or, let's face it, our Intel Community) takes the final decisive step of bumping off the Golden Golem of Greatness.  What have they got left?

Hidin' Biden [is] AWOL as America faces crisis after crisis.  A question an increasing number of voters are asking these days is a perfectly reasonable one:  Who [...] is running the country right now?  In looking at President Biden's schedule just last week alone, the answer to that basic question is as clear as New Jersey's swamps:  On Tuesday, the 81-year-old delivered brief remarks on the Senate's passage of a supplemental agreement.  When reporters attempted to ask questions afterward, Biden said he had to run but promised to take questions Wednesday or Thursday.  That never happened, of course, and not because Biden had a stacked itinerary to contend with.  But here's something more disconcerting:  The commander-in-chief received Tuesday's daily intelligence brief not in the morning but at 2:45 p.m.  Maybe he thinks our enemies like to sleep in on Tuesdays.

'The Whole Thing Was A Scam': Jim Biden Used His Powerful Brother's Name To Promote Failed Health Company.  Jim Biden frequently invoked his brother Joe Biden's name to promote a now-defunct health care company that allegedly engaged in massive Medicare fraud, according to Politico.  Jim Biden's name appeared in investor materials and internal communications alongside some of the top leaders and executives at Americore, a hospital operator that sought to reinvigorate health care in rural America, and at least three members of the Biden family did work with the company, according to Politico's investigation.  Jim Biden would frequently invoke his brother's name when pitching prospective investors in the company, which wired Jim Biden $200,000 before he transferred the same amount to Joe Biden in 2018.

Biden's brother used his name to promote a hospital chain.  Then it collapsed.  In 2017, a hospital operator set out to build a rural health care empire with the help of a Philadelphia-area consultant.  The consultant, Jim Biden, had no experience running hospitals.  But he did understand the federal government and had ties to labor unions.  Perhaps more important, he was the younger brother of Joe Biden.  The final years of the Obama administration had cemented the former vice president's towering stature in the world of health care, where he had made the fight against cancer a top federal priority and, then, a centerpiece of his legacy-building efforts.  For then 67-year-old Jim Biden, the third of four Biden siblings, his ties to his older brother made up much of his pitch as he pursued deals that could help Americore make money from drug rehab, lab testing and even cancer treatment.

Biden's Brother Reportedly Believed 'Plausible Deniability' Would Shield Family From Criticism Over Chinese Dealings.  James Biden, the president's younger brother, laughed off a suggestion that the family's Chinese business dealings could be reputationally damaging, citing "plausible deniability," according to the transcript of a closed-door testimony released Friday.  Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability that James Biden had dismissed the potential political fallout that could result from the family dealing with Chinese businessmen.  James Biden is scheduled to testify before the House Oversight Committee on Feb. 21, with members of Congress set to question him in an alleged influence-peddling scheme tied to the president.

House Republicans Learn of Bank Account Used to Funnel Money to Joe Biden.  According to Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, this newfound information is part of a growing body of evidence that could potentially prompt Congress to issue subpoenas for Joe Biden's personal bank and credit card records.  "In one of the interviews — that we haven't, I don't believe, disclosed the transcript yet — the witness made reference to an account we didn't know about.  We're researching that account," Comer said in an interview on "Just the News, No Noise."  "They also said that that account could have possibly been paid with some infusion from the grandchildren."  Comer pointed out that, if true, it would be highly usual.  "Now, I don't know about you.  But I don't know anyone in the world whose grandchildren have ever deposited money into a savings account for their elderly grandfather," Comer said.  "But now, maybe I'm wrong.  But that's something we're certainly looking into."

The Don Of The 'Biden Crime Family'.  he evidence of President Joe Biden's criminal activity continues to grow.  As has often been said, the wheels of justice grind slowly, but we'd like to see them get in gear in time for voters to know that their president is a crook.  During testimony earlier this week before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski said "it is clear to me that Joe Biden was 'the Brand' being sold by the Biden family."  "The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period."  Simply put, Bobulinski said Joe has been the recognizable name that the Bidens sold to amass wealth that few Americans can conceive of.  "From China to Ukraine, the Biden crime family sold access to Joe Biden," Bobulinksi said during an impeachment inquiry deposition.  He further revealed that "the Chinese Communist Party through its surrogate, China Energy Company Limited," a business syndicate, infiltrated and compromised Joe Biden and the Obama-Biden White House.

Arresting An Informant Will NOT Make The Biden Crime Family Investigation Go Away.  Biden's DOJ is proving — once again — that Lady Justice no longer wears a blindfold.  There is an important reason that the artistic personification of our Justice system is depicted as wearing a blindfold as she holds a scale in one hand and a sword in the other.  Decisions about innocence or guilt (along with all other judgments) are to be made independently of the place in society the accused comes from.  It is a sign of corruption descending into a police state when tools intended for prosecuting the guilty and vindicating the innocent are turned on their head.  Just this week, we are hearing about the highest levels of the Obama/Biden Intelligence Community actively conspiring to destroy the GOP candidate for President — with coordinated 'Russian Collusion' slander that massively impacted the 2018 elections and had the sitting President under a bogus investigation through the first half of his term.

Biden is Such a Disaster During Visit to East Palestine That His Handlers Force Press Out of the Room.  Joe Biden on Friday departed the White House en route to East Palestine, Ohio for a fly-by photo-op.  Biden begrudgingly visited East Palestine more than ONE YEAR after the toxic train crash.  Biden, the lifelong scummy politician that he is, decided that since it's election year he would shake some hands and act like he cares about the people of East Palestine.  On Feb. 3, 2023, just before 9 p.m.  Eastern, a Norfolk Southern train derailed near East Palestine, Ohio, a small Midwestern town of about 4,800 people near the Ohio border with Pennsylvania.  At least 11 of the train cars that derailed contained hazardous materials.  Several cars were carrying vinyl chloride, a cancer-causing substance.

Joe Biden does deserve credit for everything he has done.  When he talks about the Inflation Reduction Act, he shouldn't be so shy!  He should be transparent, and acknowledge that it was never meant to pay for itself or reduce inflation, but take the credit he deserves, and brag about being the president who made the biggest "investment" into "clean" energy in American history — a "green" slush fund doesn't have the same ring.  Biden is also very proud of helping very wealthy companies with the CHIPS and Science Act.  Intel has a market value of $187 billion, and had $25 billion in cash at the end of 2023.  Wouldn't it have been smarter to just start requiring companies to buy their computer chips from American sources by 2027 for national security purposes instead of giving huge taxpayer handouts to very rich companies?

Why does it seem like most members of Congress are either stupid, rapacious, or both?  We have all seen the Democrat party become radicalized, almost purely Marxist, since the Obama administration.  Obama promised to transform the country and he surely did.  He effectively drove race relations backward by seventy years.  It is common knowledge that Obama despised his VP Biden.  Why he was chosen to be his VP in the first place is anybody's guess.  Biden was a known jerk, a racist (his mentor was KKK member/aficionado Robert Byrd), rather dumb, a plagiarist, and a pathological liar.  For example, for years he told the story that his first wife was killed by a drunk driver.  That was never true; the accident was her fault and the truck driver was not intoxicated.  He enjoyed humiliating Clarence Thomas throughout Thomas's confirmation hearings when in fact, Biden is not fit to shine Thomas's shoes.  So the question remains, with a president so obviously an intellectual lightweight to say the least, a man who is now obviously suffering from advancing dementia, how is it that Biden has been able to do so much damage to the nation.  Answer?  The Democrat members of Congress are stupid, greedy, and addicted to power.

It doesn't take an expert to tell us that Biden shows all the signs of dementia.  Last week, the special prosecutor said Biden's memory was so dysfunctional he couldn't be tried for textbook national security violations.  Biden's push-back press conference painfully showcased his mental failings.  Since then, Democrats have tentatively acknowledged his age but insist he's still sharp.  Naturally, the experts were called.  But who needs experts?  We know what we see. [...] When it comes to judging Biden's state of mind, We the People are the experts, and we know exactly what's happening.  The nature of his presidency hasn't changed, of course, because (a) he's no less cognitively able than he was in January 2021 and (b) he's not in charge, anyway, so it's fine for him to head the ticket in 2024.  But it's certainly true that nobody with any mental competency should vote for him.

DOJ Releases Images and Texts from Hunter Biden's Phone.  Texts messages and photos from Hunter Biden's iPhone around the time he purchased a gun in October 2018 indicate he was addicted to drugs, according to a Tuesday court filing by the Department of Justice.  Biden is currently being prosecuted for allegedly lying about his illicit drug use on a federal form when buying the firearm.  The 10-page DOJ court filing contained pictures and text messages from the time period, both before and after Biden's gun purchase, showing he was addicted to drugs.

Nancy Pelosi, 83, says Joe Biden's age makes him "wise".  President Joe Biden was described by the special counsel earlier this month "a sympathetic elderly man with a poor memory."  Since then, Biden, 81, has been facing more and more scrutiny into his mental acuity and his advanced age.  Not to worry!  Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 83, finds it completely normal for Biden to run for a second term.  The California Democrat said on CNN, "He's younger than I am, so what do I have to say about his age?  Pelosi dismissed voters' concerns about Biden's senior moments.  "I think his public presentation is OK," she said.

Biden was an Enabler of Family Business of Selling His Brand.  [Scroll down]  For nearly four years, I have tried to tell the American people the truth about serious corruption at the very top of their government.  In return, I have been falsely accused of being a purveyor of "Russian disinformaCon" and a poltical surrogate.  My continuous efforts to inform the American people of the facts have been actively suppressed by both the United States Government and the so-called "mainstream" media.  I want to be crystal clear:  from my direct personal experience and what I have subsequently come to learn, it is clear to me that Joe Biden was "the Brand" being sold by the Biden family.  His family's foreign influence peddling operation — from China to Ukraine and elsewhere — sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to Joe Biden and the United States government.  Joe Biden was more than a participant in and beneficiary of his family's business; he was an enabler, despite being buffered by a complex scheme to maintain plausible deniability.

It's Not What Biden Special Counsel Included in His Report — Senators Say It's What He Left Out.  Two hawk-eyed Senators are asking the Attorney General and his special counsel a big question:  Did you guys just pull another fast one?  Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson say the same special counsel report that called Biden forgetful, old, and guilty of stealing and keeping highly classified documents left out a big chunk of evidence.  They're wondering what happened to nine boxes full of documents that Joe Biden illegally took and then sent to his lawyer's office, and that were then picked up by the National Archives.  The contents of those files and documents were not in the Hur report, and they want to know why.  [Tweet]  Grassley and Johnson wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland to ask him what happened to those documents.

If Joe Biden is unfit to stand trial, he's unfit to be president.  It's that simple.  Special counsel Robert Hur's nearly 400-page report is full of [scathing] evidence of Biden's carelessness with vital national-security secrets.  And his defense of Biden is that the man is just too old and forgetful to be held responsible for his actions.  Consider Biden's storage of Afghan war secrets in his Delaware home, including a classified handwritten memo he wrote to President Barack Obama in 2009 that Biden kept because he thought it would vindicate his opposition to sending more troops.  The memo and its classified attachments were found "in a badly damaged box in the garage, near a collapsed dog crate, a dog bed, a Zappos box, an empty bucket, a broken lamp wrapped with duct tape, potting soil, and synthetic firewood."  Hur suggests that this was so reckless that Biden's lawyers might convince a jury it had to be accidental:  "this is not where a person intentionally stores what he supposedly considers to be important classified documents, critical to his legacy.  Rather, it looks more like a place a person stores classified documents he has forgotten about or is unaware of."  Well, that's reassuring.

Chuck Schumer Says Questions About Biden's Mental Acuity Are Just 'Right Wing Propaganda'.  Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said this week that he speaks to Joe Biden all the time and that his mind is just fine, going on to suggest that questions about Biden's mental health are just right wing propaganda.  This is fantasy talk from Schumer.  Recent polling indicates that the vast majority of the American people have questions about Biden's mental state and the Hur report only confirmed this.  The fact that Schumer even felt he had to address this issue is very telling.

Tony Bobulinski's blistering impeachment testimony: 'The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period'.  A former Biden family business partner scorched President Biden in an explosive opening statement at a House impeachment inquiry deposition Tuesday, saying the commander-in-chief is corrupt — and that his testimony will help prove it.  "The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period," said Tony Bobulinski, a former Navy officer who worked alongside first son Hunter Biden and first brother James Biden on a venture with CEFC China Energy.  Bobulinski alleges he met with Joe Biden twice in May 2017 to discuss the venture shortly after Biden left office as vice president.  A different former Biden family associate, Rob Walker, testified Jan. 26 that the Biden family's business relationship with CEFC began in 2015 when Joe Biden was still vice president and that Joe Biden himself attended a meeting at the Four Seasons hotel in or around March 2017 with CEFC chairman Ye Jianming, who has since gone missing in China amid corruption allegations.

Don't be fooled by apparent Democrat incompetence in the election.  It became apparent three years ago that Biden would not be able to run in 2024 due to age-related issues.  It was even doubtful that he would finish his one term.  The not-so-funny joke is that his protective ace card in the hole was Kamala Harris, who would become the incumbent, which scared many Democrats.  To win in 2020, the Democrats had to burn the ships, leaving no credible candidates on the national stage but Biden.  The party placed themselves between a rock and a hard place by going all in on Biden's presidency, combined with 'the first black woman' as V.P.  This meant they could not be grooming, developing, and promoting any other future candidates without appearing racist.  Doing so would signal that Harris won't have a future shot, and for Democrats and their base, that would be kryptonite.

If it IS a sham, it's abuse of Mr. Biden, isn't it?
Are Dems Actually 'Stuck With Biden'?  Or Are They Playing A Long Con?  In the span of two days, articles started appearing making the exact same argument:  That Joe Biden will definitely, no questions asked, be the nominee come November.  So, naturally, we are left wondering what Democrats have up their sleeve to get the flailing president off the ballot. [...] For one thing, if defeating Donald Trump is the Democrats' paramount concern (to "save democracy" and all), Biden staying in the race seems like the worst possible choice.  He is hugely unpopular, and that's not likely to change.  Minorities and independents are gravitating toward Trump.  Biden's physical and mental state will only get worse, and his decline is by all evidence, accelerating.  It's an open question whether he'd agree to, or would be able to, debate Trump.  The chance that he will do something catastrophically stupid or embarrassing grows by the day, and the White House can't keep him locked away until Nov. 6.

Biden's Sound and Fury.  The worst kept secret in Washington is the President's accelerating cognitive decline.  Yet, when special counsel Robert Hur's report on Biden's mishandling of classified documents made note of this obvious fact, the White House responded with outrage.  Hur opted not to bring charges against him for several reasons, including how a jury trial might play out:  "Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."  This led to a hastily called news conference, during which a semi-coherent Biden shouted at reporters as if they were attempting to take away his car keys.  Allowing Biden to face the media before he calmed down was a serious blunder by Biden's staff.

President Non Compos Mentis.  Biden is no longer mentally fit to be commander-in-chief.  He's an empty husk.  I told you he was a meat puppet years ago.  Last week, on national television, he proved it.  The world is on the edge of war.  China is pushing us in the Pacific, Iran pushes us across the Middle East.  Russia is taking Ukraine, despite our war party's best effort to bring us to the edge of world war.  And the president is not in possession of his right mind.  He's slow and senile and the world can see it.

The Hole in Biden's Marble Bag is Bigger Now.  He's losing it faster now.  There's no way Biden can make it to the general election.  In my own estimation, Gavin Newsom is still the convention nominee, with a soft exit for Biden announced.  [Video clip]

Senile Is As Senile Does — and Joe Biden Is Senile.  America is still slack-jawed in amazement at last week's blithering antics of President Cornholio.  The guy would have to work his way up to being senile, and the fact that he was always stupid and arrogant and malicious just makes his present condition a million times worse.  That the guy is manifestly unfit to be president is obvious; what is also obvious is that this guy isn't going anywhere.  It's Trump versus Biden all the way to November.

New Info From Hur Report, Plus Embarrassing Evidence That Might Upend Biden Claim About Docs.  The Hur report indicated what a complete disaster Biden was in terms of keeping and not returning classified documents.  What's described here is insane, and former president Donald Trump didn't come close to any of this.  RealClear Investigations reporter Benjamin Weingarten grabbed some of the most [embarrassing] and concerning parts.  [Tweet]  He had all kinds of classified material and they appeared to have no system for recovering it.  This has been a problem for years, with the "Executive Secretary Team" expressing concern in 2010 about all the classified briefing books he had not returned, and that even when things were returned, some items were missing.  [Tweet]  They were unable to determine if some of this material was ever returned.  He took his notebooks home with him and kept them, even though they had classified materials in them.  He kept them in unsecured locations.  [Tweet]

Joe Biden's Classified Docs Provide More Evidence Hunter's Pay-To-Play Was A Family Affair.  The special counsel report on Joe Biden's unauthorized removal and disclosure of classified documents exposed much more than our president's mental deficits and the breadth of his irresponsible handling of top-secret and classified information.  The report revealed a close nexus between Hunter Biden's influence peddling and his father's responsibilities and access to intel during the elder's term as vice president.  On Thursday, Special Counsel Robert Hur released the results of his investigation into the president stemming from the discovery of top-secret and classified documents at Biden's D.C.-based Penn Biden Center, his private Delaware home, and the University of Delaware.  While the specific details in the recovered documents remain unknown, the nearly 400-page report provided an extensive enough summary of the materials to confirm an overlap in the timing and topics of Joe Biden's vice presidency and Hunter Biden's "business" enterprises.

Obama Poised to Pull the Plug on Biden?  Special counsel Robert Hur did a great service to America last week in two ways that fundamentally and irreversibly transform the Presidential race. [...] Number one, by declining to charge President Biden for "willfully retain[ing]" classified materials, Hur blew up any pretense of fairness when it comes to how Biden's Department of Justice treats its own boss, while it throws the book at President Trump.  Not only did Hur decline to prosecute Biden, he made clear that the facts surrounding Biden's retention of documents were far worse — not even in the same solar system — compared with President Trump's case. [...] Biden had no protection whatsoever over his custody of the classified documents he possessed illegally, many of which he squirreled away in his unlocked garage next to a non-electric Corvette.  President Trump's documents were kept under lock and key at his Mar-a-Lago estate that even some in the media acknowledge is "built like a fortress," and guarded around-the-clock by Secret Service officers.

Report: Former Obama Adviser Susan Rice is the 'Central' Figure in the Biden Administration's Approach to the Border.  For months, people have been openly wondering who is the real power behind the throne in the Biden administration?  Who is really running the country?  We now know who is calling the shots when it comes to their policy on the border.  Word is that former Obama security adviser Susan Rice is calling the tune on border issues.  Additionally, members of Biden's team must have been looking at polling on immigration and the border, because they have formed a circular firing squad over the issues. [...] Would anyone be surprised if we learn that Susan Rice has been in charge of other issues?  Wouldn't it make sense?

Biden's condition is simply a matter of record.  Let the facts speak for themselves.  Is Joe Biden too old to be president?  A topic that has long been suppressed by the mainstream media has erupted in public debate, in the aftermath of a report by the special counsel charged to investigate whether the president should be prosecuted for keeping federal documents dating from his time as Barack Obama's vice-president.  Special counsel Robert Hur has recommended against prosecuting the president, on the basis of the mental debility produced by Biden's advanced age:  "Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview with him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."  Trump, who has been charged by another special prosecutor with similar crimes involving the mishandling of government documents, is unlikely to benefit from a similar "senility defense."  In a hastily-arranged press conference intended to report the special counsel report's statements about his competence, President Biden only raised further doubts by misidentifying "Sisi" — Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi — as "the president of Mexico."  This follows a series of gaffes in which Biden has referred to his recent conversations with European leaders who in fact died years ago.

Joe Biden, Who Gave Consumers 33 Percent Food Inflation, Cuts Super Bowl Sunday Video Attacking Snack Food Industry for 'Shrinkflation'.  No joke.  He really thinks you are that stupid, America.  After driving up the price of food 33 percent in three years thanks to his disastrous inflationary policies, Joe Biden is portraying himself as standing up for the little guy by attacking the snack food industry over "shrinkflation", selling smaller packages at the same price to compensate for Biden's inflation.  On Super Bowl Sunday, the White House posted a video on its social media platforms featuring Biden complaining that there are fewer snack chips in bags, smaller sports drink containers and — what makes ice cream lover Joe the "most angry" — smaller cartons of ice cream.

Joe Biden's 'shrinkflation' blame game.  By the time the Super Bowl started, it had been extensively reported that President Joe Biden had refused, for the second year in a row, to do the traditional Super Bowl interview. [...] Biden had other plans.  If he would not, or could not, handle a Super Bowl interview, he would still get in on the Super Bowl story, creating an attention-getting, Super Bowl-themed video released a few hours before kickoff.  No tough questions, no embarrassing pauses, just total White House control. [...] What Biden calls shrinkflation is clearly real.  Everybody who has been to a grocery store in the last couple of years knows that.  But shrinkflation is just a form of inflation — the inflation that Biden and his colleagues in the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill fanned with trillions of dollars of reckless government spending.  The shrinkflation that Biden denounces is at least partly the result of Biden's policies.

The Reasons To Impeach Biden Keep Stacking Up.  There are now at least three major reasons to impeach President Joe Biden: his corruption, his mental unfitness for office, and his criminal collusion with Mexico to foment the border crisis.  Republicans in Congress could take their pick and be on solid footing, but they probably won't pursue any of them.  It would be easy to do, and impeachment hearings should already be on the schedule for this week.  First of all, there's the corruption of the Biden family business, evidence of which has been piling up since House Republicans launched their impeachment inquiry back in the fall.  Then there's Biden's mental unfitness for office as detailed in the special counsel report released last week and immediately corroborated by Biden himself in a disastrous news conference.  And finally, there's the lesser-known but in some ways most compelling cause for impeachment:  Biden's collaboration with a corrupt cartel-state synthesis in Mexico to create the ongoing border crisis.

Has Joe Biden Become Possessed, Or Is He Just High as a Kite?  It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Biden's pupils were so dilated that his eyes were solid black while he was reinterpreting the words of the special prosecutor.  Looking at previous speeches, it seems that all of his "big" speeches have the same image: significantly dilated pupils.  Since I don't actually believe that he is the anti-Christ, I started doing some research about what that could mean.  I am not a doctor, but there are enough studies easily available that it isn't hard to integrate the data with the images of Biden's eyes when he speaks.  We all recognize Biden demonstrates the behavior of a man who is suffering with the fifth level of dementia: moderately severe cognitive decline.  Some of the symptoms of this stage (there are 7 stages) include:  inability to recall names; challenges with organization; verbal repetition; mood swings; denial of symptoms; wandering; aggression; and pronounced memory loss of familiar people, events, and personal details.  All of these symptoms were clearly visible during his Thursday night speech.

I never thought I'd see.  There are days when I wake up in an America I hardly recognize. [...] I never thought I'd see:
  •   America in another Cold War with Russia.
  •   A President who took deliberate actions to make the southern border weaker.
  •   The American people turning a blind eye to a President who clearly is suffering from dementia and pretending that everything is all right.
  •   The President of the U.S. making citizens choose between being forced to take a shot of vaccine or losing their careers.
  •   The President declaring that the Constitution is fluid and subject to political interpretation.
  •   The President of the United States clearly having sold his position to profit his son and other members of the family.
  •   The Department of Justice state that the President willfully took and distributed classified material but won't be charged because he is elderly and has poor memory.

86% Of Americans Say Biden Too Old For Another Term:  Poll.  Concerns about President Joe Biden's age while he seeks re-election appear to be escalating with the release of a new survey that followed a special counsel report that found the commander-in-chief had memory problems.  Eighty-six percent of adults said Biden, who is 81, is too old to serve a second term in the White House, according to an Ipsos poll unveiled on Sunday.

The Editor says...
That leaves 14 percent who think Biden is capable of serving another four years.  Who are these people?  They must either hate Trump a lot, or hate Israel, or they like to see homeless bums and unskilled illegal aliens everywhere, or relish the idea of five-dollar gasoline.  Or maybe they get all of their news from MSNBC.

Big Mike is Coming.  It's becoming pretty clear that Sleepy Joe is about to get the heave-ho.  He's served out his usefulness.  He's becoming an obvious liability.  There's only so much that can be done to cover up the fact that he's not all there and that's why they're laying the groundwork for someone new to be there. [...] It's remarkable, isn't it, that the same Left that makes every excuse imaginable for this derelict is the same Left that warned the country Ronald Reagan was "too old" to run for office back in 1979.  Reagan was in his late 60s at the time.  Of course, this is another time and 80 seems to be the new 60.  Orange Man is not far from 80 — and would be as old as Sleepy Joe is today at the end of his next-presidency, assuming he's allowed to win the office.  There are multiple ways for the Left to prevent that from happening, as happened last time.  This time, it probably won't be "COVID" that provides the excuse for the Left to turn Election Day into Election Months.

Will Dems Swap Michelle Obama for Joe Biden?  No Way.  For the last couple of days, the news world has been abuzz with the Hur Report, its condemnation of President Biden's mental state, and its implications for the 2024 Presidential race.  Day by day, more and more Democrats are showing some willingness to yank the rug out from under old Joe and sub in someone else.  There is a lot of noise about someone either belling the cat and convincing Joe (or, more likely, Jill) to step down for "reasons of health" or "family matters" or to outright 25th Amendment the old man into the next time zone, which would put Kamala Harris at the Resolute Desk and, oh, by the way, would make her the incumbent heading into the election.  The question is this:  Who will replace Joe Biden on the ticket, should this come to pass?  Will it be Kamala Harris, whose approval ratings are somewhere between divorce lawyers and dysentery?  Maybe, but recent GOP candidate Vivek Ramaswamy thinks it will be former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The Editor says...
It doesn't matter that Michelle Obama is incompetent, and would merely serve at the puppet of Barack H. Obama.  That just means she and Biden are functionally equivalent.  With Michelle Obama in place as President, we still won't know who's really running the country.

Biden may actually not know he has a problem.  That means he does have a problem..  Joe Biden has spent a good deal of his Presidency weaponizing the Federal agencies against Republicans and Donald Trump.  He had the FBI targeting churches and PTA moms.  More recently he was exposed for directing the Treasury to spy on Republicans' financial transactions. [...] Hur found that Biden willfully took, retained and disclosed classified materials, some at the highest level of classification.  Biden was reckless in his handling of those materials.  Yet Hur declined to bring charges and he needed to explain his rationale for not charging Biden, who now faces a dilemma.  He could consent to having released the recordings of his interview with Hur to dispel the belief that he is what we all see — a doddering old man with a failing memory an incapable of carrying out the Presidency or possibly face charges for mishandling classified documents once he is out of office.  This also offers Donald Trump a legal avenue.  If Biden can persuade people that he is fit for office then he should be charged.  If he is not charged then the charges against Trump should be dismissed.

Here Are the Worst Lies From Biden's Speech.  As if the Special Counsel report on Joe Biden's mishandling of classified documents wasn't bad enough, someone decided it was a good idea to let Biden address the nation and take questions from the media.  It did not go well — it was basically a disaster — but what really got me was the way Biden flat-out lied about what the report said.  Here are a few of the worst lies from the speech. [...]

Can the Republicans be trusted to stand aside as Democrats implode?  [Scroll down]  Those facts and calculations were all set in stone right up until Thursday when everything changed.  That was the day when Special Prosecutor Robert K. Hur dropped a bomb:  The facts show that Joe Biden, who had no authority to declassify documents, took them home with him, stored them in his unsecured garage, handed them over to the unsecured Biden library at Penn, and read them aloud to his ghostwriter, who had no security clearance.  As was the case with Hillary's cavalier treatment of national security information, the undisputed facts ought to have landed Biden in federal prison for the rest of his natural life. [...] In Biden's case, Hur claims that Biden is essentially non compos mentis:  Because of Biden's failing memory, the jury won't indict.  That's not a reason not to prosecute, of course.  It's up to Biden's defense counsel to claim that because he's demented, he cannot offer a meaningful defense.  What matters, though, is that Biden will get a pass.

Eventful Events.  [Scroll down]  A not inconsiderable part of our Ukraine problem has been that our chief executive was for years engaged in bribery and money-laundering misadventures there, for which there is abundant and powerful evidence, meaning he may have had very personal interests in keeping that country disordered — and sending billions of dollars there, some of it surely embezzled among the Zelensky government.  You'd have to also be aware that the bag-man in those operations, the President's son, Hunter, might well have misbehaved with drugs and prostitutes on his many trips to Ukraine as a board member of Burisma.  Hunter's self-compiled archive of round-the-world drug-fueled porn recordings on the laptop that (the FBI confirmed recently) was unquestionably his own, suggests that the Ukraine authorities may have their own recordings of him behaving similarly, or worse, and are using them to blackmail "President Joe Biden."

Doctors call for Biden to take mental competency test after scathing classified docs report: 'Something isn't right'.  Medical professionals have stepped up calls for President Biden to take a mental competency test after Thursday's blistering report from special counsel Robert Hur revealed the 81-year-old can't remember basic facts about his own life and career.  The Hur report, released Thursday, assessed Biden as too senile to be prosecuted over his wrongful retention of classified documents and noted the commander-in-chief "did not remember when he was vice president" and "did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died" over two days of interviews in October.  "Something isn't right, and even if it's minor, it must be explained to the public," Dr. Stuart Fischer, a primary care physician at a nursing home in the Bronx, told The [New York] Post.  "The horse is out of the barn.  Not only does [Biden] have an infirmity of some degree, but he has delayed producing objective evidence," the internal medicine expert added, arguing that "no one is buying" the president's defenses about his memory.

Are Democrats Really Going to Stick With Biden After This?  You know, I think they are.  I've even made a handshake bet that they will.  But I'll confess to questioning my end of that wager more than ever, after the events of Thursday afternoon and evening.  Even before the Special Counsel report arrived, the president had been spending the week mistaking European political leaders for their deceased predecessors.  Then the report detonated.  It announced that the DOJ would not pursue charges against Joe Biden over his unlawful conduct, despite evidence that he "willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency," including items that were marked highly classified.

If Trump gave the presser Biden did, Democrats would say he's unfit for office.  President Joe Biden held a press conference on Thursday night to do damage control over special counsel Robert Hur's report over Biden's handling of classified documents.  However, the presser was such a disaster that it unquestionably caused more damage than it controlled.  It was a public relations nightmare for Biden, who came off as angry, bitter, confused, uninformed, and incompetent.  Had it been former President Donald Trump instead of Biden who spoke last night, Democrats would claim he's unfit for office.  But Democrats don't hold Biden to the same standards they held Trump.  Biden can spread misinformation, be ineffective, sow the seeds of discord, cause division, and fuel political strife, and Democrats will ignore it.  Biden can be the impetus for political inertia, and few, if any, Democrats will challenge or criticize him.  Biden is treated with "kid gloves" by those who wore vicious animal claws when dealing with Trump.

Congress' New Imperative:  Get the Biden Transcripts From Hur.  It's long past time for Congress to act to investigate the arguable incapacitation of the president.  For the past three years, Americans knew what Democrats refused to admit — that Joe Biden had entered a cognitive decline that rendered him unfit for office.  Democrats and the media insisted that Biden still had energy and vigor, even while every public appearance added evidence to the contrary.  Voters had to rely on their own eyes to reach their conclusions that Biden's aphasiac mumbling, stiffness, and repeatedly false recollections indicated that Biden was clearly unfit for office.  In poll after poll, majorities of respondents complain that Biden is too old for a second term — and yet Democrats never bothered to offer their own voters a serious choice.  Robert Hur exposed the three-year cover-up by the White House, Democrats, and media in his Special Counsel report.

Sharp Enough to Be President, Dim Enough to Be Absolved.  Welcome to 2024, where the same man who was just absolved of criminal responsibility for the willful retention and mishandling of classified documents, largely due to his being elderly and having a faulty memory, is nevertheless held up by his fellow Democrats as being fit for reelection as commander in chief and de facto leader of the free world. [...] Of course they aren't recommending criminal prosecution of Old Joe.  That was pretty much a given.  The real question on that front is how they expect to blur out the optics of treating Biden with kid gloves while yanking them off in favor of brass knuckles to go at the guy who just happens to be his primary political opponent.  Anyone who doesn't view the world purely through Dem-colored glasses can't help but see the blatant double standard being employed here.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Says 'Deep State Run by Barack Obama' Has Pulled the Rug Out from Under Biden.  Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas said a Department of Justice report that described President Joe Biden as an "elderly man with a poor memory" is proof enough for him Democrats are going with a different candidate in November.  The memo, along with Biden's late Thursday news conference, means that those who are pulling the strings in the Democratic Party are forcing Biden out, Patrick claimed.  He specifically blamed former President Barack Obama and the deep state.  Patrick made the comments on social media Friday morning, where he also predicted Americans could see former first lady Michelle Obama on their ballots this fall.

Joe Biden's insanity defense.  Yesterday, the special prosecutor (technically called a "special counsel" these days, a term which obfuscates in my opinion) released his report on his investigation of Joe Biden's mishandling of classified documents. [...] The special prosecutor's investigation concerned Biden's removal of highly classified materials from government offices including the White House.  He put the materials into his garage, his basement, his beach house, his Corvette . . . you know, all the places you keep the nation's top secrets.  He did this numerous times.  The special counsel found that it's even worse than that.  Biden also disclosed some of the classified materials to people without security clearance, including the person who ghost-wrote a book published under Biden's name.  The special prosecutor found that Biden's multiple violations were "willful."  But the special prosecutor decided not to bring charges.

Democrats Spun Biden's Classified Docs As 'Six Items,' But Special Counsel Report Reveals It Was 300-Plus.  Thursday's bombshell report by Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded that "President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen."  And though the material concerned "issues of national security and foreign policy implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods," and presented "serious risks to national security," Hur recommended against charging Biden in his 380-plus-page report, saying it would be "difficult to convince a jury" to convict such "a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."  Hur's [scathing] assessment of Biden's degenerative mental state launched a media frenzy concerning his fitness for office, prompting the president to angrily condemn the report for including what he called "extraneous" matters in a hastily arranged press conference Thursday evening.

Does Biden Even Understand Why He Wasn't Charged?  Joe Biden, even though he did take and secrete away secret documents and such, will not be charged with any crime related to what are acts quite similar to those for which Donald Trump was charged with crimes.  In his report explaining his decision, Special Counsel Robert Hur said today that Biden was too far removed from reality for a jury to convict him of a crime.  In other words, Biden did it, Biden broke the law, but he is too mentally deficient for anyone to believe he either really did it on purpose or, after the fact, could possibly have remembered what he did, let alone pass along the information (of course, that does leave aside Hunter's possible use of the documents but maybe that will come up in his tax case.)

GOP Calls to Invoke 25th Amendment After Special Counsel Casts Doubt on Biden's Mental Acuity.  Following Special Counsel Robert Hur's report, which included stunning revelations of the deterioration of President Joe Biden's mental state, Republican officials are calling to invoke the 25th Amendment.  They state that "if ever there were a time to do so, now would be it," and insist that if the president "is not competent to stand trial, then he is certainly not competent to lead the free world."  While highlighting evidence of America's oldest ever president "willfully" mishandling classified documents, Special Counsel Hur's report details Biden's significant cognitive decline — perhaps more politically damning than his handling of classified materials.

Jill Biden and Dems committed elder abuse on Joe — now they must force him to step aside.  As part of special counsel Robert Hur's investigation into Joe Biden, he reviewed interviews conducted by a ghostwriter with Biden after he left office.  The former vice president was "painfully slow," Hur's report notes, with " limited precision and recall."  This is in 2017 — three full years before he ran for president.  What Hur has proven is that Joe Biden's cognitive decline is not new, and it certainly wasn't a secret.  Jill Biden knew.  His aides knew.  [Indeed], James Clyburn, the entire Democratic establishment knew.  Yet, terrified that Bernie Sanders would win the nomination and then fail to take down their mortal enemy, Donald Trump, they propped up Biden like he was a Potemkin candidate — or, more accurately, "Weekend at Bernie's" — to try to capture some Obama nostalgia.

The Twilight of Joe Biden.  We may well look back on February 8, 2024 as the specific moment in time Joe Biden's bid for reelection was lost.  The report of the special prosecutor issued this afternoon effectively said Biden was guilty of willfully mishandling classified documents — but that he could not be successfully prosecuted (and would not be until he was out of office anyway) because he is a nice senile old man and no jury would convict him.  Democrats and others expressed outrage at the way special prosecutor Robert Hur chose to explain this decision — but what else exactly was Hur supposed to say?  He had to produce a report.  He had to lay out why he wasn't going to try to bring a case against Biden.  He did.  What he said was that Biden had sat for an interview with his team and that the president's memory was so poor and his capacity for recollection so feeble he came across as non compos mentis.

It Can't Be Biden.  The primary system has proven inconvenient to the DNC, and their past shenanigans to ensure that their anointed candidate is "selected" within the primary framework has been difficult to conceal.  As such, it makes sense that the DNC would wait to anoint Biden's replacement.  The very best scenario imaginable for the DNC isn't to open the process to ideas and speculation and voters today, but to have Biden eliminated from the race at some time around the convention.  It would be a madhouse of speculation and criticism, of course, but all that would be needed is enough of the delegates that were pledged to Biden to break for the newly-anointed candidate.  Superdelegates would have no say unless the convention is contested, though it may be contested to make the process look less rigged.

Too incompetent to be prosecuted but not too incompetent to govern?  Per Special counsel Robert Hur's — a Republican, you'll be reminded incessantly if you follow this story — findings in the Joe Biden classified documents case, Biden "willfully retained and disclosed classified material after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen."  I'm not a lawyer but I'm pretty sure this constitutes a felony, at least when a Republican or anyone not named Obama, Biden, or Clinton does it.  But Mr. Hur won't bring charges because "Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview with him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."

The Editor says...
I don't think Joe Biden has ever been a "well-meaning" man.  He is one of the most venal and corrupt politicians in Washington DC, and a profane, short-tempered man who lies effortlessly about almost everything.  In a few years, he will go to collect his reward for all these dirty deeds, and it's gonna be ugly.

The world can see that Biden is finished.  Why can't the Democrats?  Could there be anything more harmful to an election candidate's chances than the multiple legal cases that are facing Donald Trump?  Yes, as it turns out:  a ruling which spares you from the embarrassment and bother of a court appearance, but does so on the basis that you are unfit to face trial.  Joe Biden has been utterly destroyed by the conclusion of the special counsel looking into his retention of classified documents from his time as vice president.  He could survive the pictures of the garbage tip that is his Delaware garage, but a US president who apparently can't remember when he was vice president, nor the year he suffered the sad loss of his middle aged son?  This is what the impeachment process was devised for:  to ease out a president who no longer has the faculties to cope with the job but who cannot see that himself.  Biden not only fails to appreciate his cognitive decline, he thinks he can do the job for another four years.  His attempt to come out all guns blazing and dismiss the issue of his forgetfulness at a hasty press conference backfired when he confused Egypt with Mexico, implying that the latter has a border with the Gaza strip.

The puppet in the White House.  "He ran two or three times, he never got above 1%," Donald Trump said of Joe Biden in 2019.  "And then Obama came along and took him off the trash heap, and he became the vice president."  It was an amusing way to insult the former vice president at the time — perhaps less so after Biden went on to win the Democratic nomination, defeat Trump, and become president.  Still, the characterization rang true insofar as Barack Obama's choice of Biden as running mate in 2008 struck many people, justifiably, as an odd one.  By then, Biden had for several decades been a loquacious self-promoter whose temper and plagiarism seemed to have blown any shot at the presidency he ever had.  It was strange therefore to watch him find his way into the unexpected role of junior partner in a political relationship with a man young enough to be his son.  By December 2008, Biden had accepted that Obama, after only four years in federal office, was more qualified for the presidency than he was.  "We got this ticket in the right order," he is said to have told senior adviser Ron Klain.  But as Obama's No. 2, Biden was not always a good fit.

Of Course, Biden Gets a Pass With Classified Documents He Stole as Senator.  Joe Biden is getting away scot free with stealing classified documents while he was a Senator and keeping them in a garage next to the Corvette that Hunter Biden and others had access too.  Can't really say I'm angry either.  This was totally expected when you have a communist weaponized "justice system".  [Tweets]

The Vacuity of Biden's Brain.  Joe Biden is not guilty because of senility.  Sure, he broke the law — the same law used to prosecute Donald Trump by Joe Biden's Justice Department.  But he is an old man who is utterly incapable of remembering when he was Vice President, so there is no point in prosecuting him.  That is the conclusion of Special Prosecutor Hur, who was tasked to investigate President Joe Biden in the matter of his stealing classified documents.  [Tweet]  First, let me be clear:  I think that in both the Trump case and the Biden case, we should neither be surprised that men who were at the pinnacle of power in our government would treat classified documents differently than you or I would, and I think prosecuting them for mere possession (and not selling them) is simply stupid.  What they did was wrong, but, well, they were President and VP, not a Seargent who leaked the plans to a submarine.

The Reality Behind Biden's 'Aggressive' Travel Schedule.  As it becomes more and more evident that President Joe Biden is undergoing significant cognitive decline, his staff has been working to find ways to combat that narrative.  The latest person charged with the unenviable task of pushing that sort of message is Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates.  This week he told Politico that Biden is obviously still at the top of his game and as evidence pointed to the President's "aggressive" travel schedule.  He even attempted to claim that Biden's travel schedule exceeds that of Donald Trump.  The Washington Free Beacon decided to do some fact-checking of this astonishing claim and the results will likely not come as a surprise to most of you.

Joe Biden's Memory Is So Bad He Can't Remember When He Was Vice President.  Thursday [2/8/2024] brought the release of a special counsel report on President Joe Biden and his handling of classified documents after leaving the vice presidency.  And, boy oh boy, was it a disaster for Biden and his political allies in the media.  The report went into detail on Biden's conversations with investigators and revealed just how senile the 81-year-old has become, noting that he failed to remember key dates from his personal or professional life.  Not to mention perhaps the most [scathing] conclusion, that Biden is so mentally unfit that his lack of memory would be used in his defense in a potential trial.

The Editor says...
Joe Biden was already unfit for the office of President on the day he was installed in that position, and his mind has continued to deteriorate ever since.  He should be in a retirement home somewhere, not the White House.

Biden's Seeing Dead People Isn't Funny, It's Dangerous.  He sees dead people.  Biden's mental acuity is getting worse, and that should be of HUGE concern to us all.  Twice in as many days, Biden has now claimed he has seen and chatted with leaders who've been dead for years or more.  We've written extensively about our concerns regarding Biden's mental health, as well as about our anger that Jill Biden and the Democrat/media complex are engaged in elder abuse so they can keep the power going.  Biden's mental health issues aren't funny.  They are a major concern to our domestic and national security.  His mental health, and lack thereof is dangerous.  World leaders whether friends or foe are watching and realize our President is not only weak, he's not all there.

Are they bragging or complaining?
Biden's own DOJ says he is an 'elderly man with a poor memory'.  The Department of Justice released its long-awaited investigation into Joe Biden's mishandling of classified documents Thursday, delivering a damning assessment of the president's 'diminished faculties' and limited memory.  Although the report did not recommend bringing charges against the 81-year-old, it provides a cascade of damaging findings about files found in Biden's garage as well as the president's fitness for office.  In interviews with investigators, Biden became muddled about the dates he was vice president and could not even remember the year in which his son Beau died.

Joe Needs Visiting Angels, Not A Second Term.  We've all seen those commercials for Visiting Angels, the senior care company that sends professionals to the houses of elderly Americans to check on them and help out however they may need it.  If 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue isn't already the address of one of their clients, it needs to be.  The guy who lives there is sinking into the stage of dementia where he can no longer live alone and his family will soon have to have the awkward conversation every family dreads about taking away the car keys.  The only difference is this senile person is the President of the United States and in desperate need of someone in his inner-orbit who cares enough about him to admit the truth and bring to an end the elder abuse we're all witnessing on a regular basis.

CNN Accidentally Reports Mental Decline Has Forced Biden Into Hiding.  A member of the corporate media accidentally reported that His Fraudulency Joe Biden's obvious mental decline is so pronounced he's probably adopted the strategy of hiding from the media.  During a segment on doomed CNN's doomed CNN This Morning, someone named Salena Mohsin, who identifies as Bloomberg's senior Washington correspondent, was asked about President Roomba skipping what has become a traditional presidential interview prior to the Super Bowl.  "[H]im saying no to something that he's expected to do, a serious interview, he can really get his message out to an audience, just sitting, waiting for him, waiting for his message, is telling," Mohsin said, adding, "Is it because he can't handle it?"  Is it because he can't handle it?  What?  An accurate talking point inconvenient to a Democrat on CNN?

If POTATUS Makes It to Election Night, It'll Be a Miracle.  This is rumored to be the leader of the free world, and he is flat-out incoherent. [...] [T]he fools ultimately responsible are those who voted for this puppet.  Avoiding mean tweets (whatever), they could cast a ballot despite the fact Biden's deterioration was well underway even when he was basement dwelling to avoid scrutiny during the campaign?  As much as I personally despise this decrepit charlatan, I love my country a thousand times more.  The United States cannot have a derelict corpse for a figurehead, yet here we are. [...] I'm not sure what pressure he's being subjected to because he sure spends most of his time out of the loop.  But what little still remains in his protected bubble must be taking a toll.  It's as if he's now degrading in real time.  With every next moment in front of a microphone, we can watch the consciousness chunks crumbling off even faster.

61% Not Fooled by Media Cover-Up of Biden's Mental Decline.  A clear majority see that His Fraudulency Joe Biden is in mental decline and believe (correctly) that the media are trying to cover this frightening fact up.  Between January 28-30, Rasmussen Reports surveyed 934 likely voters and asked, "Do you feel like, over time, Joe Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp?" Across every gender, racial, and age line, a majority said yes.  Of everyone polled, 59 percent said yes, while only 33 percent disagreed.  Looking at the internals, 61 percent of men said yes, as did 57 percent of women, 63 percent of those aged 18-39, 60 percent aged 40-64, 51 percent of those over age 65, 59 percent of white people, and 58 percent of black people.

Biden tells crowd he recently met with Mitterrand, former French president who died in 1996.  President Biden told a crowd in Las Vegas on Sunday that he recently met with Francois Mitterrand, the French president who has been dead for nearly 30 years.  The comments came while Biden was warning of the dangers of a potential second Trump presidency, as he aimed to shore up enthusiasm ahead of Tuesday's Democratic primary in Nevada.  Biden recounted a story he has told many times during his presidency, about a meeting he had with French President Emmanuel Macron during a G7 meeting in England, some months after Biden had taken over the White House.

Biden Brags About Defying Supreme Court Ruling on Student Loan Bailout, Claims Debt Cancellation is Free.  Joe Biden on Sunday delivered remarks at a campaign event in Las Vegas, Nevada.  As usual, Biden's speech was full of gaffes and lies.  At one point Joe Biden forgot he was in Las Vegas.  "It'll take you from here to Las Vegas!"  Biden, while in Vegas, said of a proposed high-speed rail line.  At one point Joe Biden bragged about defying the US Supreme Court's ruling on his unconstitutional student loan bailout.  Biden has used a series of workarounds to circumvent the Supreme Court's decision to strike down his student loan bailout program.  Last year the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 against Joe Biden's student loan relief program so the Department of Education rolled out a workaround forbearance program to cancel $39 billion in student loans by counting non-payments as payments for a period of time.  Only it isn't your typical forbearance program.  Borrowers won't have to pay back 'missed' payments or make up the difference of 'reduced' payments.  No interest will accrue on any of the missed payments.

If an Incumbent Gets 96 Percent of the Vote With 4 Percent Turnout, Does It Make a Sound?  If you weren't paying close attention to political news over the weekend, you may have missed that there was a presidential primary election on Saturday.  In fact, it sounds like a substantial number of voters in the state where the primary was held missed it, too.  South Carolina held its Democratic primary — moved up three weeks so that it could be "first in the nation" for the Dems (if you don't count New Hampshire, which they decided not to, in an effort either to juice President Joe Biden's chances of a resounding win or reward Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) for helping revive Biden's floundering 2020 campaign — or both). [...] Funny thing is, only about 131,000 people cast votes in the primary — out of over 3.4 million registered voters.  Meaning less than four percent of the state's registered voters bothered to participate in Saturday's primary — and less than nine percent of the registered Democrats.

Is Biden Malicious, Incompetent, or Conniving?  Things are becoming so strange, so surreal, so nihilistic in contemporary America that the chaos can only be deliberate.  Chance, incompetence, and accident could not alone explain the series of disasters we now daily witness that are nearly destroying the country.  When the ailing and non-compos-mentis president now speaks, he rarely becomes excited about Iranian or terrorist provocations.  Biden seems restrained even at Russia's outlawry in Ukraine.  The atrocities of Hamas now earn only measured objections from Biden.  He does not seem too angered by the collapse of the border.  Nor do the deaths of 100,000 Americans to imported fentanyl earn a loud trademark Biden scream.  No, what earns his unchecked ire, often expressed in shouts and hysterical tones, are Donald Trump and his supporters.

War Delirium.  Pity the poor president.  "Joe Biden" must decide now whether to go to war with Iran or Texas.  Which will it be?  Or might it be both?  That Governor Abbott turns out to be the Putin of the purple sage!  How does he dare interfere with the orderly flow of new voters — fine people! — across that filthy little river of his? [...] The world may be a disaster these days, but the White House is a bigger disaster.  Can you name the White House chief of staff?  Betcha can't.  Know why?  He never, ever comes out and speaks to that mob in the press room.  He might have to answer some difficult questions, such as:  if the president's brain is switched off more than half the time, who decides what to do with that 'nuclear football' they carry around with him.  Is it. . . you?  By the way, the chief of staff's name is Jeff Zients.  Ever heard him?  Of course not.  He has a page on "X".  The most recent thing he posted was July 25, 2023.  Good thing not much has happened since then.

Where Are Biden's Pen and Phone?  President Biden wants additional authority to tackle the border crisis.  He says that he's ready to shut down the border once Congress acts.  That he's otherwise out of options.  The New York Times reports that the president is frustrated.  He feels stymied.  "I've done all I can do," he said this week.  Hasn't he done enough?  As a result of Biden's policies, migrant crossings have reached historic levels.  Border Patrol agents took into custody or processed more than 300,000 people last December — the most on record.  His encouragement of asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants affects not only border states such as Texas, but also blue states such as Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York.  Immigration is rising to the top of voters' priorities.  All voters, not just Republicans.  And these voters blame President Biden — rightly — for the mess we are in.  Cheeky, then, for Biden to turn around and say that he's immobilized by congressional inaction.

Speaker Johnson Says What We Are All Thinking:  Joe Biden Isn't the Guy in Charge.  On Friday, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson (R-LA) mused about the possibility of something that is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day:  Joe Biden isn't the guy in charge in Washington. [...] Whoever is making these policy decisions, it's obvious they don't have the best interests of Americans at heart.  Speaker Johnson blames the policies on "staff around him," although I've speculated in the past that Jill Biden is enjoying playing Edith Wilson to Joe's Woodrow.  But whoever is pulling these strings on the ever-more-impaired President is claiming that the Chief Executive, somehow, lacks the power to execute.

Speaker Johnson says Biden not 'allowed' by staff to take action on border.  Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) speculated Friday that President Biden's staff is keeping him from taking executive action to stem the flow of migrants on the southern border.  "He knows that he has the authority.  We've documented it for him.  I've read to him the law myself — to the president.  Read him the provisions of the law and said, 'Mr. President, please take action,'" Johnson said on Fox Business on Friday morning.  "I don't think he's allowed to do it.  I'm not sure Joe Biden is actually making these decisions.  I think it's staff around him, and they're pushing him to hold the — or to keep the border open," Johnson said.  Johnson has been pressing Biden for weeks to take executive action on border and migration policy — including by reinstating the Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" policy and restarting construction of the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border — and arguing he does not need new authority from Congress to do so.

Biden's 'Obsessed' with Morning Joe, Calls Scarborough 'Often,' Vents About Media.  Alex Thompson, a White House reporter for Axios, has a new scoop titled "Inside Biden's obsession with 'Morning Joe'."  Thompson explored how "Biden's years-long love of MSNBC's staple morning show" affects how the White House runs — and who Biden listens to.  It might also explain why MSNBC added an hour to the show.

The Editor says...
What an interesting idea:  A cable TV channel with a target audience of one person.  That doesn't sound very profitable, unless the one viewer is the POTUS.

Joe Biden and Sons.  [Scroll down]  Joe Biden clearly shows ambivalence and conflict about the U.S. military and the use of military power.  Joe Biden had presided with Barack Obama over the premature troop reduction in Iraq before the rise of ISIS there.  Joe Biden opposed the surge of U.S. troops that helped quell ISIS in Iraq.  Biden opposed the raid to get Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.  He said it was too dangerous for the troops. [...] Joe Biden's ambivalent but powerful psychological protective and loving merger with his beloved sons results in a tragic flaw and psychological blind spot in his political decision-making.  Biden's unresolved grief causes him to blur his son Beau's life with our U.S. troops.  Joe Biden's rigidity, defective empathy, and signs of early cognitive decline render him unfit for decision-making regarding protecting our troops from real danger.

Biden's job approval drops to 38% as border worries rise.  President Joe Biden's approval rating declined in January as Americans worried about the economy and immigration while the Democrat ramps up his reelection campaign, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.  Only 38% of poll respondents said they approved of Biden's performance as president, down from 40% in December.

Biden Makes Remark Revealing He Has No Idea Who the Sitting President Is.  I've written about Joe Biden's disastrous trip to South Carolina.  It was jam-packed with incoherence and weirdness, including Biden going to a black barbershop, pandering, and making a weird comment to a man about how if Biden had him blocking for him, he could have been an All-American. [...] But there's one more comment that he made about Trump that is very concerning that just was reported.  As he was attacking Trump, who seems to live rent-free in Joe's head, he seemed to have no idea who the sitting president was as he slurred through this comment.  [Tweet with video clip]  Biden claimed that Trump said he wanted to see the economy "crash" this year, "A sitting president [untintelligible]."  Apparently, Biden thinks Trump is the sitting president.  Trump was worried about the economy that Biden has messed up and driven into inflation.  The economy under Trump was banging prior to the pandemic, but it's been crushing with rampant inflation and high interest rates under Biden.

A political speech at an all-black church:
Biden Lies at Pulpit About His Role in Civil Rights and Attending Black Churches.  Joe Biden on Sunday continued to pander to the black community in Columbia, South Carolina ahead of the state's Democrat primary set for February 3.  81-year-old Biden participated in a political event at St.  John the Baptist Church on Sunday [1/28/2024].  He brazenly lied from the pulpit about his role in the civil rights movement and his history of attending black churches.  This is just weeks after he lied about 'starting the civil rights movement' during a stump speech at a black church in Charleston.

Chinese Firm Sent Biden Enterprise $3 Million As 'Thank You' For Work When Joe Biden Held Office, Comer Says.  Hunter Biden's former business associate Rob Walker confirmed Chinese firm CEFC wired him $3 million as a "thank you" payment for work during Joe Biden's vice presidency, according to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer.  Walker, a key figure in the Biden family's Chinese and Romanian business dealings, testified before Congress Friday about the relationship the Bidens had with both CEFC and Romanian oligarch Gabriel Popoviciu, Comer said Friday night.  [Tweet]  "Today's interview confirmed Hunter Biden and his associates' work with the Chinese government-linked energy company began over a year before Joe Biden left the vice presidency, but the Bidens and their associates held off being paid by the Chinese while Joe Biden was in office," Comer said in a press release.  "The Chinese company paid Hunter Biden and his associates $3 million shortly after Joe Biden left office as a 'thank you' for the work they did while Joe Biden was in office.  Members of the Biden family received payments from the Chinese deal even though they did not work on it," Comer added.

We Don't Have a President.  Joe Biden is nominally our president, but he is manifestly incapable of discharging the duties of that office.  Opinions vary as to who our "real" president is.  Some say it is Barack Obama.  Some say it is Jill Biden.  Others describe a network of political influence within the Congress and the purported "Biden Administration."  But one thing we know for sure is that our chief executive is not the pitiful shell of a man known as Joe Biden, who at his best, decades ago, was dumb, and now is in la-la-land:  [Tweet with video clip]

The Editor says...
Yes, we have a president.  We just don't know who it is.  But whoever it is, nobody voted for him or her to be the president.

Is Biden Poison-Pilling Trump?  Biden is a disgrace.  No other president in history has done more to cripple a country than the former senator from Delaware: devaluing the dollar, raising energy prices, forcing people to stay home, firing workers who showed up because they wouldn't take a government-mandated experimental vaccine, causing massive instability in Ukraine through failed diplomacy, leaving thousands of men, women, and children behind in Afghanistan, who, because of his failed policy, now live under tyranny and death.  Biden's failure to protect Israel by doing business with Iran cannot be forgotten.  His encouragement of sanctions of immoral health practices — even encouraging and supporting genital mutilation among "trans" youth — is criminal.  Pandering to every progressive pipe dream, no matter the cost, including the inefficient desire to be carbon-neutral without any credible science or benefit to support his goals, is psychotic.  All of this adds up to a country that has been mortally wounded, with blow after blow of egregious and sociopathic leadership.  This is the legacy of the Biden presidency.

The Editor says...
Leaving stink bombs for the next president is exactly what Obama did.  This is just more evidence that Obama is still the acting president in 2024.

Bill Gates Set Up 20 Shell Companies to Hide Purchase of $113 Million of Nebraska Farmland.  A glance at federal records shows the series of Nebraska farms listed as foreign-owned, though there's no country attached and no hint that these farms with unassuming names might be related.  Willowdale Farms, Merrick County Farms, Dove Haven Ranch, Champion Valley Farm, Schroder Family Farms and many more are concentrated in northeast Nebraska but spread to the southeast corner and west nearly to Wyoming.  In Nebraska's business records, they have one similarity:  Each farm's office address leads to a single-story brick building in the St. Louis suburbs, an office park housing a dentist, lawyers and, until recently, a farmland investment startup called AgCoA.  For years, AgCoA was owned by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, a government-owned group managing the retirement funds of 21 million Canadians.  But in 2017, the Canadian board decided to offload a half-billion dollar chunk of its American farmland portfolio — including all 22,830 acres of its Nebraska land.  The buyer of those unassuming-sounding Nebraska farms wasn't publicly listed.  Until now, the financial details of the transaction and the gargantuan loan he's taken out against it have remained publicly unknown.  The buyer's name:  Bill Gates.

Forget Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom — Dems' Choice to Replace Biden is Nikki Haley.  President Joe Biden is clearly declining cognitively and physically, based on his garbled speech, frequent falls, disorientation on stage, and inappropriate behavior, especially toward young girls.  Voters agree.  In the Democrat stronghold of New York City, 62 percent of New Yorkers believe Biden is unfit to serve another term.  So, who takes his place?  Not Vice President Kamala Harris, whose approval rating, "Is a 2024 problem," according to Newsweek.

Hunter's Painting Foray Had All The Classic Earmarks Of A Biden Family Influence-Peddling Operation.  Hunter Biden's "Sugar Bro," Kevin Morris, testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees on Wednesday.  A readout of Morris' testimony, when considered in tandem with the testimony provided last week by Hunter Biden's gallerist, suggests Hunter was setting up another front for the family influence-peddling racket when the plan collapsed due to public scrutiny.  On Thursday, House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer issued a statement following the committee's transcribed interview of Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris.  In his press release, Comer revealed that Hollywood producer Lanette Phillips introduced Morris to Hunter Biden during a campaign event at her Los Angeles home for Joe Biden in the winter of 2019.  One week later, Phillips called Morris to discuss what Morris apparently framed as an "entertainment" issue.  Morris later visited Hunter at his home in L.A., according to the press release.  According to Comer, Morris testified he began providing money to Hunter Biden in January 2020.  Then on Feb. 7, 2020, Morris emailed Hunter's advisers and tax accountants, writing, "We are under considerable risk personally and politically to get the returns in."  Less than two weeks later, Hunter Biden filed his long-overdue 2017 and 2018 tax returns, although he didn't pay his hefty tax bill at the time.  Around Oct. 18, 2021, Morris paid some $2 million in overdue taxes for the president's son.

