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Vice-President Joe Biden may yet run for the office of President.  Here is some background information about him.

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Hunter Biden: The Most Comprehensive Timeline.  [Scroll down]  Up until that time, Hunter Biden had been employed as a consultant to the Delaware bank MBNA, with a $100,000-a-year retainer, according to the New York Times.  The bank hired him fresh out of law school and in less than two years promoted him to senior vice president.  Biden also separately worked as a lobbyist, founding the firm Oldaker Biden & Belair and working as a lobbyist until 2008, where he represented mostly universities and hospitals but also drug companies such as Achaogen Inc. and Pulmatrix Inc., and the music-sharing company Napster and online gambling sites.  Hunter says he has never lobbied his father on any client matter.  But the potential for the appearance of a conflict of interest allegedly troubled the senator at one point.  According to court records in a lawsuit filed by former business partner Joseph Lotito, Joe Biden wanted Hunter Biden to find a different line of work because his presidential campaign would be greatly complicated if he remained the father of a Washington lobbyist.

'Outright cruelty': Lib push to abandon debates comes amid Biden's latest badly botched virtual conference.  A growing movement on the left to stop presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden from debating incumbent President Donald Trump seems to coincide with a growing inability by the nominee to speak coherently and make any sense.  On Wednesday [7/8/2020], Biden participated in a virtual conference hosted by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and well, his participation wound up generating multiple clips of him seemingly rambling on without really saying anything.  [Video clip]

Daily Caller News Foundation, Judicial Watch sue University of Delaware for access to Biden's Senate records.  The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) and Judicial Watch announced on Wednesday [7/8/2020] that it is suing the University of Delaware for access to Joe Biden's Senate records.  According to DCNF, Judicial Watch filed the joint lawsuit in the Superior Court of Delaware related to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests both groups made back in April in hopes of obtaining documents from Biden's decades-long career as the Delaware senator as well as any logs of those "who have visited the location where the records are stored."  The lawsuit comes after the Delaware Department of Justice denied DCNF's appeal on July 1 when its FOIA request was previously denied.

Biden Can't Read Teleprompter, Forgets His Own Proposal.  Even in perfect conditions with teleprompters to read from, Joe Biden still forgets what he's talking about.  The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is barely there.  Appearing virtually at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' 2020 Virtual Political Conference on Wednesday [7/8/2020], Biden appeared to be reading from a teleprompter when he repeatedly lost his train of thought.  "Lonnie knows I believe this every fiber of being, we're opposed," Biden began confidently enough before he seemingly lost his place with the teleprompter.  Biden then switched to platitudes about making "it happen" and illuminating "the path forward."

Biden Says Police Have "Become the Enemy" and Calls For Defunding the Police.  Joe Biden on Wednesday [7/8/2020] fully embraced the defund the police movement.  77-year-old Biden stumbled his way through an interview with health care activist Ady Barkan.  Ady Barkan was diagnosed with terminal amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2016 and speaks through a computer voice.  Biden went all in and caved to radical leftists like Ilhan Omar and AOC and said he "absolutely" supports taking away funding from police departments across the country.

The Media and 2020: Deja vu All Over Again.  The media that has been so dishonest in covering the health pandemic and the riots is now claiming that Trump's reelection prospects are falling apart due to his slumping poll numbers.  In reality, they are struggling to find positive things to write about Joe Biden, so they need to continue to deflect any coverage of him by attributing failures to Trump.  Biden has very little enthusiasm, few original policies, and no grandiose plans to call his own.  The few ideas that he does have seemed to have come directly from avowed socialists Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.  Given his apparent mental decline, the media is covering for him, in a way not seen since they kept Franklin Delano Roosevelt's clandestine polio condition off the record.

Joe Steps in It Again While Trashing Police: 'They Become the Enemy'.  I can hear it already.  Joe Biden and his apologists will once again claim that he didn't mean to say what he said.  Just like they always do.  But he did.  During an interview with a progressive media outlet, Biden said of America's police departments:  "They become the enemy."  Speaking with NowThis, Biden said that when police go into a neighborhood in an "up-armored Humvee," they "become the enemy."

But what if there are really 33 million?
Biden immigration plan grants citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants.  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden on Wednesday [7/8/2020] formally embraced citizenship rights for 11 million illegal immigrants and a full erasure of all of President Trump's get-tough border policies, as part of the party's new unity platform.  The former vice president would expand sanctuary locations, limit ICE's ability to deport criminals in local jails, and reverse deportations for some military veterans already ousted because of criminal records.  Perhaps no other issue draws as stark a contrast between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump as immigration.

Watch: Joe Biden Can't Bring Himself to Say 'America First'.  Presumptive Democrat nominee for president Joe Biden couldn't bring himself to say "America First" during a NowThis News broadcast on Wednesday [7/8/2020].  Biden has often attacked Donald Trump's "America First" mantra.  [Video clip]  Referring to Trump, Biden said, "This guy's whole idea of America — America on its own has meant America alone.  We're out there by ourselves."

Biden Unveils Plan to 'Rebuild' Supply Chains, Prevent Future PPE Shortages.  Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a proposal on Tuesday to "rebuild" America's supply chain infrastructure, with an explicit focus on preventing future shortages of vital medical equipment.  Biden, fresh off promising to fundamentally "transform" the country if elected president, is proposing an overhaul of domestic manufacturing to combat how "dangerously dependent on foreign suppliers" the United States has become under the current administration.

Lindell: COVID & riots show what Biden presidency would look like.  MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has denounced recent economic lockdowns and the coronavirus panic, which he claimed reveals what Joe Biden's presidency would look like.  According to Lindell, President Trump has helped American businesses increase production and employment.  "The pandemic, the riots, I think it's showing everyone's what things could look like under socialism," he said.  He then slammed Democrat officials for their attempts to seemingly impose sweeping government control.  Lindell also condemned the liberal media for targeting and trying to destroy the supporters of President Trump.

The Editor says...
No, there won't be any pandemic scares with a Democrat in the White House.  The same virus we've dealt with in 2020 — or one that's even worse — wouldn't even be mentioned on TV news if it would make Placeholder Biden, or his successor, look bad.

Where Are the Results of Biden's Test for "Cognitive Decline"?  Conservative commentator Liz Peek, who appears frequently on Fox News, attempted to ferret out the questions that were left unanswered at the end of Joe Biden's first press conference last week.  At the close of Biden's first press conference in nearly three months, a reporter asked the presumptive Democrat presidential candidate if he has been tested for cognitive decline.  Said Biden:  "I've been tested, and I'm constantly tested.  Look, all you gotta do is watch me, and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I'm running against."  If that's so, then "Where was he tested?", asked Peek.  "Why, exactly, is he being 'constantly tested'?  Are his doctors worried about him?  More importantly, when will he release the results of those tests?"

Biden Admits Obama Was A Failure As President.  Tweeting Sunday [7/5/2020] from, presumably, his basement, Joe Biden promised that if elected this fall, "we won't just rebuild this nation — we'll transform it."  Did he forget that he was for eight years vice president in the administration whose chief executive said just before the 2008 election that we were "five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America"?  Apparently, Barack Obama didn't get the job done.  So it's up to Biden, or so he supposes.  The man who was not only No. 2 for two terms, but was an elected federal lawmaker for 44 years, will have to plug the holes left by Obama.

The Editor says...
I doubt if Mr. Biden writes his own tweets.  If he does, I'm confident that they are reviewed by an editor or two before they are posted.

Black Life-Long Democrat Reveals Why He Walked Away from Joe Biden.  Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones (D) on Tuesday penned an opinion piece slamming former Vice President Joe Biden for failing to stand up to protect the black community.  According to Jones, President Donald Trump has done more for the black community than any other Washington politician, all while Biden hides in his basement.  In particular, Jones takes issue with the left's calls to "defund the police," which they say is in response to the murder of George Floyd.

The Battle for America's Soul.  Joe Biden has often said during his presidential campaign that we are in a "battle for America's soul."  A nice soundbite, but Biden is already conceding this battle to globalists who disdain American sovereignty.  Indeed, Biden is an extreme globalist himself.  And Biden has for the most part been AWOL in the battle being waged for America's soul over the founding ideals of our nation, which are under attack by the far-left progressive base of the Democratic Party.

For all the wrong reasons, in this case:
Young Black voters say they aren't enthusiastic about a Joe Biden presidency.  Perry Green doesn't believe that Joe Biden is listening to what young, Black Americans want right now.  Across the country, young people are protesting systemic racism and calling on political leaders to reallocate funding from local police to other community resources.  Green, who is Black, criticized Biden for not supporting the "Defund the Police" movement that many activists support.  "You got Black youth across the country, calling for defunding the police and thinking differently about law enforcement, and ... a couple days later, in the midst of all the protests ... (Biden's) campaign says 'Let's spend more money on community policing,'" Green told USA TODAY.

I Am Black And I Am A Democrat.  But 'I Ain't' Voting For Joe Biden This November.  Since that day in May when I announced I would support Donald Trump for president, my motives have been questioned, my integrity assailed, even my intelligence challenged.  That's okay.  I'm a lifelong Democrat, but I am also a black man, the son of a World War II veteran and a proud American.  In recent weeks, there have been absurd calls to defund and disband police departments across the country by Democrats in response to the unjust murder of George Floyd.  These are extreme calls that will only lead to more pain and suffering in our most vulnerable communities.

Joe Biden, part of the problem since 1973.  The guy has been part of the problem in Washington for 47 years.  But now?  Now, he is really going to get after it!  Finally, the old geezer promises to fix everything that ails you — everything he has neglected for nearly five decades.  And he is going to do it all in just four years.  After he is gone, Mr. Biden's Wikipedia page will say: "1973-2021: Accomplished nothing in Washington; hung out with segregationists. 2021-2025: Fixed everything; saved world."  Economic doldrums of the Obama non-recovery economy got you down?  Joe Biden will tackle that.  Systematic racism?  Ol' Joe is gonna fix that now.

The coming Biden coup.  It is more than a possibility, and slightly less than a likelihood, that Joe Biden will be elected president in November.  Biden has made it clear that a woman will be his running mate.  What is becoming equally apparent is that he may be cornered into choosing a socialist or progressive as that person.  As he runs his campaign from his basement, allowing President Trump to stomp his feet and shout as he tries to mount a more traditional campaign, Biden has shown little inclination to take on his own foot-stomping base.  Thus the socialist/progressive wing of the Democratic Party is now center stage — and insisting one of their own be Biden's vice presidential candidate.

Trump vs.  Biden on America Past and Present.  Presidential elections are typically contests between politicians with unambiguously positive views of the United States and competing ideas about how to improve it.  This year, however, we must choose between two people with competing perspectives about whether a positive view of our country is even possible.  President Trump believes the United States is a great nation founded by great men upon whose work we can build an even greater future.  His challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, believes the United States has fallen far short of the ostensible principles of its hypocritical founders and that the only way forward is to fundamentally transform it according to some ill-defined vision of social justice.

Report: Hunter Biden Still Owns Ten Percent Stake in Chinese Private Equity Firm.  Hunter Biden, the youngest son of former Vice President Joe Biden, appears to have kept his ten percent stake in an international private equity firm with ties to the Chinese government, months after resigning from the company's board of directors.  Biden, a one time lobbyist who reinvented himself as an international businessman during his father's tenure in the Obama administration, officially resigned from the board of Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) in October 2019.  His departure came amid scrutiny of Biden's overseas dealings after President Donald Trump's urging of Ukraine to probe his ties to one of its top energy conglomerates.

Will Joe Biden Sign a Pledge to Protect American Monuments?  It shouldn't have to get to this point, but here it goes:  We need a written pledge to protect our statues and monuments.  That is, a written document for politicians to sign, if they wish, pledging to protect public order and the dignity of our society.  Yes, of course, desecration and destruction are already illegal, but as we know, many elected officials have chosen to turn a blind eye — or, in some cases, have actively supported — vandalism of statues and monuments.

The Editor says...
It is especially important to get this in writing from Joe Biden, whose relationship with the truth is not especially reliable, and who might not remember making this agreement a week after he signs it.

Biden says he is going to 'transform' the nation if elected.  Joe Biden tweeted Sunday night [7/5/2020] that if he gets elected, his administration "won't just rebuild this nation — we'll transform it," raising speculation online about what exactly in the country will be transformed. [...] Biden's tweet did not specify what exactly he means by transforming the country.  His critics from the left have expressed concern that he served in the upper echelon of government for over 40 years and didn't help solve these major issues in the past.  His critics from the right insist that a Biden White House will take marching orders from the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of the party.

The Editor says...
The article above should have started out, "Joe Biden — or someone acting on his behalf — tweeted Sunday night..."

Pocket-lining Joe is now Mr. 'Strategic Empathy' on China, according to NYT.  Corrupt Joe Biden, who used his office to enrich himself and his family, to say the least, is now the foreign policy maven, particularly on China. [...] Here's the second problem: this apparent media makeover for Joe, painting him as the great personal-touch diplomat who can get along with everyone, is clearly the new party line being promoted in the press, and we can expect to see lockstep echoing of this embarrassing face-lift.  The JournoList talking points have gone out, and now the shots are fired.  As those shots went out, attempting to boost Joe while taking down Trump, the Chicoms themselves have been very active, too.  Just days ago, according to a report in the Daily Caller, the Chinese investment firm that made Hunter a very rich man has quietly removed Hunter's name as a board member.  That's to help Joe win his presidential bid, for sure, which ought to make voters wary, given whose interests are being boosted.  Worse still, the Caller reports, they allowed him to keep his sizable stake in the company — worth millions, at least.

Biden Makes a Promise That Should Worry Everyone.  While the media continue to insist that Joe Biden is a picture of moderation, he continues to tell us who he really is.  The formerly self-proclaimed "most liberal" senator has continually embraced the left-wing base of the Democrat party, failing to condemn even the most obvious anti-American outbursts.  Now, the Democrat presidential candidate is making this promise.  ["]We're going to beat Donald Trump.  And when we do, we won't just rebuild this nation — we'll transform it.["]  Putting aside the fact that Biden almost certainly doesn't have the capacity to consistently write his own tweets, one is left wondering exactly what he plans to transform "this nation" into.  Given how much the nation has already been transformed over the last several months, with the continued tolerance of the destruction of cities and America's history, the promise of some higher level of radicalism coming should worry everyone.

Do Never-Trump Republicans Know How Liberal Joe Biden Has Become?  President Donald Trump causes people to do the strangest things, but none is as strange as the growing determination by some Republicans to get Joe Biden elected in November, even as Biden moves further and further leftward.  We aren't the only ones who've noticed that, while the country is fixated on the coronavirus panic-demic and race riots, Biden's agenda has shifted sharply to the socialist side of the spectrum.

Jobs Not Mobs.  Voters have a clear choice this November.  If you want mobs vandalizing stores, destroying public property and setting churches on fire, then vote for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who has spent the majority of his time hiding out in his Delaware basement while our country has been in flames in the aftermath of the George Floyd tragedy.  If you scroll through Uncle Joe's Twitter feed from the past several weeks, you'll notice he hasn't condemned the burning of St. John's Episcopal Church by violent protestors.  He hasn't denounced the heinous assaults and killings of police officers that have taken place throughout the country.  Nor has he said a peep about the brutal murder of civilians — including teenagers — shot and killed in the Seattle CHOP zone controlled by armed left-wing anarchists.  And he certainly hasn't called upon Democratic mayors and governors to get their ransacked cities and states under control.

Biden Campaign Refuses To Release Cognitive Test Results.  Its been three days now since former Vice President Joe Biden told reporters that he's been "tested and am constantly tested" for cognitive decline.  The media has, unsurprisingly, swept this story under the rug, but the candidate's claim still raises a lot of questions.  Who's been doing these assessments?  Why are we only hearing about these "constant" tests after the cognitive question has plagued the campaign for well over a year?  And most importantly, Biden never actually said what any of the results were.  So what were they?  The Biden Campaign has not responded to The Federalist's request for those results.

Joe Biden's Claims of Cognitive Tests Unclear as Campaign Hides Results.  Joe Biden told reporters on Wednesday [7/1/2020] he has taken a cognitive test, used to detect mental issues, but his campaign will not specify what exactly that means or if it will release the results of whatever test he took — if he actually took a test.  "I've been tested and I'm constantly tested," Biden said when asked at his first press conference in three months if he is experiencing cognitive decline issues.

Joe Biden:  I Support Abortion 'Under any Circumstance'.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the odds-on future president of the United States, has declared and guaranteed his support of abortion "under any circumstance."  "Republicans in state legislatures will stop at nothing to get rid of Roe — and we have to be just as strong in our defense of it."  said Biden, commenting after the Supreme Court's decision to blow up a Louisiana law that required abortion providers to have to admit privileges at local hospitals, saying it created an unconstitutional undue burden for patients seeking an abortion.

Joe Biden Ad:  Business Owner Attacks Trump's Pandemic Response, Doesn't Mention Her $27,000 PPP Loan.  A Joe Biden campaign ad features a woman who says President Donald Trump "left the American people behind" in his handling of the coronavirus outbreak — without mentioning a relief loan she received to keep her business afloat.  Tiffany Easley, owner of NV My Eyewear, an optometry and eyewear store in Philadelphia, PA, received a $27,000 forgivable loan from the federal government via the administration's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

Why Biden's Lead Will Evaporate.  [Scroll down]  First, consider the DNC wants to fulfill Biden's desire for a black female VP nominee.  The current BLM situation makes that choice a near certainty.  Speculation is strong that Biden will not last the full four years of his potential presidency.  His fading mental acuity, deeply troubling to many, adds to this uncertainty.  This elevates the significance of the VP candidate in a fashion rarely seen in a presidential campaign.  But the impact on election outcome of any individual running mate, has been limited.  Hillary Clinton did not lose because she picked Tim Kaine and John McCain lost on his own merits, not those of Sarah Palin.  This year the DNC is desperately searching for someone, anyone, who can fit the bill:  black, experienced, a good campaigner, and one who will attract independent voters.

Trump Campaign Unveils Hard-Hitting Ad Against Biden.  The Trump campaign hammered Joe Biden on Thursday for supporting radical Marxist Black Lives Matter militants who are working to defund the police.  Biden claims he doesn't support the movement to defund the police, however he supports Black Lives Matter and other far-left organizations pushing to defund and defang police departments.  Black Lives Matter and other Biden allies are working to replace the police with Sharia patrol, Black Panthers, La Raza and other anti-white, anti-Christian social justice enforcers.

A Black Running Mate Won't Save Biden.  Public opinion polls appear to portend a Biden victory in November, but the former Vice President will almost certainly succumb to the same affliction that brought about Hillary Clinton's electoral demise — anemic enthusiasm among minorities.  No Democrat can win without the robust backing of this bloc of voters, and Biden's dubious record on racially sensitive issues combined with more recent blunders, has rendered this support noticeably tepid.

Jill Biden Claims Husband Is a 'Moderate'; Joe Biden Disagrees.  Jill Biden, the wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, told The View this week that her husband is a "moderate."  Oddly, that is a label that the former Vice President has rejected in the past.  And today, Joe Biden is a "revolutionary."  Last April, shortly before he entered the race, reporters suggested that Biden was a "moderate" and not a "progressive."  He fired back:  "For my whole career, I wish had been labeled in Delaware for the seven times I ran as a moderate.  I was never labeled as a moderate."  Moreover, Biden is not moving back to the center, as candidates typically do after securing their party's nomination.  Instead, he is moving left.

Biden Trots Out Small Business Owner Who Got Thousands in Gov't Assistance to Argue Trump Isn't Helping Small Business.  A new campaign video from Joe Biden features a small business owner who says the Trump administration did nothing to help her during the coronavirus pandemic.  Unmentioned is that she received thousands through the administration's Paycheck Protection Program.  Tiffany Easley, who owns NV My Eyewear in Philadelphia, received a forgivable $27,000 loan during the first phase of the program in April, she disclosed to local news outlet BillyPenn.  She disclosed the same to Biden during a June 11 roundtable he held in Philadelphia, telling him her major concern was creating safe conditions for her furloughed staff to come back into the store.  But the disclosure is missing from the video testimonial Easley provided for the Biden campaign, in which she says the administration made "everything worse."

Joe Biden delays VP pick again:  A secret civil war among Democrats?  After all that time in the basement, not doing very much, Joe Biden still can't quite decide who his runnng mate is going to be. [...] Every last one of them is bound to alienate a large portion of his electorate, driving a lot of them to stay home or heaven forbid, switch to Trump.  Biden is currently leading in the polls, and whoever he picks is bound to splinter that lead or else nullify it as enthusiasm fizzles.

The Soviet Model of the Biden Administration.  Former Vice President Joe Biden's unsteady demeanor at his first press conference in nearly three months on Tuesday [6/30/2020] reinforced the idea that he is not going to be in charge of his own administration if he is elected president in November.  The Biden administration will be run behind the scenes by a mixture of old establishment hands and young radicals.  In effect, it will pursue the policies of Bernie Sanders, with the personnel of Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Biden Confuses Deaf Interpreter.  Incoherent words muttered by a senile old man are impossible to translate.  Look at her face.  Hilarious.  [Video clip]

To a Democrat, skin color matters more than anything else.
About that running mate: 72% of Democrats in USA TODAY poll say it's 'important' Biden pick woman of color.  Seven of 10 Democrats in the new USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll say it is important to them that presumptive nominee Joe Biden picks a woman of color as his running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket this fall.  A third of Democrats, among both Black and white Americans, call it "very important."  The potential contender who generates the most enthusiasm as a vice presidential nominee among those surveyed is California Sen. Kamala Harris, followed by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.  Many of the other possibilities reportedly being vetted by the Biden campaign aren't familiar enough to be rated by most of those surveyed.

Move on — to the 77-year-old white guy?
MoveOn endorses Joe Biden, a sign that progressives are embracing him.  The influential online liberal organization MoveOn endorsed Joe Biden for president Wednesday, a sign that progressives are starting to warm to his candidacy.  Biden won the support of 82% of MoveOn members, which counts 13 million people on its mailing list.  He is the fourth presidential candidate that the organization has endorsed in its 20-year history, after Barack Obama (twice) and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary.  MoveOn declined to reveal how many members voted.

Joe Biden Owns The Democratic Party's Insanity.  In New York City, shootings have skyrocketed over the past few weeks to levels not seen since what we refer to as "the bad old days."  Teenagers are being senselessly killed in our streets.  What is the Democratic Party's answer to this?  They are stripping a billion dollars from the $6 billion budget of the New York Police Department in a display of virtue signaling that will lead to bullet holes in black and brown bodies.  As Democrats across the country plot to defund the police and tear down statues of great Americans, as they cower to mobs that set up "autonomous zones" where people are raped and murdered, Joe Biden is hiding behind his mask.  Every single time a racist or bigot says they support Donald Trump, the media demands the president denounce them.  Why isn't that same media demanding Biden denounce the Jacobin mobs destroying our cities?

Secret Service Records Show Hunter Biden Did Not Travel to Ukraine Before Burisma Appointment.  Recently made public Secret Service records indicate that Hunter Biden, the youngest son of former Vice President Joe Biden, did not travel to Ukraine prior to his appointment to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, one of the country's top energy conglomerates.  The documents, which were received through a Freedom of Information Act request by the conservative-leaning group Judicial Watch, show the younger Biden took 411 domestic and international flights between 2009 and 2014.  The secret service provided protection for Biden on each of those flights and potentially more, as the records only cover the period from June 2009 to May 2014.

Biden Campaign Asks Facebook To Censor President Trump's Posts.  The Biden campaign doesn't believe Facebook is doing enough to censor President Trump.  In a letter to Facebook's vice president for global affairs and communications Nick Clegg on Monday, Biden's campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon criticized the tech giant for "haggling" with the White House and requesting "edits and deletions" of Trump's posts about the George Floyd protests, rather than removing them entirely.  She specifically asked Facebook to remove posts from President Trump that suggest a connection between mail-in ballots and voter fraud.  Dillon insisted that such posts were unfounded and constituted voter suppression.  Meanwhile, in a special election in New Jersey last month nearly a fifth of ballots collected were discovered to be fraudulent.

Biden Will Not Hold Campaign Rallies Due to COVID19 Threat.  Former Vice President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that his campaign would not hold any public rallies ahead of the general election, citing the threat of the coronavirus.  Biden, who has made few public appearances in recent months because of the pandemic, told reporters in Wilmington, Delaware that his campaign would not take the risk associated with potentially spreading the virus at rally-style events.

The Editor says...
Mr. Biden "has made few public appearances in recent months" because he is a senile old man who barely knows if he's awake or asleep.  His handlers aren't afraid of his fans spreading a virus, they're afraid nobody will show up!

Victor Davis Hanson phrases it so much more effectively:
The Strategies of Dementia Politics.  Joe Biden is tragically suffering a mental eclipse and sliding away at a geometric rate.  Understandably, his handlers have kept him out of sight.  He stays off the campaign trail on the pretext of the virus and his age-related susceptibility to COVID-19 morbidity.  I say "pretext" without apology.  Quarantine should not have otherwise stopped Biden over the past three months from doing daily interviews, speeches, and meetings.  But each occasion, however scripted, rehearsed, and canned, would only have offered further daily proof that Biden is cognitively unable to be president or indeed to hold any office.

Biden Faces No Questions About Michael Flynn Probe During His First Press Conference In Three Months.  Former Vice President Joe Biden held his first press conference with reporters in nearly three months, but faced no questions about recent revelations about his interest in Michael Flynn during the presidential transition period in early 2017.  Last week, attorneys for Flynn disclosed notes taken in early January 2017 that suggested that Biden brought up an obscure law called the Logan Act that the FBI cited to continue an investigation against Flynn. [...] In an interview last month, Biden downplayed his role in any investigation of Flynn.  "I was aware that they asked for an investigation, but that's all I know about it," Biden told ABC's George Stephanopoulos in a May 12 interview.  He has not been directly asked about the Strzok notes.

Biden's Puffballs From the Press.  Everything about the June 30 press conference with Joe Biden underlines how the snarling, vicious watchdogs of the Trump administration will transform into cuddly little lapdogs if Biden is elected president.  Biden began with a 20-minute speech, and CNN and MSNBC ran the whole speech live.  These networks often refuse to air White House press briefings and try not to give free air time to President Donald Trump ... just as CNN and MSNBC refused to air 96% of Trump's Tulsa rally.  Then came the questions.  The one that would seriously cause the president to tear out chunks of his hair came from Mike Memoli of NBC News.  It can be summed up as this:  "You have a sizable lead.  How do you keep winning?"  By their softball questions, the press is signaling this question:  "And what can we do to help?"

Biden says he won't hold rallies due to coronavirus.  Contrasting himself with President Trump, presumptive Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Tuesday said that he won't be holding campaign rallies going forward due to the coronavirus.  When asked if would hold large-scale rallies — which public health experts warn against — Biden told reporters:  "I'm going to follow the docs' orders.  Not just for me but for the country.  And that means I'm not going to be holding rallies."  And the former vice president — holding a news conference for the first time in nearly three months — acknowledged that latest "polling data is very good."  But with more than four months to go until the November election, Biden also said "it's really early" and said he didn't "want to jinx myself."

The Editor says...
Someone (other than me, of course) should offer an annual grand prize for the lamest and least-believable excuses put forth by a politician.  Joe Biden (or whoever speaks for him now) would be this year's winner.

White men need not apply.
Biden compiling list of potential Black women nominees for the Supreme Court.  Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Tuesday that he's compiling a list of Black women who could be nominees to the Supreme Court.  "We are putting together a list of a group of African American women who are qualified and have the experience to be in the court," Biden said during a press conference in Delaware.  "I am not going to release that until we go further down the line of vetting them."  President Trump and Republicans have been pressuring Biden to release a list of judges he's considering as Supreme Court nominees.

Old Joe Biden Reveals During Presser that All of his Questions were Pre-planned!  The puppet show was going so well.  Why did Joe have to blow it?  Joe Biden had a rally with far left media lackeys on Tuesday [6/30/2020].  The media event was held in Wilmington, Delaware.  The media was polite, respectful, never interrupted, and asked their pre-planned questions.  Just like they treat President Trump, right?  Despite all of the pre-planning to prove Joe is still a viable candidate, Old Joe let the cat out of the bag.

Trump Needs to Run a 1972 Nixon-Style Campaign.  The media is so far into the pocket of the Democratic party that they are willing to cover for anything Biden says and does, no matter how ludicrous his gaffes, no matter how confused he appears to be.  With each bumbling performance, they continue to protect him as though they were preserving the sanctity of a saint.  When a former Biden staffer who worked for him while he was in the Senate claimed this past March that he had sexually assaulted her in 1993, Biden remained silent for weeks before emphatically denying the allegation.  He did so only after the media had finally acknowledged the existence of her accusation.  Unlike when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault during his senate confirmation hearing, nearly two years earlier, the media and their Democratic allies reached a much quicker verdict for Biden — not guilty.

Joe Biden Claims, Without Evidence, He's Taken Cognitive Function Test.  Joe Biden told reporters on Wednesday that he's taken a cognitive functioning test which, if true, must have occurred sometime in the last 6 months.  Biden was attempting to exit his speech-turned-press conference, and the last question was from Doug McKelway of Fox News, who asked if the presumptive Democrat nominee has been tested "for some degree of cognitive decline?"  "I've been tested and I'm constantly tested," Biden responded.

Joe Biden Refuses to Release Names of Potential Supreme Court Nominees.  Joe Biden told reporters on Tuesday that he would not release his list of potential Supreme Court nominees.  The presumptive Democrat nominee, somehow, blamed President Trump for his lack of transparency.

NBC & ABC Hawk Biden Campaign Propaganda Disguised as Children's Book.  Apparently Joe Biden called up NBC's 3rd Hour Today show and ABC's Good Morning America to tell the broadcasts to let his wife, Jill Biden, appear for softball interviews and sell campaign propaganda disguised as a children's book.  On Tuesday [6/30/2020], the two morning shows obviously agreed, conducting embarrassing segments with the former Second Lady designed to manipulate viewers — and their children — into supporting her husband in the 2020 election.  On NBC, co-host Craig Melvin was delighted to be able to do his part in supporting the Biden campaign:  "And welcome back, it has been a busy few months for former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden. [...]"

Jill Biden: 'A lot of Republicans' told me on campaign trail they're 'going to vote for Joe'.  Jill Biden said Tuesday that "a lot of Republicans" on the campaign trail told her that they're going to vote for her husband, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.  "From what I've seen, a lot of Republicans are going to vote for Joe," Jill Biden said during an interview on ABC's "The View" on Tuesday [6/30/2020].

Joe Biden Inadvertently Reveals During Disastrous Press Conference Why Handlers Keep Him in the Basement.  Joe Biden gave a rare public speech in his home state of Delaware today and afterwards took questions from reporters in what ended up proving to be a disastrous press conference.  Various video clips from the presser showed Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, at times appearing out of sorts and unsure of himself.  In one clip, Biden awkwardly admits he was given a list of reporters to call on by his campaign staffers.

These Are the Biden Rallies.  In the recent commentary on Joe Biden's response to the Lululemon Left's protests in D.C. and Brooklyn, a consensus appears to have surfaced.  They tell us Joe Biden is keeping the politically appropriate distance from the protesters and their acts of widespread public vandalism and violence, and his aim is to remain squarely focused on those suburban voters outside of Philly, Pittsburgh and elsewhere.  There will be no mass rallies for Joe Biden this year, and that's not because of the coronavirus.  It's because Biden can't command those types of crowds, except maybe for one or two well-hyped events in late October with enough celebrities and musicians to arouse attendees.  Joe Biden is no longer the left's representative, and not just because, it brings me no joy to say this, Biden is likely incapable of being anyone's representative or being the one roused for that 3 a.m. phone call.

Poll: 20% of Democrats 'think Biden has dementia,' 38% among all voters.  Joe Biden's gaffes and mumblings are catching up to him with his own base of voters, with one-fifth believing he has dementia, according to a new survey.  Rasmussen Reports revealed in new data shared with Secrets that 20% of Democrats believe he suffers from the debilitating disease.  Many more Republicans, 66%, agree.  Overall, 38% believe Biden has dementia, likely driven by his misstatements during speeches and Zoom events.  Seniors are the age group most likely to think Biden is suffering from dementia, said the Rasmussen analysis.

Don't hold your breath for Joe Biden's Sister Souljah moment.  Sure, Biden has been quiet, relative to Trump — who isn't? — but he hasn't been totally basement-bound.  The former vice president has been venturing out for socially distanced local speeches.  He gave one on healthcare in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Thursday, stopped off in the Pennsylvania towns of Yeadon and Darby the week before, and hosted an economic round table in Philadelphia on June 11.  But his post-lockdown approach hasn't come close to the bluster of, say, a 6,000-person rally in Tulsa.  When contrasted with the visceral and vocal protest movement that's swept the country over the last month, Biden seems practically mute.

Media Learned Nothing after their 2016 Polling Disaster.  [Scroll down]  This must be it for Trump and his supporters.  How can Trump overcome a double-digit deficit to the Democrat candidate?  Just look at Trump's Tulsa rally with empty seats despite over a million ticket requests.  First the virus, then protests and riots, now anarchy in Democrat run cities as the new normal for America, all destroying the Trump presidency.  The latest chapter in the NeverTrump manifesto, starting with Russian collusion and Mueller, to Stormy and Avenatti, Omarosa and Scaramucci, Bolton and Mattis, each one supposedly the end of Trump.  Not widely discussed were the 7.7 million Tulsa rally viewers on Fox News, setting a Saturday ratings record, not to mention those watching on other internet video platforms.  After the media spent the previous week predicting illness or death for anyone foolish enough to brave the Trump rally, and attendees were threatened by Black Lives Matter protesters, many chose to stay home avoiding getting beaten up or worse.  Joe Biden gave a speech in a gymnasium, drawing perhaps a few dozen.

Joe Biden:  H-1B Foreign Workers 'Built this Country'.  Joe Biden told NBC News that he would immediately lift President Donald Trump's June 22 moratorium on the inflow of H-1B contract workers if he wins the 2020 election.  Trump "ended H1B visas the rest of this year," Biden said in a June 27 town hall meeting organized by NBC News.  "That will not be in my administration."  "The people coming on these [H-1B] visas have built this country," Biden added.  "He said the H-1Bs built this country?  So the country didn't exist before 1998?  That is interesting," responded Rosemary Jenks, policy director at NumbersUSA.

More Horrible News For Biden Campaign — Trump Is Up In Wisconsin and Biden Can Barely Win a Primary with No Competition.  The Biden campaign is in a horrible spot.  Their candidate couldn't hold a job in the US doing anything due to his horrible decline in health and increasing dementia.  He can't afford to hold a rally because he'll mess up and say something crazy.  He looks weak and feeble and so he stays in his basement where he at least won't misstate something again.  Now the reality of of the Biden situation has appeared.  For one, Biden can barely win a Democrat primary, despite being the only candidate in the field.

Economist Stephen Moore Warns Of Biden 'Left-Wing' Agenda.  "[I]f Biden were to win the election, your voting not just for Joe Biden, but for a very left-wing economic agenda that would potentially do serious harm," Moore said.  "Those are the factors that make investors very nervous right now.  And you can see it with the performance of the stock market this week."  He added that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., would effectively be "co-president" in a Biden administration.  "You've got Democrats running for higher taxes. ... What happened to the moderate wing of the Democratic Party?  It's silent," he said.

Secret Service provided security for Hunter Biden on 400-plus trips during Obama years.  Hunter Biden has already made headlines with his pursuit of global business, raising questions about conflicts of interests by landing lucrative deals in Ukraine and China while his father Joe was vice president.  And now it's his proclivity for globetrotting travel that is garnering attention.  The son of the former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee in waiting used Secret Service protection on at least 411 international and domestic trips during the Obama years, according to records released this month under the Freedom of Information Act to the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch.  The records show Hunter Biden made at least 29 international trips between January 2009 and July 2014 and hundreds more criss-crossing the United States.

Was Biden Cancer Initiative Another Financial Funnel for Biden's Friends?  Following the death of his son, Beau, from brain cancer in 2015, former Vice President Joe Biden took over an Obama program called Cancer Moonshot.  When he left the Obama administration, he renamed it the Biden Cancer Initiative (BCI).  BCI had lofty goals:  to "improve the cancer journey ... and improve outcomes for all patients" suffering from the disease.  It wasn't a grant-making machine but instead, according to press releases and its website, focused on coordinating data on cancer research between various entities to speed up the process of finding a cure for cancer.  The first clue that this was an impossible goal and possibly simply just a cover to funnel big salaries to Biden friends came from the New York Times' review of the whole "moonshot" idea:  "While Mr. Biden's focus had already made some meaningful difference ... the chances of reaching a moment of victory as the analogy 'moonshot' suggests seem entirely unrealistic."

Biden slammed after wrongly saying 'we have over 120 million dead from COVID'.  Republicans are slamming Joe Biden after the presumptive Democratic nominee made a verbal gaffe during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania and said 120 million people had died from the novel coronavirus.  "People don't have a job, people don't know where to go, they don't know what to do," Biden said Thursday [6/25/2020].  "Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID."

Joe Biden:  I Will Force Americans to Wear Masks in Public.  Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday [6/25/2020] that he would compel Americans to wear masks in public if elected president.  In an interview with Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA, Biden said that he would use federal power to "mandate" masks.