The many faces of Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden's financial patron.  Morris was largely unknown to most people until he emerged as the Democratic donor who reportedly paid Hunter Biden millions to handle his unpaid taxes and maintain his lavish lifestyle.  The Hollywood lawyer and producer portrayed himself as a good Samaritan on a biblical scale — a good man who simply found a desperate stranger on the road and gave him more than $5 million.  His counsel, Bryan M. Sullivan stated that "Hunter is not only a client of Kevin's, he is his friend and there is no prohibition against helping a friend in need, despite the inability of these Republican chairmen and their allies to imagine such a thing."  The statement captures the problem for Morris.  It is increasingly hard to determine what Morris was at any given moment:  Democratic donor, lawyer, friend.  Indeed, that problem that some of us have raised for months.

Hunter Biden to Sit for Closed-Door Deposition, Along with 5 Associates.  Hunter Biden will sit for a closed-door interview on February 28, along with five Biden family associates at various dates, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) announced Thursday.  The announcement came as a surprise to some Republicans.  Last week, the chairmen went through procedural hurdles to prepare for a House vote to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress for failing to sit for the deposition.  Hunter proposed last week to sit for the deposition if Congress reissued a subpoena, arguing the prior subpoenas "are legally invalid" because the impeachment inquiry "did not yet exist when the subpoenas were issued."

Four Years After Biden 'Laptop From Hell' Falsely Labeled 'Misinformation,' DOJ Admits It's Real.  Nearly four years after the [scathing] evidence of Biden family corruption on Hunter Biden's laptop was disclosed in 2020, President Joe Biden's Department of Justice admitted in a court filing on Tuesday that the Mac and its contents are real.  If you've been following this story since it broke in October 2020, you know there was never any true reason to doubt The New York Post's reporting or the word of the Delaware computer repair shop owner that the abandoned Mac belonged to Hunter.  Yet truth was no defense.  The Post was quickly banned from social media for spreading "disinformation" — a decision based on actual disinformation — and dozens of U.S. intelligence officials rushed to back the censorship.  So did Joe Biden.  The DOJ's confirmation the laptop's contents came from Hunter arrives years after complicit media outlets quietly admitted the truth about the computer in 2022, and even longer after conservative media verified the laptop's authenticity ahead of 2020 election day.

Bar Complaint Filed Against Kevin Morris for Financially Aiding Hunter Biden.  America First Legal on Tuesday filed a California bar complaint against Hunter Biden's lawyer, Kevin Morris, for allegedly violating "both the text of the Rules of Professional Conduct and the well-established norms of the legal profession" of the California Bar Association.  Morris, Hunter's so-called "sugar brother," recently emerged as a main character in the House impeachment inquiry's probe into the Biden family: [...] Morris' financial aid to Hunter "is expressly prohibited by State Bar of California Rule 1.8.5(a)," America First Legal's complaint contends.  The rule is "intended to prevent the abuses which were criminalized under the principles of champerty and maintenance," the legal defense fund argued.  "Yet Mr. Morris now appears to be representing Hunter Biden, thus risking violation of the attorney-client relationship prescribed by the Rules," the organization stated.

Report: Hunter Biden's 'Art Dealer' Called Joe Biden and Met With Him at the White House.  Things keep looking worse for poor, embattled Hunter Biden.  We already knew that Hunter's art customers were basically Biden donors, but according to new reports, Hunter's art dealer called Joe Biden and even met with him at the White House.  The Biden White House claimed that there were all sorts of ethics measures in place to avoid the appearance of any corruption but it now looks like that was a total lie.  Surprise!

Art dealer told Congress that Joe Biden called and met him while he sold Hunter Biden's paintings.  The art dealer who sold Hunter Biden's paintings told Congress that President Joe Biden both called and met him at the White House as he was pitching Hunter's artwork and that the first son also made an unusual request to be informed about who bought his pieces, according to testimony that directly undercuts the White House narrative on the sales.  The Biden White House repeatedly told the public that Hunter Biden's art sales were covered by an ethics agreement to ensure they were arms-length and that the first family — Hunter included — was blinded to the identity of buyers.  But George Berges, owner of the prestigious Berges art galleries based in New York and Berlin that sold Hunter Biden's painting from 2020 to 2023, told congressional impeachment investigators that the first son likely knew the identity of 70% of the buyers — the largest who were Democrat donors — and that Hunter Biden's first contract made an unusual request when the relationship started.

CNN Iowa Entrance Poll: 68% Believe Joe Biden Didn't Legitimately Win Election.  Sixty-eight percent of Iowan caucusgoers do not believe President Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election, while 30 percent think he did, a CNN entrance poll found Monday evening.  The poll also asked respondents if former President Donald Trump is fit for the presidency, even if convicted of a crime.  Sixty-four percent said he was, while 34 percent said "no."  The top issue for Republican caucusgoers was immigration (40 percent), followed by the economy (35 percent), foreign policy (11 percent), and abortion (11 percent).

Biden's Latest Remarks on Economy Show He Has No Idea What He Is Talking About.  Joe Biden has horrible approval ratings when it comes to the economy.  That's put the Biden team in a quandary as to what to do when the media asks them about this fact.  They've claimed it's just bad messaging — that Americans just don't understand what's going on.  That of course is both presumptuous and insulting, acting like Americans are stupid and don't understand when they are paying more for everything.

Hunter Biden [Appeared in] Congress To Get B-Roll For His Damage-Control Documentary.  Hunter Biden made a 10-minute surprise appearance before the House Oversight Committee Wednesday before dramatically departing when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene attempted to question him.  At Hunter's side throughout the ordeal was his lawyer, also known as his "sugar brother," Kevin Morris.  Morris has lent Hunter millions of dollars over the last few years and is currently producing a puff documentary about Hunter.  Some theorized that Hunter's hearing appearance meant to dissuade lawmakers from holding him in contempt of Congress.  As Greene pointed out on X, however, Hunter's appearance only accents that he has refused to comply with House and Senate deposition subpoenas related to the alleged Biden bribery scandal.  Hunter's noncompliance is why representatives ultimately voted to hold the president's son in contempt yesterday.

WH Counsel Warns Biden to Stop Bringing His Big Donors to Oval Office.  President Joe Biden has changed the way he gives White House tours to some of his biggest donors, and he did so on advice of counsel.  That, of course, strongly implies that the way the president had been conducting such tours in the past violated the law — a point left-leaning Axios seemed to overlook when it reported on the changes Wednesday.  Unnamed "people familiar with the matter" told Axios for its report that, while Biden continues to host donors at the White House, he has now restricted those visits to certain parts of the president's residence.  According to the outlet, the visits are designed to calm anxious donors who may doubt the president's ability to beat rival Donald Trump, 77, should the former president become the official Republican nominee in 2024 as seems increasingly likely.

Republicans vote to advance Hunter Biden contempt of Congress citation following his made-for-TV 'publicity stunt'.  Republicans have voted to recommend Hunter Biden officially be held in contempt of Congress for refusing to sit for a closed-door deposition as part of their impeachment investigation into his father Joe.  The House Judiciary Committee was first to vote to approve the contempt resolution 23-14 along party lines, teeing up a full floor vote as early as next week.  If that gets cleared, Hunter's case would be referred to the Biden-led Department of Justice for prosecution and he could face up to a year in prison if convicted.

Committees Vote to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress for Refusing to Testify.  The U.S. House Judiciary and Oversight committees held Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress today for refusing to testify weeks ago after receiving a subpoena.  The Judiciary party-line vote was 23-14; Oversight's was 25-11.  The votes send the motion to the full House.

Hunter seems to think the fix is in at Dad's Department of Justice.  This president's son, who has absolutely no business skills and typically is not even sober, has collected tens of millions from foreign governments and businessmen.  Some of that money has found its way through labyrinth shell corporations and into the hands of the "Big Guy."  Some of it has not found its way into the hands of the Internal Revenue Service, though it should have.  Republicans want to learn more about this.  Or as the New York Times would put it, "Republicans pounced."  That's because the media which back in the days of journalism would itself pounce to investigate such suspicious activity was instead still navel-gazing about the laptop computer aka "Russian disinformation."

Hunter Biden unexpectedly shows up to House contempt hearing, quickly storms out in chaotic Capitol Hill scene.  Hunter Biden made a surprise — and brief — appearance Wednesday at a House Oversight Committee hearing where members were debating a resolution holding him in contempt of Congress.  The first son, 53, showed up with his lawyer Abbe Lowell and "sugar brother" Kevin Morris and sat in the front row of the hearing room, causing an uproar among the panel's Republicans, before leaving after about 10 minutes.  Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) tore into Hunter Biden during her remarks, calling him "epitome of white privilege."  "My first question is:  Who bribed Hunter Biden to be here today?" Mace began.  "You are the epitome of white privilege — coming into the Oversight Committee, spitting in our face, ignoring a congressional subpoena to be deposed.  What are you afraid of? [...]"  Mace added:  "I think Hunter Biden should be arrested right here, right now, and go straight to jail."

Hunter Biden Knew His Art Buyers.  Ethical 'Guardrails' Were a Scam.  How much would you pay for a piece of "art" created by a political figure who had no history or experience in the creative arts but seemingly just picked up some paint and canvases and began splashing things around?  Well, if you really liked it and had a lot of money to burn, it might be a fair amount.  And the presumably unknown "artist" would likely feel quite grateful.  But if the "artist" in question was a known, influential political figure who might feel some gratitude toward you in the future, the rest of us would probably have some questions.  These are the issues that have swirled around First Son Hunter Biden's supposed "art sales" from the beginning.  But he racked up a lot of money selling his scribblings in the midst of his well-known financial troubles.  We were assured that protections were in place ensuring that all of the sales were legitimate and not politically connected.  Did anyone really believe that?  A new report reveals that it was all a scam.

Joe Biden's Scary Speech on Jan. 6.  Last Friday, ahead of the anniversary of Jan. 6, President Joe Biden gave a speech near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to kick off his 2024 campaign. [...] Politically speaking, the purpose of the speech was clear.  Given that Biden has among the lowest favorability numbers ever recorded for a sitting president, he cannot make the election about his achievements.  Because he has none that warrant his reelection.  In every way, he has made America a worse country.  He has terribly damaged the economy — increased an already unsustainable national debt; changed an energy-independent and energy-exporting country into an energy dependent and energy-importing one. [...] He has done terrible damage to the most important freedom — freedom of speech.  Among other things, his administration worked with Big Tech before and since the 2020 election to censor political speech.  He has created the first large set of political prisoners in American history — hundreds, soon perhaps thousands, of Americans sentenced to prison for merely entering the Capitol, or for just being present on the Capitol grounds, on Jan. 6.  He has weaponized the Department of Justice against his political opponents, and is overseeing the prosecution of an ex-president and political rival for the first time in American history.  From his first day in office, he has stoked racial tension in America.  His inaugural address was the most hate-filled and divisive inaugural address in American history.  He has so demoralized the American military that recruitment levels are at their lowest ever.

Hunter Biden knew most of his art buyers despite sham 'ethics' plan — contradicting the White House: dealer.  Hunter Biden's Manhattan art dealer said Tuesday that he never worked with the White House on an ethics pact to ensure buyers would remain anonymous — and added that the top purchasers were known to the first son, contrary to prior claims from President Biden's aides.  Georges Bergès also revealed that in addition to the lack of supposed anti-corruption safeguards he actually met and spoke on the phone with the president while repping his son, the House Oversight Committee said in a readout of a closed-door deposition.  The art dealer testified that Hunter, 53, knew who bought about 70% of his art — including Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, who obtained works by the first son both before and after scoring a prestigious presidential appointment.

J.P. Morgan Analyst Predicts Timing of When Biden Will Drop Out, How He Will Be Replaced.  One of J.P. Morgan strategist Michael Cembalest's predictions on his list of "Ten Surprises for 2024" is getting a lot of attention beyond just folks interested in the market and investing.  It's because Cembalest's third predicted "surprise" is that Joe Biden will pull out of the election between Super Tuesday and November, for health reasons.  Super Tuesday is the day that you have a lot of the states holding primaries and caucuses.  This year, that's March 5.  Cembalest says that after Biden steps down due to health, the Democratic National Committee will name a replacement to whom to pass the torch.

The Democrats Can't Disgorge Biden.  The only elected incumbent ever denied the nomination of his party for reelection was President Franklin Pierce, and that occurred long before the modern primary system reduced party conventions to coronation ceremonies. [...] Now the Democrats are stuck with an incumbent whose poll numbers are comparable to those of the hapless Jimmy Carter.  The similarities between Biden and Carter are remarkable.  Carter's feckless foreign policy led to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Biden's obvious weakness prompted Putin to invade Ukraine.  Carter abandoned Iran to the Islamist theocracy of Ayatollah Khomeini and Biden abandoned Afghanistan to the tender mercies of the Taliban.  Domestically, both Carter and Biden gave us high inflation, high interest rates, and economic pessimism.  Both pledged to restore unity and end political turmoil.  In this regard, Biden's record is even worse than Carter's.

Biden recalls attending funerals of cops killed on Jan 6 — crickets from 'fact checkers'.  President Joe Biden delivered his big speech to mark the third anniversary of the January 6, 2021 chaos at the Capitol and as the teller of tall tales is prone to do, he embellished a key detail.  On Friday, the octogenarian demagogue uncorked his ugly rant for a small crowd near historic Valley Forge, PA, a location chosen for its Revolutionary War connection at a time when his regime is persecuting GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump and his supporters like England's King George once did to American patriots.  During the 30 minute diatribe, Biden claimed that he and First Lady Jill Biden attended the funerals of police officers who were killed during the so-called "insurrection" against the government.

Joe Biden: the medications and vacations aren't working.  It's becoming increasingly hard to tell Biden's normal, daily level of confusion from confusion worthy of more than passing mention. [...] Jill Biden is Joe's constant companion, particularly when it comes time to guide him off stage in the hope of avoiding more video of him trying to shake hands or speak with invisible people or haplessly stumbling in circles, trying to find a way to exit the stage. [...] He's lost more or less constantly, even after two weeks of vacation keeping him out of the public eye. [...] It's becoming increasingly obvious the medications Biden is taking to have even an hour or two of relative lucidity aren't working as well as they once did.

Biden's Back on Vacation and the Confusion Looks Very Bad.  A couple of days ago, I wrote about how Joe Biden hadn't had anything that even resembled work on his schedule in about two weeks, that he spent most of that time on vacation at either Camp David or in St. Croix.  That was consistent with his whole time in office where he's spent almost 40 percent of his time on vacation.  But I did note that he would have one thing on his schedule for Jan. 5 — trying to deflect from his failures by talking about the Jan. 6 riot of three years ago, bashing his opponent former President Donald Trump, and demonizing "MAGA" Americans.  It was hilariously presumptuous as he appeared to try to compare himself to George Washington and braving the winter at Valley Forge, which he visited before the speech.  What was also hysterical was that he had planned to give the speech on Saturday, Jan. 6.  But he shitted it back to Jan. 5 — because of anticipated bad weather.  Some "George Washington." [...] But then, after he finished his speech, after he shouted, "I understand POWER!" and his wife had to escort him from the stage, he was off for yet more vacation.  [Tweet]

Burisma lawyer finally registers as a foreign agent in the US.  A lawyer just registered as a foreign agent for work he conducted eight years ago for Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, when Hunter Biden was on the board.  The disclosure raises questions about whether Hunter Biden could face FARA charges in the future that could complicate his father President Joe Biden's re-election run.  The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) requires law firms and lobbyists to disclose work representing the interests of foreign clients.

Joe Biden Does Absolutely Nothing All Day.  Bill O'Reilly analyzes Biden's 'light schedule' and examines a report that claims the President is on vacation a third of the time.  [Video clip]

Contempt Charges for Hunter.  Say, whatever happened to all of those investigations into Hunter Biden and the affairs of Biden Inc.?  Before the Christmas break, it sounded like the House Oversight Committee really had its teeth into some juicy material and the walls were closing in on the First Son.  As it turns out, the work has continued and progress is reportedly being made.  Following Hunter's dramatic press conference where he refused to provide testimony after receiving a congressional subpoena, the committee is moving forward with the next steps, the first of which will be a vote in the committee to hold the younger Biden in contempt of Congress.  Assuming that passes, the measure would move to the floor for a full vote.

The New Rules Dictate That Biden Be Struck From the Ballot With the 25th Amendment.  The 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides for removing a president who is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office."  That describes President Dustpuppet to a T.  Of course, the amendment also spells out the players who are authorized to make this decision and the process by which it must be done, but such considerations are part of the Old Rules.  Remember New Rule #1: Expediency.  We've recently learned that a single actor can unilaterally invoke any clause or phrase she cherry-picks from the founding document, skip over the inconvenient bits, declare a candidate unfit, and strike him from the ballot.  This is what Maine's childish Secretary of State did:  [Video clip]  In Colorado, the state's left-wing Supreme Court did the same thing, unilaterally declaring that Trump had engaged in an insurrection — even though he's never been charged with the crime, much less convicted of it.  And so, if this new rule is allowed to stand, every single state that has even a single conservative official with any say in the matter must declare Biden unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office and strike his name from the ballot.

Our Razor's Edge.  The Bidens now risk exposure to criminal charges of multimillion-dollar tax fraud, perjury, influence selling, and bribery as congressional committees and a special prosecutor unravel years of tangled-up quid pro quos.  A newly indicted Hunter remains reckless and unpredictable.  He continues to publicly blame his mounting legal problems on everyone and everything other than his own selfish excesses.  Hunter deliberately involves his family and may even bring down his own father.  His tax lawyers have previously threatened to call President Biden to testify on his behalf under oath.  He continues to court public scandal by hawking amateurish "representational" paintings to the quid-pro-quo wealthy and wannabes wishing for clout with the White House.  His laptop messages reveal a prodigal son angry that his bagman services were never fully appreciated by his familial beneficiaries.  Hunter's wayward laptop is a felonious trove of drug-addled, illicit Petronian excess and sex, interspliced with his self-incriminating family communications on the distributions of pay-for-play payoffs.

Joe Biden and the left are putting the rule of law at risk.  President Biden will portray his re-election campaign as a crusade to save American democracy.  But Biden has ravaged Americans' rights and liberties ever since he took his oath of office almost three years ago.  Biden presumes he is entitled to force Americans to pay any price to buy votes for his re-election.  Promising to wipe out student debt helped Biden win the 2020 presidential election.  In August last year, Biden announced a $500 billion cancellation of federal student loans, boosting Democratic candidates in the midterm congressional elections.  But the Supreme Court ruled in June that Biden's loan cancellation was an illegal power grab.

Biden's Campaign Message 2024.  Biden makes appointments, his vice president, his SCOTUS pick, etc., based on the anti-American principle of skin color, gender, and sexual orientation instead of picking best person for the job, leading to predictable disasters.  Biden engages in disturbing behavior towards children and little girls, even touching or sniffing them.  Biden ignores SCOTUS rulings, e.g., that forgiving student debt without congressional consent is unconstitutional, but repeatedly tries to do so anyways to buy votes of young people with taxpayer dollars.  Biden regularly speaks gibberish and needs to be led around like a baby, etc.  For these and for many other reasons, Biden will need an outrageous Orwellian strategy for his 2024 campaign. [...] Biden 2024 campaign is, therefore, going to be based on a "hate Trump" message grounded largely on their comical January 6 insurrection myth, comical because the FBI said there was "scant evidence" the Capitol attack was an organized effort to overturn the 2020 election, which did not stop the Democrat's media poodles from describing it as an "insurrection" for years.

There's a New Wrinkle in the Impeachment Investigation of Joe Biden.  Do you remember how White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre let a detail slip during a White House press briefing that Joe Biden spoke with Hunter before he defied the subpoena and knew what he was going to say?  "Look," she said, "as you know, Hunter Biden is a private citizen.  And so, I certainly would refer you to his representatives.  Look, you know, the president was certainly familiar with what his son was going to say.  And I think what you saw was from the heart from his son."  Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley called Jean-Pierre's admission a "breathtaking mistake."  "If this latest allegation is true, the president was speaking with his son about committing a potentially criminal act of contempt.  Hunter was refusing to give testimony focused not on his own role but on his father's potential role in the alleged influence peddling.  The House can pursue evidence on that conversation and how the president may have supported his son's effort," Turley explained.

House GOP Floats Biden Impeachment Over 'Conspiracy To Obstruct' Hunter Deposition.  House Republicans suggested on Wednesday that President Joe Biden could face an impeachment offense related to his son Hunter Biden's refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena.  Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) and Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) said in a letter demanding a host of documents and communications by January 10 that their committees are "compelled to examine as part of our impeachment inquiry whether the President engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct a proceeding of Congress."  In their letter, addressed to White House Counsel Edward Siskel, the chairmen highlighted how White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that President Biden was "familiar" with what Hunter Biden was going to say at a mid-December press event outside the U.S. Capitol.

Our American Nero.  Nero fiddled while Rome burned but Presidentish Biden does all kinds of good ole boy fiddling while he destroys America beyond recognition.  Biden fiddles with the truth, fiddles us soon into war with Russia and China, fiddles with his bank accounts, fiddles with your wealth and worst of all, fiddles with children.  According to the polls and what most Americans already know, he is the worst President in United States history.  Centuries from now, historians will write about him as the man who dismantled America while unable to read from a teleprompter or ride a bike.  Fiddling with the truth is his specialty.  Before stumbling away from a lectern, he blames others for precisely what he is guilty of.  He obfuscates that the Orange Man is a Nazi dictator, when he himself is an actual dictator who ignores Congress and the Supreme Court.  He has canceled $5 Billion in Federal Student Aid for 80,000 borrowers despite an order from the Supreme Court.  He decrees that we must buy EV automobiles, cease using gas stoves, and must not drill for oil while emboldening and enriching our enemies such as Iran.  All without Congressional approval.

Contents of Biden's pseudonym emails tops Comer's list of material impeachment inquiry needs to obtain.  The contents of emails sent by President Biden using pseudonym accounts is the top item House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-Ky.) says investigators handling the impeachment inquiry into the president need to obtain.  Biden, 81, used multiple email aliases — including "robinware456," "JRBware" and "RobertLPeters" — between 2010 and 2019 to communicate with his son Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin, the first son's former business partner, according to the House Ways and Means Committee.  The White House, however, has only released 14 of about 82,000 pages worth of Biden's secret vice presidential emails, according to the Kentucky Republican, who said knowing what's in the rest of them is his top priority when Congress returns from recess in the new year.

Biden Heads Back to DC From Vacation at Camp David; Will Leave for Another Week-long Holiday on the US Virgin Islands Tomorrow.  Joe Biden on Tuesday returned to Washington DC from a vacation at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland.  Because of the bad weather, Joe Biden returned to DC via his presidential motorcade, not Marine One.  [Tweet with video clip]  Biden and his family of grifters will leave for another holiday in the US Virgin Islands on Wednesday afternoon.  It is unclear where Joe Biden will be staying during his holiday in St.  Croix to celebrate the New Year.

Do feds have FISA evidence on Bidens?  Court memos suggest they might, and Congress wants it.  Ever since Hunter Biden was captured in a recording calling his client, Patrick Ho, "the [...] spy chief of China," questions have swirled around the Chinese official who headed a U.S.-based think-tank that worked to advance the interests of CEFC China Energy and its now-vanished founder, Ye Jianming.  Court records from Ho's case reviewed by Just the News show the FBI and Justice Department gathered evidence under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) from around the time when Hunter Biden and his uncle James were dealing with CEFC officials, including Ho.  Joe Biden also met twice with CEFC officials:  once as vice president and once as a private citizen, according to statements made by a family friend to the FBI.

Who Is Actually Running Biden's Potemkin Presidency?  A December 22 news story in The Hill, a liberal media outlet that focuses on Congress, provides a huge hint that, despite the appearances and official claims to the contrary, Joe Biden isn't the man in charge of the White House, that his is a Potemkin Presidency.  The headline proclaims, "Biden Kept at Distance from McConnell in Border Talks."  Then the lede of the news story says Biden "has kept a distance from Senate negotiations on a border deal critical to securing congressional aid to Ukraine, even as GOP lawmakers repeatedly called for him to enter the talks."  Catch the subtle difference there?  The headline is passive, while the lede is active.  The lede clearly suggests Biden himself is why he has not been involved in the much-ballyhooed negotiations between his administration, Senate Democrats, and Senate Republicans seeking an end-of-the-year deal on stopping the rising flood of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. at its Southern border with Mexico.

Lesley Wolf Refused To Explain [her] Order To Remove Joe Biden From [a] Search Warrant In Hunter Biden Case.  Former Assistant U.S Attorney for the District of Delaware Lesley Wolf did not tell lawmakers why she protected Joe Biden from a planned search warrant ahead of the 2020 presidential election.  Wolf testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 14 and declined to discuss an email she sent in August 2020 instructing FBI Agent Joshua Wilson to take Joe Biden's name off a draft search warrant during the Hunter Biden investigation, according to a transcript reviewed by the Daily Caller. [...] IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler have accused Wolf of giving Hunter Biden special treatment by slow-walking and shutting down investigative steps, such as searching Joe Biden's Delaware guest house and Hunter Biden's northern Virginia storage locker.  She recently left the DOJ in the wake of the IRS whistleblower accusations.  Wolf similarly refused to address a memo written by Shapley detailing how she ignored potential campaign finance issues surrounding Hunter Biden's financier Kevin Morris.

Another Biden Scandal Might Be Brewing.  In a new letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a bipartisan group of lawmakers from both chambers of Congress is demanding answers regarding U.S. companies that were apparently allowed by the Biden administration to export technology to entities in adversarial foreign countries — entities with products currently being used in attacks against America's international partners.  It's not news that the world has become an increasingly dangerous place since President Biden took office.  Russia invaded Ukraine as Biden insisted his sanctions would deter Putin's ambitions.  Israel was attacked in a bloody slaughter carried out by Iran-backed Hamas terrorists.  Other patrons of Tehran's bloodthirsty regime have managed to block some 60 percent of the world's shipping traffic from transiting the Red Sea.  China continues to harass Taiwan and threatens the planes and vessels of the U.S. military and its allies in the region.

Biden's Failure to Stop Border 'Invasion' Is Impeachable Offense, GOP House Member Says.  President Joe Biden's unwillingness to stop the border crisis is an impeachable offense that eclipses the issues surrounding his ties to his family's alleged influence peddling, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee says.  "Just on the border alone, we have a commander in chief that is operating in high crimes and misdemeanors because he is not securing our homeland," Rep. Josh Brecheen, R-Okla., told The Daily Signal.  "That — even aside from the bribery element — the Constitution sets up those three elements of treason, bribery, and high crimes and misdemeanors for impeachment."  The House voted last week to formalize an impeachment inquiry into Biden as three of its committees — Oversight and Accountability, Ways and Means, and Judiciary — investigate allegations of corruption and influence peddling.

The $1 Million Hunter Biden's Chinese Business Partner Patrick Ho Wired Him in 2017 [is the] Subject of [a] Separate Bribery Investigation.  Recall that in 2017 the the FBI raided the offices and intercepted the communications of Chi Ping "Patrick" Ho, a Chinese national suspected of espionage who was a business partner with Hunter and Joe Biden's slimy brother Jim Biden.  Patrick Ho was later put on trial and found guilty of bribing government officials around the world to advance the interests of the Chinese Communist Party.  The crooked Department of Justice hid Hunter Biden's connections with Patrick Ho during his trial and even redacted Hunter Biden's name from the evidence documents.

2007 FBI Investigation Resurfaces — A Biden Is Clearly Heard on the Tapes.  Out of all the topics the Joe Biden White House didn't want to see in Sunday's Washington Post, this had to be up there on the list.  The capital city's newspaper of record published recordings Sunday of President Joe Biden's brother, James, engaged in scoring off his famous last name during the late 1990s.  The fact that the recordings were made by FBI investigators couldn't have made things easier in the Biden household either.  The Post article was headlined "James Biden's dealmaking caught on FBI tapes in unrelated bribery probe," and just the words alone had to be unsettling at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Is the Bubble You Live In Making You Dumb?  Perhaps, the answer is that a significant portion of the population live in a bubble of complete ignorance of current reality.  They have not read any economic indicators that report highest inflation levels in decades.  They have not seen any of the many, many videos of the president sniffing little girls' hair and touching them inappropriately.  (Heads up, people — these videos are all on YouTube.)  They have not listened to the reports that confirm that the entire Biden family are as corrupt as the fictional Corleone family in The Godfather only the Bidens get their money from China and the Ukraine.  The millions of illegals that this administration has allowed to enter the country have not invaded their neighborhood yet so they still think the Biden administration is securing our borders.  I can only imagine what it must be inside that magic bubble that these low-information Americans live in.

We Are Well Beyond Hypocrisy.  Donald Trump was impeached because he accurately accused the members of the Ukrainian government of paying Hunter Biden, with his zero fossil fuel expertise, an astronomical sum to serve on the Burisma board — as the costly quid that earned the lucrative quo from his dad Vice President Joe Biden.  No one now denies that Joe Biden got prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired by threatening to cancel legislatively-approved U.S. aid.  Shokin knew about the skullduggery through which the Biden family eventually received $6.5 million from Ukraine — and so Biden ensured his firing, and publicly bragged about it in performance-art fashion.  In sum, Trump had a perfect right as commander in chief to delay (he did not cancel) aid to Ukraine, to ensure that its government was not still paying off the Bidens for their lobbying efforts on its behalf.  It is also now clear that Biden serially lied about his ignorance of Hunter's shake-down operation.  In fact, he was, as Devon Archer emphasized, "the brand" central to Hunter's scheme to coerce money from foreign governments.  Joe was proverbially, in Hunter's words "the man sitting next to me" and thus able to either punish or reward foreign interests, depending on the size of the checks they wrote to his various fronting family members.

Hunter's Defiance.  Whatever the Biden spin machine says to try to minimize Joe Biden's involvement in his son's influence peddling business shenanigans, the evidence gathered so far overwhelmingly points to Joe's substantial knowledge and involvement along with benefits that he received.  Some of that evidence came out of Hunter's own mouth when he complained that he had to turn over as much of fifty percent of his "salary" to "pop."  The incriminating evidence also includes bank records of payments from foreign business entities through shell companies to Biden family members and subsequent checks family members gave to Joe Biden for purported repayment of phantom loans.  One of these checks was clearly a cut to the "big guy" (identified by one of Hunter's former business associates as Joe Biden) from monies paid by one of these foreign entities through a shell company to a Biden family member.  The evidence also includes first-hand accounts from Hunter Biden's former business associates describing Joe Biden's extensive interactions with Hunter's Ukrainian, Russian, and Chinese business clients.

FBI secretly taped James Biden as it probed attorney who paid $100K to his consulting firm: report.  President Biden's brother James was secretly recorded by the FBI during a bribery investigation into a Mississippi trial attorney who shelled out $100,000 to his consulting firm in the late 1990s, a report said on Sunday.  Richard Scruggs, the trial attorney, hired James and Sara Biden's DC consulting firm while seeking to gin up support for tobacco legislation being contemplated by Congress in 1998, the Washington Post reported.  Neither James, 74, nor his brother President Joe Biden, 81, were implicated in any major criminal wrongdoing in the case.  But the revelation comes amid an impeachment probe into alleged influence-peddling by the president's family members.  "I probably wouldn't have hired him if he wasn't the senator's brother," Scruggs told the Washington Post about why he forked over cash to James Biden's firm.

Yes, Hunter is Now in Contempt of Congress.  Congress is often a theater of the absurd, from Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) pulling a fire alarm before a major vote to former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) being, well, a member of Congress at all.  However, none of that compares to what unfolded on Wednesday as Hunter Biden stood outside Congress and defied a subpoena as being "beyond the absurd."  What happens next could be even more bizarre.  Hunter was under a subpoena from the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability to appear for testimony.  As I previously wrote, he had two choices:  He could appear and either testify or invoke his right to remain silent.  The only thing that he could not do is what he did — just refuse to go into the hearing room.  Yet, there he was, with counsel Abbe Lowell by his side, holding forth with a public press conference while refusing to appear in the closed-door deposition being held in the building behind him.  By staying on the Senate side of the Capitol, Hunter guaranteed that the House sergeant at arms did not pull him into the hearing room.  Ironically, that would have been a better option than his blowing a raspberry at the committee and then speeding away.

Hunter Biden announces that he is a flight risk.
Report: Hunter Biden Threatens to 'Flee' America if Donald Trump [is] Reelected.  Hunter Biden reportedly threatened to take extreme action and flee the United States of America if voters reelect former President Donald Trump.  The threat represents the often neurotic nature of the president's son, 53, who faces 42 years in prison for tax and gun charges in an ongoing investigation.  "In recent conversations with family friends, he [Hunter] has worried that he might have to flee the country if Trump were to be elected president again," two people who spoke with Hunter told Politico's Jonathan Lemire.

Federal prosecutor accused of obstructing Hunter Biden investigation quietly leaves office.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, who has been accused of obstructing the Hunter Biden probe, has left her post at the Justice Department, it was reported Thursday as she sat down for an interview with the House Judiciary Committee.  Wolf, who was interviewed behind closed doors Thursday for a transcribed interview, appeared under a subpoena, a day after the full House voted on a party line basis to formalize an impeachment inquiry into the president.  That came on a day when Hunter Biden delivered a blistering statement outside the Capitol but declined to appear for a closed interview with lawmakers, after saying he would appear in a public forum.

Oversight Member Indicates They Might Hold Swalwell in Contempt for Arranging Hunter's Capitol Remarks.  Hunter Biden was supposed to comply with a subpoena and give a closed-door deposition to the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.  Instead, he showed up on the Senate side of the Capitol and gave a speech attacking the Republicans, on the steps in an area known as the "Senate Swamp."  Somehow, "swamp" was apropos for the bunch of bull that Hunter put out there, as he gave the Oversight Committee the finger and blew off the subpoena.  That now opens Hunter up for a contempt charge, and House Oversight has indicated that they are starting the process.  That also raised potential questions for Joe Biden, who knew what Hunter was going to say ahead of time, raising the question of whether he was involved in any obstruction.  That could also potentially be an impeachable offense.  Plus, Joe Biden had previously said people who defied subpoenas should be prosecuted.

Hunter's Troll-tastic Press Conference Was a Major Strategic Blunder.  Hunter Biden defied a congressional subpoena Wednesday, announcing his decision in a public statement that was obviously crafted and approved by his legal team and handlers.  His strategy is to play the victim card, trying to use his addictions as an excuse for a lifetime of evading the law — and basic responsibilities — while bagging as much cash as possible off of his family name.  This latest dramatic episode of the Hunter Biden Show is likely to yield contempt of Congress proceedings from House Republicans.  Hunter delivered his statement at a D.C. press conference that no one asked for, making for a content bonanza for his defenders and skeptics alike.  The optics were entertainingly discordant with Hunter's reputation.

Did Joe Biden Know Hunter Would Violate Republicans' Congressional Subpoena?  The White House Says Yes.  The White House admitted on Wednesday that President Joe Biden was "familiar" with his son's plans to violate a congressional subpoena issued by House Republicans.  The moment came during a White House press conference when Fox News' Peter Ducey asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about Hunter's refusal to abide by House Republicans' subpoena.  By subpoenaing the younger Biden, House Republicans sought to compel him to sit for a closed-door deposition hearing where they could dig into Joe's leading role in the Biden family's foreign business ventures.  When asked about Hunter's refusal to testify in the Republicans' sought-after deposition, Jean-Pierre admitted that Joe was "familiar" with what his son would say during the latter's Wednesday press conference.  "I don't have anything else to add.  The president was familiar with what Hunter was going to say today and, you know, look, he's proud of his son ... how he's rebuilding his life back," Jean-Pierre said.  "He's going to focus on ... the American people.  Hunter ... is a private citizen ... I'm just not going to get into private conversations."

The Editor says...
Bribery, graft, conspiracy and treason are always arranged in "private conversations."  Yes, Hunter Biden "is a private citizen," but if he is the bag man for the President's illegal activities, he's fair game.

You Can Tell the Bidens Have Nothing to Hide by How They're Hiding So Many Things.  Not a single Biden has done anything to disprove any allegations against them, nor will they — forging documents to make your case never works out well, just ask Dan Rather.  And documents would be all it would take to disprove the allegations — something, anything at all showing Joe Biden served as the Biden family bank, loaning out large sums of money to all comers, at zero interest, for pretty much anything.  A worthless junkie setting millions of dollars on fire while completely engulfed in addition wants tens of thousands of dollars to buy a truck, even though he already owns 2 other vehicles?  Not a problem, just don't ask for anything formalizing the transaction.  Joe's brother — one of the few people on the planet who can make Hunter look productive and like a good hire — and his wife "paid back" a small fortune to Joe for "loans" to cover... [nobody] knows what.  Again, that Bank of Biden no paperwork is necessary.

According to Joe Biden, Anyone Who Defies a Congressional Subpoena Should Be Prosecuted.  By refusing to appear before the House Oversight Committee for a standard closed-door deposition, Hunter Biden is widely expected to be held in contempt of Congress.  And if we take Joe Biden's words at face value, the president thinks his son should be prosecuted for it.  On Wednesday, instead of complying with the committee's subpoena, he gave a whiny press conference, during which he played the victim card like a petulant child.  He accused Republicans of cherrypicking and fabricating evidence against him and denied any "financial involvement" by his father, Joe Biden, in his foreign business dealings.  Hunter curiously moved the goalposts, considering that for a long time, the narrative was that Joe Biden never even spoke with his son about his business, and now suddenly, he seems to be conceding more significant involvement.

Let's Be Clear:  This Is About Joe Biden, Not Hunter Biden.  When James Comer wondered on CNN whether Special Counsel David Weiss had indicted Hunter Biden on nine tax-related charges to protect him from having to be deposed in the House Oversight Committee, Jake Tapper snarkily responded: "Yes, the classic rubric.  He indicted him to protect him.  I got it."  Well, yes.  Indicting a person on lesser charges can often protect him from more serious ones.  It happens all the time.  In this case, though, "him" isn't Hunter, it's Joe.  Weiss failed to indict Hunter for failing to register as a foreign agent or failing to pay taxes on the millions that flowed from those arrangements.  Why?  Probably because any investigation into Hunter's $17 million foreign influence-peddling business — which Weiss has scrupulously avoided — leads to the president of the United States answering lots of awkward queries about his connection to disreputable people and authoritarian regimes.  There is no Hunter Biden case without Joe.  There is no Biden Inc. without Joe.  Hunter's laptop — the one that the New York Post got its hands on, and that Tapper and others attempted to cover up — was crammed with texts and emails in which the son references his dad's role in securing payments and taking cuts from the business.  None of that is to mention the numerous witnesses that have come forward to contend that the "Big Guy" played a part in that outfit.  Or the checks that ended up being written to Joe.

Is Joe Biden really just a loving father, or something else?  We are supposed to believe that:  [•] No matter how many trips Joe took Hunter on, on the taxpayer dime, to meet with and collect kickbacks from, that not once did Joe ever say a word to him about his business.  [•] No matter how many times Joe went to dinner with business associates, no matter how many times he played golf with the business associates, no matter how many times he ate dinner with them, no matter how many pictures he took with them, no matter how many times he talked on the phone with them, and no matter how many times he emailed them using an alias that not once did he ever discuss business with them.  [•]  Not once has Biden ever talked to Hunter about how he pays for his expensive house rentals, exotic cars, his drugs, his kids' education, his strip club trips and hookers, or his high-priced lawyers.  His supposed lack of curiosity is astonishing.  [•]  Not once has he asked how he gets so much time off from his law firm job.  These companies or people in Russia, China, Ukraine, and elsewhere continued to pay millions to Hunter despite his admitting he had no service or product to sell, only the illusion of access.  I believe the payments would have stopped long ago if all they got was an illusion.

Banks Flagged Joe Biden's Home Address with 'Suspicious Activity' Reports 6 Times:  Report.  A sitting Republican senator with years of experience investigating the family of President Joe Biden said Thursday that a number of banks reported suspicious financial activity at the president's home in Wilmington, Delaware.  Banks filed Suspicious Activity Reports, known as SARS in the industry, at least six times, flagging "about $12 million in transactions over several years," Sen. Ron Johnson said on "Just the News, No Noise."  Later in the interview, Johnson said that the $12 million figure was an estimate, and might include some double counting.  The reports were connected with Hunter Biden's overseas affairs, and "raised concerns about possible criminal activity involving money laundering or human trafficking," according to Just the News' report on Johnson's interview.

The Hunter Biden Indictment is Itself a Model of Evasion.  The 56-page indictment of Hunter Biden for tax evasion makes for racy reading, with the special counsel describing a four-year criminal pattern directed at maintaining Biden's "extravagant lifestyle."  That lifestyle included massive expenses for strippers, sex clubs, fast cars and other distractions.  The steps taken by Hunter to evade taxes are impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the efforts of the Justice Department to evade any direct implications for his father, President Biden.  In that sense, the indictment itself is a marvel of evasion.  There are three glaring omissions in the indictment that tend to shield critical payments and conduct that implicate the president.

Biden ignores questions after son Hunter was indicted on evading $1.4 million in taxes.  President Joe Biden waved to reporters as he left the White House on Friday morning but ignored shouted questions hours after his son Hunter was indicted on tax evasion charges.  The indictment included a string of embarrassing allegations, setting out how the troubled first son spent $870,000 on prostitutes, sex club memberships and porn.  It will provide a welcome break from questions about what he knew about his son's business dealings and how he racked up such huge spending.  He wore his Aviator sunglasses as he strode out of the White House residence alone and walked briskly to Marine One as reporters tried to ask him whether he had spoken to his son.  His father left Washington on a trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where he will spend the weekend.

Hunter indictment [was] designed specifically to avoid Joe Biden.  The 56-page indictment of Hunter Biden for tax evasion makes for racy reading, with the special counsel describing a four-year criminal pattern directed at maintaining Biden's "extravagant lifestyle."  That lifestyle included massive expenses for strippers, sex clubs, fast cars and other distractions.  The steps taken by Hunter to evade taxes are impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the efforts of the Justice Department to evade any direct implications for his father, President Biden.  In that sense, the indictment itself is a marvel of evasion.  There are three glaring omissions in the indictment that tend to shield critical payments and conduct that implicate the president.

There's Only One Explanation For Hunter Biden's Simple Indictment Taking So Long: 2020 Election Interference.  A federal grand jury in California returned a multi-count indictment against Hunter Biden late Thursday, charging the president's son with multiple tax offenses.  While the indictment detailed some sordid spending sprees by Hunter Biden, the crimes charged were so basic that to say Special Counsel David Weiss opted for the low-hanging fruit would be an understatement.  Weiss instead limited the charges to the crimes that fell into his lap.  The simplicity of the charges underscores the protect-Biden racket that operated out of the Delaware U.S. attorney's office for the last several years.  Late Thursday, news broke that Hunter Biden had been charged in a nine-count indictment on multiple tax offenses, including three felonies.  Specifically, Weiss charged the president's son with willfully failing to pay his federal income taxes in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019; willfully failing to file income tax returns in 2017 and 2018; and willfully filing in 2018 a false 1040 personal tax return and a false corporate tax return for Owasco PC, while declaring "under the penalties of perjury," that both tax returns were true and correct.

Hunter Biden's Lawyer Snaps After Brzezinski Repeats Blunt Question About New Charges.  MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski grilled Hunter Biden's attorney, Abbe Lowell, on the president's son's new charges.  Hunter was indicted in California by a grand jury of nine counts related to his alleged failure to pay over $1 million worth of taxes over a four-year period.  Hunter is charged with three felonies and six misdemeanors including failure to pay taxes and failure to file taxes.  The indictment lays out Hunter's business dealings with Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, a Romanian oligarch previously thought to be Gabriel Popoviciu and Chinese infrastructure company CEFC.

Hunter Biden Received $4.9M From 'Sugar Brother' Hollywood Lawyer Who Paid His Taxes, Bought His Art.  Most of us work hard for a living, but it seems what we really needed all along was a "sugar brother."  That seems to have worked out well for First Son Hunter Biden, who reportedly received over $4.9 million from Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris over a three-year period, according to an IRS whistleblower.  Hunter's BFF allegedly paid off some of Hunter's tax bills and even bought some of his "art."

Jonathan Turley Weighs In On Hunter News: 'None Of Us Have Seen The Likes Of This'.  Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley weighed in on the newest report showing Hunter Biden sent his father, President Joe Biden, monthly payments from the bank account he reportedly used to receive money from Chinese business associates.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer released redacted bank records Monday showing direct payments to Biden from Hunter's Owasco P.C. bank account.  The payments appear to stem from September of 2018.  Turley said Monday an impeachment vote into Biden was "overdue" and there "was ample evidence to justify an impeachment inquiry."  "I can't imagine how anyone would look at this evidence and not believe that a formal inquiry should begin.  There's been a litany of lies that have come out of the Biden family and the White House.  The president denied knowing about any of these business arrangements.  Even Hunter said that wasn't true," Turley said, listing other pieces of evidence.

Our Dickensian President.  [Charles] Dickens gave us Ebenezer Scrooge, who personified that vice, but he could not fail to be impressed by the covetous reach of Joe Biden and his family.  As vice president, Joe traveled to the Ukraine to thwart an investigation into his and son Hunter's influence peddling, only to use one billion dollars of taxpayer money to bribe his way out of hot water, and then brag publicly about exactly what he had done.  That's chutzpah to rival any "Bah!  Humbug!"  A politician "of the people," who never had a job outside of government and claimed he never owned "a single stock or bond," he managed to pay $2.75 million in cash for a Delaware beach house.  A clever writer might be able to connect Ordinary Joe's extraordinary home financing to the fact that the purchase was only two weeks removed from his son's call to Russian business operatives demanding rapid payment of a $10 million "fee."  Dickens probably would have had great fun with the fact that Biden somehow wrangled $1.7 billion in public funds, calling it the Inflation Reduction Act, when its real purpose was to reward political donors and sneak in a Green New Deal, while adding massively to the public debt.  Scrooge never did anything half as bad.

If the Bank of Biden shenanigans sound suspicious it's because they are.  For a man who once claimed to be "the poorest man in Congress," Joe Biden sure likes to loan out money.  For instance, the Bank of Biden supposedly gave $40,000 to his brother James.  James was able to repay the money barely a month later, after he coincidentally received a check from a Chinese energy company.  Next, the White House claims, Joe Biden helped his son make car payments.  That's why Joe received a monthly payment of $1,380 in 2018 from his son Hunter's law firm.  Hunter was just paying him back — possibly using money the son "earned" from that same Chinese energy firm, and a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma.  If all this sounds suspicious, that's because it is!  Hunter Biden was making up to $80,000 a month from Burisma.  His own memoir details his massive spending on drugs and prostitutes.  Why did he need his father to cover his car payments?  James Biden, meanwhile, is a man who spent his career profiting off his brother's political positions.  He always had some scheme going on, why does he need to hit up his brother for money?

Subpoenaed Bank Records Show Hunter Biden's Owasco, P.C. Made Direct Monthly Payments to Joe.  As the House Oversight Committee's investigation into the Biden Family Business (and the resultant impeachment inquiry) proceeds apace, Chairman James Comer (R-KY) released a new video Monday morning detailing even more [inclupatory] evidence regarding the president's involvement in his son's business dealings.  In the video, Comer sets forth the list of lies by Joe Biden and his team regarding the extent of that involvement.  [Tweet with video clip]

James Comer:  Joe Biden Received 'Direct Monthly Payments' from Hunter's 'Owasco PC' Business Account.  President Joe Biden received "direct monthly payments" from Hunter Biden's "Owasco PC" business account, which received "payments from Chinese-state linked companies and other foreign nationals and companies," House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) told Breitbart News on Monday.  Comer's revelation amplifies concerns raised by Republicans that Joe Biden is compromised.  It also provides more evidence to support an impeachment inquiry into the president. [...] Owasco PC is an entity involved in many complicated wire transfers of the Biden business, Breitbart News previously reported:
  •   Joe Biden received $40,000 in "China money" from his brother disguised as loan repayment.
  •   An email from a bank money laundering investigator flagged concerns about the "China money" that ultimately funded the $40,000.
  •   The Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden and Owasco PC for tax violations.
"This wasn't a payment from Hunter Biden's personal account but an account for his corporation that received payments from China and other shady corners of the world," Comer said.  "Joe Biden claimed there was an 'absolute wall' between his official government duties and his family's influence peddling schemes.  This was a lie."  "At this moment, Hunter Biden is under an investigation by the Department of Justice for using Owasco PC for tax evasion and other serious crimes," Comer said.

Bruner: Biden Impeachment for Bribery an 'Open and Shut Case'.  Seamus Bruner, Director of Research at the Government Accountability Institute and author of Controligarchs:  Exposing the Billionaire Class, their Secret Deals, and the Globalist Plot to Dominate Your Life, said Sunday on Fox News channel's "Fox & Friends" that he believed the impeachment of President Joe Biden for bribery would be an "open and shut case."  Bruner said, "It needs to be e behind closed doors.  And, of course, Hunter and his allies want to make it the public spectacle where it's about the drugs and the prostitutes and or poor Hunter's problem.  They need it behind closed doors so they can really drill down, get to the meat of the problem, follow the money, reference the emails that are so [inculpatory] against Hunter and even Joe."

The Biden Family Grift and Hunter's Fake Offer To Testify.  Hunter Biden's offer to testify before the House Oversight Committee is a clever evasion, nothing more.  The president's son says he will testify only if the hearing is publicly televised.  Nice try.  Subpoenaed witnesses don't get to set the terms.  The committee does.  Why make an offer that is bound to be rejected?  For two reasons.  The PR goal is for Hunter to appear willing to testify, when he actually wants desperately to avoid it.  The legal goal is to prevent, or at least delay, the committee from enforcing its subpoena.  Hunter and his hardball attorney, Abbe Lowell, probably figure the Biden administration's Department of Justice won't go to court and demand compliance.  That's not a bad bet.  If the DOJ does refuse, the House will go to court itself, but that will take time and may not succeed.  This kerfuffle over testimony is only the latest twist in the investigation of Biden family influence peddling.  The complexity of that family operation makes it easy to lose sight of what we know, what we don't, and how deeply the president himself is involved.

Does Anybody Know What Books Biden Reads?  Or If He Reads?  Time was when the elite media class obsessed over how many and what books presidents read.  But since President Joe Biden took office, they've completely lost interest.  Do they know something we don't?  Before Biden, the press loved to ask presidents about their favorite books.  What's on their nightstand?  What are they reading on vacation?  It has always been treated as a sign of intelligence.  A measure of sophistication.  The Daily Beast once compared presidential reading habits to how historians ranked them as presidents.  "The results are not surprising — the top-ranked presidents all made our list near the top of presidential readers," it reported.  The press lavished praise on Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for their book-reading habits.  When Clinton was running in 1992, for example, the New York Times reported glowingly that he was "an omnivorous reader."  Obama's summer reading list was treated as front-page news.

81-Year-Old Joe Biden Calls a Lid After Doing Absolutely Nothing Today.  81-year-old Joe Biden called a lid early Friday afternoon and has nothing on his public schedule.  Biden has been in hiding all day and Karine Jean-Pierre didn't hold a press briefing on Friday after storming out of the room on Thursday.

Biden Says That Prices Are Still Too High so Companies Should Just Lower Them.  Joe Biden has apparently noticed that the price of everything is much higher on his watch than a few years ago.  He is now asking sellers to just lower their prices. [...] Companies don't lower prices just because inflation is politically inconvenient for the president and his party.

Hunter Biden appearing before Congress about his family's influence-peddling business is just another ruse.  It was an alluring idea at first.  Hunter Biden would appear in public before Congress on Dec. 13 to answer questions about his family's influence-peddling business.  But of course, it was just another ruse by his high-priced lawyers to avoid accountability and stage a pity party.  Everyone else subpoenaed in James Comer's House Oversight investigation of the Bidens has to first sit for a transcribed interview under oath.  In Hunter's case, the committee has hundreds of bank documents, and other evidence to put before him relating to millions of dollars he and other Biden family members raked in from America's foreign adversaries during his father's vice presidency.  It is impossible to extract meaningful information from a televised congressional hearing that allows witnesses to filibuster through the five-minute time limits and in which too many members engage in self-interested grandstanding.

Who's running the show at the White House?  Maria Bartiromo suggests it's NOT Biden.  Soon after former President Donald Trump suggested someone else may be pulling the strings in the Oval Office, Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo questioned "who's running the show" at the White House.  Speaking with Rep. Richard McCormick on "Mornings with Maria" the host examined the connection between President Joe Biden and his one-time boss, former President Barack Obama.  Recently Trump addressed the ongoing theory by some that Obama is really in charge, effectively running his third term as president through his former VP.  "You've been ripped off by everybody and betrayed by the corrupt globalists, Washington, Wall Street people, those combinations of Washington, Wall Street, they're the worst of all," Trump said in October at a New Hampshire campaign event.  "And it's never been worse than it is now under crooked Joe Biden, and frankly, his boss, Barack Hussein Obama.  I think it's his boss."  The former president also addressed recent attacks against him for seeming to mistakenly refer to Biden as Obama.  [Tweet]

Wait, The FBI Had 40 Confidential Informants Tracking the Biden Family's Shady Deeds?  There's been a war, and Hamas terrorists and their supporters are coming out of the woodwork, so this story got buried.  If you're Joe Biden, you're probably happy about it. [...] The FBI reportedly has not one but 40 people feeding them information about the Biden family.  Is that normal?  Does that sound like things are kosher regarding their business dealings?  As you'd expect, the FBI was able to shut down some of the reporting on these leads by waving the magic wand and saying "foreign disinformation". [...] It also goes beyond Biden's scandals.  The bureau dropped a legit slam-dunk child pornography case to persecute January 6 suspects.  That is how Biden is going to get away with it:  the FBI runs interference long enough so that when every allegation is proven true through corroborating evidence provided by these informants, Joe is long out of office and quite possibly dead.  Or he'll get away with it because that's what happens when you're a member of the Democratic Party.

Biden impeachment inquiry continues to build momentum, evidence.  The impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is gaining momentum as more evidence comes out to back allegations that the president himself financially benefited from the overseas business dealings of his son, Hunter.  While Republicans will find it very difficult to get the needed supermajority to impeach Biden, the mounting evidence and media coverage would be another obstacle for Biden to overcome as he campaigns for reelection.  The House Oversight Committee, led by Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., has filed a flurry of subpoenas in the investigation of Biden family members and associates this month, starting with Hunter Biden, the president's son, James Biden, the president's brother, and their business associate Bob Walker.

The Editor says...
If you went to a circus to watch the "human cannonball" act, and the fellow waved and slid into the cannon, and then of course there was a drumroll, would you lose your patience after the drumroll went on for 30 minutes?  That's what the Biden impeachment is like.  I've seen enough stories about how the momentum is building, and the end is near, and look at all the mounting evidence, and so on.  Impeach him, or shut up about it.  The obvious fact is that Joe Biden will probably die of old age before any impeachment is undertaken.  The whole process of gathering evidence is much too late.  All the felonies, of which he is accused, took place years ago when he was merely the vice president.  Nobody has yet proven what he's done since being installed as (Obama's puppet) president two or three years ago.  Move on to an attainable goal:  Prosecute the smaller fish, and send somebody to prison.  Otherwise, people will get the idea that all the crooks in Washington are immune to the laws that apply to the rest of us.

Biden Just Kneecapped Israel and Gave Hamas New Life on Ceasefire.  Even as hostages were finally released on Friday, marking the start of a four-day ceasefire, President Joe Biden was already hard at work kneecapping Israel and giving Hamas new life.  Hours after a press conference in which he claimed Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th because he was about to secure peace in the Middle East, Biden spoke to reporters again.  This time, he directly stated that the first ceasefire was "just a start" and claimed that there was a "real" chance the truce could be extended. [...] In other words, Biden is now pushing for an outcome that would allow the remnants of Hamas to escape Northern Gaza and regroup to carry out new attacks.  Any long-term truce is simply a new lease on life for the terrorist government.  Biden's choosing to promote such nonsense has given Hamas the green light to pursue a strategy of trickling out hostages in order to keep a one-sided ceasefire going for possibly months.  The ultimate goal would be for the fighting to stop long enough that international pressure would prevent Israel from reigniting the fight to finish off Hamas.

Biden Claims "Hamas Struck When They Did" Because He Wanted to Build a Railroad Through Middle East.  Joe Biden took a quick break from his Thanksgiving holiday at a billionaire's estate in Nantucket to address the release of hostages from Hamas terrorists. [...] Joe Biden hobbled over to the lectern.  Was he limping?  [Tweet with video clip]  Biden stunned reporters when he claimed Hamas terrorists slaughtered 1,400 Jews in Israel last month because of a railroad he proposed at G20.  "Well I believe one of the reasons Hamas struck when they did because they knew that I was working very closely with the Saudis and others in the region to bring peace to the region by having recognition of Israel and Israel's right to exist," Biden said.  "You may recall when we did the G20... I was able to get a resolution... a statement passed through there saying we're gonna build a railroad from Riyadh all the way through the Middle East, into Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc., and all the way up to Europe," Biden said.  "Not the railroad but the underground pipeline and then the railroad."  [Tweet with video clip]

Biden peeks into Hell
The Bonfire of Biden's Vanities.  By now I imagine most readers have seen the photo of Joe Biden's birthday cake, which is the greatest moment of presidential self-immolation since Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit or George H.W. Bush threw up on the Japanese prime minister.  The amazing thing is that someone in the White House thought it was a keen idea to release this photo.  Which wasn't even competently shot.  What's up with gripping the sides of the table?  I have a theory.  People who think Democrats are playing Lucy and the football with Republicans, waiting to swap out Biden for someone more plausible once the GOP has settled on Trump, are mistaken.

Department of Energy hands $3,000,000,000 to solar panel company accused of preying on dementia patients.  Any outside observer looking in at the Joe Biden "presidency" can immediately recognize that the man purportedly in charge is not actually in charge.  Joe can barely communicate, because every time he speaks he garbles his words, often to an indecipherable point; "rumors" that he's soiled himself in front of foreign dignitaries lack a startling amount of "debunked" pushback; the signature gait change that accompanies cognitive decline is undeniable; and apparently staffers recently launched a new strategy known as "Operation Bubble Wrap" to prevent the old man from tripping and falling so frequently on camera, because the optics are looking really bad.  Don't believe you're lying eyes!  This isn't a reanimated corpse, it's a man in peak health!  Naturally, people from all parts of the political spectrum have accused those nearest to Joe Biden of "elder abuse," but apparently he's not the only one — a disturbing new story gives credence to the idea that the Bidenites have taken elder abuse into the bureaucracy and exploiting the aged is now a matter of Democrat policy.

Biden Makes Huge Gaffe on Fentanyl, WH Rushes to Clean Up as He Flees for More Vacation.  As we reported earlier, part of the fentanyl problem is because Biden has failed to secure the border.  He also didn't seem to understand China's involvement in the whole fentanyl process, lifting sanctions on a blacklisted forensics lab in exchange for Xi saying they would do more to track the flow of chemicals for fentanyl.  As Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) said, that was a bit like "thanking the arsonist."  But Biden also made another huge gaffe that had the White House rushing to clean up.  During his remarks about the drug, he said he was calling on Congress to make it a "Schedule 1 drug."  Doing that would cause it to be unable to be used for the legitimate medical uses it is employed for now.  [Tweet with video clip]  Fentanyl is currently a Schedule II drug which means it can be prescribed for legitimate medical use. [...] Once Biden was done with his fentanyl event, then he was off to the plane, bound for Nantucket, for still more days of vacation.  He's staying again at billionaire private equity tycoon David Rubenstein's estate.  He preaches about the billionaires and then does all he can to hang out at their estates on his vacations.

Washington Post Reinvents Its Biden Family Corruption Standard To Cover For The 'Big Guy'.  The Washington Post established itself as the premier public relations partner for the Biden family this weekend in a laughable article that purported to summarize its "review" of Hunter Biden's career.  The left-leaning outlet's "reporting," however, instead peddled to Americans a mythical tale that not only moved the goalposts for judging misconduct but whitewashed the entire field of the family's influence-peddling scheme — details of which now confirm President Biden personally profited from the corruption.  "I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses.  Period," then-presidential candidate Joe Biden proclaimed in an August 2019 statement to reporters.  Since then, overwhelming evidence has established Biden, while vice president, not only spoke with Hunter and Jim Biden about their business, but also met or talked with various investors including foreign officials, and later received money that originated from those same "business" partners.

House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Top Prosecutor In Hunter Biden Probe.  The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed a top prosecutor in Special Counsel David Weiss' Hunter Biden probe on Tuesday.  House Judiciary Chairman and Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan sent a letter to Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf Tuesday notifying her that she is required to come before the committee for a deposition Dec. 7, according to the letter.  Jordan said the committee was seeking Wolf's testimony because her "critical role" in the Hunter Biden investigation can help advance the committee's ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

Republicans Subpoena Lesley Wolf, Who Blocked Hunter Biden Investigators From Probing Joe.  House Republicans are demanding answers from Special Counsel David Weiss's top deputy in the Justice Department's criminal probe of Hunter Biden.  On Tuesday, GOP House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio formally subpoenaed Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf to appear before lawmakers on Dec. 7.  "Information available to the Committee suggests that you — either directly or by instructing others — are responsible for many of the decisions to deviate from standard investigative protocol during the Department's investigation of Hunter Biden," Jordan wrote.  The letter accompanying the subpoena highlighted what federal whistleblowers allege was interference by Wolf, such as tipping off "people very close" to the Bidens about an FBI request for an interview and barring investigators from asking questions that might implicate the president in criminal financial schemes.

Joe in the looking glass.  Being President isn't the same as storytelling on the front porch to one's grandchildren or doing stand-up comedy in LA or shaking invisible hands.  It's serious business, and risky business, when all the world's dictators and strongmen are watching his every move and equating his condition with that of an entire nation.  The world is not getting safer because of Joe; it is getting more dangerous.  And while we can laugh with (and at) Joe's machinations, we must realize that he will not improve with age.

The Gold Medal Winner for Presidential Lies.  Joe Biden, beyond his word salad bumbling, is an incredible liar, covering for Barack Obama, his master.  Virtually everything that Biden and his press secretary say is a lie.  Unsurprisingly, public confidence in the presidency and today's sycophant journalism is at an all-time low.  His agency heads constantly lie:  Merrick Garland, Alejandro Mayorkas, Christopher Wray, Pete Buttigieg, Antony Blinken, take your pick.  The precedent for the Biden Administration's lies is the administration of Barack Obama, for whom Biden served as vice president.  Obama taught Biden the best of lying techniques.

Slow Joe turns 81.  President Biden turns 81 tomorrow.  We wish him a happy birthday in the privacy with which he is bound to celebrate it.  He doesn't want to draw attention to his achievement in longevity, though I can't think of another positive achievement he can claim.  Eighty-one might not be too old to be president, but Biden gives evidence in every public appearance that it is, at least in his case.  His handlers sought to conceal his decline by keeping him in the basement during the 2020 presidential campaign.  In office, his handlers have sought to conceal his decline by a variety of stratagems.  Lest he get lost in a fog during public appearances, for example, his handlers provide him with cards specifying step-by-step instructions in capital letters.  And yet he still gets lost in a fog during public appearances.  The cards can only do so much.  Biden is surrounded by a bodyguard of liars on staff and in the mainstream media, yet everyone sees that he is — to put it mildly — senescent.  His senescence is so far advanced that it can't be concealed.

Biden Can't Be Trusted To Confront The Chinese Communists Who Pay His Family Millions.  President Joe Biden met Chinese dictator Xi Jinping for high-level talks in California on Wednesday, marking the first time the two leaders have spoken face-to-face in a year.  While specific details of the conversation will assuredly remain under wraps, a White House readout of the discussion indicates that Biden and Xi covered a variety of hot-button issues, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Israel's defense against Hamas terrorists in the Middle East, and Taiwan. [...] But aside from Biden's incompetence at juggling U.S. foreign policy, Wednesday's U.S.-China talks raised a far more concerning question.  How can Biden be trusted to manage U.S. relations with China when he and his family have received millions of dollars from Chinese entities connected to the Chinese Communist Party?

Hunter Biden [was] kept afloat with millions from [his] father's Democratic donors after foreign money dried up.  When Hunter Biden's foreign business deals began drying up amid his recovery from addiction and his father's 2020 presidential campaign, he tapped a rich new source of money that has kept him afloat:  Democratic supporters of Joe Biden's presidential campaign, according to hundreds of pages of documents reviewed by Just the News.  Evidence gathered by federal and congressional investigators show Hunter Biden collected over $6 million since his father began running for the presidency in 2020.  The assistance flowed predominantly from prominent Democratic donor and respected Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, whom the first son reportedly befriended at one of his father's fundraising events, according to The New York Times.  In response to Just The News' fact-checking queries and seeking comment from Morris, his lawyer, Bryan Sullivan, responded that "we believe we know the identity of the source and that it is an individual who has been engaged in a campaign of harassment against Mr. Morris that includes doxing that has resulted in threats on Mr. Morris' life.

Two Words Describe Biden's Presidency:  Reckless Endangerment.  This week we've been treated to three government reports that all point in the same direction:  Disaster.  Interest payments are through the roof.  Real wages continue to fall.  And a record number of illegals crossed the border.  That's just the domestic news.  As of this writing, Americans are being held hostage by Iran-supported Hamas terrorists who killed nearly two dozen other Americans when they invaded Israel.  Our military forces face increasing Iranian-sponsored attacks in Iraq and Syria.  While President Joe Biden lets Iran off the sanctions hook for another four months.  The worry isn't just whether Biden — the architect of these disasters — will be voted out of office next year.  It's whether the U.S. can survive until then.

VP Biden Followed Advice Hunter Sent To His 'Champ4' Burner Email.  President Joe Biden used one of his earliest email aliases to discuss official White House business with his son and may have used it to covertly advance the Biden family business.  Biden previously issued repeated denials of ever discussing business with his son, but mounting evidence shows he met and spoke with Hunter's foreign business partners numerous times, and also corresponded with Hunter via pseudonyms.  The Biden White House has refused to explain why Joe used non-government emails to clue Hunter Biden in on official vice president business.  One email alias of Biden's that hasn't received much attention is his "champ4" burner address.  The correspondence associated with that was discovered on Hunter's laptop shows the then-vice president updating his son on activity at the Obama White House, and at one point, Joe appears to rely on Hunter's direction to make a public appearance and promote one of his VP policy topics.

Report: Joe Biden to Escape Charges for Mishandling Classified Docs.  Special Counsel Robert Hur, who is investigating President Joe Biden for mishandling documents, is not expected to charge anyone, sources familiar with the matter told CNN and the Wall Street Journal.  The report suggests a double standard of justice.  While there will reportedly be no consequences for Biden, Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted former President Donald Trump in June for mishandling classified documents.  Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Hur in January to investigate Biden after classified documents from his time as vice president in Barack Obama's administration were found in his possession at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC, and at his Wilmington, Delaware, home.

The mounting evidence Biden got rich from dictators like China's Xi.  A reporter asked me the other day if all the evidence about the Biden family's money-making schemes (checks, secret messages, and meetings) meant that President Biden has been lying to the public.  I was surprised by the question.  Of course, Biden has been lying.  As I wrote early this year, the Bidens are the Delaware equivalent of the Sopranos (minus killing the people who irritate them).  The late James Gandolfini (who played Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series) would be proud of the starring role Biden has played in America's long-running, very-real-life crime drama.  It would never have occurred to the New Jersey Sopranos to make money in China, Russia, Romania, Ukraine,and Kazakhstan, as well as here at home.  You can imagine Tony Soprano sitting down at exquisite Washington, D.C., restaurants with a dozen businessmen from various dictatorships and centers of corruption.  You can clearly visualize Hunter Biden in a role similar to Christopher Moltisanti, (Tony Soprano's drug addicted screw-up nephew) in the Delaware Sopranos.

Secret Service's FOIA Documents Reveal DNA was Found and Preserved in White House Cocaine Probe, Contrary to Prior Claims.  During his show on Fox News, Jesse Watters revealed that the Secret Service has been misleading the public about a cocaine investigation at the White House.  According to over 100 pages of documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the narrative surrounding the discovery and handling of cocaine at the White House appears fraught with inconsistencies and cover-ups.  The Gateway Pundit reported in July that Hazmat crews were dispatched inside the entrance gate near the West Wing of the White House to investigate a suspicious white substance that tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride.

Congress on a Hamster Wheel.  Notwithstanding the messy intermezzo over the House speakership, Republican congressional chairs James Comer, Jason Smith, and Jim Jordan have used their committees to triangulate a cogent case of rampant political corruption and grift by the Biden family going back at least through his two terms as vice president.  Kickbacks for foreign government favors were funneled through a labyrinth of shell companies licensed for ill purposes, with related communications among family members, business associates, and the vice president facilitated by more than five thousand emails masked by several aliases.  Biden family wealth grew rapidly once Joe Biden went retail, satisfying quid pro quos that affected and effected foreign policy while shielding and protecting the ongoing criminal conspiracy.  The liability of this scheme was to entrust these shakedowns to a drug-addicted and honeypotted son who spent more time out of his pants than in them.

Another Day, Another Terrifying Biden Glitch.  Former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki [...] wants us to believe that while Joe Biden may have lost some spring in his step, he's still firing on all cylinders.  Except he's not.  We all know it, and just like Biden can't get away with telling people the economy is the best ever, his allies can't claim he hasn't got severe cognitive problems.  Why?  Because we can see for ourselves what's happening.  On Tuesday, Biden spoke at a White House event, during which he claimed that climate change is the "ultimate threat to humanity." Strong words when we're on the verge of World War III, but I digress.  Like so many other speeches before it, Biden had a difficult time concentrating and speaking.  Sometimes, we got a garbled mess of words that didn't make any sense — if you could even make them out through the slurring.  [Tweet with video clip]  During the speech, he also repeated the long-debunked story of his alleged past travels with Xi Jinping.  [Tweet with video clip]

Saving Private Biden.  I seriously doubt that President Biden could pass a Medicare cognitive ability test.  It's not exactly challenging, but Biden is too far gone.  Everyone sees it.  Everyone knows it.  We are in any event way beyond the emperor-wears-no-clothes phase of inhibition controlling the unruly multitude.

Comer's subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden notching investigation to 'very aggressive level'.  New York Post columnist Miranda Devine told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that Republican Rep. James Comer's subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden are ratcheting the probe to a "very aggressive level."  "I think this is the next phase.  The subpoenas that James Comer signed last week and the requests for various associates and family members of the Bidens to come in for transcribed interviews is really notching it up to a very aggressive level.  And this is why you see Hunter Biden's lawyer panicking, writing to the speaker, Mike Johnson, and saying, 'call your dogs off.'  This is why you're seeing hit jobs on James Comer spreading out through the so-called prestige media," she said.  Devine said the Bidens know that Comer "has the receipts."

The Biden-Du Pont Nexus.  As the MSM turns on President Joe Biden heading into the 2024 election, the Washington Post had an interesting piece on Thursday exploring a little-known connection between the Bidens and the du Pont family, which revolves around a 2001 case in which then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) was voted in as a prominent new member of a prestigious Golf Club in Wilmington, Delaware, founded by a du Pont heiress.  That year, Biden, known for his "Middle-Class Joe" image and modest financial status, joined the exclusive Fieldstone Golf Club, a symbol of prestige and power. [...] The Biden-du Pont connection, reinforced by this membership, raises questions about potential influences and reciprocal favors within these elite circles.  In particular, it seems appropriate to revisit a controversial 2009 plea deal offered by then-Attorney General Beau Biden to a du Pont heir accused of raping his own daughter when she was a toddler.  Richards was originally charged with two counts of second-degree rape, which carried a minimum of 20 years behind bars.  Instead, he pleaded guilty in 2008 to fourth-degree rape, which carries no minimum prison time.

It's not about Israel:  We are the target.  Let's apply Occam's Razor to the question, "what is the motive behind Biden's actions as president?"  Biden's first steps were to systematically dismantle everything Trump had accomplished during his presidency.  Using the "global warming emergency" as his excuse, Biden ended drilling for oil and natural gas and moved us from energy independence to having to rely on our enemies to obtain dirtier oil.  His appointees to the military focused on wokeness, not readiness, and ended up with weakness.  His support of Ukraine, to the tune of $60 billion, with another $53 billion allocated, has depleted our military of the supplies and ammunition we need to defend our own country.  He spent money we didn't have for projects we didn't need, and has run up the national debt to $33.7 trillion -- fueling massive inflation that is ruining the lives of the "average Americans" he claims to represent.  He immediately began ignoring the law and opened our borders to all comers — terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers, and common criminals.  Fentanyl is now killing over 110,000 Americans per year, the equivalent of a Boeing 757-300 crashing every single day.  Biden has done everything in his power to support Iran.

Biden is 'Fighting' Hamas for Biden's Interests.  The history of radical Muslim envy and hatred towards the Jews and the Christians is too lengthy to recount here.  However, we can start with Obama and his enduring predilections for the terrorist radical Muslim regimes in the Middle East and Africa.  Biden worked for Obama.  Remember all the fawning photos of Biden grinning at the Boss?  Not many American presidents would have picked a vice president with such a long history of venality and stupidity in D.C., but Obama picked Biden.  It probably was a marriage made in Hell:  Biden would do as he was told, and Obama would keep the intelligence receipts on Biden's family enterprises and international pay-to-play treachery locked safely away.  Obama armed Iran.  Obama released known terrorists from Gitmo.  Obama is now very rich.  Biden smiled through it all. [...] Biden's nod and wink towards the recent violent demonstrations in D.C. and elsewhere, notably in areas of larger Muslim populations, in support of the "Palestinians," is what we should have expected; we can expect a good deal more.

Jim Biden: Serial Grifter.  When we talk about the shady business dealings of Biden Inc., we mostly hear mentions of The Big Guy and his famous, formerly crack-addled son Hunter.  But one name that doesn't pop up nearly as often is that of the President's younger brother Jim.  That may be starting to change, however.  Jim Biden turned up in a secret $140 million construction contract negotiation with the Saudis earlier this year.  (Despite having no relevant experience in construction.)  More recently, Jim and his wife Sara showed up in James Comer's investigation when a check for $40,000 (ten percent to The Big Guy) was unearthed.  Now even the Associated Press apparently felt compelled to look a little more deeply into Jim's background.  They didn't have to dig too deeply to uncover a questionable-looking arrangement between Joe's younger brother and a Florida-based startup healthcare company called Americore Health Services.

House Republicans Want to Chat With Some of the Biden Crime Family.  Hunter Biden oozes sleaze, and the fact that he is only now getting a little comeuppance is ridiculous.  While his daddy's Justice Department has been focused on harassing former President Donald Trump and any American who supports him, Hunter Biden seems to have been the point man for the family's grift operations.  When he wasn't sleeping with the in-laws, of course.  The Biden defenders in the media and in government have been shrugging their shoulders and insisting that Pops and Baby Boy are innocent.  However, as Rep. Comer said in the press statement about the subpoenas, "bank records don't lie."  People aren't supposed to lie to Congress either, we'll have to see how that goes.  It's not difficult to believe that Joe Biden is clueless about all of the family's side hustle goings on.  He is, after all, generally clueless.  He probably was more devious back when he was Obama's VEEP, though.  What I find tough to swallow is that Hunter figured it all out on his own.  He strikes me as spoiled and entitled but not very bright.

FBI secretly investigated Biden in 2007 over Delaware golf club membership after rich owner waived his $34,000 joining fee.  The FBI secretly investigated Joe Biden in 2007 over his membership in a private Delware golf club after the owner waived the $34,000 joining fee for him, a shocking new report revealed on Thursday.  Biden joined Fieldstone Golf Club in Wilmington, Delaware, in 2001 and remains a member to this day, even playing golf there as president.  But the fee waiver resulted in the FBI investigating whether whether Biden had received a monetary benefit that he should have disclosed that in his financial reports, The Washington Post reported.

Grassley's Bombshells Show House Investigators Exactly Where To Aim Their Next Biden Subpoenas.  The chair of the House Oversight Committee issued a slew of subpoenas on Wednesday, including to Hunter Biden and James Biden.  Additional subpoenas, as well as requests for transcribed interviews, were served on other Biden family members and business associates.  These investigative steps are solid, but the House committees charged with the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry need to issue subpoenas for the witnesses and documents Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, not-so-subtly suggested late last month.  "I've obtained the names of 25 DOJ and FBI personnel to interview at a future date," Grassley wrote in a late-October letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray concerning the latest details the Iowa senator uncovered related to obstruction of the Biden-family corruption investigation.  While the House Oversight Committee is understandably focused on unraveling the extent of foreign influence-peddling, the House should not ignore the second half of the scandal:  the DOJ, FBI, and now the Biden administration's cover-up of the scandal and their cover-up of the cover-up.

Does Joe Biden Understand He Did Anything Wrong?  Let's go back to the early 1990s, when Middle-Class Joe benefited from a couple of sweetheart real estate deals.  A 2008 Delaware Online investigation (republished here in 2020) detailed how MBNA credit card bank and one of its top executives, John R. Cochran III, helped put Biden on the road to real estate riches — and how Biden then pushed the bankruptcy legislation that MBNA wanted through the Senate.  MBNA later hired a young Hunter Biden right out of Yale Law School.  Nobody batted an eye at the time.  Hardly anyone batted an eye when Delaware Online published or republished its investigation.  In Joe Biden's experience, one hand washes the other while the palms are getting greased.  If the press gets wind of any indiscretions, they'll publish a lame exposé piece, easily dismissed (including by the press) when someone like Biden makes all the expected pronouncements.  Biden takes no notice of his own corruption for the same reason a fish takes no notice of water — except when it's absent.

Comer Issues Subpoenas Directly to Biden Family Members.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer officially issued a number of subpoenas to President Joe Biden's family members Wednesday afternoon, including his son Hunter and brother James.  "The House Oversight Committee has followed the money and built a record of evidence revealing how Joe Biden knew, was involved, and benefited from his family's influence peddling schemes.  Now, the House Oversight Committee is going to bring in members of the Biden family and their associates to question them on this record of evidence," Comer released in statement.  "Unlike the many lies President Biden told the American people about his family's business schemes, bank records don't lie.  These records reveal how the Bidens sold Joe Biden around to the world to benefit the Biden family, including Joe Biden himself, to the detriment of U.S. interests.  The House Oversight Committee, along with the Committees on Judiciary and Ways and Means, will continue to follow the facts and deliver the transparency and accountability that the American people demand and deserve," he continued.  [Tweet with video clip]

Hunter Biden's art world:  GOP to subpoena his dealers, a donor who bought a painting, gallery owner.  House Republicans subpoenaed Hunter Biden's art dealer and a Democratic donor who has purchased Hunter's paintings, among others on Wednesday.  Georges Bergès, who has been overseeing the sale of Hunter's paintings, will be called in to testify before the House Oversight Committee, as will Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a Los Angeles real estate developer who paid big bucks for Hunter's amateur artwork.  Also facing new subpoenas are Hunter's former business associates Eric Schwerin and Chinese businessman Mervyn Yan.

Top Hunter Biden Prosecutor Confirms Key Detail Of IRS Whistleblower Testimony, Jim Jordan Says.  Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, special counsel in the ongoing Hunter Biden investigation, confirmed a key allegation made by IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan said Tuesday.  Weiss testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and said he requested special attorney authority under section 515 in the spring of 2022, Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan told reporters.  Weiss was not given the special attorney authority and did not have special attorney authority before his special counsel appointment in August, Jordan said.

McCarthy: It Turns Out Joe Biden Was the Clandestine Agent of a Hostile Foreign Power.  On the latest episode of his podcast The McCarthy Report, National Review Institute fellow Andy McCarthy reacted to the revelation that Joe Biden's brother, James, wrote him a $40,000 check when a $400,000 payment from a Chinese concern came in.  "It's 10 percent for the big guy," he said.  "I can't see any other way of looking at this," he continued, "except to say that Joe Biden, as it turns out, is what they accused Donald Trump of being:  He is a clandestine agent who's been well paid by a hostile foreign power."  Addressing what makes someone "a clandestine agent," he explained:  "That you're doing work for a foreign government and not disclosing what your status is or the fact that you're doing it."  He added, "I don't know what more to say about it.  CEFC, this outfit that Biden was courting, it turns out according to James Comer's committee's report that came out in the last few days, it's an arm of the Xi regime and the Chinese Communist government.  There's no mystery about that."

Now That Biden's Campaign Is Off the Rails, POLITICO Discovers He Might Be Corrupt.  Remember the Hunter Biden laptop?  Way back at the dawn of time, it was Russian disinformation — Politico told us so by pushing the "51 Intelligence Officials" letter.  Since then we have read innumerable stories about how the investigations of Joe Biden's corruption were a witch hunt pushed by nasty Republicans who were throwing s**t against the wall to see what sticks to the old man.  Yeah, well, that was before all the polls started coming out showing that Biden would probably lose to Donald Trump because his victory would likely be beyond the margin of cheating.  [Tweet]

With More Smoke And Mirrors About Hunter Biden Charging Decisions, DOJ Covers Up A Cover-Up.  A top government official confirmed IRS whistleblower claims that the Justice Department hamstrung the investigation into Hunter Biden.  But that same government official refused to acknowledge that Attorney General Merrick Garland and U.S. Attorney David Weiss misled Congress with their claims that Weiss had ultimate authority over the investigation.  That Weiss and the Department of Justice are standing by that story is reason enough for the House to stop deferring to the Justice Department's "ongoing investigation" excuse for withholding information from Congress.  Oversight Committees should start issuing and enforcing subpoenas to expose the DOJ's cover-up of Biden-family corruption — and its cover-up of the cover-up.

Comer Predicts What the Biden Family Will Claim When Pressed on Financial Transactions.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed Sunday that about "two dozen" subpoenas are in the pipeline for the Biden family as its investigation into their overseas business dealings continues.  "I think you're gonna see swift action on Biden and I would predict somewhere around two dozen subpoenas in the very near future," the Kentucky Republican told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures."  The revelation comes after Comer said last week President Biden received a $40,000 personal check from his brother and sister-in-law he claims was "laundered China money."  He argued the financial transactions were "very organized."  "The reason they did these complicated transactions, was to disguise the source of the revenue and to deceive the IRS from paying taxes," he said, adding that the Biden family will likely claim the funds they received were loans, since "you don't have to report loans on your taxes."

Is Biden Toast?  Probably.  Unfortunately for Biden, the number of Biden supporters is getting smaller by the day, and many Democrats are no longer Biden supporters, although the majority will wind up voting for him if forced to.  [Tweet]  But elections are won on margins, not the absolute number of votes.  And presidential elections are won in swing states, not by counting all the votes everywhere and adding them up.  So Joe Biden may get nearly as many votes next year as last, with Democrats holding their nose.  But will that be enough, or will a significant enough number of Biden voters stay home or vote for somebody else?  I think the answer is no, and so do an awful lot of Democrat establishment types, who are quietly and not-so-quietly panicking right now.  [Chart]  Two new polls came out over the weekend, and they justify Democrat panic.

Biden: Pro-Israel by Day, Pro-Hamas by Night.  To the knowledge of principled, modestly engaged, CNN-watching citizens, President Joe Biden stands strongly with Israel as it faces unprecedented threats to its existence.  So, it appears, cheers are in order for Joe, our strong President.  But not so fast.  Perhaps more than any leader on the planet except Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Biden's actions were a causative factor in bringing on the recent devastating invasion of American ally Israel.  And more than anyone else, Biden presently is both weakening Israel strategically, and strengthening Hamas militarily, as Israel desperately seeks to assure its safety.  This criticism of Biden, at first blush, may seem overstated.  But sustained attention reveals its modesty.  In fact, the history of Biden's actions show that they are strongly pro-Iran, and therefore pro-Hamas, terrorists sponsored and directed by Iran.

Democrats Finally Realizing That Biden 2020 Was a Horrible Idea.  Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is what got us in this predicament.  It affected even the better brains among the Democrats.  All of their efforts were on one goal in 2020:  NOT TRUMP.  That was the prize and that was the focus.  It's not that they didn't bother to look ahead and ponder the consequences, it's that they were incapable of doing so.  The blind TDS rage made them rabid animals.  In its more functional days, Democrats would have had a Biden removal plan that kicked in well before Mrs. Biden was able to make him blurt out on camera that he wanted to run for reelection.  They've spent three-plus years reveling in the fact that their COVID machinations vanquished Trump and it has muddled their planning.

The paid agent behind the Oval Office desk.  [Scroll down]  Does it sound like Joe Biden has undermined our international interests with his takings from the Chinese regime, all to buy those mansions and fancy cars?  Somehow, the U.S. doesn't have the influence it used to have internationally, and it's not just because of President Obama's constant apology tours.  It was having Joe on their string that pretty well negated the U.S. as a global player.  It also doesn't help that with Joe around, we also lose wars and sport wokester troops on hormone treatments, wearing makeup and dresses.  I'd still like to know what Hunter Biden did with that diamond the Chinese agents presented him with, likely to avoid bank monitoring laws.  Acting as an agent of a foreign regime while in public office is treason by anyone's definition.

Oversight Committee Says WH Is Attempting to 'Stonewall' Smoking Gun Evidence.  James Comer's committee is keeping the pressure on.  Days after releasing a video showing a direct link between a Chinese energy company and now-President Joe Biden's bank account, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability announced the White House not being cooperative when it comes to clearing up questions about the Biden family's dodgy financial practices.  And considering the stakes involved, that should make the American people furious.

Biden's Approval Ratings Lowest for an Incumbent Seeking Reelection Since Jimmy Carter.  Octogenarian President Joe Biden faces the worst approval numbers of any president one year out from a reelection bid since Jimmy Carter in 1979.  And we know what happened to him — a landslide defeat at the hands of Ronald Reagan. [...] At this point in his presidency, Trump's rating was six points higher than Biden's is now.  It's not hard to understand why — Joe is arguably one of the worst presidents in our nation's history, and beginning with his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, more and more Americans have started to realize it.  As RedState's Bonchie wrote Sunday, inflation and soaring interest rates have killed the middle-class dream for many Americans.  "'Bidenomics' was always one of the worst White House messaging campaigns in modern history," he opined.

Dark Times, Dark Outlooks in America:  Is the Biden Administration Ruining Us?  Israel recently suffered an unprovoked attack in which the radical Islamic terror group Hamas committed some of the worst atrocities ever seen in the history of the modern world.  Meanwhile, the United States, having apparently abandoned the post-WW2 Pax Americana that kept the global trade routes free and secure, is embarrassed daily by a man who is almost certainly the weakest president in the history of the republic.  Now, Iran is once again poking the eagle. [...] If there is a word for the Biden administration's response to Iran's blustering and, yes, outright attacks on American servicemen, it would be this:  impotent.  This administration can't even seem to muster a reply to the United Nation's hideously inappropriate appointment of Iran to chair the Human Rights Council Social Forum.  What else could we expect from a doddering, confused president who can't even negotiate the stairway into Air Force One?

Comer wants Biden impeached, teases more details on family loans: 'This is going to be a big week'.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer says he wants Congress to impeach President Biden while teasing subpoenas against the first family concerning their overseas dealings.  Comer (R-Ky.) is helming an impeachment inquiry of the president — a fact-finding mission into whether Joe Biden engaged in influence peddling schemes during his time as vice president.  "I think he should, but that's going to be left up to the speaker," Comer told Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" when asked about impeachment.  "People ask me why I haven't put someone in jail yet.  All I can do is investigate."

A Paid Agent of a Foreign Power.  Is it possible that we will actually see a Biden-Trump rematch in 2024? [...] Democrats are nervous about Biden because 1) everyone has now noticed that he is senile, 2) Bidenflation has destroyed the budgets of most American families, 3) the Southern border is a disaster that even Democrats are now running away from, and 4) pretty much every other Biden policy has been a failure, too.  But that may not be the worst of it.  The ongoing investigation of the Biden crime family, which began in October 2020, is now reaching a crescendo.  Everyone who pays attention understands that Biden and his relatives have engaged in an influence peddling scheme that necessarily involved Joe as the key player, since he was the only one who had any influence.  Many millions of dollars have now been traced from foreign sources to the Biden coffers.

Hunter Biden Billed for Mystery International Phone Line During Family's Dealings with CEFC.  Hunter Biden paid for a mystery international phone line linked to President Joe Biden from 2015-2018, years encompassing the Biden family's dealings with CEFC China Energy Company, emails from the "Laptop from Hell" show.  House Oversight Committee chair James Comer alleges Joe Biden received two checks as "loan repayments" from his brother, totaling $240,000 dollars from 2017 to 2018.  Comer, along with several lawmakers, has accused the Biden family of "laundering" money. [...] Peter Schweizer, Government Accountability Institute president, said in May that he conveyed a phone number linked to Joe Biden to the House Oversight Committee.  He said Hunter Biden paid for the number.  "We obtained that phone number, and we've shared it with individuals and the Oversight Committee in Congress is going to subpoena those phone records," he said.  "And what's important here is that's not a government phone; this is not Joe Biden's private phone that he's paying for himself.  It's actually [Hunter] Biden's business that paid for it."

Biden Can't Escape His China-Scandal Paper Trail.  Would the American people have elected Joe Biden, despite the widespread disdain for then-president Donald Trump, if it had been widely understood that Biden was bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist regime?  The question presses because, as it turns out, the incumbent president actually is what the media-Democrat complex falsely claimed the prior president was: a clandestine agent of a hostile foreign power — indeed, America's greatest geopolitical foe by whom, it is convincingly argued, we are already confronted in a second Cold War.  Scandalous as this story is, it is just as infuriating.  Joe Biden's collusion with China is back in the news because the House Oversight Committee has just released its latest report showing "the big guy" actually did get at least one 10 percent payout from the Biden/China scheme, precisely matching his stake in the venture as it was sketched out in a notorious May 2017 email.  But this is "news" only because the paper trail is now, inevitably, catching up with the outlines of the story.

Joe Biden Chose Billionaires and Green Radicals Over Auto Workers.  "President Biden is the most pro-union president in history" has become the White House's go-to response to the recent strike that had upturned American auto manufacturing. [...] The White House took a victory lap for "solving" a crisis that was Biden's own making.  At a press conference Monday, the president called the deal "yet another piece of good economic news showing something I've always believed."  But it was Biden's own policies, seeking to radically transform the American auto industry at the behest of environmental activists and their corporate cronies, that spurred on the strike.  But Joe has never been one to let the facts get in the way of a good narrative.  The strikes backed Biden into a corner.  On one side, you had the unholy alliance of auto executives and green radicals, and on the other, the blue-collar voters Biden likely needs for reelection.  This was destined from the start to be a political mess, so the President dusted off his most trusty tactic:  Lying.  Biden would claim that he was the savior of it all.

Joe Biden Refuses to Hand Over Loan Documents to House Oversight Committee for Any 'Loans' He Provided His Brother James Biden.  Joe Biden is refusing to hand over loan documents to the House Oversight Committee proving any 'loans' he provided to his brother James Biden.  The House Oversight Committee has no IRS records or loan documents confirming the $200,000 check Jim Biden wrote to his brother Joe Biden in 2018 was a 'loan repayment.'  House Oversight Chairman James Comer demanded IRS records and applicable loan documents proving Joe Biden loaned his brother James money.  The Bidens often structure their income as 'loans' to avoid paying taxes.  We saw this with a $5 million wire described as an 'interest-free loan' (a way for Hunter to avoid paying taxes) from a Chinese firm.  The Bidens then shuffle the dirty money around to each other as 'loan repayments.'  This is classic tax evasion, money laundering, and influence-peddling.

REPORT: National Archives Is Withholding More Than 99% Of Biden's Alias Emails.  House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has accused the Biden Administration of obstructing the House's impeachment probe by withholding 99.98 percent of emails sent by President Biden, including thousands written under aliases.  The emails are being held by the National Archives and are relevant to the impeachment inquiry into President Biden.  The email aliases — "Robert Peters," "Robin Ware," and "JRB Ware" — were used to discuss business and share government information with Hunter Biden and two associates, Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer, Comer's office has revealed.  The Southeastern Legal Foundation recently filed a lawsuit calling on the organization to release roughly 5,400 emails.  Comer requested that the National Archives to release all communications in which then-Vice President Joe Biden used any of the three pseudonyms.  "Joe Biden has stated there was 'an absolute wall' between his family's foreign business schemes and his duties as Vice President, but evidence reveals that access was wide open for his family's influence peddling," Comer wrote in a statement this past August.  "The National Archives must provide these unredacted records to further our investigation into the Biden family's corruption."

"Your Money's in Joe's House": The Biden Family's Version of 'It's a Wonderful Life'.  [Scroll down]  None of this, however, appears to pique much of the media's curiosity.  Because the word "loan" was written on some of these documents, it is once again accepted by many at face value.  In discussing a "loan" connected to one Hunter-connected company, Rosemont Seneca Bohai, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley called this a classic tax-evasion move.  He said that "when the money came back to him, he booked it as a loan.  You then go on to testify that it should've been taxable as soon as it became income from Burisma to Hunter and whatever he did with it after that was really just a scheme to evade taxes for that year.  You add that Rosemont Seneca Bohai did not book this as a loan, itself, so Biden is treating it differently than they did."  Despite the Bidens' denials about money, it seems to be everywhere and nowhere — metastasizing and spreading throughout the dozens of accounts, banks and family members identified by House investigators.  Yet many in the media and most Democratic members of Congress appear to be firmly committed to assuring that all of this remains "a wonderful life" for Joe Biden and his family.

Hunter Biden, Secret Agent?  For years, Hunter Biden has been protected by the FBI and probably the CIA and all the other three-letter agencies devoted to national security and spying.  His illegal behavior — bribe-taking and money laundering operations — has been made possible by connections to his crooked dad, "The Big Guy," Joe Biden.  But I predict Hunter will slither out of his legal problems with the help of the swamp.  But not for the reason you think. [...] Was his protection by the FBI on tax evasion, bribery, self-dealing, and FARA violations for political reasons?  Definitely.  Was the FBI motivated by anti-Trump animus?  Yes.  Collusion?  Yep.  Treason?  Absolutely.  One can't watch what the left and government agencies are doing to Donald Trump and wonder about the duplicitous ways in which these two presidential candidates have been treated.  But I have a theory — abject speculation — about how Hunter Biden will get out of his obvious legal problems if the House succeeds in calling for indictments.  It's an educated guess, deduced from the evidence from right in front of our faces.  Deduced from the Russia Collusion fakery, the Whitmer Fednapping scandal, the J6 scheme, the Watergate CIA story, and every conceivable intelligence scandal you've ever heard of. [...]

House Oversight Committee releases video explaining how Joe Biden allegedly got $40,000 in laundered Chinese money.  It's a slow news day and CBS/ABC/CNN/MSNBC aren't going to run this story, but you should see it.  Remember 10% for the Big Guy?  Remember how Hunter Biden threatened his Chinese associate by telling him his father was sitting with him waiting for his phone call?  Rep. James Comer lays out the financial evidence that all of this is connected:  [Tweet with video clip]

Direct Line Between Chinese Money and Biden's Bank Account Drawn — 'Future Blackmail'.  With a [...] video published Wednesday by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, the potential impeachment of President Joe Biden just got a lot more plausible.  Comer, the Kentucky Republican who has been the point man for the GOP investigation of the Biden family's dodgy finances, drew a direct line between money from communist China to Biden's bank account.  And he raised the specter of potential foreign blackmail of the man in the White House.

Hunter and Joe Shook Down the Chinese.  Then Joe Got a Big Check.  The big question was always how Joe Biden, aka the Big Guy, was getting paid Joe Biden and his media allies have made a point of this in defending him.  They'll concede that Hunter and even James, Joe's brother, were involved in some shady stuff.  They'll concede that Joe Biden lent his influence by showing up to meetings and joining in on calls, but they'll claim that he never got any money.  Now Rep. James Comer and the House Oversight Committee are find out how Joe allegedly got paid.  And the answer is 'loan repayments.'  Earlier in October, House Oversight turned up a "loan repayment" tied to wrecked hospitals and Islamic terrorists.

Republicans unveil another 'personal check' from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden — this time for $40,000.  President Joe Biden is at the center of an extremely lucrative 'extortion scheme' between members of his family and foreign actors — including China — charge Republicans.  Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., unveiled a $40,000 direct payment to Joe from 2017 labeled as a 'loan repayment' that he claims is 'laundered money' that can be traced back to the Chinese.  Comer's Oversight Committee is spearheading the probe into the Biden family's 'influence peddling' operation as part of the larger impeachment inquiry into the president.  According to new bank records they obtained through recent subpoenas for James and Hunter Biden's financial records, a money trail beginning in July 2017 snaked from Chinese oil giant CEFC — one of Hunter's joint ventures — into Joe's account.  In WhatsApp messages from August 2017 previously published by, Hunter demanded $10 million from CEFC, and claimed his father was 'sitting here' next to him during the exchange.

White House Dismisses Latest Hunter Biden Bombshell As 'Lies' And 'Conspiracy Theories'.  The White House is dismissing the latest House Oversight Committee report which showed President Joe Biden previously took a $40,000 check from his family members not long after Chinese business associates gave them money.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer announced in a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday that bank records between the Biden family and its Chinese business associates show Biden took $40,000 of Chinese money in Sept. 2017.  White House spokesman for oversight and investigations dismissed the report, calling it "desperate" and writing Comer's claims off as "lies."

Anatomy of a Biden family 'cover-up' executed by our own FBI and DOJ.  Closed-door testimony by former Pittsburgh US Attorney Scott Brady to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week is a chilling case study of how credible corruption allegations against President Biden and his family were covered up by the FBI and DOJ — before and after the 2020 election.  Brady's testimony fits a pattern revealed by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) last week, in which over 40 confidential human sources gave information to the FBI, over several years, about potential criminal activity involving the president, his brother James and son Hunter.  In a blistering letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday, Grassley alleged ongoing efforts "among certain Justice Department and FBI officials to improperly delay and stop full and complete investigative activity into the Biden family."  Few people know that better than Brady.

Maybe Jill Biden Is Sauron.  Longtime readers of this Briefing know that I find First Lady DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden to be an extraordinarily loathsome human being.  If the woman had even an ounce of decency, she wouldn't have let her husband near a camera after his tenure as vice president was up in 2017.  Jill Biden is a power-hungry lunatic though, so she doesn't care if her husband continues to embarrass himself in front of the whole world.  As long as she gets power, access, and a curious amount of money for a teacher, she doesn't care if her husband's sad and rapid decline is witnessed by everyone on Earth.

Dirty Jill.  The reasonable criticism goes that any person who pushes their mentally incapable husband to become president is naturally a bad person committing an act of elder abuse, but Jill Biden's happy warrior-like smiles may hide something even more sinister.  Could Jillary be the force behind the so-called Biden Crime Family?  It looks suspicious when politicians go into office relatively poor and emerge as millionaires.  It's unseemly, bordering on illegal, when politicians transmogrify their public service jobs into personal ATMs and friends into insider traders, and that's why the comparison with Hillary is apt. [...] The Bidens, like most Americans, saw what the Clintons, Obamas, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats (and no doubt some Republicans) were doing and decided to replicate the political-to-professional shakedown.  The Biden Crime Family was born, and though greed and grandiosity are woven into the Biden DNA, Jillary was doing her share of pushing.

Archives locates 82,000 pages of Joe Biden pseudonym emails, possibly dwarfing Clinton scandal.  Under legal pressure, the National Archives has located 82,000 pages of emails that President Joe Biden sent or received during his vice presidential tenure on three private pseudonym accounts, a total that potentially dwarfs the amount that landed Hillary Clinton in hot water a decade ago, according to a federal court filing released Monday [10/30/2023].  The total of Biden private email exchanges was disclosed Monday in a little-noticed status report filed in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought against the National Archives and Records Administration by the nonprofit public interest law firm the Southeastern Legal Foundation.  The foundation brought the lawsuit seeking access to the emails after Just the News revealed a year ago that Joe Biden had used three pseudonym email accounts [...] during the time he served as President Barack Obama's vice president.

82,000 pages of emails where Joe Biden used a pseudonym are uncovered.  Joe Biden sent or received 82,000 pages of private email exchanges through three accounts using fake names when he was serving as vice president, according to the National Archives.  Joe used a series of pseudonyms on emails that were about both official and family business, according to emails found on Hunter Biden's now-infamous laptop and previously reported by  But this is the first time the sheer volume of the correspondence has been revealed.

David Weiss's Office Ignored Thoroughly Vetted Evidence Of Biden Corruption.  The Delaware U.S. attorney's office received a detailed briefing that established the FD-1023 implicating Hunter and Joe Biden in a Ukrainian bribery scandal was not Russian disinformation and was not sourced to Rudy Giuliani, according to a transcribed interview of former Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney Scott Brady.  Yet the Delaware U.S. attorney's office seemingly ignored the work undertaken by the Pittsburgh office and acted with willful blindness to the evidence implicating the now-president and his son.  Last Monday, Brady sat for a transcribed interview before the House Judiciary Committee.  Over the course of some six hours of questioning, the committee elicited testimony revealing the Pittsburgh office's diligence in tackling the task given by former Attorney General Willam Barr: to screen evidence presented to the Department of Justice related to Ukraine.

Newly-Minted Speaker Mike Johnson Lays Into Joe Biden's Lies and Corruption.  The president's story regarding his knowledge of his son's business dealings has dramatically changed over the last year.  As far back as 2020, he was insisting that he had not ever spoken to his son about business nor that anyone in his family had taken money from China.  Of course, that was always contradictory.  How could he know what money his family had made from China, if he had no knowledge of the dealings in the first place?  Ultimately, both claims were proven false.  So, the question Johnson and most intellectually honest people are asking is why Biden lied.  Why continually repeat a falsehood that he had no knowledge of the business dealings if they were all above board?  The most logical answer is that they weren't all above board.  Why did Biden appear on business phone calls at least 20 times?  Why did he receive a $200,000 check from his brother as a "loan repayment" when there's no evidence such a loan ever existed?  There are many other connections as well.

This is why he was called "The Senator from MBNA."
Joe Biden sold a house for $1.2 million in 1996 and nearly three decades later it's still only worth $1.65 million.  Joe Biden sold a house to a supporter for $1.2 million in 1996 — but it is only worth an estimated $1.65 million 27 years later, can reveal.  The current valuation raised questions over whether Biden received an inflated price for the property from a donor nearly three decades ago.  It was purchased by an executive for a credit card company that, in the same year, also hired Biden's son Hunter and then paid him for years.

Yeah, and Joe Biden's not that great, either.
A Coward and a Braggart Leads America.  Mr. Biden is a braggart and a coward.  He brags about negotiating a ceasefire in the war in the Middle East.  He did no such thing.  Nobody talked seriously with him.  He says it only took him 11 days to stop the fighting between Israel and Hamas.  That they stopped fighting does not imply it was the result of his efforts.  Then Mr. Biden promised you, the taxpayers of the United States, would rebuild Gaza.  Why?  Are there not enough targets there now?  Why should we put pallets of US money out as future targets?  Such an unsolicited promise is both unnecessary and counterproductive.  What his braggadocio has done is to allow Hamas to restock.  They are preparing to relaunch their next attacks on Israel.  The arrogance and ignorance Mr. Biden displays in his remarks show why the Middle East is on fire.  He is too stupid to even name the enemy.  How can you deal with an enemy successfully when you cannot name them as a minimum starting point?  The man has demonstrated no grasp of the situation, the players, or their relationships.

Joe Biden touted as a 'key' figure and a 'wartime' leader?  Ever since Joe Biden took office, he has idiotically said climate change is the greatest existential threat to the U.S. and the world.  Not Iran with its "death to America" pledges, not China with its dystopian communism, American farmland grabs, and land acquisitions near military bases, not North Korea with its nuclear bombs under the control of an unstable leader, not the Mexican cartels and their human butchery.  Nope, the greatest threat is a hypothetical and miniscule temperature increase in the next hundred years or so.  The Biden administration then pretends they can prevent this from happening if they could just stop Americans from using crude oil and gas-powered vehicles and equipment, which greatly rewards China.  Iran and Russia also love this abject ignorance and arrogance, and appreciate Biden's generosity as he has greatly increased the demand for their oil, thus driving up their revenue, which they use to wage war against their enemies.

Speaker Mike Johnson uses new platform to push Biden impeachment forward.  House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) used his first television interview as speaker on Thursday to inspire hope regarding the merit of the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.  "We have the receipts on so much of this now," Johnson told Sean Hannity on Fox News, discussing whether Biden was involved in his family's foreign business dealings.  "It's a real problem."  "That's the reason that we shifted into the impeachment inquiry stage on the president himself because if, in fact, all the evidence leads to where we believe it will, that's very likely impeachable offenses," he explained. "That's listed as a cause for impeachment in the Constitution — bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors."  Johnson noted that "it looks and smells a lot like that."

Johnson as Speaker Changes Everything.  History establishes that democracies are innately fragile, enduring but a couple of centuries.  Their usual demise is via the temporary stimulus provided by inflation.  Once that party ends, economic reality intrudes and the party in power gets blamed.  This occurred in 1932 with Hoover, or in 1980 when Carter played the scapegoat.  With the Middle East on fire, we are entering a period of political danger for not only Democrats, but Republicans as well.  The blame for current economic conditions now hangs around Biden's neck.  The less Johnson's fiscal initiatives succeed, the better for Republicans in the long run.  A debt commission keeps the spotlight where it belongs — on Biden's planned chaos.  If Biden vetoes House bills slashing spending, he drags his party down with him.

Phrases that aren't that great:
Phrases that grate.  The phrase "you can't make this up" has become a tiresome incantation, often reflecting bemusement at Biden's petulant policies.  Instead, how about "inexplicable," or "incomprehensible," to succinctly capture his compunction to reverse Trump's America First policies?  Unfortunately, one can make this up because Biden is malevolently mad.  His unfathomable DEI and ESG imperatives are impervious to rationality.

Comer demands WH prove $200K check to Biden from brother was for a loan.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer on Thursday said that his committee does not possess any bank records to show that President Joe Biden ever gave a loan to his brother James and asked that the president's legal team produce documentation of the alleged loan.  Comer previously revealed the discovery of a $200,000 check that James Biden made to Joe Biden in 2018 linked to the failing healthcare firm Americore.  The White House has claimed that James was repaying a loan to his brother, though Comer has expressed skepticism of that story.

Republican questions if James Biden's $200,000 payment to brother Joe was a personal loan — because there was no interest.  Republicans are ramping up scrutiny of a $200,000 'loan repayment' check from James Biden to his brother Joe — made out while the family was using their last name to 'cash in' on foreign deals.  Oversight Chairman James Comer — who is leading the impeachment inquiry into Joe — is pressing the White House for more information because he believes the check is the strongest evidence yet that the president was directly involved in his family's business dealings.  According to bankruptcy court documents, James Biden took the money from his health care business Americore and sent it directly to his brother Joe Biden in 2018.

7 Takeaways From Grassley's Latest Findings on FBI Corruption in Biden Probe.  Long before the House opened an impeachment inquiry targeting President Joe Biden, the FBI had been investigating potential influence peddling by the president and his family in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere, according to information released by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.  In the newest wrinkle of an unfolding legal drama for the president's family, Grassley, co-founder of the Senate Whistleblower Caucus, revealed that for more than a decade, about 40 confidential informants have talked to the FBI about the Bidens.  Grassley signed a letter Tuesday seeking answers on these allegations from Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray.  In it, Grassley wrote that whistleblowers in the Justice Department, which is run by Garland and includes Wray's FBI, have told his Senate office that officials tampered with key information streams and stymied the probe into the Bidens.

Biden is Obstructing Israel's Fight Against Hamas.  Biden and administration officials began pressuring Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israeli officials to avoid civilian casualties almost right after the Hamas attacks.  Warnings that were initially relayed in phone conversations were leaked to the media.  And shortly after they became public warnings.  During his speech, three days after the attacks, Biden introduced the emphasis on following the "laws of war" that everyone in his administration would echo.  Administration officials took up the theme with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin lecturing Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on "the importance of adhering to the law of war, including civilian protection obligations, and addressing the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza."  Avoiding civilian casualties while fighting terrorists whose defensive strategy is hiding behind civilians and embedding their infrastructure around mosques, schools and hospitals is impossible.  But as a result of Biden's pressure campaign, Israel issued more warnings, allowing civilians, but also Hamas terrorists, to abandon areas and infrastructure they knew were targets.  But that still wasn't good enough.

FBI And Its Foreign Influence Task Force Purged Sources Who Were Onto Biden Corruption.  The FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force used a sham assessment opened by FBI headquarters to cull reporting from confidential human sources (CHS) throughout the country related to the Biden family and then falsely brand the intelligence as "foreign disinformation," Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, revealed Wednesday.  Wednesday's explosive news suggests the DOJ and FBI's Biden-family protection program encompassed many more players than previously known.  But it is the involvement of the Foreign Influence Task Force that demands an immediate response by the House, namely the launching of an impeachment inquiry of FBI Director Christopher Wray, under whose watch this task force abused its power — and interfered in a presidential election.  Late Wednesday afternoon, Grassley released a seven-page letter that, while addressed to Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, spoke to the American public, telling them of evidence of "significant political bias infecting the decision-making of not only the Attorney General and FBI Director, but also line agents and prosecutors."  Grassley's letter summarized the evidence he has gathered over the last two years, with the assistance of Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and multiple whistleblowers.

Four Astounding Facts You Need to Know About Your Government.  Things are not okay.  Things are about to get worse.  What you are about to read is all true and documented.  Everyone needs — and deserves — to know just how far our nation has fallen.  [#1] The Biden Crime Family/Spy Ring Is Real:  The Oversight Committee is churning out  evidence  proof of the Biden family's overseas skullduggery almost weekly.  [Tweet]  [#2] Joe Biden Used Aliases on 5,400 Emails Involving His Overseas Family Chicanery:  After much heel-dragging, the dedicated pinkos at the National Archives finally gavaged a vat of Ipecac from the Oversight Committee and chundered up the 5,400 emails Gropey Joe sent or received using one of several funky noms de plume. [...] [#4] There Appear to Be Iranian Spies in the State Department, and No One Is Doing Anything About It:  [...] Pentagon official Ariane Tabatabai is accused of being a spy, but she has somehow kept her security clearance.

Joe Biden has blown up the world.  On day one of the Biden administration, he canceled the Keystone Pipeline, putting thousands of skilled workers out of work.  Over the ensuing months, he canceled oil leases, stopped fracking, and drained our strategic oil reserve.  All this was surely intentional; he means to starve the American people of energy, making what is available more expensive by the day.  Like Obama, he means to transform America, and not in a good way.  The most catastrophic stunt Biden pulled was the tragically ill conceived withdrawal from Afghanistan.  He left billions in state-of-the-art military equipment to the Taliban along with the Bagram Air Base, which sits close to China.  Thirteen young American patriots were killed by the sheer ineptitude of their leaders.  This tragic maneuver telegraphed Biden's, and thus America's, weakness to every leader in the world.  Russia thought taking Ukraine's Russian-speaking border regions would be a cakewalk.  Our careless warmongers in the Biden administration thought their puppet-of-the-oligarchs Zelensky would easily defeat Russia with billions of U.S. dollars.  The military complex wanted that war.  All of that went awry.  Here we are a year and a half later; Ukraine has lost half a million people and is still begging for billions more in aid.  None of this would have happened if Trump had been in office.

Grassley: FBI Received 'Criminal Information' From Over 40 Confidential Sources on Biden Family.  On Wednesday, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) revealed that the FBI received 'criminal information' from over 40 confidential human sources on Joe, Hunter, and James Biden — dating back to Joe Biden's time as Vice President.  According to Grassley's letter which was obtained by Fox News, the task force in the Washington Field Office shut down the reporting from the sources which eventually halted investigative activity.  "Based on the information provided to my office over a period of years by multiple credible whistleblowers, there appears to be an effort within the Justice Department and FBI to shut down investigative activity relating to the Biden family," Grassley wrote in a letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray.  "Such decisions point to significant political bias infecting the decision-making of not only the Attorney General and FBI Director, but also line agents and prosecutors."  Grassley wrote:  "Our Republic cannot survive such a political infection and you have an obligation to this country to clear the air."

FBI received 'criminal information' from over 40 confidential sources on Joe Biden, Hunter, James [according to] Grassley.  The FBI maintained more than 40 confidential human sources on various criminal matters related to the Biden family, including Joe Biden, dating back to his time as vice president, according to information obtained by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.  The confidential human sources "provided criminal information to the FBI relating to Joe Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden." Those confidential human sources were managed by multiple FBI field offices across the nation, including the FBI's Seattle Field Office.  But Grassley learned that an FBI task force within the Washington Field Office sought to, and in some cases, successfully, shut down reporting and information from those sources by falsely discrediting the information as foreign disinformation.  That effort "caused investigative activity to cease."

Trump mocks Biden for 'sleeping on the beach all day' while 'World War III is going on'.  Former President Donald Trump has mocked President Joe Biden for using the 'children's stairs' to board Air Force One — while prodding the president over photos that showed him napping on the beach while at a Monday rally in New Hampshire.  The visit to the Granite State saw Trump, 77, finally make his candidacy official — after which he spoke to supporters for some 100 minutes in Derry and gleefully slapped around his embattled successor.  Specifically, the GOP frontrunner honed in on the 80-year-old commander-in-chief's series of stumbling incidents, and the fact that he has been using a shorter staircase than usual to board and deplane the storied Air Force One.

Did Biden-Appointed U.S. Attorneys Give Jim Biden's Americore Scandal The Hunter Biden Treatment?  Bank records released Friday show Joe Biden received $200,000 from funds his brother Jim Biden siphoned from the failing health care company Americore.  Beyond providing more proof that President Biden directly profited from the family influencing-selling business, this new evidence raises serious questions concerning whether Biden-appointed U.S. attorneys ignored Jim Biden's involvement in the Americore scandal.  On Friday, the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability released a copy of a $200,000 check Jim Biden wrote to Joe Biden on March 1, 2018 — the same day Americore wired $200,000 to Jim and his wife Sara's personal bank account.  As I detailed Monday at The Federalist, evidence indicates Jim Biden pushed the former CEO of Americore, Grant White, to lend him those funds, along with another $400,000, promising to repay the loans after he delivered tens of millions of dollars in foreign investments to Americore.

Watch Out, You Might Get What You're After.  The crumbling debt sodden American Empire is being led by an outright moron and anyone expecting Biden to do anything other than make things worse, has probably been jabbed five times, has a BLM, Israel, and Ukraine flag in their Twitter profile, and still thinks Hunter Biden's laptop is Russian disinformation.  The U.S. provoked Ukraine conflict has drained the coffers of the U.S. and EU of hundreds of billions, while depleting their precious armaments, just as WW3 launches.  With the Middle East set to explode in a ball of fire, the world's flow of precious oil, is in danger of being cutoff abruptly.  Luckily, Dementia Joe depleted our Strategic Petroleum Reserve for election purposes, leaving us with 17 days worth of supply.  Maybe Biden's green energy windmill and solar farms will fill the gap when gasoline prices soar to $6.00 a gallon and 1970s like gas lines become common again.

Joe Biden's $200K Check Shows He Profited From The Family Biz To The Detriment Of Innocent Creditors.  Bank records released on Friday show Joe Biden received $200,000 from funds his brother Jim Biden siphoned from the failing health care company Americore.  Beyond providing more proof that President Biden directly profited from his family's selling of influence, this new evidence — when read together with Americore's bankruptcy filings — reveals Joe has the money that rightfully belongs to innocent creditors.  On Friday, James Comer, the chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, announced that bank records, provided in response to subpoenas the committee issued last month, revealed Jim Biden wrote a $200,000 check to his brother, now-President Joe Biden, on March 1, 2018 — the same day the failed Americore wired $200,000 to Jim and his wife Sara's personal bank account.

He can relax because he's not really in charge of anything.
Biden Enjoys Breezy Beach Walk as Middle East Explodes.  President Joe Biden has been seen in pictures and videos enjoying a weekend of walks on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, as Hamas terrorists pushed their campaign of destruction against Israel and the U.S. placed additional troops on prepare-to-deploy orders to the Middle East.  One short clip shows the octogenarian and first lady Jill Biden strolling the Atlantic beachfront on Sunday while a reporter off screen asks him about the release of Americans being held hostage by Hamas terrorists.  Biden cheerily waves towards the reporter but does not stop to answer questions before continuing his jocund seaside perambulation.

US Palestinians, Muslims fear a return to post-9/11 Islamophobia.  As the Israel-Hamas War rages and the crisis in Gaza deepens, Taher Herzallah said he has exchanged frantic messages on social media with his family members who are trapped in Gaza.  Their description of the situation is grim.  He said they've told him they have no food, electricity, water or fuel.  "When I spoke to them ... they were basically saying, 'We think this is it, we will not survive this one,'" he said.  "You can only imagine what that feels like for Palestinian Americans who are getting these stories from their families right now."  Herzallah said his concerns for his family thousands of miles away have also been compounded by a growing fear for the safety of his wife and children here in the US, as reports of attacks against people perceived to be Muslim or Palestinian surface across the country.

5 lies our government wants us to believe.  [#4] "Hunter Biden's laptop has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation."  This lie was promoted by Biden's 2020 presidential campaign manager Antony Blinken, 51 top U.S. intelligence servicemen, and the media, which helped "the Big Guy" get elected.

Comer: More "Suspicious Checks" From Jim Biden That Joe Biden Was the Beneficiary Of Will Be Released Soon.  Remember when Joe Biden, in a 'catch me if you can' moment taunted reporters asking about his family's corruption and asked, "Where's the money?"  [Tweet with video clip]  Well, Congressional Republicans found the money and produced the receipts.  House Oversight Chairman James Comer told Fox News host Sean Hannity that more suspicious checks from Jim Biden to his brother Joe Biden will be released this week.  On Friday, Comer uncovered a $200,000 direct payment to Joe Biden.

Are we starting to find out how Joe Biden got himself that $2.7 million mansion?  Joe Biden has always been a man of mystery as to how he obtained his wealth, reportedly in the $90 million range.  He doesn't understand markets, so we know it wasn't his investment acumen.  He's an expert at nothing and has never written a significant book anyone would want to read.  We also know that he's not much of a public speaker, stumbling his way through speeches, so he probably couldn't make much on speaking fees, though that could be a disguised avenue of bribery, particularly if fees are inflated.  Still, it wouldn't explain $90 million.  He's has been in public office for his entire working life, though, he has that, some fifty-plus years in the halls of power, so while he theoretically doesn't have time to amass wealth the way the private sector does, he somehow has anyway. [...] But now that the House Oversight Committee under Rep. James Comer's capable leadership is examining things, it seems most likely he made it the old fashioned political way — through naked political bribery.