Hmm: First Biden's Mind Fails and Then the Live Stream?  The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee spoke on health care at an event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Thursday [6/25/2020].  An entire event dedicated to health care and the subject of dementia never came up.  Biden, who confuses his wife for his sister, hopes to position himself as the go-to expert on the coronavirus.  To demonstrate his profound knowledge on the subject, Biden familiarized himself with the latest statistics on the disease.  "You have, unnecessarily, now we have over 120 million dead from COVID," Biden declared.  Only the death toll is nowhere near that amount thanks, in large part, to Trump's travel restrictions on China in the early days of the pandemic.  Restrictions that Joe Biden and the Democrats opposed.  Around 126,000 deaths in the United States have been attributed to the disease.

Biden's Basement Strategy:  Just Say Nothing.  Some polls now have Joe Biden running ahead of Donald Trump by 10 points and sweeping the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  This vindicates the strategy Biden's advisers have adopted:  Confine Joe to his basement, no press conferences.  Trot him out to recite carefully scripted messages for the cameras.  Then lead him back to his stall.  This enables Biden to avoid the blazing questions that are dividing not only Democrats and Republicans but liberals and leftists.  And most of these issues touch on the explosive subject of race.

The Left's Idea of Bringing Us Together.  Earlier this month, former Defense Secretary James Mattis whined:  "Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people.  Instead, he tries to divide us."  Apparently, Mattis wasn't alive when Barack Obama was president.  His quest for unity started as a candidate, when he described Middle Americans as bitterly clinging to religion, guns and anti-immigrant sentiments — in other words, as fanatics, gun nuts and xenophobes.  In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the left's unity candidate — heaping calumny on the heads of "deplorables" (bitter-clingers 2.0).  Now comes Joe Biden, who said at an April fundraiser that Trump voters, "really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are bad."  So, if you're tired of illegals streaming across the border, Dems say you believe Mexicans are all rapists and if you're critical of the way Muslim countries treat Christians, to Dems, it's the same as saying, "all Muslims are bad."  Naturally, no one in the establishment media denounced this slander.

2020 Election Will Be a Contest of the Angry.  The old 2020 election was supposed to be about many familiar issues.  It is not anymore.  Up until now, the candidates themselves would supposedly be the story in November.  The left had cited Trump's tweets and erratic firings as windows into his dark soul.  The right had replied that an addled and befuddled Joe Biden was not really a candidate at all.  Instead, he was a mere facsimile who would have to be carried to Election Day on the shoulders of the Democratic Party, only shortly to fade away.  Then a radical vice president soon could implement a hard-left agenda through succession that she could not through election.

The Biden Campaign is Missing Only 2 Exciting Things:  A Direction and a Candidate.  Is Hidin' Joe Biden the 1994 Crime Bill guy, or the #BLM and antifa guy?  The former veep and alleged Democratic presidential nominee might be up in the polls, but his campaign is being pulled in two impossible directions with a rudderless candidate stuck in the middle with little to do.  It isn't easy to feel sympathy for someone like Biden, who has somehow grown rich without ever producing a good or service in the private sector.  The man who used his public "service" to enrich his talentless and ethically challenged son.  The man who can't seem to keep his hands and nose off women who are not his wife, regardless of age or obvious discomfort.  The man who lies so casually and without consequence about his record and his life.  The man who turned his first wife's tragic auto-accident death into a catapult for his own career, while publicly accusing the innocent driver of the other car of being drunk at the time.  You know, the guy currently getting a pass from the race-obsessed Democrat-Media Complex for his past protection of segregated private schools.

Wall Street executives brace for a potential Biden win as Trump fades in polls.  Finance executives are now bracing for Joe Biden to potentially win the presidency as Donald Trump slides in national and swing-state polls.  Various current and former Wall Street financiers, analysts, lobbyists, lawyers and political advisors with banking clients spoke to CNBC about how the industry is bracing for a possible Biden win.  Some spoke on the record, others decided to discuss on the condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak publicly on the issue.

The Editor says...
Really?  All Joe Biden has to do is hide in his basement and watch the riots, and he wins an election?  That's hard to believe.  Aside from that, anyone who makes financial decisions based on political polls (five months before the election) is probably making an error.

Biden backed brutal bankruptcy bill in 2005.  In 1999, then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) declared, "I'm not the senator from MBNA."  Apparently, Biden felt it was necessary to clarify that he did not exclusively represent credit card giant MBNA because his constituents were thoroughly confused, based on his track record of being a shill for credit card companies located in the First State.  Then, six years later, Biden inserted his foot directly into his mouth (again) when he championed the notorious (and ill-named) Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA). [...] In short, BAPCPA was a terrible bill that favored credit card companies, big banks, and millionaires over working-class borrowers.  It also is solely responsible for the fact that student loan debt is totally impossible to dismiss — even after one has declared bankruptcy.  Wait a minute, I thought Joe Biden was the consummate defender and advocate of the working class and oppressed.  Far from it.  In reality, Biden's political career of more than four decades was predicated upon protecting the interests of credit card companies.

Biden Cancer Nonprofit Paid Its Top Execs Millions.  It Spent Little to Eradicate Cancer.  One of several nonprofits Joe Biden created following his tenure in the White House, the Biden Cancer Initiative paid top executives lavishly, with salaries comprising nearly 65 percent of its total expenditures.  That is well above the 25 percent charity watchdogs recommend nonprofits spend on administrative overhead and fundraising costs combined.  The nonprofit raised and spent $4.8 million over its two years in operation, its 2017 and 2018 tax forms show.  Slightly more than $3 million of that amount went to salaries, compensation, and benefits.  At the same time, the group spent just $1.7 million on all of its other expenses.  A bulk of this cash — $740,000 — was poured into conferences, conventions, and meetings.  It did not cut a single grant to any other group or foundation during its two-year run.

The Editor says...
Since at least the 1960's, Americans have been soaked by a number of organizations, and lied to by politicians, all pledging to eradicate cancer.  A cure for cancer is always right around the corner.  Researchers, we are constantly told, are at the doorstep of a major breakthrough, if only the American people could just cough up another few million dollars.  Save your money.  Even if they know what cures cancer, they have an enormous monetary incentive to keep it quiet.

Obama and Biden were up to their necks in the Flynn persecution.  On Wednesday [6/24/2020], news broke that was so big that (at least as of this writing) both the New York Times and the Washington Post ignored it:  Barr's DOJ finally forced the FBI to release Comey's debriefing of the January 5, 2017 meeting that led to the General Flynn persecution.  The notes, which Peter Strzok wrote based on a conversation with Comey, show Obama directing the FBI to investigate General Flynn using "the right people," while Biden came up with the idea that Flynn should be prosecuted under the Logan Act, an old, unconstitutional law that is inapplicable to a national security advisor.  As well as showing a White House conspiracy against the incoming administration, the notes also reveal that Susan Rice's bizarre inauguration email to herself was false and that Biden lied to Americans about his involvement.  Although heavily redacted, the portion of the notes that the DOJ released to the public is unambiguous.

Biden's Mental Capacity:  The Emerging Issue.  Everyone who pays attention has known for a while that Joe Biden, never an intelligent man, is in a state of cognitive decline.  This is why the Democrats have been happy to keep him out of sight in his basement for the last several months.  Most voters are barely aware of Biden's condition, if at all.  But that inevitably will change.  A pro-Trump PAC has taken on the issue of Biden's dementia directly, in this ad:  [Video clip]  The ad is fairly hard-hitting, but from Biden's perspective, it could be worse.  There are more such ads to come.

Is there any question?
Pro-Trump super PAC rolls out ad questioning whether Biden has dementia.  A super PAC supporting President Donald Trump released an advertisement Wednesday questioning whether former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is suffering from a form of dementia that could hurt his ability to govern the United States.  "Does Joe Biden have the mental capacity to keep America safe?" asks a narrator in the ad, titled "Lost His Mind."  The ad, which is slated to run on social media and TV nationwide, was released by pro-Trump super PAC, Committee to Defend the President.  The narrator continues questioning the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee's mental fitness.  "Is Joe Biden in mental decline?  Does Joe Biden have dementia?" the narrator notes.  "In a world losing its mind, we don't need a president who's already lost his."

Biden signals willingness to use 'unfettered discretion' to reject pipelines.  Joe Biden is signaling he would make it difficult for developers to obtain federal permits to build fossil fuel infrastructure such as pipelines and liquefied natural gas export facilities, delivering on a key priority of environmental groups.  "There is virtually unfettered discretion there, so long as procedural safeguards are observed," said Glenn Schwartz, director of policy at Rapidan Energy Group, a consultancy firm.  As his chief tool to curb pipelines and LNG export terminals, Biden could require thorough and lengthy reviews to determine whether a project's economic value is outweighed by its contribution to climate change.

The Editor says...
Pipes don't change the weather.  If you believe they do, then you are an idiot.

Strzok Notes Reveal Obama Directed Flynn Investigation, Biden Raised Logan Act Violation.  Handwritten notes taken by former FBI agent Peter Strzok revealed that President Barack Obama directed the FBI to continue investigating Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn just weeks before he was to become President Trump's national security adviser, in a meeting during which Vice President Joe Biden suggested that Flynn violated the Logan Act.  Up until now, it had been unclear exactly how involved Obama was in the FBI investigation of Trump's national security adviser. [...] Obama himself directed that "the right people" investigate Flynn.

Trump Rally Laid Out Case Against Joe Biden.  No wonder Joe Biden is hiding in his basement.  He is going to need more than just a face mask to survive this campaign.  Somebody needs to get the guy a body cast after President Trump's rally in Tulsa on Saturday night.  It is not even elder abuse.  I mean, yeah, the guy is near 80 years old and he seems all talked out.  Vacant.  Lost.  And lonely.  But the problem isn't how long Mr. Biden has been alive.  The problem is how long he has been in Washington.  Or, as Mr. Trump described it, "four decades of betrayal, calamity and failure."

The Look on Obama's Face Says it All — Biden Makes Absolutely No Sense During Virtual Fundraiser.  This is why Obama told Joe Biden he didn't have to run for president.  The look on Obama's face said it all.  Biden made no sense on Tuesday (as usual) during a virtual fundraiser.  "Stop the cold war future that we're talking about.  We're talking about a peaceful cold war.  What are we talking about?" said Biden.

Fired NY prosecutor was given Biden-Ukraine allegations in 2018 but didn't follow up, emails show.  Could the impeachment scandal have been prevented if the now-fired U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman had followed up on Ukrainian allegations about Joe Biden and his family in 2018?  That's the tantalizing question raised by emails from fall 2018 between an American lawyer and the chief federal prosecutor in Manhattan that were obtained by Just the News.  The memos show that well before Ukrainian prosecutors reached out to Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's lawyer, in 2019 to talk about the Bidens and alleged 2016 election interference they first approached Berman's office in New York in October 2018 via another American lawyer.

Joe Biden Refuses Trump's Request for More than Three Debates.  Joe Biden's campaign is refusing President Donald Trump's request to take part in more than three debates ahead of the general election in November.  Jen O'Malley Dillon, the former vice president's campaign manager, made the announcement on Monday [6/22/2020] in a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, as first reported by the Washington Post.  In the letter, O'Malley Dillon informed the commission that Biden would only take part, as is custom, in three presidential debates.

Biden campaign agrees to 3 general election debates, slams Trump team for seeking more.  The Biden campaign has agreed to participate in three planned general election presidential debates in the fall, while slamming the Trump campaign's push for more debates as an "effort to change the subject" and "create a distracting 'debate about debates.'"  Joe Biden's campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon penned a letter, obtained by Fox News, to the Commission on Presidential Debates outlining the campaign's expectations for the debate schedule this fall.

Biden Voted to Protect Segregated Private Schools' Tax-Exempt Status.  Joe Biden voted to allow racially segregated private schools to keep their tax exempt status in the late '70s, a stance that put him at odds with the Carter administration and drew criticism from civil rights groups at the time.  Biden was among 54 senators who voted in 1979 to keep the "Dornan rider" — a provision that barred the IRS from revoking the tax-exempt status of segregated private schools, sometimes called "white flight academies," that had appeared in the wake of the Supreme Court's 1954 ruling integrating public schools.  Biden's vote is one of multiple instances in which the then-senator actively opposed federal school desegregation efforts in the 1970s and 1980s, a position that has raised problems for him at a time when the Democratic Party is grappling with unrest over historical racial inequalities.

Paris Dennard Blasts Joe Biden:  Democrats 'Have Put a Bigot at the Top of the Ticket'.  Paris Dennard told Breitbart News Saturday [...] that he expects the 2020 election to be a clear contrast between President Trump and Joe Biden, especially as it relates to delivering for black Americans.  Host Matt Boyle noted that, in Biden's time in the U.S. Senate, there were six resolutions that would have declared Juneteenth a national holiday, and Biden didn't so-sponsor a single one.

Democrats Hope COVID-19 Will Carry Joe Biden.  There is no history of 21st-century America that will not include analysis of the COVID-19 shutdowns.  Maybe a few will be truthful about their primary purpose: to separate President Trump from his supporters.  Anyone who is paying attention knows full well that Joe Biden cannot defeat President Donald Trump in any traditional way.  Not only is Trump a successful incumbent with a strong economy, which is always a formidable combo, but he is also the leader of a popular anti-globalist movement.  He has kept his promises, satisfied his 2016 voters, and expanded his base.  A senile has-been cannot hope to defeat a president in that position.

Biden's VP choice will be early test of fealty to the Left.  Biden's choice for vice president is perhaps more important than any in history.  Were he to win, he'd be 78 at his swearing-in.  That would make him older than President Ronald Reagan was when he left office, and it would mean that he'd be turning 80 midway through his first term.  As things stand, Biden seems to struggle to get through television interviews without stumbling.  And that's while conducting affairs mainly from his basement.  It's difficult to imagine what happens once he's forced to endure the stress and rigors of the presidency, which has been known to rapidly age even those much younger.

Biden campaign adviser weighs in on why former VP hasn't held news conference in nearly three months.  Former Vice President Joe Biden's senior campaign adviser Symone Sanders dodged a question of why the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has not held a news conference in 80 days.  Biden has maintained a relatively low profile on the campaign trail during the coronavirus pandemic, holding occasional virtual events, but has not addressed questions from national media either in person or online.  When asked about this by "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace, Sanders began by pointing to Biden's interactions with voters, not reporters.  "Just because we're campaigning virtually does not mean we are not meeting actual voters across the country," Sanders said.  "Vice President Biden has campaigned in Michigan and Florida.  Dr. [Jill] Biden has campaigned in Colorado and Texas.  So the reality is what we have been doing is following CDC guidelines."

The Editor says...
No, in reality Joe Biden is being sequestered, using the coronavirus as an excuse, because the Democrats can't afford to let the public see the rapidly-declining state Mr. Biden is in.  Hiding behind "CDC guidelines" and using the has-been coronavirus just isn't working.  The assertion that "Biden has maintained a relatively low profile" is one of the greatest understatements in the news media this month.  No presidential candidate in the last 40 years has (been) kept out of sight to the extent that Mr. Biden has.

Zogby Poll:  Majority of Voters Believe Joe Biden in 'Early Stages of Dementia'.  A shocking Zogby Analytics poll found a majority of voters believe presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden is "in the early stages of dementia."  The survey, released Wednesday [6/17/2020], said 55 percent of likely voters think "it was more likely that Vice President Biden is in the early stages of dementia, while 45 percent think it was less likely."

Is it really necessary to conduct a poll to document the obvious?
Republicans far more passionate about Trump than Democrats are about Biden:  Poll.  Fears that President Trump might win a second term are a significantly bigger motivator for Democratic voters than genuine enthusiasm for Joe Biden, a new national poll found.  The Fox News poll released on Thursday revealed that 61% of self-identified Democrats are planning to vote this November because they "fear the other candidate might win."  Just 33% said enthusiasm for Biden was their primary motivation for supporting the former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee.  Democratic women are more concerned with Trump than Democratic men, with 67% citing fear of Trump as their main motivator.

76 days since Biden held a presser.  The last time Biden held a press conference 76 days ago consisted of 4 questions and lasted less than 15 minutes.  The last time Biden took questions in-person following public remarks?  March 2.  Why has Biden vanished?  Is it because Biden needs his team to prewrite his answers and load them into his Teleprompter?  Or is it because Biden's handlers have made the decision that the more America sees of Joe Biden, the worse off he is.

Deciphering Bidenese.  There is a brand-new game: decipher the rhetoric of Joe Biden, former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee for president.  American politics has never had a top politician who (apparently suffering from dementia) makes such wandering, incoherent, garbled comments.  The game he has inspired has two simple rules: (1) prune the gibberish and (2) add what is needed to make sense.

Biden's safe space — media all in for former VP in 2020.  On June 11, Joe Biden submitted himself to another warm bath of an interview — with comedian Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central.  Liberals are always decrying "conspiracy theories" that upset them, but then indulge themselves with their own conspiracies.  In this interview, Noah suggested Biden might be denied the presidency by voter suppression.  "You may have respect and you may have people coming out in many places to vote for you.  But as we saw in Georgia just yesterday, if those people's votes aren't counted and if those people don't get the opportunity to vote, then your entire campaign may be moot."

Joe Biden:  The American people are stupid.  Michael Kinsley, who is one of the most perceptive observers of American politics, once said that a gaffe occurs in Washington when a politician reveals a truth that the politician did not intend to admit.  When Joe Biden said "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black," he accidentally revealed a truth.  The truth he revealed had little to do with Black voters.  The truth he revealed was his contempt for all Americans.

Joe Biden Flakes Out Again.  [Video clips]

We have Biden's eulogy of the Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, Robert C. Byrd.  Joe Biden was a good friend of the late Senator Robert C. Byrd.  Biden eulogized Byrd when he died, claiming 'Bob' "elevated" the Senate but he left out the part where Byrd "exalted" the KKK.  He called KKK Byrd the "embodiment" of his state.  [Video clip]

Joe Biden Has No Business Lecturing Americans About Race.  President Trump's visit to St.  John's Episcopal Church was a powerfully symbolic gesture of solidarity with everyone hurt by the recent lawlessness in many American cities led by Democrats, but Biden found fault with it.  The former vice president didn't extend any sympathy to Americans who have lost everything in recent days.  He doesn't understand entrepreneurship, he does not understand payroll and putting everything on the line to start a business to build a dream.  But President Trump does.  Biden didn't even urge local and state authorities to protect small black-owned businesses and innocent civilians from the unhinged Antifa criminals using peaceful demonstrators as cover for violent attacks, wanton destruction of property, and looting.  Of course, Biden has a long history of inflaming racial tensions for his own political benefit while ignoring the pleas of Americans desperate for genuine reforms.

Ukrainian Officials Uncover $6 Million Bribe Offer To End Probe Of Burisma Founder.  Ukrainian officials announced Saturday they intercepted a $6 million bribe offered to stop an investigation into the founder of Burisma Holdings, the energy firm that had Hunter Biden as a board member until 2019.  Artem Sytnyk, the head of Ukraine's national anti-corruption bureau (NABU), said at a press conference in Kyiv that $6 million in cash was recovered during a sting operation on Friday.  He said that three people were detained in the operation, including a Burisma employee and a current and former Ukrainian tax official, according to Reuters.  Sytnyk said that $5 million in bribe money was offered to NABU officials, and another $1 million was reserved for a middleman who brokered the deal.  It is the largest bribe attempt uncovered in Ukraine's history, he said.

Ukraine seizes $6 million cash bribe 'intended to stop corruption probe into founder of gas company that hired Hunter Biden'.  Ukrainian officials were allegedly offered $6 million in bribes to end a probe into the founder of Burisma — the energy company which once had Hunter Biden on its board.  Artem Sytnyk, head of Ukraine's national anti-corruption bureau (NABU), said three people had been detained, including one current and former tax official, over the bribe offer.  All are linked to former ecology minister Mykola Zlochevsky, who founded Burisma and has been living in exile amid a state probe of an embezzlement plot.

Massive bribe to stop Ukraine probe of Burisma founder intercepted.  Ukrainian officials on Saturday announced they intercepted a $6 million bribe attempt to stop a criminal investigation into the president of Burisma, the natural-gas company at the center of President Trump's impeachment investigation.  At a news conference, the officials displayed large bags of seized U.S. currency.  Ukraine's anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Kholodnitsky said former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter, who once held a board seat, was not complicit in the bribe attempt.

Joe Biden is Barack Obama's real-life 'Pajama Boy'.  [Scroll down]  Democrats in general might want Biden to stay in his cellar.  "Top Joe Biden surrogate Terry McAuliffe told a videoconference meeting of Virginia Democrats ... that Democratic officials are broadly 'preferring' that Biden stay out of the limelight," Fox News reported.  But the image Biden is presenting is this:  A snowflakey old white dude, scared to face off against Trump, and scaring his own campaign team he might make yet another gaffe — like telling blacks they "ain't black" if they support this president.  Like saying between 10% and 15% of Americans are "not very good people."  Like standing up during his basement Skype interview to show his bottom half in pajama pants.  'Cause nothing says presidential like wondering if the wanna-be presidential guy has footies, right?

Joe Biden unveils [somebody else's] plan for reopening economy from coronavirus lockdown.  Joe Biden on Thursday rolled out a wide-ranging plan to reopen the US economy as states lift restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus — and also knocked President Trump for purportedly not having a detailed plan of his own.  "Trump has basically had a one-point plan:  Open businesses," Biden said Thursday [6/11/2020] at an economic roundtable in Philadelphia.  "It does nothing to keep workers safe, to keep businesses able to stay open, and secondly it does very little to increase consumer confidence."

The Editor says...
In that case, I'm behind President Trump.  Open the businesses, and forget about trying to keep everybody safe.  Safety is highly overrated, and if it comes at the expense of freedom, it is of no use.

Exploited Again — Financial Contributions to Black Lives Matter are Being Funneled to Biden Campaign.  Some smart sleuthing by Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters at The National Pulse shows the donations made to Black Lives Matter actually go to ActBlue.  From there ActBlue takes those contributions and sends them forward to the Joe Biden Campaign.

"Dementia Joe" Biden again struggles terribly at roundtable discussion.  This is why Biden's people are keeping "Dementia Joe" locked in his basement.  He can't put a sentence together, due to his buffoonery and worsening cognitive impairment.  Expect the Biden camp to try and weasel out of the debates.  You can't hide forever, Joe!

Joe Biden Trails Off Mid-Sentence, Fails to Read from Paper Statement.  Joe Biden suffered another brain freeze on Wednesday [6/10/2020] during a brief appearance in Philadelphia.  The presumptive Democrat nominee participated in a round table discussion about reopening after the coronavirus pandemic.

Stay in your hiding place, Joe, Democrats tell Biden.  When the coronavirus pandemic first shut down normal election season activities and kept Joe Biden from campaigning normally, Democrats fretted that the former vice president would not be able to garner enough attention to campaign effectively against President Trump.  But numerous recent polls that show the former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee with substantial leads over the president suggest the opposite:  Staying out of the limelight is good for Biden because the election is not about him.  It's about Trump and his missteps, and Biden is the generic Democratic alternative to another four years of the current administration.

The Editor says...
I'll gladly select "Trump and his missteps" over some guy who doesn't know where he is.

Here's Why Donald Trump Can't Wait to Debate Joe Biden.  Joe Biden has expressed confidence and even excitement at the prospect of debating Donald Trump, saying he can "hardly wait" and that he's "looking forward to it."  I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that Biden's campaign is actually quite terrified at the prospect of Biden facing Trump on a debate stage.  Just check out this clip of Joe Biden in Philadelphia on Thursday [6/11/2020], looking extremely presidential with a face mask hanging off his left ear, speaking during a roundtable event on reopening the economy:  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
Joe Biden is already off the rails.  By September or October, he may be in no condition to go out in public.

Joe Biden says military would intervene if Trump refused to leave White House.  Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he was "absolutely convinced" that the US military would intervene to remove President Trump from the White House if he lost his re-election bid and refused to leave.  Speaking during an interview on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Wednesday night [6/10/2020], the former vice president made the comment after being asked if he had ever considered the possibility of Trump refusing to concede the election and vacate the White House if he lost.  "Yes I have," Biden told Noah before the interview appeared to be edited and cut off.

Biden warns Trump will try to 'steal this election'.  Former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden issued a stark warning to voters about President Donald Trump, and his attempts to limit access to voting in November.  "This president's going to try to steal this election," Biden said in an interview with "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Wednesday night.  The comments came after the host asked Biden about the recent Georgia primary election which resulted in long lines for voters after issues with both in-person voting and vote by mail requests.

Biden reminds voters Trump made America great again.  Evidence continues to mount that Biden's staff is sabotaging his slim hope of being elected president.  That is the only reasonable explanation for his attack on President Donald John Trump's economy.  The script they gave Biden was that Obama handed over a perfect economy with a 4.9% unemployment rate.  In a press release, Biden said, "Trump inherited the longest economic expansion in history from the Obama-Biden administration, but like everything else he's inherited, he has squandered it."  Fact-check:  President Trump dropped taxes and dropped unemployment to 3.5%, its lowest in 50 years.

A 'Black Lives' pander by Democrats.  Joe Biden's video address to George Floyd's funeral was impressive — but only if you just landed from Mars.  With maudlin soundtrack and husky voice, the former vice president oozed empathy as he churned out empty platitudes about "racial justice" that are at odds with his personal history and the record of the Democratic Party he has represented for 47 years.  "I grew up with Catholic social doctrine which taught me that faith without works is dead," he said, "and you will know us by what we do."  OK, I accept the challenge.  Let us know Biden and his party by what they have done for black people in all the decades Dems have enjoyed a firm hold on their vote.  If they really cared about black lives, they would have tried to address the real reasons for black disadvantage.  They would worry about fatherlessness, the 70 percent of black children born to single mothers, the illiteracy that holds down black achievement, and drugs that blight black lives.

Biden attending high-roller fundraiser headlined by defund-the-police activist John Legend.  Joe Biden is set to attend a high-roller fundraiser Thursday evening [6/11/2020] headlined by anti-police activist John Legend, who has openly promised that he'll try to push the former vice president towards totally defunding law enforcement and adopting other far-left positions.

Five ways America would take a hard left under Joe Biden.  [Scroll down]  The fifth and final demonstration is Biden's approach to legal abortion.  Even his top cheerleader, the New York Times, has said, "his back and forth over abortion (has) become a hallmark of his political career."  A politician who touted his Catholicism, especially early in his career, Biden in 1982 voted in favor of a constitutional amendment to allow individual states to overturn the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v.  Wade decision that prevented the states from making abortion illegal.  Biden called it "the single most difficult vote I've cast as a U.S. senator."  It never passed the Senate and, in the following year when the vote came up again, Biden flipped his position and voted against it.  I guess it was too "difficult" to defend the right of his constituents in Delaware to define their own abortion regulations.

Biden Adviser Gets ZERO Questions About His Controversies On 'View'.  Joe Biden's senior adviser Symone Sanders appeared on The View Wednesday [6/10/2020] and didn't have to answer any questions that would put the Democrat presidential nominee in a negative light.  The hosts didn't ask her about Biden's latest racist gaffe or his sexual assault allegation.  Instead, The View hosts invited her to attack President Trump for using the Democrats' "defund the police" against them, and answer non-specific questions on how Biden will enact "change" and reach the progressive wing of his party.  Co-host Whoopi Goldberg, sounding like she herself worked for the Biden campaign, announced Sanders like this:  "Americans are out in the streets in force demanding change, and right now we are joined by a woman who plans to make sure that change happens."

Terry McAuliffe tells Democrats that Biden is 'fine in the basement'.  Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe told a video conference meeting with Democrats that Joe Biden should keep campaigning from his basement, where he has been remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.  McAuliffe made the remarks over the weekend during a "monthly breakfast" meeting of the Norfolk City Democratic Committee, according to Fox News, which obtained audio of the call.  "People say all the time, 'Oh, we got to get the vice president out of the basement,'" the former Democratic governor said during the Zoom call.  "He's fine in the basement.  Two people see him a day: his two body people.  That's it.  Let Trump keep doing what Trump's doing."

The Editor says...
Absolutely!  "Let Trump keep doing what Trump's doing."  For another four years!

Terry McAuliffe : Keep Biden "Locked in Basement", Let Media and Big Tech Construct Campaign.  A remarkable admission by former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe during a campaign strategy call to DNC officials outlines the 2020 strategy for Joe Biden.  McAuliffe is one of the key professional Democrats dialed-in to the overall plan.  In a video-conference with Virginia democrats what McAuliffe outlines is what we are already seeing with the purposeful use of the George Floyd narrative and the pre-scripted video from the Biden/Clyburn campaign

The Floyd Finale — The Biden/Clyburn Push To Capitalize on Last Floyd Funeral.  If you've been following the week-long, highly political, three state grievance tour consisting of five funerals and viewings timed and located to maximize a 2020 political narrative; today [6/9/2020] is the culmination of the effort. [...] The media previously claimed funeral number four for George Floyd in Houston, Texas, would be a small private gathering of family and close friends and that's why Joe Biden would not be present to give his remarks in person.  As the Biden/Clyburn campaign explained to Reuters:  "He is not expected to attend the service to avoid any disruption to mourners that could be caused by his Secret Service protective detail."  That Biden/Clyburn claim was always transparently silly.  As you can see today from the funeral dozens of congresspersons, senators, state and national officials were included in a large made-for-television, live-broadcast, event that was not the least bit "private", "small" or reserved for close family and friends.  Instead it was what we expected it would be; a Joe Biden political rally exploiting the death of George Floyd.

Biden: I Want A 'Strong' Vice President Who Is 'Ready To Be President On Day One'.  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told CBS News on Tuesday night that he wants to select a running mate "who is ready to be president on day one."  "It's really important that whomever you pick as a vice president agrees with you in terms of your philosophy of government and agrees with you on the systemic things that you wanna change," Biden said.

Biden 'absolutely' believes systemic racism is present in law enforcement.  Presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden acknowledged his belief that there is systemic racism embedded in law enforcement and other aspects of the country's institutionalized way of life.  The former vice president affirmatively stated, "Absolutely," after he was asked by CBS Evening News's Norah O'Donnell if he believes there is "systemic racism in law enforcement," on Tuesday [6/9/2020].  "Absolutely, but it's not just in law enforcement, it's across the board.  It's in housing, and it's in education, and it's in everything we do.  It's real.  It's genuine.  It's serious," Biden replied.  "Look, not all law enforcement officers are racist.  My lord, there are some really good, good cops out there.  But the way in which it works right now is — we've seen too many examples of it."

Report: Joe Biden Faces Major Enthusiasm Gap In Home State Of Pennsylvania.  Joe Biden was a Senator for Delaware before becoming Obama's VP but his home state is Pennsylvania.  You may have heard Biden referred to as 'Scranton Joe' in the past.  But now it's coming to light that he may not be able to deliver Pennsylvania to the Democrats this fall.  Trump won the state in 2016.

Biden in decline.  President Trump retweeted this April 2019 clip of Joe Biden on The View yesterday.  I hadn't seen it before and thought viewers might find it of interest. [...] Biden still appears to be operating at some substantial discount to his full mental capacity which, as many have observed, was not great to begin with.

Joe Biden is fully surrounded by well-armed guards 24/7, whether the local police exist or not.
Joe Biden Declines to Stand Up Against Democrat Calls to 'Defund Police'.  Joe Biden's campaign was asked Sunday about the demands for defunding the police, but he did not want to talk about it. [...] Reuters sought to determine where Joe Biden stands on the growing issue.  "A Biden campaign spokesman declined to comment," Reuters reported.  "Defund the police" has become a litmus test of sorts for far-left activists, and some Democrats are adding fuel to that fire.  Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) threw her support behind the idea, saying it was time to "disband" the Minneapolis police force and "reimagine" public safety.

Candidate Joe Biden Will Visit George Floyd Family Monday — Record Video for Third Floyd Funeral.  Yesterday the new black panderers organized a million Antifa march with the Black Lives Matter crowd in Washington DC. Unfortunately, they fell approximately 990,000 people short of the million person goal; only about 10,000 marchers present.  The window of exploitation & opportunity is closing even faster than we expected.  Not surprisingly the media hyped the thousands that did attend resulting in a skewed reality that was/is disconnected from the actual result.  In media you would think there was a massive alignment of social interests.  However, if you look at the reception rate for the message, there's a big disconnect.

On Being Pounded With Lies About 'Systemic' Racism in America.  [Scroll down]  After my decades-plus career at the Big Firms, I decided I wanted fewer billable hours and more time to be a rabbi and to teach law students.  So I went to work for a billionaire in Los Angeles residential housing.  The hours were great, the work easy, and he paid me a boatload of money to represent him.  As I started working for him a few weeks, I came to see that he is an old dinosaur from another time — a racist and sexist like Joe Biden.  He would make racist comments like those that Joe Biden makes, about how some Black person amazingly is not only presentable but also clean, about how Black mothers are so stupid that their kids only hear maybe 300 words through childhood, about how you have to be from India or Pakistan to walk into a donut shop.  He was exactly the duplicate of Joe Biden racism, a cloned racist.  He had every demographic group pigeon-holed in a stereotype.  And, like Joe Biden, he could not keep his hands off women — smelling their hair, stroking their hair, putting his hands on and rubbing their shoulders.  For a moment, I had a dream job, but I had to quit after a short time because he was such a rarefied bigot like Biden, and my soul felt polluted every time I walked in.  This is not "systemic."  It does not permeate our society or our culture.  Indeed, the society spits out anyone who reveals as racist.

Joe Biden is clueless about the nation's latest crisis.  "The nation is crying out for leadership, but this president has nothing to offer," claims Joe Biden — while offering none of his own.  As cities across the country see violent vandals exploiting larger crowds of protesters outraged by the George Floyd killing, Biden is focused entirely on playing to that outrage — cluelessly.  "We need to get to work immediately on real police reform," the ex-veep insists.  In fact, a community-policing revolution has been underway for decades — Bill Bratton led it in New York, Los Angeles and again in this city, drastically reducing police use of force each time while also driving down incarceration rates.  Now the extreme left has its own ideas, which boil down to no policing at all.  But Biden's got no clue about any of it.

Biden's Floyd Funeral Campaign Stunt Exposes The Elitist Left's Lies.  The Daily Wire reports that Joe Biden is expected to attend George Floyd's funeral.  Biden, however, is not expected to attend the funerals of any of the innocent Americans murdered during riots over the past two weeks.  Nor will he be attending the funerals of the black men killed by other black men every day in cities across the country.  Floyd's funeral provides the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee a political opportunity that the others do not.  And that, of course, is all this is.  Biden is using Floyd's dead body as a campaign platform, just as he used Floyd's dying words as a fundraising gimmick.  It's crass, disgusting, and offensive.

Joe Biden's mental decline sadly evident twice yesterday.  How will Joe Bide be able to handle presidential debates?  Or campaigning beyond his basement?  I almost hate to point this out because I do have compassion for anyone facing the mental challenges of aging.  But the Oval Office is no place for someone needing compassion for his or her mental deterioration (or any job-related disability).  Keep Joe Biden feeding the geese at his lavish estate in Delaware and I will gush with sympathy and maybe even share with him my own bouts with aging.

Biden Caught in a Conundrum of Self-Creation.  [Joe] Biden has stuck himself between two groups he must win:  Blacks and moderates.  By recently alienating black supporters needlessly, he only increased his already high dependence on them.  Now, as cities burn across America, he is afraid of offending them, even as moderates recoil from these riots.  On Friday, May 22, Biden hopped into another of his habitual errors when he said on a national radio show:  "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."  The fact that he was able to stay in the race long enough to apologize is evidence enough of establishment media's bias.  Only a Democrat presidential nominee could survive such a statement.

Biden says '10 to 15 percent' of Americans are 'just not very good people'.  Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Thursday evening said most Americans believe the country needs to get better, arguing "10 to 15 percent" of people "are just not very good."  Mr. Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, argued the president is vital in setting the standard for the rest of the country during a virtual town hall event on "The Shade Room" hosted by actor Don Cheadle.

America in the 21st Century: 20 Long Years of Constant Brainwashing.  The campaign to brainwash America about the Wuhan Virus has basically run its course along with the virus itself, and has now been replaced by a brainwashing campaign to convince us that we should all run out to the nearest riot and take a knee, just like Joe Biden did in that black church on Sunday.  You remember Joe Biden, don't you?  Yeah, he's that guy who told a clearly-black radio talk show host that "you ain't black!"  That was barely a week ago and we've already forgotten.  The brainwashing campaign demands it.  Today, the narrative is that Joe Biden, the guy who's already had 16,089 days in public office to address "institutional racism" in America and done nothing about it, is suddenly going to solve the whole problem in his first 100 days in office if you'll just elect this shuffling, elderly man who doesn't know where he is most of the time to hold the highest office in the land.  Yeah, that'll work out fine.

Joe Biden Doesn't Know How Guns Work.  Joe Biden can best capitalize on the rioting following the death of George Floyd in the same way he can best capitalize on anything in 2020: by keeping quiet and out of sight.  Unfortunately for Biden, he does occasionally show up and say things.  And then this happens:  He suggests that police should be trained that, if cops rushed by unarmed person, they could "shoot them in the leg instead of the heart is a very different thing."  This is bad advice that would get people killed.  Police do have a variety of tools of non-deadly force at their disposal (tasers, rubber bullets, etc.), although some of those, too, can be deadly in some circumstances.  Floyd, after all, was killed by a man's knee.  But anyone who has been trained in police work or the military could tell you:  Firing a gun is always potentially deadly force.  You shoot for center mass, to kill, or you don't shoot at all.  If you're not prepared to kill someone, you should not even point a loaded gun at them, much less fire it.  If you don't have grounds to shoot to kill, you don't have grounds to shoot.

If Biden threw himself on the floor, he'd miss!  Joe Biden's sheltering-in-place has not gone well.  His virtual town halls and interviews from his basement in Delaware have been a catalog of his mental decline.  As with many people suffering from advancing dementia, their normal filter, that instinctive judgment that governs us all in a civil society, is slowly erased and their true character is revealed.  With Slow Joe, this process, the unveiling of his disagreeable side, is not a pretty picture.  This is not a man suited to leading anything, let alone a country and certainly not the U.S. [...] Biden is not an intelligent man; never was.  He is not a decent man; never was.  For decades he lied about the traffic accident in which his wife and infant daughter died.  He repeatedly said she had been hit by a drunk driver.  That was a lie.  Mrs. Biden turned in front of a truck driver who was not remotely intoxicated.  The accident was her fatal error.  And as most people should know, he has lied over and over again about all things Joe.

Joe Biden black church pandering
Biden Takes a Knee — Media Ignore "Photo Op" Narrative.  An interesting juxtaposition provides yet another example of how national media shape their narratives.  Yesterday President Trump visited St. John's church in Washington DC. Democrats and national media immediately declared it a stunt, a "photo op".  However, at the same time President Trump was visiting St. Johns', candidate Joe Biden was visiting Bethel AME church in Wilmington, Delaware, and the media were very careful to avoid labeling this captured moment:  [Photo]

Biden's Safe Space in the Liberal Media.  On May 21, CNN's "Reliable Sources" newsletter mocked the governor of Florida under the headline "Stuck in his safe space:  DeSantis hides on Fox."  The governor holds press briefings to take questions from Florida reporters, but he hasn't said yes to CNN or MSNBC or CBS, who have all requested an interview.  To conservatives, this kind of shaming fails to address that the entire rest of the national media are a "safe space" for Democrats like Joe Biden.  CNN would never consider the headline "Stuck in his safe space:  Biden hides from Fox."  On Friday afternoon, Biden did the rounds of interviews with CNN and MSNBC and PBS to discuss George Floyd's terrible death in police custody, and it certainly sounded like a safe space.  The questions were very open-ended, and very deferential — the complete opposite of what Trump or his team receives.

Biden Promotes Police Protocol Decried by Gun-Safety Experts.  Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Monday [6/1/2020] police should be trained to shoot at the legs of assailants, which police training experts decry as impractical and dangerous.  "We also have to fundamentally change the way police are trained," he said.  "The idea that instead of standing there and teaching a cop when there's an unarmed person that's coming at them with a knife so they shoot him in the leg instead of in the heart, is a very different thing.  There's a lot of different things that can change."

Biden says police should be trained to 'shoot 'em in the leg instead of the heart'.  Joe Biden said Monday [6/1/2020] that police — if facing a threat from a person with "a knife or something" — should be trained to "shoot 'em in the leg instead of the heart," amid five straight days of protest following the death of George Floyd.  "Instead of standing there and teaching a cop when there's an unarmed person coming at 'em with a knife or something, shoot 'em in the leg instead of in the heart," Biden said in an address to black community leaders in Wilmington, Del.  "There are a lot of things that can change," Biden said, regarding police training.

More advice from Joe Biden: 'Just fire the shotgun through the door'.  In an interview with Field & Stream magazine on Monday [2/25/2013], Vice President Joe Biden once again touted shotguns as the best weapon for self-defense, offering advice similar to the questionable instructions he gave during a Facebook town hall last week.

Romney To Biden? Bain Capital Founders Throw Money At Biden 2020 Campaign.  During the 2012 presidential campaign, former Vice President Joe Biden was a sharp critic of Republican nominee Mitt Romney's work for investment firm Bain Capital, but now Bain executives are helping fuel Biden's 2020 presidential bid.  Bain co-founder Joshua Bekenstein and his wife Anita each donated $250,000 to Biden's super PAC in April, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records showed.  The donations accounted for the majority of the PAC's fundraising in April, according to FEC records.  Additionally, both Joshua and Anita Bekenstein donated the federal maximum of $5,600 — split between the primary and general election — to Biden's campaign, FEC records show.

Biden Campaign Staff Donates to Organization That Bails Out Rioters Arrested in Minneapolis.  Campaign staff for Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden are bragging about their recent donations to a far-left organization that bails out rioters arrested in Minneapolis.  Reuters reported that 13 members of the Biden campaign recently posted on Twitter about their donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a group that uses such donations to pay bail fees of rioters arrested in violent protests.  A Biden campaign spokesman declined to answer whether the donations to the Antifa-aligned group were officially coordinated with the Biden campaign.

Biden's staff is funding rioters as the cities burn.  Joe Biden has said nothing, insofar as we know, against the riots destroying businesses owned by black people or burning down housing projects where minorities live.  We wondered if it wasn't a political calculation.  Now we know it is.  Biden's staff is donating to bail for rioters.  That is not simply condoning, it's promoting and backing the riots.  Cities are burning and Biden's staff are funding it.  That is the truth.

Biden staff donate to group that pays bail in riot-torn Minneapolis.  Campaign staff for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden are advertising their donations to a group that pays bail fees in Minneapolis after the city's police jailed people protesting the killing of a black man by a white police officer.

Accompanied by several armed guards...
Joe Biden visits George Floyd protest sites in Delaware.  Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden emerged from his basement over the weekend to observe his city, following days of raucous protests.  The former vice president was seen Sunday touring Wilmington, Delaware, the morning after protests overtook the city in response to the murder of George Floyd, assessing the damage to local businesses and meeting other residents.  The 2020 hopeful was joined during his unannounced visit by Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.), with whom he toured small businesses that had been damaged and met with local business owners.

Joe Biden Poses with Black Lives Matter in Wilmington as Left-Wing Terrorists Riot, Loot.  Joe Biden emerged from his basement and posed with Black Lives Matter protesters in Wilmington as rioters were looting businesses and razing buildings to the ground.  "You gotta get this crazy guy out of office," one protester said.  "Save us please.  You got my vote."

Joe Biden's costly golf games.  Now that Joe Biden has called out President Trump for playing golf for the first time since early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Biden's own golfing dalliances become relevant.  "Nearly 100,000 lives have been lost, and tens of millions are out of work," Mr. Biden tweeted over the Memorial Day weekend.  "Meanwhile, the president spent his day golfing."  Unlike Mr. Trump, who rode in a motorcade to play golf at his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, Mr. Biden when he was vice president thought nothing of regularly taking Air Force Two at taxpayer expense to go back and forth between his home outside Wilmington, Delaware, and Washington just to play golf with President Obama on weekends.

Elizabeth Warren would be a great Biden running mate, if you want Trump to win.  Joe Biden needs a running mate.  The presumptive Democratic nominee for president has spent the pandemic campaigning on his own, usually from his basement.  Frequent blunders, glaring lapses in memory, and even saying during an appearance on The Breakfast Club, "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or for Trump, then you ain't black," are enough to make a supporter cringe.  It's not a good look.  In March, Biden announced that he would select a woman as his running mate.  The pandering was exhausting from Day One.  Add onto that Stacey Abrams's never-ending crusade to be chosen by Biden, and what may have been moderate interest in his choice has turned into major news.  Biden is unsteady as a one-man show, so his running mate will have to make up the difference.

Democrats Believe More in the Swamp Than in Biden.  Joe Biden's questionable competence demonstrates Democrats' unquestioned faith in the Swamp. [...] If Biden supporters look at him at all, it is as a placeholder, a prop.  They are looking through Biden altogether and ahead to beating Trump.  Their horizon extends only as far as November.  For the rest of America, so shortsighted a view raises the question:  What happens then?  If Biden cannot campaign, how is he to govern?  For Biden supporters, his ability — or rather obvious inability — to govern is the least of their concerns.  The reason is that they are not expecting Biden to govern.  Truth be told, they do not even want him to.

What's Biden's Purpose?  [Scroll down]  The purpose of Plugs is to empower people who we really don't know who will be running the country.  He's just gonna be a placeholder.  He's almost acknowledged as much.  So the Silicon Valley tech zillionaires believe that if they can pull Plugs over or push him over the finish line, that they will be in a position to literally be the powers behind the throne.  And, folks, let me tell you, these are the kind of people — and they're not alone.  These are the kind of people that would love to have the levers of power in the United States with nobody knowing who they are.  These people are not the kind of people who are obsessed with power because of fame it will bring them.  These are the kind of people who want this power and hope to never be known, never identified as people who possess it.

Here's 23 Questions Joe Biden Needs To Answer About China.  Communist China poses a greater threat to America and our interests abroad than any other nation in the world.  If it wasn't clear prior to the spread of the Chinese coronavirus, resulting largely from the Chinese Communist Party's Chernobyl-like response, the subsequent threats should crystallize this point.  It has acted malevolently toward the U.S., our European and Anglosphere allies, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India, and across the South China Sea.  Countering the CCP is essential to preserving American life, limb, and liberty.  The public deserves to know what presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's approach to China would be.

Photo by Olivier Douliery, AFP.
Biden looks ridiculous.  As the illegal Democrat lockdown on America recedes, Biden is crawling out of his hole.  He looks ridiculous.  He is wearing a mask that looks like someone took a black magic marker to his photos.  One criterion for being elected president is to look healthy.  Biden does not.

Joe Biden Veepstakes Take [a] Bad Turn as Scandals Hit Amy Klobuchar, Gretchen Whitmer.  Two women reportedly on Joe Biden's shortlist for vice president have been hit with major scandals that could cripple their chances of being nominated.  On Thursday [5/28/2020], Minnesota-based Mint Press News reported that U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) was the district attorney at the time Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin shot and killed Wayne Reyes in 2006.  According to Mint Press News, between 1999 and 2007, Klobuchar "did not bring charges against more than two dozen officers who had killed citizens while on duty — including against Chauvin himself."

Joe Biden's racism a Democratic Party tradition.  True, we have not even elected him president yet, but isn't it already time to start dismantling Joe Biden's presidential library?  After all, he has a long history of supporting white supremacists and just being an all-around racially insensitive, privileged white geezer.  To be fair, Mr. Biden did not invent the Democratic Party or its racism.  But for nearly 50 years he has knowingly and willingly associated himself with and supported the causes of the Democratic Party, known throughout history for its association with white supremacy. [...] Just last year, Mr. Biden bragged how well he worked with other fierce segregationists in his own party.  So enthusiastic is Mr. Biden about his fond memories of working with the ol' time racists that whenever he waxes poetic about them, he slips into a fake Southern accent.  At a fundraiser last year, Mr. Biden recalled warmly — in a fake Southern accent — how one of the old racist bulls "never called me 'boy.'  He always called me 'son.'"  This is how Mr. Biden always talks when channeling his party's long, ugly history with racism and racist politics.

Well, There Goes Amy Klobuchar.  On Monday night [5/25/2020], Derek Chauvin, a 19-year veteran of the Minneapolis police department, knelt on 46-year-old [George] Floyd's neck for nine minutes as the black man pleaded for his life.  Floyd died after the encounter.  Video of the encounter went viral on Tuesday, and the police department fired Chauvin Tuesday.  Yet Chauvin saw at least 10 conduct complaints during his 19-year tenure before his firing, and Klobuchar — then the Hennepin County attorney — declined to press charges against Chauvin in 2006.  Chauvin was one of six officers involved in the shooting death of Wayne Reyes, who stabbed his girlfriend and a friend before fleeing.  Police chased him and shot him, claiming he had pulled a shotgun on them.  She did not prosecute the case, which went to a grand jury that declined to charge the officers with wrongdoing in 2008, according to The Guardian.

Joe Biden emerges from his basement crypt, looking sickly.  Joe Biden made his big comeback Monday [5/25/2020], emerging after two months of COVID-19 isolation from his Delaware mansion basement.  Wearing his COVID mask with matching dark glasses, he came out to lay a wreath for Memorial Day. [...] It wasn't a pretty picture.  His appearance was more like 'the thing that came from the crypt.'  He looked frail, unwell, unfit, and certainly not happy to be there.  The glasses in particular looked unnecessary under the circumstances, [...]

You can't mask the Joe Biden mess.  I'm sorry, but Joe Biden looked ridiculous wearing a Michael Jackson mask and sunglasses that covered most of his face on Memorial Day.  It was his first outing in more than 10 weeks from his Delaware basement and should have been an opportunity to project strength and hope for the campaign ahead.  Instead, it was a total downer.  Politics is about perception, and the image of Biden that history will record shows a frail and muzzled Democratic presidential nominee.  The black mask only accentuates the impression with an extra dash of weirdness.

Former Mueller Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann Now Fundraising for Joe Biden.  Robert Mueller's hard-charging former "pit bull" Andrew Weissmann plans to participate in an upcoming fundraiser for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, effectively ending his television career at NBC News.  The network's policy reportedly requires that employees avoid activities "that may create the appearance of a conflict of interest."  "If the fundraiser goes forward, I'm withdrawing from MSNBC so I can be in compliance with their policy," Weissmann told the Washington Free Beacon on Friday [5/22/2020].

I wonder if he knew where he was.
Video of Biden Looking Very Frail at Veterans Memorial Sparks Concerns Over His Health.  This is why Biden has been hiding in his basement for months.  Creepy Joe left his Delaware basement for the first time in over two months on Monday [5/25/2020].  And he looked like a weak fool with his face mask on.  A video of 77-year-old Biden looking very frail sparked concerns over his health.  Biden shuffled his feet and gripped his wife's hand as he walked over to his car as he was leaving the veterans memorial in Delaware.

Biden Confuses D-Day With Pearl Harbor.  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden confused D-Day and Pearl Harbor — as well as the date that Delaware declared its independence from neighboring Pennsylvania — at a Wednesday [5/27/2020] campaign event.  "We declared our independence on December the 7th.  It's not just D-Day," Biden said in an online townhall with Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf, referring to Delaware's breakaway from Pennsylvania.  While President Franklin D. Roosevelt did declare December 7 a day that "will live in infamy," the date marks the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.  D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy, took place almost three years later, on June 6, 1944.

Donald Trump retweets post mocking Joe Biden for wearing a mask at Memorial Day commemorations on his first trip out of the house in two months.  Donald Trump has retweeted a post mocking Joe Biden for wearing a face mask at Memorial Day commemorations while the president refused to don one at a ceremony in Virginia.  The president took aim at his Democrat rival Monday evening [5/25/2020], when he retweeted the post from Fox News political analyst Brit Hume.  'This might help explain why Trump doesn't like to wear a mask in public.  Biden today,' the Tweet read, alongside a close-up shot of Biden sporting a dark face mask and sunglasses at a Memorial Day event.  Biden and his wife Jill covered their faces to lay a wreath at a Delaware veterans park during his first trip out of the house in more than two months.

Joe Biden Oddly Rants That He'll Break a Law Democrats Relentlessly Accused Republicans of Breaking.  [Scroll down]  So let me get this straight.  If Biden is elected, he's going to start calling other countries and dictating foreign policy to them before he's sworn in?  Well, that's very interesting.  I mean, it's not like Democrats have been wringing their hands over the Logan Act for the last four years or anything.  In fact, the entire pretense of the Michael Flynn setup was that he had broken the Logan Act by talking to the Russians.  But here's Biden announcing to the world that he's going to break the very law his party and their media allies tried to lionize when they thought they could target Trump officials with it.  No, I'm not exaggerating.  References to the Logan Act have been legion over Trump's term, including just recently as some tried to justify what happened to Flynn by still citing the little-used law.  A simple Google search will pull up more examples than you'll have time to read.

8 Lies by Joe Biden and the Left that Twitter Didn't 'Fact Check'.  Twitter added a "fact check" label to President Donald Trump's tweets raising widely-held concerns with mail-in voting fraud earlier today, but it has failed to apply a similar standard to repeated falsehoods by elected Democrats, the mainstream media, and Joe Biden.  Unlike Facebook, which gives itself plausible deniability for fact-checking bias by relying on "third party fact checkers" (almost all left-leaning) to pick and choose what to fact-check and what to ignore, Twitter made the decision to fact-check Trump's tweet itself, linking to an official "moment" curated by Twitter employees and containing numerous articles from the mainstream media calling the president a liar.

Before Election, Voters Deserve Full Answers On Obama, Biden.  The President was perfectly accurate, and for once insusceptible to questions about his good faith, when he expressed surprise at Attorney General Barr's comment last week that former president Obama and former vice president Biden, "based on the information that I have," would not become subjects of a criminal investigation, "whatever their level of involvement" revealed in the examination by special counsel John Durham of the origins of the spurious Trump-Russia investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.  The attorney general elaborated that he did not wish to continue or aggravate the mixing of politics with the law and suggested that the best method of adjudicating Mr. Biden's role in these matters would be by the electorate.  As a number of eminent commentators, including Lou Dobbs and Frank Miele, have pointed out, this is not an acceptable treatment of the subject.

A viral video may keep Biden's nasty little habit in the public eye.  Even if Leftists successfully obliterate Tara Reade's story, there's one creepy Joe Biden narrative that's not going to go away, and that's the endless footage of him getting too close to and too touchy with little girls.  On Tuesday, a new video emerged with the usual footage showing Biden relentlessly pawing manifestly uncomfortable little girls.

Biden Blames His 'You Ain't Black' Remark on Charlamagne tha God, Makes It Even Worse.  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden actually did a real interview in person today with CNN's Dana Bash.  This followed Joe coming up from the basement for the first time yesterday for Memorial Day.  His last public appearance had been in March.  But maybe he should have stayed in the basement because he does not take being asked questions or being challenged at all well.  Bash asked him about his "you ain't black" comment with Charlamagne Tha God.  Biden said to Charlamagne that "If you have a problem with figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black," when Charlamagne was pressing him for answers to questions about how he was going to help the black community.  Bash noted that Biden apologized saying he was being "cavalier" but that in the same interview he had also claimed to be endorsed by the NAACP "every time I've run" which the NAACP refuted and Bash said plainly, "isn't true."

Media Downplay an Unfolding Biden-Ukraine Scandal.  The sketchy story about Joe Biden's involvement into Ukrainian politics during the times when he oversaw the Obama administration effort in fighting Ukrainian endemic corruption is rapidly developing into something ugly.  Two interesting twists of the story were recently revealed.  First, it turned out that then-U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch lied to Congress in her testimony during the impeachment inquiry last year that she had had little knowledge about Burisma Holdings in the fall of 2016, when she started her position.  But the State Department emails published on May 13 clearly demonstrate that she was involved in discussions about the natural gas firm Burisma Holdings during the 2016 election and transition to settle a long-running corruption investigation and polish its image before President Trump took office and even had a meeting with a company representative.  Yovanovitch, for instance, was specifically warned in an email by her top deputy in September 2016 that Burisma had hired an American firm with deep Democratic connections called Blue Star Strategies to "rehabilitate the reputation" of the firm and that it had placed "Hunter Biden on its board."

NAACP Responds to Joe Biden Comments:  We Never Endorsed Him, Or Anyone.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) responded Friday evening to comments earlier in the day by former Vice President Joe Biden, who claimed — falsely — that the NAACP had endorsed him.  In an interview [...], Biden said:  "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."  He went on to defend his record on issues relevant to the black community, claiming:  "The NAACP has endorsed me every time I've run."

Memorial Day highlights Trump's vitality and Biden's lifelessness.  On Memorial Day, the Democrats' de facto candidate, Joe Biden, finally emerged from his basement hideaway to place a wreath at a Veterans' Memorial in New Castle, Delaware (population 5,285).  If we contrast Biden's appearance with Donald Trump's look on Memorial Day, we can see that one man is a vital leader, and the other is a listless follower.  Biden wore a dark gray suit with a white shirt, and a white and gray tie.  He hid the lower part of his face with an oversized black mask, and he wore dark sunglasses that blended almost seamlessly into the mask.  Jill wore an unflattering black and white peplum dress, along with her own oversize mask.  The two of them together looked like Mr. and Mrs. Death.

A 'deplorables' moment for Joe Biden shows why he won't win the black vote.  Joe Biden's disastrous interview with black radio host Charlamagne Tha God on Friday encapsulates everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party and its presidential hopeful.  "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, you ain't black," the former vice president blurted out at the end of the interview.  It was a statement so staggeringly, primitively racist, that it landed like a gut punch to many black Americans, of all political persuasions, who took to the airwaves to denounce it over the weekend.  "It played into the long-standing notion that the black vote is uncritical and guaranteed," said left-wing writer Roxane Gay.  Former NFL player Jack Brewer declared "the mask is off."

Biden Reelected Trump Last Friday.  Usually, it's necessary to wait until after a presidential election is over before it becomes possible to identify the point at which the dynamics of the contest began to favor the eventual winner.  Occasionally, however, the turning point is blindingly obvious.  President Reagan's 1984 reelection, for example, was all but assured when Walter Mondale included a promise to raise taxes in his speech accepting the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  Likewise, former Vice President Joe Biden almost certainly handed the 2020 election to President Trump last Friday [5/22/2020] when he told an African-American interviewer, "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

Hey, Joe Biden, I'm black enough to think for myself.  The Democratic Party has taken the black vote for granted for decades, but on Friday [5/22/2020] former Vice President Joe Biden took this view to a new and very hurtful level.  During a morning interview on a popular urban radio show, "The Breakfast Club," Biden said:  "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, you ain't black."  In civil discourse, we must be able to disagree and to make our case without reducing American voters to the color of their skin.  Biden's statement is the epitome of arrogance and condescension.  He challenged millions of black Americans — the descendants of slaves — to choose between our right to think for ourselves and our identities.  Biden backpedaled on his offensive comment later in the day after he got a well-deserved torrent of criticism.  "I shouldn't have been such a wise guy....  No one should have to vote for any party based on their race or religion or background," he said in a desperate effort at damage control.

Why Joe Biden can do no wrong.  [Scroll down]  For legal analysts, the cardinal sin is the distortion of the law to fit a cause rather than a case, and many are still twisting the criminal code to come up with new crimes against Trump, regardless of future implications.  In the age of echo chamber journalism, legal analysts are selected according to their willingness to consistently declare that Trump or his associates are committing criminal or impeachable offenses.  Any such theory, no matter how unhinged or unsupported, finds easy access to the pages of the Washington Post or segments on liberal cable news shows.  Indeed, allegations of prosecutorial abuse or judicial overreach in the Michael Flynn case have been ridiculed.

Former Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Slams Biden Over His Racist Comments About Blacks.  Former Vice President Joe Biden has struggled to attract Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters.  After all, Sanders supporters want someone who is progressive, who will fundamentally change what America looks like.  The truth is Joe Biden is an establishment Democrat who has been in politics for decades.  He's not going to drastically change our political structure.  Even though Sanders endorsed the veep, Biden dug himself deeper into a hole on Friday when he said African Americans that vote for President Donald Trump "ain't black."  Nina Tina, the Sanders campaign's National Co-Chair, told the progressive outlet Status Coup that Biden's comments reaffirm that Democrats must earn the black vote.

A Unified Field Theory for Democratic Nominees (which Biden Doesn't Fit).  Since World War II Democrats generally win the White House with a younger nominee, usually in his 40s, with a clear generation-changing message about the future: think John F. Kennedy ("New Frontier!"), Bill Clinton (who openly claimed to be a "New Democrat" — "End welfare as we know it!" — deliberately breaking with the party's stodgy pro-welfare, pro-criminal past), and Barack Obama ("hope and change!").  Even Jimmy Carter, though in his 50s when elected in 1976, fits this screen in a number of ways.  Conversely, when Democrats nominate an establishment figure who is more a throwback to their New Deal/Great Society past, they usually lose.  Think Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, John Kerry, and, above all, Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden — the perverted Magic Eight Ball that is always wrong.  For nearly a half-century, Mr. Biden has been one of the most revered white-haired experts in Washington.  It's why he got picked to be Barack Obama's vice president.  Mr. Biden's specialty all these decades has been foreign policy, about which he has been entirely, 100% wrong 100% of the time.  In a place as hopelessly screwed up as Washington, being 100% wrong 100% of the time is an extraordinary accomplishment.  And in the seedy, house-of-mirrors peep show that is Washington, being so consistently wrong is actually tremendously helpful.  People say that a broken clock is right twice a day.  Well, that is certainly true.  But that only makes the broken clock unreliable.  You have to actually know what time it is to know all the times during the day when the clock is wrong.  With Joe Biden, he is not even right twice a day.

The Editor says...
Mr. Biden was chosen as Obama's Vice President because he was one of the few politicians that Obama could overshadow.  Picking a really strong VP makes everybody wonder if the ticket is upside down; for example, McCain and Palin.

CNBC Reporter:  Biden Is Offering Most Expensive Tax Plan Of Any Democratic Candidate In Recent History.  Joe Biden is presented by Democrats and the media as a moderate, but that's simply not true.  His tax plan is ridiculously expensive.  It would spend trillions more than even Hillary Clinton's tax plan in 2016.  Robert Frank of CNBC recently laid it all out.

"Technically Black": Atlantic Columnist Supports Biden's Statement That Black Trump Supporters Are Not Really Black.  Former Vice President Joe Biden had a bad day yesterday [10/22/2020] after his statement during an interview with Charlamagne tha God on the radio show "The Breakfast Club" that "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."  To Biden's credit, he came out an apologized. [...] However, Atlantic staff writer Jemele Hill has kept the controversy brewing with her insistence that Biden's statement that over a million such Black voters in recent polling are not really (as opposed to "technically") black was "accurate."  The controversy raises some of the issues addressed recently in a column on the stereotyping of Trump supporters.

Biden hammered Romney's Bain ties in 2012. Now, Bain execs are fueling Biden's 2020 bid.  During the 2012 presidential campaign, former Vice President Joe Biden was a sharp critic of Republican nominee Mitt Romney's work for investment firm Bain Capital, but now Bain executives are helping fuel Biden's 2020 presidential bid.  Bain co-founder Joshua Bekenstein and his wife Anita each donated $250,000 to Biden's super PAC in April, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records showed.  The donations accounted for the majority of the PAC's fundraising in April, according to FEC records.

A Deplorable Moment for Every Black American in This Country.  Joe Biden saying, "You ain't black" if you're on the fence about voting for him over President Donald Trump is beyond insulting. [...] The Democratic Party was founded in the 1820s in part to preserve chattel slavery in America.  After the Civil War, pro-slavery zealots in the Democratic Party became pro-segregation barbarians who brutalized, terrorized, and lynched those of my parents and grandparents' generation if they even thought about voting for a Republican. [...] Today, the line of pro-abortion Democrats could stretch from the earth to the moon and back, despite the fact that in some cases, more black babies are aborted in one year than are born alive.  Those same pro-abortion Democrats shriek, endlessly, about how black lives matter, but are silent when hundreds of thousands of black lives are ended in the womb. [...] As far as the Democratic Party has historically been concerned, black people are property or political props.

Biden Apologizes for Saying Black Voters 'Ain't Black' if They're Considering Trump.  Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, apologized Friday afternoon [5/22/2020] for telling a radio host that black voters torn between voting for him and President Trump "ain't black," remarks that ignited a firestorm online.  "I shouldn't have been such a wise guy," Mr. Biden said in a call with the U.S. Black Chambers.  "I shouldn't have been so cavalier."  He later said that he had not been expected to join the call, a possible sign of a hastily arranged appearance.

Architect of NYT's 1619 project draws distinction between 'politically black and racially black'.  New York Times luminary Nikole Hannah-Jones, architect of the Pulitzer Prize-winning 1619 Project, touched off a social-media uproar Friday after drawing a distinction between being "politically black and being racially black."  "There is a difference between being politically black and being racially black," tweeted Ms. Hannah-Jones.  "I am not defending anyone, but we all know this and should stop pretending that we don't."  Despite insisting that she was not defending "anyone," Ms. Hannah-Jones made her comments shortly after former Vice President Joseph R. Biden suggested that only Democrat-voting blacks are truly black in a heated exchange with radio host Charlamagne Tha God.

Biden himself admits he said it, and has apologized for it.  Why deny it?
'That was not what the vice president said': Sheila Jackson Lee denies Biden meant 'you ain't black' comment.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee threw her support behind former Vice President Joe Biden after he said black people who don't vote for him aren't actually black.  During an interview with Fox News host Bret Baier, the Texas Democrat pushed back on the claim that Biden made a major gaffe when he told The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne Tha God on Friday morning that "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

BET Founder Robert Johnson:  Joe Biden 'Should Spend the Rest of His Campaign Apologizing to Every Black Person He Meets'.  BET co-founder Robert Johnson has condemned Joe Biden for claiming that black people aren't really black if they don't vote for him.  "VP Biden's statement today represents the arrogant and out-of-touch attitude of a paternalistic white candidate who has the audacity to tell Black people, the descendants of slaves, that they are not Black unless they vote for him," Johnson said in a statement obtained by Fox News's Bret Baier.

Sen. Tim Scott:  Biden's 'You Ain't Black' Line 'Sadly Par for the Course for Democrats'.  Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) denounced Joe Biden's assertion Friday [5/22/2020] that "you ain't black" if voters might not support him over President Donald Trump, saying the former vice president's comments were just further indication Democrats take the black community for granted.  Scott, one of the most high-profile black elected officials within the Republican Party, took to social media shortly after Biden appeared for an interview on the Breakfast Club, a popular radio program, and made the controversial remarks.

Joe Biden Regrets 'You Ain't Black' Comment: 'I Shouldn't Have Been Such a Wise Guy'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden expressed regret Friday for decreeing that African-Americans aren't really black if they have trouble deciding to support him over President Donald Trump, saying he's "never" taken the black community's vote for granted and "shouldn't have been such a wise guy."  "I should not have been so cavalier.  I've never, never, ever taken the African American community for granted," Biden said during a call with black business leaders, according to CBS News reporter Ed O'Keefe.

Republican Senator Tim Scott has a lot to say about Joe Biden's 'you ain't black' comment.  U.S. Senator Tim Scott joined a chorus of voices condemning presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for "arrogant" comments he made during a radio interview.  The Republican senator from South Carolina slammed the former vice president on the "condescending" declaration he made in an interview with Charlamagne tha God, co-host of "The Breakfast Club" radio show.  Scott spoke on Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co."  on Friday [5/22/2020] about Biden's latest controversial statement.  [Video clip]

'Insulting, demeaning, racist': Biden steps in it bigtime when he says 'you ain't black' if you consider vote for Trump.  During a radio show interview Thursday, presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden told a black radio host that he "ain't black" if he's still mulling over who to vote for in the upcoming 2020 general election.  The stunning remarks triggered outrage from a spate of black Americans already disgusted by the Democrat Party taking their votes for granted.  The remarks were made during the tail end of Biden's interview with Charlamagne tha God, the co-host of the "The Breakfast Club" radio show.  [Video clip]

Across Biden Charitable Organizations A Refusal to Disclose Funding.  At its founding in 2018, Biden described the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement as "a place where policymakers here and abroad will know they can be in touch with some of the best minds."  The center is one of several organizations Biden founded since leaving the White House in 2017, including the domestic policy-focused Biden Institute at the University of Delaware and the Biden Cancer Initiative, all launched in 2017.  All three entities have refused to reveal the sources of their funding, a potential landmine for the Democrats' presumptive presidential nominee that raises questions about the influence of individual, corporate, and foreign donations on the presidential candidate.  The lack of transparency has drawn the attention of a watchdog group that is now demanding that the federal government investigate whether foreign money has flowed to the Biden Center in Philadelphia.

Video Emerges of Biden Admitting He Was Stopped by Security for "Following" Pretty College Women.  It should be apparent at this point that Joe has had boundary issues with women and girls for decades now.  And now video emerged from 2008 where Joe Biden admitted to stalking a group of college women back to their dorm.  It was creepy enough for security to detain him.  Joe Biden admitted it back in 2008 as Barack Obama's running mate.  It was not one of his better events.

Joe Biden's Handlers Are Now Having to Interject During His Interviews.  Joe Biden's descent continues.  He's recently committed so many mental flubs that it's become impossible to keep up with them all.  The latest comes today via an interview with a local news station, and it's not actually something Biden said that stood out.  Instead, it was one of his staffer's jumping into the middle of the TV hit to cut the interview short.

Bain Capital Chairman Donates Big Money to Biden Super PAC.  The chairman of Bain Capital, the infamous venture capital firm excoriated by Democrats during the 2012 election for outsourcing American jobs, is putting big money behind a Super PAC working to elect former Vice President Joe Biden.  Joshua Bekenstein, who was one of the founders of the firm alongside Mitt Romney and now serves as its chairman, donated $250,000 to Unite the Country at the start of April, according to the Super PAC's Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.  On the same day that donation was made, Bekenstein's wife, Anita, contributed a further $250,000, raising the couple's total to half a million dollars.  Bekenstein and his wife have also each contributed the max amount of $5,600 to Biden's official 2020 campaign.

Recording of calls between Joe Biden, ex Ukraine President Poroshenko leaked.  Leaked phone conversations between Joe Biden and then-Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko have been made public by a Ukrainian lawmaker.  Edited recordings of the calls were played at a news conference Tuesday in Kiev by Andriy Derkach, who has claimed he has proof showing that Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian natural gas company that employed Biden's son Hunter Biden, paid then-Vice President Joe Biden $900,000 in lobbying fees.  Details of the conversations between Biden and Poroshenko have been previously reported.  Derkach said he received the leaked audio from "investigative journalists" — and that the recordings were made by Poroshenko himself.

Senate Committee Authorizes Subpoena in Hunter Biden-Burisma Investigation.  The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted to authorize a subpoena related to the GOP investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings on Wednesday [5/20/2020].  Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson opened a vote to subpoena Blue Star Strategies, which is accused of trying to influence State Department policies.  The consulting firm worked with Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings while Hunter Biden was still on the board.

Don't Let The Left's 'Believe All Women' Word Game Distract From Their Glaring Hypocrisy.  As the Joe Biden sexual assault allegation receives almost no mainstream media coverage in a contentious election year, and conservatives implore onlookers to reflect on the guilty-until-proven-innocent standard Democrats established during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, a New York Times opinion still manages to frame the scenario as a "right-wing trap."  "Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault, and conservatives are having a field day, exultant that they've caught feminists in a new hypocrisy trap," laments author Susan Faludi.

Ukrainian Lawmaker Releases Recorded Phone Calls Of Biden, Poroshenko.  Andriy Derkach, an independent member of Ukraine's parliament, said at a press conference on Tuesday that he had received recorded phone call conversations between presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, then-vice president in the Obama administration, and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, which Derkach reportedly played at the press conference.  The Washington Post reported that the "recordings of private phone calls between former vice president Joe Biden and former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko" were "a new broadside against the presumptive Democratic nominee for U.S. president."

The Telephone Bill Comes for Sundown Joe.  You've likely never heard of Andriy Derkach, and that's all right.  If the Democrat Party and their media allies get their way, you'll never hear of him again.  But Derkach, a former Ukrainian intelligence officer trained in Moscow and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament aligned with the party of Russia-friendly former leader Viktor Yanukovych, dropped a major bombshell Tuesday in a press conference in Kiev, releasing audiotapes of phone calls which seem very much like they include conversations between another Ukrainian leader, Petro Poroshenko, and former Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden in 2016.  Those audiotapes, which Derkach says he received from "investigative journalists" — it's OK to call his sources spies — do not present, to put it kindly, Biden in a good light.  The material they contain is apparently the same stuff that Rudy Giuliani was so fired up about after he made his trip to Ukraine late last year; Derkach was one of the people Giuliani met with.

Ukraine judge orders Joe Biden be listed as alleged perpetrator of crime in prosecutor's firing.  The infamous story of Joe Biden's effort to force the firing of Ukraine's chief prosecutor in 2016 has taken a new legal twist in Kiev, just as the former vice president is sewing up the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination in America.  In Kiev late last month, District Court Judge S. V. Vovk ordered the country's law enforcement services to formally list the fired prosecutor, Victor Shokin, as the victim of an alleged crime by the former U.S. vice president, according to an official English translation of the ruling obtained by Just the News.  The court had previously ordered the Prosecutor General's Office and the State Bureau of Investigations in February to investigate Shokin's claim that he was fired in spring 2016 under pressure from Biden because he was investigating Burisma Holdings, the natural gas company where Biden's son Hunter worked.

Joe Biden Ukraine Scandal [is] Exploding.  Half a year after the failed attempt to impeach President Trump over his "pressure" on Ukraine, a topic of the relationship between the U.S. and Ukraine will be yet again getting close attention and presumably making it hot and sweaty in the Delaware basement.  A reason for that is a political scandal that burst out in Kiev on May 19, when a member of Ukrainian Parliament Andrey Derkach called a press conference where he released audio records of the phone calls between "individuals whose voices sound like" those of ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Vice President Joseph Biden, as well as Secretary of State John Kerry who discussed the course of Ukrainian domestic policy in very precise detail.  On that tapes, Joe Biden factually tells Poroshenko what to do, and Poroshenko seeking advice, cooperates his actions and frankly reassures Biden that all his orders will be executed.  Mr. Derkach said that the contents of those records are sufficient to incriminate Poroshenko a treason.  As for our side of the pond, the tables are rapidly turning against Biden, who, so far, "magically" shrugged off all corruption accusations.