James Biden receives $200k from a failing hospital, then immediately writes a check to Joe for the same amount.  Looks like Representative James Comer found another smoking gun. [...] The media, members of the Biden regime, and other Democrats have known for years how the corrupt Joe has taken his family around the world, lining their pockets with kickbacks based on Biden's political power.  Yet, no matter how much evidence they see, we hear the same old talking points; there is always nothing to see.

The worst since Carter.  Former President Jimmy Carter left office in 1981 — 42 years ago, if you remember.  Today, the former president and Mrs. Carter are in Georgia gracefully facing the end.  For the record, I always thought that Carter was a decent man who should have never been president.  He won the "Watergate" election and there is not a lot about his presidency that we care to remember.  Today, we remember President Carter because of President Biden, or Carter II as John Kaas wrote: [...] Yes, I always felt that Carter was a patriot but weak and at least surrounded by people who loved the country.  I am sorry but that's not how I feel today.  Carter made mistakes, but he was in charge.  Biden is making mistakes because he is not in charge.  Biden allowed climate change fanatics to run his energy policy.  He let immigration activists open the border and create chaos everywhere.  He withdrew from Afghanistan in the worst possible way.  So Carter was doing his best but Biden doesn't have a clue.

Meet Jim Biden:  Nightclub Owner, International Business Mogul, Joe's Bagman.  Seemingly his entire life, Joe Biden's brother James "Jim" Biden has benefitted from his brother's political status.  At various moments, he has been a campaign finance maven, a nightclub owner, and a hedge fund mastermind.  Jim appears to be a man who wears many hats; but in actuality, he only wears one:  Joe Biden's brother.  I detail many of the ways he has lived large thanks to his big bro in my new New York Times bestselling book Breaking Biden.  One place where James clearly leveraged his proximity to power for money was with Americore Health.  Near the end of the Obama administration, James Biden joined Americore, which operated hospitals in several states.

Joe Biden paid nearly $2.75 million CASH for Rehoboth Beach house within weeks of Hunter sending 'threatening' text to Chinese business partner.  It's Joe Biden's favorite place — his summer home in Delaware where he has decamped dozens of times during his 1,000 days as Commander-in-Chief.  As revealed on Tuesday he has spent at least 300 of those days either in the country's second smallest state or on vacation.  He bought the home at a time that it appeared his political career was over — five months after his Vice-Presidency had ended he was well into his 70s and after all he had decided to forgo a 2016 run for the top job.  But now that house in the tiny town of Rehoboth Beach could turn out to be a major embarrassment as Republicans continue their push to find business links between the 46th president and his son Hunter. has discovered that then-private-citizen Biden, who had spent virtually all his adult life in public service, bought the home for slightly under $2.75 million — in cash.

Investigators looking into influence-peddling unveil $200,000 check to Joe Biden.  Much powerful evidence of the Biden family's influence-peddling operations, which reportedly brought members tens of millions of dollars in recent years as Joe Biden was vice president to Barack Obama, then president, already has been released.  There are huge payments from Russia and China, and the threats Hunter Biden made to one "associate" who apparently hadn't paid up as agreed, when Hunter Biden said he was with his father and wanted the money immediately.  There's that FBI document in which an informant, a longtime trusted informant, charges that a Ukrainian official confirmed $5 million bribes to each Joe and Hunter Biden.  Now there's more documentation that raises questions — that need to be answered.

Biden Received Direct Payment from Brother after 'Shady' Loan Transaction, Bank Records Reveal.  President Joe Biden received a $200,000 personal check from his brother shortly after James Biden received a "shady" loan in the same amount, House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R., Ky.) revealed Friday [10/20/2023].  James Biden's now-bankrupt healthcare business, Americore, sent him the wire loan on March 1, 2018, the same day he paid back his influential brother, according to bank records.  This is the first hard evidence linking Joe Biden to influence-peddling schemes.  In 2018 alone, Americore wired $600,000 in loans to James Biden.  The president's brother received these loans on the assumption that the Biden name "could 'open doors' and that he could obtain a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections," Comer said in a video, citing bankruptcy court documents he obtained.

CNN praises the IRS for 'cracking down' on tax cheats; fails to realize they just described Hunter Biden.  CNN operatives can't really be so naïve that they actually believe the IRS wouldn't have been able to collect these taxes without passing the falsely named "Inflation Reduction Act" can they? [...] Hunter Biden failed to pay taxes some years, and allegedly raided his own daughter's college savings account to pay for prostitutes (and who knows what else). This behavior certainly constitutes fraud, but the IRS and the (In)Justice Department have been extremely soft on him.  He is the son of a Democrat president, therefore, he is special.  The media and other Democrats have known how Joe enabled his family to collect kickbacks around the world because of his powerful political position and really don't [care]. [...] Incidentally, there is no statute of limitations for people like Hunter who intentionally commit criminal tax evasion.  So why are the prosecutors acting like there is?  Why is the public intentionally being misinformed?

James Comer Uncovers Direct Payment to Joe Biden from His Family's Influence Peddling Scheme.  The House Oversight Committee is investigating the influence-peddling scheme of the Biden family and has discovered a payment made directly to President Joe Biden.  The president has in the past challenged the investigators by asking, "Where is the money?" Rep. James Comer says they have found money, and that the paper trail doesn't seem ambiguous.  [Tweet with video clip]

Biden's Speech From the Oval Office Was So Bad, the YouTube Channel Turned Off Commenting.  Just how bad was Joey the Biden's speech begging for another $100 billion (mostly for Ukraine and Hamas terrorists?  It was so bad, that not only did whoever runs Biden's White House Youtube channel turn off commenting after the reviews started pouring in, but they also disabled the like count (meaning an embarrassing low amount of viewers actually liked the video).  The "speech" lasted about 15 minutes, but the Youtube is set to about 30 minutes, with 15 minutes of "we'll start soon" or something.  [Video clip]

Keywords: subterfuge, conflation, chicanery, apples and oranges, bait and switch, verbal shell game.
Biden Ties Israel to Ukraine in Oval Office Address from White House Bathed in Red Light.  President Joe Biden attempted to tie the terrorist attacks in Israel to the Russia-Ukraine War during his pitch from the Oval Office to send aid to both countries as the White House was bathed in red light.  Two minutes into his remarks, Biden pivoted from speaking about Hamas's terrorist attacks that murdered more than 1,300 in Israel several weeks ago to "the brutality inflicted on the people of Ukraine."  "You know, the assault on Israel echoes nearly 20 months of war, tragedy, and brutality inflicted on the people of Ukraine, people that were very badly hurt since Putin launched his all-out invasion," he said.

Biden Delivers Oval Office Speech, Wants $100 Billion for Israel and Ukraine.  President Biden delivered a speech to the nation from the Oval Office Thursday evening after returning from Israel in the aftermath of the Hamas terror attacks on October 7.  He said he's going to ask Congress to appropriate $100 billion in new funding to combat Hamas and continue to aid Ukraine in its war against Russia.  Reportedly, he wants $60 billion more for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel. [...] Interestingly, the White House was lit red before the speech began.  [Tweet]

The Editor says...
That adds up to $94 billion.  Is the other $6 billion for the Big Guy?  Or is the "$100 billion" figure just an exaggeration?

Biden's Oval Office Address Met With Harsh Criticism.  On Thursday night, Biden announced he would send Congress an urgent joint budget request to express his support for Israel and Ukraine. [...] It was not made clear the amount of the package, but insisted it would "keep American troops out of harm's way."  Biden promised the aid package would include enough funds to ensure the country could continue to defend itself from the deadly attacks from the terrorist group Hamas.  He added that it would also "sharpen" Israel's military.  According to sources close to the matter, ABC News noted that the supplemental request will include "$60 billion for Ukraine and replenishing U.S. stockpiles, $14 billion for Israel, $10 billion for humanitarian efforts, $14 billion for the border and $7 billion for the Indo-Pacific region."  The Biden Administration is under immense scrutiny after critics slam the president for using hard-working American taxpayer's dollars to pay for the ongoing wars.

The Editor says...
He wants $14 billion for which border?  (Its not safe to presume he's talking about the Mexico-U.S. border.)  And what's going on in "the Indo-Pacific region" that requires billions of dollars?

Biden Word Salad Casts Doubt About Whether He Even Knows What's Going On.  "Can you talk about the impact of meeting survivors and the first responders?" a reporter asked.  "That's all personal.  Look, I — I spent an hour and a half, about, with 17 or 18 before — I spent with them and — I don't know how to say this," he before slowly trying to piece together a response that made some sense and failing. [...] [Tweet with video clip]  It sure sounds like Joe Biden doesn't even know what he's talking about here, which is scary, but at the very least, he doesn't look or sound well, and it's amazing he was allowed to continue speaking for so long without his handlers whisking him away.

What is going on with Joe Biden's face?  President Joe Biden appeared to grow a mushy butt chin while making remarks to the press at Ramstein Air Base in Germany following his trip to Israel.  [Tweet]  Say what you want about Joe Biden, but he's normally a pretty thin fellow.  But in this video, his typically tight jawline appears to have melted into half-a-day-old ice cream.  [Tweet]  It's possible a busy trip to the Middle East and lack of sleep are affecting our 80-year-old president's physical appearance.  But that doesn't make his Wicked Witch of the West-like transformation any less jarring.

It's 3 AM — Who Gets the Call?  Not climate change — nuclear war is humanity's most immediate threat.  During these tumultuous times, we're burdened with Biden, an obstreperous oaf who has sole authority to launch nuclear weapons.  That's not propitious for the future of life.  There has been legitimate consternation over the geriatric nature of our leaders, especially Biden.  That has led to a chorus of calls for cognitive tests.  They will help identify intellectual infants including Biden, but when it comes to the most impactful decision a commander-in-chief can make, there's something else we must do.  To give us more time to deliberate the fate of humanity, we must end sole authority to access the "nuclear football" via a vote in Congress.  Concomitantly, we'd have to mollify our hair-trigger posture by reducing reliance on land-based ICBMs in favor of our submerged Boomers.

Jordan and Egypt Cancel Summit With Joe Biden.  Joe Biden was literally in the air, flying toward the region when Jordan's King Abdullah just cancelled the summit between Egyptian President al-Sisi, Abdullah and Biden.  This is more than a little sunlight on who Abdullah was talking about earlier when he said, "the usual suspects were trying to create Defacto issues on the ground." [...] Now tell me again, why Joe Biden is going to Israel?  What strategic value is within this visit?  Yesterday I provided some of my own thoughts on the motives.  "The people behind Joe Biden are sending him to Israel for (1) part of a rebranding effort; and (2) to impede Netanyahu and buy time for Hamas."  Today, Caroline Glick affirms my perspective and also gives some troubling information about:  (a) the White House demanding an invitation; and (b) Anthony Blinken threatening Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to hold back the ground invasion or the U.S. will not allow munitions and bombs Israel needs for resupply.

Is Biden's Classified Docs Scandal Connected to the Biden Family Business?  When Joe Biden left the vice presidency in 2017, he took with him several boxes of documents that contained classified documents.  At no point did Biden have the authority to declassify the documents, and the seriousness of the situation was made worse by the apparent cover-up by the White House.  Originally, we were told the documents were found in early November 2022, before the midterms, but we didn't learn about them until after the new year.  Last week, we learned that the White House appeared to know about the classified documents at the Penn Biden Center as early as March 2021.

The world is on fire and Joe Biden is the arsonist.  President Joe Biden 's reckless decision to abruptly withdraw United States troops from Afghanistan in August 2021 set into motion an unstoppable sequence of events that have made the world a far more dangerous place.  From heads of state to the legacy media, people everywhere recognized that the aftershocks of Biden's catastrophic withdrawal would be felt for years to come.  America's humiliating military retreat had shaken the balance of power across the globe profoundly and irrevocably.  Though Biden placed blame for the chaos that ensued at the hands of the inept Afghan National Army and even on former President Donald Trump, his responsibility was clear.  His massive display of weakness and his abdication of duty as the leader of the free world had created a power vacuum.  And, well aware of the opportunity this presented, the tyrants of the world joined forces to exploit it.

Mollie Hemingway:  People Can Not Trust Intelligence Agencies Because Of Their Actions, Inability To Repent.  The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway reacted to Leon Panetta refusing to acknowledge the Hunter Biden laptop is real and to apologize for adding his signature to the letter signed by over 50 intelligence officials declaring the Hunter Biden laptop to be inauthentic and Russian propaganda.  "When The New York Post broke the news about this Hunter Biden laptop and what it showed about the Biden family business, it was squashed by these 50 former Intel agents falsely asserting that it was Russian disinformation," Hemingway said.  "So we were actually the victim of a disinformation operation run by those people."  [Video clip]

Special Counsel Probing Biden Docs May Have Evidence Of Influence-Peddling, And Comer Wants To See It.  House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer is concerned that some of the classified documents concealed by President Joe Biden at his Penn Biden Center office and in his Delaware garage contained information about the countries involved in the foreign business deals that enriched the Biden family by millions of dollars during the Obama administration.  In a Monday morning letter, Comer urged Special Counsel Robert Hur to share the documents and testimonies he collected during his investigation of Biden's document scandal with the committee so they can continue their investigation into the first family's apparent pay-for-play scheme.

Hard Evidence Warranting The Impeachment Of Joe Biden.  In a staggering act of journalistic deceit, the New York Times is reporting that Republicans launched an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden without any "evidence of financial wrongdoing or corruption by the president."  Similar statements have been made by a massive array of media outlets and Democrat politicians.  In reality, overwhelming proof of Joe Biden's corruption and wrongdoing has been found, including hard evidence like written records and corroborated testimonies from first-hand witnesses.  Collectively, at least 12 sets of documented facts leave no reasonable doubt that Biden participated in his son's illicit business deals, bribed foreign officials, and obstructed justice.  Moreover, no less than three major defenses of Biden are demonstrably false. [...]

Joe Biden's brother Jim is tied to fraud scheme.  Confidential Treasury documents reveal President Biden's younger brother is embroiled in an allegedly fraudulent scheme in which he used business loans to pay off personal expenses.  James 'Jim' Biden, 74, is named in three Suspicious Activity Reports filed by banks to the Treasury Department and exclusively viewed by, tying him to the alleged fraud.  The documents were uncovered during an investigation of James Biden's former business partner, Michael Lewitt, who has been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with 'misappropriating' $4.7 million from his hedge fund.

Dr. Jill Helps a Confused Joe Biden Shuffle Off Stage.  Joe Biden on Saturday delivered remarks at the 2023 Human Rights Campaign National Dinner.  As usual, Biden's speech was full of gaffes and lies.  "We made human rights for LGBT around the world a top priority of my foreign policy ... defending human rights in countries to pass anti-gay laws!" Biden shouted. [...] After delivering a brief speech, Biden looked around confused.  Dr. Jill came to the rescue and guided Biden off stage.  [Tweet with video clip]

Were Joe Biden's classified memos valuable to Hunter's clients?  Congress wants to know.  Nearly a year after the American public was informed that Joe Biden had classified documents at his home and think tank office, lawmakers in Congress have a pressing question:  Was there anything in those memos valuable to his son Hunter's overseas business clients?  The issue catapulted to prominence recently when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner, R-Ohio, showed up at the House Oversight Committee's first impeachment inquiry hearing and said there was real reason to fear that Hunter Biden's clients had an interest in the memos that Joe Biden improperly secreted away at his home and office.  "Obviously, his son was receiving payments from Romania, Russia, Ukraine, China," Turner said last month.  "If there are in those documents that relate to, for example, the prosecutor in Ukraine or Burisma itself or other aspects of Ukraine or any of the parties or individuals obviously, that were making payments to Hunter Biden, that would be relevant, wouldn't it?"

Panetta Repeats Debunked Russian Disinformation Claims on Laptop.  Last night, many of us responded to the statement of Leon Panetta, former CIA Director in the Obama Administration, that he "has no regrets" about signing the now infamous letter of 51 former intelligence officials suggesting that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.  Even more unsettling were his comments that he believes it could still be Russian disinformation.  It turns out that even with American intelligence, the media, and Hunter Biden himself acknowledging authenticity, it can still be Russian disinformation.  Panetta has become the personification of the economic theory of path dependence.  No matter how much countervailing evidence is presented to Panetta, he still refuses to accept the authenticity of the laptop.

Joe Makes It Up a Flight of Stairs.  Earlier today, Joe Biden gave a speech in Philadelphia.  He had to climb a short flight of stairs — five or six steps — to get to the podium.  Biden, trying to look jaunty, tripped twice and almost didn't make it.  When he got to the top step he mugged proudly to the crowd, as if it were an accomplishment.  That is where we are.  It is a relief to all if our president can walk up a few stairs without falling down.

Evidence Shows Federal Workers And Biden Insiders Covered Up Classified Docs For Over A Year.  The House Oversight and Accountability Committee announced it has evidence a team of at least five White House employees, President Joe Biden's personal attorneys, a Department of Defense employee, and more covered up the president's documents scandal for more than a year and lied about it.  While the president's lawyers said that the classified documents, which were kept from Biden's time as vice president, were discovered at the Penn Biden Center on Nov. 2, 2022, the House Oversight Committee has compiled "evidence showing the timeline of relevant events began in 2021 and involved at least five White House employees."  "There is no reasonable explanation as to why this many White House employees and lawyers were so concerned with retrieving boxes they believed only contained personal documents and materials," said Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer in a letter to White House counsel Edward Siskel.

Five White House Employees Involved in Biden's Stolen Classified Docs Case — Biden Lied About Timeline!.  The House Oversight Committee this week revealed that five White House employees were involved in Biden's stolen classified documents case.  Joe Biden STOLE SCIF-designated classified documents and improperly stored them at the Penn Biden Center.  Biden also stored classified documents in his garage next to his Corvette where his son Hunter had access to the sensitive materials.  Nine boxes of documents were taken from Joe Biden's lawyer's Boston office and we have no idea what is in those boxes because the National Archives is covering up for Biden.  Joe Biden also withheld information from the Senate Intel Committee.  Recall that it was reported that Joe Biden's attorney first discovered "Obama-Biden administration documents in a locked closet while packing files as they prepare to close out Biden's office in the Penn Biden Center" in November 2022.  This timeline presented by Biden's attorney is of course a lie.

Bret Baier Stunned by Astonishing Comment From Leon Panetta About Disinformation and Hunter Biden Laptop.  Baier asked Panetta if he had any regrets, given what he knew now about the laptop.  But Panetta gave an incredible answer, saying he had been very concerned about Russian interference and disinformation, doubling down on the claim of it potentially being Russian disinformation, saying his concern was to alert the public.  Then he even said he hadn't seen anything from any intelligence agency that indicated that the laptop wasn't disinformation.  [Tweet with video clip]  "You don't think it was real?" Baier asked him, incredulous.  "I think disinformation is involved here," Panetta claimed.  "I think Russian disinformation is part of what we're seeing everywhere.  I don't trust the Russians.  That's exactly why I was concerned that the public not trust the Russians either."  That's one heck of a spin job there; there's no evidence at all that the Russians were involved in the laptop.  And even in that infamous letter, the signers admitted they had no evidence to support this contention.  Meanwhile, media outlets have confirmed the laptop was real.  Hunter Biden is now trying to go after people for revealing the information on the laptop, which is why Baier said that Hunter had admitted (essentially) that it was his laptop.

Obama's Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Who Signed Letter Labeling Hunter Biden's Laptop as Russian Disinformation, Says He Has No Regrets.  In October 2020 — just days before the presidential election — 51 former intelligence officials signed and published a letter that baselessly decried the contents of Hunter's 'laptop from hell' had "all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation."  This was a lie.  They all knew it was a lie.  In March, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced a House Resolution that would strip security clearances from dozens of federal intelligence officials who signed on to the letter declaring the infamous Hunter Biden laptop as "Russian disinformation" shortly after it emerged leading up to the rigged 2020 election.  John Solomon reported that an active CIA employee was recruiting intel leaders to sign the bogus Hunter Biden laptop letter.  Joe Biden and current Secretary of State Tony Blinken were reportedly behind the effort to put together a list of government intel leaders to claim that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.  This narrative was another liberal lie.

Hunter Biden Judge Dismisses Old Gun Charge.  US District Judge Maryellen Noreika on Wednesday agreed to formally drop a gun charge against Hunter Biden after a new indictment replaced his collapsed plea deal.  Recall that Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal collapsed in July after Judge Maryellen Noreika realized Hunter's lawyers were trying to pull a fast one on her.  Hunter was only charged with two misdemeanors related to tax fraud and would have avoided prison time on a felony gun charge.  Prosecutors went easy on Hunter and handled the gun charge as a "diversion case."

Donald the Inevitable.  If Donald Trump were president, the vaccine would never have been mandatory.  If Donald Trump were president, Putin would not have invaded Donbas.  If Donald Trump were president, inflation would be 1.4%.  If Donald Trump were president, Iran would not be funding Palestine's suicidal assault on Israel.  But he is not president and so we have to play our cards as dealt.  For now.

Admit the Obvious:  Barack Obama Uses Biden to 'Transform America'.  He told us he would like to serve a third term in office.  He even detailed how he would accomplish it.  And now he is doing it.  He is effectively transforming America into a Communist Muslim hell hole, just as he said he would, just as his every action conveys.  Yes, America is falling to the greatest imposter ever to set foot on American soil:  Barack Hussein Obama.  But everyone still says it was Biden who funded Iran with $6 billion.  They decry that Biden keeps the border open.  Bidenomics is destroying our economy.  Biden's DHS feeds the child sex-trafficking industry.  Biden's FBI now is targeting MAGA! Would you please all just stop it?  It isn't Biden.  It's Obama who is doing this to us!  Every time we assign blame to Biden for each progressive crime against humanity and against American sovereignty, we camouflage and thereby enable the real doer of all the evil.  Joe Biden now has the mind of a six-year-old child.  He hasn't the capacity to change his own underwear, let alone rule a nation.  But our continued willful ignorance in not seeing how this further enables the real architect of America's destruction is inexcusable.  As long as Barack Obama is kept hidden behind the curtain, the collapse of America proceeds — and at an ever-rapid pace.

As VP, Joe Biden Emailed His Brother And Son About Foreign Business More Than 29,000 Times.  President Joe Biden denied long before he was inaugurated that he ever discussed business with his son.  A new FOIA obtained by America First Legal via lawsuit, however, revealed that Joe emailed his son Hunter Biden, his brother James "Jim" Biden, and their respective firms tens of thousands of times over the course of his vice presidency.  In a joint status report published by the Washington D.C. District Court on Friday, the National Archives and Records Administration reluctantly admitted that it knew of 4,243 emails between then-Vice President Joe and Hunter Biden, another 1,751 emails between Joe and Jim, 19,335 emails between Joe and Hunter's private equity firm Rosemont Seneca, and 3,738 emails between Joe and Jim's Chinese-communist party connected consulting firm Lion Hall Group.  Joe, Hunter, Jim, and the firms listed in the court documents are at the center of the GOP investigation into the Biden family influence-peddling operation.

FOIA: Over 29,000 Emails Exist Between Biden Family Businesses and VP Biden's Office.  The National Archives (NARA) revealed that more than 29,000 emails exist between Biden family business members and then-Vice President Joe Biden's office, a Joint Status Report obtained by Breitbart News from America First Legal (AFL) revealed Tuesday.  NARA disclosed the record of the emails after ALF filed a FOIA request on August 9, 2022.  The extent to which then-Vice President Joe Biden's office communicated with Joe Biden's family about its ventures was unknown before the lawsuit.

Testimony Of D.C. U.S. Attorney Who Declined To Prosecute Hunter Biden Raises Huge Red Flag.  Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss told Congress that Attorney General Merrick Garland had granted him ultimate authority over the Hunter Biden investigation and that, if need be, he would be appointed a "special attorney" under a federal statute known as Section 515.  This type of Section 515 appointment would allow him to charge Hunter Biden outside Delaware, including in D.C. and California, Weiss stressed in a letter earlier this year to House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan.  According to D.C. U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, however, Section 515 is not how such prosecutions are typically handled.  Rather, the offices work informally with each other to coordinate prosecutions between offices.  In fact, according to a transcript of Graves' interview before the House Judiciary Committee, he had never "dealt with" a special attorney appointment under Section 515.  Nonetheless, when approached by the Delaware U.S. attorney about bringing charges in D.C. against Hunter Biden, Graves committed to assisting Weiss in any way necessary.

Joe Is Asleep, America.  You're on Your Own.  Hamas's attack on Israel should be a wake-up call for Sleepy Joe's America.  Joe Biden, a man whose entire government apparatus has turned domestic political protesters into terrorists but who finances and arms real foreign terrorists, isn't on your side.  A president who applauds releasing criminals early from jails and prisons in America — if they're even arrested in the first place — isn't on your side.  If he then leaves America's back door open to let in millions of strangers freed from the world's prisons so they can pour into your neighborhood, then he's really not on your side.  A leader who does all of this and tries to keep you from defending yourself — well, you know whose side he's on.  Not yours.

Forget the GOP — It's the Biden Chaos That's Getting People Killed.  Anyone on the right who has spent even a little time paying attention to mainstream media bias has probably noticed that it's easy for the Democrats to issue marching orders to create a narrative.  It happened again this past weekend after the horrific attack on Israel by Hamas.  A theme began to emerge on Sunday:  the United States might have problems immediately assisting Israel because there is no Speaker of the House of Representatives.  It's nonsense, of course.  My friend and colleague Jen Van Laar has a post over at RedState explaining why.  The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media desperately need to deflect and distract from the fact that the man who would be president — Joe Biden — is somewhat of a Hamas enabler.  Well, the people running the White House while Biden is Puppet in Chief are the real enablers.  Biden is still the guy in the official portrait, though, so we keep referring to him.

Hunter Biden Is So Used To Being Above The Law, He's Citing A Rejected Plea Deal To Claim 'Immunity'.  Hunter Biden asked a federal court to dismiss three felony gun charges brought against him by Special Counsel David Weiss on Thursday.  The president's son previously pleaded not guilty to the charges on Tuesday.  Last month, Weiss slapped Hunter with three felonies related to his unlawful purchase of a firearm in 2018. The counts specifically allege that Hunter lied on the background check form required to purchase the gun and possessed the firearm "while he was addicted to and using illicit substances."  It's important to note that Weiss intentionally postponed an inquiry into Hunter's allegedly criminal activities because he believed it would hamper then-candidate Joe Biden's 2020 presidential aspirations.  In their Thursday court filing, Abbe Lowell and Richard Jones Jr., Hunter's attorneys, said that they "will seek to dismiss" the felony gun charges against their client "pursuant to the immunity provisions" of a diversion agreement agreed to by both parties earlier this summer, which Lowell and Jones argue grants Hunter immunity from such charges.

Joe Biden's Brother, Frank Biden, Posted Fully Naked Pictures of Himself and Genitals on Gay Porn Dating Website.  I really don't feel like writing about the perversions of the Biden family.  However, apparently public portrayal of their "frank and beans" is a common occurrence.  Frank Biden admits to the Daily Mail that the images of him on a Gay Porn dating website are real.  However, he denies the sexual solicitation angle. [...] The whole family is just flippin' weird and creepy.

Biden's Brother Admits It's Him in Naked Selfie Discovered on Gay Dating Website.  So, uh... what's with the Biden men and their seeming insistence on taking photos in various states of undress?  Because when it was just Hunter Biden prancing around in the nude with a prostitute while being filmed, perhaps you just chalk it up as the eccentricities of an exceptionally depraved and corrupt first son.  But according to a new report from the U.K. Daily Mail, it now appears that a naked photo of President Joe Biden's younger brother, Frank Biden, has also infiltrated the world wide web.

Joe Biden's younger brother Frank admits naked selfie on GuysWithiPhones gay dating site is genuine.  A naked selfie of Joe Biden's brother Frank has been discovered on a gay porn site.  The photo was uploaded to in 2018, when Frank — who has a long-term female partner Mindy Ward — was 64.  Even after more than five years, it is still live on the site.  It was first unearthed by right wing nonprofit Marco Polo, which has been investigating the Biden family for alleged political corruption and crimes for years.  When approached by, Frank, 69, conceded he was the man in the photo but denied he was the one who posted it.  'I've absolutely no comment.  I could care less.  I haven't even looked at it,' Frank said Monday morning when asked about the shot at his Florida home.  'They must have hacked my phone,' he added.

Special Counsel Interviewed Joe Biden for Two Days over Classified Documents.  President Joe Biden sat down for two days for an interview with Robert K. Hur, the special counsel investigating his handling of classified documents from his time as vice president that were found in his possession.  White House spokesman Ian Sams said the "voluntary interview" concluded Monday. [...] Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Hur to investigate Biden in January after the federal government learned last November Biden maintained possession of classified documents in one of his offices and his garage.

We Now Know Why Joe Biden Called an Early Lid on Monday.  On Monday the Biden White House called a lid before noon and claimed that while President Joe Biden wouldn't have any public events or briefings with reporters for the rest of the day, he was still working as Hamas held a number of Americans hostage in the Gaza Strip.  [Tweet]  But it turns out Biden was also busy with something else — the second day of a two day interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.  Hur is investigating Biden's mishandling of classified information after leaving the vice presidency in 2017.  Biden stashed some of classified documents next to his corvette in the Delaware home where Hunter Biden spent significant time during the pandemic.  "The President has been interviewed as part of the investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Hur.  The voluntary interview was conducted at the White House over two days, Sunday and Monday, and concluded Monday," White House Counsel spokesperson Ian Sams released in a statement Monday night.

Biden, resign now!  On October 7, when Jews celebrated the giving of the Torah by God to the Jewish people, Hamas massacred more than 1,000 Jewish civilians in Israel, shouting "Allah Akbar" (Our God is greater) over their desecrated bodies.  Children, women, and the elderly were raped, mutilated, and tortured in the name of Allah by a terrorist organization created with a sole mission to eradicate the Jewish state.  Hamas Charter, Article 28 states "Israel, by virtue of it being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims."  It was less than one month earlier that Joe Biden released $6 billion to Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism throughout the world whose stated mission is to eliminate the Jewish state of Israel.  Hamas has admitted that the $6 billion freed up Iran's money supply.  It enabled Hamas to receive the needed weapons to carry out their massacre upon innocent civilians.  Since Iran is a well-known sponsor of worldwide terrorism with a parliament which regularly engages in shouts of "Death to America," it begs the question:  Why would the Biden administration hand over $6 billion to a sworn enemy?  Giving aid to our enemy is clearly an act of treason; yet there have been no significant calls for his removal.  Perhaps the answer lies with Biden, a man who has never met a kickback he didn't accept.

After Hosting a Party, Biden Calls a Lid Before Noon as War Rages.  President Joe Biden called a lid before noon on Monday as Americans continue to be held hostage by Iranian backed Hamas in the Gaza Strip and as Israel is still under assault.  "The White House has called a lid for the day, before the pool call time.  We will not be seeing the president today," the White House pool report states.  Last night Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted a party at the White House, complete with a live band.  [Tweet]

Biden is slammed for holding a BBQ at the White House as Hamas holds Americans hostage and kills at least four.  Joe Biden held a barbecue for his staff at the White House while at least four Americans were confirmed dead in the surprise attack by Hamas on Israel Saturday and Palestinian sympathizers protested at the president's gates.  A pool reporter overheard a band playing from the White House lawn while pro-Palestine protesters picketed outside the gates, chanting 'Free Palestine' and demanding the US cut aid to Israel.  The reporter questioned why they could hear the band, and a spokesperson replied:  'The President and First Lady are hosting a BBQ for White House Executive Residence staff and their families.

Joe Biden Says He Was First Briefed on Hamas Attack Against Israel This Morning, 8 Hours After Attacks Started.  So much for Joe Biden taking that "3 am phone call."  Joe Biden on Saturday afternoon shuffled into the State Dining Room to deliver remarks on the Hamas terror attacks against Israel.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war against Hamas after the militant group fired over 5,000 rockets at Israel on Saturday [10/7/2023].  Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel, catching the country off-guard during a major Jewish holiday.  The attack involved thousands of rockets and dozens of fighters infiltrating Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip.

Biden in Twilight.  That Joe Biden is long gone in senility is obvious to everyone.  True, not everyone will admit it: in the longer version of the CNN interview that Lloyd Billingsley wrote about earlier, Hillary Clinton fulsomely praised Biden's extraordinary record of accomplishment.  I suppose she thought the CNN audience might buy it.  It is not necessary to trace Biden's decline on a daily basis, but today's episode is worth noting.  Biden exhibited a complete failure to understand the basics of the federal budget and the federal debt.  He began by blaming the public's belief that our economy is performing poorly on the press, which he regards as hostile to him. [...] As far as I can tell, there is not a single member of the Democratic Party who minds that President Biden is mentally incompetent.  Our nation is sliding into a fiscal abyss, and Democrats have no intention of doing anything about it, or even acknowledging the fact.

Hunter Biden withdrew $20,000 from daughter Maisy's college fund and spent it on hookers and drugs.  Hunter Biden withdrew his daughter's college savings to help fund a months-long drug and hooker binge — and still hasn't paid the taxes on it, documents unearthed exclusively by reveal.  The First Son's profligacy was cast in sharp relief in papers from an IRS whistleblower who investigated him for tax crimes, released by Congress last month.  In late 2018 Hunter was in his 'penultimate odyssey through full blown addiction', according to his memoir, skulking in Connecticut motels and frittering away thousands on prostitutes and crack cocaine.

Biden Names Hunter Crony to Whistleblower Agency.  In a move that would have stopped the networks cold if former President Donald Trump had done it, President Joe Biden named an old Hunter Biden colleague to head the agency that protects whistleblowers.  This is the agency that's supposed to protect whistleblowers like IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley and agent Joseph Ziegler who have alleged political interference in the investigation of Hunter Biden.  So far ABC, CBS, NBC have yet to devote a single second to the shocking news on their evening or morning shows.

The Party's Over.  The evidence for Biden's corruption and betrayal of America mounts by the day.  We cannot wait for the situation to ripen further.  Too many of our institutions supporting justice and the rule of law have already been compromised by criminal behavior and subornation from the highest levels.  Every day that action to bring justice is delayed, creates more despair and consternation amongst the American people.  They must not be allowed to lapse into apathy and cynicism.  A clear and powerful case for Impeachment must be mounted immediately. [...] President Biden and Vice President Harris have violated their oaths of office.  At the simplest level, they are governed by Article 2, Section 3 which reads in part:  "(they) shall take care that the Laws be faithfully executed." [...] Our bill of particulars for Impeachment can have many clauses, but there is no need to go any further than the President's clear refusal to enforce existing immigration laws for more than two years, and to invite and allow a literal invasion on our southern border.

Cornell Law Prof:  Biden's Abandonment of Southern Border an 'Impeachable Offense'.  On the "Counterculture" podcast, Cornell University Professor William A. Jacobsen said that President Biden's abandonment of the southern border is "an impeachable offense."  "In this first term of his, hopefully his only term, we're going to probably have 10 to 15 million people illegally cross the Southern border from around the world," Jacobsen told Counterculture host Dan Proft.  "I mean, the word has gone out, and I was just reading a story about a pipeline of people from I think it was Mauritania who have figured out how to get across our southern border.  "We have completely abandoned a core principle of sovereignty in this country, a core principle of our immigration laws, which is that we determine who comes into the country," said Jacobsen.  "And Joe Biden has completely abandoned that, and I think that's an impeachable offense right there."

10 Ways Democrats Are Already Rigging the 2024 Election.  Former business associates, IRS and FBI whistleblowers, bank records, text messages, emails, reporting from a "highly credible" informant, and even President Joe Biden himself have all corroborated different aspects of the latter's involvement in his family's corrupt foreign business ventures.  But according to Democrats and their legacy media allies, this is just evidence of a father's love for his son.  From the moment mountains of evidence began piling up, implicating Biden in playing a major role in his family's international influence-peddling scheme, Democrats have done all they can to hide, excuse, and obfuscate the massive scandal surrounding the sitting president.  With help from the DOJ — which almost got away with offering Biden's son, Hunter, a sweetheart plea agreement to evade future criminal charges and has routinely hindered investigative efforts into the Bidens — these acts represent a clear attempt by Democrats to hide [condemnatory] information about the sitting president from the American public ahead of the 2024 election.

Bumbling Biden Leaves Nothing But Confusion After He Denounces His Own Border Wall Construction.  As RedState reported, the Biden administration recently announced the construction of a new section of border wall.  That represents a sharp turnaround from the president's previous proclamations and a vivid admission of just how terrible his immigration policies have been.  The move drew sharp rebukes from true believers like Beto O'Rourke, but it's now an open question whether Biden even knows what his administration is doing.  During a presser on Thursday, the president sure seemed confused as to who was even in charge.

The Editor says...
Many of us are confused about who's in charge of the Executive Branch.  It's obviously not senile Joe Biden.  Too bad the national news media has no interest.

Video Shows Joe Biden Kicking His Dog.  President Joe Biden's German Shepherd is no longer at the White House after numerous biting incidents.  The Secret Service had already acknowledged 11 incidents involving its personnel, but it has now been reported that this number is actually much higher.  Sources told CNN that the bites have ranged in severity, with one so bad that a member of staff needed hospital treatment.  Fox News aired a segment that inadvertently showed Biden kicking his German Shepherd after almost tripping on its leash.  They say pets are a reflection of their owners so biting dogs come from poor, abusing households.  [Video clip]

Hunter Biden's New Sobriety Defense Lifts the Blackout Dates on Addiction.  Hunter Biden returned to court today on the felony indictment for his possession of a handgun, including allegations that he lied on an Oct. 12, 2018, form by denying that he was a drug user.  His counsel is expected to continue to insist that the form was accurate because Hunter had ended his addiction to drugs and alcohol.  The problem for the case is that Hunter and his counsel appear to have an elastic calendar on his addiction, depending on its value in a given case or controversy.  The indictment alleges Biden certified on a federally mandated form "that he was not an unlawful user of, and addicted to, any stimulant, narcotic drug, and any other controlled substance, when in fact, as he knew, that statement was false and fictitious."  However, Biden's counsel, Abbe Lowell, maintained that "at the time that he purchased this gun, I don't think there's evidence that that's when he was suffering."  Lowell said that Biden had already emerged from rehabilitation when he signed the form.

David Weiss Drops One Gun Charge Count Against Hunter Biden.  Special Counsel David Weiss dropped one of the gun charges count against Hunter Biden on Wednesday.  The move is apparently a procedural step, according to the Associated Press: [...] Hunter Biden's lawyers wrote in an August court filing that Weiss's decision to "renege on the previously agreed-upon plea agreement" is still in effect and binding.  The diversion agreement allowed Hunter Biden to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax violations while essentially wiping a felony gun violation from his record.

James Biden's Role In The Biden Access-For-Hire Operation Shows It Was A Family Affair.  As the Biden family's corruption scandals tumble out into the open, corporate media badly want you to think the only story here is about Hunter Biden, a struggling drug addict who may have made some unwise decisions while grieving the loss of his brother.  The more evidence — from whistleblower testimony to documentation — of President Joe Biden's involvement arises, the more frantically they shout "no evidence!" and insist the elder Biden was only involved to the extent that he loves his son and talks with his wealthy foreign friends about the weather.  But setting aside the evidence of Joe Biden's involvement in the access-for-sale scheme — of which there is an abundance — there's another central figure in the operation.  The participation of James Biden, Hunter's uncle and Joe's brother, shows just how much of a family affair the scandal is, with Joe Biden, the family's "only asset," at the top.

Biden's German Shepherd Commander is removed from the White House.  Joe Biden's dog has been removed from the White House after it emerged that he had bitten more people than the 12 officially noted by the Secret Service.  The removal marks the second time that the Bidens have had to re-home one of their beloved German Shepherds due to aggressive incidents.  Commander, a two-year-old German Shepherd, has bitten people working in the executive residence, along with White House staffers.  At least one person had to be treated at the hospital.  On Wednesday, two sources told CNN that there had been far more biting incidents than officially reported.

White House Dog Attacks Related to Joe Biden's "Combustible" Relationship with Secret Service Agents:  Report.  The relationship between the Secret Service and Joe Biden is suffering from a "breach in trust", is "combustible" and "stressed" over repeated attacks on agents by the Biden family's German Shepherds Commander and Major, and by "unrealistic requests", as well as the Bidens' paranoia that agents remain loyal to President Trump, according to CNN which buried the blockbuster news in a report on the Bidens' dog Commander being removed from the White House after yet another biting attack on an agent last week.  CNN led with news Commander has bitten White House staffers in addition to Secret Service agents, "President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden's 2-year-old German shepherd, Commander, has been involved in more biting incidents than previously reported at the White House, multiple sources familiar with the matter told CNN."

A benevolent American dictator:
Biden cancels $9 billion in student debt for 125,000 borrowers.  President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he approved $9 billion in student loan forgiveness for 125,000 Americans.  The relief is a result of his administration's fixes to a number of programs, including the income-driven repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.  More than $5 billion of the aid will go to 53,000 borrowers who've worked in public service for a decade or more; $2.8 billion of the forgiveness is for 51,000 borrowers enrolled in income-driven repayment plans; and another $1.2 billion of the cancellation will go to 22,000 borrowers with disabilities.

They Are That Evil.  When the captain of a ship is clearly insane, or reckless, endangering the lives of the crew and indeed the ship they all need for survival, there are means of removing him from his position.  There's logic and reason, but when all else fails and the lives of the crew are at stake, only mutiny will suffice.  It's ugly and is fraught with danger, because, if unwarranted, it can lead to a death sentence, but someone has to utter the word, someone has to suggest the unthinkable to resolve a condition that is likewise unthinkable.  The trouble with America, right now, is that there is no more sane person to put in the captain's chair.  There is no way to effect a mutiny when the officers are as insane and reckless as the captain.  It's as if everyone in charge of anything significant is infected with the same suicidal, destructive disease.

Committee docs shed light on Hunter Biden's escort payments, potential Mann Act violations.  The documents released by the House Ways and Means Committee last week shed new light on Hunter Biden's reported interactions with escorts, including his claiming a tax deduction for payments to the women as business expenses.  The documents also disclose documentation of investigators considering Mann Act charges.  Contained in the highly redacted documents the House Ways and Means Committee released last Wednesday are an interview with an "escort" identified as Gulnora and with Hunter Biden's tax accountant who helped him prepare his tax returns for 2017 and 2018.  In spring of 2021, when the IRS investigative team interviewed Jeffrey Gelfound of Edward White & Company who prepared the younger Biden's delinquent personal and corporate tax returns for 2017 and 2018, they discovered that Hunter Biden identified payments to an "escort" as a business expense.

Hunter Biden pleads Not Guilty to charges he lied about drug addiction when buying a gun.  Hunter Biden, 53, was all smiles when departing a Delaware courthouse on Tuesday after pleading not guilty to lying about his continued crack cocaine use when buying a handgun in 2018.  The appearance and guilty plea comes after what Republicans called a 'sweetheart' plea deal — that would have seen Joe Biden's son avoid jail time — collapsed this summer.  The judge also revealed the president's troubled son has submitted to multiple random drug tests, and has been negative each time.

Jason Smith says evidence shows Joe Biden 'connected' to Hunter's business deals.  House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) touted the process and results of the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, saying recently released evidence shows the president was "not just aware" but "connected" to his son Hunter Biden's business deals.  "He was connected through phone calls, through meetings at the White House, through trips on Air Force Two with Hunter Biden and his business associates," Smith told Sunday Morning Futures the hundreds of pages of documents from two IRS whistleblowers support.  "It's absolutely unacceptable."

Fire Alarm Scandal Raises New Questions About Cocainegate.  On Saturday, a fire alarm went off in the Cannon House Office Building in an apparent attempt to delay a House vote on a continuing resolution bill aimed at extending government funding for another 45 days and avoiding a government shutdown.  It took little time after the story broke for Capitol Police to review surveillance footage and determine that Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) was the culprit.  [Tweet]  The impressive ability of the Capitol Hill police to review the footage and release a still from that footage to the public stands in sharp contrast to the inability of the White House and Secret Service to reveal who is responsible for bringing a bag of cocaine into the White House a few months ago.  You remember that story, don't you?  For sure, the media and the White House hope you forgot all about it.  It remains, as far as the public is concerned, unsolved, but, all evidence points to a massive cover-up.

Alex Marlow's 'Breaking Biden': China-Linked University of Delaware Biden Partnership Was Hunter's 'Baby'.  While media reports have focused University of Pennsylvania's Biden Center, less attention has been paid to University of Delaware's Biden Institute, even though these two "institutes" were opened on the same day and meant to serve a shared goal of being incubators of advancing globalism and leftism.  The UPenn Biden Center became a pipeline for longtime Biden allies into his administration, and, as previously reported by Peter Schweizer, proceeded a suspicious influx in Chinese donations to the university.  Together with a Penn Biden office in DC, the two entities that would be the public-facing "stage" for the "Biden Brand."  The key players at the University of Delaware's Biden Institute were either Biden family members, people with deep ties to China, or both.

2019: Hunter Biden Claimed He Didn't Receive 'One Cent' from Chinese Associate Despite Wire Transfers.  Hunter Biden denied receiving "one cent" from his family's deal with BHR Partners associate Jonathan Li, a video from October 2019 shows.  In the summer of 2019, Hunter Biden received two wires totaling $260,000 originating from BHR Partners associates, including Li, that listed President Joe Biden's Delaware home as the beneficiary address for the funds, the House Oversight Committee revealed this week.  The fund is bankrolled by the Bank of China.  Months after receiving the bank wires in 2019, Hunter Biden told ABC News he did not receive one penny from Li.

Joe Biden's Granddaughter Lived in White House While Representing Govt Interests of Peru.  According to reporting from the New York Post, Hunter Biden's oldest daughter, Naomi Biden, Joe Biden's granddaughter, went to work for DC-based law firm Arnold & Porter immediately after Biden was inaugurated.  While working for the firm as an "international arbitration associate", Naomi Biden represents the interests of Peruvians in an energy dispute and lawsuit.  Naomi Biden lived in the White House from August 2022 to March 2023.  No word on whether she registered under the laws of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).  The IRS investigators of Hunter Biden were blocked by the DOJ from interviewing Naomi.  This is multiple layers of sketchy.

While Demanding Ukraine Funding, Joe's Last Marble Falls Out of the Bag.  I'm not saying he has entirely lost all his marbles, but there's certainly a giant hole in the bag.  Toward the end of his remarks demanding more money for Ukraine, Joe Biden was questioned by the DC stenographers.  In one segment he was questioned about Kevin McCarthy keeping his word to provide unlimited billions for the Ukraine laundry operation.  As Biden started to talk about McCarthy, something went wrong and he had a Mitch McConnell moment.  [Video clip]

Biden Selling out the U.S..  The Biden impeachment investigation began this week.  If your source of news is CNN, MSNBC, and the Big Four TV networks, you didn't know about this, the fourth such inquiry in U.S. history, because they blacked it out.  Here's a handy source to the workings of the House Oversight Committee which you might want to keep for reference.  It apparently wasn't very significant to the press.  Not like the round-the-clock coverage of the lie that Trump was colluding with Russia, a lie generated by Hillary Clinton and megaphoned by them.  Have they noted that the FBI agent who helped launch the probe into this alleged collusion was ironically on the payroll of a Russian and an Albanian?  He has admitted he was on the payroll of a rich Russian and is set to admit being the recipient of an Albanian payoff.

James Comer Subpoenas 20 Wires Totaling $1.3M Received by James Biden.  House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) subpoenaed James Biden's Lion Hall Group and JBBSR, Inc., entities on Thursday because the committee could not identify "legitimate services provided by James Biden's companies."  Comer's subpoena appears to be directed at obtaining records linked to President Joe Biden's corporation, "CelticCapri Corp," which received nearly $10 million in 2017 without specifying revenue line items.  "So that's an LLC account.  It wasn't a shell company — that was a real LLC account with more earnings in there than what we can find.  So that is an account we plan to subpoena as we follow the money," Comer said last week.

CCP-linked businessman offered to wire Hunter Biden tens of thousands of dollars to cover expenses:  Texts.  A top former aide to Vice President Biden revealed in a WhatsApp message to Hunter Biden that his CCP-linked business partner was willing to wire Hunter tens of thousands of dollars to help him pay off several bills, according to a new batch of messages released by the House Ways and Means Committee.  Fran Person, who served as a longtime adviser to the elder Biden and was a failed congressional candidate in 2016, told Hunter in a July 2017 WhatsApp message that he and Bo Zhang, Fran's business partner with ties to top CCP leaders, "want to help" him.  Hunter was in the middle of a rocky divorce and laid out his bills for the month, saying, "100K at least gets me until next month."  "I am appreciative of whatever [Bo] was comfortable with but I'm very uncomfortable starting a war revised partnership this way," Hunter said.  "I have been desperately trying to figure out how to resolve this without resorting."

Honest, Commander Doesn't Bite!  This week, Biden's dog bit another secret service agent.  We all remember that "Major" bit people before.  So, again — in the White House?  Well, actually no.  Biden gave that dog away in 2021.  This is a NEW dog — a dog named "Commander" — that was born in 2021.  This is the Eleventh biting incident that we KNOW of from this young dog.  In the four month period from October 2022 to January 2023, there were TEN biting "incidents" — sending one person to the hospital.  They went to the hospital, AFTER medical treatment was performed at the White House.  We only know this because Judicial Watch did a FOIA for that time period to discover if bites had occurred.  These bites were from a one year old dog.  It is probably safe to assume that if there were TEN incidents in that four month period, there are other bites that we don't know about.

This May Prove the $260K Wires From China Were for Joe Biden.  As PJ Media reported earlier this week, subpoenaed bank records show that Hunter Biden received wire transfers totaling $260,000 from communist China in the late summer of 2019.  What made these wire transfers particularly interesting was that they listed Joe Biden's Delaware residence as the beneficiary address for the funds.  A beneficiary address can either be the address listed on the recipient's account or the address provided by the person sending the wire.  The wire records do not clearly indicate who provided the address in question.

The 'no evidence' claim about Biden corruption is looking increasingly ridiculous.  Joe Biden's defenders have been on a wild ride this past year.  It began with them arguing that the president knew absolutely nothing about his family's influence-peddling business to arguing that it's no big deal that ChiCom wire payoffs happen to have Biden's home address listed on them.  The quality of the excuses, unsurprisingly, has been deteriorating rapidly.  They largely entail repeating the words "no" and "evidence" in a perpetual loop.  But this week, when James Comer released financial records of Hunter Biden receiving two wire transfers totaling $260,000 in 2019 from Beijing with the president's Delaware home listed as the beneficiary address, the White House jumped into action.

Forensic Accountant Says Hunter Biden Got Over Twice The Salary From Burisma That US Oil Giant Paid Directors.  A forensic accountant who testified before Congress said Friday Hunter Biden's salary from Burisma was more than twice what a major oil company paid its directors.  Bruce Dubinsky testified at a Thursday House Oversight Committee hearing about "The Basis for an Impeachment Inquiry of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.," which was part of the panel's investigation into the handling of the probe into Hunter Biden's business dealings.  Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of Burisma in 2014, when Joe Biden was vice president.

Report: Frank Biden Called Joe Biden the 'Big Guy,' Sixth Reference to Alias.  The Wall Street Journal published an interactive Biden family tree map on Friday, highlighting the alleged influence peddling scheme of "how Joe Biden's kin profited off the family name" with the use of the "big guy" alias.  Frank Biden, President Joe Biden's youngest brother, was "hired by the Illinois-based industrial manufacturing firm Federal Signal Corp. to help connect the company with Florida lawmakers," the Journal reported.  "During a weekly call, Frank Biden, 69 years old, would frequently interrupt the meeting and say he had to take a call from 'the Big Guy,' as he put it."

Annals of Senescence.  Alex Thompson reports that President Biden is working on a critical project for his re-election bid:  Make sure he doesn't trip.  Thompson's Axios scoop runs under the headline "Biden team's don't-let-him-trip mission."  The Biden team is worried that one more public tumble might convince voters that Biden is not up to the job.  I believe that voters already come to that view, and with good reason.  The physical manifestation of his senescence corresponds with his visible limitations of speech and understanding.  He makes 80 look like the new 100.

The Latest Hunter Biden Document Dump Is Littered With Bombshells.  [For example] A federal prosecutor on the Hunter Biden investigation ordered the FBI to remove references to then-candidate Joe Biden from a search warrant related to the probe.  In August 2020, FBI agents drafted a search warrant for the lobbying firm Blue Star Strategies that referenced the elder Biden as "Political Figure 1."  But assistant U.S. attorney Lesley Wolf intervened to remove the reference to Biden on the grounds that it was outside the scope of the warrant.  "There should be nothing about Political Figure 1 in here," Wolf wrote in an email to FBI and IRS investigators.  The email adds to the growing evidence that the U.S. attorney's office blocked investigators from pursuing leads related to the president.  IRS investigators Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler have claimed Wolf stymied several aspects of the investigation and tipped off Hunter Biden's lawyers to a planned search of the first son's storage unit in Virginia.  Wolf was removed from the prosecutorial team this year, for reasons yet to be explained.

Impeachment Memo:  Biden Family Received $15 Million in Foreign Money.  On Wednesday, a new memo was released by members of Congress detailing bank records which allegedly prove that the Biden family had received at least $15 million in foreign funds.  According to Just The News, the memo was released by Congressmen James Comer (R-Ky.), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), and Jason Smith (R-Mo.); all three are leading committee chairmen, with Comer leading the House Oversight Committee, Jordan in charge of the House Judiciary Committee, and Smith in control of the House Ways and Means Committee.  "Department of Justice personnel blocked avenues of inquiry that could have led to evidence incriminating President Biden and impeded efforts to prosecute Hunter Biden for tax crimes relating to foreign business arrangements that could have implicated President Biden," the 30-page memo reads in part.

New revelations about Bidens include China payments, Delaware coverup.  Laptop deniers are having a tough time trying to explain away the [...] evidence pouring out of congressional committees investigating Biden corruption and the DOJ's coverup.  New documents from IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley released by the House Ways and Means Committee Wednesday spell more trouble for the Bidens, and maybe for Hunter Biden's "sugar brother" Kevin Morris, who paid the First Son's $2.8 million tax bill and funded his lifestyle in Malibu.  Here are the top five revelations contained in the committee's 1,600-word report and 31 new exhibits tabled by IRS criminal investigators Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who allege DOJ obstruction of their five-year investigation of Hunter in Delaware: [...]

Trump was a great president, but a looming Michelle Obama candidacy means we need a new plan.  The saying goes that you prepare to fight the last war (or political campaign), not the next one, and now there is the real possibility that Joe Biden will drop out to be replaced by Michelle Obama.  This would change the entire landscape of the election and serve as a convenient excuse to absolve the rest of the party for what Biden did, when we all know they are equally at fault.  It's easy to see how this could have been the plan all along.  Biden's installation meant four more Obama years of "fundamental transformation" with an unwitting scapegoat, the disposable bumbling puppet.  Knowing the proclivities of the far left's identity politics, you can easily see how this kind of development could have been pre-planned for maximum effect.

House Ways & Means Committee Releases 700 Pages Of New Evidence Against Hunter Biden.  [Video clip only.]

House Ways and Means Committee Releases Explosive Documents Confirming Hunter Sold Access to Joe Biden in 23 Countries.  On Wednesday, the House Ways and Means Committee voted to release new documents from IRS whistleblower testimony confirming that Hunter Biden sold access to his father Joe Biden via the "family brand."  The explosive documents revealed Hunter Biden was selling the 'Biden family brand' in 23 countries.  "The Biden Family foreign influence peddling operation suggests an effort to sway US policy decisions," House Ways and Means chairman Jason Smith said.  The Committee released a June 6, 2017, WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden to a business associate that he was not willing to "sign over my family's brand," or give the individual "the keys to my family's only asset."

Hunter sold Biden 'brand' in 23 countries.  A committee in the U.S. House has released investigative documents that show Hunter Biden sold the Biden "brand," understood to be access to his father as vice president and then president, in 23 nations.  And those documents also suggest that there were concerted efforts to impact American foreign policy in connection with those sales.  Rep. Jason Smith, of the House Ways and Means Committee, announced at a news conference the committee voted to release a vast new store of evidence regarding what appears to be developing as a Biden family-wide influence-peddling operation that netted members $20 million or more.  Smith said the details, from whistleblowers, has not yet been contradicted by any evidence that has been revealed.

Face it — Hunter Biden is already pardoned.  Hunter Biden was recently indicted on a gun charge, as everyone knows.  This has led to a spate of articles claiming that Joe Biden is worried that he will die before his son's legal problems are resolved.  Well, don't let the unquestioning media dupes fool you.  Hunter Biden has already been pardoned.  That pardon is sitting in Joe Biden's desk drawer or office safe.  Hunter Biden likely even has a copy of this pardon in his own possession.  Despite the media sense of self-importance, one is pardoned when the President signs the pardon, not when a pardon is announced and reported by the media.  Even the Biden family is savvy enough to know they need pardons in reserve in case anything happens to the ancient and deteriorating Joe Biden.

Stick a Fork in Biden — He's Done!  President Joe Biden has become a joke, confabulating tall tales about his past political exploits, shaking hands with phantoms, not shaking hands with world leaders, getting lost on stage, and frequently falling.  These are all clear signs of his physical and mental decline, obvious to all but his most partisan enablers and sycophants.  He has announced his candidacy for reelection, but that is as credible as Jack Nicklaus announcing a run for the US Open next spring.  The only question is how Joe exits the presidency and campaign, whether voluntary or by his handlers making him an offer he can't refuse.

Joe Biden Is About to Be Let Off the Hook for Mishandling Classified Docs.  Have you forgotten about the ongoing investigation into Joe Biden's mishandling of classified documents?  I can understand if you did because the media hasn't talked much about it since partisan Democrats have been indicting Donald Trump for blowing his nose.  The investigation is still ongoing, and according to a report from ABC News, the investigation has been expanded significantly. [...] I've never believed that Joe Biden would ever be treated the same way as Donald Trump, and according to the story, the investigation "has grown into a sprawling examination of Obama-era security protocols and internal White House processes."  Right there, alarm bells should be going off.  The investigation may have expanded, but is it really about Joe Biden anymore, or is it about Obama administration security protocols?  When you read between the lines, it sounds like the burglar is getting off the hook because the home he robbed wasn't locked.

When Your Son is Getting Payments From China at Your Address, Can You Still Pretend You're Not Involved?  The Biden defense has been that whatever Hunter Biden was doing doesn't involve his father.  Sure, Hunter might have traded on his father's name, his father might have phoned in and stopped by events with his clients and his son might have even sent demands for money to China in his name, but it has nothing to do with Joe.  And it still doesn't.  Not even when the money is going to Joe Biden's address.

Is this the "smoking gun" of Biden's Chinese cash-for-influence deals?  If you see enough smoke, sooner or later there's a good chance that you're going to come across some fire.  Now, James Comer and the House Oversight Committee may have uncovered it.  We've watched for more than a year as Comer has unearthed one item after another indicating that Joe Biden and his family collected tens of millions of dollars from adversarial nations, with most of the money clearly being laundered through a shady network of shell companies.  But Biden's loyal defenders in the legacy media and the Democratic Party have continued to insist that there was no irrefutable proof.  That may have changed yesterday.  Comer's team has uncovered documentation showing a $250,000 payment in 2019 from some of Hunter Biden's BHR Partners Chinese "clients."  And the beneficiary residence of the recipient was none other than Joe Biden's Delaware mansion.