How is Joe Biden Getting Away With This?  [Scroll down]  [Senator Kirsten] Gillibrand, who demanded that the FBI investigate Brett Kavanaugh's high school drinking habits, is now disingenuously insisting that there's nothing to see here.  This from a woman who was happy to overlook Bill Clinton's history of sexual misconduct when she needed his help on the campaign trail.  It's particularly odd to see Democrats rushing to Biden's defense in light of his blatant efforts to mislead journalists seeking to verify [Tara] Reade's claim that she filed a personnel complaint with Biden's office around the time of the alleged assault.  After vehemently denying that the complaint would be among his personal papers at the University of Delaware, Biden went to both the National Archives and the secretary of the Senate — who ultimately concluded that the records would most likely be found in Biden's archives.  This doesn't mean we should assume Biden's guilt — even if his own words practically beg us to do just that.  It does, however, raise the serious question of how the accusation against Biden is not the single biggest story in the country, at least in the political news cycle.

Feminists Who Now Claim They Never Meant 'Believe All Women' Are Gaslighting Us.  The emergence of Tara Reade's accusation of sexual assault against presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has prompted the swift and sudden collapse of the #MeToo movement's central tenet — that all women who come forward with such allegations deserve to be believed.  In fact, some who speak for the movement aren't merely retreating on this point:  They are pretending that feminists who wielded the #MeToo hashtag never claimed that all women should be believed.  This is a transparent attempt to rewrite history and should be treated as such.  For a perfect example, see the journalist Susan Faludi in The New York Times:  "'Believe All Women' Is a Right-Wing Trap," reads the headline on her article.  Faludi accuses conservatives of inventing the idea that feminists were demanding that all women be believed.

Obamagate Must Result in Criminal Prosecutions.  During his very last days as vice president, Biden unmasked General Michael Flynn and by a very strange coincidence, it happened to be the very same day Flynn's name was leaked to the media.  In the unlikely event Biden had some legitimate reason for unmasking Flynn at the time, it's improbable that he would remember what that reason might have been, more than three years later.  Leaking Flynn's name is a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison.  The moral of the story is be careful what you wish for, because you might get it.

Joe Biden's Attack on Don Jr.  Backfires as Hunter's Baggage Retakes Center Stage.  Joe Biden's (D) attack on Donald Trump Jr. backfired tremendously Tuesday evening after the president's eldest son resurrected the largely dismissed realities surrounding the corruption of the Democrat Party's presumptive nominee and his son Hunter. [...] Indeed, Hunter Biden has carried significant baggage, some of which has taken center stage during the early months of his father's presidential bid, despite his attempts to maintain a low profile as his father emerges as the Democrat Party's presumptive nominee.

The left's two big albatrosses — Biden and Pelosi.  One has to wonder, do those on the left, including the media, actually think that Joe Biden is a viable candidate for president?  Do they not realize that Nancy Pelosi is as senile as Joe?  Like Joe, she often slurs her words, suffers brain freezes mid-sentence and spews gibberish.  Biden is life-long corruptocrat, a known plagiarist, a pathological liar and a truly mean and evil man.  You can catch a glimpse of just how mean in the film about Clarence Thomas; it was Biden who grilled him mercilessly during the hearings over Anita Hill's phony allegations.  Biden is a racist as well. [...] How is Joe going to debate President Trump?  He is unable to utter a coherent sentence or answer a simple question.  Pelosi submitted a $3 trillion spending bill that is simply a joke.  Biden has vowed to pick a "woman of color" as his running mate.  Woe be unto him if he doesn't.  As for the left's "believe all women" mantra, that went out the window the moment Tara Reade accused Biden of sexual assault.

'Joe Has Absolutely No Idea What's Happening'.  President Donald Trump, speaking to the Washington Examiner ahead of an event at a medical supply facility in this key swing state, took aim at Joe Biden's mental faculties, at one point claiming his Democratic challenger "has absolutely no idea what's happening."  Trump was reacting to news that Biden had teamed up with former rival Sen. Bernie Sanders in naming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez co-chair of a climate change panel, which Trump said would help cost Biden the state of Pennsylvania.

Audio Released Of Joe Biden And Ukrainian President Poroshenko Discussing Firing Viktor Shokin Who Was Investigating His Son — For IMF Loan.  An audio tape was released by Creative Destruction Media where Joe Biden is pressuring former Ukrainian President Poroshenko to fire former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.  The men discuss the firing of then Prosecutor Shokin for corrupt reasons, in order to prevent an investigation into Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and other criminal actions.  Victor Shokin was investigating Joe Biden's son Hunter at the time.

Joe Biden Vows to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline 'For Good' If Elected.  Former Vice President Joe Biden vowed Monday to stop the Keystone XL pipeline "for good" if elected president.  The pipeline, to carry oil from Canada's tar sands into the United States, was blocked by President Barack Obama for years, even though it had passed an environmental review.  The Obama administration stopped the project under pressure from radical environmentalists over concerns about climate change — though the alternative to the Keystone XL was simply that the oil would be exported from Canada to China, rather than to the U.S., and used there instead.

More about Keystone XL.

PAC Releases Scathing Ad Showing Biden Flat-Out Lying In 1987.  Joe Biden has never been president — for some very good reasons, the one-minute ad by Restoration PAC says.  The shot cuts to a mostly bald (pre-hair-plugged) Biden at a campaign event in 1987, when he first ran for president.  Biden clashes with a man in the New Hampshire rally, which leads to him claiming he's smarter than the man, saying he finished in the top half of his law school class and earned three degrees in college.

Principled Constitutionalists Would Deny Biden the Presumption of Innocence.  Joe Biden is a professional creep.  He has spent his 50 years as a "public servant" sniffing women, groping women, fondling them, "massaging" them from behind, rubbing against them, kissing them, and touching them.  Thirty seconds on Google will turn up any number of photos and videos of Biden forcing himself into the personal space of numerous women, to hand-deliver his personal brand of hands-on "retail politicking" and "Biden empathy."  In those photos and videos, none of the recipients of that "empathy" look particularly thrilled to be on the receiving end of it.  Some look surprised to discover Biden's hands roaming all over them, some look resigned, some look creeped out.  But at least the adult women are there for a purpose — they are usually Democrats, and they know what they signed up for in getting close to Biden.

PBS Uncovers More Alleged Victims of Joe Biden's Unwanted Touching.  The far-left PBS NewHour interviewed 74 former Joe Biden staffers and uncovered even more women who claim to be victims of the former vice president's unwanted and inappropriate touching.  These alleged victims are in addition to Biden's eight accusers and the female Secret Service agents who say Biden exposed himself to them (without their consent) while swimming in the nude almost daily.

Sleepy Joe Biden dazed and confused when it comes to Obamagate.  So now it turns out that Joe Biden was in on the Obamagate dirty tricks scandal right up to his glazed, vacant eyeballs.  But actually, you will not be surprised to learn, Sleepy Joe appears somewhat ... dazed and confused ... about what exactly happened, and his connection to whatever it was that was done.  If Biden is eventually placed under oath and asked by the grand jury about the greatest political scandal in American history, you know what his answer will be.  "I don't remember anything."  And who would be able to dispute him?

Basement Biden not a good presidential look.  For most Democratic voters, the fact that Biden is not Trump is enough of a reason to cast their ballot in his favor.  But for those who are looking for a substantive, powerful alternative, the voice from the basement is not enough.

Gaffe-riddled, glitchy roundtable panned when Biden can't recall who briefs him on coronavirus.  Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden insisted in a virtual town hall that he is daily brought up to date about the coronavirus crisis.  The only problem:  He can't remember the name of the person who briefs him for more than an hour each day.

Biden can't seem to get his story straight on Flynn probe, flip-flops within days.  There are two arguable reasons as to why former Vice President Joe Biden remains the Democrat Party's presumptive choice to run against President Donald Trump in November.  One, Democratic operatives are salivating at the opportunity to use Biden's apparently declining mental state to their advantage and rule from the shadows while he remains a 'figurehead' president.  And two, the [...] 'mainstream media' is continuing to help prop him up, as evidenced by nearly every single interview with him.  Thursday's [5/14/2020] appearance on Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC program is a case in point.

Report: Amb.  Marie Yovanovitch Knew More About Burisma than She Admitted to Impeachment Inquiry.  Newly-released State Department documents suggest that former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch knew more about Burisma, the corrupt company tied to Hunter Biden, than she told the House impeachment inquiry last year.  In November 2019, Yovanovitch testified in a public hearing before the House Intelligence Committee that she first learned about Burisma when she was being briefed for her confirmation hearings in 2016, and that the company was "not a focus" when she arrived at post.

Biden's Virtual Campaign Is a Disaster.  They say that if you live long enough, you'll get to experience nearly everything, and so it has been for Joe Biden, who has lived to see history's first Zoom presidential campaign.  Unfortunately for him, it's his.  Nobody looks good on Zoom — or FaceTime or Skype or any of the other online simulacra of human interaction that the lockdown has forced upon us.  It diminishes all the distractions and intangibles that give life texture and zest, that make life seem rather pleasanter than it is.  Did anyone fully understand just how unfunny late-night talk-show hosts are — take your pick; I pick Stephen Colbert — until the pandemic forced them online and deprived them of the Pavlovian and highly implausible laughter of their studio audiences?  So too with political campaigns.

Sanders adviser warns 'a significant portion' of senator's backers 'unsupportive' of Biden.  A top political adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders is warning that "a significant portion" of the Vermont senator's supporters are "currently unsupportive" of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.  Jeff Weaver — who managed Sanders' 2016 campaign and served as senior adviser on his now-suspended 2020 White House bid — cautioned, "The Bernie Sanders base makes up a sizeable group of voters that could have a profound impact in the outcome of the election."

Benghazi Liar Susan Rice Reveals She'd Say 'Yes' To Being Biden's Running Mate.  Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor and Ambassador to the United Nations under Barack Obama, has said she would accept if asked to be Joe Biden's running mate.  Rice told PBS she is "humbled and honored" to be on a list of token women Biden has insisted he must choose as his Vice President.  When asked if she would accept the invite from the Democrat nominee, the noted Benghazi liar excitedly replied, "I certainly would say yes."

Biden reportedly has unmasking pal Susan Rice on his VP shortlist, she says she'd be all in.  It appears presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and Obama-era National Security Adviser Susan Rice are two sleazy unmasking peas in a pod of potential illegalities.  On Thursday [5/14/2020], a day after Biden and Rice were both outed as being among the Obama administration officials who'd sought to unmask then-incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in late 2016 and early 2017, word emerged that Rice is on Biden's VP shortlist.  "You're on the list of one of the people to be considered for Joe Biden's vice president," PBS host Margaret Hoover revealed to Rice during an interview with her.

Susan Rice's vice presidential hopes hamstrung by Benghazi and 'unmasking' controversy.  Susan Rice wants to be Joe Biden's running mate.  The question is whether the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee wants her on his ticket.  "I certainly would say yes," Rice told PBS late Thursday [5/14/2020].  "I know Joe Biden well.  I've worked with him very closely.  I know he'll be a great president of the United States.  And from my vantage point, I'm committed to doing all I can to help him win and to help him govern."  She added, "If that were the role in which he felt I could best serve, then I'm not going to say no."  Rice, 55, was former President Barack Obama's national security adviser from 2013 to 2017, aligning herself with him early in his 2008 White House campaign over his then-rival Hillary Clinton.

Did someone mention Benghazi?

President Joe Biden Will Be Immediately Impeached for 4 Major Scandals.  If Joe Biden happens to be elected president this year, he will enter office more hobbled by major scandals than any president in the history of the presidency, and there is just no question that his administration will be immediately paralyzed by impeachment proceedings.  Maybe I'm missing something, but I can think of no other major presidential candidate, and certainly no other president (if he should win) who, on the day he was sworn in, would be immediately engulfed by not just one, but four — four! — impeachable scandals.  There's just no question that if Biden wins, once he takes office, his administration will be bogged down by legitimate investigations into his actual and credibly suspected wrongdoing, corruption, self-dealing, and sexual misconduct.

Joe Biden says 'Millions' of Americans died & '85,000 jobs lost' in bumbling coronavirus interview.  Presidential candidate Joe Biden made another coronavirus gaffe by claiming 85,000 jobs have been lost in the US as a result of Covid-19 and millions of Americans have died.  The blunder follows a previous bungle, where he called the disease Covid-9, rather than Covid-19 — and referred to Wuhan where the disease originated as "Luhan".

Where is Christine Blasey Ford and why hasn't she said anything about Tara Reade?  [Scroll down]  Christine Blasey Ford wasn't whisked away from earth in 2018. She's still out there somewhere reading the news.  She knows about Tara Reade and, so far, she hasn't offered a word of public support about her allegation.  That's true even though Tara Reade made a point of saying she believed Christine Blasey Ford in her interview with Megyn Kelly.  Isn't it pretty remarkable that Ford has remained silent?  Has anyone in the media even tried to ask Blasey Ford if she believes Reade?  Did reporters at every news outlet suddenly lose her number after the confirmation?  Given the media comparisons between the two women over the past several weeks, it really does seem like an obvious avenue to pursue.  So why hasn't the media pursued it?

Joe Biden says anyone who believes Tara Reade shouldn't vote for him.  Voters concerned by the sexual assault allegations of his former Senate staffer, Tara Reade, should "vote their heart," Joe Biden said on MSNBC — and if they believe her, they shouldn't vote for him at all.  "If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn't vote for me," the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee told host Lawrence O'Donnell.  "I wouldn't vote for me if I believed Tara Reade," he added.

A Tale of Two Sets of Rules.  Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's 2018 confirmation hearings were a feeding frenzy.  Christine Blasey Ford wrote a letter to her congresswoman in which she accused Kavanaugh of having kissed and groped her decades earlier at a high school party.  The letter made its way to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, whose office allegedly leaked the letter to the press.  Ford had no corroborating witnesses — and, by the way, never accused Kavanaugh of rape.  But that didn't stop the outrage chorus from calling Kavanaugh a rapist.  Due process [notwithstanding], the left — male and female — rallied under the #BelieveWomen banner, insisting that the mere accusation meant Kavanaugh should be presumed guilty.  Reade, on the other hand, has accused Biden of rape, and more recently — in 1993, when he was a U.S. senator.  But he's a Democrat, so the rules are different.  The press ignored the story as long as it could and then dismissed it, Reade's corroborating evidence notwithstanding.  Biden, of course, has denied Reade's allegation.  He (unlike Kavanaugh) is, of course, to be believed.  Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer proclaimed Biden's denial is "sufficient."  The same Feinstein who had no trouble standing behind Ford and her 35-year-old accusations said of Reade, "I don't know this person at all who has made the allegations.  She came out of nowhere.  Where has she been all these years?"

The unmasking of Joe Biden.  The declassification of material from the Michael Flynn case has exposed more chilling details of a concerted effort by prosecutors to come up with any crime to use against the former national security adviser.  This week, however, a letter revealed a new unsettling detail.  Among more than three dozen Obama administration officials asking to "unmask" Flynn from the investigation was former Vice President Joe Biden.  This revelation came less than 24 hours after Biden denied any involvement in the investigation of Flynn.  It also follows a disclosure that President Obama was following that investigation.

The Strange Case of the Cuomo Brothers.  Democratic politicos are whispering of a Bidexit.  Good ol' Joe from Scranton would graciously step down and take one for the party.  Cuomo then storms the convention.  Bernie hands over his delegates in a show of gracious unity.  That way, all the "troubles" — Joe's cognitive impairment, Tara Reade's sexual-assault charges, the currently dormant Sanders socialist threat — dissipate.  Cuomo selects Joe's promised minority or female — or both — vice-presidential candidate.  Or in fact he doesn't and is free to choose anyone he prefers.  Presto, the party hits the campaign trail in August united.  There are problems with such a scenario — namely Biden, and, then, Sanders, not going quietly into the night after a grueling year of campaigning.  And then there is Andrew Cuomo's current underreported but actually spotty performance as governor during the crisis.  Hs record has been as anemic as his press conferences have been robust, resulting in the surreal result that he effectively advertises his shortcomings.

Impeachment Boomerang:  Contacts exposed between US embassy, Hunter Biden-connected Ukraine firm.  During President Trump's impeachment, former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified to Congress that she knew little beyond an initial briefing and "press reports" about Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian natural gas firm that had hired Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter and was dogged by a corruption investigation.  "It just wasn't a big deal," she declared under oath on Oct. 11, 2019.  But newly unearthed State Department memos obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show Yovanovitch's embassy in Kiev, including the ambassador herself, was engaged in several discussions and meetings about Burisma as the gas firm scrambled during the 2016 election and transition to settle a long-running corruption investigation and polish its image before President Trump took office.

Who will be Joe Biden's co-president?  Joe Biden needs a co-president.  Not just a running mate, not just a potential vice president, but someone who will be president-in-waiting should Biden win in November — the month he turns 78.  The idea of Biden running for a second term in 2024 at the age of 81 is hard to take seriously.  So far, this is something everybody knows but nobody is taking seriously enough.  The question of Biden's current mental acuity has become a campaign issue, but even Democrats who believe Biden is up to the job of being president in 2020 will have a tough time arguing that he'd be fit to serve a second term.  In looking at the Democratic ticket this year, voters will in effect be asked to vote not just for a president but for a 2024 nominee as well.

Get ready for 'Obamagate' to become 'ObamaBidengate': Goodwin.  One of Joe Biden's strengths among Democrats is his eight-year stint as Barack Obama's vice president.  It was, the former veep often says proudly, the Obama-Biden administration.  Suddenly, Republicans are happy to agree as they probe the previous administration's role in the false Russia-collusion charges and the phony Michael Flynn prosecution.  Already, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has included Biden in his version of the infamous question, asking:  "What did Obama and Biden know and when did they know it?" President Trump calls it "Obamagate."  Any day now, I expect to see that changed to "ObamaBidengate."

Biden Wastes His Crisis.  Coronavirus is an unprecedented crisis, simultaneously straining Trump's presidency on the health and economic fronts.  Biden should be pulling away under such circumstances.  But he is not, and that is ominous for Democrats.  A school of thought exists that Biden's non-campaigning strategy is separating him from a sinking Trump.  That school is called "wishful thinking."  It is wrong.

Voters' choice:  Narcissist who delivered on promises or gaffe-prone Biden in a basement.  [Scroll down]  Incumbent presidents, however, usually win their elections.  And wannabe vice president challengers usually don't.  Think Richard Nixon, Walter Mondale and Al Gore.  Advantage incumbents, unless economic times are tough.  And economic times are tough.  So will voters, even the historically high number of jobless, decide that the coronavirus outbreak was not the president's fault?  Will they remember whose tax cuts and deregulations spawned such prosperity, optimism, a booming economy and low unemployment way, way back in February of 2020?  Or will they opt for the oldest presumptive presidential nominee ever, an ex-vice president who promised hundreds of thousands of new shovel-ready jobs every month in 2010 and 2011 that never materialized during the last recession and caused the slowest economic recovery in 80 years?

Democrats Increasingly Anxious Over Joe Biden's Basement Campaign.  In addition to the growing controversy over the allegations from Tara Reade, the Joe Biden campaign is facing increasing scrutiny from Democrats over the awful optics from his basement approach.  Concerns over Coronavirus have relegated Biden to campaigning from his home, but his team's technical broadcasting skills aren't making the cut.

Joe Biden Wears Face Mask at Home Alone, Struggles to Remove Before Speaking.  Former Vice President Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled campaign this week; bizarrely wearing a face mask while quarantined at home and struggling to remove the covering before speaking to the camera.  "Good afternoon," said Biden after seconds of deafening silence.

We're Winning.  Gropey Joe's popularity depends entirely on his invisibility.  The second people start paying attention they are going to notice that compared to him, Mr. Magoo is an incisive and sharp-witted achiever at the top of his game.  Oh, and Magoo's kid isn't doing billion-dollar deals with the Chinese reds between snorting rails and impregnating pole-dancers. [...] Biden is a mess, a freakish, deteriorating mess of garbled thoughts and bizarre verbal tangents, and he can only lurk in the dark making hostage videos for so long.  The Dems will absolutely cancel their convention to keep him off stage.  That's a done deal.  They'll say it's about safety.  And they will not let him debate Trump.  No way, no how. [...] The left tried to leverage him out with Tara Reade, but after some perfunctory equivocation, the libs got real:  "Yeah, he probably did it, and no, we don't care."

We Know the Dems Will Get Rid of Biden.  The Only Question Is When.  A popular topic of COVID-19 quarantine conversation for my conservative friends and me in recent weeks has been speculating just how and when the Democrats are going to replace Joe Biden.  None of us are talking about "if" it is going to happen, this is definitely a "when" thing.  I can't imagine how much booze and Pepto-Bismol Democratic operatives are going through these days.  A year ago at this time they had a primary field that was historic for both its size and diversity.  There were relatively younger faces too.  And most of them could speak in complete sentences.  Now they're stuck with a drooling septuagenarian fool who it turns out is probably a sexual predator.  Forget the declining mental health, Matt wrote the other day that a quarter of the Democrats want Biden replaced just because of the Tara Reade allegations.

Alex Marlow:  Biden's #MeToo Scandal Could take Out a Generation of Democrat Women.  Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow recently discussed the dismissal by women within the Democrat Party of the recent sexual assault allegations waged against former Vice President Joe Biden.  "Joe Biden has zero evidence to suggest he wasn't a criminal here," Marlow said, before describing Tara Reade's consistency with the allegations.  "It fits a pattern.  The eighth time a woman has said Biden had been inappropriate with them throughout his career.  This is a woman who was a Biden employee."

Three Times Joe Biden Was Reportedly Involved with the Russia Collusion Hoax.  President Donald Trump hinted that Barack Obama and Joe Biden could soon be implicated for their alleged roles in the controversial Russia collusion investigation.  "There's more to come from what I understand, and they're going to be far greater than what you've seen so far, and what you've seen so far is incredible, especially as it relates to President Obama," Trump said during an appearance Friday on Fox & Friends when discussing Obama's role in the Russia probe.

It Turns Out Biden's Public Health Advisory Committee Has Consistently Downplayed the Virus.  Former Vice President Joe Biden has had plenty of criticism for President Trump and his coronavirus task force, but if the country was left in his health advisors' hands, we may not have had a handle on this crisis at all.  As it turns out, the members of his Public Health Advisory Committee have downplayed the threat of the virus for months.

Tara Reade has exposed endless Democratic hypocrisy.  Bits and pieces of confirmation keep rolling in for Tara Reade's accusations against Joe Biden, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi clearly voices the view of the Democratic establishment when she declares it a "closed issue."  Pelosi explained on MSNBC: "I have said I am proud to support Joe Biden for president.  I believe him when he says it didn't happen.  But I also believe him when he says let them look into the records, and that's what they should do."  And:  "I'm not going to answer this question again."  Never mind that Biden is blocking efforts to look into his records, refusing to OK the release of his own files stored at the University of Delaware.

Everyone Deserves to Live Under the Biden Standard.  Why should Joe Biden get due process, but not others accused of sexual misconduct?  That's the question raised by the progressive reaction to Tara Reade's accusation against Biden on the one hand, and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's new rules for handling sexual-harassment cases on college campuses on the other.

Biden, who told coal miners to 'learn to code,' can't quite figure out how to use Zoom.  Bear in mind that millions of Americans on lockdown have gotten the hang of Zoom, and now do it for every sort of thing that used to be done in person - from family gatherings, to school courses, to investment talk, to project meetings, to work meetings, to political briefings, to news reports on television.  This isn't to say it's easy for everyone, but anyone who focuses on learning how to do it can get it right, thousands of people older than 70-something Joe most certainly have mastered it.  But not Joe Biden.  It suggests that learning new technical things is for little people.  Biden either can't learn, or won't learn, or is too lazy to learn.

Democrats' Desperation about Tara Reade Is Growing.  So Is Their Hypocrisy.  There aren't a ton of synonyms for the word "hypocrisy."  I've become aware of this problem ever since I began writing about the Tara Reade-Joe Biden situation.  I keep gravitating towards phrases such as "despicable hypocrisy," or "partisan hypocrisy," or "unconscionable hypocrisy," but you can only go to the well so often.  Really, though, I'm not sure how else to describe the actions of someone like Senator Dianne Feinstein. [...] When finally asked about Reade yesterday, Feinstein responded:  "And I don't know this person at all who has made the allegations.  She came out of nowhere.  Where has she been all these years?  He was vice president."  To put this in perspective, when Ford came forward "out of nowhere," Feinstein said:  "Victims must be able to come forward only when they are ready."

The Really Bad News for Biden Is How Unenthusiastic His Dems Defenders Are.  The Democrats have no enthusiasm.  There's no fire in their bellies.  They're grumbling even as they're defending Biden.  They would rather not be doing this, not because they care about Reade, but because they really [don't care] about Joe Biden.  And that's bad news for Biden.  Enthusiasm is his real weakness.  It's not there.  No one is really enthusiastic about Biden.  And even a primal threat to his candidacy doesn't summon more than some awkward dismissals.  Their hearts aren't really in it.  And neither is Joe's brain.

How Long Can Biden Stay in His Basement?  [Joe] Biden is no spring chicken.  He would take office at 78, one year older than Ronald Reagan, our oldest president, was when he left office.  Biden has also signaled, by his references to being a "bridge" president, that he will be serving only the single term that would end in 2025 with him having celebrated his 82nd birthday.  "I view myself as a transition candidate," Biden conceded last week.  This makes his vice presidential choice crucial.  For that individual would not only become president instantly should something happen to a President Biden, but he or she would also become the leader of the Democratic Party, the probable presidential nominee in 2024, and possibly president.  Who will Biden select as America's future leader, after him?  First rule:  No white men need apply.  Biden has ruled them out.  Indeed, no male candidate of any race or ethnicity need apply.  The vice presidential nomination has been set aside for a woman.  A woman of color?  Not necessarily.

Biden's Latest Virtual Event Was the Worst One Yet.  Surely there must be some plausible explanation for all the technical glitches during Biden's Tampa rally on Thursday.  Perhaps the Biden team was distracted after more evidence emerged substantiating Tara Reade's accusation that former Senator Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.  It was 40 minutes into the rally before Biden finally appeared, propped against a wall, not moving and donning aviator sunglasses.  "Did they introduce me?" Biden asked.  "Am I on?"

New Pro-Trump Ad Revisits Decade-Old Biden Scandal.  A new advertisement from a Trump-aligned political action committee (PAC) is hitting presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on a decades-old scandal.  The advertisement, produced by Restoration PAC, was obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller, and will debut on Fox News Friday morning.  The 60 second TV spot will hit Biden for exaggerating his resume during his first presidential campaign in 1988.

Back to the future:  Democrats return to defending against 'bimbo eruptions'.  Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden have Democrats once again grappling with the dilemma of believing all women or standing by their man, just as they did two decades ago when Bill Clinton prowled the West Wing.  Biden has denied the charges, and many Democrats say they believe him.  "I have complete respect for the whole #MeToo movement," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a typical statement.  "There's also due process and the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden."  That's the line elected Democrats have been sticking to, though some liberals have begun arguing the former vice president should be supported over President Trump even if Reade's allegations are true.

Feminism:  Our Creeps Are Better Than Your Creeps.  In her New York Times op-ed, "I Believe Tara Reade.  I Am Voting for Joe Biden Anyway," Linda Hirshman blurts out what many suspected all along:  ideology and politics trump all for feminists.  From Teddy Kennedy to Bill Clinton to Joe Biden, raw political considerations confer absolution upon their sins.  That's the upshot of Hirshman's argument.  Her rallying cry might as well be:  Our creeps are better than your creeps.  Why?  Because they support the killing of unborn children. [...] Now the voice of degrading feminism, supplied by Hirshman, says that sexual assault is worth overlooking for a political victory that protects abortion:  "Compared with the good Mr. Biden can do, the cost of dismissing Tara Reade — and, worse, weakening the voices of future survivors — is worth it."

The Editor says...
The Democrat Party has one central plank in its platform that is absolutely vital, and that is abortion.  It is far more important than Joe Biden's senility or his long history of misbehavior around women.  It is more important than the skin color of the nominee.  It is more important than open borders, electric cars, gun control, marijuana, redistribution of wealth, global warming, or the Electoral College.  Abortion is everything to a Democrat.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Joe Biden?  At least Bernie could string a few sentences together and present a coherent vision for his "Amerika," misguided as it was.  Poor Joe needs a kick in the pants to know he is being asked a question.  Otherwise he stands next to his wife, whom he might confuse with his sister, like a cigar store Indian, not to be confused the real Indian that Democrat primary voters rejected.  Engaged in softball interviews from his basement, reading from a script, Joe can't make it through a sentence before forgetting the question or the first half of his answer.  If Joe is not in the early, or perhaps beyond early, stages of dementia, none of his supporters have explained his behavior other than "That's Joe being Joe."

Poll Shows Joe Biden Less Popular than Hillary Clinton Was in 2016.  A recently released poll shows Joe Biden's favorability rating is not only much lower than President Trump's; it's lower than Hillary Clinton's was at this same point in 2016.

A new liberal refrain:  So what if Biden did it?  At first, in the wake of Tara Reade's accusation that he sexually assaulted her in 1993, the reaction in media and political circles was largely silence.  Reade seemed to come out of nowhere, so there was little need to acknowledge her story.  Many media outlets stuck with silence after the New York Times and Washington Post published their accounts 19 days later.  In other outlets, the second reaction was that she was probably not telling the truth — after all, no Biden Senate staffer could recall her making the charge and no one could find the complaint she says she filed.  As journalists tracked down more people who say Reade told them of the alleged attack — there are now at least four corroborating witnesses — the third reaction was that yes, she has more evidence than Christine Blasey Ford, and yes she should be heard, but it's still a muddle, and besides, Biden went on television and denied it.  But now, in certain quarters, comes the fourth reaction:  So what if it's true?

Biden: Gender confirmation surgery is 'medically necessary'.  Joe Biden said sex-change surgery is medically necessary for transgender people while pushing for changes that would require insurers to cover such procedures.  The former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee made the assertion during a Wednesday virtual event with the Human Rights Campaign.  He received a question on how he would ensure gay and transgender people have access to affordable healthcare.

The Editor says...
The barbaric act known as "gender confirmation surgery" is actually an attempt at gender denial and alteration, not confirmation.  At the conclusion of such a procedure, chromosomes have not changed.

Biden Enjoys Armed Protection While Fighting to Disarm Americans.  Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden is enjoying the benefit of armed protection while campaigning on a platform of disarming his fellow Americans.  On March 17, 2020, Breitbart News reported Biden began receiving Secret Service protection.  Not only does this mean he is surrounded by good guys 24 hours a day, but it also means he is protected with the very guns he is trying to take from average Americans.

Prominent Journalist On Tara Reade: 'I Don't Want Justice' Or 'Investigation'. Just Beat Trump.  A veteran journalist who worked at various left-wing publications wrote a letter to The New York Times' Editorial Board this week criticizing their call for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden to be investigated over allegations that he sexually assaulted his former Senate staffer, Tara Reade.  The New York Times' Editorial Board called on the Democratic National Committee to investigate Biden in an "unbiased" and "apolitical" manner — a move that was widely mocked by others in the media.  Journalist Martin Tolchin responded to the op-ed by essentially saying that he did not want the truth to come out because it was more important that the Democrats beat President Donald Trump and any investigation into Biden could derail Democrats' chances.

Politico Founder:  I Want a Joe Biden 'Coronation', Even If He Is Guilty of Sexual Assault.  Martin Tolchin, a founder of Politico and former New York Times correspondent in Washington, DC, published a letter to the editor of the Times Tuesday [5/5/2020] calling for a Joe Biden "coronation" regardless of claims of sexual assault.  The letter came in response to a recent Times editorial calling for the Democratic National Committee to investigate claims by Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer, who claims Biden assaulted her in 1993.  Tolchin wrote that he did not want Reade's claims investigated — or anything else about Biden — because all he wanted was to see Trump defeated in November.

Tucker Carlson explains the reasons for doubting Tara Reade's story.  While my inner troll is delighting in Tara Reade exposing the moral bankruptcy of the Democrats' phony "Believe all women" stance only when political enemies are accused, I am a skeptic.  And I fear that her efforts will help the Dem establishment in pulling the plug on Biden, whose declining mental capacity cannot be hidden for the nearly 6 months of presidential campaigning ahead.  Make no mistake:  rushing to deny the nomination to Bernie Sanders by backing Biden was a colossal blunder.  Shooing his rivals out of the race enabled a big Super Tuesday delegate harvest for Biden, but because the media failed to alert them to Biden's true mental decline, the powers-that-be accidentally backed a loser, not a "safe" known commodity.

[A] Sexual assault accuser [is] shocked [that] Joe Biden put Chris Dodd on VP committee.  A Massachusetts woman who accused former Sen. Chris Dodd of sexually assaulting her after a booze-fueled dinner in 1985 is speaking out, saying she can't understand why the Biden campaign tapped him to lead their vice presidential search.  Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 77, was already embroiled in his own sexual assault controversy when the campaign last week announced Dodd, a Democratic former Connecticut senator with a past of misconduct charges, would co-chair his vice presidential selection committee.  In a lengthy phone conversation with The [New York] Post on Tuesday [5/5/2020], Dodd's accuser, Carla Gaviglio, now 59, said she was stunned that the Biden campaign chose the retired lawmaker, 75, when the incident between them had been in the media for decades.

Dem's Hypocrisy:  Biden Said of Kavanaugh 'Don't Have To Prove Beyond A Reasonable Doubt'.  Former Vice President told the ladies of "The View" that when it comes to sexual assault allegations, "you don't have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt."  Don't get too excited, he is not talking about himself.  In 2019 Biden spoke at "The View" table about the allegations and treatment against Supreme Court Nominees at the time, Justice Clarence Thomas and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Biden allegations reverberate on Senate campaign trail, as Dems face accusations of double standard.  While the sexual-assault accusation against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden swiftly dominated the presidential race last week, the case also has had an impact on the Senate campaign trail.  Republicans are accusing Democrats of treating this allegation differently than they did for those against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his 2018 confirmation process, as Democrats largely stand behind Biden and his denials.

Liberals Rewrite History to Justify Their #MeToo Hypocrisy.  You can believe whomever you choose in the alleged sexual-misconduct cases of Joe Biden and Brett Kavanaugh, but you can't revise history to erase your partisan double standards.  One of the most egregious examples of revisionism can be found in a column by the New York Times' Michelle Goldberg, who employs nearly every attack Americans were warned never to use against alleged sexual-assault victims during the Kavanaugh hearings — questioning their motivations, asking why they didn't file charges, attacking them for not remembering specifics, etc.  And yet, even if we adopt Goldberg's new standards, Tara Reade still emerges as a more credible accuser than Christine Blasey Ford.

When will the Democrats pull the plug on 'Plugs' Biden?  If we presume that Joe Biden's pace of mental decline doe not reverse direction, the Democrats will be stuck with an embarrassment leading them into disaster in November.  Unless there is vote fraud on a massive scale, Americans will not hand the fate of the Republic to Grandpa Simpson, also known as "Plugs" Biden after undergoing expensive hair transplant surgery in 2008 to avoid going bald.  There are contributing factors, his flacking for China as his son reaped ten-figure backing from the Communists, and his sexual harassment issues most prominently (for now).  But the wiser and wilier among the DNC's power elite know that they will not be able to hide Biden's mental infirmity all the way to November third.  So, they are considering how and when best to be rid of Joe.  The emergence of Tara Reade's charge of sexual assault against Biden from behind the media embargo of coverage demonstrates that doubts about Biden cannot be simply be ignored.  Reade maybe the proximate cause of controversy for now, but the underlying issue is vegetative tendencies of Biden's brain becoming increasingly obvious, even with him confined in his basement.

Joe Biden's other problem with the gals.  Seems that as the last man standing in the Democratic race, he's basically a big carcass there on the desert floor, not expected to last even if he's elected president, and the ambitious female presidential wannabes are circling.  They know Joe's dead meat, which is why they want to be first in line to take his place once he's one way or another out of there.

'Believe Democrat women' — paying the price for a lie.  "'Believe the woman' didn't mean believe all women, all the time.  But this is an era of slogans, and we're paying the price for that."  So spoke an adviser to one of the women now being considered as Joe Biden's running mate, quoted by Politico.  In other words, "believe the woman" was a lie.  What they meant was, "Believe the woman when she's with our party and the man she's accusing is a conservative who might vote against us on the Supreme Court."  So Anita Hill was a saint, whereas Paula Jones (who got a nice hefty sum out of Bill Clinton), was "trailer-park trash."  Juanita Broaddrick could not get a hearing, and Gloria Steinem wrote in the New York Times that President Clinton, because of his party and his stance on abortion, should get a pass, depending upon whom he had pawed.

Here It Comes:  The Move to Remove Gropey Joe.  Democratic women know that Biden is a creepy guy who is often condescending or even disdainful to women who challenge him, as any lying dog-face pony soldier could tell you.  Democrats had hoped that Biden would be electable because he was a nice, decent fellow who would return us to normalcy after that crazy Trump and his mean tweets.  Instead, even Democrats are forced to admit that Biden is at best a serial groper.  At worst, he's as shameless a coverup artist as Hillary Clinton when it comes to misdeeds against women.