Can You Spot The Difference Between The Menendez And Biden Foreign Influence Scandals?  [Scroll down]  A number of astute people noted how CNN was credulous to the point of absurdity, but near as I can tell, no one has yet noted that CNN's "fact check" needs... a fact check.  "On the allegation that these dinners with Joe Biden 'resulted in cars,' [Hunter Biden business partner Devon] Archer said the businessman Rakishev wired Hunter Biden the exact amount of money that Hunter used to buy a Porsche.  This car has nothing to do with Joe Biden," notes CNN.  To start, the $142,300 wasn't used to buy a Porsche — it was used to buy a Fisker Karma, an EV sports car made by an automotive start-up that got $192 million in loans from the Department of Energy to, among other things, take over an abandoned General Motors factory in Wilmington, Delaware, which is coincidentally the Bidens' hometown.  Fisker defaulted on those massive loans, costing American taxpayers $132 million, and Hunter later traded the Karma for a Porsche.

Joe Biden's biggest nightmares are all starting to come true.  [Scroll down]  Anyone want to put money on the idea of Joe Biden putting all hands on deck to resolve the migrant surge?  He hasn't even visited the border.  He fobbed the border issue off onto the incompetent Kamala Harris and she didn't do anything, either.  Elon Musk, who's been sued by the Justice Department for not hiring "refugees" and has seen illegal alien incursions onto his SpaceX company lands, has announced that he will be visiting the border.  The president of Honduras has visited the border, and certainly President Trump has visited the border.  But Joe Biden hasn't visited the border, let alone taken any effective action to stop the illegal crossings.  If anything, his "increased pathways" to migration has had the effect of adding highways to severely congested areas, the way Robert Moses once did in New York City, only to find himself profoundly surprised that the added highways didn't lighten the traffic load.  Demand, in other words, for a free ride from America across the globe, is simply too great, so the more Joe opens 'legal" pathways (and this is highly questionable) the more the surge grows.  His solution has been to gaslight and cover up the problem, not actually solve it — and the results speak for themselves.

Democrats Have Become The Party Of Authoritarianism.  They Only Understand Power.  [Scroll down]  Or again consider the role of Biden's Justice Department and FBI in protecting Hunter Biden and the president from congressional investigations that are, as of this writing, still uncovering [substantial] evidence of corruption connected to Hunter's overseas business schemes.  Just this week we learned that two payments totaling more than a quarter-million dollars were wired to Hunter Biden from China, and the beneficiary address listed on the wires was Joe Biden's home address in Delaware.  (At the time the wires were sent, Hunter was living in California.)  Surely, you might be thinking, not even the most rabid partisans on the left can think that this is justice, or that this will end well for the country.  Surely they see the danger of supporting a politicized federal law enforcement bureaucracy that criminalizes the opposition and uses the justice system as a weapon.  Even if they don't denounce it publicly, certainly they're talking amongst themselves about how terrible this is and how to stop it.  Right?  Wrong.  To think this way is to misunderstand Democrats and the left completely.  No, they're not worried about any of this.  No, they don't want it to stop, they want it to continue and intensify.  They don't want justice, they want power.

Oversight Committee:  BHR Partners' Bank Wires List Joe Biden's Delaware Home as Beneficiary Address.  Hunter Biden received two wires totaling $260,000 in 2019 originating from Chinese business partners that listed President Joe Biden's Delaware home as the beneficiary address for the funds, the House Oversight Committee revealed Tuesday.  The bombshell allegation is the first direct link between Joe Biden and foreign wired money to the Biden family business from China.  The Delaware address is Joe Biden's main residence.  Hunter Biden also spent time at the address, though it is unclear if he claimed it as his home address at the time of the wire transfer in July and August 2019.

Joe Biden facing crushing defeat if RFK Jr. runs as 3rd-party candidate.  Joe Biden could be facing a disastrous defeat in the 2024 presidential election, assuming he's still in the hunt then, if Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would offer voters a third-party candidacy.  That's according to a report from Newsweek, which revealed that one-third of Democrat voters likely would support him.

Biden's Dog Commander Bites Another Secret Service Agent.  President Joe Biden's dog, Commander, bit a Secret Service agent again Monday evening.  It was the two-year-old German Shepherd's 11th biting incident, leading the agent to seek medical attention at the White House, CNN reported.  "Yesterday around 8 p.m., a Secret Service Uniformed Division police officer came in contact with a First Family pet and was bitten.  The officer was treated by medical personnel on complex," Secret Service communications chief Anthony Guglielmi told CNN.  The injured officer is doing fine in the aftermath of the incident, Guglielmi added.

The Editor says...
Why does Joe Biden need to have a dog in the White House anyway?  Why not a smaller dog, or a parakeet?  How much time does Joe Biden spend in the White House during an average week?  Is the dog just a prop?  Would the press be so indifferent if the dog belonged to Reagan, Bush, or Trump?

Hunter Biden sues Rudy Giuliani over infamous laptop found at repair shop.  Hunter Biden has sued Rudy Giuliani over his infamous laptop scandal, claiming that the former New York City mayor hacked and manipulated data on an external hard drive in a "total annihilation" of the disgraced first son's "digital privacy."  The suit filed Tuesday in US District Court of Central California accuses Giuliani and Robert Costello, a former federal prosecutor who defended Giuliani, of violating the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act when they accessed Biden's hard drive.  "For the past many months and even years, Defendants have dedicated an extraordinary amount of time and energy toward looking for, hacking into, tampering with, manipulating, copying, disseminating, and generally obsessing over data that they were given that was taken or stolen from Plaintiff's devices or storage platforms, including what Defendants claim to have obtained from Plaintiff's alleged 'laptop' computer," the filing read.

UAW should have hired Hunter Biden.  Sacrifice.  Solidarity.  Selflessness.  Those are the signatures of Mr. Biden and his life's work toiling away for the working man (and the credit card industry) in Washington these past 50 years.  Scranton Joe.  Lunch Bucket Joe.  Amtrak Joe.  "Tuesday, I'll go to Michigan to join the picket line and stand in solidarity with the men and women of UAW as they fight for a fair share of the value they helped create," Mr. Biden supposedly wrote on social media last week, announcing his brave stand with autoworkers.  (Say what you want to about former President Donald Trump, but at least he didn't lie every time he claimed to be posting something himself on social media.  Bring back "covfefe!")  But anyway, "fair share."  Too bad striking autoworkers are too stupid to know what's best for them.  If they really wanted their "fair share" under the Biden administration, there is one surefire way to get it:  Hire Hunter Biden.  Just ask the Ukrainians.

Offering dirt on Hunter FBI 'mole'.  Gal Luft, the fugitive "missing witness" of the Biden corruption investigation, has offered new evidence to the House impeachment inquiry about an FBI mole who tipped off Hunter Biden that his Chinese partners had been named on four sealed indictments in 2017 by Manhattan federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York.  The Israeli professor, and former Israel Defense Forces officer, has been on the run for six months, after skipping bail in Cyprus where he was awaiting extradition to the United States on gun-running and foreign-lobbying charges, also brought by the SDNY.  In an open letter to Reps James Comer, Jim Jordan and Jason Smith, the three House committee chairmen running the impeachment inquiry, Luft claims that the tipoff to Chinese executives of CEFC came on the same day that the first son wrote a WhatsApp message shaking down another CEFC employee for millions of dollars over a "highly confidential and time sensitive" matter while claiming his father was in the room with him.

When Can We Start Calling It What It Is, Namely Bribery?  The Biden family corruption scandal gets deeper with every passing day.  Speaker Kevin McCarthy finally opened an impeachment investigation in the House last week, and now the first hearing in that investigation has been scheduled for September 28 before the House Oversight Committee.  So what is the potential impeachable offense?  You will undoubtedly recall, in the context of the two Trump impeachments, the endless semantic contortions that took place trying to shoe-horn Trump's conduct into the vague constitutional catchall of "high crimes and misdemeanors" that might support an impeachment.  Now, with Biden, the conduct at issue goes by various euphemisms like "the family business," "business dealings with foreign nationals," "influence peddling," "selling access," or maybe just "corruption."  But are these impeachable offenses?  Well, how about "bribery"?  In Biden's case, there is no need for creative legal argumentation.

Are We Preparing For A Coup?  In advance of the 2016 election, many of the nation's most powerful intelligence figures joined forces with Hillary Clinton's campaign to push the infamous Russiagate narrative.  They made up a story about non-existent collusion between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and peddled it to the American people.  When they failed to stop Trump from winning the White House they then morphed the Russiagate narrative into an effort to depose Trump and stage the first coup in American history.  In 2020 many of the same figures crawled out of the woodwork again to push a new lie.  This time they told the American people that Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation and that any questions about Joe Biden's obvious compromise by the Communist Chinese were conspiracy theories.  They succeeded in burying the Biden crime family scandal until after Joe had been installed in the White House.

GOP Predicts Biden 'Organized Crime Ring' Received $50M, $30M More than Shown.  Republican lawmakers recently predicted their investigation into the Biden family could prove the Biden business raked in more than $50 million, about $30 million more than bank records show thus far.  "Based on the evidence I've seen so far, I think the number is going to be north of $50 million that we're talking about here," Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said on Fox News.  Throughout the investigation, the House Oversight Committee unveiled several tranches of Biden business bank records.  Those showed the Biden business received at least $20 million from business schemes in Romania, China, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.  In total, nine Biden family members received payments from the family foreign business ventures, including two of Joe Biden's grandchildren.  [Video clip]

Attorney General Merrick Garland's Testimony Reveals Extensive Corruption by the Department of Justice.  [Scroll down]  Garland's selection of David Weiss as special counsel was a peculiar one.  Weiss had previously worked with Hunter's late brother Beau; he negotiated Hunter's absurd sweetheart plea agreement which the Federal District Court had refused to accept; and had earlier overseen an FBI probe of Biden's Delaware fundraising operation in which a top bundler pleaded guilty to as straw donor scheme but Biden was never charged.  Garland admitted that Weiss was the only person he ever considered for that position, and it would have been "disruptive" had he appointed anyone else.  He refused to answer if he had had any conversations with Weiss about the Hunter matter.  He couldn't recollect discussing the matter with the FBI.  He declined to withdraw the incendiary memo that directed the FBI to use counterterrorism tactics on parents who raised objections to school board policies.  Worse, his testimony about why he failed to appoint a special counsel earlier and the claim Weiss had broad authority even before the appointment of him as special counsel is in direct contradiction to the testimony of now three whistleblowers to the contrary and the failure of the DoJ in response to a FOIA request to provide any evidence to support Garland's claim that Weiss had broad authority.  In fact, he accidentally admitted that the department thwarted the Hunter investigation.

"I Vaccinated the Nation and Rebuilt the Economy!" — Old Man Joe Biden Starts Shouting Out of Nowhere.  Joe Biden Saturday evening delivered remarks at the 2023 Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.  Biden lied about the state of the economy.  "Kamala and I came into office determined to transform how the economy works — change the way it literally functions!" Biden said.  Joe Biden destroyed the economy.  Bidenomics = High mortgage rates, high inflation rates, collapsed banks, expensive groceries, record high rent, and dwindling retirement accounts.

Joe Biden Hates You (Hate Him Back).  There's always been an internal debate when thinking about President Joe Biden — you have to wonder whether he does or says something because he's a liar or because he's genuinely stupid.  This extends back to when he was a Senator, too.  Now you have to add a third option: senile.  It's tough to tell if he walks off stage with other world leaders without shaking their hands because he's an aloof ass who looks down his nose at others or because he's unaware of where he is.  There's no real way to know, but it's probably safest to bet it's a combination of all of them.

Sky News Host:  Laughingstock Joe Biden is "Coming Apart Before Our Eyes".  Joe Biden is a laughingstock all over the world.  Whether he is praising the Congressional Black Caucus at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus meeting or repeating the same story twice word-for-word just minutes apart at a campaign reception in Manhattan Wednesday night, world wide consensus is that Joe Biden is not up to par.  Sky News host James Morrow shared his thoughts about the feeble leader of the free world after his recent attendance at UN General Assembly in New York saying Biden appears to be "Coming apart before our eyes".  Morrow chronicled some of Biden's most recent gaffs, and there are plenty to choose from, that have come to be expected from the deteriorating leader.

The Left Throws Joe Biden Under the Bus: 'Nightmare Scenario for Democrats'.  The Democratic Party is increasingly beginning to abandon President Joe Biden as rumors ramp up that he may drop out of the 2024 presidential race because of health concerns.  Several Democrats voiced their concerns to the Washington Post over Biden's declining physical and mental health, saying death is "imminent" for people at the president's age — who will be 81 years old in November.  "He is in a period of his life where passing and death is imminent," the leader of the Democratic Party in Lorain County in Ohio, Sharon Sweda, said.  "We are all on a ticking clock.  But when you're at his age, or Trump's age, that clock is ticking a little faster, and that's a concern for voters."  This week, Biden has sparked more concern about his age and health after repeating the same story twice within minutes during a private fundraising event in New York.

James Comer to Subpoena Joe Biden's 'Mystery' Corporation that Collected $10M in 2017.  House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) vowed on Thursday to subpoena records linked to President Joe Biden's corporation, "CelticCapri Corp," which received nearly $10 million in 2017 without specifying revenue line items.  Questions remain about how then-Vice President Joe Biden's corporation received the $10 million in 2017, a year that corresponds with elaborate webs of wire transactions and Joe Biden's departure from the White House.  The year 2017 also encompasses the timeframe an FBI informant alleged Burisma Holdings bribed Joe Biden with $5 million.

New DHS Intelligence Expert Group Features Signers of Letter Discrediting Hunter Biden Laptop Story.  Several former intelligence officials who signed the now-notorious letter dismissing a bombshell report on a laptop belonging to the son of President Joe Biden as "Russian disinformation" are going to serve on a new advisory group created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday announced the establishment of the Homeland Intelligence Experts Group, which is tasked with meeting four times a year to provide the agency with input on some of the "most complex problems and challenges," including terrorism, fentanyl, "transborder issues," and new technology.  The group includes former senior intelligence officials, journalists, and "prominent human rights and civil liberties advocates," according to Mr. Mayorkas.  Some of them are known for attempting to discredit the New York Post's Hunter Biden laptop stories in a public letter in the weeks leading to the 2020 presidential election.

Now Can We Do Joe Biden?  Bob Menendez, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been charged with bribery.  Allegedly he was using his influence on behalf of the government of Egypt, along with several individuals or companies. [...] I think we can say with a high degree of confidence that Menendez is guilty.  (Whether he will be convicted is of course a different matter.)  My question is, now can we do Joe Biden?  There is a large and growing body of evidence that Biden, like Menendez, took millions of dollars in bribes.  Biden's bribes were paid by agents or associates of foreign governments, including China, as well as individual businesses and perhaps individuals.  There is this possible difference:  Menendez's bribes took the form of stacks of cash and gold bars, while Biden's millions (I believe around $20 million has been identified so far) were simply deposited in a maze of bank accounts.  But then again, who knows what the FBI might find if it raided Biden's home, as it did Menendez's?

Fox News requests secret mugshot of Hunter Biden.  Fox News host Jesse Watters revealed that the conservative news network has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the mugshot of presidential son Hunter Biden, calling for it to be released to the public.  "It turns out Hunter Biden has a mugshot," he said on Tuesday's edition of "Jesse Watters Primetime," breaking the news for the first time. "Back in July when Hunter first appeared in court, his lawyers say he was photographed and fingerprinted."  "Sources tell us that federal inmates rarely have their mugshots released to the public — only in cases where the federal inmate escapes, and a leak would be very unlikely.  The U.S. Marshals have a rigorous digital footprint," he added.  "So, what is so special about a mugshot that they don't want us to see?  Did he smile?  Did he look defiant?" Watters asked.  "In light of transparency, this mugshot must be released."

Report: Hunter Biden's Mugshot Concealed by Joe Biden's Justice Department.  Federal authorities reportedly captured Hunter Biden's mugshot in July, but the photo apparently remains concealed due to the Justice Department's policy.  Hunter Biden's lawyer, Abbe Lowell, noted during the July court appearance that President Joe Biden's son was processed at a Delaware courthouse by the U.S. Marshals Service by "the usual procedures (e.g., submitted to multiple sets of fingerprints, had his photograph taken, and filled out the required forms for release)."

White House, Hunter Biden's team keep shifting goalposts in denying Joe's involvement with businesses.  Hunter Biden's lawyer declared last Thursday that the first son "did not share" his business or his profits with his father, marking another notable shift in the narrative responding to allegations that link President Biden to his son's business dealings.  Abbe Lowell, who has been aggressively defending Hunter, said he can "categorically" declare that Biden was not involved in Hunter's previous business dealings and did not profit from any of them.  "I can tell you that Hunter did not share his business with his dad," Lowell told CNN on Thursday.  "I can tell you that he did not share money from his businesses with his dad.  And as the evidence out there, his dad, like all good parents, tried to help Hunter when Hunter needed that help."

Hunter Goes on Offense, Sues the IRS, His Corruption Is Private.  Hunter Biden didn't like being exposed, so he's suing the IRS whistleblowers who did exactly that.  President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, sued the Internal Revenue Service on Monday, alleging that his privacy rights were violated when agents aired concerns to Congress and the media about the handling of the investigation into his taxes and business dealings.  So, if you commit crimes, you can now say it invades your privacy?

Did Hunter Biden Lie to His Own Memoir?  In a raft of glowing reviews, Hunter Biden's 2019 memoir "Beautiful Things" was celebrated as an "unflinchingly honest" (Entertainment Weekly), "confession and an act of contrition" (Guardian), that was "candid" and "doesn't hold back details" (New York Times) of his substance abuse and broken relationships.  While describing the book as an "unvarnished confessional," the Washington Post exalted it as a "harrowing, relentless and a determined exercise in trying to seize his own narrative from the clutches of the Republicans and the press.  In the years since, testimony from a former business partner, Devon Archer, and newly disclosed emails indicate that the president's son's memoir was an exercise in spin rather than truth-telling, especially concerning his father's role in his foreign business dealings, which are now the subject of a House impeachment inquiry.  That evidence shows how the Bidens used the memoir to create a politically charged narrative — one largely embraced by the mainstream media — that distorted the truth to protect the family.

Hunter Biden Sues IRS After Whistleblowers Reveal He Was Given Sweetheart Deal for Not Paying Taxes on Millions in Illicit Business Deals.  Hunter Biden sued the IRS after whistleblowers revealed he did not pay taxes on millions of dollars in international money schemes and was given a sweetheart deal from far left investigators.  The whistleblowers released the shocking truth to the American public.  So Hunter Biden is suing them.  Hunter claims the whistleblowers embarrassed him when they reported the truth on his illicit business dealings.

Oversight Dems admit Hunter's longtime business partner handled Biden's finances throughout VP tenure.  House Democrats acknowledged Wednesday that Hunter Biden's then-business partner, Eric Schwerin, handled President Biden's finances for the duration of his vice presidency.  A spokesperson for the Democrat minority of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability told Fox News Digital that Schwerin, the former president of Hunter's Rosemont Seneca Advisors and a frequent visitor to the Obama-Biden White House, served as then-Vice President Biden's "bookkeeper" from 2009 to 2017.  "Notably, Mr. Schwerin, who served as then-Vice President Biden's bookkeeper from 2009 to 2017, explained that he was not aware of any transactions into or out of the then-Vice President's bank account related to business conducted by any Biden family member," the spokesperson said in a statement.

President Pinocchio Joe is a truly terrible liar.  Joe Biden is a terrible liar in every sense; he lies on a terrible scale, and he's terrible at lying.  And as much as I'd like to be kind to an old man and put his constant untrue statements down to memory issues caused by his advanced age and cognitive decline, it's not because of that at all.  No, President Biden just likes to tell humongous self-promoting whoppers, again and again and again.  He's done it his entire political life, and now he's lying so often and so badly that even his most diehard uncritical supporters can't excuse him anymore.

Lawyer For IRS Whistleblowers Explains Why Hunter Biden's Attorneys Are 'Very Clearly' Desperate.  The lawyer for IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley explained Monday on Fox & Friends why Hunter Biden's attorneys are "very clearly" desperate after the president's son sued the IRS.  Hunter Biden sued the IRS on Monday alleging its agents "targeted and sought to embarrass" him by discussing his private tax information and violating his rights as a taxpayer.  The lawyers argue that whistleblowers, like Gary Shapley, violated Hunter's rights to confidentiality by testifying before Congress.  Shapley is not listed as a defendant in the suit.  Tristan Leavitt joined Fox News to discuss the suit, first arguing it amounts to intimidation of whistleblowers and is meant to deter future whistleblowers from coming forward.  "Ultimately, the ironic thing is Hunter Biden is accused of allegedly not paying taxes on a bunch of money but now here.  [H]e is suing the IRS and you know, angry at the investigators, because of an invasion of privacy," co-host Steve Doocy said.

IRS Whistleblower Responds To Hunter Biden Lawsuit Targeting Him.  After news broke that President Biden's son Hunter had filed a lawsuit against the IRS, IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley's legal team issued a statement condemning the action.  Biden filed the lawsuit claiming that IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler revealed confidential information about his taxes in public interviews and statements.  "This suit against the IRS is just another frivolous smear by Biden family attorneys trying to turn people's attention away from Hunter Biden's own legal problems and intimidate any current and future whistleblowers," the attorneys for Shapley wrote.

Hunter Biden's texts, emails contradict lawyer's claim that he 'did not share' money from businesses with dad.  Hunter Biden's attorney recently claimed his client "did not share money" from his business dealings with his dad, President Biden, but a 2019 text message and multiple emails appear to contradict this claim.  Abbe Lowell, who has been aggressively defending Hunter, said in a recent interview that he can "categorically" declare that President Biden was not involved in Hunter's previous business dealings and did not profit from any of them.  "I can tell you that Hunter did not share his business with his dad," Lowell said during a recent CNN interview.  "I can tell you that he did not share money from his businesses with his dad.  And as the evidence out there, his dad, like all good parents, tried to help Hunter when Hunter needed that help."

What We Must Believe To Believe Biden Is Innocent.  It's hardly a surprise that the corporate media have rushed to the defense of President Biden pursuant to the impeachment inquiry announced last week by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  More surprising is the absurdity of the arguments they offer on his behalf.  For years, his denials notwithstanding, Biden knew his son ran an international enterprise whose only real service was selling access to the Vice President of the United States to foreign entities who hoped to procure favorable policy decisions from the Obama administration.  This operation generated at least $20 million that was doled out to nine Biden family members, yet we are asked to believe that the "Big Guy" didn't get a cut.

Here's All The Evidence Connecting Joe Biden To Hunter Biden's Foreign Business Dealings.  The amount of evidence connecting Joe Biden to Hunter Biden's business dealings is growing as Congressional investigations continue to reveal new information surrounding Hunter Biden's engagements.  Witness testimony, emails, text messages, flights and additional evidence indicate Joe Biden was knowledgeable about Hunter Biden's business dealings and communicated with his son's business associates on numerous occasions.  Hunter Biden's former business associate Devon Archer testified in July to the House Oversight Committee that Joe Biden spoke with his son's business associates more than 20 times, including a spring 2014 dinner with Russian oligarch Elena Baturina and a spring 2015 dinner with Vadim Pozharskyi, an executive with Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings.

Democrats may dump Joe Biden, but they still own his extreme policies.  Democrats are about to fire President Biden.  Are Republicans ready?  Washington Post columnist David Ignatius ignited a political firestorm recently by veering off script and writing that Joe Biden should retire — a rare chink in the media bulwark protecting the president.  In a follow-up interview, the "Morning Joe" crew echoed concerns about Biden's age.  Others will surely follow; polls showing that Biden might lose to Donald Trump and other GOP 2024 candidates have finally brought Democrats to their senses.  Republicans need to prepare for the very real possibility that Joe Biden is forced out of the 2024 race.  What does that mean?  It means that it's time the GOP stop obsessing about Joe Biden's age, and focus on his disastrous policies instead.  If Biden bows out, all the scrutiny of the president's incoherence, his stiff gait, his moments of confusion and all the other signs of decline will no longer matter.

It's Not Really Joe Biden On The Ballot Next Year.  It's Someone Much Worse.  Joe Biden is making it clear with great regularity that he's unwell and his recent trip overseas is no exception.  The G20 visit included a downright scary press conference in Vietnam that showcased a rapidly declining octogenarian on the world stage who is no longer capable of discharging the duties of his office.  This is not hyperbole; in fact, the cascading situation requires a frank discussion with the American people.  What's happening here is far worse than President Franklin Roosevelt's efforts to keep his wheelchair out of the public eye.  To be clear, President Biden — who is eighty going on ninety — expects the American people to elect him again without campaigning for the office.  As the biased mainstream media obsesses over Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's two "freezing" episodes, they treat Biden's ongoing health crisis and the White House's handling of it with kid gloves.  Our president struggles to make coherent points and can barely follow a teleprompter.  He would rather sleep than take questions from the press — perhaps typical for many 80-year-olds — but not for the leader of the free world.  The truth is this president can't even execute a rigged press conference full of softball questions from his allies in the state propaganda service.

The Conundrum.  Ever since the fabled Laptop from Hell entered stage left, the un-raptured of the land have been exposed to gales of evidence that "Joe Biden" ran a family influence-peddling racket as veep, and that it likely has something to do with the extravagant mess spawned in Ukraine.  The crude and lawless labors of the DOJ and the FBI to cover all that up have been failing lately as a harsh music of blown whistles ominously cleaves the dank night air over the Potomac swamp.  The coming House impeachment inquiry, with its extraordinary subpoena powers, can easily un-confuse these matters as Rep Comer (R-KY) goes after the Biden family bank records.

There's More Than Enough Evidence for a Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry.  "Without evidence."  They want those two words imprinted in your mind whenever you hear about the House impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.  "Since gaining the House majority in January," writes The Associated Press, "House Republicans have aggressively investigated Biden and his son, claiming without evidence that they engaged in an influence-peddling scheme."  Many other pieces use the same language.  Sticking the words "without evidence" into a story is meant to insinuate that the impetus for an investigation is itself meritless.  What kind of people make accusations without evidence, right?  But, as they know, inquiries exist for the purpose of uncovering evidence.  Then again, there already exists tons of substantive proof that Joe Biden was likely "engaged" in the family racket.  Now, it goes without saying that without the Biden last name, there is no Biden Inc.  But numerous witnesses, many with no connection to one another or political agendas, have independently testified that he was involved.

GOP Reps Release 22 Examples Of Biden's Corruption After Dems Claim There's No Evidence.  Democrats and left-wing operatives in the mainstream media say there is "no evidence" that Joe Biden did anything wrong to warrant impeachment.  This key Democrat "talking point" has been carefully crafted as the evidence and seriousness of Biden's corrupt actions is enough to make your blood boil.  In response, the House Oversight Committee has compiled a startling list of 22 pieces of evidence that show Joe Biden's involvement in his son's influence-peddling scheme that raked in millions.

Hunter Can Blackmail His Father Into a Pardon.  When Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea agreement fell apart in spectacular fashion over the summer, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre frantically claimed President Joe Biden would not give his son a pardon.  That there was no possibility of such a thing.  "From a presidential perspective, is there any possibility that the president would end up pardoning his son?" a reporter asked during the daily briefing.  "No," Jean Pierre snapped.  "I just said no.  I just answered."  Her statement was definitive during an uncertain time.  In politics, definitive statements are early signs of regret and words that will likely be eaten later.  Meal time came this week when Special Counsel David Weiss handed Hunter Biden an indictment for three felony gun charges carrying the potential of 25 years in federal prison.  Hunter Biden was indicted by Special Counsel David Weiss on three federal felony counts related to his purchase of a firearm in 2018, two counts being related to his attestation of being drug-free on a purchase form and one count related to his possession of the firearm while using narcotics," Townhall reported.   All of a sudden, the need for a presidential pardon became a solidified reality.

Of Course Public Offices Are for Sale.  No doubt many venal American politicians play the same shady game (after all, there sure are a lot of Congress-critters who enter office destitute and exit office as millionaires), but the Biden Crime Family's particular brand of in-your-face extortion really takes the cake.  When his crackhead son Hunter is awarded a lucrative seat on a corporate board in Ukraine or receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, it is not because he is an expert in paying for sex, drugs, and other shameful degradations.  It is because he has been taught how to collect bribes from foreign foes in return for his father's promises to look out for their interests. [...] In contrast [to President Trump], the evidence that Biden has used his various offices for pecuniary benefit is overwhelming.  In emails, witness testimony, and bank account histories, the Biden Crime Family's business of extracting and laundering bribes is easy for any ordinary American to see.  Faced with such blinding corruption, however, the "expert" class now hilariously claims to see nothing.

Biden's alias email predicament.  At the height of Watergate, then-President Richard Nixon boldly asserted that the American people had a right to know "whether or not their president is a crook."  The same is true today.  The question takes on added significance as accumulating evidence suggests that President Biden may have used the influence of the various governmental offices he has held over his long career to enrich himself, his family and his associates.  The people who are supposed to ask tough questions about such matters have been strangely silent on the latest disclosure about the underhanded way in which Mr. Biden communicated with his son Hunter about matters including Ukraine.

Hunter Biden [was] Indicted on the Few Charges That Don't Implicate Joe Biden.  Hunter Biden, the wayward son of President Joe Biden, has been indicted on three federal gun charges — and of all the allegations he faces, these are the only ones that would not implicate his father in wrongdoing.  Special Counsel David Weiss filed three felony gun charges against Hunter Biden on Thursday, which could lead to up to 25 years in prison.  These are the first charges after a "sweetheart" plea bargain fell apart in July when it was questioned by a judge.  But that deal also included misdemeanor charges of willful failure to file federal taxes.  The taxes had to do with the income Hunter Biden appears to have earned thanks to business connections he made with the help of his father, when Joe Biden was vice president.

The Hunter Biden Indictments Are a Ruse.  Here's Why.  Seriously, does anyone believe that Hunter Biden will actually face any jail time?  Would Weiss, one of the architects of Hunter's ridiculous plea deal, actually put Hunter Biden behind bars?  I don't.  But in the meantime, many think it is a possibility.  According to Mike Davis, a former law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, we shouldn't be fooled by these indictments, and he explains why.  "Don't be fooled," he began in a lengthy post on X/Twitter.  "Today's indictment of Hunter Biden for gun felonies is just more coverup by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who has protected the Bidens for years."

Beware the DoJ's Hunter Biden distraction.  You don't need to be a political genius to see that this Hunter Biden indictment is an obvious smokescreen for the White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill.  The three-part indictment is very simple and straightforward and could've been brought a long time ago... so why this week?  Why does it come after a rough opening to September for Democrats, with horrible polls released concerning Joe Biden's age and approval ratings — and particularly the same week that Republicans finally pulled the trigger on an impeachment inquiry?  First, it serves to muddy the waters.  The counts in these indictments have nothing to do with what Republicans are doing with their impeachment inquiry, but the two stories will be combined by Democrats and the media — already James Comer is having to separate the two strands.  The gun charges are also the most sympathetic of Hunter's misdeeds, given the drug addiction involved, and therefore allow the White House to spin it as targeting the Biden family in an aggressive way — "He was going through a lot, Joe has nothing to do with buying a gun," etc.  The death of the sweetheart plea deal can now be swept under the rug by saying, "Look, we're the party of law and order now, no one's above the law!  This indictment proves it — let the courts work, just like with former President Trump."

Jim Jordan Blasts 'Face-Saving' Hunter Biden Indictment, Reveals Key Impeachment Inquiry Facts.  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Friday that Thursday's indictment of Hunter Biden was a "face-saving exercise" for a Department of Justice (DOJ) under increasing scrutiny and revealed the 'key facts' that House Republicans will rely on as they begin their impeachment inquiry.  Jordan wrote off Thursday's indictment of Hunter Biden as a public relations move as evidence mounts linking Hunter's illegal activities with Joe Biden dating to his time in the Vice President's mansion and exposing the department's mishandling of the investigation for years.  "At some point, it's got to do something" Jordan said of Biden's DOJ.

Impeachment Against Joe Biden:  Possible Key Witness from Ukraine Makes Serious Allegations.  A possible key witness against Biden is speaking out from Ukraine and is making serious accusations against the incumbent U.S. president.  The latter is said to have tried to have him killed.  The accusations carry weight, coming from none other than Ukraine's former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who in 2015 led investigations that became so dangerous to Biden that in 2016 he blackmailed the Ukrainian government into dismissing Shokin.

Impeaching Biden Is The Right Call, But Don't Stop With Him.  With apologies to Speaker McCarthy, the evidence uncovered thus far suggests much more than just a culture of corruption around Biden, but actual, straightforward corruption — foreign oligarchs allegedly bribing then-vice president Biden to make policy decisions that would benefit them.  This wasn't a complicated scheme.  It involved overseas firms hiring or contracting with Biden's son Hunter for access to Biden, and then laundering the money through a bunch of shell corporations.  (Throwing money at Hunter was the best investment a corrupt foreign oligarch could ever make, it turns out.)  As my colleague Jordan Boyd chronicled back in July, dozens of people, including Hunter Biden's former business partners, FBI and IRS whistleblowers, and at least one "highly credible" confidential FBI informant, have corroborated President Biden's involvement in what amounts to a vast international bribery scheme.  An impeachment inquiry is more than justified — there's vastly more evidence of Biden's corruption than there ever was of Trump's, for example — and arguably it's overdue.  Biden is likely the most corrupt president in American history, and impeaching him is the lowest of the low-hanging fruit for the House GOP.

Five Facts That Compel the House's Biden Impeachment Inquiry.  With the commencement of an impeachment inquiry this week, the House of Representatives is moving the Biden corruption scandal into the highest level of constitutional inquiry.  After stonewalling by the Bidens and federal agencies investigating various allegations, the move for a House inquiry was expected if not inevitable.  An impeachment inquiry does not mean that an impeachment itself is inevitable.  But it dramatically increases the chances of finally forcing answers to troubling questions of influence-peddling and corruption.  As expected, many House Democrats — who impeached Donald Trump after only one hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, based on his phone call to Ukraine's president — oppose any such inquiry into President Biden.  House Republicans could have chosen to forego any hearings and use what I called a "snap impeachment," as then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) did with the second Trump impeachment in January 2021.

Former Neil Gorsuch Law Clerk: 'Don't Be Fooled' By These Hunter Biden Indictments.  As Spencer wrote on Thursday, the looming gun charges that were part of that aborted sweetheart plea deal for Hunter returned in the form of new indictments, courtesy of Special Counsel David Weiss.  Don't be fooled.  Hunter isn't going to face any legal reckoning or jail time.  It's another legal shield supplied by Weiss, who's been talking out of both sides of his mouth throughout this fiasco.  Yes, he tried to charge Hunter, but he also allowed some of the more serious tax violations to atrophy, thanks to the statute of limitations.  He was a driving force behind the original sweetheart deal that got wrecked after the testimony of IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.

House GOP probing then-VP Biden's dodgy breakfast meeting with Kazakh bank official at official residence.  As House Republicans move to impeach Joe Biden, congressional investigators are zeroing in on a breakfast the then-vice president hosted in the summer of 2015 at his official residence in Washington, DC, for his son Hunter Biden and two business partners.  Hunter's former best friend in business, Devon Archer, mentioned the meeting in passing during his recent closed door testimony to the House Oversight Committee.  Archer attended the July 7, 2015, meeting at 8:30 am, along with Marc Holtzman, chairman of Kazakhstan's largest bank, Kazkommertsbank.

Hunter Biden indicted on federal gun charges.  Hunter Biden was indicted Thursday on federal gun charges out of Special Counsel David Weiss' investigation.  Biden was charged with making a false statement in the purchase of a firearm; making a false statement related to information required to be kept by a federal firearms licensed dealer; and one count of possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.  According to the indictment, "on or about October 12, 2018, in the District of Delaware, the defendant, Robert Hunter Biden, in connection with the acquisition of a firearm, that is, a Colt Cobra 38SPL Revolver with serial number RA 551363... knowingly made a false and fictitious written statement, intended and likely to deceive that dealer with respect to a fact material to the lawfulness of the sale of the firearm... in that the defendant, Robert Hunter Biden, provided a written statement on Form 4473 certifying he was not an unlawful user of, and addicted to, any stimulant, narcotic drug, and any other controlled substance, when in fact, as he knew, that statement was false and fictitious."

Associated Press invents new definition of "evidence".  Joe Biden obviously engaged in an influence-peddling scheme, and there is certainly compelling evidence that he engaged in outright bribery — pay for policy.  Biden met with, dined with, and spoke on the phone with Hunter Biden's clients, and in return for cash paid to Hunter, they got regular access to the White House.  Burisma officials even got the White House to collaborate with the company on press statements, and Joe Biden bragged that he pressured Ukraine — by waving a billion dollars in their face — to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, on whose Board his son Hunter sat.  Joe Biden's business partner told Congressional investigators that Joe Biden's influence was the product that he and Hunter were selling.  [Tweet]

Is Joe preparing to run his wife for 2024?  Wednesday's Cabinet meeting was most interesting.  After a minute of introduction, President Biden turned the meeting over to his wife Jill, who continued to run it.  This allows us a glimpse into the Democrat presidential strategy for 2024: run Jill Biden.  In order for Jill to win the Democrat nomination for president, she needs to do several important things:
  [#1]   Box out Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Gavin Newsom.
  [#2]   Maintain DNC support for Joe.
  [#3]   Keep Democrat contributors in line.
  [#4]   Do more and more of the president's job now.
Jill can accomplish these objectives by keeping Joe in the race in order to stop Kamala, Michelle, and Gavin from attracting sufficient Democrat party resources.  Notice that all three are keeping their heads low.  From now until the convention, if any Democrat breaks ranks and starts to look presidential, he will be branded a traitor and effectively excommunicated.  So Joe needs to continue to make noises as if he is going to run.

The Editor says...
Sounds like Lurleen Wallace.

Biden Holds 'Cancer Cabinet' Meeting While Handler Jill Treats Him Like a Child.  Joe Biden held a meeting of his "Cancer Cabinet" on Wednesday.  The Cancer Cabinet is supposed to be working on efforts to combat cancer.  But one of the things that was very evident about the meeting was how halting, old, and slow Biden appeared to be.  He was just supposed to be reading introductory remarks.  Yet still, he had some trouble, struggling through it with some confusion and missed words.  You can see some of that here, as Biden attempted to talk about dealing with "underserved communities."  [Tweet with video clip]

Evidence of Joe Biden's Involvement in His Family's Influence Peddling Schemes.  There is mounting evidence that Joe Biden was involved in his family's influence peddling schemes, including while he served as Vice President.  However, Democrats and their corporate media allies continue to ignore this overwhelming evidence as they seek to distract the American people from the Biden family's corruption.  Below are over 20 examples of Joe Biden's involvement. [...]

Hunter Team Slammed with Stunning IRS Accusation.  Americans were stunned to learn that the DOJ tried to shut down an IRS investigation into Hunter Biden.  We knew that Hunter was facing charges, due to tax crime accusations.  Whistleblowers, however, revealed the investigation was shut down after Biden's DOJ pressured the IRS to go easy on him.  These whistleblowers bravely testified before Congress.  They revealed the IRS was prevented from investigating where Hunter got his money.  Republicans concluded this was an attempt to hide evidence of the Joe-Hunter Biden bribery ring.  But now, it seems the family did more to try to stop the truth from coming out.  And Republicans are fuming.

ABC News Plays Defense for Biden Over House GOP Impeachment Inquiry.  Now that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is finally launching an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden, we will get to see most of the media pull a complete 180 degree turn on impeaching presidents.  On ABC News, it has already started.  In their coverage of the issue, they repeatedly refer to House Republicans as 'far right' and 'hard right.'  They also say that there is 'no evidence' or 'no hard evidence' of any wrongdoing by Biden.  This is the media gearing up to defend their party and it's so obvious.

Jaw-dropping evidence that GOP will use against Joe Biden is revealed.  President Joe Biden faces an impeachment vote over his alleged ties to his son Hunter's business dealings — many of which have been uncovered by  Emails, texts, photos and documents unearthed by this publication have added to a still-growing body of evidence suggesting that Joe may have been improperly involved in Hunter's shady foreign deals, including when he was Vice President.  That evidence has now prompted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to call a Thursday meeting of top Republicans to plan a vote on impeaching the President.

NYT Report:  Hunter Biden Informally Advises Joe Biden.  Hunter Biden is reportedly an informal adviser to President Joe Biden amid an impeachment inquiry into the president.  Hunter and Joe Biden frequently speak on the phone and "occasionally" talk politics, according to the New York Times, which described Hunter Biden as the president's "informal adviser" who has even shaped the latter's speeches.

FBI official can't recall, refuses to answer questions over Hunter Biden whistleblower cover-up claims.  A top FBI agent involved in the Hunter Biden investigation couldn't recall or refused to answer several questions related to IRS whistleblower claims that the probe into the first son was impeded by the Justice Department.  A transcript of FBI Special Agent Thomas Sobocinski's closed-door testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last week, reviewed by The Post, reveals that the Justice Department detailed what Sobocinski could and couldn't talk about with lawmakers a day before his Sept. 7 interview.

Where Are the Burisma Tapes?  Do you remember how excited Senator Chuck Grassley was when he announced that a Ukrainian gas company executive, who had allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden, had 17 audio tapes of their conversations? [...] In reviewing the story, which is now two months old, Grassley asked this question: "What is U.S. Attorney Weiss doing with respect to these alleged Joe and Hunter Biden recordings that are apparently relevant to the high-stakes bribery scheme?"  This is a perplexing question, because nowhere else does it say that the foreign national handed over the tapes to Weiss — only that he made the tapes as an "insurance policy."  But then the question is, an insurance policy against whom?  Protection from the Ukrainians?  From the FBI?  From David Weiss, who has been promoted to Special Counsel, even though the appointment is against policy?  Let's not forget that Weiss has also shown himself to be incompetent, partisan, and irresponsible regarding Hunter Biden's case.

Twilight Of The Democrats.  Biden's poor approval ratings are likely also influenced by the brewing scandal around his son.  Over half of voters believe that the president's actions related to the Hunter Biden probe are inappropriate, and 61% say they think the president was involved in his son's business dealings.  Indeed, there is mounting evidence that Biden's Department of Justice is criminalizing the political activity of his enemies while shielding his son from real prosecution.  When Biden took office, he vowed that his administration would put an end to the division of the Trump years and would restore unity.  Yet, on several occasions, Biden has made highly charged and antagonistic remarks about ordinary American citizens.  Despite the media's efforts to portray him as a wise and grandfatherly figure, Biden often appears to be angry and confused, lashing out at us unpredictably.  Due to the president's age and obvious cognitive decline, it is unclear who is actually running the country and calling the shots.  Biden, a corrupt and disoriented old man controlled by shadowy figures behind the scenes, is emblematic of what the Democratic Party has become.

A Fourth Joe Biden Email Alias Surfaces.  Then-Vice President Joe Biden used a fourth alias, "," as early as 2010 to communicate with his family, according to the nonprofit Marco Polo, based on information from Hunter Biden's "Laptop from Hell."  The House Oversight Committee previously noted only three aliases in its August 17 request to the National Archives for documents related to Joe Biden's email pseudonyms: "Robert Peters," "Robin Ware," and "JRB Ware."

Hanoi Joe is even worse than Hanoi Jane.  Joe Biden found himself in Vietnam on Sunday.  Returning from the G-20 summit in India, he made a pit stop there, supposedly to improve relations with that country as a means of checking China's aggressions.  Instead of saying 'Hello,' like normal presidents say, Biden greeted the Vietnamese with "Gooooood morning, Vietnam," rather shockingly bringing up a line from a movie that was all about the absurdities of the Vietnam War.  His performance was so bad his staff cut his mic and whisked him off the stage.

Keywords:  Stalling, snail's pace, slow-walking, all talk and no action.
McCarthy to Endorse Biden Impeachment Inquiry as 'Logical Next Step' in Corruption Probe.  House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) is expected to endorse an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden in a closed-door meeting with House Republicans this week.  McCarthy plans to tell those present that the move is the "logical next step" in the Republican Party's probes of Biden and his son Hunter's alleged influence peddling schemes, Punchbowl News reported Tuesday and Fox News confirmed.  At the private meeting set for Thursday morning, House Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) and House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R., Ky.) will each provide an update regarding their respective investigations into the Biden family's foreign business dealings.

The Editor says...
[#1] Joe Biden is far too senile to make any policy decisions, and he has been for some time. Thus there is no point in impeaching Joe Biden for the havoc being inflicted by the "Biden administration."  The actual culprits, which could include Barack H. Obama, DOCTOR Jill Biden, Bernie Sanders, Valerie Jarrett, and many others, will face no punishment (in this life) for what they've done, because Joe Biden is just the curtain they hide behind.  [#2] Joe Biden is likely to die of natural causes long before the spineless Republicans take any action against him.  Joe Biden is not the least bit worried about impeachment.

Biden is a Gold Mine.  Joe Biden is the proverbial gold mine.  Someone is going to give into the all-too-obvious temptation and make a veritable fortune very soon.  Doing so will pretty much permanently ruin that individual's prospects as a major operative in future Democrat doings, but someone, somewhere, is going to grab that overly tempting low-hanging fruit.  There is a "tell-all" book coming soon, without question, an "Emperor Has No Clothes" moment, a "Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain" reveal, one that will cause the objective world to say, "Aha!  Knew it all along!" while making the hyperpartisan Democrat apologists in the government and the liberal media cringe with inescapable, crushing humiliation.  It probably isn't necessary to list every example of verbal incoherence, physical fragility, cognitive decline, or policy illogic and inconsistency.  For the sake of this discussion, we'll leave aside the numerous, undeniable matters of outright financial corruption, influence pedaling, and bribe taking, since it would appear that most of those incidents occurred when Biden was still actually in control of his faculties.

Reporters Laugh at Sleepy Joe During Presser in Vietnam.  Joe Biden traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam to meet with General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong of the Communist Party of Vietnam.  After spending a couple of days in New Dehli, India, Biden arrived in Vietnam.  The grueling schedule is just too much for old Joe.  He needs a nap and he let everyone know.  Biden held a press conference after he delivered remarks and it was a total disaster.  He opened up the presser by making a joke about a Vietnam War movie.

Then-VP Biden Signed Off on Hunter Business Partner's Burisma Talking Points, Email Reveals.  House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R., Ky.) sent a letter to the National Archives and Records Administration on Wednesday requesting "unrestricted special access" to communications between the office of then-vice president Joe Biden and Hunter Biden or his business associates.  The letter requests unredacted copies of the documents included in NARA's "Records on Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Their Foreign Business Dealings" file.  Among the requested documents is a December 4, 2015, email in which longtime Biden family business associate Eric Schwerin sent quotes to Biden's then-communications director Kate Bedingfield that he said the White House should use in response to media outreach regarding Hunter Biden's role on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.  Schwerin sent the email at 10:45 a.m. that day.  Bedingfield responded hours later at 2:30 p.m. saying, "VP signed off on this."

Biden Accused of 'Mosaic' Plagiarism After Editor Noticed Oddly Familiar Phrases In Paper.  A former editor of the Harvard Journal on Legislation has raised "shocking" allegations of plagiarism against President Joe Biden, claiming that he discovered instances of unattributed copying in an essay written by the then-Delaware senator more than two decades ago.  The accusations center around an essay defending the Violence Against Women Act, which Biden penned in 2000 during his tenure as a senator.  Roger Severino, who now serves as the vice president of domestic policy at The Heritage Foundation, took to social media to detail his findings, igniting a fresh controversy.

As Biden scandal marches toward impeachment, what Obama knew and when looms large.  In the final days of the Obama presidency, trusted aide Valerie Jarrett made a boast that has aged like spoiled milk.  "The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn't had a scandal and he hasn't done something to embarrass himself," Jarrett declared on national television.  Ironically, the president that Jarrett would later to go work for — Joe Biden — has revealed a jaw-dropping pattern of secret emails with fake account names, weaponized the U.S. Department of Justice against political foes, and entanglement with tens of millions of dollars in foreign money and other ethical conflicts.  The steady stream of tawdry revelations from Biden's vice presidential years makes clear it wasn't just Hillary Clinton and her husband that sought to become richer through the Obama years.  When elected vice president, earned roughly $230,000 a year.  By the time he left the Blair House, Forbes and others estimated his current net worth as $9 million.

What Game is Hunter Biden Playing?  What shameless act or felonious activity was not evidenced on Hunter Biden's laptop?  Racist attitudes toward Asians?  Soliciting prostitution?  Felonious use of drugs?  Photographed nudity and perverse sex?  Admissions to illicit foreign shakedowns?  Hunter all but accused his own father President Joe Biden of also being on the foreign take:  "I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family... Unlike Pop I won't make you give me half your salary."  Hunter's alleged felonies range from bribery to tax evasion.  That he has not yet been prosecuted for anything is scandalous.  His exemption is attributable only to Attorney General Merrick Garland's likely weaponized directives to federal prosecutors to downgrade or forget altogether felony charges against Hunter.

FOIA Turns Up Zilch On The 'Full Authority' Garland Claims He Gave Weiss Over Hunter Biden.  Emails obtained by the Heritage Foundation following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, and shared exclusively with The Federalist, reveal a glaring gap in the documentation maintained by the Delaware U.S. attorney's office:  There is nothing memorializing the authority Attorney General Merrick Garland claims he gave U.S. Attorney David Weiss for the Hunter Biden investigation.  For more than a year, Garland represented to Congress that Weiss held ultimate authority over the Hunter Biden investigation — which the eventual appointment of Weiss as special counsel contradicted.  But now there is more evidence — or rather a lack of evidence — indicating the claimed authority was always a charade.

Republicans Must Impeach Biden.  There is a reason the issue of impeaching President Biden has finally come into the spotlight, and it isn't what you may think.  The Republicans have neither the spine nor the skills to pull off an impeachment, even with a teed-up softball like this.  Democrats want the threat of impeachment without the impeachment itself, but Republicans can call their bluff.  I often said I would fear being grilled by Trey Gowdy in a congressional hearing.  He was excellent at his job and was brutal in cross-examination.  But despite all the information and even drop-dead proof he generated, no one has even been charged, much less brought to justice.  Big hat, no cattle.  No spine.

Joe Biden Isn't Just Coming Across as Inept, Republicans Are Succeeding in Making Him Toxic.  Americans don't have far to look for reasons against voting for Joe Biden in 2024.  It seems that a significant majority across the policy board think he's done a pretty terrible job.  We're now two years out from his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, and ever since that moment, Americans by and large haven't really trusted that the best people are in charge of our government.  The Biden team has decided to adopt Bidenomics, and they are pointing to their little sheets of paper and saying that, in fact, the economy is great right now and you should just believe them rather than your lyin' eyes.  But while the economy may be better on the coasts and in urban Democratic strongholds simply because of the income gap, across the country, Americans are feeling the pain in the grocery store checkout, the gas pump, and in their bills.  Inflation is still up - in fact, last month's inflation numbers were revised upward while you weren't looking - and Americans are struggling.

Gun charges are the 'least' of the crimes Hunter has committed, top Republican claims.  Top Republican James Comer is accusing Hunter Biden prosecutor David Weiss of attempting to sneak through another 'sweetheart deal' for the president's son - who is facing an imminent indictment for his gun crimes.  On Wednesday, federal prosecutors on Weiss' team said in a filing that they plan to indict Hunter Biden on illegal gun charges - that have a maximum of 10 years in prison - by the end of September.  'They already tried to sneak something through once.  We need to make sure that they don't do it again,' House Oversight Chairman Comer told WABC 770 AM's 'Cats & Cosby Show.'

Tax cheat Hunter Biden not prosecuted by California:  Where is the outrage from Governor Newsom?  Hunter Bided failed to pay federal income taxes on millions in income and some of that income was earned while Biden was living in California, so he likely failed to pay state taxes as well.  The Plea Agreement between Hunter Biden and federal prosecutors filed in the Delaware shows that Hunter failed to pay taxes on millions from companies and individuals in Ukraine, China and Romania.  Hunter was living in California for at least part of the time according to the later filing by prosecutors to dismiss the tax charges in the plea bargain agreement and the intent to refile in California or the District of Columbia.  We can assume that Hunter failed to pay his state income tax as well, since federal and state returns are filed together.

Biden's Official Twitter Account Photoshops President to Look Younger.  Democrat influencers were recently caught photoshopping pictures of President Biden to make him appear younger.  Now, President Biden's own Twitter account has adopted the same strategy.  On Wednesday afternoon, Biden's campaign account, @JoeBiden, tweeted two images of Donald Trump and Joe Biden side-by-side.  The tweet displayed an unflattering picture of Donald Trump at a golf course, next to a bright, confident image of Biden departing Air Force One.  [Tweet]

Age is only a number until you are totally incompetent.  President Trump's presidency looks more and more successful every day by comparison [to Biden].  Who wouldn't love to have those gasoline prices back?  What mom wouldn't love to go grocery store shopping and pay Trump prices when putting items in the cart?  People were better off under Trump's policies and I have not mentioned China running around the world or Iran making noises or Mexico turning more violent by the week.  Yes, President Biden looks old and its scary every time he goes off script.  He might get away with it if results were different, but they are not.

Actually, Joe Biden has doubled the deficit.  Over the past two years, President Joe Biden has made numerous statements suggesting that he is a deficit hawk on par with past presidents such as Calvin Coolidge or Andrew Jackson.  For instance, earlier this year, Biden claimed, "In my first two years, I reduced the debt by $1.7 trillion.  No President has ever done that." [...] Here are the facts.  When Biden entered the White House, the national debt stood at $27.7 trillion.  Two years later, the national debt stands at $32.9 trillion.  Using simple arithmetic, the national debt has increased by $5.2 trillion under Biden.  That is a big difference from a $1.7 trillion reduction.  However, I'll do Joe a favor and give him the benefit of the doubt.  Perhaps he was referring to the deficit, not the debt.

The Editor says...
Don't ever give a proven habitual liar like Biden "the benefit of the doubt."

Biden wanders off during Medal of Honor ceremony.  Is there anyone less fit to be around men of authentic valor than cowardly, self-dealing Joe Biden?  Breaking all protocol as well as common decency, he wandered off the set during a Medal of Honor ceremony, leaving the honoree, Capt. Larry L. Taylor, awkwardly on the podium alone.

House Finds 'Evidence of Collusion' Between Biden's VP Office and Hunter's Business Partners.  House Republicans are noting apparent "collusion" between Hunter Biden's business allies and then-Vice President Joe Biden's office regarding the handling of messaging about Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, and citing a key date for evidence.  Records obtained by the House Oversight and Accountability Committee show that on Dec. 4, 2015, a Biden family business associate suggested talking points to the vice president's office about Burisma.  That same day, Hunter Biden "called D.C." (an allusion to his father) to discuss the growing corruption investigation into the Ukrainian firm, according to testimony from a separate business partner.  House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., wrote Archivist of the United States Colleen Shogan on Wednesday to request records of communications between Biden's vice presidential office and Hunter Biden or his business associates.

Who could forget Carlos Danger and Pierre Delecto?
Obama, Clinton and Biden ALL used secret, fake-name email accounts to hide their actions.  I am surprised that anyone is surprised that, as vice president in the Obama administration, Joe Biden used email accounts under fake names to loop his son Hunter into official US government business.  This is how the Obama administration rolled.  When high officials were involved in a dodgy activity they wanted to shield from public disclosure laws, they frequently used pseudonymous email accounts.  That included President Barack Obama himself.  As I argued at the time, one of the main reasons the Obama Justice Department whitewashed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's criminally negligent mishandling of classified information, through the lawless homebrew server system she set up for doing official government business, is that Obama was implicated.  He knew that she was using a non-government communications channel because, numerous times, she used it to correspond with him.

House Oversight Subpoenas Mayorkas, Secret Service For Allegedly Tipping Off Biden Team About Hunter Interview.  The House Oversight Committee on Tuesday subpoenaed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Secret Service for documents and testimony related to allegations the Secret Service tipped off Joe Biden's 2020 presidential transition team to investigators' plans to interview Hunter Biden.  House Oversight subpoenaed DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for documents and three DHS employees for depositions before the Committee.  The committee also subpoenaed two Secret Service officials for depositions related to testimony from two IRS whistleblowers and a former FBI agent, alleging Secret Service agents tipped off the Biden transition team in December 2020 regarding an upcoming Hunter Biden interview.

Biden's brain, mind, behavior, and character.  [Scroll down]  At times, President Biden struggles with working memory and clarity of focus when answering reporters' spontaneous questions, particularly when more than one question is asked or the answer has several parts.  Biden often seems rigid, angry, and confused during and after his teleprompter speeches.  He often turns his back on reporters and seems irritated at their questions.  This pattern can occur in early stages of dementia and could be dangerous for national security.  Biden, even years before his brain surgeries, had shown perturbations of character involving prevarications.  He once bragged that he had a full scholarship to Syracuse law school and came in the top in his class.  Both were lies.  Biden has said he drove an eighteen-wheeler truck, which is not true.  Biden once claimed he was arrested for demonstrating with Nelson Mandela, which was untrue.  During an earlier presidential campaign, Biden was caught plagiarizing political speech material.  Such plagiarism was one factor in decreased funding for his presidential campaign and his dropping out of that earlier presidential campaign.

Joe Biden, forever stupid.  You can tell a lot about a man once you learn what he fears most, and with Franklin Foer's recent expose of White House doings, Joe Biden's biggest insecurity seems to be his fear of "being perceived as stupid." [...] Stupidity is the most obvious thing about him, starting from the day he got "elected."  We all know it wasn't his brains he got elected on.  Just ask one of those truck drivers moving ballots from state to state for counting.  Beyond that, his dealings with Hunter Biden and his other family members, a long-festering corruption splaying from China to Ukraine to various domestic matters, is rather famous for its stupidity as well as its corruption:  It's always getting leaked out.  Most mafia-type crooks know how to hide their corruption better than Joe Biden does.  Biden lets it all hang, or rather, dribble, out, even as he belatedly tries to cover it up.  From abandoned laptops and diaries, to the proliferation of whistleblowers and angry business partners, to easily detected pseudonym correspondence, to cunning oligarchs with tape recorders, to troves of stashed classifed documents, he's always scrambling, which pretty well tells us that Biden's not too intelligent even at self-preserving corruption.

Is America Under the Thumb of a Shadow President?  [Scroll down]  I don't think the Obamas are pulling any strings; they seem to be enjoying their relaxed post-presidency years too much, with Barack raking in huge speaking fees in between relaxing at one of their many luxurious homes.  Why, with all that, would you want to be bothered with propping up old Joe Biden, especially since there seems to be little love lost between current and former President?  With all of the available evidence in hand, though, I think I have a fairly good idea of who is playing Edith Wilson to Joe Biden's Woodrow:  None other than the First Lady, "Dr." Jill Biden. [...] Jill Biden is clearly the most likely candidate.  Why?  The Biden Administration's clear and present ineptitude.  "Dr." Biden has never shown any particular competence, even in her supposedly chosen field.  That explains volumes about this Dunning-Kruger presidency; the person who is supposed to be in charge doesn't know what's going on, and the person who is actually in charge doesn't know what she's doing.

Uh-oh.  NOW who's the acting president?
White House:  Vaccinated Dr. Jill Biden Stricken with COVID, President Tests Negative.  First Lady Jill Biden has been diagnosed with COVID, but President Joseph R. Biden Jr., tested negative, according to statements Monday evening issued from the White House.  "This evening, the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19.  She is currently experiencing only mild symptoms.  She will remain at their home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware," said the First Lady's communications director Elizabeth Alexander in a statement posted on the WH website.

Jill Biden tests Positive for COVID with 'mild symptoms' and will remain at Rehoboth Beach home.  First lady Jill Biden has tested positive for coronavirus, her office confirmed on Monday night, as the White House said Joe Biden has tested negative.  The 72-year-old is 'experiencing only mild symptoms' and will remain at the couple's home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a statement said.  Meanwhile the White House said the president has, so far, tested negative for COVID, as cases of the virus are on the rise again globally.