It's fun watching Democrats struggle with the Biden conundrum.  Just 20 days ago, the [New York] Times was imitating the police officer hurrying people past the white chalk outline of a body on the pavement, while saying, "Move along, folks.  There's nothing to see here."  Now, though, the Times is concerned about really getting to the bottom of things.  Or it wants to ensure that the DNC controls an investigation's timing.  If the FBI investigates, it could make things awkward by turning its results into an October surprise.  What was even funnier than the headline was the DNC's unexpected refusal to look into Tara Reade's allegation that Biden sexually assaulted her.  Instead, a Fox News story shows the usual Democrat phalanx protecting Biden from an accusation consistent with both his sordid reputation and the sordid company he kept. [...] As for Biden, he's still gamely plugging away, even if it means revealing body language that strongly implies that his impromptu interviews are scripted, with the questions provided beforehand and the answers scrolling by on a Teleprompter in his Delaware basement.

The smoke-filled room that could oust Joe Biden.  [Scroll down]  Biden is campaigning from his basement, giving interviews in which he occasionally moves past gaffes into total incoherence, raising questions about his mental fitness.  Worst of all, evidence for a sexual assault allegation against him begins to mount. [...] Is there a path to nominating someone else?  Before the convention, which is currently rescheduled for August, the answer is probably no.  Suspended primary elections have already raised concerns about abrogation of transparent, democratic processes — as have elections that weren't suspended.  While Democratic delegates will understand the need to modify normal convention procedure to avoid spreading COVID-19, their understanding won't be unlimited.  Sweeping changes to the nominating process would be suspect, and if the process continues as anticipated, Biden will very likely be selected as the nominee on the first ballot.

Can Someone Give Grandpa a Mask?  Biden Coughs into His Hand, Touches Face in Mika Interview.  Democrats have always been good at unified messaging, and they've been solid at keeping the "Biden is the leader we need during this coronavirus pandemic" afloat, despite all objective evidence to the contrary.  Honestly, I'd be surprised if Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep could lead himself to his own bathroom if were standing in front of it.  His creepy quarantine interviews with his wife Jill sitting by his side are more than enough to prompt serious questions about who would really be running the country if this scam to tank the economy and get him into the Oval Office works.  She talks while he stares ahead looking blankly like he's wondering who the nice lady sitting next to him is.  When he does speak, it's an absolute train wreck.

Joe Biden Reads Prepared Answers to Questions in MSNBC Interview.  Joe Biden appeared to be reading prepared answers during his 'interview' on MSNBC.  Al Sharpton tossed Biden a softball Saturday evening when discussing the economic impact the Coronavirus shutdown has had on minority communities.  Biden immediately responded with prepared answers, reading from a Teleprompter during a supposed live "interview."  Nothing to see here... it's just a coincidence that the answers on Biden's Teleprompter match up perfectly with Al Sharpton's questions!

Joe Biden Claims '600,000 Dead' from Coronavirus.  Joe Biden's mental blunders during a Friday MSNBC appearance were overshadowed by his denial of Tara Reade's sexual assault claims, but they continue to underscore his apparent cognitive decline.  Biden twice told Morning Joe that 600,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus.

A Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama ticket to replace Joe Biden?  Is it even possible?  Some Democrats tell me they fear that Biden's political survival is getting more problematic with each passing day.  They cite three main issues.  The first is their concern that an allegation of sexual assault leveled against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade won't go away anytime soon.  If anything, it appears to be about to gain a new life.  Next, they worry that another shoe could drop regarding questions related to Biden's son Hunter and his business dealings.  Lastly, some Democrats are concerned about Biden's age and possible cognitive issues — a concern that some also have expressed about Trump.

Even anti-Trump NY Times wants Biden sexual assault allegation investigated — Bad news for Dems.  Former Vice President Joe Biden's disastrous interview Friday on "Morning Joe" on MSNBC has caused more problems for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee than it solved.  Biden's denial of an allegation by a former member of his Senate staff that he sexually assaulted her in 1993 was followed Saturday by a call from The New York Times for a further investigation.  When the paper dedicated to seeing Donald Trump become a one-term president turns on his challenger, you know the Democrats are facing a serious problem

Gutfeld catches slip in Biden's response: 'Biden was doing great in that interview until he confessed'.  Fox News' Greg Gutfeld thought former Vice President Joe Biden may have slipped up in his comments about sexual assault allegations against him.  The co-host of "The Five" weighed in along with his colleagues on an interview by the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in which he publicly addressed the accusation against him for the first time. [...] Gutfeld noted how the pro-Biden response has been "almost word for word what their side would have mocked when presented in defense of Kavanaugh," referring to how Democrats treated the allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his nomination process in 2018.  The commitment to "believe all women" seems to have gone by the wayside for Democrats who are bent on standing behind Biden and discrediting Reade before even hearing from her directly.

MeToo movement loses its religion.  The movement that set the boundaries of what appropriate male/female interactions look like and finally held men accountable for crossing that line lost its righteousness this week.  Few social crusades have been as impactful as the #MeToo movement.  Powerful men in all sectors were brought down by accusations of sexual impropriety, many without a semblance of due process.  But this past week some of the leading feminist figures in the nation lined up to endorse Joe Biden for president or to defend him against charges nearly identical to those used to crucify other men, most notably Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Weekend at Biden's.  ara Reade claims to be a loyal Democrat, and she might be doing her party a huge favor.  Her accusation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 gives Democrats a plausible excuse to ditch the former vice president as their 2020 presidential nominee, thus sparing themselves a likely disaster in the fall campaign.  To put it as bluntly as possible, Biden's mental decline is so obvious as to be an embarrassment, as he stumbles in every interview, even with the most friendly journalists.

The Senate Dem Rape Culture That Made Biden.  When Joe Biden allegedly sexually assaulted Tara Reade in the hallway of the Russell Senate Office Building, the storied building was home to an entire culture of Senate Democrat sexual predators.  The Russell Building is the home of the Kennedy Caucus Room.  After Senator Ted Kennedy's death, the 'Kennedy' part was added to the Caucus Room to honor the notorious sexual predator whose actions had led to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.  Mary Jo was one of the many young women drawn to public service by the idealistic speeches of the Kennedy clan's political scions only to suffer at their hands.  The renaming of the Caucus Room to honor one of the Senate's worst predators was spearheaded by Senator Chris Dodd, his longtime friend and the other man in the infamous story of the 'Waitress Sandwich'. The ungentlemanly tale detailed in GQ began with Kennedy and Dodd getting their dates, "two very young blondes", drunk.  Blonde and young, sometimes underage, was how Ted liked them.

Former Joe Biden Secret Service Agent:  We Had to Protect Women From Him, 'Weinstein Level Stuff'.  A former Secret Service agent assigned to the Vice President Joe Biden residence claims that the Service often had to protect female agents from him.  Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the agent asserted that, "We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President's house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend's asses."  The annual party was for agents and Navy personnel who were tasked with protecting the Biden family.  "He would mess with every single woman or teen.  It was horrible," the agent said.

Trump Campaign Ad Brutally Exposes Biden's Double Standard When it Comes to Believing Women.  Presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally addressed Tara Reade's allegations of sexual assault against him on Friday's edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe.  The former vice president denied the allegations, but also refused to unseal the records from his tenure in the Senate, during which Reade's alleged assault occurred.  Biden's rhetoric on the issue has evolved from "believe all women" who come forward with allegations, to writing off Reade's claims as false without giving his former aide a real chance to tell her story.  President Trump's re-election campaign exposed this blatant double standard in a new digital ad:  [Video clip]

Democrats Demanded Millions Of Kavanaugh Records, But Stay Mum On Biden's Senate Records.  The hypocrisy of Democrats, and their media allies, is on prominent display in their handling of sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden versus their treatment of Brett Kavanaugh. [...] How is that standard being applied to Biden now that his official records are at the heart of a major controversy?  To date, not one of the Senate Democrats who demanded that the Kavanaugh team spend months supplying them with paperwork have so much as mentioned the fact that Biden is hiding relevant documents at the University of Delaware.  These are not documents where significant constitutional or legal precedent issues are at stake, unlike the battle over the documents in the Kavanaugh confirmation.  The stakes are purely political.  Nor is there an issue about who owns the documents and has the right to release them.  Biden controls access to these papers, which he has granted to campaign operatives.

Biden's interview with Mika looked okay but was, in fact, a train wreck.  Friday morning [5/1/2020], Joe Biden sat down for an interview with Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC's Morning Joe.  Mika asked some hard-hitting questions about Tara Reade's allegation that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.  Biden looked unusually alert and tracked fairly well for most of the interview until he got tired and confused (at the 14-minute mark).  More disturbing than that, though, were the misrepresentations and elisions that made it appear as if he were answering the questions when, in fact, he wasn't.  Most surprisingly, Biden insisted that it would be better for him if nobody could see his records before the election.

Second Biden accuser comes forward.  Another accuser has come forth to claim presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, now 77, sexually harassed her in 2008 by complimenting for being "very well endowed" for a 14-year-old child.  The accuser, Eva Murry, now 26, is reportedly the niece of former Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, who ran in 2010 for the seat vacated by Biden after he became vice president to then-President Barack Obama.  In an interview with Dan Abrams' Law & Crime, a site whose reporting tends to boast a very liberal, anti-Trump bias, Murry said that when she was in middle school, she used to attend political/campaign events with her aunt.

David Axelrod vouches for Joe Biden's past because he was thoroughly vetted by Team Obama.  As many Democrats have demonstrated, the "believe women" talking points have been indefinitely suspended pending the results of the upcoming presidential election.

Tara Reade Is Joe Biden's Eighth Accuser.  Tara Reade is Joe Biden's eighth accuser, not his first, not his only.  The fake news media want you to believe Reade is Biden's only accuser, and that's because there is no lie the media will not tell to protect the presumptive Democrat nominee.  But seven other women — seven! — none of them Republicans, have accused Joe Biden of everything from sexual assault to unwanted kissing to inappropriate touching.

By Biden's Own Standards, He Is Guilty As Charged.  [Scroll down]  The problem with defending due process in a case like Biden's with respect to Tara Reade is that Biden himself, when it comes to allegations of sexual abuse and harassment, doesn't believe in it.  Perhaps in part to atone for his shabby treatment of Anita Hill, Biden was especially prominent in the Obama administration's overhaul of Title IX treatment of claims of sexual discrimination and harassment on campus.  You can listen to Biden's strident speeches and rhetoric on this question and find not a single smidgen of concern with the rights of the accused.  Men in college were to be regarded as guilty before being proven innocent, and stripped of basic rights in their self-defense.

Like A Buzzard, Hillary Clinton Hovers Over Biden, Looking to Take His Spot If His Candidacy Collapses.  [Scroll down]  You see, the Left is in a bind.  They're so arrogant and self-righteous that they never thought their side, which is loaded with rapists, would actually have to be held accountable.  Biden, according to their rules, is a sexual predator.  Due process cannot be allowed.  Facts are evil.  So, the twists and turns on this will be epic because Biden is a sexual predator based on their rules.  [Numerous tweets]  This is part of an ongoing list of issues with Joe Biden.  He's too old, too senile, has a rape allegation lobbed against him, and might have turned a blind eye to his son Hunter allegedly selling access to top Obama officials while he worked at a Ukrainian energy company in which he had no business being there.  He can't remember what office he's running for, he's confused, and now needs Jilly to hold his hand to prevent him from seeming like the old fogie who [...] forgets who he is for a half-hour or so.

Twenty-Five Democrat Hopefuls ... and Then There Was One.  Tara Reade's charge of rape against Biden has, in the immortal words of Henry Kissinger, "the odious smell of truth" about it. [...] Does this sound like made-up dialogue to anyone?  Or does it ring with the pellucid authority of truth?  So, again, who in Biden's office sent Ms. Reade to her date with destiny?  Nobody who was on Biden's staff when this happened "remembers" anything about it; all who might be in a position to know deny it ever happened.  OK, if they don't remember this happening, perhaps they remember why Ms. Reade was forced to leave Biden's office soon after the event?  Somebody could at least speak to that, no?  Too blinded by hatred of the incumbent president?  Too deaf to plausibility to imagine one's own integrity on the line?  Too dumb to realize their own behinds are likely to be pulled into this before it's over?

Tough new Trump ad:  The Democratic double standard on believing women.  Whether Biden did what he's been accused of is unclear.  Whether Democratic politicians are gross hypocrites about allegations of sexual assault is not.  The bill for the Kavanaugh fiasco has come due.  Truth be told, that's half the reason Republicans have taken such an interest in the Tara Reade allegation.

Joe Biden Is Cooked.  Despite polls showing that he leads President Trump in key states and in the country overall, there remains something seriously missing and not credible in the putative presidential nomination of Joe Biden.  The polls are never accurate with Trump, and there is both a reticence by his supporters to identify themselves and some sampling errors by the main polling organizations because of the unusually high numbers of people this president draws to the polls in his support who are not otherwise frequent voters.

Perfect! Loudmouth Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Wants to Be Joe Biden's Running Mate.  Anthem kneeler and Trump-basher Megan Rapinoe says she wants to be Joe Biden's running mate.  What a perfect match.  She hates Trump and is embarrassed by her country!  She'll have to fight it out with crazy Stacey Abrams first, though.

Biden doesn't want Senate records opened due to 'speeches I've made'.  Joe Biden's comment that he doesn't want to open up his Senate records, in part, because of "speeches I've made" has attracted the attention of Republicans and President Trump's re-election campaign.  The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee's statement came on MSNBC Friday morning as he denied a sexual assault allegation from a former Senate aide, Tara Reade.  The specific quote was highlighted on Twitter by Andrew Clark, the rapid response director of Trump's re-election campaign.

Democrats want Elizabeth Warren to be Joe Biden's vice president: poll.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the heavy favorite among Democrats to be presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden's running mate, a new poll finds.  According to the poll conducted by Data for Progress, 31 percent of likely Democratic voters want Biden to pick the Massachusetts senator.  Other options lagged far behind.  Sen. Kamala Harris of California was preferred by 18 percent of respondents.  Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams both had 10 percent support.  The poll did not ask respondents about any male options.

Biden, Drop Out — Bernie, Come Back?  The Democrats are desperate.  Cool ole' Uncle Joe who seemed to be the one "up for the task" is turning into a real Creepy Uncle nobody wants to sit next to at a family gathering.  Even his boss, you know the name, endorsed him only when Biden remained the last man standing.  Joe has lots of well-known issues that may hinder his chances for the Oval Office — starting with his obvious mental decline to the corruption allegations against the Biden family that may have made billions of dollars while Biden served as the vice president.  The newest accusations against Joe are as serious as they are sensitive for the American public: sexual assault is not just a crime — it's a stain that will never come off a reputation and that could never been excused.  And it is not even surprising, in Joe's case.  His bizarre inclination to inappropriate touching, kissing, and sniffing was in the plain sight for years.  He did not just start this disgusting behavior recently.

Democrats Are Reaping The 'Whirlwind' Kavanaugh Warned About.  [Scroll down]  If the media and Democrats thought that they could get away with their despicable behavior with [Brett] Kavanaugh and then turn around and attempt to bury a sexual assault allegation against [Joe] Biden, they were sorely mistaken.  Since the media and Democrats don't have consistent standards for how they deal with accusations of sexual assault, they are facing consequences.  It's an incredibly low bar, but there is no question that Tara Reade's claim against Biden is significantly stronger than Blasey Ford's claim against Kavanaugh.

Increasingly looks like Biden is toast.  [Scroll down]  No other group, not labor unions, not trial lawyers, not even the teachers unions, carries more weight among the donkeys than Planned Parenthood, guardians of the human sacrifice ritual at the heart of progressive politics in America today.  And Planned Parenthood understands that their own legitimacy is at stake if they are seen as protecting a sexual predator.  It is no longer possible to use their dominance of the mainstream media to lock out the accusations against Biden by Tara Reade from public notice.  It is just too easy to make them look bad by comparing what hacks like Kirsten Gillibrand said about Brett Kavanaugh with their position on Biden.  Planned Parenthood does not want Kavanaugh's critics to look like stupid and corrupt hypocrites.

Statement: Joe Biden Denies Tara Reade Accusation of Sexual Assault.  Former Vice President Joe Biden released a lengthy statement Friday addressing accusations of sexual assault from former senate staffer Tara Reade.  He denied the accusations, refused to release his Senate records, and asked the National Archives to release any record of a complaint from Reade.

Evening Nets End Their Tara Reade Blackout, Come to Biden's Defense.  Finally, the evening newscasts of ABC and CBS broke their silence on the rape accusation against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.  While their respective morning newscasts had already covered the topic, Thursday night was the first time NBC News had dared to give it airtime.  The contrast was stark in how they covered the accusations of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, where their mission was to sink his nomination.  This time, they were walking on eggshells as they gingerly came to Biden's aid.  Their sudden discovery of Reade's allegations came over a month after she first went public.  It also came after a Media Research Center study exposed their journalistic malpractice of not covering the story nor pressing Biden while they were interviewing him.

Biden Refuses to Release Senate Records that Could Shed Light on Sex Assault Claims, But His Operatives Were Sent to Look Through Them.  The Biden campaign has called Tara Reade's claim false but Joe Biden himself has not yet personally responded to the question.  That's at least in part because the media hasn't even asked the question of him, despite innumerable interviews with him over the past few months.  Reade alleges that Biden sexually assaulted her in a Senate hallway and had previously sexually harassed her including by inappropriately touching her shoulders.  Reade says that she complained to superiors on Biden's staff about sexual harassment but was rebuffed and nothing was done.  After she was allegedly sexually assaulted and spurned Biden, she says she was then removed from her position supervising interns.

Meet the Other Seven — Yes SEVEN — Women Who Are Accusing Biden of Inappropriate Behavior.  Joe Biden is starting to feel the pressure to personally respond to the sexual assault allegations of Tara Reade.  While loyalists and liberal hypocrites are defending him, her story continues to gain credibility as more witnesses have come forward.  In addition to countless photos of Joe Biden acting inappropriately with women and young girls, a small number of women have come forward to the media to say that Biden acted inappropriately with them.  These allegations, combined with the photographic evidence we've seen, establishes a pattern of behavior that, at the very least, shows Biden is a man who typically takes liberties with women he meets, and perhaps on one occasion, crossed the line toward criminal sexual assault.

I Bet Joe Biden Picks Michelle to Be His Running Mate.  [Scroll down]  A public figure's personal wishes can easily be sublimated to the needs and of her political party, especially in times of crisis.  It is worthless for anyone — Republican or Democrat — to decide on what Michelle Obama "wants" to do at this point, without also factoring in what the party faithful may "need" her to do for them in order to recapture the White House.  I speculate that Michelle, being a good soldier, would comply, even more so were she flatteringly cast as the person best able to save the ticket from impending doom.  Scoff if you will at such a scenario.  But too many smug partisans are simply unable — or unwilling — to look at things from an opponent's viewpoint.

Should we ignore some women?  During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings two years ago it was very easy for opponents of the Trump administration to say 'believe all women'. Because they didn't want President Trump's nominee to be on the Supreme Court.  And so they decided to always believe the accuser and believe the worst of the accused.  What are these same people to do now that a woman — former Senate aide Tara Reade — has come out accusing the Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, of sexual assault?

Joe Biden:  Senate Records Detail Meetings with Putin, Could Be 'Taken out of Context'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday said he would not authorize the release of his Senate records, currently in the possession of the University of Delaware.  In an interview with MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, Biden denied accusations of sexual assault from Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer.  But he refused to release his Senate records to help prove his innocence.  Biden donated his Senate papers to the University of Delaware in 2012, which was set to release them to the public in December 2019.  The university backtracked on the release when Biden announced his run for president in April 2019.

Biden operatives accessed secret Senate records at University of Delaware before mid-March, report says.  Joe's Biden's campaign dispatched operatives to the University of Delaware's library in the past year to rifle through his secretive Senate records there, Business Insider reported Thursday — raising the possibility they accessed documents related to Tara Reade's accusation that he sexually assaulted her when she worked for him in 1993.  The development comes as both The Atlantic and The Washington Post argued that Biden should instruct the university to turn over the records, saying they "could contain confirmation of any complaint Ms. Reade made, either through official congressional channels or to the three other employees she claims she informed not specifically of the alleged assault but more generally of harassment."

As Biden struggles, Hillary waits for the call.  Hillary Clinton continues to hover in the wings, ready to step forward should Joe Biden fail.  Don't look now, but Joe is failing.  Not only has his campaign been rocked by sexual assault allegations from one-time staffer Tara Reade, but the public is beginning to give up on the former vice president.  A new Emerson College poll showed 57 percent of likely voters think President Trump will win reelection in November.  Remember, Establishment Democrats put forward Uncle Joe because he was the "safe" candidate, bound to defeat Trump.  Oops.

'Joe Biden, I Want You To Release The Personnel Records': Tara Reade Demands Transparency From Biden.  2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden's accuser Tara Reade is demanding transparency from the man she has accused of sexually assaulting her in 1993.  Reade called on the former vice president to release documents pertaining to his time in the Senate, during which period she alleges that Biden kissed her, touched her and penetrated her with his fingers without her consent, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation.  "Joe Biden, I want you to release all the personnel records from 1973 to 2009 and be transparent about your office practices," Reade told the DCNF.  "I would like to hold you accountable for what happened to me, to how your staff protected you and enabled you, bullied me multiple times into silence."

Biden Should Release His Papers.  Tara Reade's allegation against Joe Biden is not going away.  Reade, who worked on his Senate staff in the 1990s, accuses Biden of sexually assaulting her in a hallway.  Last week, The Intercept discovered a 1993 call to the talk-show host Larry King from a woman who Reade says was her now-deceased mother.  The call, which refers to "problems" that the woman's daughter had while "working for a prominent senator," does not prove that Reade is telling the truth.  But it does buttress her claim that she told her mother about an assault at the time.

NYTimes Shoots Down Biden Talking Points:  We Made 'No Conclusion Either Way' on Tara Reade.  A New York Times spokesperson said Wednesday [4/29/2020] that former Vice President Joe Biden's White House campaign twisted their reporting on Tara Reade's sexual assault allegations and claimed an exoneration that the paper never suggested.  In a statement to BuzzFeed, who first reported on the talking points, the Times said the Biden campaign's characterization of its reporting was "inaccurate."  The talking points claim the paper ruled that Reade's story "did not happen," which the statement rebuts:  "Our investigation made no conclusion either way," it states.

Keywords:  Unbecoming, unseemly, indignity, inappropriate, indecorous.
Jill Biden Dyes Hair Purple for 'Pay Equity' for Women.  Dr. Jill Biden, sitting in on an Instagram livestream with her husband presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden, showed off her newly dyed purple strand of hair Thursday.  Jill Biden told host Megan Rapinoe, captain of the 2019 Women's World Cup champion U.S. United States women's national soccer team and virulent Trump-hater, that she dyed her hair in solidarity with Rapinoe's campaign for pay equity for women.  Rapinoe is known for dying her hair purple and other colors.

Joe Biden's Dr. Death.  Does Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel believe Joe Biden would be better off dead?  That would be a peculiar position for Biden's chief adviser on medical issues and a member of the candidate's Public Health Advisory Committee to take.  But if we accept the reasoning behind Emanuel's infamous 2014 essay, Biden is nothing more than a resource-sucking shell of himself who should stop trying to prolong his life.  I suspect that if one of Trump's advisers on coronavirus had once taken to the august pages of The Atlantic to reason that men who reach the age of 75 are useless to society, the press would be vigorously exploring and amplifying his position.  Reporters have rarely bothered to bring it up with Emanuel, who is constantly on TV — or with Biden, who is now "sheltered in place" and trying to prolong his life.

Pelosi Says She is 'Satisfied' With Biden's Response to the Sexual Assault Allegation Against Him.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday told CNN she's "satisfied" with how former Vice President Joe Biden has responded to the allegation made by a former staffer, who says Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.  "I am satisfied with how he has responded.  I know him.  I was proud to endorse him on Monday.  Very proud to endorse him.  And, so, I am satisfied with that," said Pelosi.  However, Biden himself has not responded personally, nor has he been asked about the allegation in any of the recent podcasts he has done from the basement of his Delaware home.  Biden's campaign has denied Tara Reade's allegation, but even some media outlets on the left now say it's time for Biden to address it himself.

Jill Biden Talks 'True Leadership' as Joe Biden Looks On in Bizarre Viral Video.  A viral video made the rounds Sunday featuring Dr. Jill Biden speaking about "leadership" while her husband, presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, looked on silently, frowning oddly, as if unable to speak.

DC Police Change Tara Reade's Sexual Assault Complaint From Active To Inactive:  Report.  The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department changed the status of a complaint against 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden from active to inactive, One America News Network reported Wednesday [4/29/2020].  The network's Richard Pollack reported Wednesday afternoon that the D.C. police department appears to have closed its investigation into Tara Reade's allegations of sexual assault against Biden.

Biden himself should address the Tara Reade allegations and release relevant records.  The former vice president and probable Democratic presidential nominee has yet to speak publicly about the allegation Ms. Reade has lodged against him: that when she was a member of his Senate staff in the 1990s, Mr. Biden pushed her against a wall and put his fingers up her skirt and then inside her.  Mr. Biden's campaign says "this never happened."  Contemporaneous accounts of Ms. Reade's claim are counterweighted by the denials of her superiors at the time that she reported any misconduct, as well as inconsistencies in her retelling.  There are, at the moment, no clear conclusions.  There may never be.  But that is no excuse for not searching.

Media Shocked to Find Bias in Tara Reade Coverage.  To the casual observer, it's clear that the mainstream media operate under a default assumption when it comes to women who accuse political figures of sexual assault:  The ones who accuse Republicans are inherently more credible than the ones who accuse Democrats.  This bias has become so obvious as the media struggle to handle Tara Reade's credible allegation of sexual assault against former vice president Joe Biden — especially compared with the hysterical coverage surrounding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's allegation against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — that even members of the media are beginning to notice.  They are shocked — SHOCKED! — that critics of the media's handling of Reade's allegations might have a point.

With Biden flailing, is Michelle Obama going to take his place?  The news is suddenly awash in reports that, on May 6, Netflix and the Barack and Michelle Obama production company will premiere a documentary about the book tour Michelle Obama did in connection with her memoir.  Both the memoir and the documentary are entitled Becoming.  What's interesting is that this premiere is a surprise: [...] Am I the only one who finds this "surprise" an amazing coincidence when taken in conjunction with Joe Biden's declining candidacy?

Joe Biden Was at [the] Meeting Where James Comey Was Told to Brief Trump on [the] Steele Dossier.  New revelations about the possible motives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in meeting with then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in January 2017 raise questions about then-Vice President Joe Biden's role.  Documents unsealed Wednesday [4/29/2020], including notes and emails, indicate that FBI agents were not focused on the investigation of Russian "collusion" when they met with Flynn at the White House early in President Donald Trump's term.  Rather, they were determined to extract an admission, or a lie, that would see Flynn prosecuted or fired.

Stacey Abrams:  The Thirstiest Candidate.  For weeks, [Stacey] Abrams has been all but begging former vice president Joe Biden to pick her as a running mate.  Abrams's thirst for power appears to know no bounds.  According to a Politico report published Tuesday [4/28/2020], the former Georgia lawmaker has been waging an aggressive behind-the-scenes lobbying effort in addition to her public self-promotion campaign.  Abrams, who has repeatedly declared herself the winner of Georgia's 2018 gubernatorial election despite receiving fewer votes than her Republican opponent, has been "privately calling Democratic powerbrokers, asking them to tell Biden campaign officials that she should be vice president."

The Editor says...
In other words, voting doesn't matter, the party bosses make all the decisions.

Democratic Frustration Mounts as Biden Remains Silent on Sexual Assault Allegation.  For more than three weeks, progressive activists and women's rights advocates debated how to handle an allegation of sexual assault against Joseph R. Biden Jr.  The conversations weren't easy, nor were the politics:  Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, faced one allegation; his opponent, President Trump, at least a dozen.  Finally, several of the women's groups prepared a public letter that praised Mr. Biden's work as an "outspoken champion for survivors of sexual violence" but also pushed him to address the allegation from Tara Reade, a former aide who worked in Mr. Biden's Senate office in the early 1990s.  "Vice President Biden has the opportunity, right now, to model how to take serious allegations seriously," the draft letter said.  "The weight of our expectations matches the magnitude of the office he seeks."

When would Joe Biden reopen the country?  The most pressing problem facing people today is how and when states and local areas reopen after the coronavirus lockdowns. [...] Where does Joe Biden stand on all this?  Even though he is the presumptive presidential nominee of his party, even though reopening is the most urgent issue of the time, even though he claims far greater competence and leadership ability than the current president, and even though he has said quite a lot about the coronavirus issue broadly, Biden has been quite vague about when he would OK reopening were he in the White House.

Tara Reade and the Democrats.  The Tara Reade sexual allegation against presidential hopeful Joe Biden has revealed the Democrats' true colors once again. [...] [T]he anti-Trump media heavyweights and left-wing Biden supporters have all but blacked out the story.  The New York Times apparently delayed publishing Reade's accusation for nearly three weeks under the rationale that executive editor Dean Baquet wanted to do more research to help readers "understand" — a luxury notably not afforded to Kavanaugh, whom the Times hammered).  CNN waited one full day to mention Reade's allegations, failed to break the news of Reade's mother's appearance on their own network, and allowed Anderson Cooper to interview Biden without asking a single question about the purported assault.

Biden Campaign Publishes Talking Points for Dem Candidates to Discredit Tara Reade.  Just as his path to the Democratic nomination is clear, former Vice President Joe Biden faces questions in regards to allegations of sexual misconduct from former aide to then-Senator Biden, Tara Reade.  Democrats and Biden's allies on the cable news circuit have done their best to cover for the former vice president, but the credibility of Reade's story continues to grow as her claims are bolstered by evidence and corroboration.  Democrats threw out their original "believe all women" standard for misconduct allegations that was spearheaded by Senate Democrats during their character assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the fall of 2018, and have moved to damage control mode in order to shield Biden from accountability to these claims.

The Gathering Storm Over Tara Reade.  Tara Reade's allegations that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her back in 1993 continue to heat up to a slow boil, despite the major media's best attempts to suppress or ignore them.  No doubt the media are trying to "flatten the curve" of news stories to prevent them from becoming a pandemic that fatally infects the Biden campaign.  But Biden's weak pre-existing conditions mean that it might not take much exposure to put his campaign on life support.  A few liberal writers are actually trying to maintain some basic consistency and honesty in their coverage, such as Peter Beinart, who wrote in The Atlantic yesterday [4/28/2020] that Biden should open up his Senate papers, currently archived at the University of Delaware, as the records might contain evidence about Reade that could answer some questions about the matter:

Tara Reade Demands Biden Release Senate Records, Rips Media for Censoring Her Complaint.  If you're not sure Biden's a rapist, then Hillary Clinton's swearing for his character should be the last proof you need.

Virtual Blackout:  Liberal TV Networks Bury Joe Biden Sex Scandal.  Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is facing a growing sexual assault scandal, but Americans who only watch left-leaning TV networks may not have even heard about it.  Biden's former staffer Tara Reade went public with her claims on March 25, and since then new evidence has arisen, making her accusation far more credible than Christine Blasey Ford's claims against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  Yet left-leaning mainstream media outlets have nearly boycotted the story over the past month.

Progressive Mag CounterPunch:  Sexual Misconduct Allegations 'Swirling Around Biden for Many Years'.  A 2008 column in the far-left magazine CounterPunch accusing Joe Biden of "loutish sexual advances" in the U.S. Senate has become a lightning rod in the debate over Biden and his former staffer Tara Reade's allegation of sexual assault in 1993.  The article, written by the late Alexander Cockburn, lamented then-presidential candidate Barack Obama's choice of Biden as a running mate in August 2008. Biden, in Cockburn's view, was an empty and worthless swamp creature, a D.C. insider chosen purely to improve Obama's electoral odds who would ultimately stifle any progressive agenda for the candidate of "Hope and Change."

University Of Delaware Refuses To Provide Agreement Detailing Why It Can't Release Biden's Records.  The University of Delaware refused Tuesday [4/28/2020] to provide the Daily Caller News Foundation with an agreement detailing why the university cannot release 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden's Senate records.  As Biden faces increased scrutiny for allegations of sexual assault made against him by Tara Reade, pressure is mounting for the former vice president to unseal documents related to his time in the Senate [...].  These Senate documents are housed by the University of Delaware Library and cover a wide swath of Biden's political career, but are being kept secret until he "retires from public life," spokeswoman Andrea Boyle Tippett told The Washington Post in July 2019.

There Is Way More Evidence Against Biden Than There Ever Was Against Kavanaugh.  Over the past few days, several more lines of evidence have surfaced to support the rape allegation made by a former Biden staffer against the presumptive Democratic nominee.  Tara Reade alleges that, back in 1993, Biden grabbed her, pushed her up against a wall, and assaulted her.  Though she waited until now to report the incident to the media and the police, she says she told several people about it when it happened and throughout the intervening years.  If true, this wouldn't conclusively prove the allegations, but it would lend them credibility. [...] On that note, two people — Reade's brother and a friend — both corroborated that she told them about the alleged attack many years ago.

Dem VP shortlisters condemned Kavanaugh:  Here's their response to Biden accusation.  Nine U.S. senators who have gotten buzz as potential picks to be presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's running mate were in the Senate in 2018 when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process was roiled by accusations of sexual assault.  They did not hold back in their condemnation of the court pick and in their calls for the accusers' claims to be fully investigated.  Now, Biden's presidential campaign also is grappling with a developing accusation of sexual assault from the 1990s — which aides have adamantly denied.  But most of those same senators have not commented on this allegation, or have downplayed it.

The Hypocrisy on Tara Reade Is a National Disgrace.  We do not know whether the accusations that Tara Reade has leveled against Joe Biden are true or false.  That is a question of evidence and of inquiry that might be answered as time rolls on.  We do know, by contrast, that the double standard that has been exhibited by Biden's campaign and by the political press in tandem is a national disgrace.  Both culturally and legally, due process must be habitually applied to nobody or to everyone.  If, upon the most frivolous and protean of pretexts, it is routinely accorded to one faction while being denied to another, it is effectively lost.

How Long Will The Media Bury The Biden Assault Story?  In the span of a week, and no thanks to the mainstream press, the accusation by Tara Reade that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in the mid-1990s gained infinitely more credibility than any of the accusations lodged against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  There are now four people who say that Reade told them about Biden's assault around the time it happened in 1993.  And a tape of "Larry King Live," during which Reade's mother apparently phoned in to talk about the abuse, has emerged.

Washington Post blasted for claiming 'Trump allies' are 'amplifying' Biden accuser Tara Reade.  The Washington Post was slammed late Monday night [4/27/2020] for its bizarre framing of the latest developments that emerged surrounding the allegations made by Tara Reade against former Vice President Joe Biden.  Reade, who came forward last month accusing then-Senator Biden of sexual assault when she was a Senate staffer in 1993, has had more corroborating evidence surface in recent days.  A "Larry King Live" clip from 1993 purportedly showing Reade's mother calling into the show anonymously and alluding to her daughter's "problems" with a "prominent senator" was brought to light on Friday.  And on Monday, two more people, a former neighbor and a former colleague of Reade's, came forward to back her claims after conversations they had back in the 90s.

Biden's sexual assault problem gets worse, and he seems more senile than ever.  The news about Joe Biden has taken on a completely surreal quality.  For a long time, the headlines were about his declining mental state, which is becoming hard to ignore.  This was bizarre enough in a presumptive Democrat candidate for the presidency.  Then, Tara Reade dropped a bombshell, alleging that the same politician known for publicly groping and sniffing women and children had sexually assaulted her.  The media assiduously ignored Reade's allegations as long as they could and eventually reported on them only to dismiss both Reade and the allegations.  The media's worst nightmare came true, though, when corroborating evidence about Reade's allegations started piling up.

The Biden Trap.  [Scroll down]  And make no mistake, if Biden loses, regardless of his running mate, even as feminists are being criticized for hypocrisy in not condemning him more swiftly, it will also be feminists and women who are blamed for his loss, for encouraging an environment in which claims of sexual harm are taken seriously enough to damage a politician.

Democrats to Replace Biden at Convention Over Tara Reade Sexual Assault Allegations?  While the mainstream media has mostly kept a lid on this story, the sexual assault allegations by Tara Reade against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden aren't going away soon.  As PJM's Rick Moran reported earlier this week, the D.C. police are treating the allegations as an "active and ongoing" investigation.  Many liberals are turning a blind eye to the story, but there are some who have a vested interest in keeping this story alive and front and center:  Bernie Bros.  In fact, Briahna Joy Gray, Bernie Sanders' former campaign press secretary, who has been a vocal critic of Biden, suggested in an interview with The Atlantic that the allegations might just thwart Biden's nomination at the Democratic National Convention.  Gray told Emma Green that the Democratic primary is far from over.