The Editor says...
The occupants of the White House are presumably some of the most "vaccinated" and carefully-protected people in the world.  So there are really only two explanations for this story:  [#1] The COVID shots and masks don't work, or [#2] Jill Biden doesn't really have COVID, and the whole story is an infomercial for the return of masks and lockdowns.

Ex-FBI Agent Reveals the Top Brass' Unusual Order Regarding Hunter Biden.  Many factors were at play regarding why the Hunter Biden bribery scandal was buried for so long.  The media didn't care.  The political class and their allies interfered in the investigations into the president's son, which kept the story hidden.  And half the country was duped into thinking this was a Russian disinformation operation launched during the final weeks of the 2020 election.  It took a Republican takeover of the House to bring these details to light, which has triggered an avalanche of corroborating testimony and related evidence that the Biden family are a bunch of crooks, selling access to government officials for a price and funneling that cash through shell companies.  Over 170 suspicious activity reports from six banks point to something felonious, with Hunter banking $20 million from central Asian oligarchs.  Unsurprisingly, the Bidens dealt with figures whose interests were not aligned with that of the United States.  The 'veneer of access' talking point Democrats tried to sell died on impact:  there is no veneer if tens of millions are being transferred.  Hunter had the access — hence the price.

Biden Bizarrely Says He Has 'No Home to Go to' - Claims He's Not Vacationing at the Beach.  President Joe Biden told reporters Sunday that he had "no home to go to," citing that as the reason he was spending another night at his vacation house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Biden seemed a little defensive about his presence at the popular seaside destination, particularly following criticism he received for sunning on the beach in Delaware in the immediate aftermath of the deadly Maui wildfires.  "By the way, the reason I'm here today, just for one day — I know you think I'm on vacation, I'm not.  I have no home to go to," Biden told reporters, apparently unprompted, Sunday after attending Mass at St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church in Rehoboth Beach.

Biden Laments 'I Can't Go Home Home' While Enjoying Rehoboth Beach.  President Joe Biden is a man of many houses but just one home, it seems.  He made that clear Sunday when he told the press in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, he was not on vacation even as he enjoyed a sun, surf, and sand escape.  The admission came after he went to Mass locally at St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church.  "I have no home to go to," lamented Biden, who lives at the White House weekdays and spends most weekends escaping to the delights of Delaware, where he has not one but two residences.

Party!  Party!  Congress is the only place in the federal government where an opposition party has the authority to direct events.  Mr. Comer who chairs the House Oversight Committee has assembled enough evidence of bribery and treason for Speaker Kevin McCarthy to commence an impeachment inquiry right away into the conduct of President "Joe Biden."  I've used quotation marks around Mr. Biden's name since he ascended magically to this office in 2021 because it is obvious that he is only pretending to run the executive branch, and has been since day one on January 20, 2021.  His March 5, 2020, Super Tuesday victories, after a drubbing in the Iowa Caucuses (4th place) and New Hampshire primary (5th place), had an odor of supernatural contrivance.  His campaign from "the basement" was a joke, and it's still entirely possible, despite three years of massive gaslighting, that his victory in the 2020 election was a fraud.

What the Left Did to Our Country.  Covid had allowed the unwell Biden to run a surrogate campaign from his basement as he outsourced his politicking to a corrupt media.  Senility proved a godsend for Biden.  His cognitive disabilities masked his newfound radicalism and long-accustomed incompetence.  Unlike his past failed campaigns, the lockdowns allowed Biden to be rarely seen or heard — and thus as much liked in the abstract as he had previously been disliked in the concrete.  His handlers, the Obamas, and the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren radical Democrats, saw Biden's half-century pretense as a gladhander — good ole Joe Biden from Scranton — as the perfect delivery system to funnel their own otherwise-unpopular leftwing agendas.  In sum, via the listless Biden, they sought to change the very way America used to work.  And what a revolution Biden's puppeteers have unleashed in less than three years.

Even WaPo's 'Fact-Checker' Has Had Enough of Biden's Constant Lies.  Up to now, the Washington Post's resident "Fact-Checker" Glenn Kessler has been a loyal propagandist for the leftist establishment, never breaking character or giving any sign that he was interested in or even capable of independent thought.  Even Kessler, however, seems to have finally had enough of Old Joe Biden's constant lying.  On Thursday, Kessler made what for the WaPo amounted to a remarkable admission:  much of what Old Joe blathers on about is not "credible."  That's a polite way of saying that the faux president is a liar.  Yes, you knew that.  Everyone did.  But for the Washington Post, which has doggedly carried water for this disastrous regime even as it has driven America into a ditch, to admit it was momentous.  To be sure, Kessler never accuses Biden of lying outright, despite Old Joe's lengthy history of lies that goes all the way back to his plagiarism in law school.

Keywords:  Goldbrick, indolent, loafer, shiftless, torpid.
Joe Biden Has Spent 40 Percent of Presidency Away on Personal Trips.  President Joe Biden has spent 40 percent of his time as president on personal trips away from the White House, according to data calculated by the Republican National Committee.  The finding that Biden has spent 382 of his 957 days in the presidency away from the Oval Office was corroborated by the New York Post, using White House reports of Biden's movements.

Biden Meets with Paltry Crowd in Live Oak, Florida For His Cheap Photo-Op.  Joe and Jill Biden on Saturday reluctantly traveled to Live Oak, Florida to survey the damage from Hurricane Idalia.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis snubbed Biden and refused to meet up with him for his cheap photo-op.  Hurricane Idalia hit Florida's west coast earlier this week as a Category 3 storm.  Biden showed up in Florida for a quick photo-op after major backlash for ignoring the Maui wildfires as he enjoyed back-to-back vacations.

Cutting Through Biden's 'Illusions'.  Shokin is talkin,' and that could spell even more bad news for Joe Biden's stubborn insistence, in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, that he had nothing to do with his son's slimy "business" activities. [...] The explanations Biden's apologists offer for the breathtaking corruption he and his family have clearly engaged in seem a lot like desperate pitches on behalf of an unsellable movie script; changing fiction offered in an attempt to address each freshly sprouting revelation of their surprisingly brazen bribery and political protection operation.  But despite laboring to appear unruffled, even contemptuous of investigators' discoveries, each newly-filled piece of the payoff puzzle puts in sharper focus Joe's betrayal of the multiple oaths of office he's taken over the course of his long public career.  Now his loyalists have seized upon something former Biden partner Devon Archer regurgitated to a House committee in his recent closed-door appearance.  Archer quite damagingly admitted that Joe had indeed spoken to Hunter's associates numerous times, and further revealed that Shokin's activities were seen as a threat to Burisma.  His mentioning of the Biden "brand" did no great help to their cause either.

Happenings Await.  "Joe Biden" has LARPed his way to the final act of his performance.  The evidence of his high crimes, and the covering-up of those high crimes by our lawless law officialdom, is piled high enough to eject him into the swales of infamy.  We know exactly how the Ukraine grift went down — the documentation is stark and florid — as is the rest of the family's bribery operations in other lands not necessarily friendly to our own land.  So, add treason to bribery and there you have the complete kit of perfidious treachery against the nation.  "Joe Biden" will be removed most likely by his own party before an impeachment inquiry can be launched in Congress.  Not even The New York Times and CNN would be able to ignore the horrific spectacle and the party's own minions might be shamed into learning how they were hosed for so many years.

New Emails Explain Why Burisma Offered Hunter Biden That Cushy Board Seat.  Hunter Biden's laptop is a treasure trove of potentially felonious activity.  It's a roadmap into the entire Biden operation concerning shady deals with corrupt oligarchs whose monies were funneled into shell companies owned by the family.  These proceeds soared into the millions of dollars, which explains the over 170 suspicious activity reports from six banks regarding the family's financial transactions.  Joe Biden's son raked in $20 million from these people — he still didn't know what was going on?  Any parent would know, and Hunter isn't one to keep his mouth shut about his lucrative exploits.  His ego wouldn't allow it.

Biden's Growing Feebleness Is Getting Harder for the Media to Cover Up.  The number one problem Joe Biden faces going into his re-election bid is the economy.  It stinks.  A majority of Americans think it stinks.  Almost every previous presidential election was based on the voter's perspective on the economy.  Ronald Reagan's question still haunts all incumbents:  "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?"  The pandemic and the economic fallout from business closings, supply chain disruptions, and $5.2 trillion in government spending — which led to a painful spike in inflation — have made the Reagan question somewhat irrelevant.  The economy has come roaring back to almost where Trump left it.  But people's perspective on the economy is still clouded.  That's why this election may very well be decided by other factors.

The Self-Mythification of Joe Biden.  Mr. Biden has been around the political arena since the mid-seventies and has a track record of mediocrity and of prevarication to suit his needs, but many Americans ignored his track record in 2020 because they didn't want Donald Trump to get another chance at making America great again.  The interesting aspect of Joe Biden's victory over Trump was that Americans were so steeped in their Progressive ideology (and hatred for Trump) that they knowingly chose a professional, self-serving, corrupt politician with a sub-stellar history to lead the country.  It was not a case of the blind leading the blind; it was the blind voting for a man they knew despised the blind!

James Comer: 'There Was Never Any Evidence' That Ukraine Prosecutor Biden Had Fired Was Corrupt.  Newly unearthed government documents from the Obama era thoroughly debunk Joe Biden's repeated claims that former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin had to be fired because he was corrupt.  The memos reveal that Biden likely acted alone and counter to US policy when he threatened in December 2015 to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees for Ukraine in exchange for Shokin's ouster.  "There was never any evidence that Shokin was corrupt," declared House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) Wednesday.  In fact, in the weeks leading up to Biden's December 2015 visit to Kyiv, multiple Obama officials said they were "impressed" with the "progress" Shokin's office had made in rooting out corruption.

Fresh Evidence Airs Hunter's Most Corrupt Laundry Yet.  Joe Biden maintains that he knew nothing of his son Hunter's business dealings.  That is becoming a harder line to believe, considering the testimony and evidence coming out.  It seems Biden and his son had a very close relationship while Joe was vice president.  Former colleagues even claim Hunter included his father on numerous business meetings via phone.  But it seems this mutual relationship when both ways.  Many Americans are troubled by the idea that Biden was using his influence as vice president to help his son.  But a new email reveals that was only the start of it.  It appears the shady, criminally-charged son was influencing Biden's vice presidency.

Report: Hunter Biden's Firm and Vice President Biden's Office Exchanged Over 1,000 Emails.  New records released by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) reveal that Hunter Biden's firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners, exchanged over 1,000 emails with the office of then-Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama Administration.  As the New York Post reports, the records were released by NARA on Wednesday after a request from the conservative legal advocacy group America First Legal (AFL).  At least 861 emails were sent or received by the Office of the Vice President during the period of time between January of 2011 and December of 2013, and over 200 more emails remain hidden due to the Biden White House citing executive privilege.  "Release would disclose confidential advice between the President and his advisors, or between such advisors," NARA claimed in its statement responding to AFL.

If Hunter Biden is not a public official, as we are so often reminded, why does he have executive privilege?
White House Asserts Executive Privilege over 200 Hunter, Joe Biden Records.  The White House asserted executive privilege over 200 records housed at the National Archives (NARA) concerning Hunter Biden's business interactions with the Office of the Vice President during the Obama administration, according to America First Legal (AFL) on Wednesday.  America First Legal launched a lawsuit to obtain records from NARA encompassing communications between January 2011 and December 2013 with the name of Hunter Biden's company, "Rosemont Seneca."

Hunter Biden Flew with Joe Biden on Numerous Air Force Two Flights to 13 Different Countries.  There has never been a more crooked family in politics than the Biden family.  Joe Biden flew his son Hunter Biden with him on Air Force 2 to thirteen different countries according to newly discovered records.  On several of these trips Hunter Biden was hidden from public view or was already waiting in the car before Joe Biden departed the plane.

America First Legal Has Over 1,000 E-Mails Between Joe Biden (as Vice President) and Rosemont Seneca.  Looks like Robert L. Peters or JRB Ware or Joe Biden or whatever name he goes by now is in deep shit.  The corrupt media can only ignore for so long over 1,000 e-mails between Biden (while he was Obama's VP) and Hunter Biden's shell company Rosemont Seneca.  [Tweet]

Americans are getting wise to Joe Biden's corruption — despite his media gatekeepers.  Almost half the country thinks Joe Biden is corrupt, according to a new YouGov poll.  While most Democrats are being ostriches, even 52% of independents don't believe the "Honest Joe" malarkey about the "poorest man in Congress" anymore.  Among Americans who voted for Biden in the 2020 election, a full 13% have been red-pilled.  They have eyes, and common sense, and somehow the avalanche of incriminating evidence spewing forth from the House Oversight Committee has managed to bypass the gatekeepers of the media and slowly permeate the public consciousness.  Once people with eyes and common sense see the evidence about the influence-peddling racket operated by Joe's son Hunter and brother Jim to make millions of dollars from shady characters in China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, etc., while Joe was vice president, it is impossible not to grasp the corrupt nature of that business and Joe's role in it.

DOJ tells Jordan FBI subpoenas can't 'be enforced,' warns Hunter Biden inquiry 'ongoing'.  The Department of Justice informed the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday night that it would not cooperate with subpoenas for two FBI agents involved in the department's investigation of Hunter Biden because of the committee's stipulations for their depositions.  Carlos Uriarte, DOJ assistant attorney general, claimed in a letter obtained by the Washington Examiner to committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) that his subpoenas to the two agents "lack legal effect and cannot constitutionally be enforced" because Jordan had prohibited DOJ lawyers at their depositions.

Bongino: Cocaine Left in Wh Wasn't an Accident, but a Delivery According to an 'Insider'.  Dan Bongino, a conservative talk show host, said he has received new information that makes it probable that the cocaine discovered in the White House in July was intended for a Biden family member.  The cocaine was discovered on July 2nd.  ABC reports that less than two weeks later, the Secret Service terminated its investigation without designating a suspect, stating there was insufficient evidence to prosecute anyone.  Sunday, Bongino provided a different perspective on the notion that the substance was connected to Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden.  He began his account of a phone conversation with a "insider" by stating that the caller referred to the Biden family as "trash."

Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Impeachment Inquiry to Uncover Joe Biden's 5K Alias Emails.  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is "outraged" about Republicans' failure to immediately open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden following the revelation that the National Archives (NARA) possesses about 5,400 emails and records pertaining to Biden's email aliases.  "I'm frankly very angry that we haven't done it yet," Greene said about a potential inquiry.  "And it better happen when we get back into session.  I want it the first week."  Joe Biden's email aliases — "Robert Peters," "Robin Ware," and "JRB Ware" — were used to share government information and discuss business with Hunter Biden and associates, according to the Southeastern Legal Foundation, which filed a lawsuit to compel the agency to turn over the emails.

Top House GOP chairmen launch probe into Hunter Biden special counsel appointment.  House Republicans are extending an investigation into Attorney General Merrick Garland's appointment of Special Counsel David Weiss to oversee Hunter Biden's federal case.  A joint letter sent by the chairmen of the Oversight, Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees said Weiss's elevation from Delaware U.S. Attorney to special counsel "raises numerous concerns," claiming it undercuts Garland and Weiss's previous insistence that the prosecutor was already operating independently without political pressure.  "Given the extremely serious nature of these issues, the Committees expect unfettered cooperation with our oversight from both you and the Department," the letter said.

Using the Dictator's — and the Mafia's — Playbook.  The most egregious example of the Dem's control of institutions is the Hunter Biden laptop affair.  Hunter's laptop has been in FBI custody since November 2019.  It contains tens of thousands of emails, videos, bank records, documents, etc. that prove Joe Biden and the Dems took bribes and acted as foreign agents working against the United States.  Immediately after the NY Post published an article (October 2020) about Hunter's laptop, 51 intelligence experts claimed it was Russian disinformation.  Those 51 experts lied, as did Big Tech, Big Media, and every Democrat.  Hunter's laptop is real, and was authenticated by the FBI in 2019.  The laptop proves Joe's bribery guilt.  Despite the FBI having the laptop, they refuse to investigate, the DoJ refuses to prosecute, and the media refuses to report — absolute proof that the Dems control every power institution.

National Archives reveals it has 5,400 Biden emails in which the president potentially used Fake Names to forward government information.  President Joe Biden may have used pseudonyms in nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records and documents when he was vice president, a bombshell letter from the National Archives and Records Administration reveals.  The trove of communications was confirmed after the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for emails connected to aliases allegedly used by Biden, including Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters, and JRB Ware.  Republicans have been demanding the release of the emails they say could show Biden used the names to discuss foreign business with his son and share information on countries where he was doing deals.

The Latest Juicy Nugget in the Biden Bribery Scandal.  The evidence that Hunter Biden was selling influence with his father's full knowledge and participation is already quite substantial. [...] As we know from Archer's testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Burisma's leadership called on Hunter Biden, who was sitting on the Burisma board at the time while earning $1 million a year, to help the company, which was under investigation.  A call to Washington, D.C., was made two days before Joe Biden visited Kyiv, Ukraine, in December 2015 to request that the Obama-Biden administration do what they can to get Shokin fired.  Shokin was ultimately fired due to Biden using a $1 billion loan to Ukraine as leverage, under the pretext that Shokin was not doing enough root out corruption.  However, a Department of Justice memo from shortly before Biden's visit indicated that the position of the Obama-Biden administration was that Ukraine had made sufficient progress implementing anti-corruption reforms and deserved the loan — proving that Joe Biden was acting in his own personal interests, not that of the administration.  So, what did Devon Archer and John Kerry discuss?

Joe Biden sent at least 5,400 pseudonymous emails as VP.  [T]he National Archives and Records Administration is in possession of as many as 5,400 email messages involving Joe Biden where he used one of at least three pseudonyms, many discussing official government business.  And, of course, plenty of them were sent to or copied to First Son Hunter.  You know, the guy that he never spoke to about his foreign business dealings.  And now a constitutional legal group has filed a lawsuit seeking to force the National Archives to turn them all over.  Why a lawsuit would be required has yet to be made clear, particularly since they are obligated to provide nonclassified government records upon request.

Law Group Sues National Archives Demanding Federal Agency Turn Over 5,400 Biden Pseudonym Emails.  The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is being sued to turn over approximately 5,400 emails connected to then-Vice President Joe Biden's pseudonym accounts to forward government information and business with his son, Hunter Biden, and others.  Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) filed a federal lawsuit against the agency on Monday after NARA officials confirmed with other sources that Biden used three personal pseudonym email accounts under the names Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters, and JRB Ware but has since "dragged its feet and still has not produced a single email," the law group said in a news release.  "All too often, public officials abuse their power by using it for their personal or political benefit," Kimberly Hermann, general counsel for the legal foundation, said.  "When they do, many seek to hide it.  The only way to preserve governmental integrity is for NARA to release Biden's nearly 5,400 emails to SLF and thus the public.  The American public deserves to know what is in them."  The group identified thousands of potentially responsive records from NARA after submitting a Freedom of Information Act request in June in its latest effort to investigate allegations that Biden communicated with Hunter regarding his foreign business dealings dating back to 2017.

Emails Show David Weiss Collaborated with DOJ to 'Subvert' House Probe into Hunter Biden Case.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) intervened on behalf of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to respond to congressional inquiries related to its probe into the Biden family business, emails unearthed from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit show.  The collaboration raises questions about if Weiss' responses to congressional investigators were under the direction of the DOJ and if Weiss and the DOJ colluded to mislead Congress.

Two Presidents, Two Disasters, Two Narratives.  [Scroll down]  Flash forward from 2005 to 2023, with another disaster in a different state, this one being a raging wildfire in Maui, Hawaii.  Leaving aside all the oddities of the fire and circumstances, and the inept government response, focus on today's president, how he reacted to the disaster and how the media reported on everything.  Lahaina was engulfed in flames on August 8, after a series of smaller wildfires on Maui, driven by high winds from passing Hurricane Dora.  Not only did President Biden not do a flyover, he went on vacation and had nothing to say about the Maui inferno.  Compassionate Joe, a week after the Maui fire asked, "Congress for $40 billion to support Ukraine, replenish US disaster aid and bolster border." That's on top of the $100+ billion already spent on Ukraine waging a fruitless and losing proxy war against Russia.  What did Maui residents get, other than a "no comment"?

Save the Rule of Law By Destroying It?  We are witnessing the daily deterioration of President Biden to the point that caricature and jokes about his senility are no longer funny.  He is not just an embarrassment but becoming an existential danger to the country.  Does anyone believe that in a national crisis over Taiwan or nuclear escalation in Ukraine, Joe Biden would or could make the final decision?  Biden cannot finish a teleprompter sentence without slurring his words, losing his place, or screaming and whispering in incoherent fashion.  If that is his public persona, what he is like in private sessions of governance?  He spontaneously both shouts angrily and creepily whispers for effect.  Moving a lightweight aluminum beach chair becomes a Herculean task.  In almost every impromptu speech Biden flat-out lies or spins self-serving autobiographical fantasies — often in the midst of foreign dignitaries, grieving families, and refugees from devastating natural disasters.  Biden often does not know where he is on stage or where he is to enter or exit.  He is one fall from oblivion.  Not since Woodrow Wilson's final year in office, has any president simply been unable to fulfill his duties, both physically and cognitively. [...] Yet there has been almost no serious speculation in Congress or among the cabinet about invoking the 25th Amendment.  This silence is doubly strange given the Left's former fixation between 2017-21 with removing Trump by any means possible — including invoking the 25th Amendment.

We Have Another Development in the Hunter Biden Bribery Saga.  Sarah wrote about Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin breaking his silence about his dismissal from his post that he alleges was over his investigation into Burisma, which has sparked allegations that Biden family corruption played a part in his firing.  Hunter Biden and his associate, Devon Archer, had cushy positions on the Ukrainian energy company's corporate board.  Hunter was paid $50,000/month, the fee top Burisma executives paid for access to top American officials.  Then-Vice President Joe Biden boasted about how he got Shokin fired by threatening to withhold aid to the country.  It comes back to the FD-1023 report from the FBI, where the bureau's confidential informant claimed that Joe and Hunter were paid $10 million in bribes by Burisma officials.  In return, the Bidens get rich, and Burisma gets a legal shield.  The latest development on those allegations is that Archer met with then-Secretary of State John Kerry weeks before Shokin was given the axe.

Yes, when I think back about 9/11/2001, the first place that comes to mind is Alaska.
Biden will observe 9/11 in Alaska instead of the traditional NYC, Virginia or Pennsylvania events.  President Joe Biden will observe next month's 22nd anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil at an Alaska military base with service members and their families, the White House announced.  Biden will not participate in any of the observances at 9/11 memorial sites in New York City, Virginia or Pennsylvania.  Instead, the president will stop in Alaska for a Sept. 11 observance at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage on his way back to Washington after a trip to Asia.

Spoiler:  Yes.
Is Joe Biden the Worst President in History?  Is Joe Biden the worst, the most depraved, blundering, and corrupt president in American history, as many have now come to believe?  Victor Davis Hanson refers to the Biden clan as "likely the most corrupt presidential family in American history." Vito Corleone was a Boy Scout compared to Joe Biden.  Indeed, Biden is so unprincipled and degenerate a specimen of humanity as to seem almost fictional, a Manchurian president intent on humiliating, perverting, and ultimately bringing down the country he is sworn to honor and represent.  There is considerable consensus on this account.

Barack Obama the Vindictive Enforcer.  [Scroll down]  Let's face it: it is highly unlikely Joe Biden came up with the idea to cut open Trump's border wall in Arizona.  Nor is it likely that the guy who couldn't find his way to a podium accomplished the goal of abandoning U.S. soldiers Benghazi-style or haphazardly arming the Taliban with billions of dollars in military war weaponry.  Every policy decision, from the diminishing supply chain to destroying energy independence to the economic crippling of the middle class to the devastating invasion at the border to the vaccine mandates, hints at the forced exoneration of Obama's hurt feelings — on steroids.  Then add to the equation the travelers aboard Biden's clown car, which include Giggles Harris, Sniffles Hunter, and the esteemed Dr. Jill.  And if that motley crew being within a mile of the nuclear codes isn't scary enough, what's even more disturbing is how everyone who dared question the 2020 election is being tarred; feathered; disgraced, and primed for political, professional, and in Trump's case literal gallows.

Former top Ukraine prosecutor comes out swinging against Joe and Hunter Biden.  In an exclusive interview with Fox News, former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin detailed the involvement he believed President Biden, the then-vice president, played in his firing and how it involved Hunter Biden's business dealings.  During the interview with Fox News' Brian Kilmeade, Shokin said he was ousted in 2016 because he was investigating Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company where Hunter Biden served on the board.  Shokin also claimed that Joe and Hunter Biden accepted bribes in the case, and that the then-vice president ultimately hurt America's reputation and created the groundwork for Russia to invade Ukraine.

Hunter Biden Has Moved Into a Malibu Home That Costs $15,800 Per Month.  While Democrats and the media are giddy over Trump being treated like a common criminal, President Biden's son Hunter has been moved into a Malibu home that costs a stunning $15,800 per month.  Hunter's taxpayer funded Secret Service detail is living in a nearby home with a similar price tag.  Hunter must be selling a lot of those high-priced paintings these days.

Miranda Devine finds Hunter Biden's new Malibu pad a bit pricey 'for 2 people without jobs'.  By many accounts, Hunter Biden had been living in the White House for quite some time and enjoying some travels on Air Force One.  Ah, the perks of being close to the "Big Guy"!  However, Miranda Devine spotted a story about the president's son, who is supposedly being investigated by a special counsel, and his fancy new digs:  [Tweet]  Has Hunter been moving some more of his finger paintings for big bucks to "friends"?  [Tweet]  The Daily Mail has more about the one-year rental as well as the one across the street that taxpayers are picking up the tab for: [...] According to the story the house is in a gated community, because for Democrats "walls don't work" for you or the national border but they definitely work for them.

Imagine Joe Biden's grate takes on great tragedies.  A wildfire on Maui this month burned down an entire town.  It was because the local electric company spent far more money pandering to the Greens than on making their power lines safe.  And because the local water czar refused to divert water to firefighters because "water equity."  It left over a hundred people dead and hundreds more still missing.  Joe Biden's comment was "No comment."  After all, he was on vacation — as he is 40% of the time — from the rigors of his usual vacation in the White House.

Joe Biden's got many aliases. The big question is why.  Robert L. Peters is a man with many names.  "Celtic."  "The Big Guy."  According to congressional investigators, most citizens know him as "President Joe Biden."  Aliases are tricky things.  They are sometimes innocent or essential like the code name that the Secret Service gives you as part of your protection like "Celtic."  Then there are nicknames that are preferred to your given name.  Take "The Big Lebowski."  He did not like being called Mr. Lebowski and preferred "Dude" but he was flexible:  "I'm The Dude.  So, that's what you call me.  You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or, uh, Duder, or, you know, El Duderino.  If you're not into the whole brevity thing."  It appears that Biden also preferred on occasion not to be called "Mr. Biden."  The question is why and whether Mr. Peters is more Big Lebowski or Big Guy.

Former Mob Boss Sheds Light on Biden Family Corruption.  Former mobster Michael Franzese, 72, operated for many years as a caporegime in the Colombo crime family.  He joined Fox News' Jesse Watters on Thursday night to discuss the striking similarities between the Biden family's alleged money laundering operation and his own experiences.  (How much longer must we preface every mention of the Biden family's activities with the word "alleged"?)  Franzese funneled money through a series of 18 shell corporations.  He told Watters that these companies consisted only of a bank account through which funds could be laundered.  Like the Biden family's shell corporations, these businesses "had no brick and mortar office[s], we had no employees, we had no product that we were selling."  They were set up for the sole purpose of obfuscation.

Biden Suddenly Extends His Vacation, Leaving the WNBA Champs Hanging and Questions Abounding.  If members of the WNBA champion Las Vegas Aces were excited to meet Joe Biden and the First Lady on Friday, they were left disappointed.  According to Peter Doocy, the president suddenly extended his vacation in Lake Tahoe, choosing to instead send in the B-team of Kamala Harris and her husband to facilitate the White House event.  Far be it from me to defend the terrible sports product that is the WNBA, but it seems pretty disrespectful for the Bidens to decide at the last minute that they had better things to do than to show up for an event that was planned months ago.

Unreasonable flight restrictions over presidential vacation spots.  A security alert that was issued yesterday didn't really draw much media attention, which is understandable since not all that much unusual activity took place.  But it's still worth a look because it highlights a disturbing trend that we've been witnessing for nearly two years now.  The event in question involved an incursion into restricted airspace by a small, civilian plane over Lake Tahoe in California Friday morning.  Two F-16 fighter jets were scrambled in response, along with a Coast Guard helicopter.  Flares were fired in the vicinity of the small plane.  So why was the airspace restricted?  Because Joe Biden and his family were still vacationing there, of course.

The Biden Clan's Con Is Coming to an End.  Despite years of Biden family and media disinformation, we are finally learning that Joe Biden really did fire Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin for looking into state corruption involving the oil company Burisma and Hunter Biden — and ultimately Joe Biden himself.  As Vice President, Biden, in his own words, bragged that he had threatened to cancel the deliverance of American foreign aid to Ukraine unless Shokin was dismissed.  So what is the Congress to do now — un-impeach and exonerate an innocent impeached Donald Trump, and instead impeach a guilty Biden for essentially the same allegations?  After all, the Left redefined the impeachment bar in 2019 as leveraging foreign aid to Ukraine to benefit one's political career.  And that is exactly what Joe Biden did to ensure his son could continue to raise millions for the Biden family with foreign governments, while being shielded from political consequences.

Why the House Has No Alternative to an Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden.  When Congress returns next month, it has little alternative but to launch a long-discussed impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.  For House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the case for an inquiry came from a most unlikely source:  Attorney General Merrick Garland.  The debacle in the Hunter Biden investigation has left most objective legal analysts in disbelief, with one CNN analyst calling it an "unholy mess."  Even before the collapse of a widely condemned "sweetheart deal" with Hunter, the investigation headed by U.S. Attorney David Weiss was a growing concern for many observers.  In prior years, I wrote about Garland's refusal to appoint a special counsel despite the obvious conflicts posed by the potential involvement of President Biden in his son's alleged influence-peddling scandal.  I also raised the problem of an investigation that remained ongoing for years as the statute of limitations expired on major potential crimes.

Media hides it but Bidens are in big trouble.  Seems the "nothingburger," as the progressive press likes to call the Hunter Biden saga, is turning into a Whopper.  The latest:  Hunter's lawyers threatened to put President Biden on the stand if Hunter were to be charged.  "President Biden now unquestionably would be a fact witness for the defense in any criminal trial," lawyer Chris Clark wrote in a 32-page letter obtained by Politico.  Hunter faced possible gun charges for buying a weapon as a drug user.  What was Joe Biden going to testify?  Stand up for his son and say the prosecution violated the Second Amendment?  The same president who is shutting down hundreds of gun dealers?  Or wait, maybe Joe was going to testify that Hunter didn't need to pay taxes on all his earnings because much of the money was going to benefit Joe and family.  Perhaps he would have a defense for the Foreign Agents Registration Act.  But we thought that Joe knew nothing about his son's businesses.  How useful a witness could he be?

The Editor says...
Yes, by all means, put Joe Biden on the witness stand and see if he can stay awake for ten minutes and refrain from making some incriminating admission.  I'd like to see that.

President Biden's Dementia.  Has President Biden become so senile that he is now longer qualified to be commander-in-chief?  The outward signs of dementia are everywhere.  He often appears confused, unsure of his next move, and unable to remember his speech.  Key political terms such as the "national debt" are improperly used, while his memory lapses include falsely claiming to have observed an event or declaring a climate emergency.  Even the Washington Post has raised serious doubts about the president's mental acuity.  Off-the-cuff remarks sometimes make no sense whatsoever.  Such incidents have become commonplace and cannot be explained by slips of the tongue or fatigue.  Nevertheless, the outward signs of dementia — confused mumbling, forgetfulness and the like — do not necessarily prove incompetence.

The right time to dump Biden is approaching.  This is one indication:
WaPo columnist changes his mind, calls for Joe Biden to be fully investigated over Hunter's business dealings.  President Biden involvement in his son Hunter's business dealings "deserves a serious investigation," Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen wrote on Tuesday.  In his latest column, Olsen wrote that he originally "long dismissed" stories regarding Hunter Biden, but "recent revelations" changed his mind.  "There's more than enough evidence to merit a thorough investigation of President Biden's involvement in his son's business dealings," Olsen argued.  Olsen shared that recent testimony from former Hunter Biden business associate Devon Archer as well as claims that Biden used different aliases while dealing with Ukrainian policy merits some suspicion.  Though these allegations don't prove that the president did anything illegal, he noted these claims suggest Biden "was aware of Hunter's dealings and wanted to keep his son in the loop."

Impeachment reimagined: a new approach to addressing Biden's corruption.  Let's be clear, Joe Biden deserves to be impeached.  There is more than enough evidence that he was involved in a pay-for-play influence peddling scheme, that he lied about it, and that he involved high ranking government officials to cover it up.  But let's also acknowledge that we live in the real world, and expecting the GOP to do the right thing is more often than not a fool's errand.  And, to be fair to them, even if they were to impeach Biden there is virtually no chance he would be convicted in the Senate and, if he were, Kamala Harris would be elevated to the presidency, which somehow may result in an even worse situation for the country.

Kevin McCarthy Threatens Impeachment Inquiry If DOJ Uses Special Counsel To Stonewall House Probe Into Bidens.  The House Oversight Committee released bank records Aug. 9 showing that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, who was married to Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov until his death in 2019.  The House Oversight Committee identified roughly $20 million in payments to the Biden family.  "We wanted to have a special prosecutor back in February but we were told by Garland that there was no need for one," McCarthy said. "David Weiss told us he could do it if he wanted, but what he told us privately with the IRS agents and what he told publicly along with the attorney general Garland, somebody is lying in this process and the only thing I realize here is the only stories that have not changed are the whistleblowers from the IRS.  Their story has held up time and again."

What are the types of political fraud?  In an era of quite a few political lies, deceptions, and misinformation, it is reasonable to ask oneself, what constitutes political fraud?  Political fraud refers to deceptive or dishonest actions carried out within the context of politics, often with the intent to manipulate elections, public opinion, or government processes for personal or partisan gain.  What follows are examples of political fraud.

The Editor says...
Clip and save the article above.  It's a good description of everything Joe Biden is accused of.

Everyone Knows Why Joe Biden Used A Pseudonym:  Corruption.  Late last week, the House Oversight Committee asked the National Archives for unredacted communications involving three pseudonyms Joe Biden apparently used during his vice presidency:  Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware.  That's right, Biden used pseudonyms when he was vice president.  Among the documents committee Chairman James Comer is requesting from the National Archives is an email sent to a "Robert Peters" — that is, Biden — with the subject line "Friday Schedule Card," which included an attachment that had details about a scheduled phone call between then-Vice President Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in May 2016. The only person copied on the email was Hunter Biden.  Isn't that interesting?  Why would Biden use an alias to convey this information to his son?  And why, if there was "an absolute wall" between Hunter's foreign business schemes and his father's duties as vice president (as Biden has repeatedly claimed), would he have told his son about a phone call with the Ukrainian president?

Regime Media Launder Dirty Details Of Hunter Biden's Plea Deal And His Dad's Filthy DOJ.  The recently imploded sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden was even more sugar-infused than previously known, weekend stories by Politico and The New York Times revealed.  But rather than condemn the Department of Justice for interjecting itself in the case against the president's son to pressure Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to end the investigation, the lengthy articles by Politico and the Times attempted to spin that fact and many more as evidence that Hunter Biden was being unfairly targeted.  The narrative, however, just won't fly.  Instead, it exposes more troubling details and provides further proof the House of Representatives needs to open impeachment inquiries against President Joe Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, U.S. Attorney Weiss (and possibly the D.C. and California U.S. attorneys), and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

New memos undercut Biden-Ukraine narrative Democrats sold during 2019 impeachment scandal.  Just weeks before then-Vice President Joe Biden took the opposite action in late 2015, a task force of State, Treasury and Justice Department officials declared that Ukraine had made adequate progress on anti-corruption reforms and deserved a new $1 billion U.S. loan guarantee, according to government memos that conflict with the narrative Democrats have sustained since the 2019 impeachment scandal.  "Ukraine has made sufficient progress on its reform agenda to justify a third guarantee," reads an Oct. 1, 2015, memo summarizing the recommendation of the Interagency Policy Committee (IPC) — a task force created to advise the Obama White House on whether Ukraine was cleaning up its endemic corruption and deserved more Western foreign aid.

Hunter Biden document dump over the weekend.  If you have been following the Hunter Biden legal case over the past thousand years or so, this weekend's revelations should interest you. [...] I would speculate that they were leaked by Hunter's team for their own reasons. [...] Biden's attorneys wanted an ironclad deal in writing to ensure no future prosecution, which eventually led to the current mess everybody has found themselves in.  Weiss was prepared to drop the matter entirely, but when the IRS whistleblowers came forward he decided he needed some face-saving plea from Biden.  With such explosive charges on the table, he needed to at least give Hunter a haircut.

The rest of them are okay with it.
Half of Dems Want Biden Gone If Bribery Charges Are True.  Congressional investigators claim to have strong evidence that President Joe Biden and his family received a staggering $20 million or more in payments from foreign sources while he served as vice president under Barack Obama.  If proven true, two-thirds of Americans say that Biden should either resign or be impeached, the latest I&I/TIPP Poll indicates.  The accusation of possible bribery is serious.  And a key House investigative panel says it has evidence, mostly bank statements, to back up claims that Biden took money from oligarchs in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  "The tally of foreign money to the Biden family has hit at least $20 million, based on the third round of bank records the House Oversight and Accountability Committee released Wednesday — pointing to millions from oligarchs from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine," reported the Daily Signal.

Delaware prosecutor Alexander Mackler was so chummy with president he used his secret email address.  A Delaware prosecutor who worked in the office that is now prosecuting Hunter Biden sent messages to a secret email address that Hunter's father Joe had set up for himself, laptop records show.  Alexander Mackler, 40, is a Biden family friend and worked as a prosecutor in the Delaware US Attorney's office from August 2016 through May 2019 — when the office's probe into Hunter's shady overseas dealings was already underway.  Congress is demanding records from the Biden administration on Joe's use of personal email addresses to conduct government business, after communications on Hunter's laptop show the president used at least four aliases, with fake names including 'Robert L Peters' and 'Robin Ware'.

It's shocking that prosecutors were willing to let Hunter Biden off scot free.  [Thread reader]  But piecing together the two stories with what we already know, they raise even more alarm bells about how this case was handled.  First, almost as soon as the Delaware U.S. Attorney's Office endorsed the conclusions below in Feb. 2022 (three felony tax violations and misdemeanors for 2015-2019), Hunter Biden's attorneys were working the refs behind the scene to prevent charges being brought.  The Politico article doesn't reference the fact that the case had been presented to U.S. Attorney for D.C. Matt Graves in Mar. 2022 -- or that the same day Hunter's team was meeting with prosecutors (April 26, 2022), Attorney General Merrick Garland was on Capitol Hill testifying before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee that because the investigation is under USA Weiss, "There will not be interference of any political or improper kind."  Hunter's attorneys were meeting with prosecutors from both Weiss's office *and* DOJ's Tax Division, because the Tax Division held the keys to whether Weiss's office would have freedom to pursue the charges or not.  DOJ Tax could deny Weiss's ability to bring charges.

NYT: DOJ Planned to Let Hunter Biden Off the Hook Until Whistleblowers Emerged.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) planned to let Hunter Biden off the hook without charges until two whistleblowers came forward to expose political interference in the investigation, despite the claims of Attorney General Merrick Garland.  The New York Times exposed the inside dealings of Hunter Biden's attorneys with senior officials at DOJ, who had constrained U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss even as Garland was testifying to Congress that Weiss had full authority to act in the case.

Bombshell Reports:  Weiss Was Preparing to Let Hunter Biden Walk With No Charges, Until This Happened.  The New York Times and Politico published a pair of lengthy stories detailing the collapse of Hunter Biden's plea deal over the weekend, and they're packed with extraordinary details.  It seems likely that members of the president's son's legal team acted as sources for both pieces — which offer a series of jaw-dropping claims about what was happening behind the scenes before the wrist-slap agreement disintegrated in open court, as the result of a simple question from the presiding judge. [...] Communications records indicate Weiss was preparing to close his years-long investigation, during which he'd inexplicably allowed statues of limitations to expire on what people familiar with the probe say were clear-cut felonies, to end without so much as a single guilty plea from Hunter Biden.  On anything.  He would have faced no justice on his tax evasion crimes, or the open-and-shut gun felony, or any possible FARA violations and other illegal activity that may have arisen over the course of the process.  A total walk.  Only when IRS agents blew the whistle on how the investigation was being handled, alleging special treatment and improper interference, did Weiss "suddenly" decide that some sort of guilty plea would be required.

Then-VP Joe Biden used PSEUDONYM 'Robert L. Peters' in emails to Hunter about Ukraine business.  Republicans are seeking records revealing Joe Biden's use of pseudonyms to discuss his activities related to Ukraine with his son Hunter during his time as vice president.  They specifically want an un-redacted document that indicates that then-Vice President Biden took a call with the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, on May 27, 2016.  Republicans say the document was emailed to 'Robert L. Peters' which is 'a pseudonym' the House Oversight Committee has 'identified as then Vice-President Biden,' a letter obtained by states.

Joe Biden Had a Pseudonym Email Account He Communicated With Hunter on?  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is calling on the National Archives and Records Administration to turn over documents related to then Vice President Joe Biden's work in Ukraine while his son, Hunter Biden, was getting paid $80,000 per month by notoriously corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma.  "Joe Biden has stated there was 'an absolute wall' between his family's foreign business schemes and his duties as Vice President, but evidence reveals that access was wide open for his family's influence peddling.  We already have evidence of then-Vice President Biden speaking, dining, and having coffee with his son's foreign business associates.  We also know that Hunter Biden and his associates were informed of then-Vice President Biden's official government duties in countries where they had a financial interest.  The National Archives must provide these unredacted records to further our investigation into the Biden family's corruption," Comer released in a statement Thursday [8/17/2023].

House GOP demands unredacted records of Biden using pseudonym while VP.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer asked the National Archives on Wednesday to hand over any unredacted records in which President Biden used a pseudonym during his vice presidency — as Republicans move closer to launching an impeachment inquiry into his role in son Hunter's foreign business dealings.  Emails previously released by the Archives and retrieved from Hunter's abandoned laptop reveal that Joe Biden used the email address "" while he was President Barack Obama's second-in-command and that his aide John Flynn cc'd Hunter on 10 emails containing the elder Biden's daily schedule between May 18 and June 15, 2016.  Comer's request covers records using Biden's other known pseudonyms — "Robin Ware" and "JRB Ware" — and makes pointed requests for certain documents, such as drafts of Biden's December 2015 speech to Ukraine's parliament.

Hunter Biden's Legal Team Used Joe Biden to Blackmail DOJ.  A stunning nugget of information dropped late Saturday night, giving us a peek into the sausage factory of Hunter Biden's legal strategy that ultimately led to his sweetheart plea deal.  It turns out that Hunter Biden wasn't only using his father's position in his shady business deals, but he also actively weaponized it to get an unprecedented plea deal.  The plea deal, as you know, was deemed unconstitutional by Judge Maryellen Noreika, and she rejected it — namely over the blanket immunity he would receive as part of the pretrial diversion agreement.  Not only would Hunter get no jail time, but he also couldn't be prosecuted for a multitude of crimes he'd allegedly committed, including violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Hunter Biden Team Used Threat of Joe Biden to Pressure and Coerce the DOJ.  In a stunning bit of Saturday evening news, a new report is shedding light on the negotiations that took place between Hunter Biden's legal team and the DOJ.  In late July, the two sides were mere moments away from securing a sweetheart plea deal until Judge Maryellen Noreika started questioning the arrangement.  Things quickly deteriorated after the judge questioned whether there was any precedent for offering broad immunity in the diversion agreement related to Hunter Biden's gun charge.  At the time, one of the questions surrounding the agreement was why the president's son was being offered pre-trial diversion in the first place.  As some pointed out at the time, any person distributing drugs while being in illegal possession of a firearm is supposed to be charged with a felony.  Further, the DOJ is supposed to seek a mandatory minimum of five years in prison as part of "Project Safe Neighborhoods."  Instead, a gun charge that could have brought ten years behind bars was brushed under the rug, with the diversion agreement serving as a vehicle to offer an arguably improper amount of immunity.

The Puppeteers reveals who's pulling the strings.  Whoever designed the cover of Jason Chaffetz's newest book The Puppeteers did a terrific marketing job, putting focus not on the five silly puppets now trying to distract us (The A Team) but on "The people who control the people who control America" (The B Team).  This is the central theme of Chaffetz's book.  In the first four chapters, Chaffetz contrasts what the federal, state, and local elected officials should be doing to secure our freedom and strengthen our economy with what the globalist B Team of unelected bureaucrats have been doing to weaken America. [...] "So who," Chaffetz asks in Chapter 5 ("Most Power, Least Famous") was Biden's Svengali on the economy?"  His answer is Brian Deese, the former "global head of sustainable investing at Blackrock."  Blackrock hired Deese while Trump was in office.  This was also the time when only a few wealthy American voters knew that Blackrock was building a giant global investment company whose ultimate goal was to create an 'economy without borders' through the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The Longer Republicans Sit On Their Hands, The More Likely America's Self-Destruction Becomes Irreversible.  Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Friday that U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss, who orchestrated Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal, will now serve as special counsel in the government's probe of the Biden family business.  The blatantly partisan decision to appoint a co-conspirator in the plot to cover up the Biden family business should not go unpunished.  Republicans should start by impeaching Garland, whose track record even before the recent special counsel appointment was worth immense scrutiny.  Garland's decision to bestow special privileges and status on yet another one of Biden's corrupt deep-state attorneys only adds to the growing list of reasons why he should be prosecuted and removed.  Garland isn't the only one who should pay.  The whole DOJ, its pawns in the FBI, and whoever in the White House is giving them orders should be held to account for their travesties against the American people.

CIA Sued for working with the Biden campaign to produce 'Dirty 51' intel letter calling Hunter's laptop disinformation.  The CIA has been sued for its role in helping to craft a letter from 51 intelligence officials discrediting Hunter Biden's laptop as Russian disinformation.  The letter that was signed by 51 intel officials in 2020 immediately before the presidential election falsely claimed that Hunter Biden's laptop had all the 'classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.'  A Republican report released in May showed that the CIA was actively involved in getting signatures for the letter which 'was a political operation to help elect' Joe Biden in November 2020.

The 2024 Michelle Obama Factor.  Over the summer, media commentators on both the left and right have been discussing Joe Biden's political future.  They all largely agree on one thing:  Biden is not a viable presidential candidate in 2024.  They cite Biden's immense unpopularity due to his disastrous record as president in every field, from the economy to the border to the war in Ukraine. [...] Commentators also note that Biden is certainly not acting like a 2024 presidential candidate.  Biden has no campaign office and does no campaigning. [...] Biden is sure acting like someone who is just marking time, rather than someone who is president now or has any real plans to run again.  In fact, Biden's entire presidency seems like he's doing a favor for someone.  If so, who could that someone be?  The Biden presidency began with a slew of Obama-esque executive orders reversing many of Donald Trump's accomplishments, and exists with about 70% of staffers who are veterans of Obama's eight years in the White House.  All evidence points to none other than Biden's old boss, Barack Obama.

Andrew McCarthy Exposes the Real Reason for Hunter Biden's Sweetheart Plea Deal.  With David Weiss' promotion to special counsel, the future of the Hunter Biden probe appears unclear.  Charges have been officially dropped in Delaware as part of a stated plan to charge the president's son in another jurisdiction.  That begs the question of why the charges were ever in Delaware in the first place if they supposedly don't belong there now.  If it feels like the DOJ is hoping to draw a less-skeptical judge to rubber stamp yet another sweetheart plea deal, that's probably because that's what appears to be happening.  A recent leak revealed that while the FBI believes it has evidence to charge Hunter Biden with FARA revelations (and the publicly known evidence is stunning), the special counsel isn't really interested in pursuing that path.  From the moment news broke that Hunter Biden was being charged with two misdemeanors for not paying his taxes (and being given pre-trial diversion for a gun charge that normally demands prison time), it has seemed as if the DOJ was more interested in representing the president's son than actually prosecuting him to the full extent of the law.  There may be even more to it, though and his latest piece, Andrew McCarthy exposes what he believes is the real reason for the sweetheart plea deal.

Three aliases, Joe?  The Biden Mafia setup is crystal clear.  President Biden took an oath of office in which he swore his highest duty was to his country, but it's clear he has only one loyalty: his crooked, access-selling family.  It's positively Mafiaesque.  The latest development:  House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) is demanding unredacted access from the National Archives to emails Biden sent as veep using any of his three known pseudonyms:  Robert L. Peters, Robin Ware and JRB Ware.  (The prez got a little lazy on #3, it seems.)  Comer outlines the clear possibility that these aliases were an attempt by the then-vice president to deflect scrutiny from his dealings with son Hunter — citing a May 2016 email in which Biden's schedule for the day was sent to Hunter (the only other real person copied on the email) and the "Peters" alias.  That schedule included a call with Ukraine's then-president, Petro Poroshenko, as Hunter sat on the board of Burisma.

NY Post:  Laptop data shows Joe Biden used pseudonyms to pass inside info to Hunter.  "JRB Ware," indeed.  Despite years of claiming that Joseph R. Biden has bewared of involvement in his son Hunter's businesses, the e-mail record from Hunter's laptop tells a much different story.  The New York Post analyzed their copy of the data and discovered that the pseudonyms identified by James Comer passed along inside information to Hunter.  That includes diplomatic developments in Ukraine that related to Hunter's business interests there while Biden was vice-president.

Joe Biden's email aliases reveal truth behind the facade.  In public he appears increasingly out of it.  He speaks nonsense, he shows flashes of inappropriate anger, he walks off stage in the middle of events, and he has trouble with stairs.  Even Democrats are beginning to admit to serious doubts about his ability to function as president.  But what if it's all an act?  I ask that because the latest word is that, according to James Comer, President Biden had at least one pseudonymous email account that he used so he could secretly collude with his son (and alleged bagman) Hunter.  The only reason to run such an account is to make sure that the emails don't get archived in official systems and aren't available under the Freedom of Information Act, and to keep the communications out of the reach of critics, and possibly law enforcement.

Leaked Docs:  Hunter Biden Was Involved in Trump Impeachment Over Ukraine.  Hunter Biden was involved in Trump's impeachment over Ukraine, according to documents leaked to Politico.  Hunter Biden's lawyers leaked the entire case file related to the DOJ's 5-year investigation and it's a sight to behold.  The New York Times and Politico both published leaked documents revealing new information about Hunter Biden's case and the inner workings at the Justice Department.  According to emails leaked to Politico, Hunter Biden met with impeachment lawyers in January 2020.  Recall, in September 2019 then-Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry into President Trump over his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.  President Trump's phone call with Zelensky was cordial and there were no threats, no pressure and no quid pro quo as Adam Schiff and the Democrats liked the public to believe.

Six Obama Admin Officials Used Alias Emails:  Obama, Hillary, Holder, Lynch, Jackson, Biden.  Six Obama administration officials used alias email addresses, including then-Vice President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama.  Whether connected to a government network or not, it is unusual for government officials to use an email alias.  Not only is it peculiar, it raises questions about why Obama administration officials utilized aliases and whether government secrets were compromised.

Why Did Joe Biden Need Three Aliases in Ukraine-Related Emails?  Awww, You Know Why!  One of the more underreported stories of the week is Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) of the House Oversight Committee requesting that the National Archives fork over every email involving the Biden Racketeering Family and their "dealings" with Burisma and Ukraine.  What no one seems to realize is that there are unknown names that have popped up in emails, "Robert L. Peters," "Robin Ware," and "JRB Ware."

Hunter Biden case move to Los Angeles may be evidence the feds 'found something': Dershowitz.  After U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss was named special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation, Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Fox News the change-in-venue from Delaware to Los Angeles may be more important than it seems.  Attorney General Merrick Garland named Weiss, a Trump appointee held over by President Biden to eschew concerns of conflict-of-interest, special counsel in the first son's case last week.  Dershowitz noted the announcement was accompanied by a change-in-venue from the District of Delaware to the Central District of California, where Hunter Biden lives when he is not at his father's home in Greenville, Del.

Hunter Biden's Lead Lawyer Asks to Withdraw from Case After Plea Deal Blows Up.  Hunter Biden's lead lawyer Christopher Clark asked the Delaware judge overseeing Hunter's case for permission to withdraw from the case after the plea deal fell apart.  Christopher Clark said he could be called as a witness in the future. [...] Prosecutors say the venue for Hunter Biden's tax-related charges lies either in California or DC, not Delaware.

That the money went to family members is not a defense to a bribery charge.  Imagine that I'm a politician (granted, that will never happen, but play along). I like attention and I like money.  But much of the attention I've gotten over the years has been negative, and the straight salary of a politician is not very good.  That's always bugged me.  Imagine further that you're someone who wants "access" to me, such as a corrupt foreign government official or corporation.  For that access, you're willing to pretend to respect me and, moreover, you're willing to pay me that money I've always deserved.  Conscious of the appearance of impropriety and the reality of the bribery laws, I tell you not to send that money directly to me.  I tell you to send it to my family.  This is a ruse used by mobsters for years.  It doesn't work.  The bribery laws prohibit the payment of "something of value" to the bribed official.  Money sent to his family is considered a value to him personally.  That the Bidens tried to disguise their bribes with the mobster scheme of having the money sent to family rather than directly to Joe, and further tried to disguise the bribes by setting up a network of shell companies to launder the money, is just proof of their guilty state of mind — their mens rea in legal jargon.  Why would they go to that trouble if not to hide the operation?  And why would they want to hide it if it were legal?

Is This Why Joe Biden Will Drop Out of the Race?  While campaigning for president, Joe Biden adamantly denied any involvement in his son Hunter's business dealings.  By Biden's own words, he was careful to keep Hunter's foreign business deals separate so as not to give the impression of impropriety that could raise questions.  But he can't do that anymore.  The amount of [convincing] evidence that has come out has made that impossible, and now, a large majority of Americans believe Joe Biden and his son Hunter broke the law by selling foreign influence.  "Fully 63 percent of voters say the president breached the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which obliges people to declare foreign interests, when he served as vice president and his son worked with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma," reports the Daily Mail.  "Another 29 percent said they did not believe Biden, a Democrat, had broken the rules, and 8 percent were not sure.  Republican voters overwhelmingly said Biden had committed wrongdoing, as did 38 percent of Democrats."

Let Them Eat Solar Panels.  Recently, during a speech at a high-dollar fundraiser for the League of Conservation Voters in Washington, D.C., President Joe Biden exulted about a solar project in Angola.  According to a transcript of his speech that can be found on the White House's website, Biden said:  "We have plans to build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.  We have plans to build in — in Angola one of the largest solar plants in the world.  I can go on, but I'm not.  I'm going off-script.  I'm going to get in trouble."  Ignore, of course, Biden's gaffe about building a railroad across the Pacific.  Ignore, too, his statement that he was "going to get in trouble" for going off script.  Joe Biden is the president of the United States.  He commands a huge arsenal of warships, warplanes, and nuclear weapons.  With whom, exactly, might he be getting in trouble?  Instead, focus on the part about the solar project in Angola.

What Will Biden Admit To Next?  [Scroll down]  So, what other things that everybody already knows to be true — but Biden steadfastly refuses to admit — can Biden come clean about?  We fear such a list would be too long for this space.  But how about we start with:
  Afghanistan was a disaster of Biden's making:  Nobody denies this, except Biden.[...]
  Bidenomics is failing:  Everybody knows it, which is why Biden's approval rating on his handling of the economy is getting awfully close to single digits.
  He knew all about Hunter's business dealings:  Even with the corporate media blackout in place, facts are slowly emerging that despite his repeated denials Biden knew plenty about Hunter's shady business dealings and almost certainly traded his position as then-vice president to enrich his family.
  He is not fit to be president:  The only person who seems to believe that Joe Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of the presidency is Joe Biden.[...]
  Kamala Harris is not fit to be vice president:  Biden's reelection campaign recently described Harris as a "powerful and effective messenger."  Sure.[...]
  Barack Obama is calling the shots:  It's been an open secret for years that Obama is the brains behind the enfeebled Biden's presidency.  An extensive article published recently in Tablet put plenty of meat on the bones of that.

Report: Biden Campaign Backed Out of Recent MSNBC Appearance to Avoid Questions About Hunter.  Joe Biden's campaign manager was supposed to appear on MSNBC a few days ago and reportedly backed out because the campaign was worried about having to answer questions about the growing scandals around Joe's son Hunter.  In other words, the Biden campaign can't stand up to scrutiny from the most left wing cable news network on TV.  This just goes to show that even the Biden campaign knows how vulnerable Joe is on this issue.  The Hunter controversy has the potential to do real damage to Biden in 2024.

Karine Jean-Pierre: 'Zero Evidence' Joe Biden 'Discussed,' or 'Involved with,' Hunter Biden's Businesses.  White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters at a briefing Monday that there was "zero evidence" that President Joe Biden had "discussed," or was "involved with," his son Hunter's business dealings, now under scrutiny by a special counsel.  Jean-Pierre answered questions from reporters on her first briefing in several weeks, and the first since Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware, who was already investigating Hunter Biden, as the special counsel.

Georgia grand jury hands up 10 indictments in Trump 2020 election investigation.  Former President Donald Trump and 18 of his allies and supporters were indicted Monday by a Georgia grand jury in connection with his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in the Peach State.  Also charged in the indictment — which was signed by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney shortly before 9 p.m. and unsealed approximately two hours later — were former Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis and Kenneth Chesebro.  Also accused were former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, ex-Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark and Trump 2020 Election Day director of operations Michael Roman.  Trump, 77, faces 13 counts in the case, matching a docket prematurely posted to the Fulton County Superior Court's website around noon.

White House Keeps Reporters Outside Shouting Distance On Biden's Return From Delaware.  The White House kept reporters outside shouting distance from President Biden as he returned home from his Delaware beach house on Monday.  Several reporters attempted to shout questions at the Commander in Chief anyway over the whirring of Marine One's propeller, but the president walked past the White House press corps without taking questions.  "Any comment on the special counsel, Mr. President?" one reporter shouted.  "Will you be handing your bank records over to Congress, President Biden?" shouted another.  [Tweet with video clip]

President Biden plans ritzy Lake Tahoe vacation next week.  President Joe Biden jets off to ritzy Lake Tahoe on Friday for another summer vacation as the White House still hasn't announced plans for him to visit fire-devastated Hawaii.  He didn't answer questions about the issue when he returned to work on Monday after a weekend at the beach, after avoiding comment on the tragedy this weekend.  The president is scheduled to arrive in Lake Tahoe on Friday, August 18 and will stay there until the following Thursday, according to guidance from the White House.

Joe Hides in Delaware, Has Spent 40% of his Presidency on Vacation.  President Biden relaxed at his Delaware beach home as questions surrounding his family's international bribery scheme continued to swirl.  In total, the Commander-in-Chief has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation.  [Tweet with video clip]

Joe Biden's Race Against the Truth.  Joe Biden has about 17 months left as an elected politician — if he is lucky.  That projection guides most of the inexplicable and shameless behavior of the Department of Justice and Biden himself.  View Biden as in a race against the truth.  Will he be physically and mentally able to complete his term and head to retirement before his decades-long crimes of corruption catch up to him?  Joe Biden's serial yarn that he never knew anything about his son Hunter's quid pro quo grifting with rich foreign grandees has been finally exposed as the old lie it always was.  Biden's fallback untruth — that he never got involved in Hunter's business — proved instantly laughable, given prior [...] testimonies from Hunter's business associates, from IRS whistleblowers, from the assertions of foreign beneficiaries, from Hunter's own laptop, and from Joe's own earlier loudmouth braggadocio about using threats of canceling U.S. foreign aid to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor looking into corruption of the sort in which his own son was knee deep.