A Little Something for Everyone... to Hate.  The conga line of liberals calling for the head of Brett Kavanaugh with zero evidence of any wrongdoing on his part 35 years prior fell silent when the accused was their presumptive nominee.  Eventually, if begrudgingly, they acknowledged that Tara Reade exists and she said something about Joe Biden, but that was it.  With the emergence of video of Reade's mother calling into Larry King back in 1993 alluding to the assault, their silence becomes retroactive permission for Joe, whether he did it or not.  Either way, they're fine with it. [...] But sooner or later he will have to leave his bunker, and a certain percentage of the country will realize they aren't watching a presidential campaign, they're bearing witness to senior abuse.  Not only can't Joe string together a coherent sentence, he can't read one written for him.

Three Potential Biden Running Mates Appeared On Sunday Shows.  None Were Asked About Sex Assault Allegations.  Three women believed to be among the frontrunners for former Vice President Joe Biden's running mate on the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket appeared on Sunday morning news programs, but not a single woman was asked about sexual assault allegations leveled against Biden by a former staffer.  In fact, not a single one of the Sunday news programs that aired on April 26th discussed the allegations despite revelations from CNN Saturday evening that indicated the woman's mother called in to "Larry King Live" in the late 1990s to ask the host's panelists how her daughter should go about reporting sexual harassment by a male Senator.

Biden: Let's Fix The Economy By Repeating Obama's Stimulus Fiasco.  Joe Biden has a plan to get the economy moving again after the coronavirus shutdown.  Unfortunately for him, his plan has already been tried — and it failed miserably. [...] "Biden said investments in light rail, clean drinking water, and half a million electric vehicle chargers on the nation's highways could help retool the economy for the future."  Where have we heard this before?  Oh, right, Barack Obama's 2009 stimulus, which was going to turbocharge the economy by funding "shovel-ready jobs," heavy investments in mass transit, "clean" energy, electric cars, and a bailout of state governments.

The media owe Brett Kavanaugh an apology.  Without a shred of evidence that Brett Kavanaugh had ever even met Christine Blasey Ford, the news media decided the then-Supreme Court nominee was guilty of an unconscionable sexual assault four decades ago.  Kavanaugh went overnight from being understood to be a consummate legal star, women's advocate, and faithful family man, to being depicted as a sleazy drunkard and would-be rapist.  Now, with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, facing an accusation of sexual assault, the media are demanding that an accusation against a leading public figure should be supported by far more evidence.

Joe Biden:  Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?  With every appearance before a television camera these days, it is becoming clearer and clearer that Slow Joe's mind is long gone.  As with a body clinging to life with a brain failing to demonstrate consciousness, it is difficult to describe Old Joe's cognition as anything much beyond that of a vegetative state.  His is a brain firing on so few cylinders that medical professionals must be astonished that it is not sitting pickled in a jar in a lab with electrodes jutting out from all sides.  He's running to be the first president who won't even remember running.

16 Reasons Why I Believe Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Tara Reade.  Primarily because I incorrectly believed her story had changed over the course of a year, had moved from unwanted touching to a flat-out sexual assault, I at first had trouble believing Tara Reade's claim she was sexually assaulted by presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden in 1993.  When Reade originally came forward in April of 2019, she joined about a half-dozen women who have credibly accused Biden of unwanted touching.  And I say "credibly" because Biden has serially committed acts of unwanted touching in public.

Scott Walker Blasts 'Incompetent' Joe Biden:  Barack Obama Didn't Support Him 'Until There Was No Other Choice'.  Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told Breitbart News on Friday he believes the 2020 election will be a "referendum on coronavirus."  "Up until a couple months ago, I think [President Trump] was in good shape.  The economy was booming, we had a tremendous impact here, but I think it will be not only how did he handle the health side of it, but how does he get people back to work," Walker exclusively told Breitbart News.

Larry King may have upended the 2020 election.  Keep your betting slips.  The Democrat Party nomination is not decided.  In fact, the nomination may be more in doubt today than it was three months ago when everyone was campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire.  The SS Bidenic just kissed an iceberg.  Tara Reade filed a criminal complaint in DC alleging that when she was on Biden's staff in 1993, he grabbed her by the [you know what — and if you don't, you don't need to know]. She waited 27 years?  But The Intercept has corroborating evidence in the form of a clip of the Larry King Show on CNN back in 1993.  Apparently Reade told her mother, who called King anonymously.

'Larry King Live' episode with Tara Reade's mom removed from CNN catalog.  Campaign collusion?  [A] 1993 CNN video featuring Tara Reade's mother lamenting that her daughter was preyed on by then-senator Joe Biden has reportedly been removed from Google Play.  Liberal Twitter user J.L. Hamilton posted a screenshot of the Google Play catalog of "Larry King Live."  The show aired on CNN from 1985 to 2010.  Apparently missing was the August 11, 1993 episode, where Tara Reade's mother, Jeanette Altimus, called in to "Larry King Live" and revealed that her daughter's pleas for help following her alleged sexual assault went ignored in Washington, D.C.

No way out for Democrats stuck with senile Biden as #MeToo allegations cannot be suppressed.  Democrats have painted themselves into a corner with Joe Biden now the presumptive nominee.  I see no easy way out of the mess that has been created by assembling a coalition of mutually antagonistic grievance groups, while simultaneously assuaging the oligarchs that fund the party and usually call the shots behind the scenes.  Now that Tara Reade has credibly accused Joe Biden of sexual assault with far more evidence than was brought against Justice Kavanaugh, they are stuck.  The hysteria unleashed against Kavanaugh can't be forgotten, even though dishonest hacks like Mazie Hirono keep their yaps shut and don't even whisper "Believe all women," and even though propaganda outfits like CNN have done their best to keep news of the accusations from the public.

5 Reasons Why Stacey Abrams Would Be A Risky VP Choice For Joe Biden.  [#1] She's never been elected to office higher than state representative.  Abrams has never been elected to an office higher than Georgia state representative, serving as minority leader in the state legislature — and she doesn't even hold that office at the current moment.  State legislators are ubiquitous in the political world: the United States has more than 5,400 state representatives and nearly 2,000 state senators, according to Ballotpedia.  And yet, if Abrams becomes Biden's running mate and he wins, she'll be a heartbeat away from the presidency. [...] [#3] She refused to accept the results of the Georgia election.  Abrams refused to accept the results of the Georgia gubernatorial election for months on end, insisting that she won the race and denying that Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was the legitimate winner of the election.  Her refusal to accept the results of an election opens her up to charges of hypocrisy, given that she criticized President Donald Trump in 2016 for refusing to commit to accepting the election results if he lost.

Stacey Abrams, Vying For VP Slot, Cites 'Successful' Campaign History.  Over the last couple of weeks, Stacey Abrams, the failed gubernatorial candidate who has not held federal office, has taken the remarkably unprecedented step of openly and proudly campaigning to be former Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 running mate.  Although the former state lawmaker is reportedly considered a low-tier option — behind Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), and at least two other candidates according to the New York Post — this hasn't fazed Abrams, who touted her campaigning prowess in a recent interview with The Atlantic Magazine.

DropOutBiden Trends, Fueled by Progressives and MeToo Supporters.  The hashtag #DropOutBiden trended on Twitter beginning early Saturday morning and throughout the day, fueled in part by progressives and #MeToo movement supporters calling on Joe Biden to drop out of the 2020 presidential race.  Although supporters of Biden tried to blame the hashtag on Russian bots, there were several prominent progressives who were using the hashtag, such as Peter Daou, a former Hillary Clinton adviser.

Imaginary Georgia Governor Stacy Abrams Dreams Of Being Vice President.  Stacey Abrams is taking a break from running Georgia to campaign to be former Vice President Joe Biden's running mate.  Pretty soon, she'll be calling the veepstakes rigged, dragging the Democratic National Committee as racist, and claiming to be the nominee anyway.  It's become her signature formula since failing to capture the Georgia governor's mansion in 2018.  Just a year and a half later, ambition has once again come calling.  This time it brings the romance novelist one step closer to reaching her self-inspired destiny of clinching power in the White House.  Maybe the 27 lost souls in the Democratic primary have convinced her of her true purpose.  Maybe Marianne Williamson has guided her.

Biden Lies to Pennsylvania About His Fracking Ban.  Joe Biden is on the record stating there will be "no new fracking" if he is elected.  Biden also said "we are going to get rid of fossil fuels."  Biden also said if he gets to the White House he will make sure there is "no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill, Period."  But Biden covered up those statements and lied when questioned by a Pennsylvania news station on Monday [4/20/2020].

More than 200 black women urge Biden to pick black woman as running mate.  More than 200 black women on Friday [4/24/2020] signed an open letter to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden urging him to pick a black woman as his running mate.  Biden has said he will choose a woman to be his vice presidential nominee, and has named several black women in conversations about who he may pick to be on the ticket.

Also posted under Race-based political opportunism.

Poll of Latinos finds only about half would vote for Biden.  A new poll of Latinos nationwide finds lower-than-usual support for former Vice President Joe Biden's White House bid when compared to past Democratic nominees, amid signs that President Trump's ability to dominate news coverage of the coronavirus pandemic is playing to his advantage with the largest bloc of minority voters. [...] Just 49% of Latino registered voters would vote for Biden while another 10% said they were undecided but leaning towards backing him, according to the new poll.  Seventeen percent of respondents said they back Mr. Trump, with another 6% undecided but leaning in his direction.  Eighteen percent said they are undecided.

Biden Claims Trump Will Try to Postpone Presidential Election.  Presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden said during a "virtual" fundraiser Thursday evening that he believes his Republican opponent President Donald Trump will try to postpone the November presidential election, according to a pool report.

Stacey Abrams signals 'concern' if Biden's VP pick isn't a woman of color.  Stacey Abrams said Wednesday [4/22/2020] that former Vice President Joe Biden should pick a woman of color to be his running mate in November.  Last month during the final Democratic primary debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden committed to selecting a female running mate.  The former vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee has further indicated he might seek out a woman of color to join his ticket.

Biden campaign spends tens of thousands on ice cream brand Pelosi had packed in freezer.  Joe Biden's presidential campaign spent nearly $11,000 on gourmet ice cream that is also a favorite of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's.  The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee's campaign spent $10,600 on Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams between May 2019 and March 2020. The ice cream was listed as donor gifts, according to Federal Election Committee data.  Pelosi has taken a lot of heat since last week when she joined James Corden on his late-night comedy show and showcased her freezer packed with ice cream.  Among the selection were pints of Jeni's Splendid.  "I don't know what I would've done if ice cream were not invented," she said via video conference from her home.

If Joe Biden is running for president why is Jill Biden doing all the talking?  [Video clip]

A complete inversion of the truth:
Biden:  China Provides Jobs, 'Fuels World's Prosperity'.  "Middle-Class Joe" had a rare opportunity to confront the greatest threat to American workers — the CCP's exploitative trading practices and job poaching ad infinitum — and he failed.  Miserably.  Instead, he praised the relationship as a boon to American employment numbers and extolled the merits of a "rising China."  It wasn't a gaffe.  It wasn't a blunder.  It was quintessential Biden.

China Meddles in Our Election, In Favor of Biden.  hostile foreign power openly meddles in U.S. electoral politics, working to cast discord generally and specifically to smear one of the two remaining candidates for our highest office.  If Democrats were consistent about the paranoia they fomented over the laughably small efforts of Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election, they would now demand immediate action to counter this nefarious foreign threat.  Only, this time, the adversary is China, and the declared target of their open election interference is the incumbent President Donald J. Trump.  The editor of the Global Times of China on Thursday posted a public propaganda video attacking President Trump's candidacy and the reporting of Fox News.  Global Times serves as the explicit media mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, functioning today much as Pravda did for the Kremlin during the Cold War.

Joe Biden:  I'd Pick Michelle Obama as Running Mate 'in a Heartbeat'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, said he would undoubtedly select former first lady Michelle Obama to be his running mate, though he admitted she likely does not want to jump back into politics anytime soon.  "I'd take her in a heartbeat," Biden said in a Monday interview with CBS Pittsburgh when asked if he would add Obama to the ticket.  "She's brilliant.  She knows the way around.  She is a really fine woman.  The Obamas are great friends."

POLL: White Liberals Most Bothered by Joe Biden's Whiteness.  The only Democratic voters significantly bothered by Joe Biden's race and gender are white liberals with graduate degrees, according to a Pew survey published this week.  According to the poll, a majority of Democratic voters are not concerned that their party's presumptive nominee for president is an elderly white man.  Nearly 60 percent of respondents said Biden's age and race do not bother them.  Among black voters, 72 percent said they weren't bothered by Biden's race and gender, while 70 percent of Hispanic voters said the same.  Concern over Biden's whiteness was considerably higher among white Democrats, nearly half of whom said they were bothered that their party's nominee was not a minority.

Most VP picks are cosmetic, but Joe Biden's is crucial.  At this stage of a normal presidential election year, idle media speculation tends to focus on who will be the candidates' running mates, the vice presidential candidates vying to be sent to so many foreign funerals.  In recent times, it hasn't really mattered much beyond political cosmetics.  But the secrecy surrounding the selection process — sometimes lasting almost until the summer convention — attracts media like flies on roadkill.  Perhaps you've noticed, however, these are not normal times in many ways.

Joe Biden rambles and struggles for words during interview on coronavirus response.  Joe Biden rambled and struggled for words during a CNN interview on Thursday [4/16/2020] about the coronavirus response, seemingly suggesting the White House should use WWII policies to deal with the pandemic.  Speaking to Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Biden stumbled his way through the evening interview, after being asked his thoughts about President Trump's three-phase plan to reopen the country.

How the Obamas could easily win eight more years in the White House.  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, Biden and his wandering hands are safely confined to quarters instead of out on the campaign trail, which shields the Democrats from more possible fallout over not only his past behavior but his full-throated endorsement of Communist China throughout his career.  The donkey party is thus free to market the cardboard-cutout version of its candidate, having finally accomplished their mission of running a generic Democrat against Orange Man Bad, without ever having to expose him to the general public.  No wonder there's talk on the Left of canceling the conventions and running an all-mail election.  The further away the country stays from reopening, the better their chances.

This is the guy who wants the nuclear codes?  Joe Biden had a banner week of stumbles, bumbles, and fumbles.  This week alone, Biden was repeatedly confused by the teleprompter and forgot what he was trying to say again and again, and again.  Even when his campaign tries to script his public appearances, Biden either can't remember the point without his notes, or accidentally says "quote" before quoting the teleprompter in a supposedly unscripted town hall.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We Have No Idea What Joe Biden Is Muttering About Here.  Maybe You Can Help Us Out?  When most politicians speak, audiences have to suspend their disbelief.  When it's Biden speaking they have to suspend their incomprehension.  The thing Biden voters must be made to understand before November is this:  They won't be voting for Joe Biden, even though his name is on the top of the ticket.  In reality they will be voting for his veep, should he die in office.  Or, perhaps more likely, Biden will get 25th'ed out the Oval Office door.  Or, hell, maybe if he wins they'll keep him propped up for four full years.  In any event, Biden is the placeholder, the figurehead, for the Deep State/DNC operatives running the show while he's babbling on.  Having this man, clearly not in possession of all his faculties, pretend to serve as a major-party nominee is a fraud perpetrated on the American voting public.  Sadly, it isn't the kind of fraud you can prosecute.

Media Prefer Hating Trump to Helping America.  The liberal media are urging Joe Biden to form a shadow government to upstage President Donald Trump's crisis response effort, which illustrates its consuming partisanship — and its insufficient attention to the health and welfare of the American people.  MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle floated the idea during an interview with former Barack Obama staffer Jim Messina.  Referring to Trump's COVID-19 daily press briefing, Ruhle asked, "Should Joe Biden be counterprogramming that?  Should he be creating his own shadow government, shadow Cabinet, shadow SWAT team, and getting up there at a podium every night, saying, 'Here's the crisis we're in.  Here's what we need to do to address this'?"  I'll concede that if Biden were to follow Ruhle's ludicrous suggestion, Trump would be the biggest beneficiary.  If some are still unaware of Biden's diminishing competence, they would certainly learn of it in counter-press briefings.

Crazy Joe Biden Is Assembling a White House Transition Team Seven Months Before Election Day.  Joe Biden has begun assembling a White House transition team so that "he'll be able to staff up quickly in the event that he defeats President Trump in the 2020 election," reports The Hill.  Biden revealed in a digital fundraiser on Thursday [4/16/2020] that he started the process after his Super Tuesday victories.  Election Day isn't for another seven months.  Is it really about being able to staff up quickly?  Highly unlikely.  Typical transitions are about two and a half months, starting after the election and continuing until Inauguration Day.  George W. Bush's White House transition was even shorter (by several weeks) due to the Florida recounts.  If Joe Biden's team needs over seven months for a White House transition when every other campaign has managed with roughly 11 weeks, what does that say about the competency of his team?

Joe Biden drifts off into incoherence in MSNBC softball interview, as wife Jill tries hard to look unconcerned.  Do Democrats really believe that they can push to victory a presidential candidate who is incapable of one full minute of coherent discourse, even in a friendly environment?  With more than half a year before Election Day, Joe Biden is rapidly mentally deteriorating, and it is increasingly sad watching him and his wife trying to cope with responsibilities that even in his salad days were beyond his capacity.

Joe Went off the Teleprompter Again.  Joe Biden appeared this morning [4/16/2020] with his wife on MSNBC's Squinty & Meat Puppet in the Morning, famous for questioning Trump's mental health.  Meanwhile, they are hosting this word salad without even a question of Biden's inability to function.  He attempts to share an anecdote that turns into something so foreign that you'd think he's speaking a different language. [...] No one around him seems to want to end this buffoonish charade.   Lady MacBeth  Jill Biden, REALLY wants to be First Lady and looks like she's in on it.

AOC Now 'In Talks' With Joe Biden and I Think I Know Why.  [Scroll down]  I actually think there's more to it and that AOC managed to find the one pressure point Biden is most afraid of.  Namely, the sexual assault allegation which continues to be an issue despite the media's best attempts to bury it.  What did AOC say about that just yesterday?  AOC makes this comment and then poof, just like that, Biden calls her up and they are in talks for an endorsement.  It's almost as if the #metoo movement has been turned into a complete joke, able to be covered up at will via political agreements.

AOC says she is 'having conversations with Biden's team' over policy.  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's staff has been in talks with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's team over the past few days, she admitted in a new interview.  Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) revealed in an interview with Politico Wednesday that her aides were "having conversations with Biden's team" in order to "figure out what some of these policy conversations will [be] looking like" as the general election takes shape.  The comments come two days after she took part in an interview with the New York Times in which she said she had not yet heard from the Biden campaign since Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) dropped out of the race.

A Double Game behind the Biden Double Standard?  [Scroll down]  Second, they wanted to air the accusation, undermine it and then dismiss it, in order to inoculate Biden from Reade in the general election campaign.  This presumption is entirely true to a degree.  We know this because the Times executive editor, Dean Baquet, admitted as much in an extraordinary and humiliating interview with the Times' own media reporter, who questioned Baquet about the evident double-standard in reporting.  At the request of the Biden campaign, the Times edited the story to omit prior accusations that Biden's touchy-feely habits and hair-sniffing violated the women subjected to it.  Baquet's coordination with the Biden campaign leaves little doubt that the Times story served the political purpose described above.  We can also assume that the Post and "NBC Online" ran their own stories for similar reasons.  Indeed, all the stories read almost exactly the same, as if written by drones programed in similar left-wing journalism schools.

Barack Obama's endorsement of Joe Biden is comedy gold.  [Scroll down]  Try it yourself.  Grab a mirror.  Assume your best 'I'm-being-serious-and-sincere' expression.  Then say out loud that Joe Biden would bring 'leadership guided by knowledge and experience, honesty and humility, empathy and grace' to the Capital.  How'd you do?  Crack a smile?  Of course you did.  Because when Obama said 'knowledge and experience' you thought about Biden's painful struggle to get through the opening of the Declaration of Independence ('You know, the thing').  When he mentioned 'honesty', you thought about his plagiarism and all the ways he and his family have enriched themselves through shady dealings, often with ideological opponents like China.  When he mentioned 'humility', you thought about Biden's habit of bragging about everything from getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son fired to taking credit for writing the PATRIOT Act.

Believe All Women - Unless They Accuse Joe Biden.  Over two weeks after Tara Reade, a former Biden Senate staffer, accused him of sexually assaulting her, the media finally got around to tackling her and the threat she poses to Biden by calling her a liar.  The New York Times' article dryly titled, "Examining Tara Reade's Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden" by Lisa Lerer and Sydney Ember seeks to discredit Reade's claims.  "No other allegation about sexual assault surfaced in the course of reporting, nor did any former Biden staff members corroborate any details of Ms. Reade's allegation," the article insisted.  "The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses, and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable."  Then that awkward paragraph with its mix of admissions and denials went down the memory hole.

Funny How Joe Biden's Woman-Assaulting Allegations Aren't News.  The #MeToo movement is finally here and at a long last, powerful and lecherous men are going to be held to account for their dastardly deeds against women!  Or maybe not.  It turns out that the #MeToo movement was all another sham designed to destroy the lives and careers of elected Republicans and one icky Hollywood movie mogul.  When women started speaking up and it turned out that most of the men being accused were liberals and elected Democrats, the movement suddenly started to fizzle.

NYT clipping Highlights of the News.  [Item #7] The presumption of innocence applies even to creepy, sleazy, and dopey politicians.  The New York Times wrote, "Ms. Reade, a former Senate aide, has accused Mr. Biden of assaulting her in 1993 and says she told others about it.  A Biden spokeswoman said the allegation is false, and former Senate office staff members do not recall such an incident."  Brett Kavanaugh never even met Christine Blasey Ford.  The Times insisted he raped her.  The Times also did a little post-posting editing of "The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable."  It now says, "The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden."  The truth is out there.

Why Biden's Polling Lead vs.  Trump Isn't as Solid as It Looks.  President Trump and Joe Biden begin the general election campaign locked in a highly competitive contest that remains fought along the lines of the 2016 presidential election, according to national and battleground state polls.  If anyone holds the early edge, it is Mr. Biden.  He leads by an average of six points in national live-interview polls of registered voters.  But the election will be decided by voters in the battleground states, not registered voters nationwide, and there the story is not nearly so clear or rosy for Mr. Biden.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats' unending shame.  [Scroll down]  Can anyone imagine Joe Biden answering questions in minute detail for two hours every day about the virus, the economy, logistics, trade, China, etc.?  Biden cannot utter a complete sentence without forgetting where it began.

Long-coveted Obama endorsement is of questionable value for Biden.  Former President Barack Obama is set to reenter the political fray with a long-awaited endorsement of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, but his magic touch has failed to rub off on others in the past, and it is unclear how much of a boost he can provide his ex-vice president.  Some Democrats fear he could even overshadow Biden.  "Biden definitely needs this endorsement," said a Democratic strategist who requested anonymity to speak candidly.  "But you don't want people drawing comparisons between Obama and Biden on the stump."

Also posted under Association with Obama is political poison.

Michelle Obama's odds to be Biden's vice president surge as Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar fade.  Former first lady Michelle Obama is back in play big time as a favorite to be Joe Biden's running mate.  As Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday made a surprise endorsement of Biden in a warm and humorous video chat, the focus turned to Biden's pick for vice president and gambling markets charted by saw a surge of support for Obama.  "Michelle Obama has been the most backed person in the market, accounting for almost 32% of all bets," the firm said.

Hunter Biden Still Listed As Board Member Of Chinese Company He Pledged To Resign From In October, Business Records Show.  Hunter Biden received wall-to-wall media coverage and praise from his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, in October when he announced he would resign from the board of a Chinese private equity firm by the end of the month.  But six months after Hunter Biden pledged to relinquish his position with BHR Partners, no evidence has surfaced to prove he actually followed through on his promise.  Hunter Biden's lawyer, George Mesires, told the Daily Caller News Foundation in early November that his client had resigned from BHR's board, but he did not provide any evidence of his departure from the Chinese private equity firm at the time.

Joe Biden steps up attack on Donald Trump and warns that country can't go back to normal.  Joe Biden lashed out at President Trump for 'making excuses' in an op-ed in the New York Times detailing how he would handle the coroanvirus pandemic as president.  'We are now several months into this crisis, and still this administration has not squarely faced up to the "original sin" in it's failed response — the failure to test,' Biden pointed out in the editorial, which ran Sunday [4/12/2020].  The former vice president also warned that American life may be changed permanently, with crowds being a concept of the past.

Biden Gets Confused Again; Says He Wants to "Put Millions of Citizens on a Pathway to Citizenship".  Joe Biden on Monday [4/13/2020] said he if he were to win the White House, his administration would "finally achieve comprehensive immigration reform."  [...] "We're finally gonna achieve comprehensive immigration reform as well, putting millions of citizens on a pathway to citizenship," said Biden.  Either Biden is confused, or he believes illegal aliens are American citizens.

New York Times admits Biden team influenced edits to story on sexual assault allegation.  The New York Times revealed that Joe Biden's campaign influenced the newspaper's decision to edit out allegations of sexual misconduct from a story published over the weekend.  On Sunday [4/12/2020], the New York Times was criticized for editing a sentence and deleting a tweet noting that Biden has been accused of sexual misconduct by women who found that his hugging and hair sniffing crossed the line. [...] The newsroom claimed at the time that it made the edits because the original language was confusing, tweeting, "We've deleted a tweet in this thread that had some imprecise language that has been changed in the story."  On Monday, however, Executive Editor Dean Baquet admitted that the Biden campaign's reaction to the piece played a role in making the changes.

NY Times Editor Admits Editing Article on Biden Sexual Assault Allegation After Campaign Complained.  The New York Times edited a controversial passage in an article about a sexual assault allegation against former vice president Joe Biden after his campaign complained, the paper's executive editor said Monday [4/13/2020].  Dean Baquet, in an interview with Times media columnist Ben Smith, explained why edits were made to the following sentence, which appeared as follows in the print edition of the paper, on page A20: "The Times found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Mr. Biden, beyond the hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable."  Baquet said the Times decided to delete the second half of the sentence, without explanation in the form of an editor's note, because "the [Biden] campaign thought that the phrasing was awkward and made it look like there were other instances in which he had been accused of sexual misconduct."

Experts say Biden's chances are 'really low'.  The lessons of history strongly suggest that presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden faces almost-guaranteed defeat in the 2020 race come November.  "Once you've been on the national scene for more than a decade, your odds of winning the presidency are really low," Sean Trende, a "premier political number cruncher" known for his expertise in analyzing American elections, said in recent remarks to the Washington Free Beacon.

Biden's ideas for re-opening America are painfully obvious and insipid.  It doesn't help Biden when his campaign churns out bland, meaningless bits of political pabulum that are meant to read as profound insights into public policy during a challenging time in America.  The latest example is an opinion piece in the New York Times that purports to be Biden's "plan to safely reopen America."  (This link is to the same article at MSN if the Times piece is behind a paywall.)  I use the word "purports" because there's nothing in the writing that echoes Biden's actual voice.  It's very much the work of a staffer and not a very bright one at that.

Trump's most devastating 2020 weapon will be Bernie Bros, insiders say.  The Trump campaign's secret weapon against Joe Biden will be Bernie Bros.  "Bernie Sanders supporters have been laying the groundwork for many of the lines of attack that the Trump campaign will be using against Joe Biden in the general," a senior Trump campaign insider told The [New York] Post.  "From his serial dishonesty, to his obvious issues, to his attempts to cut Social Security.  We are going to have a field day."

Don't forget Joe Biden.  [Scroll down]  But news media should not lose sight of the fact that, with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders out of the race, Biden is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.  And as a major party nominee who has a good shot of becoming the next occupier of the White House, he deserves the sort of scrutiny that comes with it.  Unfortunately, Biden has too often been treated with kid gloves, being granted softball interviews that don't challenge his statements and mainly seemed designed to goad him into attacking Trump's performance.  NBC's Chuck Todd asked Biden whether Trump has "blood on his hands," which to Biden's credit, he said was "too harsh" an assessment.  CNN's Brooke Baldwin has asked Biden if Trump has been "intentionally" misleading.  She then fawned, "Your strength, really, your strength is in traveling around the country and connecting with people, right? [...]"

Bernie supporters' next steps: 'I will NEVER vote for Joe Biden'.  Joe Biden quietly secured the Democrat Party's nomination this week after socialist Bernie Sanders abruptly suspended his campaign.  However, Biden faces an uphill battle to unite his splintered party because many Bernie supporters refuse to vote for Joe.  After the Democratic Party rigged the 2016 primary election in Hillary Clinton's favor, many Bernie Bros were so enraged that they either voted for Donald Trump out of spite or didn't vote at all.

Joe Biden Is Not All There Mentally.  Running Him for President Is Incredibly Dangerous.  His staff are right to be worried.  The elder statesman is prone to lapses in coherence, to put it politely.  The signs have been there for months: when Biden asked supporters to "go to Joe 30330 and help me in this fight" in the August debate, the Guardian called it "one of the most cryptic gaffes of his career."  But it was only the beginning.  In his bid for the nomination, Biden has forgotten Barack Obama's name repeatedly, proclaimed he was running for Senate, declared that over 150 million people have been killed by gun violence since 2007, confused his wife with his sister, confused Angela Merkel with Margaret Thatcher, and confused Theresa May twice with Margaret Thatcher.  He's issued an endless litany of baffling and embarrassing statements, including, "Tomorrow's Super Thursday," "We choose truth over facts," "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids," "Why, why, why, why, why, why, why?" and "We hold these truths to be self-evident:  all men and women created by the, go, you know the, you know the thing."

Do [those on] the left teach their children not to cheat?  I'm no saint.  In fact, I'm a seriously flawed human.  But I'll say this.  In over 20 years of school — that's K through 12, college and law school, not to mention half a dozen gigs as an adjunct law professor — I never cheated or condoned cheating.  Not even once.  My parents taught me that cheaters are immoral, and cheaters taught me that cheaters are losers.  Which brings me to Joe Biden.  Biden is a serial cheater.  He cheated in law school by presenting many pages of a law review article as his own.  His professor judged his plagiarism sufficiently serious to deserve an "F."  Biden was just getting warmed up.  From that experience, he failed to learn not to cheat, and even failed to learn not to get caught.

Jill Biden celebrates Sanders dropping out: 'We can finally get to work'.  Dr. Jill Biden rejoiced to supporters about Sen. Bernie Sanders' decision to withdraw from the Democratic primary, officially making her husband, Joe, the party's presumptive nominee.  "Thank goodness we can finally get to work!" Biden told donors at a virtual coffee fundraising event Wednesday [4/8/2020].  "We could never presume that before.  This has all been all brand new and happened so, so quickly," she continued.  The former second lady took part in the campaign event just hours after the Democratic socialist announced that he would be withdrawing from the race, citing his lack of a path to the nomination.

Biden and Trump Agreed to Keep Details of Their Call Private.  Then Biden Told Us Everything He Said.  Though President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden said they had agreed to keep the details of their Monday phone call private, Biden appears to have reneged on the agreement.  The Democratic nominee has now divulged several details about the exchange in media interviews and a meeting with donors.  Biden said during his first interview after the call that he and Trump agreed they "wouldn't go into detail" on what was said during the call between the political rivals.  Biden in the days since has laid out the specifics of the five suggestions he made to Trump on how the administration could improve its coronavirus response and even began to detail to donors at a fundraiser how Trump responded.

Slow Joe's Latest Whiffs.  Someone has suggested that Joe Biden's frequent video chats from his basement are meant to be "proof of life" evidence, because if he actually went silent for a few days speculation would build that he has COVID-19.  But these increasingly hapless appearances contribute to the impression that he has Dementia2020.  Here's the latest three-minute highlight reel of Slow Joe struggling his way through what out to be fairly easy and friendly interviews.  And additional proof that he still hasn't mastered his Teleprompter.  [Video clip]

Democrats Likely to Dump Biden.  [I]t is becoming obvious to everyone not named Joe Biden that Biden's sharpest days are long behind him.  Let's be honest:  he was never that sharp even in his glory days, but he was certainly a lot more lucid when he helped spearhead the despicable character assassination of Robert Bork. [...] Biden is a historically weak candidate.  He has no core beliefs, is corrupt down to his last cell, flip-flops worse than a Kerry, and can't get through two sentences without saying something provably false or utterly ridiculous.  He also has a long history of bad behavior, from plagiarism to "put them back in chains" offensive language to deplorable conduct toward women.  The media-built public perception of Biden as the good-natured favorite uncle is every bit the lie as the latest historic revisionism that sprang forth from Biden's mouth.  The current sexual assault allegations should surprise nobody (although I suppose they would surprise the majority of media-sheltered Democrats).

New York Magazine has a recommendation to improve Biden's podcast:  Less Biden.  New York Magazine's Will Leitch is rooting for Biden to win the 2020 election, but that doesn't mean he can ignore the obvious:  Biden's podcast is really terrible.  Leitch writes that he has found it nearly impossible to get through the two episodes that exist thus far and says the fact that the podcast is so bad worries him.  If the leading Democratic contender can't manage a podcast, how can he possibly win an election?

Joe Biden Explains How He Would Approach Cornavirus Crisis.  Former Vice President Joe Biden has been using podcasts and home interviews to keep his campaign going as the COVID-19 shutdown continues.  However, things have not gotten any better on the cognitive side of the candidate, and it's getting even worse than before.  Here's an example of the current leading democrat candidate for president explaining how he would confront the coronavirus pandemic differently.  [Video clip]

Joe Biden Gives Completely Incoherent Response to How Wuhan Coronavirus Will Affect Election.  Former Vice President Joe Biden touched on how the coronavirus will affect primaries and possibly the Democratic National Convention during an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, but at some points his response was unintelligible.  Asked his thoughts on whether a convention would be possible at all, even in August, Biden said we will need to see where things stand at that point, acknowledging that it may not be possible to put thousands of people together for a traditional convention.  [Video clip]

Biden Must Go.  As the Trump administration has been working feverishly (if at times misguidedly, in my opinion) to deal with the Wuhan virus, Joe Biden has been a pathetic bystander, putting out videos from his house and appearing occasionally on television.  In both venues he has repeatedly lied about what the Trump administration is doing.  Or, to be fair, he may be so out of it that he just doesn't have a clue.  Democratic Party fact-checkers have racked up one Biden Pinocchio after another, as his claims have been impossible to defend.  But the real point is that Biden lacks the mental capacity of an average human being, let alone a viable candidate for the presidency.

Will Dems Demand Postponing The Election They're Afraid They'll Lose?  [Scroll down]  What will go unspoken, though, is the growing realization that Biden is a deeply flawed candidate.  He's prone to red-letter gaffes, unbridled exaggerations, embarrassing outbursts, and unexpected digressions, and has been losing focus and slurring his words.  [Examples]  The Delaware deceiver has also been caught repeatedly lying during the COVID-19 crisis, earning "11 Pinocchios From Fact-Checkers," reports the Washington Free Beacon.  The Democrats have to be concerned, as well, with the enthusiasm gap.  While 53% of Trump supporters say they are "very" enthusiastic about their candidate, only 24% of Biden supporters feel the same way for their candidate, an ABC News/Washington Post poll has found.

Corona Meltdowns.  The virus shutdown was first seen as providing a necessary respite for the 77-year-old former vice president to go home, rest up, and recuperate after an exhausting summer, fall, and winter of campaigning — an ordeal that supposedly had explained Biden's increasing flubs and gaffes. [...] A rested Biden's botched commentaries only convinced observers that a President Biden at this moment would be a veritable catastrophe.  Biden seemed more confused from his home than he was on the campaign stump.  He tried reading from a teleprompter script, and then talking ex tempore, and then both, and found he could do neither.

"Whistleblower" Eric Ciaramella Was Hosting 2016 WH Meeting Where Ukrainian Officials Were Told To Drop Investigation Of Hunter Biden!  This explains it.  Anti-Trump CIA whistleblower Eric Ciaramella filed his second-hand "whistleblower" complaint against President Trump after speaking with Adam Schiff's team in September.  Ciaramella claimed he was concerned about President Trump's discussion of Hunter Biden during his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.  Now we know why Ciaramella was so concerned.  According to White House visitor logs Eric Ciaramella was hosting the January 19, 2016 White House meeting where Ukrainian officials were told to drop the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Watch Joe Biden's Unbelievable Campaign Gaffe Highlight Reel Here.  Former Vice President Joe Biden continued his gaffe-filled campaign this week; sparking a series of new questions for Democratic insiders as he slowly stumbles towards his party's nomination to take on Donald Trump this fall.  [Video clip]

Biden Can't Fundraise Because He Can't Lead.  Democrats were hoping that Biden could make up some ground after becoming the presumptive nominee — President Trump and the Republican National Committee currently have more than 10 times as much cash on hand as Biden and the Democrats — and now they're using the coronavirus pandemic as a convenient excuse for the candidate's failure.  But the truth is more straightforward, and more devastating, than most liberals care to admit.  The fact is, Biden can't fundraise effectively because he can't lead or inspire — and every appearance the candidate makes only serves to remind the public of those glaring deficiencies.

Air Force reverses decision to release Biden travel records as Senate tempers flare over Hunter probe.  The U.S. Air Force has backtracked on a promise to release records showing Hunter Biden flew aboard Air Force Two with his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.  One America News reported that despite the Air Force promise in January to release the passenger lists, it was now refusing to do so even as a Senate committee is planning to move forward, over-vigorous Democrat opposition, with an investigation of the younger Biden's overseas business dealings while his father was part of the Obama administration.

Biden's lead evaporates in new poll that finds him weaker vs.  Trump than Hillary Clinton was in 2016.  Former Vice President Joe Biden's national lead over President Donald Trump has nearly evaporated according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll that shows the Democratic frontrunner facing a "massive enthusiasm gap" in the November general election.  Although Biden maintains a solid lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, he finds himself in a statistical tie with the president in a head-to-head matchup, only slightly ahead by two points (49-47%) among registered voters.  The pollsters noted that Biden's standing has deteriorated since their last survey in February which found him with a more comfortable 7-point (52-45%) over Trump.

Biden, seeking an answer to irrelevance, walks into Trump's trap.  Joe Biden has a problem: with all eyes on the coronavirus, and Trump functioning as the commander in chief during what amounts to a war, complete with a wartime economy, Biden has become irrelevant.  Because he's older and therefore vulnerable to the virus, he can't even leave his house.  Instead, he's hidden away.  This is a lousy situation for someone who is trying to become president in the next election. [...] There's no way Biden can come out of this conversation looking good.  Trump will treat him with the utmost respect while making sure to highlight the fact that Biden was useless during the Obama presidency, that Biden's plans are duplicative of what Trump has already done, and that Biden is mentally weak.

Former Obama Adviser Predicts Massive Turnout For Trump In November - Huge Disadvantage For Biden.  David Plouffe played a major role in Obama's 2008 election.  He may be a liberal, but he understands how elections work.  He is now predicting that the Coronavirus crisis will not have a negative impact on turnout among Trump voters.  It will, however, put Joe Biden at a disadvantage.

What Should Biden Do?  We are living through an extraordinary and unprecedented time.  It has required us to readjust our lives, our expectations and our plans.  The business of politics is no exception.  There's been a lot written over these last few days that this upending of normalcy is taking a toll on former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign.  After all, in a non-COVID19 world, Biden would be having a great few weeks. [...] Instead, he's stuck at home in Delaware, talking to cable TV hosts and Facebook Live audiences from a home-made studio, while President Trump (never a shy, retiring figure in the first place), has become a ubiquitous media presence.

Robert Gates Makes a Case Against Joe Biden as Commander-in-Chief.  Robert Gates is the epitome of a moderate political thinker, public servant, and lifelong specialist in international security.  After a lengthy career appointment as an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency, he served as deputy director of the CIA under President Ronald Reagan, deputy national security adviser and, later, director of the CIA under President George H.W. Bush.  Gates served for two years as President George W. Bush's secretary of defense and two-and-a-half more years in the same office under President Barack Obama.  Here is a man with no appetite for bombast. [...] It is therefore a matter of grave alarm — at least a DEFCON 2 and possibly DEFCON 1, the ultimate state of alert — when Gates, that most centered of centrists, asserts that Biden has "been wrong on nearly every foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades."

Hunter Biden cannot deny impropriety any more than he can deny paternity.  [Scroll down]  Whenever an immediate family member of a major public official takes a lucrative position, the official naturally will be in somewhat compromised circumstances if he or she must oversee policy clearly affecting the outfit the family member has joined.  There is no way to avoid questions about whether the official's decisions have been affected by the family member's interests.  If one's father is the vice president, and one's new job obviously could be materially affected by your father's diplomacy, it is no longer a matter of mere private ethics or private profit.  The chance of even subconscious altering of the nation's diplomacy has ramifications far beyond one's own family.  The United States, indeed the world, might have its best interests subject to shadings of judgment that might not have existed if one's own financial spigot hadn't been opened.  When the diplomacy involves one of the world's most important of hot spots, these shadings of judgment could have monumental effects.

Does America need Journalists?  The national media is a fully predictable sideshow at this point.  Just imagine what media would think could do the most damage to the president or a Republican and it is fairly easy to predict their coverage or future emerging stories, such as the rising pressure to swap Joe Biden out with Andrew Cuomo.  Poor Joe may be the last person in America to see the train coming to run him over when the media decides it is suddenly expedient to start reporting on the sexual assault allegations they are blacking out.

Here's the Number of Times the Mainstream Media Have Mentioned Joe Biden's Sexual Assault Accuser.  In case you missed it, a woman named Tara Reade, who was a former staffer for Joe Biden, is accusing him of sexual assault. [...] Whether Reade is telling the truth or not is still an open question.  The fact that she worked directly for Biden and was later fired adds an additional layer of credibly to her accusation, but any claim of sexual assault needs to be fully adjudicated.  Biden, despite being a creep who's often caught groping and sniffing women, still maintains the presumption of innocence until further evidence is presented.  Regardless, what's not an open question is how hypocritical and biased the mainstream media are.  The Daily Wire took a look back at the coverage of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford to comprehensively compare it to how Biden is now being treated.  The results are stunning.

Biden in a coronavirus Groundhog Day-like loop.  Joe Biden is living in reminiscent of the 1993 film Groundhog Day, stuck in limbo and answering the same questions over and over while trying to move on to taking his place as the Democratic presidential nominee.  Isolated in his Wilmington, Delaware home, Biden says that his day starts with two meetings with advisers:  one on the status of the coronavirus pandemic and government response and one on the economy.  Later in the day, the former vice president heads to his basement recreation room to his newly-constructed professional studio, where he either gives a live-stream address or appears on a television show.  The hits are often very similar to each other.  Biden finds ways to mention that he wants up to $10,000 in student loans canceled for those affected by the coronavirus, a temporary month ban on evictions, and for President Trump to use the Defense Production Act to create medical supplies.

Nominate Biden, blame Bernie.  Over at Jeff Bezos's Tax Write Off, Washington Post reporters Sean Sullivan, Michael Scherer, and David Weigel filed, "Bernie Sanders now adamant he's staying in the presidential race.  Many Dems fear a reprise of their 2016 defeat."  The gist is Biden will lose and it is all Bernie's fault.  The argument is Bernie cost Hillary the 2016 election and by staying in the race, he will cost Biden in 2020.  Philippe Reines, a lackey of Hillary, said in Paragraph 4, "It's the equivalent of a World War II kamikaze pilot.  They have no better option than to plow into USS Biden."  Paragraph 17 said, "Although Sanders personally is not waging a scorched-earth campaign against Biden, some of his most visible supporters continue to rail against the former vice president's policy ideas and question his cognitive abilities — a trend that worries party leaders."  Way down in Paragraphs 27, 28, and 29, readers discover what the real problem is.  Ideas.  It is not that Bernie is a kamikaze pilot.  It is that Bernie is a communist taking over the party.

Poll: 15 Percent of Bernie Supporters Will Vote for Trump Over Biden.  A new ABC News/Washington Post opinion poll has some very bad news for former Vice President Joe Biden.  If he secures the Democratic presidential nomination — which he will, of course — a full 15 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters plan to cast their vote for President Donald Trump's reelection.  That's extremely troubling for Biden, because in 2016, only 12% of Bernie's supporters broke for Trump after their guy's historic intraparty fight with Hillary Clinton.  But, USA Today reports, there's some good news in there. [...]

Sara Carter:  No One Is Reporting Biden's Gaffes, Dems Counting On That.  Sara A. Carter told Fox New's host Steve Hilton Sunday night that the Democrats are counting on the media for not reporting former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden's gaffes.  "Now, what we're seeing is Joe Biden actually doing what Joe Biden does best lately, which is have these enormous gaffes," Carter told Hilton.  [Video clip]  Carter concluded, "The sad thing is, Steve, is that no one is really reporting on this and I think that's what the Democrats are counting on."

Biden Struggles to Speak Coherently as He Attacks President Trump's Coronavirus Response.  Biden stumbled his way through an interview on MSNBC on Monday [3/30/2020].  The 77-year-old 2020 Democrat front runner tried to attack President Trump's Coronavirus response and he failed miserably.  Biden makes no sense.  He had to read notes during his interview and he still jumbled his words.

Best of Biden's Basement Broadcasts.  The Washington Free Beacon looks back at the best of Joe Biden's dispatches from Delaware as the coronavirus sidelines his campaign.  [Video clip]

Joe Biden's ability to inspire high voter turnout [is] in doubt.  Black voters in South Carolina helped propel former Vice President Joseph R. Biden to the top of the crowded 2020 Democratic field and they continue to fuel his drive to the nomination, but whether that translates into the crucial high turnout he needs in November remains an open question.

Joe Biden Can't Be President (2).  Evidence of Biden's incapacity continues to pile up.  Earlier today, he gave an interview to MSNBC in which he pontificated about the coronavirus, or tried to.  It was a sad spectacle.  He apparently tried to read notes that he had before him, but was unable to do so, and lapsed into frustration and incoherence:  [Video clip]  No doubt Democratic Party leaders have been calculating ways of denying Biden their nomination, or getting him off the ticket after the fact.  The former is tricky:  Biden is still around 750 delegates short of clinching the nomination (he has 1,217 delegates committed) and some state primaries have been postponed.  Biden could drop out, but that might leave Bernie Sanders in the driver's seat, the last thing the DNC wants.

Joe Biden is blowing this campaign in more ways than one.  [Scroll down]  Trouble is, the 77-year-old Biden sometimes seems unaware of his location, asking Iowa voters about Ohio, turning his back to TV cameras, walking out of sight during a town hall.  He also often sounds like he's on too many meds with rambling, even incoherent statements.  And then the teleprompter breaks down just as the man who wants access to the nuclear launch codes was going to explain why he sincerely wants to be president.  Turns out, without a script, Biden couldn't really say. [...] Teleprompters were invented to mask speakers reciting lines, enabling them to look directly at audiences with utmost fake sincerity.  The devices have been around since 1948 and in politics since 1952.  So, they're not a newfangled gimmick to master.  That happened in Biden's basement with loyal staff during an allegedly choreographed TV appearance.

The Ballad of China Joe.  After a series of disastrous video conferences demonstrating that what he lacks in brains, he makes up for with dementia, the presumptive Democrat nominee is already facing stiff competition from a guy who's not even a candidate for the presidency.  That's right.  There are all kinds of rumors that Andy Cuomo, the second Fredo of the Cuomo crime family, is emerging to give Old Joe a run for his ill gotten money.

Doddering Joe Biden [is] Unfit to Lead in Time of Crisis.  Whatever you think about President Trump and his response to this global pandemic that sparked from a Chinese "wet market" selling wildlife, you cannot exactly be heartened to behold the response offered by Democrats.  The party's presumed nominee, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, finally mounted the barricades this week to personally combat the Wuhan virus by — what else? — setting up a television studio in his Delaware home to offer "counterprogramming" to the president and his crisis team of doctors, public health officials, industry leaders, and economic experts.

Democrats need to recruit Obama to bench Biden, find another candidate.  [Scroll down]  Biden is a shrunken version of the guy who got hot at the right time.  After going silent for nearly a week, he emerged in video clips and interviews from the basement of his Delaware home, where he is quarantining himself.  Looking isolated and lapsing into occasional gibberish, he seemed every bit the mentally challenged 77-year-old he was on the worst days of the campaign.  Although he did better on a CNN virtual town hall Friday, his tics, such as having a three-point answer to every question, do not inspire confidence that he is capable of being president for four years.  So what can Dems do?  Find another nominee.  But first, they must bench Biden, or persuade him to bench himself.

Only 632 People Watch Sleepy Joe Biden's Coronavirus Town Hall on YouTube.  2020 Democrat front runner Joe Biden held a Coronavirus town hall with nurses, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.  Biden advertised his Coronavirus livestream to his 4.62 million Twitter followers.  But only 632 people tuned in to watch Sleepy Joe on YouTube.

The curious paucity of MSM coverage of Biden's #MeToo accuser.  If you're a regular reader of Hot Air or any other generally conservative websites, you're probably aware that one of Joe Biden's former Senate staffers, Tara Reade, has accused the former Vice President of sexual assault.  But if you're getting the majority of your news from CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times or the Washington Post, the name may not even ring a bell.  Given the nature of my work, I generally have the television on for the majority of the day while I'm writing (usually with the sound muted) and I flip back and forth between CNN and Fox News, with occasional visits to our local Spectrum News channel.  That way I can keep an eye on the chyron for breaking news stories and get a feel for what they're covering.  While it's certainly possible that I missed a mention somewhere, I don't recall seeing Ms. Reade's name pop up on CNN for days.

Biden fights accusation of sexual assault.  Joe Biden's campaign is vehemently denying an allegation that the former vice president sexually assaulted a Senate aide more than two decades ago.  "Women have a right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims.  We encourage them to do so because these accusations are false," Biden spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said in a statement to the Washington Examiner and other outlets on Friday [3/27/2020].

Biden, Who Pushed For Believing All Women During Kavanaugh Hearings, Has Been Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Former Staffer.  Tara Reade, who worked for Biden back in the '90s as a staff assistant, had previously told The Cut back in 2019 that Biden had gotten a little too personal with her and made her feel "uncomfortable."  Reade's account then was similar to the accounts of other women who said they'd had close encounters with the former vice president, who's known for getting a little too touchy-feely with women and young girls.  Now, though, Reade says Biden did more than just sniff her hair — he forcibly assaulted her.

Biden: "Every Single Day I Speak to All 5 of My Grandkids..." — In Reality He Has 6 Grandkids.  Joe Biden, who has 6 grandchildren, told CNN's Anderson Cooper he only has 5.  Biden either forgot about Hunter's love child with the DC stripper or he doesn't count him/her as one of his grandkids.

Tucker Carlson Insists Biden 'Will Not Be The Democratic Nominee.' Here's Who He Predicts Will Assume The Mantle.  Fox News host Tucker Carlson predicted that former Vice President Joe Biden "will not be the Democratic nominee" that ends up facing President Donald Trump in November. [...] Then, Carlson speculated on Biden's likely replacement.  "If I had to bet I would think Andrew Cuomo would be the most likely to replace Biden," he said before a discussion about the 1968 Democratic convention, when former Vice President Hubert Humphrey won the nomination despite not winning any of the state primary elections.

'Dr. Win-the-War' vs. the Mouse.  [Scroll down]  The Democrats have a presumptive candidate who can hardly utter a coherent sentence in response to a friendly questioner, live-streaming from a little podium in his living room, an absurd, and objectively sad spectacle.  The Democratic bosses are sending an infirm and elderly mouse to bell a big, tawny, roaring cat.  Anyone can see how it will end.

Sleepy Joe's Latest Shadow Briefing Goes Worse Than the First; 'Biden Is a Melting Ice Cube'.  Those who watched it said the presumptive Democratic nominee "devolved into gibberish" at times.  In the clip below, Biden tells viewers, "I'm going to, Barack, significantly increase the number of pell grants that are out there.  A pell grant is a family basically less than $50,000 you're able to get at the time, it was less than six but it raised it to $6000."  [Video clip]

Allegations That Joe Biden Sexually Attacked a Young Staffer May Be a Sign the Democrat Establishment Wants Him Gone.  [Scroll down]  This is much, much more substantial than the allegations that sent the deranged Al Franken packing.  While no major network has yet touched the story, it is hard to imagine that the story will not be noticed.  And we are entitled to wonder why she is making this particular allegation now rather than back in 2019 when she first told her story and why the outlets carrying it are Newsone, which is focused on progressive blacks, and the Intercept, which caters to a very left-of-center readership.  It is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone that Joe Biden is suffering from a substantial cognitive impairment.  His behavior on the campaign trail has been erratic, his debate performances disastrous, his statements since going full-recluse due to Wuhan virus are bizarre when they are not cringe-worthy.  The man is not totally senile — yet — but he's months rather than years from being obviously in that condition.

Jill Biden is the Answer.  Who is the one person who knows better than anyone that Joe Biden's mental faculties are in serious decline?  Answer:  Jill Biden.  Who is the one person with the power to make Joe Biden retire from politics?  Answer:  Jill Biden.  Who is the one person closest to Joe who encouraged him and now enables him to run for the Presidency for a third time?  Answer:  Jill Biden.

The quarantined candidacy.  [Scroll down]  Sometimes, Barack Obama would deliberately hide Biden in an effort to avoid any embarrassment during high-stakes negotiations, such as the 2013 government shutdown.  That year, the executive branch's top diplomat to the Senate was seemingly missing for 16 days. [...] This time, Biden's disappearance isn't so deliberate. [...] Biden can't even get [Obama's] endorsement against a president fixated on undoing Obama's legacy.

No One's Watching Joe Biden's Wannabe POTUS Broadcasts.  Former Vice President Joe Biden hosted a "Happy Hour with Young Americans" livestream Wednesday night and only 2,800 people tuned in, according to a CBS news reporter.

Democrats Might Find It Better To Concede 2020 To Trump.  [Scroll down]  Joe and Jane Sixpack [...] recognize a politician who can't handle what Trump has been saddled with.  The 77-year-old prospective Democratic nominee Joe Biden, speaking in a live stream from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, on Monday, fumbled all over his words.  After calling for more medical personnel to deal with "this crush of cases," Biden added, "And, uh, in addition to that, in addition to that, we have to make sure that, we are ..."  Then he motioned to staff to roll the teleprompter before exasperatedly saying, "Well, let me go to the second thing ..."  Not only does this suggest possible senility, where is the Biden campaign's judgment in conducting a live stream when it could easily have been taped, so they could edit and polish a perfect take of their candidate's statement?  What does it say about Biden that he has allowed himself to be surrounded by a staff this incompetent?  One thing it says is that a Biden presidency will be run by whoever ends up in his vicinity within the West Wing, in all likelihood a collective apparatus far to the left of the Democrat administration that came to power more than 11 years ago now.

Joe Biden Postpones On-Camera Press Briefing After Disastrous TV Appearances.  Democrat presidential front runner Joe Biden postponed an on-camera press briefing late Tuesday after a series of awkward and ultimately disastrous television appearances earlier in the day.

Joe Biden's Livestreams Have Been a Disaster.  Joe Biden has been struggling for visibility lately.  The Coronavirus crisis has relegated him to the sidelines as Trump takes front and center on television, sometimes for hours a day.  Biden has turned to live streaming addresses.  It has not gone well. [...] It's very telling that the media is being careful not to criticize his efforts.  [Video clips]

Former Senate Staffer Who Opposes Trump Accuses Biden of Sexual Assault.  A former Senate staffer for Joe Biden has credibly accused the Democrat of sexual assault, but you wouldn't know it if you relied in the corporate media for your news.  Tara Reade described the alleged sexual misconduct in a graphic interview this week with lefty podcaster Katie Halper.

Former Staffer Tara Reade Accuses Joe Biden of Forcible Sexual Assault.  Not just squeezing and stroking and sniffing up on teenagers this time. [...] By the way, this accuser — Tara Reade — is only coming forward because she heard another woman making less serious sexual harassment allegations about Biden, and wished to support her.

We know Biden has roaming hands, but how far have they roamed?  Up until spring 2019, when he began his presidential run, Joe Biden seemed immune.  That was when, Lucy Flores, a Bernie Sanders supporter, claimed that, in 2014, when he was still Vice President, Joe Biden touched her inappropriately and kissed her head at a campaign rally. [...] Tara Reade, however, believed Flores's claims.  To support Flores, she went public with her own story about the time that Biden had "put his hand on my shoulder and run his finger up my neck."  However, because Reade was threatening the man who would save America from Trump, the Democrats threw at her the worst insult they could think of, calling her a Putin puppet.  Reade retreated.  As the Democrat Party began to consolidate around Biden, Reade decided that, for her daughter's sake, it was time to tell the whole story about Joe.

Oh, So this is why Joe Biden has been hiding.  The more Biden is in front of voters, the more likely he will remind us of how gaffetastic he is.  He is a placeholder of a candidate.  The DNC panicked when it was becoming clear that Bernie Sanders may rise to be their candidate and Biden was dusted off and brought out as the safe choice.  Unfortunately for the DNC, though, Biden is not up to the challenge.  A national campaign is tough, even for the most energetic and capable candidates.  Joe Biden appears feeble, frequently confused, and very low energy, as has been said of other candidates in the past.  By running Biden, the Democrats are desperately hoping to defeat President Trump in November.  The plan is for him to win and bring back the status quo of the Obama days.  I think Americans have moved past the status quo.

Joe Biden On The View:  His Dementia is Becoming More Obvious Every Day.  Joe was on The View Tuesday [3/23/2020], and when he was asked about the current world CoronaVirus crisis, Joe responded with nonsense.  He used real words but seemed to mix them up.  As we previewed last week, Biden started giving his own briefings to the press from his home to "counter" President Trump's daily CoronaVirus commission pressers, keeping Americans up to date.  Also from his Delaware home Biden gave a remote interview on The View to share his biggest concerns regarding the virus.  Interestingly this was the same program that ripped his response to the H1N1 virus in 2009.  Tuesday's interview didn't go so well.  His phone was ringing in the background, Joe seemed "out of it."

Biden's First Coronavirus Shadow-Briefing Was a Disaster.  I bet Joe Biden thought his coronavirus shadow-briefings would demonstrate to the American people his superior leadership abilities and judgment in the middle of a national crisis compared to Trump.  Instead, Biden's first attempt at appearing presidential and ready to handle a crisis was another gaffe-prone disaster that his campaign most certainly regrets doing.  In the middle of his Monday [3/23/2020] briefing, Biden apparently lost his train of thought while explaining what he thinks Trump should do during the crisis.

A Half-Sedated Looking Joe Biden Devolves Into Incoherence on The View.  After days of people wondering exactly where the former VP has been, Biden decided to appear before some friendly faces on The View today.  He was interviewed remotely from what I'm assuming is his home, as it's the same background he's had for the last several videos he's made.  Apparently, all the rest he's been getting the last few weeks has done nothing to sharpen Biden's mental faculties, as he ended up devolving into incoherence rather quickly.

Biden Can't Stop Touching His Face During The View Appearance.  During an appearance earlier today [3/24/2020] on The View, Joe Biden repeatedly flouted coronavirus advice by constantly touching his mouth and face.  The presidential frontrunner couldn't stop putting his hand to his mouth and rubbing his eye during the interview.  "Biden could not stop touching his face, even licking his fingers at times on live TV in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic," tweeted Caleb Hull along with a compilation of all the times the former Vice President touched his face.  [Video clip]

CNN's Tapper scolds Biden for not coughing into his elbow during live interview.  CNN's Jake Tapper scolded Joe Biden for not coughing into his elbow, instructing the 2020 Democratic front-runner for the presidential nomination on the recommended way to avoid spreading germs during the coronavirus pandemic.  The instructions from "The Lead" anchor came after Biden loudly coughed into his hand not long after the nationally televised remote interview from Biden's home in Delaware began.  "You know, you're supposed to cough into your elbow.  I don't know, sir.  I learned that, actually, while covering your White House," Tapper said.

Let's just say it, shall we?  Joe Biden is probably not okay.  Uncle Joe plans to appear presidential by giving his own series of pandemic updates to the nation in a sort of "shadow administration" function.  He launched one of the first ones yesterday and it was... not good. [...] This wasn't some moment where Biden got caught by surprise when a reporter tossed a loaded question at him or an awkward answer to a pointed comment from an audience member at a town hall.  This was a planned, staged event where Biden was able to set the tone and tempo at a time of his choosing.  All he had to do was successfully read the words on the teleprompter.  And even if the prompter failed, he had plenty of time to practice the remarks in advance, allowing him to push forward and summarize his message in the same general theme.  He didn't even manage to meet that low bar.

Don't Get Distracted:  Democrats Still Have Eyes on the Prize.  Time is not on the side of the Democrats; we're witnessing the most massively unprecedented case of elder abuse in American history, with the Biden candidacy.  No adult-thinking person would allow their loved ones who regularly forget where they are, and forget their own names, to handle a stove, or take their own medication, or operate a vehicle.  Democrats, however, intend to put the largest economy and military in Man's history in the hands of a man who regularly forgets where he is, and regularly forgets his own name.  I truly wish Biden no ill will; if I were the Democrats, I wouldn't want Election Day postponed, either.

Biden Actually Said This:  "We Have to Take Care of the Cure That Will Make the Problem Worse No Matter What".  On Monday 77-year-old Biden stumbled and lost his train of thought after it looked like his teleprompter went down.  Biden had to signal to staff that he needed help.  Then he butchered Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker's name and forgot what century we are in.  On Tuesday Biden tried to dunk on President Trump and he failed miserably.

Joe Biden's Teleprompter Malfunctions During First Coronavirus Update; Calls MA Governor Charlie 'Parker'.  Joe Biden's new foray into regular video updates about coronavirus stumbled out of the gate as the teleprompter malfunctioned and he called the sitting Massachusetts governor by the wrong name.  Biden was speaking behind a podium when he began verbally stumbling around, as if he wasn't sure what to say, or was buying time. [...] This was Biden's first of what he said would be many video appearances.

Slow Joe's Slow Pitch.  Never has the nickname "Slow Joe" Biden fit better than in today's somnambulistic performance from his home in Delaware about what he thinks needs to be done about the coronavirus.  Take in this 60 second excerpt from the middle of his remarks and ask yourself if this looks like a person who can make it to November:  [Video clip] [...] Two observations:  If you watch the whole thing, Biden doesn't suggest a single thing that the Trump administration isn't already doing.  So why did he bother?  Which leads to the second point:  he is so dismal in this video that you have to wonder how his campaign staff let him go forward with it.  It is clear he had difficulty with the teleprompter or whatever cueing prop he was trying to use.

Joe Biden Flunks His First Attempt To Look Presidential.  A few days ago, #whereisjoe started trending on Twitter after the presumptive Democratic nominee had gone unseen for some time in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.  But after Joe Biden's public address on Monday, his supporters might want him to go back into hiding.  "Biden seeks to offer a possible presidency preview."  That's how ABC News promoted the former vice president's speech, which streamed live from his home in Delaware.  By that measure, Biden's 15-minute talk about the coronavirus was an unmitigated disaster.  Biden's delivery was leaden.  He seemed tired.  He slurred his words.  Worse, he repeatedly stumbled in his remarks, despite reading them from a teleprompter.

Joe Biden Confusingly Pretends He's President, Holds Dangerous 'Shadow Briefings'.  Joe Biden apparently doesn't know where he is or who he is again.  Maybe the loss of his mental faculties is accelerating?  Biden recently decided it'd be a great idea to undercut the real administration by having "shadow briefings," which are basically political ads that run the risk of misleading people and exacerbating the current pandemic.  RedState first reported on this possibly happening in a recent article by Nick Arama.  In the midst of an actual crisis, where people need a single, knowledgeable source of information, the former VP has decided to pretend he's president.

Biden Emerges From Hiding, Plans to Attack President Trump with Shadow Coronavirus Briefings From His Home in Delaware.  Old Joe Biden is planning on holding shadow Coronavirus briefings beginning on Monday [3/23/2020] in order to attack President Trump amid a pandemic outbreak.  Biden had to put his "No Malarkey" tour on hold and has been in hiding for over a week due to the *cough cough* Coronavirus, but he's discovered some new technology that will allow him to give briefings from his home in Delaware.  "They tell me there's ways we can do teleconferencing via us all being in different locations," Biden said.  So he's having his home in Delaware rigged up with equipment that will allow him to give briefings and interviews from his living room.

Biden has all but disappeared during Wuhan coronavirus crisis.  I haven't seen viewership numbers yet, but with so many people sitting at home due to the rolling economic shutdown, I bet the numbers across multiple platforms are huge.  It may be why a recent poll showed majority support for how Trump is handling the crisis.  Lost is this crisis management is Joe Biden.  He has all but disappeared.  Biden's disappearance has been noticed by Democrats, particularly Bernie supporters.

Coronavirus presidential briefings:  Joe Biden tries to get into the act.  That old Walter Mitty thing doesn't stop for Joe Biden.  He was there as vice president at the Parkland shooting.  He was shot at in Iraq.  He was a coal miner.  His chopper was shot down by bin Laden himself over Afghanistan.  Always the irrelevant placeholder, dating at least from his Obama years when he had to beg Obama to quit making fun of him, the former vice president and now Democratic frontrunner has now decided to conduct pretend-presidential briefings on the coronavirus crisis to upstage President Trump.

Biden plans shadow coronavirus briefings.  Joe Biden is planning a regular shadow briefing on coronavirus to start as early as Monday to show how he would handle the crisis and address what he calls the lies and failures of President Trump.  Biden gave a preview of what's to come in a conference call with reporters Friday, where he listed a litany of false and misleading statements from Trump, who has been holding regular White House press conferences concerning coronavirus preparedness and response that have been broadcast live on all major networks.

Biden Finishes Speech, Stares Ahead Until Wife Jill Comes to the Rescue.  After he swept the Arizona, Florida and Illinois primaries on Tuesday night, presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered a victory speech to a camera.  For obvious reasons, there was no audience.  Speaking in a quiet, somber tone, he ended his speech saying, "Thank you all.  Thank you all for listening."  He stood there, motionless, staring ahead as if in a trance.  Was he waiting for applause?

WaPo: Biden Didn't Lie, He 'Described His Stance Inaccurately'.  A Washington Post fact-checker ruled Thursday that Joe Biden hadn't lied when he said he supported a fracking ban during Sunday's Democratic presidential debate.  Rather, Biden had simply "described his fracking stance inaccurately."  The Post gave Biden "Zero Pinocchios" for saying during the most recent Democratic debate that he opposed fracking entirely.  Instead, the paper pointed to the Biden campaign's explanation that the candidate had "misspoken" and that "his position was the same as ever," opposing fracking only on public lands.  Meanwhile, the Post criticized those who quoted Biden's remarks verbatim.  "Critics pounced," the fact-checker wrote.  "Republican operatives cut a short video of Biden's remarks, to use as a cudgel in races against moderate House Democrats.  Sanders supporters accused Biden of misleading voters about his policy, which doesn't ban fracking outright, as Sanders would."

Fact Check:  Joe Biden Claims We Have Coronavirus Because of Trump.  Former vice president Joe Biden claimed on Twitter on Thursday that the U.S. is "paying the price" of coronavirus because President Trump "eliminated" an office that dealt with pandemics.  Biden is wrong — very wrong.  This falsehood almost deserves an entirely separate category of ignominy because of its ability to divide and frighten people in the middle of a crisis that requires social cooperation and trust.  The truth — as explained earlier this week in the Washington Post by former National Security Council official Tim Morrison — is that the office was combined with others in a reorganiztion that "left the biodefense staff unaffected."

Democrats won't return to normal.  Joe Biden now supports gun confiscation, having previously limited himself to banning rifles, calling them assault weapons.  He named Beto O'Rourke to head his gun control efforts, after Beto came out in favor of a mandatory gun buyback.  (Buyback is Orwellian.  The government never sold you the gun.)  But that is not all.  Biden wants to make gun manufacturers targets of class-action lawsuits by repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (which Biden opposed) which protected gun companies from being held liable for every shooting in America. [...] Democrats target guns because their voters largely do not own them.  City dwellers are not hunters.  Meanwhile, ghettos in many cities have become shooting galleries.

Did Biden realize his discriminatory pledge for his Supreme Court pick?  In his debate with Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden made two pledges to voters and asked his opponent to do the same to nominate only a black woman for the next open Supreme Court seat and to choose a woman as his vice president.  Even with identity politics, the pledge to impose a gender and race requirement for the next Supreme Court nominee is as ironic as it is troubling.  What Biden was declaring, and what Sanders wisely avoided, would effectively constitute discrimination in admission to the Supreme Court.  Indeed, the Supreme Court has declared that such race or gender conditions are strictly unconstitutional for admission to public colleges.  The pledges that Biden has made amount to this.  No matter how qualified men or, in the case of the Supreme Court, women who are not black may be, he will not consider them as candidates.

Biden's Unpresidential Coronavirus Rhetoric.  One reason it's difficult for any politician, regardless of reputation, to unseat an incumbent president involves the difficulty of remaining statesmanlike while engaging in partisan politics.  From the birth of the republic until the late 19th century, candidates managed this by "standing for office" while their surrogates handled the cut and thrust of day-to-day campaigning.  Today's presidential challengers enjoy no such luxury.  They are expected to get out among the voters and explain how they would do a better job than the incumbent.  In a time of national crisis, this must be accomplished without exploiting the emergency and appearing cynically opportunistic.  Joe Biden has already committed this fatal blunder.

Joe Biden picks Coronavirus as his 2020 running mate.  Biden and his advisors were looking for a candidate with sufficient name recognition and the ability to bring down Donald Trump's presidency by canceling his crowded rallies and reducing his voter base.  And the only candidate who checked all those boxes happened to be Coronavirus.  "We may differ on some tactics, but our strategic goals and our vision for the country are the same," Biden told reporters.

Sanders at crossroads, as Biden expands lead and coronavirus panic freezes election calendar.  A landslide in Florida.  A blow out in Illinois.  And a victory as well in Arizona — giving former Vice President Joe Biden a clean sweep on Tuesday and effectively shutting the door to any possible pathway for rival Sen. Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic presidential nomination.  The convincing victories came as the primary calendar is likely to grind to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, freezing the Democratic presidential nomination race in place.

Joe Biden, the Manchurian Virus Candidate.  If one didn't know better, he could think that China unleashed the Wuhan virus upon the world purposely to get their man, Joe Biden, elected president.  Jumblin' Joe is their man, too.  It's not just that the disease will assuredly cause economic distress as people's lives and commerce are disrupted; it's not just that no matter what President Trump does, the EneMedia will portray his response to the disease as lacking.  (Never mind that Barack Obama apparently spread disease throughout our nation by shipping sick illegal-alien minors throughout the country.  Enterovirus D68, anyone?)  It's also that the Wuhan virus has now become a handy excuse to limit debates and Jumblin Joe's personal appearances.  Health is the concern, you see (Biden's mental health, that is).

Why Joe Biden's mental acuity matters.  Any neutral observer can see that Joe Biden's mental acuity is a serious question mark.  Biden's public appeareances repeatedly provide evidence of cognitive decline.  He is easily confused, he stumbles over his words, and at times he seems not to even know where he is.  Now that Biden will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee, questions about his health should be front and center.  But instead, the liberal media is circling the wagons and trying to create a narrative that it is immoral or conspiracy-mongering even to raise the issue.  The actual conspiracy is the one by the media to dismiss any inquiries into Biden's capacity to serve as president.

Biden would make America dependent on foreign oil again.  Fifteen years ago, the United States was importing most of its oil — 12.5 million barrels per day, or nearly twice total domestic oil production at the time.  Also 15 years ago, the U.S. was emitting about 20% more in greenhouse gases than it does today.  Most Americans are glad that the U.S. has reduced emissions so much while simultaneously achieving energy independence — and it's all due to fracking.  Unfortunately, both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders want to turn the clock back to the days of higher emissions and greater dependency on foreign oil.  That is the certain practical result of the policies that both men outlined in their Sunday debate.

Let's Talk About Joe Biden's Terrible, Economy-Destroying Ideas.  During Sunday night's debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden promised to wreck the American energy industry.  That would wreck the American economy. [...] By all means, we should talk about this, because it's nuts.  What powers the high-speed rail?  Does it run on hope and change?  As a contagious virus spreads across the world, shutting down whole economies in its wake, Biden wants to force us all onto trains and remove our ability to move around independently of a mass-transit system.  That's nuts.  Deadly stupid.  Those trains would be viral hotboxes.  He wants to change over the entire U.S. military vehicle fleet to...what, exactly, since he won't allow fracking or any new drilling?

10 Ways the Left Has Politicized the Coronavirus Pandemic.  [#4] Biden Plagiarizing Trump's plan:  Last week, Joe Biden slammed President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak, calling it a colossal failure.  "This virus laid bare the severe shortcomings of the current administration," he claimed, right before explaining what he thought should have been done.  Almost point for point, everything that Biden said needed to be done had already been done by Trump.  Instead of praising Trump for taking the appropriate actions and saving lives, Biden tried to co-opt the Trump plan as his own for the sake of his presidential campaign.

Biden Would Name a Woman As His VP; Supports Taxpayer Funding of Abortion.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden committed on Sunday night to naming a woman as his vice presidential running mate if he becomes his party's nominee, and his rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, said he "in all likelihood" would do so, too — in his case, "a progressive woman."  The announcement came as both candidates responded to a question during the CNN/Univision debate about policies relating to women.  The former vice president also reaffirmed that, if as president he gets to appoint a Supreme Court justice, he will appoint the first black woman.  And he confirmed that he no longer opposes the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother's life is endangered.

Hunter Biden's Foreign Visits Cost Taxpayers $200,000.  As Hunter Biden zipped across the globe for his business deals, taxpayers paid $193,696 for his Secret Service entourage.  That amount is nearly four times the recorded security bill of the four adult Trump children — combined.  While his father Joe Biden was vice president, Hunter Biden traveled with a Secret Service entourage to at least 10 different countries, including China, Qatar, and South Africa, according to a government expenditure database.  He racked up 28 separate bills, all of which involved taxpayer payments to a "miscellaneous foreign contractor" or "miscellaneous foreign awardee."  Many of the bills explicitly said that the money was used to pay for accommodations for the Secret Service, but others were scant on details.

Biden Goes Extreme:  Give Oil Industry 'No Ability' To 'Continue To Drill', Take 'Millions' Of Cars Off The Road.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made extreme remarks during CNN's presidential debate on Sunday night [3/15/2020], suggesting that he would end the oil industry's ability to drill, would ban new fracking projects, and would take millions of cars off the road.  "No more subsidies for fossil fuel industry, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling including offshore, no ability for the oil industry to continue to drill," Biden said.  "Period.  Ends."