Lawfare Rep Goldman Admits Biden Broad Immunity Deal Was Political Construct Intended to Protect Biden Family.  Wickedness has a way of manifesting in the human body.  As the physical lifeforce within Daniel Goldman begins diminishing, the pale and sullen former Robert Mueller operative appears on CNN to discuss the Hunter Biden case and the appointment of the special counsel.  Skilled in the dark arts of lawfare, Representative Goldman spins the investigation to its situational opposite; however, he does reveal that David Weiss was motivated by politics when he constructed the plea agreement for Hunter Biden.  According to Goldman, the plea deal was built around broad immunity for any criminal conduct so that a future DOJ — one not in alignment with the Biden crime syndicate — could not hold the Biden crime family accountable.

Yes, they would get in the way.  Also, they would gave attracted an audience of about ten die-hard socialists.
Biden-Harris to Pass on Visiting Maui:  They 'Don't Want to Distract' from Relief Efforts.  President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will not visit Maui in the aftermath of the deadly wildfires because they "don't want to distract" from the relief efforts, Harris announced on Friday.  The wildfires, which began Tuesday and continue to blaze, have destroyed acres of property and taken dozens of lives.  On Friday, local officials announced the death toll increased to 67, making it the deadliest wildfire on U.S. soil since the 2018 Camp Fire in California killed at least 85 people.

Timeline Of Ukrainian Pay-To-Play Scheme Confirms Bidens' Corruption.  The Biden crime family's multi-million-dollar bribery and money-laundering operation has more moving parts than an 80-year-old grandfather clock.  Even newsaholics find it tough to follow this scandal's interlocking meetings, phone calls, trade junkets, wire transfers, and shady characters with unpronounceable names.  As just-appointed Special Counsel David Weiss soon will learn — unlike "White House aides break into Democrat headquarters" — capturing the Bidens' shakedowns requires more than one bumper sticker. [...]The Bidens' Influence Peddling Timeline vividly illustrates the assorted crooks who paid Hunter Biden, his associates, and eight of his relatives (including Joe Biden's grandchild, niece, and nephew) at least $21,342,300 for access to "the Big Guy," the former VP and now POTUS.

'Shoeless Joe' Weiss and the fixing of the Hunter Biden game.  Roughly 100 years ago, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson admitted that, as a player for the Chicago White Sox, he and seven other teammates had intentionally lost the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds in 1919. [...] After being confronted by allegations of a fixed investigation, Attorney General Merrick Garland just sent Shoeless Joe back into the game.  The appointment of Delaware David Weiss as the new special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden left many with the same disbelief as that kid in Chicago.  This is, after all, the same Weiss who headed an investigation that was trashed by whistleblowers, who alleged that his investigation had been fixed from the outset.  It is the same Weiss who ran an investigation in which agents were allegedly prevented from asking about Joe Biden, obstructed in their efforts to pursue questions and compromised by tip offs to the Biden team on planned searches.  It was also the same Weiss who reportedly allowed the statute of limitations to run out on Hunter's major tax offenses, even though he had the option to extend it.

Hunter's New Special Counsel Appointment Is A False Flag.  To hear Merrick Garland tell the story, granting Special Counsel status to the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden proves he is taking this case seriously.  Critics say it's proof of precisely the opposite. [...] This is, of course, the same prosecutor (from Delaware, no less!) who had tucked broad immunity deal the fine print of the plea deal.  When the judge called [out] that clause, the deal fell apart, and could not be revived.  The inability to revive the deal is what prompted this next step.  Weiss has already run a case that has let the statute of limitations lapse in the most egregious of his tax crimes and has asked for special prosecutor status.  This comes at precisely the moment in which GOP Congressional oversight has been lining up witnesses — including Weiss — as they seek answers to whether Biden's DOJ has been applying the law selectively and whether this appointment is a ploy to handcuff an investigation into what could ultimately determine whether there has been criminal corruption on the part the Joe Biden himself.

Schweizer: 'You Cannot Separate the Biden Businesses from Joe Biden's Political Position in Power'.  Friday, during an appearance on FNC's "Hannity," New York Times best-selling author, Breitbart News senior contributor, and Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer dismissed claims that the Biden families businesses could be separated from President Joe Biden's past positions of power.  According to Schweizer, Hunter Biden's Rosemont Seneca business was "centered around" his father's position of power.

Dan Goldman Admits Politics [was] Behind Hunter Biden Sweetheart Plea Deal.  Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), a former Trump impeachment prosecutor, gave a stunning explanation for why U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss gave Hunter Biden immunity in a failed plea agreement last month on tax and gun charges:  To protect Biden from prosecution by a "vindictive" Donald Trump should he win the 2024 presidential election — thereby confirming that politics is indeed playing a role in decisions by Weiss and Attorney General Merrick Garland who appointed Weiss as special counsel on Friday in the Hunter Biden case.  Goldman made his remarks Sunday morning on CNN's State of the Union in an interview with host Jake Tapper.

'Strong-arming': Appeals court judges compare Biden social media pressure to mafia.  Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod declared in court that the Biden administration's efforts to persuade social media companies to remove, throttle and suppress purported misinformation on COVID-19, Hunter Biden's laptop and elections reminded her of a mafia movie.  That was just one of the most memorable examples of the frosty reception Justice Department Civil Division lawyer Daniel Tenny received Thursday from the three-judge panel considering whether to lift or modify last month's ban on several forms of contact between the feds and companies — currently stayed by the 5th Circuit — as the First Amendment lawsuit led by Missouri and Louisiana proceeds.  The back-and-forth at Thursday's hearing resembled that between 6th Circuit judges and DOJ's lawyer at a June hearing in a related social media censorship lawsuit against federal officials by users of X, formerly known as Twitter.  Both panels were appointed by Republican presidents.

Garland's Special Counsel Gambit Confirms Hunter Investigation Was Always Shady.  In a Friday news dump, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he's appointed U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware, David Weiss, as special counsel in the probe of Hunter Biden. "I have concluded," Garland claimed, "that it is in the public interest to appoint him as special counsel."  Which makes zero sense.  Wasn't Weiss already responsible for the "ongoing investigation" of President Joe Biden's son "as well as for any other matters that arose or may arise from that investigation?"  For years now, Garland claimed that Weiss had ultimate authority to investigate charges against Hunter or any other criminality related to the Biden family business.  Yet he didn't do anything.  Politico, for example, explains that a special counsel appointment is bad news for Hunter because a "request for a change of venue would not have been possible without Garland's special counsel designation, which now gives Weiss the latitude to file charges outside of Delaware."  But in a June press conference, Garland reiterated that Weiss could prosecute Hunter in "any way he wanted to" and anywhere he wanted to.

Why Weiss?  Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of United States Attorney David Weiss as special counsel in the investigation of Hunter Biden yesterday. [...] Weiss is special.  On that we can agree:
  •   Weiss is the "prosecutor" whose plea deal with Hunter Biden failed to pass muster with Judge Maryellen Noreika, the federal judge presiding over the case.
  •   "These agreements are not straightforward and they contain some atypical provisions," Judge Noreika observed.
  •   Weiss is the "prosecutor" whom IRS whistleblowers have just called out for abetting the suppression of of the investigation and lying about his authority to Congress, among other things.
  •   Weiss is the "prosecutor" who has spent five years on the investigation and never gotten around to seeking an indictment of Hunter Biden as the clock has ticked to bar the most serious tax felonies Biden's has committed.
  •   Weiss is a United States Attorney and therefore ineligible for special counsel appointment under the applicable regulations.

Biden's Iranian Hostage Deal.  Since January 20, 2021, the Harris-Biden administration has delivered a relentless cycle of incompetence, ineptitude, incoherence, corruption, subterfuge, and scandals.  The citizen suffers due to inflation, high crime, the open border, crumbling infrastructure, and a lot more.  If they dare to raise their voices they are targeted much like the regime's foremost political opponent, President Donald Trump.  Internationally, the regime has weakened and demeaned the US.  Following its hasty and unplanned withdrawal from Afghanistan that betrayed allies within the country.  It also handed that country back to the most dangerous terror organizations in the world.  The Harris-Biden administration has managed to make the U.S. appear untrustworthy, dishonorable, and unreliable.  The withdrawal doubtlessly emboldened President Putin to intervene in Ukraine after repeated provocation from surrounding NATO countries.  The war in Ukraine continues to this day and there is no way for anyone to know what actually is happening because most of the Western media is pushing a narrative and not covering facts.

Elise Stefanik:  David Weiss Is 'Compromised and Cannot Be Trusted'.  House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) released a statement following Attorney General Merrick Garland appointing U.S. prosecutor David Weiss special counsel in the ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden.  "This is absolutely unacceptable to the American people.  David Weiss is compromised and cannot be trusted to conduct a fair investigation into Hunter Biden," Stefanik said in the statement.  "It was David Weiss who signed off on Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal that was so outrageous a federal judge threw it out," she observed, promising that House Republicans will "continue our constitutional duty of oversight, following the facts wherever they lead."  [Tweet]

GOP Slams Biden for 'Bowing' to Ayatollah, 'Endangering' Americans with 'Reckless' $6 Billion Iran Deal.  Republican officials blasted the Biden administration for "bowing to the Ayatollah" and "endangering" Americans, after it struck a deal with the Iranian regime to transfer five Iranian-Americans from prison to house arrest in exchange for billions in unfrozen assets.  On Thursday, the Biden administration's deal with Tehran to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian financial assets and release a "handful" of Iranian nationals jailed for violating U.S. sanctions in exchange for five Americans taken prisoner by Iran on highly dubious charges of espionage, came to light.

Impeach Biden, Make Democrats Sweat.  We see that congressional Republicans' constipation has flared up again.  It's a chronic, though voluntary, distress.  Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, and Alejandro Mayorkas are begging to be impeached, yet Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other bunged-up House Republicans refuse to extrude.  It's time to — well, you know what — or get off the flippin' pot.  True justice — unfashionable among most "progressives" — demands action.  And politics — a dirty word to dainty Republicans — also demands action.  Let's set aside the sinister Merrick Garland and the plodding, lying apparatchik Alejandro Mayorkas.  They can be impeached another day.  Joe Biden needs to be impeached, ASAP.  One needn't qualify that Biden is, "perhaps, the most crooked president in history," because, hands down, he's the biggest, dumbest scoundrel to occupy the Oval Office.  Bill Clinton isn't dumb; he's wily, but runs a close second in the scoundrel department, as does his semi-estranged wife, the nefarious Hillary.  As Peter Schweizer explained, Bill and Hill were slicker stashing the cash.  Joe is like a psychopathic crook, practically flaunting his crimes.  For decades, he's exhibited his compulsive lying.  It knocked him out of the 1988 Democrat presidential nominating contest.  But being an inveterate liar isn't a disqualifier in politics.  It's only doing it stupidly in ways that harm comrades that busts anyone.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green on David Weiss.  Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene issued the following statement following today's appointment of Davis Weiss as Special Counsel to cover up Hunter Biden's criminal career:  "Today's move by Merrick Garland to appoint David Weiss as Special Counsel to investigate (and in reality cover up) Hunter Biden's criminal career is the latest action in a continuous pattern of corrupt behavior by Joe Biden and his regime.  Behavior typically only seen in juntas in third-world nations or early twentieth-century dictatorships in Europe.  This is a cover-up, plain and simple.  This appointment is designed to protect Joe Biden from his exposure to the serious and substantial investigation Republicans are conducting in Congress.  This move establishes a firewall to protect the Biden family from their crimes of influence peddling and selling access to 'The Brand,' former Vice President Joe Biden.  Every subpoena, every record request, every transcribed interview, or any other effort in an impeachment inquiry will be be blocked by this corrupt and unlawful Special Counsel under the guise of an 'investigation.'[..."]

Garland and Weiss Throw Bag Over Hunter Biden Investigation with Declaration of Special Counsel Status.  Oh, there will be voices who will proclaim this is the beginning of the end for Joe and Hunter, but that's nonsense.  We don't do pretending on these pages.  What happened today was an agreement between USAO David Weiss and US Attorney General Merrick Garland to fortify a silo of protection around the Biden family.  The shift in David Weiss from an investigative US Attorney to an officially appointed Special Counsel, is nothing more than loading the new color spray paint into the canister.  Pesky House Oversight Committee inquiry now hits the block of an "ongoing investigation," a purposeful deployment of a DC replay we have seen repeatedly in the last several years.  The cancer of corruption is institutionally metastatic.

Special counsel in Biden investigation is a sweet pick for Hunter.  In a move that should come as a surprise to no one, Merrick Garland has appointed, as special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, the one man who can most be counted on to continue covering up for the Biden family crimes.  That man is David Weiss.  This is the self-same David Weiss who allowed the statute of limitations to lapse on Hunter Biden's most serious crimes, while offering him a plea deal so broad, so lenient, and for crimes so minor that the prosecutor Weiss sent to court had to admit to an astonished judge that there was no legal precedent for it.  To her credit, the judge rejected that sweetheart plea deal out of hand.  That would be the David Weiss whose office IRS investigators-turned-whistleblowers testified prevented them from even interviewing Hunter or executing search warrants to collect evidence of his crimes — and the same David Weiss who blocked those IRS investigators from using the mountains of evidence contained on Hunter's infamous laptop from hell.  Yes, David Weiss, who, five years after the beginning of this sham investigation, has not indicted Hunter Biden for anything — while the statute of limitations on his serial and thoroughly documented felonies continue to slip away.

Tom Cotton Reveals What He Really Thinks Is Behind DOJ's Move To Refile Charges Against Hunter Biden.  Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas took to Twitter to sound off on Friday's news that the Department of Justice (DOJ) moved to refile tax-related charges against Hunter Biden in a different venue after his plea deal fell apart in Delaware.  The DOJ announced Friday that it would voluntarily vacate two tax charges against Hunter Biden without prejudice in order to refile the charges in the Central District of California or in Washington, D.C, rather than in Delaware.  Cotton suggested that the DOJ moved to refile the charges against President Joe Biden's son so that a more sympathetic judge adjudicates the matter and signs off on a lenient deal with Hunter's attorneys, weeks after Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected a plea deal in a Wilmington, Delaware, court in July that some legal experts described as a "joke" and a "sweetheart deal."  "Biden's DOJ wants to dismiss the charges against Hunter, supposedly to refile them elsewhere, no doubt before some liberal judge who will rubber-stamp a sweetheart deal," Cotton wrote.  "Remember, when Biden's DOJ and Hunter's lawyers meet, they're not negotiating.  They're conspiring."

House Oversight Chairman Claims Special-Counsel Appointment Part of Biden 'Cover Up'.  House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer on Friday accused the Justice Department of trying to cover up the Biden family's wrongdoings, after Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he would appoint U.S. attorney David Weiss as a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.  "This move by Attorney General Garland is part of the Justice Department's efforts to attempt a Biden family coverup in light of the House Oversight Committee's mounting evidence of President Joe Biden's role in his family's schemes selling 'the brand' for millions of dollars to foreign nationals," Comer said in a statement.  "The Justice Department's misconduct and politicization in the Biden criminal investigation already allowed the statute of limitations to run with respect to egregious felonies committed by Hunter Biden."

CBS News Reporter Might Have Exposed the Reason Behind AG Garland's Pick for Hunter Biden Special Counsel.  [T]he Justice Department has appointed a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.  The announcement from Attorney General Merrick Garland drops two weeks after the sweetheart plea deal for the president's son fell apart, being tossed by a judge who couldn't get over a few of the charges, including gun crimes.  Most Americans who have committed what Hunter allegedly did go to prison for years.  US Attorney David Weiss has been selected to spearhead this effort. [...] Yet, as some have noted, this would delay some other inquiries into the activities of Hunter Biden, namely that they need to interview Mr. Weiss, who reportedly tried to charge the president's son multiple times but was blocked.  We need that congressional testimony.  As Donald Trump plays for lengthy trials over his three indictments, Biden seems to be taking a page out of that legal playbook.  CBS News Reporter Catherine Herridge also highlighted that point when this announcement [was made].

Grassley Declares Weiss Unfit for Special Counsel Job, Pledges Ongoing Congressional Investigation Into Biden Family Bribery.  Immediately after the announcement by Attorney General Merrick Garland that Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss had requested to be appointed Special Counsel, news cameras caught up with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) at the Iowa State Fair for his take.  Fox News didn't catch the first few words of his statement, but here is a transcription of the rest:  ["]...[a] year ago we sent a letter saying we should have a Special Counsel.  So the short answer to your question is, it's about time.  On the other hand, I have some question about Weiss doing it, because Johnson and I sent all of this material that we had from the Cathay Bank in regard to the payments that were made to Hunter Biden, and we don't know what they did with them, and we know from the IRS whistleblowers that they never did anything with the 1023 document that I got released.  So you just wonder how thorough Weiss is doing it.  And then you have this plea agreement that fell through, and there's speculation now that the Justice Department can't work out another plea agreement, so they're gonna have to go to trial.  So is the special counsel set up to interfere with going to a trial right away, or are they ready to — there's some other reason for doing it.[..."]

'We Are Going to Subpoena' Bidens:  Comer Previews What's Next With Investigations.  The House Oversight Committee under Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has been moving at a rapid speed when it comes to investigating Biden family corruption.  Whatever Comer and his committee have done thus far, though, there's more coming, even after they face "obstruction" including but not only from the Biden family.  He outlined what's next during his Fox Business appearance on "Morning with Maria" on Thursday morning, as he also went over with host Maria Bartiromo that there does look to be a connection between President Joe Biden from his time as vice president and son Hunter Biden with his shady business dealings.

Joe Biden Tells a Whopper of a Lie to Veterans, Claims He Has Been In and Out of Iraq and Afghanistan Over 38 Times.  Joe Biden on Thursday delivered remarks on the one-year anniversary of the PACT Act in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Biden's speech was full of lies and gaffes.  Joe Biden told an egregious lie about his granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts.  Biden falsely claimed all of his grandchildren have Secret Service protection.  Biden's granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts does not have Secret Service protection.  All Biden does is lie.

Biden Descends Into Complete Incoherence in New Mexico.  As we noted, he designated a new monument which is raising a lot of questions about whether this move will harm our national security.  His move also helps the Russians by cutting off our ability to develop uranium deposits within the ambit of the land blocked off by the national monument.  The land in question is almost a million acres, including land far away from the Grand Canyon, the area the new monument designation was supposed to protect.  There's also a question about how much land is being taken from private citizens and how it may affect their rights.  On top of that, he didn't seem to understand what the number and nature of the wonders of the world were, and he showed off some full-blown hypocrisy with a huge gas-guzzling motorcade while sermonizing about climate change.

The Editor says...
Never mind the motorcade in the middle of nowhere — what about the multiple jumbo jets needed to bring his limousine(s) out to the desert, and all of it just for show?

"I cheated the bribers" is not a sound defense to a bribery charge.  The walls are closing in around the Bidens.  Sworn testimony and bank records show that they accepted at least $20 million from foreign entities during the time Joe was Vice President.  These foreign entities are notoriously corrupt ones such as China, Russia, Romania and Ukraine.  Joe's son was the ringleader, but it was Joe that he was selling.  Joe was the "brand" according to sworn testimony.  Who else could have been?  There's no conceivable reason for these foreigners to send millions to the Biden family other than to influence the "brand."  Recall that Joe assured the American people in the 2020 campaign that he had never talked to his son about the son's so-called business.  In view of a written record showing that assurance was false, his new line doesn't dispute that he talked with the son about his business, but, he says, he was never in business with the son.

House Oversight Committee Releases Bank Records Showing Foreign Payments to Biden Family From Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has released details of the banking transfers from foreign businesses into the Biden family while Joe Biden was in office.  The payments flowed into companies set up by Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, the witness who testified to congress.  Those companies then distributed the money (laundered) into subsidiary companies of Rosemont Seneca, and then the money was distributed to the Biden group.  One of the transactions, traced through bank records by the House investigators, was the payment of $3.5 million from Yelena Baturina, wife of the Mayor of Moscow.

Joe dined with [a] Russian oligarch with links to Putin and the Mafia - who gave Hunter's shell company $3.5 million.  Bombshell new bank records reveal that Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina gave millions to Biden-connected shell companies after dining with Hunter and then-Vice President Joe, and was notably not on a list of sanctioned Kremlin allies after the invasion of Ukraine.  In the spring of 2014, Baturina joined Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and a handful of his business partners — including Devon Archer and Kazakh oligarchs Kenes Rakishev and Karim Massimov — for dinner at Cafe Milano in Washington, D.C.  Archer confirmed that Joe was present long enough to eat dinner with the group.

House GOP release bank records on Hunter Biden payments from Russian, Kazakh oligarchs.  House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., released a third memo Wednesday about the Biden family's foreign business dealings, producing bank records purporting to show that Hunter Biden and his business associates received millions in payments from Russian and Kazakhstani oligarchs when his father was vice president.  The 19-page memo, which provides screenshots of redacted bank records, says millions in payments came from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, as well as Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina and Kazakhstani oligarch Kenes Rakishev, and that then-Vice President Biden attended dinners with Baturina, Rakishev and a representative from Burisma.  "Then-Vice President Biden met — in person, for significant periods of time — with those individuals or their representatives," the memo states.  "Then-Vice President Biden joined approximately 20 phone calls on speakerphone with Hunter Biden's foreign business associates and attended dinners with foreign oligarchs who paid huge sums of money to Hunter Biden.  Joe Biden, 'the brand,' was the only product the Bidens sold."

Does Ukraine Have Kompromat on Joe Biden?  Throughout the Trump presidency, the mainstream media constantly suggested that Russia had so-called "kompromat" on the president — embarrassing materials used as a weapon of influence through blackmail. [...] All the kompromat talk swiftly ended the moment Joe Biden became president because surely no foreign government could have any dirt on him.  This left no one to ask the obvious question:  Could Ukrainian officials have kompromat on Joe, given all the allegations of his corruption in Ukraine?  It's a much more reasonable question about Joe Biden than it ever was when posed as a certainty about Trump.  After all, Hunter Biden was paid many millions of dollars by the shady Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, despite having no qualifications for the job that anyone could point to beyond being the son of the Vice President at the time — which proved fortunate when his father fired the general prosecutor of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, who had begun an investigation into the Burisma-Hunter gravy train.  And yet, in obvious contrast with their obsession with Russia's kompromat on Trump, the mainstream media has lined up to dismiss the corruption allegations against Biden as a nothingburger.

House Oversight Republicans tracked $20M in foreign sources to Biden Inc.  As always, the first step in any political scandal is — follow the money.  The House Oversight Committee under Republican chair James Comer has spent several months doing just that with the Biden family's archipelago of limited-liability corporations (LLCs) and strangely generous oligarchs in eastern Europe and Central Asia — and they have struck gold, almost literally.  According to Fox News, the committee has tracked $20 million in payments to Biden Inc, and have at least correlated those transactions to curiously coincidental actions of family members — including "squeaky clean" Joe himself:  Comer also released the new report this morning, detailing the transactions.

Joe Was Using Hunter, Not The Other Way Around.  Megyn Kelly is joined by Miranda Devine, New York Post columnist, to discuss the carefully cultivated image of Joe Biden as a family man, questions about his lack of empathy, and whether Joe Biden actually exploited and used Hunter Biden as a bagman.  "All along I thought it was corrupt, hot mess Hunter exploiting the dad's name and kind of bringing Joe in on a deal here or there to pay some bills, that this was a Hunter operation.  It's just now dawning on me that no, this was a Joe Biden operation using Hunter, it's the other way around," Megyn Kelly said.  [Video clip]

Foreign oligarchs moved millions to Biden-tied firms before meeting Joe Biden, investigators say.  Firms tied to the Biden family collected more than $20 million from foreign sources, including big payments from controversial oligarchs who afterwards had private dinners with Joe Biden as vice president, congressional investigators disclosed Wednesday.  In its third memo analyzing bank records, the GOP-led House Oversight and Accountability Committee reported it had found a clear pattern of the Biden family and its partners doing business with Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Chinese and Romanian figures who had legal and other troubles and then collecting money around the times of gaining access to Joe Biden.  The pattern, the congressional investigators noted, corroborates recent testimony from former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer that the presidential son solicited business from foreigners who were seeking influence, access or protection from a family "brand" that included Joe Biden.

Biden interview from the Grand Canyon:  He's already declared a national emergency for climate change.  Who knew?  I sure don't remember Joe Biden declaring a national emergency over climate change.  It seems like I would have remembered that if it was true.  This is Joe Biden we're talking about here so take everything with a big ole grain of salt.  Guess where the habitual liar-in-chief gave his first sit-down interview in over a month?  He sat down with a longtime reporter for The Weather Channel.  Yep, The Weather Channel.  He is rightfully being mocked for that decision.  To be fair, he surely didn't make the decision, his staff did.  We all know Biden doesn't actually run the country.  Those around him do that.  Joe Biden holds on to the climate issue for dear life — his political life.  Conservatives and other rational people are angry over the heavy-handed push to increase regulations and restrictions on regular Americans in the name of saving the planet while all it really is is a power grab by leftists.  Far left environmental whackos are angry that Biden's overreach isn't happening faster.  So, Biden has latched on to the alleged climate crisis as a top issue in his public remarks and speeches.

$20M and Counting:  Tally on Foreign Money to Biden Family Rises With Release of New Bank Records.  The tally of foreign money to the Biden family has hit at least $20 million, based on the third round of bank records the House Oversight and Accountability Committee released Wednesday — pointing to millions from oligarchs from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.  Foreign sources sent the money to Biden family members and business associates while Joe Biden was vice president during the Barack Obama administration.  In February 2014, Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina transferred $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, a shell company owned by Hunter Biden and his partner Devon Archer.  About $1 million was transferred to Archer, and the remainder was used to initially fund a new company account, Rosemont Seneca Bohai.  In July, Archer testified to the House committee that while Biden was vice president, he showed up for a dinner with Hunter Biden's business associates that included Baturina.

Court Records Show Hunter Biden Received Millions From China, CCP Affiliates.  Court records from Hunter Biden's imperiled plea deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ) divulge details on more than $2.6 million the first son received from China and affiliates of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Earlier, the DOJ announced a plea agreement with Mr. Biden, President Joe Biden's son, whereby he would plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax crimes and would have a felony gun charge diverted.  During a July 26 hearing on his plea deal with the DOJ, Mr. Hunter Biden admitted to having received money from the Chinese energy firm CEFC.  In exhibit 1 of his plea agreement, prosecutors went more in-depth on transactions between the first son, Chinese companies, and CCP affiliates.  Income received from such sources is listed as at least $2.6 million in all, however the total is likely substantially higher due to the combined way some of his income was listed in the document.

White House cocaine may have come from 'someone in the Biden family orbit' and Joe Knows who it is, shock report claims.  President Joe Biden knows who brought cocaine onto the White House premises last month, and the culprit is 'within the Biden family orbit', according to a report.  Hunter Biden, who has been open about his cocaine addiction, was not involved, the source told Soldier of Fortune website.  The drug was found on July 2 in a cubby in the West Wing, where visitors leave their personal items prior to entering the main building.

The National Scandal That Is Too Big to Break.  Conservatives looking to expose the full extent of the Biden family's corruption have a problem:  the scandal might be too big to break.  Typically, there are three main entities involved in taking down a politician over a corruption scandal.  First, there is the media, which broadcasts the details of the scandal, eroding public support.  Second, there is law enforcement, which investigates and, if necessary, presses criminal charges.  Third, there is the party establishment, which ultimately abandons the politician as a matter of self-preservation, signaling that it's "game over."  But what happens when a scandal is so big that the people responsible for breaking it are implicated in it as well?  That is the situation which now faces the mainstream media, the federal intelligence bureaucracy, and the Democrat Party.

The Hunter Biden saga illuminates the Biden family's rapacious corruption.  [Thread reader] ... and even worse, the corruption of federal agencies to protect them.  Also, it's further evidence that we must shatter the elite bubble and force them to live in the America they made for the rest of us.  Of COURSE the corruption angle is huge, arguably the story of the century in American politics.  Socialists claim they can create an all-knowing mega-government run by honest, selfless geniuses - but what they always deliver is a corrupt sewer state run by greedy mediocrities.  There are no big, honest governments, and every one of the many, many embarrassing tales of mega-corruption must be spotlighted to keep proving it, over and over again.  The most important goal of civic reform today is shattering the pernicious illusion of Honest Big Government.  Hunter Biden is an absolutely perfect example of what socialism actually delivers: a privileged elite of boundless greed and degenerate morality, milking cash out of the trillion-dollar state by peddling influence and selling protection, insulated from all legal consequences.

Biden's crime family is all of DC.  Joe Biden himself bragged five years ago about withholding aid to get the prosecutor fired.  Here's the video.  Republicans did nothing about Biden admitting to doing what RINOs and other Democrats falsely accused Trump of doing.  Nothing has come out of Biden storing classified secrets in his garage.  There is no way Joe will be impeached or Hunter will do any jail time because if they go down, all of Washington will go with them.  Washington protects its own because they fear if one goes to jail, he will bring them all down.  Hillary said she would bring DC down with her.  Guess what?  She never was indicted even though she forwarded state secrets via email to foreign donors to her fake charity when she was secretary of state.

The Machinery of Government is Coated with Gunk.  The juxtaposition of the Department of Justice's handling of Hunter Biden with its outrageous treatment of Donald J. Trump justifies Scott Adams's view:  "We can now see all of the machinery of government, from influence peddling to fake news to intel-supported hoaxes to political persecutions."  Diving even deeper, as have Jonathan Turley, James Freeman, Dan Bongino, and David Samuels, it's beginning to look as if Barack Obama knew of Hunter's corruption and the danger it posed to national security and did nothing about it.  In exchange, he's serving a third term as president behind the scrim while the demented present officeholder serves as a front.  Giving Hunter a pass does more than underscore the Administration's double standard, it explains why the Democrats worked so tirelessly to weaken 2020 election procedures to advance to the highest office a man demonstrably unfit to carry out its duties:  They had him on a short rope — he either ceded the powers of office to Obama or Hunter's illicit dealings would land both Hunter and him in jail.

Silk Road Paved with Cash:  Court records confirm millions flowed to Biden family from China.  In the end, there really was a silk road of money that flowed from China to the Biden family's coffers, despite Joe Biden's insistence to the contrary.  The U.S. Attorney's office in Delaware — which charged Hunter Biden with tax and gun crimes last month — released to a federal court last week a now-scuttled plea deal that affirmed the presidential son got millions himself from Chinese sources in 2017-18 alone.  That included money from a Chinese energy firm as well as legal payments from a Chinese executive convicted of bribery.  The records confirm reporting from investigative author Peter Schweizer's book "Red Handed," Just the News stories and investigations by Congress that date to 2020 when Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, revealed bank transfers from Beijing to Biden accounts.

Jim Jordan Accuses FBI's Pointman on Government-Directed Censorship, Elvis Chan, of Perjuring Himself Before Congress Regarding the Hunter Biden Laptop.  Apparently a single FBI agent, when asked by the social media companies the FBI was demanding censor the story, confirmed that they knew the Hunter Biden laptop was real.  However, after that, the FBI executed a walkback, insisting they had no comment on whether the laptop was real or not, and were even unsure about it.  Elvis Chan lied when he told Congress he did not speak to the social media companies after that initial, unguarded admission by an unknown FBI agent that the laptop was real.  But he did, and the suspicion is that he doesn't want to admit that conversation because he might well have lied to the social media companies and told them the laptop was fake.

The Cover-up of Cocainegate Continues.  It's been over a month since a small bag of cocaine was found inside the White House.  No one has been arrested, and we've been led to believe that it is impossible for the Secret Service and the FBI to determine who brought the illegal substance into the most secure building in the world.  Not only are we supposed to believe that no cameras captured who brought the cocaine in, but we're supposed to believe the plastic bag it was in had no fingerprints on it. [...] The outcome of the investigation was predictable.  Not only have the White House and Secret Service been deliberately keeping expectations extremely low, but the narrative surrounding the location of the cocaine also underwent several changes.  It was glaringly evident that a cover-up was underway.

James Comer to Release More Biden Family Bank Records This Week.  More Biden family bank records will be released this week, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) announced.  Comer predicted in June that newly subpoenaed Biden bank records would show the family accepted up to $30 million from its foreign business dealings.  "This week, I plan to release more Biden family bank records," Comer posted Monday on Twitter.  "Unlike Democrats, bank records don't lie."

There is no lid.  We all know what he's been up to.
This Hunter Biden business partner could blow the lid off Biden family's business dealings.  Following Devon Archer's bombshell congressional interview last week alleging President Biden's deep involvement with Hunter Biden's business dealings, a new light is being cast on his son's longtime business partner who stands to know even more.  Eric Schwerin visited the Obama White House and then-Vice President Biden's residence at least 36 times between 2009 and 2016, likely to make him the next target of the House Oversight Committee's investigation into the Biden family's business dealings.  Schwerin was the founding partner and managing director of Hunter's now-dissolved firm Rosemont Seneca Partners when he was appointed by then-President Obama to the Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, an independent U.S. government agency, in early 2015.

One 45-Minute Stretch of Joe Biden's Tuesday Schedule Raises Eyebrows - and Questions.  With President Joe Biden's light summer schedule where he's taken umpteen vacations including several weekend trips to Camp David with his embattled son, Hunter Biden, and at least three to Rehoboth Beach, the obvious question many of his critics have been asking is:  Does this guy ever work?  Unfortunately for Biden, those questions will only get louder once word gets out about what's on his calendar for Tuesday, which is not only light but also includes a 45-minute lookout of the Grand Canyon:  [Tweet]

The Editor says...
It does seem a bit odd to spend 45 minutes looking at the Grand Canyon, at 4:35 p.m. on a hot August day, when the man should be in a nursing home.

Is This Proof That Joe Biden Ordered the Indictment of Trump?  According to the narrative that the White House is pushing, Special Counsel Jack Smith is carrying out his repeated indictments of former President Donald Trump "independently" without any influence, pressure, or coordination from the White House.  To help maintain the illusion of independence, Joe Biden has recently declined to respond to questions about it when asked.  But Biden's past comments on this issue make it quite clear that Special Counsel Smith is actually doing exactly what Biden ordered. [...] Donald Trump was indicted earlier this month on charges relating to his actions after the 2020 election leading up to Jan. 6, 2021.  The charges include conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.  Experts have panned the indictment for being incredibly weak.  It may have taken a year, but the indictment finally came down a week ago.  But it's quite clear from the New York Times article that Biden was encouraging his attorney general to use the power of the government to stop Trump from returning to office.

House chairman accuses FBI of lying about social media contacts involving Hunter Biden laptop.  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan released new evidence Monday that he said shows the FBI lied about meeting with Big Tech companies before the 2020 election to discuss Hunter Biden's laptop, a story that social media companies were censoring at the time.  The "FBI LIED ABOUT MEETING WITH BIG TECH REGARDING NY POST'S HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY," Jordan wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.  Jordan published documents showing the FBI's comments on the Hunter Biden story when it first broke and how FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan testified about his meetings with Facebook representatives.  Chan and Foreign Influence Task Force Section Chief Laura Dehmlow met with Facebook on Oct. 14, 2020, the day the New York Post published its story on the Hunter Biden laptop.  Dehmlow met with both Twitter and Facebook that day.

New Questions Raised About Joe Biden's 2022 Remarks Regarding the Prosecution of Donald Trump.  Joe Biden has said in the past that he isn't interfering with or involved in the prosecutorial efforts against his campaign opponent, former President Donald Trump.  In June 2022 Biden said, "I never once, not one single time," suggested to the Justice Department anything about bringing charges.  "I'm honest," he said, pounding the podium.  He sounded a lot like Bill Clinton in his infamous Monica Lewinsky speech, and we know how honest that was.  It also sounded a lot like the fervor of Biden's repeated remarks denying that he had ever spoken to his son about his business, which we know is not the case.  But now some are calling out that statement from Biden and raising questions about what Biden allegedly said about prosecuting Trump in a couple of old New York Times stories.

More evidence of Joe Biden's probable role in Hunter's business dealings.  When it comes to Joe Biden's knowledge of and possible complicity in Hunter Biden's dealings with foreign businesses and businesses connected to foreign governments during his father's vice presidency, the big questions are "Did Joe Biden know what was going on, did he participate in what was going on, did he profit from what was going on, and did he alter American foreign policy based upon that profit?"  The contents of Hunter Biden's laptop indicated that the answer to each question is yes.  There's also emerging evidence that proves that the answer to each question is yes.  It now turns out that one of Hunter's business associates had dozens of trips to the White House and Joe Biden's office and residence during the Obama presidency.  This time, the associate isn't Devon Archer or Tony Bobulinski, neither of whom claims to have met with Joe Biden very often.  Instead, it's Eric Schwerin, who, along with Hunter Biden, founded the now defunct Rosemont Seneca Partners and also served as its managing partner.

Devon Archer's Wife Falsely Claimed She Had No Involvement in BHR Partners.  Devon Archer's wife, Krista Archer, falsely claimed she had no involvement in her husband's business activities, despite evidence to the contrary.  Krista Archer holds a ten percent stake in a Chinese state-backed investment fund, BHR Partners, according to legal documents unearthed by nonprofit Marco Polo and exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.  "I have no idea what he did in his business," Krista Archer told the Daily Mail in July.  "I'm a doctor, I go to work and mind my own business."  "I swear I don't.  I stay out of it," she claimed.

Remember that Biden Dinner That Joe Biden Never Attended?  Well, he did.  "The Bidens are the best at doing exactly what Chairman wants."  That WhatsApp message to a Chinese business associate was the perfect epitaph for the entire Biden corruption scandal.  Part of the brilliance of the Biden influence peddling operation was to invest the media in the denial of any scandal.  That is no more evident than the much discussed 2015 dinner of President Joe Biden with his son's foreign associates.  The alleged dinner demolished Joe Biden's long denials of any knowledge of his son's dealings.  Accordingly, the Biden campaign denied he ever attended and the media happily dismissed the account.  Well, the dinner meeting reportedly occurred, he attended, and, as usual, most of the media has not fully informed their readers or viewers.  Indeed, even though Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates was central to this denial, most of the media cannot be bothered with such trivialities.  In 2020, the New York Post reported that Hunter introduced then-Vice President Biden to a top executive at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, which was giving him more than $50,000 per month.  The Biden team and its media allies went into full crisis mode.  Andrew Bates, who was still with the communication team of Biden's 2020 campaign, assured the public that it was false.

Bartiromo: The DOJ Is Waiting for More Evidence of Things to Come Out on Joe Biden — Then They Will Give Georgia the Go Ahead to Release Another Indictment.  Maria Bartiromo went on FOX and Friends Weekend to discuss her upcoming show this morning.  Bartiromo announced her guests and then made a prediction on upcoming indictments against President Trump.  Maria Bartiromo:  I will also tell you that all of the lawmakers I spoke with over the weekend, and many of them are on board they want an impeachment inquiry started.  They believe that a Georgia indictment is coming in two weeks.  So I assume the DOJ is waiting for more evidence of things to come out on Joe Biden and the Biden Family taking money in and then they will give Georgia the go ahead to release another indictment on President Trump.

The changing story on Biden family business dealings.  Devon Archer, a former friend and business partner to Hunter Biden, testified Monday as part of the House Oversight Committee's investigation into the Biden family business dealings and alleged foreign corruption.  Archer made several key claims, including that Hunter was brought on to the board of Ukranian energy company Burisma because of his familial connections and that Hunter put then-Vice President Joe Biden on the phone his business associates at least twenty times to demonstrate his access to US government power.  Archer's testimony complicates the insistence from President Joe Biden, the White House and their friends in the media that President Biden was oblivious to his son's business dealings taking place abroad in places like Ukraine and China.  "I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses.  Period," said Biden in 2019.

America and the Common Characteristics of Authoritarian Regimes.  [#11] Rubber Stamp Leader:  Voltaire famously said about the former state of Prussia that "while most states have an army, the Prussian Army has a state."  In current times it is the deep state that controls the 'leader' who is either mentally unfit or willingly servile or both.  During his final years, Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev suffered from dementia, resulting in his mumbling speech and bad memory.  The strings were pulled by the regime.

Trump Was Right Again And Again About The Biden Family's Foreign Business Dealings.  Former President Donald Trump's assertions during the 2020 presidential campaign about the Biden family's foreign business dealings have proven to be accurate.  Trump routinely criticized then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden about his son's dealings with Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese associates when he was on the campaign trail, most notably at the presidential debates leading up to the November 2020 election.

The Essential Impeachment.  Our elected representatives in D.C. are faced with just such a circumstance.  To impeach Joe Biden or not to impeach Joe Biden. [...] The essence of these arguments is that impeachment/no impeachment offers no good option.  I submit that this is a form of the Fallacy of the Excluded Middle.  The basic case in favor of impeachment is simply that he should be impeached because the President has been shown beyond any reasonable doubt to have been a central conspirator in a bribery scheme between government actors.  At this point, the lawyers should sit down, and politicians ought to stand up.  Bribery is listed in the Constitution as a cause for impeachment, so there can be no argument that this satisfies the first criterion.  But now Democrats will object that there must be evidence of present bribery because Joe wasn't President when he got paid, and there's no evidence that he's getting paid right now.  But they leave out a key element of bribery.  The person being bribed promises some action in favor of the person bribing.  These actions offer occur after the bribe is paid.  In the interregnum known as 45, Joe got lots of payola in anticipation of being able to do favors from the White House later.  Since those favors are arguably continuing, the bribery continues.

Tucker With Devon Archer, Part 2, Lays out Real Story About Ukrainian Prosecutor, Blows up Dem Spin.  It's rather curious that Devon Archer, Hunter Biden's business partner, chose to do an in-depth interview with Tucker Carlson — someone the Biden world no doubt would view as an enemy.  If you're trying to assess where his head is at on this whole matter and wondering if he's being fully forthcoming, that would seem to be:  "You can't shut me up, and this is how much." [...] That must be the 5,008th time that Joe Biden's claim he "never spoke to his son about his business" gets blown up.  In the second part, Archer laid out some of his background with Yale, where he played lacrosse, various banking institutions, and fundraising as a "baby bundler" before the 2004 election.  He thought that was going to lead him to a White House job.  When the Democrats lost, that's when he started Rosemont Capital with a focus on real estate, which he described as pretty successful, having $3 billion under its management.  It's fascinating, and Tucker let him talk, as Archer laid out how this all evolved.  [Tweet with video clip]

A Country Descending into Madness.  [Scroll down]  Fake President Biden, on the other hand, has engaged in every crime, indecency, and reckless behavior that the Deep State swore Trump would commit.  Biden uses unconstitutional executive orders as only a dictator would.  He steadily marches America toward nuclear war with Russia.  He has been caught red-handed trading political favors for bribes from both foreign allies and adversaries.  He censors Americans' speech, punishes them for their beliefs, accuses half the country of being "domestic enemies," and seizes the firearms of law-abiding citizens.  He destroys the value of Americans' savings through "green" energy-induced inflation.  He floods American towns with illegal aliens leaving organized crime, exotic diseases, and overdose deaths in their wake.  He celebrates Antifa domestic terrorists who burn down small businesses, churches, and pregnancy clinics while threatening Americans who get in their way.  And unlike President Trump — who regretfully showed restraint by not pursuing charges against Clinton, Obama, Comey, Brennan, and so many other Russia Hoax conspirators — the O'Biden White House has worked nonstop to incarcerate Trump and every other perceived political enemy.

YouTube and Facebook Censored Viktor Shokin Video Responding to Joe Biden's Lies and Details of His Dismissal.  On Friday morning [8/4/2023], The Gateway Pundit published an explosive explosive video of Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor who was removed from office under pressure from then-U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.  In the detailed and extensive interview, Shokin responded to allegations from the Biden regime, laying out his side of the story regarding the investigations into Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that once employed Hunter.  Shokin's video addressed a variety of points, from accusations that the investigation into Burisma was dormant to allegations of his corruption and his eventual removal as prosecutor.  In a lengthy, detailed response, Shokin refuted the notion that his investigations were "dormant" and explained how they were active, even leading to seizures of assets from Burisma's owner, Mykola Zlochevsky.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor Joe Biden Had Fired Is Speaking Out.  Former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin is speaking out and revealing his side of the story after then Vice President Joe Biden demanded he be fired back in 2016.  [Tweet with video clip]  At the time of his firing, Shokin was investigating corruption at Ukrainian gas company Burisma — the same company that was paying Hunter Biden $80,000 per month to sit on the board.  [Video clip]  During closed door testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee earlier this week, Hunter Biden's former business partner — Devon Archer — said he believed Burisma would have gone under if not for the Biden "brand" — including Joe Biden — being attached to the company.  "My only thought is that I think Burisma would have gone out of business if it didn't have the brand attached to it," Archer said.

Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Responds to Biden's Corruption Accusations.  An old video of Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor who was removed from office under pressure from then-U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, is making the rounds online again following the [scathing] testimony of Devon Archer.  This video was removed on Youtube.  In a detailed and extensive interview, Shokin has responded to allegations from the Biden regime, laying out his side of the story regarding the investigations into Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that once employed Hunter.  It is unclear when this video was recorded or published but includes his reaction to Biden's accusations.  At the time of Hunter Biden's appointment, Viktor Shokin was Ukraine's Prosecutor General, and there were investigations into Burisma's owner.

Watching the crooks.  I confess to a weakness from which we all may suffer to one degree or another in these darkest days of our nation since the War Between the States.  It is the surreal attraction we feel — some may call it close to an obsession — at having to know every single criminal act of the ever-burgeoning class of traitorous vermin we learn about every day.  Those of us on the right are drawn in as a moth to a flame by the sheer overwhelming putrescence of the criminal class we see before us.  As I write this, in our peaceful community brushed by the Gulf Breezes from whence came its name, it is even hard for me — a very elderly [...], very jaded trial lawyer with much actual experience in dealing with people of the rotten class, to believe that our Founding Fathers risked "our Lives, our Fortunes, our sacred Honor" so that their gift to all of us could be handed over to pond scum like Joe Biden.

Devon Archer:  Bidens 'Intimidated' People Not to Legally Mess with Them.  The Biden brand "intimidated" people to not legally mess with the Biden family, Devon Archer told Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) during his transcribed congressional interview.  Archer, who testified that Hunter Biden included then-Vice President Joe Biden on speakerphone more than 20 times with business associates to sell "the brand," also told Goldman the Bidens intimidated people into not legally probing the family's business activities.

Text messages given to FBI: Chinese wanted Biden family name to help acquire U.S. energy assets.  Text messages provided to the FBI show that a Chinese energy conglomerate that struck a controversial deal in 2017 with Hunter Biden began its pursuit of a relationship with the future first family back in late 2015 when Joe Biden was still vice president, hoping to seize on the name of one of America's most famous political dynasties to provide cover for its ambitious plan to buy up energy assets inside the United States.  "There will be a deal between one of the most prominent families from US and them (China) constructed by me," Hunter Biden's business partner James Gilliar texted future partner Tony Bobulinski on Christmas Eve 2015, shortly after Hunter Biden had been alerted to CEFC China Energy's overture and its wealthy leader Ye Jianming.  "I think this will then be a great addition to their portfolios as it will give them a profile base in NYC, then LA, etc," Gilliar added in the text message obtained by Just the News.

Outrageous: Devon Archer was Given Full Immunity from the DOJ.  The reason Devon Archer looks so relaxed during his interview with Congress is because he was given total immunity by the DOJ involving his actions with the Biden gang.  This is simply outrageous.  Last week we uncovered that Hunter Biden was given a sweetheart deal by his father's corrupt DOJ that would give him total immunity forever regarding his many crimes while his father was Obama's VP.  It was a wink-wink deal between the DOJ and Hunter Biden.

Hunter got a Porsche after bringing Joe to dinner with a Kazakh oligarch.  Hunter Biden's ex-business partner Devon Archer told Congress that Joe Biden's 'intimidating' influence directly led to his son receiving huge sums of foreign money - and a $142,300 Porsche.  According to the full transcript of his testimony obtained by on Thursday, Archer said that the Biden 'brand' acted as protection for Ukrainian oil company Burisma because 'people would be intimidated to mess with them.'  Hunter's presence on Burisma's board and access to his father — then vice president — led to the company's 'longevity' because they had the 'capabilities to navigate D.C.,' Archer said according to the transcript.

Washington Post Gives Joe Biden 'Four Pinocchios' for Saying Hunter Never Made Money in China.  The Washington Post's fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, gave President Joe Biden four Pinocchios for lying about his son Hunter Biden not making money in China.  Kessler documented two instances where Biden denied his son had made money in China.  In an October 22, 2020 presidential debate, Biden told moderator Kristen Welker: "My son has not made money in terms of this thing about, what are you talking about, China.  I have not had ... the only guy who made money from China is this guy [Donald Trump].  He's the only one.  Nobody else has made money from China."

Hunter Biden laid out 'price of power' in texts with Devon Archer: 'you are a Biden'.  First son Hunter Biden sent a series of texts to his now-former friend and business partner in 2019 defending his family's name when pressed about them not stepping in when the Obama-Biden administration's DOJ arrested him, insisting the friend was "a Biden" also and saying his legal troubles were the "price of power."  Text messages reviewed by Fox News Digital show an awkward March 6, 2019 conversation between Biden and Devon Archer a little over a month before hid dad announced he was running for president in April 2019.  "Why did your dad's administration appointees arrest me and try to put me in jail?" Archer asked Biden.  "Just curious.  Some of our partners asking out here."

Two Sets of Laws for Two Americas.  Two sets of laws now operate in an increasingly unrecognizable America.  Consider the matter of unlawfully removing and storing classified papers.  Donald Trump may go to prison for removing contested White House files to his home.  So far Joe Biden seems exempt from just such legal jeopardy.  But as a senator and Vice President with no right, as does a president, to declassify files, Biden removed and, as a private citizen kept for years classified files in unsecure locations.  Biden's team strangely revealed the unlawful removals after years of silence.  It did so because the Biden administration found itself in the untenable position of prosecuting the former president for "crimes" that the current president committed as well — albeit far earlier and longer.

Joe Biden's deep involvement in Hunter's biz with Chinese, Russians and Ukrainians revealed.  First son Hunter Biden's former business partner Devon Archer told lawmakers this week that Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings brought the political scion onto its board so that "people would be intimidated to mess with them ... legally."  Archer also revealed that then-Vice President Joe Biden met twice with his son's shady post-Soviet business partners at DC's Café Milano, not once as previously reported, according to the transcript of a four-hour deposition released Thursday by the House Oversight Committee.  These and other revelations blow new holes in President Biden's claim that he never discussed business with his now-53-year-old son — as House Republicans move closer to launching an impeachment inquiry.

The DOJ is Hunter Biden's Defense Team.  The Hunter Biden plea deal was part of a package in which the DOJ and the FBI stonewalled Congress and are trying to send Devon Archer, Hunter's closest pal, to prison ahead of his congressional testimony in which he was scheduled to accuse Joe Biden of taking part in conversations with Hunter's business partners while serving as vice president.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer called this "obstruction of justice" and denounced "the lengths to which the Biden legal team has gone to try to intimidate our witnesses, to coordinate with the DOJ and certainly to coordinate with the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee to encourage people not to cooperate with our investigation."  United States v. Biden is a farce because they're one and the same.  The United States of America is currently run by Biden's dad.  The relationship isn't antagonistic.  Beyond ideological allegiances, a whole echelon of Justice Department personnel have bet their careers on the ascension of Democrat political candidates who then appoint transition team members whose pals are their former bosses.

Devon Archer Exposes Exactly What Hunter was Selling — Joe Biden.  Devon Archer's testimony shows that Joe Biden lied to the American people time and again.  He lied that he knew nothing about his son Hunter Biden's international influence peddling scheme.  He lied that he never spoke to Hunter about his overseas deals.  What has leaked so far about Archer's closed-door testimony is that Hunter, once his best friend and business partner, put then-Vice President Joe Biden on the speakerphone more than 20 times during meetings, and invited him to dinners with his overseas business associates.  Joe was there to add value, said Archer, to "the brand" of corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma — which paid Hunter $83,000 a month while his father was VP, after which it cut his salary in half.

Defenders Of Joe Biden's Corrupt Phone Calls Sound Ridiculous.  It's a little-known fact that the Bidens are keen amateur meteorologists.  So much so that Hunter Biden will often call his dad out of the blue — sometimes even interrupting important business meetings in Dubai with execs of Eastern Europe energy interests — just to chit-chat about the weather.  You know how it goes.  Joe's love of the all-things climate, in fact, had him regularly engaging in "casual conversation" about the "niceties about the weather," congressman Daniel Goldman explained after Hunter's business partner Devon Archer reportedly testified under oath that the patriarch of the family had talked to Biden Inc. clientele at least 20 times.

Tucker Carlson Interviews Devon Archer about Hunter and Joe Biden Selling Influence to Foreign Businesses.  Tucker Carlson sad down with Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer following Mr. Archer's testimony to a House Oversight Committee.  The first part of that interview was broadcast by Tucker Carlson via Twitter.  Within this part of the interview Tucker Carlson asks Devon Archer about the overall business model Archer and Biden formed in Burisma and what was the specific set of skills that Hunter brought to the enterprise.  As noted by Mr. Archer, the relationship and purpose of Hunter Biden was entirely about access to government systems that could benefit the businesses who hired their firm.  They were selling influence as a business model and Joe Biden was part of the process.

Devon Archer Reveals the 'Niceties' of Influence-Peddling.  "There were niceties."  That description by Rep. Dan Goldman (D-N.Y.) of calls between President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and Hunter's foreign business associates may, strangely, be the most accurate thing the freshman congressman has ever said.  The almost-two-dozen calls — detailed by Hunter Biden's close friend and former business partner, Devon Archer, during a closed-door interview Monday with House Oversight Committee investigators — were indeed "the niceties" of influence-peddling.  The calls presumably were intended to show that Hunter Biden could deliver his father and to support what Archer called "the brand."  Hunter had no relevant experience or appreciable business skills, but he had the vice president of the United States on speed-dial.  The selection of Goldman as the only committee Democrat in the interview was ironic.  Goldman was a Democratic staff attorney when the House impeached Donald Trump in 2019 largely on the basis of a single telephone call to the president of Ukraine.  Now, however, Goldman is calling for an immediate cessation of any further investigation, in an almost comical display of denial and deflection.

The State Farm Late Night Ballot Stuffing Video Was NOT Debunked.  Once again, President Trump was indicted on Tuesday — the DAY AFTER Hunter Biden's best friend and business associate Devon Archer testified that the Joe Biden was included on 20 calls when his son was sitting with foreign officials arranging influence peddling deals for the family.  Archer also testified that Joe Biden met with Russia's Yelena Baturina who invested $40 million into Hunter Biden's real estate ventures.  And she also paid Hunter Biden $3.5 million in consulting fees.  Joe Biden later excluded Baturina from his Russian sanctions list.  So what happened next?  President Trump was indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith.  For those paying attention, this is not the first time this has happened.  There have been at least six times now where new evidence was released implicating the Biden Crime Family and then President Trump is indicted by the Biden regime the very next day.

Biden's DOJ Charging Trump Immediately After Joe Biden Is Caught in Nefarious, Criminal Acts.  Once again, President Trump was indicted on Tuesday — the DAY AFTER Hunter Biden's best friend and business associate Devon Archer testified that the Joe Biden was included on 20 calls when his son was sitting with foreign officials arranging influence peddling deals for the family.  Archer also testified that Joe Biden met with Russia's Yelena Baturina who invested $40 million into Hunter Biden's real estate ventures.  And she also paid Hunter Biden $3.5 million in consulting fees.  Joe Biden later excluded Baturina from his Russian sanctions list.  So what happened next?  President Trump was indicted again today by corrupt Special Counsel Jack Smith.

On the Impeachment of Joseph R. Biden.  [Scroll down]  Fiduciary law holds that when a President is accused of self-dealing to serve himself and not the American people, such a President must attempt to prove himself innocent by making full disclosure of all the relevant facts to the Congress.  In an impeachment inquiry, there is no presumption of innocence to protect the defendant.  Impeachment is not a criminal proceeding.  A president under impeachment has no due process privileges such as the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.  Quite the contrary, where self-dealing is alleged, the accused has the obligation to come forward with evidence proving innocence.  If he or she cannot do so, they deserve impeachment and removal from office.  (This rule of law as to proving one's innocence when accused of self-dealing applies to all private trustees as well.)

Are More Hunter Biden Associates About to Blab?  On Monday, Hunter Biden's longtime business partner and former friend Devon Archer testified before the House Oversight Committee in a closed-door session and reportedly revealed that Joe Biden participated in more than twenty phone calls with Hunter and his business associates and that "the Bidens were in the actual business of influence peddling."  Archer's bombshell testimony proved that Joe Biden repeatedly lied when he claimed over the years he never spoke with his son about his business.  In addition to revealing that Joe Biden was repeatedly participating in phone calls with Hunter Biden's business partners, Archer also revealed that in 2015 Hunter Biden and top executives of Burisma Holdings "called D.C." to get the Obama administration to pressure the Ukrainian president to fire Inspector General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma at the time.

Hunter Biden told Devon Archer to buy a Burner Phone three days before meeting with then-VP Joe at the White House.  Hunter Biden told his 'best friend' Devon Archer to get a burner phone, three days before Archer met with then-VP Joe Biden at the White House, shocking emails show.  'Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS tmrw and ill do the same,' Hunter wrote in the explosive April 13, 2014 message.  Days later Archer would meet with Joe in the West Wing, White House records show, and he and Hunter would announce their board seats at allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma later that month.

Devon Archer:  Joe Biden was deeply involved.  As promised, Hunter Biden's former business partner at Rosemont Seneca, Devon Archer, showed up to offer closed-door testimony to the House Oversight Committee and he had plenty to say.  According to James Comer, Archer identified President Joe Biden as "the brand" back when he was Vice President, and Hunter Biden sold "the brand" around the world.  He told the committee about at least twenty business meetings he and Hunter held with foreign entities where The Big Guy was either on the phone or there in person.  He also testified about various "favors" that these clients wanted and received from Joe Biden in exchange for paying off Hunter and company.  And the list of "clients" continues to grow.

The new Democrat line:  Hunter was selling an "illusion" of access.  A week or two ago I wrote about the "limited hangout" strategy of dealing with a crisis.  It is a strategy used by intelligence agencies that have been caught doing something illegal and/or embarrassing, made famous during the Watergate scandal.  Basically, you make a small admission to hide a much larger scandal — make it seem like you are coming clean while still hiding the bigger scandal.  That is the new Democrat strategy dealing with the Hunter Biden influence-peddling scandal.  It is no longer possible to maintain that Joe Biden never spoke to Hunter about his business dealings nor that he did nothing to further them.  The evidence is too voluminous, to the point of being irrefutable.  So the Democrats don't even try anymore.  [Tweet]

Secret Service Refuses to Reveal White House Cocaine Information after FOIA Request.  The U.S. Secret Service has responded to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by refusing to hand over details of its investigation into the cocaine found in the White House.  The FOIA request, for a list of people possibly involved in the White House cocaine incident, was filed by the Heritage Foundation.  The Secret Service rejected the request by claiming that such records are outside its authority.

Are The DOJ And Hunter Biden Attempting To Commit Fraud In Federal Court?  One sentence — 13 words — out of the thousands spoken last Wednesday over the course of the three hours that federal prosecutors, defense attorneys, Hunter Biden, and Judge Maryellen Noreika discussed the president's son's plea agreement suggests the Department of Justice and Hunter Biden are attempting to commit fraud on a federal court.  On Wednesday, Hunter Biden appeared before a federal court in Delaware prepared to enter a guilty plea on two misdemeanor tax counts.  The hearing, however, did not go as planned when Judge Noreika, rather than rubberstamping the sweetheart deal the Biden administration had entered into with the president's son, quizzed the attorneys and Hunter Biden on the terms of the agreement and their respective understanding of the government's promise not to further prosecute Hunter.

Joe Biden's perfect phone calls.  President Joe Biden spoke multiple times on the telephone to his son's business associates, a former Hunter Biden business partner told a House panel.  This was said to have occurred when the younger Biden was affiliated with a Ukrainian energy company and his father was vice president and an Obama administration point man on Ukraine.  One congressional Democrat who heard the testimony more or less confirmed the particulars but said this was nothing untoward.  The elder Biden didn't talk business, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) assured reporters on Monday [7/31/2023].  Instead, Joe Biden engaged in "casual conversation, niceties, the weather, what's going on" when his son put him on speakerphone for his friends and business partners.  Approximately 20 perfect phone calls.

Devon Archer Testifies Joe Biden Met with Moscow Mayor's Wife in Georgetown.  Karine Jean-Pierre refused to say why Biden didn't sanction Russian billionaire Elena Baturina — nor if Biden met with her at a Georgetown restaurant in 2015 while he was Vice President.  Today Hunter Biden's best friend and business associate, Devon Archer, testified that Joe Biden met with Russia's Yelena Baturina who later invested into $40 million into Hunter Biden's real estate ventures.  And she also paid Hunter Biden $3.5 million in consulting fees.  Yelena Baturina, the billionaire widow of a corrupt Moscow mayor, was left off of Biden's Sanctions list.

Devon Archer Testifies Burisma Holdings Would Have Gone Under Without Joe Biden.  Hunter Biden's best friend in business, Devon Archer, told House investigators that Burisma Holdings would have gone out of business if it were not for the so-called Biden brand, which Joe Biden promoted on phone calls with Burisma executives.  In 2014 Archer and Hunter Biden both joined the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company with legal challenges, as it was under investigation for wrongdoing.  Burisma paid Hunter Biden $83,000 a month to sit on its board.  Archer testified that in December 2015, co-founder of Burisma Mykola Zlochevsky and Vadym Pozharski, an executive of Burisma, put pressure on Hunter Biden to get help from Washington, DC, regarding the Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma for corruption.

Evidence Of Biden Burisma Corruption Is Overwhelming.  A key associate of Hunter Biden reluctantly admitted details about how the Biden family business was run — and those details are shocking.  Devon Archer, a longtime business partner and close friend of Hunter Biden's, told congressional investigators Monday that at a meeting in Dubai on Dec. 4, 2015, top executives of Ukrainian energy concern Burisma asked Hunter Biden and himself for help from D.C.  At the time of the meeting, Hunter Biden's dad, Joe Biden, was serving as Barack Obama's vice president as well as his point person on Ukraine.  Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma, and Vadym Pozharski, a Burisma executive, wanted to get Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired as he was investigating the company for corruption, Archer told members of Congress.

Hunter's Business Partner Contradicts President's Claim of No Business Involvement.  Then-Vice President Joe Biden communicated more than 20 times, either in person or on speakerphone, with Hunter Biden's business associates, Devon Archer told a House committee on Monday.  Archer was the business partner of the son of the current president and testified to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee behind closed doors.  Archer said the then-vice president brought the most value to "the brand," particularly in a deal with Ukranian energy firm Burisma, where Hunter Biden was a board member, according to the committee, which released a series of tweets after the testimony.  [Tweet]

Government Corruption Helps the Bidens and Hurts Trump.  The Hunter Biden saga has revealed a lot about the Deep State and how it protects its allies.  First, 51 intelligence officials came together to suppress the N.Y. Post report on Hunter's laptop on the eve of the 2020 election, suggesting it was some kind of Russian disinformation.  This claim could not be easily reconciled with the hundreds of personal photos and text messages on the laptop.  So, as Plan B, Biden's defenders dismissed concerns over Hunter's laptop as partisan and prurient, the second iteration of the Clinton sex scandals, with the GOP again cast as a bunch of censorious prudes.  In other words, the selective release of salacious material from the laptop was part of the coverup.  While it did reveal Hunter's low character, the shocking photos tended to eclipse the more important evidence that he acted as the bag man for illegal family business in Ukraine and China.  Remember "10% for the Big Guy" and "My Chairman."

Hunter Biden told judge under oath that he was a member of the Connecticut bar in good standing, but he was Suspended two years ago.  Hunter Biden has been caught misleading a judge while under oath about his status as a practicing lawyer.  At his disastrous plea hearing last week, Delaware district judge Maryellen Noreika asked Hunter where he was eligible to practice law.  'You're member of the bar?' she said.  'Yes, your Honor,' he replied.  'District of Columbia and Connecticut, your Honor.'  But Connecticut records show Hunter, 53, was suspended from practicing law in Connecticut more than two years ago.  A Judicial Branch spokeswoman said he is 'currently not in good standing' after failing to pay his $75 annual fees since 2018.

It's Year 5 of the Biden Crime Family Coverup.  Streaming giant Netflix is once again pushing radical transgender identity politics among children with a new series, Survival of the Thickest, where the fashion designer hero of the series helps "trans" high school kids host an "alternate prom."  The series, starring Michelle Buteau as Mavis, pushes drag queens on kids and relentlessly promotes woke, intersectional narratives.  Buteau recently appeared on The View to bash Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his state education policies, Newsbusters reported.

I thought this was widely presumed at least two years ago.
It Looks Like Hunter Biden's Laptop Could Indeed Implicate His Father.  President Joe Biden could indeed be implicated by what was found on Hunter Biden's laptop, sources close to the first son are telling the New York Post. [...] Much of the report is a recap on the sordid details found on Hunter's abandoned laptop.  There's also details about the Burisma business ties, as well as mention of Hunter's former best friend, Devon Archer, who is to testify before the House Oversight Committee, and who is particularly of interest since he would have those files that investigators cannot retrieve.

Biden's Executive Mansion Debauchery.  Joe Biden hasn't exactly lived up to his promise to bring "honor and decency to the White House."  The most recent embarrassment at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was, of course, the cocaine scandal that came to an anti-climactic resolution earlier this month when the Secret Service announced that they were "not able" to "single out a person of interest" due to lack of evidence.  But that explanation only added to the humiliation for Joe Biden — after all, what kind of White House is he running when someone can sneak an illegal narcotic in and not get caught?  The incident also raised a number of uncomfortable questions for the president given that his son Hunter is a known drug addict.  Last month, Hunter was the subject of another awkward White House episode when the scandal-ridden First Son was spotted at a state dinner held in honor of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

5 People Referenced Joe Biden as the 'Big Guy'.  Overwhelming evidence suggests the "big guy" is a monicker that represents President Joe Biden.  The monicker appears in an FBI informant form, text messages, and emails between Biden business associates.  It also reportedly formed a part of the grand jury investigation into Hunter Biden, which IRS whistleblowers claim was politically influenced to protect the Bidens.  When questioned if he is the identity behind the monicker, Joe Biden snapped: "Why do you ask such a dumb question?"  At least five individuals involved in the family business referenced Joe Biden as the 'big guy."

Four Things the Leftists Hope You Missed This Week.  [#4] Immediately prior to the hoopla of Hunter Biden's plea deal imploding, some serious skullduggery was taking place.  U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika was not pleased after a lawyer who works for the same law firm that represents Hunter Biden called the court clerk in Delaware and, pretending to work for the prosecutor, asked for some evidence to be kept confidential.  Attorney Jessica Bengals allegedly misrepresented who she works for when contacting the court — and it could cost her. [...] If true, this malfeasance could and should leave some serious ripples on the pond.  But when the U.S. population seems not to care that the world's richest pedophile somehow killed himself while the guards were asleep, the cameras were broken, and his cellmate was magically elsewhere, it's easy to see how nothing might come of this, and the public will be okay with it.

Hunter Biden investigation:  Why the Devon Archer testimony is so important.  When Devon Archer sits down on Monday with the House Oversight Committee, the Hunter Biden investigation could enter a new and more significant phase.  That's because Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden's and a former friend to the family, is expected to testify about the extent of President Joe Biden's involvement in his son's foreign business dealings, potentially roping the president more deeply into a scandal he has thus far studiously avoided.  Archer will be the closest business associate of Hunter Biden's to speak with Congress to date.  The two served together on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, and handled a range of other business deals together through Rosemont Seneca, their investment firm.

They're backpedaling.
DOJ Forced to Clarify Letter on Archer's Jail Time Just Before Meeting With House Oversight.  The New York Post's Miranda Devine tweeted out an update on early Monday morning [7/31/2023], in the form of a letter from the Southern District of New York (SDNY) making clear that they don't expect Archer to surrender before his Monday testimony before the House Oversight Committee.  Writing to U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams, U.S. Attorney Damian Williams noted that "[t]o be clear, the Government does not request (and has never requested) that the defendant surrender before his Congressional testimony." The letter also added that the process involved "can take several weeks or months after the Court sets a surrender date."

Biden Impeachment Inquiry Is Well-Earned.  When House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suggested that mounting questions concerning the fishy financial history of President Biden and his family may lead to an impeachment inquiry, some Republicans got the vapors.  Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.), for example, said it would send the "wrong message."  Reps.  David Joyce (R-Ohio) and Tom Cole (R-Okla.) voiced similarly craven qualms.  An inquiry may well uncover evidence supporting claims made in an FBI document, recently released by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), that Biden accepted bribes while Vice President.  If so, it is the duty of House Republicans to impeach him. [...] Biden routinely ignores pesky laws passed by the former and publicly excoriates the latter when rulings displease him.  The primary constitutional mechanism available to Congress for controlling a lawless president is impeachment.  If the House refuses to use that tool, it is equally guilty of flouting the Constitution.

Timeline of Feds' Relationship with Biden Family Business.  Law enforcement had knowledge of the Biden family business and alleged wronging for years before the FBI obtained Hunter Biden's laptop.  Despite the warnings of whistleblowers and lawmakers, government agencies appeared uninterested in pursuing any suspicious evidence.  Even years later, government agencies appear uninspired by the mounting evidence.  [Laptop timeline]

The Biden Presidency Is Unsustainable.  The presence of the now predictable mediocrity of Kamala Harris and the impossibility, given her race and gender, of removing her, for now is about all that keeps a cognitively declining Biden still in office.  The Left fears what she could do as president to the Democratic Party; conservatives are terrified of what she could do to the country.  Joe Biden's bewilderment exempts his embarrassments from accountability in the way that Hunter Biden's addictions excuse his past serial criminality.  But the passes granted to both father and son would be now unsustainable with a viable Vice President in waiting.

Five Questions Republicans Could Ask Hunter Biden's Business Partner Under Oath.  As Hunter Biden's former business associate is deposed by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, committee investigators could ask him questions to determine President Joe Biden's involvement in Hunter's foreign dealings.  Devon Archer is a former friend and business partner of Hunter Biden — currently the subject of several federal investigations by both Congress and the Department of Justice — and will be deposed by the committee on Monday [7/31/2023].  In 2022, he was convicted of defrauding the Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation, a Native American tribe, of over $60 million in fraudulent bond issuances.  Archer, who served with Hunter on the board of Burisma Holdings and was described by him as his "best friend in business" according to National Review, is in a position to answer important questions about Joe Biden's alleged participation and benefits from Hunter's business dealings in which he used his father's political influence.

DOJ Reportedly Working Overtime To Send Key Hunter Biden Witness To Prison.  House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer called the Department of Justice's (DOJ) attempt to jail a key Hunter Biden witness before he can testify before Congress "odd" while on Fox Business.  The New York Post's (NYP) Miranda Devine reported Sunday [7/30/2023] the DOJ is allegedly trying to schedule a date for Devon Archer to turn himself in and begin his prison sentence.  Politico confirmed this, reporting that the U.S. attorney's office for the Southern District of New York wrote to trial judge Ronnie Abras and asked her to schedule a date for Archer to report to prison.  Archer was convicted in 2018 for conspiracy to defraud a Native American tribe but his sentencing has been delayed due to appeals.

Biden sits on Delaware beach as DOJ tries to Jail Hunter's best friend Devon Archer.  President Joe Biden was seen whiling away the afternoon on the beach as his DOJ tried to jail Hunter's best friend on the eve of a closed-door testimony in which the president will be implicated in his son's foreign business schemes.  Biden appeared the picture of calm on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware just a day before Hunter Biden's best friend Devon Archer plans to implicate Joe in his son's foreign business schemes on Monday.  Archer is expected to provide details that will challenge the White House's insistence that Joe Biden never had any knowledge of or involvement in his wayward son's business affairs.

Hunter Biden Laptop Analysis:  May Have Stored More Sensitive Info on Encrypted Messaging Apps.  Given all the things on the infamous laptop — from the drugs to the sex to the alleged influence peddling — you wouldn't think that there could be anything else that one might discover at this point.  But the non-profit group Marco Polo, which has a site with all the laptop photos and video, has discovered something new after an analysis of the hard drive — that Hunter Biden used at least 16 private messaging apps, many of which were encrypted, which could have had even more sensitive communications if what was on the open drive wasn't already shocking enough.  Among the apps were Signal, the Chinese messaging app WeChat, and Wickr, an app termed as "favored in the criminal underworld" and liked by the U.S. military.

Hunter Biden's laptop full of secret agreements and contracts with foreign business partners.  Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop is filled with contracts and agreements between him and foreign business partners that could shine new light on his business dealings, and potentially implicate his father, insiders around the first son told The [New York]Post.  Hundreds of documents are littered among the tens of thousands of emails contained on the laptop — but the files were not downloaded onto the device, and investigators cannot open most of them.  During his father's vice presidency and after, Hunter Biden and his family made millions of dollars from foreign sources trading on the family name, according to whistleblowers and bank records unearthed by the House Oversight Committee.  Through much of the wheeling and dealing — Hunter Biden was a crack addict and alcoholic.

Perhaps they will put him in one of those Jeffrey Epstein cells where the cameras don't work.
Corrupt DOJ Requests Court to Order Devon Archer's Surrender for Imprisonment Prior to Testimony on Biden Crime Family.  In an unprecedented move, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued a letter to a federal judge in the Southern District of New York, suggesting that Devon Archer, a business associate of Hunter Biden, be ordered to surrender and begin his term of imprisonment.  This development comes amidst Archer's ongoing appeal and just before his scheduled testimony about the criminal activities involving the Biden crime family.  The letter requests that the court set a date and time for Archer to report to a facility chosen by the Bureau of Prisons.

Dershowitz: Prosecutors Gave Hunter a Deal 'For Nothing,' on 'Open and Shut' Case, Which Never Happens.  On Friday's broadcast of Newsmax TV's "The Record," Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that the proposed Hunter Biden plea deal was "the opposite" of how plea deals usually work because it actually sent a message that "we don't want to hear from you.  We don't want you to testify.  We don't want you to get other people in trouble."  And was done on "open and shut" charges.

The Real Story of the Biden Family Business, and the DOJ Cover-up.  The Biden administration has repeatedly told the public that Hunter's lucrative consulting business doesn't matter unless it is directly connected to his father.  That's true.  Moreover, they add, that connection is not just unproven, it cannot be proved because it didn't exist.  That's false, although the mainstream media has repeated it faithfully.  But even the most feckless are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain this awkward lip-syncing with the White House press office.  Actually, the Biden grifting operation extends well beyond Hunter to include multiple family members.  It always centered on Joe's public position and the political access it ensured, first as the sitting vice president and then as a prospective Democratic nominee after Hillary Clinton's defeat.  The clearest indication of the enterprise's corrupt purpose is its construction of an opaque web of nearly thirty LLCs to hide the distribution of profits from the operation.  There is no legitimate business purpose for this tangled web of pass-through entities.

Multiple Banks Filed Over 170 Suspicious Activity Reports on the Bidens.  As the evidence for at least an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden keeps pouring in, our friends at Twitchy highlighted another example: the suspicious activity reports (SARs) from six banks, to the tune of 170, in fact.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and co-host Ben Ferguson discussed these reports on their podcast with House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) as their guest.  Not only has Comer been looking into the Biden family as part of fulfilling promises to the American people, he already is familiar with SARs, since, as he told Cruz, he was the director of a bank.  These SARs are submitted and sent to the Treasury Department when banks "have a strong suspicion" that a crime has been committed, so as to protect the bank.  As Comer emphasized, these are submitted "very seldom."  If someone were to have two, the chairman explained, it would be hard for that person to open up a bank account.  Submitting an SAR, Comer added, also is "inviting the regulators to come in and regulate," which is the last thing banks want.  The 170 reports are thus quite significant.

Turley Explains Why Congress Is Obligated to Launch Impeachment Inquiry.  Yes, we should be different from the Democrats who used impeachment as a political tool to try to take out their political rival and cheapened the process.  They didn't care about the Constitution or the corrosive effect such moves would have — all they cared about was their power.  Yet, we also shouldn't be fearful of stepping up to take it on when justice and the evidence demand it, as it does here.  Because that's also important to protect the rule of law.  We've seen for years now the two-tier system of justice and that is problematic for the stability of the Republic.  People need and have a right to expect equal application of the law.  George Washington University law school professor Jonathan Turley has now added his name to the list of the folks that Congress is now obligated to launch an impeachment inquiry, given Biden "clearly lied" about his involvement in the Biden family foreign business dealings scandal.

Watergate vs. Bidengate.  [Scroll down]  In Biden's case, the scandal is not especially political, but instead that of a quest for profit.  He has been caught selling influence — and often not in the best interest of the United States.  Wrapped into this burrito is the Department of Justice and other government minions, who've gone to great lengths to keep this business out of the news.  Trump's presidency exposed the myth of government being politically neutral.  "Official" conspiracies abound in order to influence public opinion — and further evidence of this keeps emerging.  As this is being written, the news is totally abuzz over judge Noreika's refusal to accept Hunter Biden's sweetheart plea deal.  Now, since Hunter's plea has been changed to not guilty, we may possibly be treated to the embarrassing spectacle of a public trial — but don't hold your breath.  More likely, the DoJ conspirators and Hunter's defense team will work out a more acceptable plea that won't gag the judge.

Recap of Hunter's courtroom fiasco:
DOJ's Dirty Deeds.  Ferried to the courthouse by a substantial (obviously taxpayer paid) motorcade, Hunter appeared chipper, obviously believing that his very significant tax avoidance and FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) violations were going to be wiped off the prosecution table if he pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges for unrelated offenses.  The tables quickly turned.  It was alleged that counsel for the defense had misled the court clerk into believing she was acting for the government in requesting the amicus brief filed by House ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith be removed from the docket.  Upon learning of the impersonation deception, the Judge threatened sanctions against Hunter's team. [...] The case went downhill after that when it appeared the government and defense counsel had tried to pull the wool over her eyes about the full extent of the plea deal.  The plea on its face seemed to recommend probation after Hunter admitted guilt on two misdemeanor charges that he failed to pay over $100,000 in taxes on income earned in 2017 and 2018 and would avoid consequences for a felony gun charge.  The devil was in the details:  A side pretrial diversion agreement, the most important portion of which (paragraph 15) had just been handed to the judge before she entered the courtroom.

Joe and Jill Biden finally acknowledge 7th grandchild for the most obnoxious reason.  For her entire life, four-year-old Navy Joan Roberts has been "she who must not be named."  There is no evidence that her father has ever visited her, let alone held her.  Her grandparents repeatedly denied her existence and said that they had only "four granddaughters."  They even gave their dogs stockings at Christmas rather than Navy, who never even bit one let alone a score of Secret Service agents.  As even Democrats began to voice their own shock at the cruelty of the First Couple shunning this child, the Bidens finally relented and recognized her existence, but only barely so.

Why would Biden need to pardon his son, the smartest person Joe knows?  He has the corrupt Justice Department and IRS doing it for him with the support of the sycophant media.  They have run a sham, pretending to investigate for years, just like they pretended to investigate Hillary before James Comey listed all her crimes and waived them.  After years where they saw many felonies on taxes and the gun possession, they came up with a scheme to charge him with a couple minor tax misdemeanors, "divert" the gun charges if he kept his nose clean for a few years, and grant immunity on the a broad range of potential felonies.  And who would determine if he behaved?  The powerful DOJ bureaucrats who came up with this farce of a charge in the first place.

Here's Where Biden Is Headed for the Next Ten Days As Family Scandals Swirl.  According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, "this evening, the president will depart Maine en route to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he will remain over the next week."  According to Delaware media reports, Biden is expected to be at his beach house until August 6.  [Tweet]  How nice for him to have 10 days of beach time away from Washington — which would be Biden's longest stay in Rehoboth since becoming president.  But didn't Biden just get back from a beach vacation earlier this month?  Why yes, he did.

Joe Biden to Retreat to Rehoboth Beach Compound for the Next Ten Days.  Joe Biden will retreat to his Rehoboth Beach compound in Delaware for the next 10 days while his corrupt DOJ works to jail Trump.  White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters about feeble Joe's plans to hide in Rehoboth Beach during a gaggle aboard Air Force One on Friday.  "This evening the president will depart Maine en route to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where he will remain over the next week," Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters.

This is the behavior you'd expect from Manuel Noriega or Fidel Castro.
Whistleblower: Biden Crime Family — Possibly Joe Biden Himself — Are Hiding Money in Offshore Bank Accounts.  The Biden Crime Family — and possibly Joe Biden himself — are hiding money in offshore bank accounts.  Fox News host Jesse Watters reported IRS whistleblowers have documents suggesting the Biden Crime Family has offshore bank accounts.  "With Joe [Biden], I suspect there are offshore accounts," House Oversight Chairman James Comer said on Thursday.  James Comer also revealed that six major banks, including JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, had submitted over 170 suspicious activity reports (SARs) to the Treasury Department, all concerning alleged criminal behavior by the Biden crime family.

Why Those 170 Biden Suspicious Activity Reports Are So Bad.  The House Oversight Committee is accumulating a lot of evidence regarding Joe Biden and the Biden family's foreign business dealings scandal.  On Thursday, Chairman James Comer revealed that the IRS whistleblowers were indicating they had evidence of offshore accounts that could be related to Joe Biden.  If they have the records of those accounts and can link Joe Biden to foreign payments, that may be the smoking gun right there if the Republicans get around to an impeachment trial.  Our friends at Townhall pointed out how Comer laid out more information about the 170 "Suspicious Activity Reports" and how significant it was that there were 170 of them about the Bidens.

Biden Forgets to Sign Executive Order After Delivering Remarks.  President Joe Biden forgot to sign an executive order as "The Washington Post March" was playing him out after he delivered remarks on "Bidenomics" in Auburn, Maine, on Friday.  "God bless you all, and may God protect our troops.  Thank you very much," Biden concluded before going to shake hands.  After a few moments, Biden made his way away from the crowd and said, "I'm coming back to shake your hands, but I forgot to sign the order.  All that talk and no action."

Judge Noreika Doesn't Seem to Be Buying Hunter Biden's Excuses, Bans His Lawyers From Contacting Clerk.  U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika, who is handling Hunter Biden's currently defunct plea deal, doesn't seem too pleased.  And why would she be?  On Wednesday, she was presented with an absolute circus after the DOJ tried to pass off an unprecedented agreement whereby Hunter Biden would receive near global immunity.  Instead of putting that in the plea deal itself, it was buried in a pre-trial diversion agreement for a gun charge.  After pressing the two sides, it became clear that a wink-and-nod deal had been formulated whereby the immunity would stand, but wouldn't be made public as part of the plea.  In other words, the DOJ was ready to let Hunter Biden off the hook completely despite mounting evidence he violated FARA regulations.  Things only blew up when Judge Noreika demanded answers, causing Hunter Biden's lawyers to refuse a watered-down deal that would remove the broad immunity.

Congratulations to Joe Biden on today's birth of his four-year-old granddaughter!  President Biden has a son, of sorts.  This son has some, um, issues.  One of the son's issues is his issuance, a daughter he fathered with a woman he says he's never met.  The result was the woman's birth of a little girl she named Navy.  The son denied that he was little Navy's father.  But paternity tests showed he was.  He continued to deny his paternity.  But there are lots of things he denies which are indisputably true.  So does his father.  President Joe refused to acknowledge that Navy is his granddaughter, even after the paternity tests proved she was.  As recently as a week or two ago, he specifically instructed the White House staff to deny that she was his granddaughter.  He instructed his staff to lie for him, because it was convenient and he thought he could get away with it.

Protecting the Bidens.  Ordinarily, the provisions of a plea agreement are in the four corners of the plea agreement.  Ordinarily, they are quite standard.  Ordinarily, they are set out in crystal-clear terms.  Ordinarily, they don't undercut what is supposed to be an investigation into more serious matters.  But everything about this was different because, ordinarily, the Department of Justice isn't acting to protect the president of the United States from a politically sensitive investigation into his son's corrupt business dealings.  DOJ tucked provisions giving Hunter Biden sweeping immunity from future prosecution in a so-called diversion agreement related to his gun offense.  To review, Biden is pleading guilty to two minor tax charges arising from the cascade of sleazy foreign money that poured into his accounts and was distributed to other family members.  He isn't pleading guilty to the gun charge, instead simply agreeing to a couple of years of probation to get off the hook.  Any immunity term should have been in the plea deal but instead was in the diversion agreement, where it wouldn't be expected.

Door may be open to impeaching Biden for misdeeds committed prior to presidency: legal experts.  House Republicans have floated launching an impeachment inquiry against President Biden amid newly surfaced allegations that suggest his involvement in the business dealings his son, Hunter.  But can congressional lawmakers initiate the use of that constitutional tool for alleged treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors that transpired before holding the office of the presidency?  "The answer is clear," Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Fox News Digital.  "No one knows."  Article II, Section 4, of the U.S. Constitution states: "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."  But it doesn't specify whether those alleged actions need to take place during the time the official holds the office.

The Editor says...
Most or all of the current bribery accusations against the Bidens are connected to things he did when he was vide-president.  I'm no lawyer, but common sense would tell you that the end of his term as vice-president does not erase any guilt.

Biden: Hiding in Plain Sight.  [U]nlike the Clintons, Biden had little to show financially from his long career in politics when he departed the vice-presidential residence.  According to detailed information, Joe and Jill Biden declared a total of $4,122,376 in pretax income on their federal tax returns for tax years 2001 through 2016 — this works out to an average of $257,648 annually during the sixteen-year period when he finished his career as senator and, later, became vice president.  Leaving aside, for the moment, fair questions concerning how Biden managed to sustain living costs for his large family from his home in Wilmington and also save for retirement, his years with educator Jill Biden do not appear to show proven ability to derive investment income, or garner outsized compensation. [...] Joe and Jill Biden saw their pretax income climb from $338,464 in 2016 to a whopping $9,578,639 in 2017 — an amount that was more than 28 times Biden pretax income for the prior year and more than twice, in just one year, total Biden pretax income for a 16 year period from 2001 through 2016.  What accounted for this enormous Biden family windfall in a single year, when even the top 10% of American households suffered pronounced declines in their pretax incomes?

They are rubbing our noses in their filth.  This regime has no shame.  Those stories about the discovery of a bag of cocaine in the White House were not an accidental leak of the truth.  The leak was psyops meant to destroy the morale of their enemy, which is the American people.  The discovery was meant to show that Biden and his crooks will do anything they want and get away with it, and they do.  Law enforcement did nothing — and what will Republicans do about it?  Cry?  Biden's crew ignores congressional subpoenas without consequence, just as Eric Holder did when he was Obama's AG.  In January, Speaker McCarthy promised to make the videos of the January 6 protest public.  Six months later, the videos remain under lock and key — right next to Epstein's client list.  We can guess at some of the names on the list just by looking at the celebrities who hit Trump hardest.  The deep state is better at blackmail than the Mafia.

Hunter Biden:  Was He A Foreign Agent and For What Purpose?  [Quoting Jonathan Turley:] I mean, the problem with this agreement is that the judge read it and said what is this?  And part of the obligation of the court is to make sure that the defendant and the government are very clear on what the agreement means.  And they weren't.  And it broke down with the most basic questions.  That was what was so surprising here is that these are the types of questions as a defense counsel you work out with prosecutors in advance.  But she basically asked one question and the whole [...] thing fell apart.

Biden's Smirks and Changing Stories Reveal His Utter Disdain for the American People.  From Joe Biden to his buffoonish press secretaries (past and present) to members of the administration, the obfuscations, changing stories, denials, and yes, bald-faced lies about the Biden Family Business scandal combine as an arrogant affront to rational Americans — and it only gets worse by the day.  When reports first began to surface about Hunter Biden's nefarious overseas business dealings, Joe Biden continually made two mutually exclusive statements.  First, he claimed he and his crackhead son never discussed the latter's business dealings.  Second, and simultaneously, he arrogantly claimed Hunter never did anything wrong, much less illegal.  Spoiler, Joe:  The first claim makes the second impossible — and vice versa.

Official Court Transcript From Hunter's Foiled Plea Agreement Hearing Sure Seems to Show Attempted Fraud on the Court.  I've been reading the official transcript of Hunter Biden's hearing today (110 pgs) and not all the way through but something that strikes me so far:  US Atty Weiss' office was really trying to game the system [because] they hid the agreement to not charge various things related to the tax case in the Diversion Agreement, which covers the gun charges, instead of in the Memorandum of Plea [because] that changes the TYPE of plea it is under the FRCP and the role of the judge.  The judge and her staff could not find another case in which a plea agreement was done that way.

Hunter Biden Admits in Court He Made $664K from CEFC China Energy, Contradicting Joe Biden's Claims.  Hunter Biden's lawyer, Chris Clark, admitted in court Wednesday the president's son received $664,000 from CEFC China Energy Co. in 2017, contradicting President Joe Biden's claim Hunter Biden never received money from a Chinese entity.  During a hearing before U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, Clark revealed Hunter made over one million dollars in foreign business transactions, including $664,000 from CEFC, a company linked to the CCP and Chinese intelligence.

Jill Biden's Ex-Husband Says 'Very Dangerous' Biden 'Crime Family' Has Targeted Him.  Bill Stevenson, the ex-husband of first lady Jill Biden, said Wednesday on Newsmax that he has been a target of the "very dangerous ... Biden crime family."  Stevenson discussed his divorce from the first lady, alleging that he was the victim of a shakedown by the Biden family.  "Frankie Biden of the Biden crime family comes up to me and he goes, 'Give her the house or you're going to have serious problems.'  I looked at Frankie and I said, 'Are you threatening me?' and needless to say, about two months later, my brother and I were indicted for that tax charge for $8,200."

Maureen Dowd can't seem to figure out who the liar-in-chief is.  Joe Biden has lied continuously throughout his Washington career.  He lies about big and little things.  Here is a small sample:  He lied about his college rank and grades at law school.  He plagiarized a speech as he ran for president in 1988.  The media chased him from that race.  He continues to lie about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate and division.  He lied when he said that Hunter's laptop was Russian disinformation during a debate with Trump.  ([H]e clearly knew the truth[.])  He continues to lie that no one in his family ever made money from foreign sources and that he never talked to Hunter or anyone in his family about their business dealings.  He continues to lie that he inherited a bad economy.  The economy was growing rapidly when he took office.  He lied that there were no vaccines available when he took office.  He lied that inflation was caused by Russia and the supply chain when inflation took off as soon as he forced his radically destructive government spending on the American people.  He lied that the border was under control.  And he continues to lie that his policies cut the deficit in half.

Legal Experts Are Pointing To Another Fishy Aspect Of Hunter Biden's Proposed Plea Deal.  Legal experts said Thursday that the statement of facts included in Hunter Biden's proposed plea deal favored the defense as, due to the terms of the Department of Justice's agreement with Biden, it would have immunized him from prosecution for a number of offenses.  The statement of facts section of the plea deal appeared heavily skewed towards the defense, encompassing a wide range of activity that could have shielded Biden from future charges under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), legal experts said.  That's because the diversion agreement allowing Hunter Biden to avoid jail time for a felony gun charge — a separate document from the plea deal for the two misdemeanor tax charges — included a paragraph affirming the United States would not prosecute the president's son for any crime "encompassed by the attached Statement of Facts" in both the diversion agreement and the plea deal.

The political pressure on Biden family corruption is working — keep it up.  One of President Joe Biden's biggest political headaches, the many illegal activities of his son Hunter Biden, was supposed to pass quietly into obscurity July 26 when a federal judge was expected to rubber-stamp a plea agreement between the Department of Justice and the accused.  But thanks in no small part to the efforts of House Republicans to raise the profile of Hunter Biden's wrongdoing, Judge Maryellen Noreika refused to accept the deal, sending the DOJ and Hunter Biden's lawyers back to the bargaining table to come up with an agreement that stood a better chance than their original flimsy document of withstanding public scrutiny.

Hunter Biden remains 'good standing' member of DC Bar despite facing criminal charges.  Hunter Biden continues to be a "good standing" member of the Washington, D.C. Bar despite facing multiple criminal charges and violating the organization's rules of professional conduct.  First reported by the Daily Caller, Biden told the judge during his first appearance in a Wilmington, Delaware federal court, in which his expected plea deal ultimately collapsed, that he was a member of the D.C. and Connecticut Bars.  According to the D.C. Bar website, Biden remains a member in "good standing," despite the rules of professional conduct stating that it is misconduct for a lawyer to "commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer in other respects."

Bidens Wanted Billions, Not Millions, From Burisma.  The allegations by the FBI informant describes Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma's co-founder and a former minister in the ousted pro-Russian Yanukovych government, saying that "it costs 5 (million) to pay one Biden, and 5 (million) to another Biden".  And yet the rewards could have been even richer.  While the informant urged Zlochevsky to launch his IPO by forming an American company or buying a shell company, Hunter Biden had allegedly told the energy boss that his company "could raise much more capital if Burisma purchased a larger US-based business that already had a history In the US oil and gas sector."  Allegedly some Texas companies were on the table.  Why did Hunter Biden allegedly pitch Burisma on a messier and more expensive process?  An obvious potential answer is that the Biden family may have hoped to cash in by being on the inside.

The art scam is probably going to explode.  Earlier this week, we looked at the ongoing scam where First Son Hunter Biden has been cranking out paintings as supposed "works of art" and selling them to mysterious benefactors for staggering sums of money.  Since the private sale of artwork doesn't legally have to be reported to the public, it's an almost foolproof way to move large sums of money around while having it be nearly untraceable.  That got me thinking about other areas where this scam could be employed to circumvent various financial transparency laws.  And campaign finance regulations were among the first possibilities to come to mind, which is what I wanted to bring up for discussion today.  But first, here's a reminder of precisely how lucrative this has been for The Big Guy's errant son.

Rep. James Comer says banks submitted more than 170 suspicious activity reports on the Bidens.  After Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that the Biden investigation was nearing the level of an impeachment inquiry, Democrats rushed to CNN and MSNBC to assure them that there was "zero evidence" that President Joe Biden had done anything wrong.  OK, so his son was going to plead guilty to tax fraud and felony gun possession, but none of that involved his father.  As Karine Jean-Pierre said, President Biden was never in business with his son (we guess keeping 10 percent for "the big guy" doesn't count).

Mr. Speaker!  Evidence in public shows the sitting president of the United States took payments from foreign business interests in a scheme to use the power of the U.S. government to influence foreign government policy and protect/enhance the business interests of the people who paid him.  To wit:  The Republicans in the House of Representatives have thousands of Joe and Hunter Biden bank records, hundreds of trace records for wire transfer statements and payments, hundreds of reported U.S. Treasury suspicious activity reports, thousands of emails and subpoenaed text messages, audio and video recordings, thousands of photographs, access to the laptop of Hunter Biden and all the content therein, documented witnesses to the activity, testimony under oath corroborating how the Bidens collected tens of millions from foreign nations as unregistered foreign agents which was subsequently laundered through 20 shell companies. [...] Additionally, the Republicans in Congress have sworn affidavits and testimony from two IRS whistleblowers who testified the US attorney in Delaware was working with the U.S. Dept of Justice in Washington DC to bury the results of the investigation.

Secret Service Refuses to Hand Over 'Known Pool of Individuals' List in White House Cocaine Incident.  The Secret Service has refused to turn over the list of individuals who may have accessed the area of the White House where authorities discovered cocaine over the Fourth of July weekend, saying that the record of such a list does not fall under the Freedom of Information Act.  This suggests that the Secret Service never created such a list in the first place.  "As your request seeks records reflecting visitors or related information concerning the Office of the President, please be advised that these records are not Secret Service agency records subject to the FOIA," Kevin Tyrrell, a Freedom of Information Act officer at the Department of Homeland Security, wrote in a letter obtained by The Daily Signal.  "Rather, these records are governed by the Presidential Records Act, and remain under the exclusive legal custody and control of the White House."

The Collapse of Hunter Biden's Sweetheart Plea Deal.  There were clearly some bizarre twists and turns in federal court Wednesday in Delaware, as Hunter Biden's anticipated sweetheart plea deal collapsed.  So, what happened?  That is hard to say for sure, as a transcript of the colloquy between the lawyers and the judge has not been released.  Basically, it seems that there was a misunderstanding between the prosecutors and the Biden legal team about whether the plea deal was going to end Hunter's potential legal exposure to other crimes, or whether there was still an ongoing investigation.  It seems that Biden's legal team believed the former, while the Delaware U.S. Attorney's Office believed the latter.  While it is not uncommon for plea deals to fall apart, one would think such a high-profile deal, in writing, would have been ironclad before the parties stepped into court today.  Apparently not.

It doesn't matter if you have a timeline, a big box of documents, wiretaps, fingerprints, or witnesses.
Will Republicans Impeach Biden?  Here's The Full Corruption Timeline.  House Republicans are moving closer to an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, according to Speaker Kevin McCarthy as party leaders continue to investigate allegations that the president accepted millions of dollars in bribes from foreign entities, including individuals linked to the Chinese Communist Party.  With the investigation into the alleged corruption of the Biden family — primarily Biden and his son Hunter — heating up, here is a timeline, according to House Republicans and other documentation, of the events that some lawmakers have said may lead to Biden's impeachment: [...]

In other words, he'll be living in the White House for a while.
Hunter Biden Could be Jailed if He Consumes Drugs, Alcohol as Part of Release Conditions.  President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, could be jailed if he consumes any drugs or alcohol, according to the conditions of his release signed by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika.  Biden appeared in federal court in Delaware on Wednesday, where he was expected to enter a guilty plea as part of a deal negotiated between his lawyers and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) arising out of charges of illegally possessing a handgun and failing to pay two years' worth of federal taxes.

White House Backtracks on Hunter's Business Deals.  The language is undeniably different, and yet White House officials said four different times Wednesday that "nothing has changed" concerning President Biden's longstanding denial that he was ever involved in the foreign business dealings of his son Hunter.  House Republicans, meanwhile, contend that the deviation in wording now employed at the White House reflects a strategy to distance the president from Hunter Biden ahead of potentially damaging new testimony.  Biden told Fox News on the campaign trail in September 2020, "I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings," a categorical denial he later repeated the next month in a radio interview with WBZ Boston when he said, "I don't discuss business with my son."

Hunter Biden's Attorneys Face Potential Sanctions over Alleged 'Misrepresentations to the Court'.  Hunter Biden's attorneys face potential sanctions over "misrepresentations to the court" after his legal team allegedly lied to the clerk in his criminal case.  The president's son is set to enter a plea agreement on Wednesday after his legal team secured a sweetheart plea agreement on Biden's charge by federal authorities of illegally possessing a handgun and failing to pay two years' worth of federal taxes.  On Tuesday, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) submitted a brief to U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika that argued she should reconsider Biden's plea agreement in light of an IRS whistleblower's recent claim that the Department of Justice (DOJ) stifled their investigation into Biden.

Hunter Biden pleads not guilty to tax and gun charges and could face further charges over his business.  Hunter Biden has unexpectedly pleaded not guilty to tax and gun crimes after his 'sweetheart' plea deal collapsed in a sensational court hearing.  The scandal-hit first son is also still on the hook for any crimes linked to foreign deals with China and Ukraine after the judge dramatically rejected the first agreement that would have shielded him from future charges and seen him avoid jail.  Hunter had arrived at federal court in Wilmington, Delaware, expecting to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and walk away with a slap on the wrist.

Judge Sets 'Conditions of Release' For Hunter Biden — Orders Him to Get a Job, Submit to Drug Testing.  Hunter Biden arrived at court today in Delaware to agree to a sweetheart deal by the Biden Department of Justice on his years of criminal drug use, trafficking prostitutes, and multi-million dollar pay-for-play and bribery schemes with foreign officials from China, Ukraine, Romania, etc.  Hunter was only charged with two misdemeanors related to tax fraud and he will avoid prison time on the gun charge.  According to the DOJ's sweetheart deal, Hunter Biden would receive immunity from future charges.

Democrats are famous for saying, no one is above the law!
Report: Plea Deal Would Have Given Hunter Biden Immunity 'in Perpetuity'.  The plea deal struck between federal prosecutors and Hunter Biden's defense team that fell apart in court Wednesday would have given the first son "broad immunity from prosecution in perpetuity," according to a report from the courtroom.  The New York Times's Glenn Thrush reported Wednesday that the unusual plea deal had "offered Hunter Biden broad immunity from prosecution in perpetuity."  Thrush reported that Judge Maryellen Noreika was highly skeptical of the plea deal, "questioning why it had been filed under a provision that gave her no legal authority to reject it."

Democrats May Want to Panic About Hunter Biden Now.  On Wednesday, Hunter Biden appeared in federal court in Delaware to plead guilty to two misdemeanors for failing to pay millions in federal taxes and to accept a pre-trial diversion agreement on a gun charge, all in exchange for two years probation with no jail time.  The sweetheart plea deal that was widely panned by experts fell apart in court and was ultimately rejected by the judge, forcing Hunter Biden to plead "not guilty."  Suddenly, the president's son's "Get Out of Jail Free" card was gone, and the Democrats' hopes of putting the Hunter Biden saga behind them were dashed.  This is certainly going to be a huge problem for Democrats because it means that Hunter's legal issues are far from over, and that the First Son could in fact face jail time — all while his father runs for president again, and his own Department of Justice faces questions of interfering with the investigation.

Aides and the press have created a Potemkin presidency, hiding if Joe Biden is up to it.  President Biden is merely pretending to do his job.  But will the charade collapse before he can finagle another election victory?  In czarist Russia, a Russian governor named Potemkin built a fake village to deceive Catherine the Great about the condition of the peasants she ruled.  In today's Washington, the media are partnering with Team Biden to concoct a Potemkin village to deceive Americans about Biden's faltering fitness for office.

Jonathan Turley Points To One Democrat Who 'Demolished' Joe Biden's Defense.  Legal analyst Jonathan Turley appeared on Fox News on Wednesday to explain how Democratic New York Rep. Daniel Goldman "demolished" President Joe Biden's claim that he was not involved in Hunter's shady business dealings.  Turley was asked to explain his recent piece "Media Beg Republicans To 'Move On' From Hunter Biden — Because They Know Scandal Is Serious," which appeared in the New York Post and focuses on testimony from two IRS whistleblowers who allege the Department of Justice pressured prosecutors not to charge Hunter with certain crimes.  Both whistleblowers recently testified in front of Congress.  "Well what's fascinating about what has happened with these IRS whistleblowers is that none of the members asked the whistleblowers any substantive questions except for one, that was Congressman Goldman, who tried to find some way to defuse this damaging evidence.  It was a disaster," Turley explained.

Judge Demands Explanation From Hunter Biden's Lawyers Over Alleged Lie to Court Clerk.  Lawyers for Hunter Biden may face legal sanctions for allegedly misrepresenting themselves to the court clerk in order to have information related to IRS whistleblowers removed from the case record.  A member of Mr. Biden's legal team is accused of falsely identifying herself while requesting the removal of amicus materials.  According to the court clerk, Jessica Bengels, a New York-based Latham and Watkins litigation services director, contacted the clerk and asked to have the information kept confidential.  In a July 25 letter, Theodore Kittila informed Delaware Judge Maryellen Noreika of the alleged trick, and that the clerk's office had "advised that someone contacted the court representing that they worked with my office and that they were asking the court to remove this from the docket."  Judge Noreika gave Mr. Biden's lawyers until 9 p.m. on Tuesday to provide an explanation from their perspective.

Hunter Biden could face same foreign lobbying charges that jailed Trump associates.  Hunter Biden could face federal charges related to his failure to register as a foreign agent before he cut lucrative deals with Ukraine, China and other countries where his politically powerful father held sway.  Prosecutors said Wednesday that an ongoing investigation of President Biden's son could include offenses related to the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.  Prosecutors made the statement during a federal court proceeding where Hunter Biden was expected to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and agree to a deal to spare him a felony gun charge.

Hunter's lawyer told prosecutors 'sweetheart' deal was off after judge eviscerated agreement.  Hunter Biden's lawyers and prosecutors expected a routine hearing Wednesday when they arrived in court with a carefully negotiated deal to keep the president's son out of prison.  Instead, they found themselves turning on each other under the glare of a federal judge who was determined to pick apart their agreement.  It was a tense and unexpected episode in a three-hour ordeal that had the president's son stroll into a courtroom in his former hometown only to watch the plan to put his tax problems behind him crumble before his eyes.

CNN Claims Biden Investigation is "Much Ado About Nothing".  Wednesday's [7/26/2023] CNN This Morning discussed the allegations that President Joe Biden's role in Hunter Biden's business dealings approached, in House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's (R-Calif.) words, "the level of impeachment inquiry."  Political commentator Van Jones declared the investigation to be "much ado about nothing" and that it was "pulled out of nowhere."  Despite growing allegations, CNN treated a Biden impeachment inquiry as unwarranted, especially compared to former President Donald Trump's impeachment.

What, is Hunter Biden's legal team high or something?  After scoring the sweetheart plea deal of the century, Hunter Biden's legal team ended a brutal day in court with no legal immunity, the old and renegotiated deals now dead, and a stark warning that the president's son is indeed under investigation for his failure to register as a foreign agent.  Between today's disaster in court and revelations that Hunter Biden knew his attorney, millionaire Kevin Morris, was secretly purchasing his "artwork," I couldn't help but wonder:  Is the first son's legal team high or something?

Hunter's lawyers and the prosecutor just got caught with their pants down.  The prosecutors gave Hunter Biden a sweetheart plea bargain to end the tax fraud and gun case against him.  For offenses that most certainly would have landed you or me in jail for years, Hunter got ... [drum roll] ... nothing.  Nada.  Zero jail time.  He didn't even have to pay all of his unpaid taxes because the prosecution dallied so long that the statute of limitations expired.  And the deal apparently immunized him against unrelated charges.  He would walk, a new man.  Well, not entirely.  He would still be a man who was a drug addict, a deadbeat dad, a pervert, a tax evader, and a slouch.  (But give him credit for his paintings!)  But he would be a man immunized from any accountability for his crimes.

From paintings to China money, White House story on Hunter Biden keeps unraveling.  Joe Biden has repeatedly denied any involvement with his son Hunter's business dealings, though recent revelations appear to have undercut that claim.  But the president isn't the only administration official to have his public statements on the matter come under scrutiny in the face of conflicting evidence.  As House Republicans, led by Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., and Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, rigorously pursue investigations into the Biden family, their findings appear to have substantiated links of the commander-in-chief's prior involvement in the first son's endeavors, seemingly contradicting the claims of the elder Biden and his subordinates.  Here are some of the most glaring statements from the commander-in-chief and his subordinates on the first son's dealings that have collided with contrary evidence.

Joe Biden Allegedly Interacted With Son's Clients More Than 200 Times.  President Joe Biden vehemently denied ever talking business with his son, "or with anyone else" in the run-up to the 2020 election.  In fact, Biden even fat-shamed an Iowa voter who approached the subject during the Democratic primaries.  On the debate stage with Donald Trump, the former vice president peddled conspiracies of Russian interference when emails from Hunter Biden's laptop revealed otherwise.  On Sunday night, the New York Post reported on anticipated testimony from Hunter Biden's former business partner, Devon Archer.  The 48-year-old who went golfing with the Bidens in 2014 is expected to tell the House Oversight Committee how Hunter Biden put his father in contact with foreign businessmen and potential investors at least 24 times.  According to the Post, such meetings were either in person or by speakerphone, with Hunter Biden often dialing in Joe.

Only An Impeachment Inquiry Can Unravel Biden Family Corruption And The Feds' Role.  Last week, our country passed the tipping point:  The evidence of President Joe Biden's corruption during his time as vice president is now so overwhelming and the implications so serious, the disparate investigations underway in the House and Senate can no longer suffice.  Nor can the Department of Justice and the FBI — even under the auspices of a special counsel — be trusted to oversee the investigation given the overwhelming evidence that they obstructed the probe into the Biden family.  There is only one option left that can deliver truth and transparency to the American public, and that is an impeachment inquiry that investigates not just President Joe Biden, but Attorney General Merrick Garland, U.S. Attorney David Weiss, and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

The Democrats' Dilemma:  How to Convince Joe Biden to Drop out of the Race.  [Scroll down]  The Democrats exploited the Covid-19 pandemic to unconstitutionally manipulate state voting laws, expand and abuse mail-in voting, and orchestrate unfettered ballot harvesting in order to place in office perhaps the most incompetent, corrupt, and bribable president in American history.  They cannot feign ignorance as virtually every Washington insider knew Biden was an unprincipled buffoon since his early days in the Senate.  By foisting this reprobate on America, they also, per the Constitution, granted him the unlimited power to grant pre-emptive pardons to whomever he chooses.  Joe, in order to protect himself and his family, will, at some point, exercise his presidential prerogative to issue these pardons. [...] If the Democrats and the legacy media succeed in forcing Biden to resign, he will issue pardons for himself and Hunter et al on his way out the door.  Thus, creating a potential political firestorm as the bulk of the citizenry would be incensed over this egregious self-dealing.

Here Are All The People Who Have Corroborated Biden Family Corruption.  The corporate media's blackout on the ongoing Biden corruption investigation continued this week despite the publication of an unclassified document detailing President Joe Biden's alleged involvement in an international bribery scheme.  The propaganda press didn't just ignore Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley's sharing of the bombshell FD-1023 and the FBI's ongoing attempts to stonewall its debut.  Some outlets actually went out of their way to downplay the years of evidence accumulated in the Biden bribery investigation.

Hunter Biden lawyer accused of misleading clerk to block release of evidence.  First son Hunter Biden's legal team appeared to pull a dirty trick Tuesday to block the release of damning evidence ahead of his expected guilty plea to federal charges of tax evasion and weapons crimes.  The drama began in the morning when the House Ways and Means Committee filed an amicus brief to Delaware US District Judge Maryellen Noreika arguing that the 53-year-old had benefited from "political interference which calls into question the propriety of the investigation" into alleged crimes including money laundering, felony tax evasion and failure to register as a foreign agent.  The filing included testimony by two IRS whistleblowers who sat for transcribed interviews on May 26 and June 1.

Report: Buyer of Hunter's Art Visited Joe Biden's White House 13 Times After First Art Exhibition.  The purchaser of Hunter Biden's art reportedly visited President Joe Biden's White House 13 times after the president's son first showcased his paintings at his art dealer's gallery in New York City.  Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, a large Biden donor and Biden appointee to the Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, visited the White House for large events, along with several intimate meetings, including with White House senior adviser Neera Tanden on March 21, according to White House visitor logs reviewed by the Free Beacon.

Hunter sold art to Biden donor who was given an impressive commission appointment.  Hunter Biden is an artist who sells his artwork in art galleries in Manhattan and Los Angeles for a pretty penny.  Creating the artwork is allegedly good therapy for his drug addiction recovery.  The sales of his artwork were supposed to be anonymous to Hunter and his father, the president.  That seemed like an impossible promise when the White House was questioned about the intersection between Hunter's latest financial venture and his father's political career.  As it turns out, it was impossible.  Business Insider has an exclusive story that Hunter did learn the identity of two buyers and one of those buyers is someone who received a favor from the Biden White House.  The timing of the art purchase and the special favor are not known.  At the time the public learned about Hunter's gallery showings and his artwork being for sale, questions about the ethics of the situation arose.  Obama's former ethics chief called the arrangement "shameful and grifty.'  It was pretty obvious that an amateur painter selling his artwork for prices up to $500,000 a piece was questionable, especially when the buyers might be purchasing the art to gain favor with Joe Biden, the president.

Well that is a shift.  Lots of news about Joe Biden's obvious financial relationship with his influence peddling, coke-snorting, hooker-using disgusting and worthless human being he calls a son has been emerging of late.  None of it tells us anything we didn't already know, except in terms of filling out the details of how the influence-peddling scheme worked and how the money was hidden and distributed within a family that is more corrupt than Spiro Agnew ever hoped to be.  [Tweet]  There's lots of talk of shell companies, coercion of Burisma executives, phone calls with the Big Guy on the line with Hunter's clients, and payments to brothers, daughters, and grandchildren (except Navy Joan-Roberts, of course).  It's an awful lot for the MSM to cover up and the Democrats to call debunked, but fear not: they are up to the task, although Catherine Herridge is breaking from the pack and doing some actual reporting.

How To Create Conspiracy Theories.  Given the blanket exemptions provided to Hillary Clinton for unlawfully destroying subpoenaed material and using a home server to transmit classified information, and the reduction of Hunter Biden's numerous felonies to minor misdemeanors, and the likely exemption given Joe Biden for storing classified files for years at his various homes and offices, why would anyone not believe that the government and the media work hard to suppress the truth?  And why would any citizen believe the government or the media after the Biden campaign solicited "51 intelligence authorities" to swear falsely that the genuine Hunter Biden laptop was likely a product of "Russian disinformation."  The entire concocted lie was a Biden-campaign effort to use the gravitas of former government officials and the complicity of the media to promote a fantasy to influence the impending presidential debate.  And it worked to a tee.  Note as well that the FBI hired out Twitter employees to suppress information concerning the Biden laptop.  The truth was deemed "disinformation" in order to mislead voters on the eve of the 2020 election.

Kevin McCarthy Says Impeachment Inquiry of Joe Biden Being Prepared.  Is Joe Biden finally about to face the first steps of impeachment?  That's what House Speaker Kevin McCarthy signaled on Monday evening.  While appearing on Fox News, McCarthy laid out the case that Joe Biden accepted bribes and funneled money through a variety of shell companies.  He then said at the end of the segment with Sean Hannity that "this is rising to the level of an impeachment inquiry." [...] McCarthy indicates that what they've learned so far rises to the level of an impeachment inquiry and that one will be necessary to garner relevant facts to continue the investigation.  As he notes at the end of his statement, the Biden administration has stonewalled Congress to this point, and an impeachment inquiry will give them new powers to demand and receive information.

Devon Archer to Appear Before House Next Week, Has Already Testified Before Grand Jury.  I reported earlier on the important testimony that Hunter Biden's former business partner is expected to give to the House Oversight Committee.  He's expected to tell the Committee about at least 24 phone calls that involved Joe Biden during business meetings Archer had with Hunter Biden and others, according to the new report from the New York Post.  Not only that, Archer was Hunter's partner and close friend, so he's very knowledgeable about where all the bodies are buried in the business and is likely to have a lot more he could say as well.  He dealt with Hunter for years on all these foreign deals.  Now the timing of when Archer is going to speak to the Committee has just been announced.  Archer is going to give a transcribed interview on July 31.  As Fox's Martha MacCallum says [elsew]here, Joe Biden has denied being involved in any way with this son's business.  Archer "can shed a lot of light" and "potentially blow the thing wide open."

The Editor says...
Free advice for Mr. Archer:  I've seen this movie before.  Get somebody else to start your car.

McCarthy: Biden case will 'rise to impeachment' as 16 Romanian payments allegedly went to 'shell companies'.  House Speaker Kevin McCarthy predicted Republicans will gather enough evidence soon to mount an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, as the corruption scandal enveloping him and his son Hunter continues to grow.  McCarthy, R-Calif., made reference to a relatively new revelation from the House Oversight Committee that — while Joe was vice president — Hunter Biden "capitalized" on a financial relationship with a Romanian national later convicted on corruption charges.  According to prepared remarks from House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., in June, the Bidens received more than $1 million in 17 increments.

Hunter's $1.3M art buyers:  Dem donor who Joe appointed to prestigious commission and Hollywood 'fixer' lawyer.  Hunter Biden's artwork has brought in $1.3 million dollars, and it has been revealed that a top Democratic donor and Biden family friend who President Biden named to a prestigious commission was one of the top purchasers.  Despite a promise that all purchasers' identities would be kept a secret, two names have been revealed:  Los Angeles-based real estate investor and Democratic donor Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali and Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris.  When Hunter Biden first announced he would make a high-dollar foray into the art world, the Biden team promised the identities of those who purchased Hunter's art would remain anonymous.  On the campaign trail, Joe Biden promised an 'absolute wall' between his duties as president and his family's business dealings.

Zelensky Associate Was Present at Biden Bribery Meetings — Then Went to Work for President Zelensky.  Author Peter Schweizer went on with Jesse Watters on Monday night where he proceeded to drop another bomb on the Biden Crime Family.  According to Schweizer, who wrote a best-seller "Secret Empires" on the Biden Family crimes, told Jesse that one of Vlodomyr Zelensky's top officials was sitting in the room when they were discussing bribing the Bidens, Joe and Hunter.  Ukrainian President Zelensky has a top official who was sitting in on meetings where they talked about bribing the Bidens.  Schweizer suggests Zelensky is using this as leverage over the Biden regime for weapons and billions in US dollars.

Media beg Republicans to 'move on' from Hunter Biden — because they know scandal is serious.  "I wonder after this plea happens if you would advise your party to move on?"  That question from CBS's "Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan to Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie was raised just days before a former business associate of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, gives potentially explosive testimony to a House committee in the Biden corruption scandal.  The media's desire to "move on" from the scandal is reaching an almost frantic level, as millions in foreign payments and dozens of corporate shell companies are revealed, and incriminating emails are released.  The same plaintive demand was made in congressional hearings.

Report: FBI Told David Weiss It Partially Corroborated Biden Bribery Allegations.  The FBI reportedly told U.S. Prosecutor David Weiss the bureau partially corroborated the claims that Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky bribed then-Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden with $5 million each.  The Pittsburgh FBI field office corroborated several details contained in the FBI informant record as a part of the intake process that former Attorney General William Barr established, a source with knowledge of the process told the Federalist.

[The] White House [is] Shifting and Parsing Words Around Joe and Hunter Biden "Business".  Previously Joe Biden said, "I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses."  Today, the White House appears to have modified that position and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre now says, "the President was never in business with his son."  [Video clip]  The issue has specific weight now because Hunter Biden's friend and eyewitness to the Biden family business coordination, Devon Archer, is scheduled to deliver testimony to the House Oversight Committee a week from today, Monday July 31st.

DOJ vows Weiss will publicly testify to counter 'any misrepresentations about our work'.  The Department of Justice told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Monday that U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who has led the federal investigation into Hunter Biden, will appear for a public hearing with the committee to combat "any misrepresentations" about Weiss's work.  Carlos Uriarte, an assistant attorney general, wrote in a letter to Jordan that Weiss could appear in late September or October for the hearing, long after President Joe Biden's son and Weiss have finalized their plea agreement, which is set to take place at a hearing Wednesday.

Hunter Biden put then-VP dad Joe on the phone with business associates at least 2 dozen times, ex-partner Devon Archer to testify.  Hunter Biden would dial in his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, on speakerphone into