The Rise and Inevitable Fall of Biden.  Biden will have to now show the American electorate that he is the right stuff of "American leadership."  And to reach that end, it will require a long, hard and mean look at Biden's record on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy, Iraq, credit card debt, bankruptcy, and a range of issues.  Biden has a long political career that is vulnerable to attack.  It is not just his gaffes or his mental state that must be ruthlessly examined.  Sanders may have run an organized and sophisticated campaign, but one that failed to deliver a lethal blow.  Biden will not be so lucky with Trump.  Trump is like a blind-folded child ruthlessly lashing out at a pinata.  Sometimes there are misses, but most of the time he gets the candy jackpot.  When you have been in politics for 50 years like Biden, there is a lot of candy in that pinata.  Nobody among the Democrats attempted an attack on Biden's career, just little hits here and there.  Trump is, it should be remembered, politically undefeated.  And unlike Republicans in the past, he is brutal in his attacks.  Trump plays to win.  He is not pining for a plum appearance on CNN.

Fact Check:  Biden Claims Trump Tax Cuts Left U.S. Unable to Afford Coronavirus Economic Rescue.  Claim:  Joe Biden said Sunday night that the Trump tax cuts of 2017 and Fed rate cuts of 2019 have left the U.S. unable to afford measures needed to stabilize the American economy during the coronavirus crisis. [...] Verdict:  False.  Long-term interest rates are at all time lows, implying a robust appetite for the federal government's Treasury bonds.  And inflation is currently running below the Fed's target, indicating that deficit spending is not creating a supply shortage that would push up prices.  In short, there is no evidence that the U.S. is fiscally constrained by current borrowing or past deficits.  Our seed corn is still right there for us to use as we need it.

It's not just Bernie Bros who are uncomfortable with Biden.  Francis Caiazza does not have that warm, fuzzy feeling for Joe Biden, and he is not so sure he's going to ever find it.  Caiazza has voted for whomever his party's nominee has been since Lyndon B. Johnson, a streak he continued all the way up to and including both of Barack Obama's elections.  The only thing Hillary Clinton inspired Caiazza to do four years later was not vote at all. [...] Not voting at all in Pennsylvania is as damaging to Democrats as voting for Trump.

Coronavirus:  Biden's Scary Advisors.  The frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden, insists that President Trump has mismanaged the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak.  Yet the former vice president's hastily assembled "Public Health Advisory Committee" is made up of scary ideologues whose opinions on public health will comfort few voters during a pandemic.  They include a "medical ethicist" who advocates health care rationing to seniors, a "disaster preparedness expert" who shamelessly whitewashed erstwhile president Obama's bumbling response to the H1N1 pandemic, an Obama administration retread with no health care credentials at all, and a "global health expert" who makes wild projections without reliable statistical data.

Bad News For Democrats — A 'Never Biden' Movement Is Growing On The Left.  Democrats seem to be repeating the mistake of 2016. Just as four years ago, they are disenfranchising far left supporters of Bernie Sanders, many of whom are already saying they will never vote for Joe Biden.  Democrats obviously hope these people will eventually come around but if history is any guide, many of them won't.

Slow Joe [is] Getting Slower.  The opening section of this clip shows his propensity for sheer confusion and befuddlement, but then in response to a question about the Endangered Species Act he goes off in into full Biden Loghorrea Mode.  [Video clip]

Since When Is Joe Biden a 'Moderate'?  On just about every social issue, Biden the "moderate" has positioned himself well to the left of Obama.  On immigration and advancing the LGBT, feminist, and Black Lives Matter agendas, I don't find any distance between Joe and Bernie.  Certainly not enough to justify the exaggerated contrasts between the "moderate" Biden and the "radical" Sanders.

Joe Biden's New Campaign Manager Has Advocated For Gun Confiscation.  Joe Biden has just named the former Beto O'Rourke campaign manager as his new campaign manager.  Do you remember before Beto dropped out, he started making some wildly radical claims about guns and gun confisctation?  This woman was Beto's manager at the time and she shares some of those views.

Bernie Bros warn of 'massive exodus' if Democrats nominate Joe Biden.  As the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to crash and burn, the socialist's most hard-core supporters are vowing they will never vote for Joe Biden at the ballot box — even if that means handing Trump a second term.  "We will never — NEVER boost or support Joe Biden or defend his abysmal record and terrible policy positions," Henry Williams, executive director of The Gravel Institute, told The [New York] Post.  "We will tell people, as we always have, to vote their conscience and to make decisions based on the interests of all the world's oppressed people ... I do expect a massive exodus from the Democratic Party."

Watch Joe Biden Forget What Year It Is And Then Walk Away During Live Video Stream.  It's moments like this that have more and more people understandably concerned about the mental well-being of the Democrat front-runner for president.  And note too how his handlers quickly replace the image of confused Joe Biden shuffling out of frame with a campaign logo image during what was a live video stream meant to show Mr. Biden discussing concerns with voters.  Trying to keep these Biden gaffes somewhat contained/hidden has become a 24/7 operation for the Biden campaign.

Errors in Bidens' Big Speech on the Coronavirus.  In 2014, former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates famously attacked then-Vice President Joe Biden as "wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."  On Thursday [3/12/2020], Biden made a major speech criticizing President Trump's travel ban, warning that it will not stop the spread of the virus and that Trump is racist.  That he rejects Trump's isolationism.  It is a constant theme that Biden has been taking, but he misses the point that Trump wants to slow the spread of the virus and help medical facilities deal with the inflow of cases.

What Is a Mainstream Democrat?  [Scroll down]  It's probably a good thing that Joe Biden struggles to draw more than a dozen people to a campaign event because he's good for at least one embarrassing gaffe per day. [...] Joe Biden is a pathetic, senile old man carrying more baggage than a busy bellhop at a five-star hotel in Manhattan.  He's an acknowledged plagiarist with a history of serious health issues.  And he's corrupt — not only does Joe have an albatross named Hunter that's about 175 pounds of embarrassment hanging around his neck, but he's got a little brother named James with some pretty serious legal problems of his own that appear to result from questionable business dealings made by trading on the family name.  Between Hunter at Burisma and James at Americore, where his famous last name allegedly opened doors for him, Joe has plenty to worry about, or he would if the media had any interest in giving him the same degree of scrutiny they give Donald Trump every day.

We Need to Talk about Joe Biden.  Already there is an effort underway to protect Biden from any possible damage that Bernie Sanders could do to him in the remainder of the Democratic primaries.  Leading Democrats such as James Clyburn have argued that it would be useless to hold more debates, because the party already has a strong front-runner, a prohibitive favorite if polls hold up.  Really?  The whole point of elections is to see if polls hold up.  Biden currently has 867 delegates.  Sanders has 711.  It takes 1991 delegates to win the nomination.  The last televised debate was before the South Carolina primary, and it included Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, Biden, and Sanders.  We haven't seen Biden take on someone one on one, though he does threaten random people who question him at his rallies.  Shouldn't he have to close the deal with voters?

WashPost Busts Joe Biden Ad:  Four Pinocchios for 'Video Manipulation' of Trump's Coronavirus Comments.  The Washington Post's fact-checker column slapped former Vice President Joe Biden's White House campaign with four Pinocchios for its misleading attack ad about President Trump's comments about the coronavirus, writing it presents "a false narrative that does not reflect the event as it occurred."  The Biden ad accuses President Trump of dismissing the deadly illness as a "hoax" during a recent campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina.  However, Washington Post fact-checker Meg Kelly explained the video clip is a "blatant" misrepresentation of the president's remark.

Regarding coronavirus, Joe Biden has a very peculiar medical advisor at his side.  When he introduced a coronavirus plan that is merely a pale simulacrum of President Trump's robust plans, Joe Biden announced that he would "lead by science."  That was obviously a jab at President Trump, one that ignored that Trump and Vice President Pence have surrounded themselves with America's top medical and scientific researchers.  When it comes to Biden's advisors, though, something disturbing is going on:  At least one of the scientists advising Biden thinks old people ought to die.  The worrisome advisor is Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel's brother.  He got a lot of attention in 2009 and 2010, because he was "a chief architect of that health care overhaul, and he was there when former President Barack Obama signed it into law in March 2010."

Keywords:  Fiasco, amateur hour, cable access, unprofessional.
Amateur Hour:  Joe Biden 'Virtual Town Hall' Marred by Tech Issues, Dick Durbin's Wailing Baby.  The man who wants to save America from coronavirus struggled mightily Friday evening with cameras, computers, and microphones.  Due to the restrictions on crowds because of coronavirus, Joe Biden scheduled a "virtual town hall" in Illinois on Friday at 4:00 p.m. Central.  Then it was moved to 6:00 p.m. Central.  [Video clip]

Flashback:  Liberal Pundits Slammed Joe Biden as a Feckless Racist.  Biden, 77, is the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination.  He's also among the most vulnerable members of the population — very old and male — when it comes to the risk of dying from the Wuhan bat plague.  Few pundits thought he stood a chance in the Democratic primary, given his bumbling campaign, incoherent message, and frequently malfunctioning brain.  Democratic voters had other ideas, mostly due to their diehard commitment to male superiority.  Members of the mainstream media and other liberal pundits have no choice now but to praise Biden as the savior of the republic.

Biden's 'Charming' Rudeness and Instability.  The left's reaction to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's rude exchange with a union worker in Michigan is a case study on liberal hypocrisy and propaganda.  You'd have to be living in a cave not to recognize that something is way off with Biden.  He's always been strange, but he's getting noticeably worse.  His rhetorical recklessness is a feature, not a bug.  He has a history of gaffes, especially for someone so prominent.

A 'Never Biden' movement vows not to vote for Joe.  On Tuesday night [3/10/2020], Joe Biden's campaign was celebrating his latest primary night triumph.  By Wednesday morning, #NeverBiden, #WriteinBernie and #DemExit2020 hashtags began trending on Twitter. [...] There is certainly anecdotal evidence that for many progressives, Biden represents everything they dislike about mainstream Democratic politics.

6 Recent Examples of Joe Biden's Cognitive Decline That Should Concern Us All.  Joe Biden's gaffes have been a source of humor for years, but now that the odds are very much in favor of him being the Democratic nominee, it doesn't seem all that funny anymore.  Truth be told, there are plenty of Biden gaffes that are just that: gaffes.  Everyone has them.  But there have been quite a few moments on the campaign trail that seem to be more serious than your garden-variety gaffes, and actually appear to be manifestations of Biden's cognitive decline.  I've reviewed recent Biden gaffes to compile what I believe to be the best examples of evidence of Biden's cognitive decline.  There are plenty of gaffes not included here.

America's Nightmare: a Characterless Grumpy President.  Everywhere I turn, I hear pundits on our side saying Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for victimizing fumbling-stumbling Joe Biden, conspiring for him to be their presidential nominee.  In my view, Joe Biden is only a victim of his own arrogance, ego, and wickedness.  When you look up "sleazy politician" in the dictionary, Joe Biden's picture is there.  His modus operandi of becoming rich via political corruption is well documented.  My focus is on how Biden does not [care] about the lives of Americans.  He is nasty, rude, and even threatens voters with physical harm who dare to challenge his statements or disagree with him.  Biden is quick to irresponsibly stir the pot-of-racial-hate and division for political gain.

Joe Biden Blasts Trump's Coronavirus Response, Then Plagiarizes Trump's Plan.  On Thursday [3/12/2020], Joe Biden slammed President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak while speaking in Wilmington, Del., on Thursday afternoon.  "The administration's failure on testing is colossal and it's a failure of leadership, planning, and execution," Biden said.  "This virus laid bare the severe shortcomings of the current administration."  Biden went on to suggest things that should have been done.  And if you thought they sounded familiar, you're right, because immediately after blaming Trump for not doing enough, Biden suggested things that have, in fact, already been done.

Biden picks new campaign manager, the woman who ran Beto's campaign.  Joe Biden's campaign has just completed one of the most remarkable turnarounds in political history.  So how has Biden responded?  By reshuffling his campaign team and picking a new campaign manager. [...] However, some skepticism may be in order when it comes to Jen O'Malley Dillon, Biden's pick for campaign manager.  According to the Post, the only presidential campaign she has ever run is that of Beto O'Rourke.  Nothing about that flop of a campaign would seem to recommend its manager.

There's something familiar about Biden's proudly announced coronavirus plan.  When Biden moved on from criticizing Trump's actions for minimizing coronavirus's impact, he offered a plan that's essentially a carbon copy of everything Trump has already said or done.  Either Biden has become more of a dullard than anyone realized, which is worrisome, or he thinks the American people are incredibly stupid, which is insulting.  A subdued Biden, his head swinging rhythmically from one TelePrompter to another, portentously announced that coronavirus requires a national response.

Joe Biden Is Not Qualified to Be President, and the Democrats Know It.  In Biden's public appearances, he increasingly displays fleeting moments of awareness because his memory just isn't there anymore, and he can't recall things that are common knowledge to almost everyone.  He is lucid one moment and disoriented or belligerent the next.  His handlers are fighting a losing battle in trying to manage and excuse his behavior.

Black Voters on Democrat Racist Politicians:  Nothing to See Here!.  The current frontrunner of the Democrat nomination for president, Joe Biden has escaped scrutiny from previously being a leading opponent of school integration through busing in the 1970s and 80s.  Recently on the campaign trail, he invoked the names of two segregationist colleagues in the Senate that he "worked well with" in describing the civility in the Senate.  Biden called them friends.  The debate was over busing as a tool.  Biden was against busing to end de facto segregation.  He called busing, "a rejection of the whole movement of black pride."  He called busing, "an asinine concept" as a tool to integrate schools.  He proposed an amendment prohibiting federal funds from being used to integrate schools.  At the time, the NAACP called Biden's move an anti-black amendment.  Correct.  The Senate's only black member called Biden's move, the most significant symbolic defeat for civil rights.  Biden, in return, called integrationists the real racists.

Biden schedules 'virtual' events in place of in-person campaigning because of coronavirus.  Joe Biden is taking his campaign events virtual in response to growing concerns about crowded public events helping to spread coronavirus.  Instead of in-person events in Chicago, Illinois, and Miami, Florida, on Friday and Monday, the campaign will hold "virtual" events in those places.  Additional details on the virtual format have not been announced. [...] The change in campaign style comes as large events across the country are being canceled and discouraged while public officials scramble to manage COVID-19 outbreaks and prevent worsening a global pandemic.

She's Running.  Are Dimocrats really so delusional that they think a befuddled old man who doesn't know what day it is, what state he's and and can't tell his wife from his sister will be able to stand up to Trump in a debate?  The left tells us that all it is is a stuttering problem.  Yeah.  Sure.  Nice excuse.  It's a mental deterioration problem and they know it.  Biden is a stalking horse.  If his mental decline continues, the DNC will have to force him out. [...] So the DNC will rig the convention so neither Biden nor Sanders gets a majority of votes on the first ballot.  Or maybe right before the convention Biden drops out (or drops dead).  His wife won't like it but if his mental decline continues she won't have much choice.  Keeping him in the race amounts to cruelty to a senior citizen.

Joe Biden Appears to Forget What Office He's Running for (Again) During Victory Speech.  In the past few weeks alone, we've seen Joe Biden forget where he is, what he's running for, who his wife and sister are, Barack Obama's name, and the words to the Declaration of Independence.  The gaffes just keep piling up.  Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume believes that Biden "is losing his memory and is getting senile," and he is certainly not alone in that assessment.  On Tuesday night [3/10/2020], Biden won big once again, but there was a moment during his victory speech that was concerning.

Senate Dem Worried Over Agencies Complying with GOP's Hunter Biden Probes.  Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) expressed deep concerns on Wednesday that federal agencies are cooperating with the GOP investigations into the Burisma Holdings-linked Ukraine dealings of Democrat 2020 presidential front runner Joe Biden and his son Hunter.  The Democrat senator suggested that political bias is driving the probes.  In a letter sent on Wednesday to the inspectors general for U.S. National Archives as well as the Departments of Treasury, State, and Homeland Security, Murphy called for a probe of the agencies that are doing their jobs and complying with the GOP investigations, demanding a response by March 23.

Dems Overestimate Biden's Success.  Joe Biden is riding high on the headlines of his "spectacular comeback."  The same pundits who gave him up for dead last month now gush over him.  But his success has less to do with his qualities than those of his opponents.  He beat an exceedingly weak field.  Just as Bernie Sanders reaped the benefits of the anti-Hillary vote in 2016, Biden benefited from the anti-Bernie vote in 2020.  Biden didn't even have to break a sweat against Bernie and company, such were their obvious weaknesses.  Biden has largely avoided interviews and given short speeches, as his handlers keep him on a tight leash. [...] Now the party elders who have pulled Biden across the finish line want to keep him out of any more debates.

These Democratic primary numbers should have Trump extremely worried.  Democratic voters know Biden can't stop talking.  They know his son Hunter is trouble.  They know that cognitively, Biden has lost somewhere between a step and the 10,000 steps you need to register a good day on your FitBit.  But they took a hard look at the choices they had — and, as things heated up, the binary choice between Biden and Sanders — and decided with lightning speed they would have a better shot in November going for Lord Gaga over Comrade Bernochkie.  And make no mistake:  They are going to do whatever they can to get him over the top.

Biden Family Corruption:  Lawsuit Against James Biden Implicates Big Brother Joe.  Could the five decades of Biden family corruption and nepotism finally catch up to them?  We know that Hunter is flailing in his paternity lawsuit in Arkansas and is about to get subpoenaed by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to testify about his Burisma dealings.  Now we learn that Joe Biden's younger brother, James, faces a brace of new lawsuits.  Shannon Bream introduced a Fox News correspondent with details of the story on her program last night [3/9/2020].

Paid CNN Employee Endorses Joe Biden On-Air.  Former 2020 Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang had been a paid CNN commentator for only a few weeks before deciding that their Democratic primary coverage of the first Mini-Super Tuesday was the right time for him to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden live on-air.  Yang was teed up by host Anderson Cooper, who noted that Yang had spent a lot of time writing stuff down.  "I believe that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee.  And I've always said I'm going to support whoever the nominee is.  So, I hereby am endorsing Joe Biden to be not just the nominee for the Democratic Party, but the next president of the United States," Yang immediately responded.

CNN Spins Biden Lying, Cursing Out Voter: 'Some People See That as Charming'.  How many gaffes and hostile interactions with voters does 2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden have to make before the media notices or cares?  On Tuesday morning Biden was caught in yet another uncomfortable moment, cursing and lying to a man who confronted him during a campaign stop over his stance on guns.  Instead of ignoring the incident as they typically do, CNN decided to cover for Biden by spinning it positively and refraining from fact-checking.

Biden:  Hide the (Cognitive) Decline.  Dubbed "Slow Joe" or "Sundown Joe," there's been an awful lot of discussion of Joe Biden's obvious cognitive decline.  One or two senior moments on the campaign trail wouldn't have hurt him (mainly because of the (D) after his name).  But it's not one or two a campaign, it's one or two an appearance, it's mistakes seguing into non-sequiturs seguing into a buffet of word salads.

Trump Campaign Trolls Joe Biden With Brutal Video.  The Trump campaign trolled Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday night as the 77-year-old continued to win some primaries in the 2020 race which comes after he ran multiple failed campaigns in the past where he failed to win a single primary.  The video is a compilation of some of Biden's very recent struggles on the campaign trail that many have said bring up the issue of his fitness for office.  The video starts off with CNN's Ana Cabrera saying, "Obama warned Biden's aides to make sure didn't embarrass himself."  [Video clip]

Banking on dad's win?  Hunter Biden tries to delay release of records till after election day in Arkansas baby daddy case.  Seems Joe Biden's Super Tuesday II scarf-up has not only excited former Obama administration officials, hoping for a Bourbon restoration, but emboldened a very unscrupulous person out there:  Biden's corruption-tainted son, "artist" Hunter Biden.

Ron Johnson Postpones Vote for Burisma-Biden Probe Subpoena.  Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, called off a scheduled Wednesday vote to subpoena a former Ukrainian politician as part of his Burisma-Biden investigation.  "Out of an abundance of caution, and to allow time for you to receive additional briefings, I will postpone a vote to subpoena records and an appearance from former Blue Star Strategies consultant Andrii Telizhenko about his work for the lobbying firm," Johnson told committee members, according to The Hill.

Hunter Biden Claims Coronavirus Threat Should Allow Him to Avoid Paternity Deposition Until After Election.  [T]he Biden family is slimy and corrupt.  In the latest development of Hunter Biden's efforts to avoid responsibility in a paternity and financial support lawsuit the son of the presidential candidate is now claiming the risk of contracting the coronavirus should excuse him from a court-ordered deposition.

Joe Biden Confirms He Is Coming for Your Gun if It Is an 'Assault Weapon'.  During an August 2019 CNN interview, Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden confirmed he is coming for your gun if it is an "assault weapon."  Real Clear Politics posted a video of CNN's Anderson Cooper asking, "So, to gun owners out there who say, well, a Biden administration means they're going to come for guns?"  Biden responded, "Bingo.  You're right, if you have an 'assault weapon.'  The fact of the matter is they should be illegal, period."

Because of virus concerns, and perhaps also because the outcome has been pre-ordained, and your opinion doesn't matter.
Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders Cancel Cleveland Rallies Over Coronavirus Concerns.  Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) canceled their Tuesday evening campaign rallies in Cleveland, Ohio, due to concerns stemming from the spread of the coronavirus.  "In accordance with guidance from public officials and out of an abundance of caution, our rally in Cleveland, Ohio tonight is cancelled.  We will continue to consult with public health officials and public health guidance and make announcements about future events In the coming days," Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield said in a statement.

NBC Manipulates Video:  Cuts Around Biden Threatening to Assault Autoworker.  In a viral moment from an auto plant in Detroit Tuesday, a raging Joe Biden lashed out and threatened to assault (slap) an autoworker who confronted him about his support for curtailing Second Amendment rights.  The threat was omitted by all the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) and Univision, with CNNEE and Telemundo ignoring the incident altogether.  But what NBC Nightly News did was particularly deceptive in that they completely cut around Biden's threat of physical violence.  In the NBC coverage of the "tense confrontation," correspondent Gabe Gutierrez actually noted that Biden did want to ban so-called "assault weapons" before boasting that the former Vice President "pulled no punches."  He then played the manipulated video: [...]

Biden Busted for Incredible Whopper During MSNBC Interview, Claims He Voted for Iraq War to 'Prevent War From Happening'.  Joe Biden may have just solidified the nomination for the Democratic Party on Tuesday night with more primary wins.  But that isn't going to stop questions about whether he's fit for the office from the confusion and the multiple gaffes to the confrontations with voters, even threatening them as he did to an autoworker yesterday, threatening to slap him because he asked him a question about his position on guns.  But just as important, if not more, is Biden's history of significant and demonstrable lies.  He told another whopper in an MSNBC interview with Lawrence O'Donnell.  He basically said during the interview two unbelievable things — that he voted for the Iraq war to not go to war and that he didn't believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Joe Biden Is Ignorant And Dishonest About Guns, Just Like The Media.  Set aside Joe Biden's weirdly aggressive response to the Detroit auto plant worker who challenged him on gun control policy at a campaign stop yesterday [3/10/2020] — [...] and consider instead how the blue-check media exulted in it.  Instead of noting how Biden distorted his record, or that he was factually wrong on almost every particular about guns, pundits and reporters focused on the optics, on how great it was that Biden stood up to a random voter who dared to question him.

Biden, on video, lashes out at Detroit autoworker in profanity-laced gun dispute.  Former Vice President Joe Biden got into a heated and profanity-laced argument with a worker at a Fiat-Chrysler auto plant in Detroit on Tuesday, after the individual accused the Democratic presidential candidate of trying to take away his Second Amendment rights.

Biden's Second Amendment Outburst Was a Warning Sign.  Joe Biden had a little outburst today [3/10/2020], after a construction worker asked him about the Second Amendment: [...] If I were a Democrat, this would alarm me.  Biden's behavior here is extraordinary, especially given that he is currently previewing the "return to normalcy" theme that he intends to run on in November. [...] Elections are about contrasts.  If he is as belligerent and ill-disciplined as the incumbent, what is Biden's case for replacing him?

Minimizing Biden.  The sudden rise of Joe Biden to the top of the former heap of Democratic presidential candidates coincides with a retooled approach to his campaign.  Appearing at campaign rallies before friendly crowds in St. Louis and Kansas City over the weekend — see "Biden on the trail" for links to the videos — Biden's handlers limited his exposure to speaking for a few minutes at each event.  Even so, Biden struggled in the style to which we have become accustomed.  The style to which we have become accustomed reveals his obvious mental decline.  We can see the decline in real time — even when the guy is reading from teleprompters, as he was at these campaign events.

Joe Biden Mocked For Ranting About 'AR-14s' to Detroit Auto Worker.  Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden was mocked on Tuesday after mistakenly ranting about 'AR-14s' to a Detroit auto worker.  On Tuesday [3/10/2020], after the auto worker accused Biden of "trying to diminish our second amendment right and take away our guns," the former vice president replied, "You're full of shit," before mistakenly rambling about "AR-14s" instead of AR-15 rifles.  Following the confrontation, "AR-14" quickly became the number one trending topic on Twitter, with social media users mocking Biden en-masse over his latest mistake.

Dr. Jill Stein Asks The Question — What's Really Wrong With Joe Biden?  The gaffes from Joe Biden are so frequent now that they nearly overshadow the fact that even his pattern of speech has changed over the last year to include slurring.  His public appearances are short and almost always come from the teleprompter and even then he continues to say and do things that leave people wondering over possible medical issues that the Biden campaign is keeping quiet about.

Hunter Biden cites coronavirus, wife's pregnancy to avoid deposition until after Election Day.  Hunter Biden's attorneys have abruptly asked the Arkansas judge in his ongoing paternity case to postpone his scheduled March 11 deposition until after Election Day, saying the coronavirus outbreak, his wife's "imminent due date" and "intense media scrutiny" all pose a risk of "personal endangerment" for the former vice president's son.  Additionally, Biden's legal team argues he should not be held in contempt for failing to turn over a slew of financial documents related to child support.  Republicans have said the information could contain damaging evidence of the younger Biden's overseas business dealings and possible corruption.  "Defendant's wife's due date is imminent," Biden's request for continuance reads.  "Defendant will supplement this motion as soon as possible with an affidavit of his wife's treating physician."

The Editor says...
The "[d]efendant's wife's due date is imminent."  So what?  Election Day is eight months from now.  The deadline for October Surprises is seven months away.  This is an example of stonewalling.

Rigged: Jim Clyburn Suggests DNC Cancel Debates and Primaries, Anoint Biden.  House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) is suggesting the Democratic National Committee (DNC) "step in" and cancel the remaining presidential primaries and debates if it appears Joe Biden is favored to win the nomination.  Clyburn, who was instrumental in helping the former vice president revive his campaign with a win in the South Carolina primary, floated the idea during an interview with NPR.  The majority whip, in particular, argued that if Biden were to best Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in Michigan and a number of the other states holding their primaries on Tuesday, then the race was over and the DNC should intercede.

Jim Clyburn:  Shut Down Primaries, Debates To Protect Biden From Saying Something He 'Cannot Overcome'.  House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) called for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to cancel the remaining 2020 primaries and debates if Joe Biden performed strongly on Tuesday night in order to protect him from saying something that he "cannot overcome."  Clyburn told NPR, "I think when the night is over, Joe Biden will be the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination, and quite frankly, if the night ends the way it has begun, I think it is time for us to shut this primary down, it is time for us to cancel the rest of these debates — because you don't do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest when it's obvious that the numbers will not shake out for you."  Clyburn later added that as the process continues to drag on that Biden will get "himself into trouble" and will say something that he "cannot overcome."

Joe Biden Wins All-Important Michigan Primary Likely Ending Bernie Sanders' Chances For Nomination.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to win the all-important Michigan primary, according to Fox News and the Associated Press, likely dealing a killer blow to Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) hopes of winning the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.  Biden was slated to win the Michigan primary, according to a poll released Monday, which put him nearly two dozen points ahead of Vermont socialist Sanders, but Michigan polls have proven incorrect before.  Back in 2016, then-frontrunner Hillary Clinton was projected to win the same primary by a cool 20 points but ended up losing to Sanders by 14 points — an upset victory that Sanders' supporters felt justified their candidate's continued presence in the race.

Auto worker who confronted Joe Biden about gun control:  He 'went off the deep end'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden "went off the deep end" when accused of trying to take away Americans' Second Amendment rights, said a Michigan autoworker who confronted the 2020 Democratic presidential frontrunner on the issue.  In an interview on "Fox & Friends," Jerry Wayne said that originally he had no idea if Biden was even going to be taking questions when he visited the Fiat-Chrysler auto plant in Detroit on Tuesday [3/10/2020].  "I also asked him how he wanted to get the vote of the working man when a lot of us, we wield arms.  We bear arms and we like to do that.  And if he wants to give us work and take our guns, I don't see how he is going to get the same vote," he said.

Mainstream media ignore report of Joe Biden's brother facing fraud allegations.  The mainstream media has downplayed another scandal involving former Vice President Joe Biden's family.  A new report revealed legal problems and allegations of possible fraud involving former Biden's brother, James, on Monday — but anyone who relies on the mainstream media would have no idea.  In the latest instance of the Democratic primary front-runner's family members' dealings drawing scrutiny amid his presidential bid, James Biden's business with medical companies — including Americore Health — led to allegations that he potentially engaged in fraud and traded on his brother's name, Politico reported early Monday [3/9/2020].

Biden's biggest problem:  His candidacy relies totally on Obama nostalgia.  Last week wiped away Democrats' worst fears.  Joe Biden's comeback likely ended the possibility that Bernie Sanders and his leftist fanatics will hijack their party and crash it in November.  But they shouldn't bust out the party horns quite yet.  Democrats think the general election can now be a referendum on President Trump, rather than one about the merits of socialism.  But their embrace of Biden means they're asking the country for something that might be equally unpalatable: a third term for President Barack Obama, except attached to Biden.  For now, Democrats might take some comfort.  While the nonstop gaffes continue to provide fodder for gossip about his apparent slide into senescence, Biden at least seems to be more energized since his dramatic Super Tuesday victories.

Joe Biden Is Going to Eventually Have to Answer for All the Corruption Around Him.  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, we know that Joe Biden was aware of his son Hunter's business dealings in Ukraine, where someone with no experience at all was paid $80,000 a month to seemingly do almost nothing.  The appearance of corruption is overwhelming and to this point the elder Biden has not sufficiently answered any questions about that case.  When he was pressed on it while Vice President, he hand waved away concerns and wants to now pretend the issue is closed.  It's not.  Biden can't run from this forever.  Things are going to come out and he'll have to start providing some explanations for why he, as a public office holder, is so surrounded by corruption.  Are we really to believe he's had no hand in any of this?  Or that he's a victim, just having others take advantage of his good name?  I don't buy it.  Biden has had ample opportunity to shut this stuff down.  Instead of trying to reign his son in, for example, he's simply ignored the issue.

Joe Biden's Brother Facing Possible Fraud Charges.  The Biden family's links to potentially illegal get-rich-quick schemes just grew even more messy this week as multiple reports detailed an FBI investigation into James Biden, the brother of the former Vice President, and his ties to a healthcare scheme that is said to have paid him more than a half-million dollars.

How much longer will this continue?
Biden Isn't So Sure Who's In Charge of the House and What He Says About China Is a Garbled Mess.  Joe Biden was speaking in Michigan on Monday night [3/9/2020].  There was this indecipherable mess about China.  Three guesses as to what he said.  You win the internet if you understand what it really means and can explain it.

Trump has a field day with addled Joe Biden's 'endorsement'.  Imagine what the Biden campaign staff meetings are like now.  It's never good news when a rival candidate is cheering your candidate's statements.  It's ridiculous, actually — this man the Democrats have rallied around now made these statements with a teleprompter, with rehearsals, and still managed to endorse the other guy.  In fast-moving sports, that's an own-goal, an accident of spatial vector miscalculations and overexcited players.  Joe's none of that.  He's just a mean and confused old man.  He's well padded with an army of handlers, feeding him his lines, putting up guardrails, keeping the public from getting too close to him ... and they still can't keep him on track. [...] There's months to go and campaigning is a [grueling] test of energy, stamina, and political skill.  Joe's washing out already and it's still early March.

Race-hustler Joe Biden.  It is a testament to how fringe and unacceptable racism has become in America today — the worst thing you can accuse a politician of is racism.  Lying is perfectly acceptable.  Flip-flopping is the norm.  Failure to keep promises is a given.  You will even be forgiven for molesting the intern in the Oval Office.  But racism?  It is the Scarlet Letter.

Biden Lives to Gaffe Another Day.  There has never been a moment during the campaign when I have taken Biden seriously as a candidate for the Democratic nomination, let alone the presidency.  Despite today's win, his decrepitude seems to be accelerating.  No doubt you have seen reports of his inexplicable ramblings on the stump, most notably, perhaps, his looking forward to appointing the first female black senator.  Having served in the Senate since he was 30, Biden seems not to have noticed that senators are elected, not appointed by the president.  And at least one long-retired female black senator campaigned for him in South Carolina.  But there is no point in trying to make sense of Biden's stump speeches.  He obviously lacks the mental faculties necessary to serve as president.  In my opinion, he always did; but the decline we have witnessed since his retirement as vice-president makes the fact blindingly obvious.

Why Do the 2020 Democrats Lie About Everything?  Joe Biden and Bernie Sander continually evade the question when asked about how to pay for their health care ideas.  Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were asked repeatedly about how they would pay for Medicare for All.  Other than nebulous "wealth tax" answers they couldn't tell you.  But with plans starting with costs of $92 billion to $1.3 trillion, even if you taxed every worker making more than $60k per year at 100 percent, it couldn't be funded.  But no worries — the party that said that Pete Buttigieg won Iowa (with 6,000 fewer votes than Bernie), and took nearly a full week to get them counted — believes it can offer such an expansive program and run it with precision on less money than currently exists.

Trump embraces muddled Biden 'endorsement, as concerns mount over former VP's competence.  [Scroll down]  Journalist Aaron Mate has pointed out the relative lack of scrutiny for Biden in the network media, which with some exceptions has largely steered clear of probing the former vice president's overseas dealings or his possible cognitive issues.  "When's the last time Joe Biden sat for a live, unedited interview like Bernie did this week w/ Maddow?" Mate asked.  "For example, I'd love to know what Biden said here after claiming Hunter got his $80K/month Ukraine board gig because 'he's a really bright guy.'  But it's clearly edited."  And, last summer, The New York Times reported that many Biden associates and insiders were doubting with "significant unease" whether he would be too old to serve as an effective candidate.  Meanwhile, reports have emerged that the format for the next presidential debate will allow Biden and his opponent to sit down — prompting the Sanders campaign to suggest Biden is getting favorable treatment.

Joe Biden: Bewitched, Bothered, and Befuddled.  The 2020 presidential election on November 3 will not come down to which candidate has the better ideas, or who is more likable.  The election will be decided depending on just how well the press will be able to hide Joe Biden's cognitive disabilities.  A brief, seven-minute speech shows just what a challenge that's going to be.

DNC Changes Debate Rules So Biden Can Sit Down.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC), aided by CNN, appears to be changing the rules for the next Democratic presidential nominee debate again.  This time, apparently, so former vice president Joe Biden can sit down.

He also needs a teleprompter, an IFB, a shock collar, and a mute button.
NC Says Joe Biden Needs Chair and Desk for Next Debate.  The DNC and CNN collaborate to provide Joe Biden with his preferred comfort format for the next debate on March 15th between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.  The Club knows Biden does best in debate formats when sitting down at a desk; just like the 2012 debate between Biden and Paul Ryan.  CNN is hosting the debate, and CNN is the most friendly control operation for the needs of the Club.  So what happens:  CNN and The Club agree to a small venue town hall format where Joe Biden will be sitting down at a desk to debate Bernie Sanders.

Former Clinton adviser: 'Biden should be required to have a test for Alzheimer's disease'.  Dick Morris, who was Clinton's political adviser and later campaign manager, argued that the former vice president's memory lapses make President Trump's reelection more likely. [...] Biden, 77, has often mixed up details in the stories he tells on the campaign trail, bringing scrutiny about his ability to be an effective counterpuncher to Trump.  "Biden should be required to have a test for Alzheimer's disease.  We can't elect a president who has that deterioration of the brain setting in at the start of his term," Morris said.  "We're entitled to know that.  His personal inability to function will become more and more apparent, particularly on the debate stage. ... He's becoming senile or coming down with Alzheimer's."

Disappointed in their choices, desperate Democrats settle for Bide.  Until last Sunday, Joe Biden was just a doddering old pol with his best days behind him, unimpressive in every presidential debate and certainly nothing special on the stump.  His performance in the first three presidential contests was embarrassing, and, to make matters worse, Biden was showing clear signs of mental decline, such as false memories (in fairness, it could just be dishonesty) and bizarre delusions.  After Super Tuesday, Biden is still the exact same guy described above, but he's also the Democrats' new front-runner.  Biden, whose primary campaign was on the way out, suddenly finds himself in a marriage of convenience with Democratic voters, who realize belatedly and with a feeling of desperation that they have no other viable choice for president.

The doctor is in.  Jill Biden has a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Delaware, and she never lets the American people forget it.  Mrs. Biden, wife of former Vice President Joe Biden, insists on being referred to as "Dr." Biden.  Her Twitter handle is @DrBiden.  The press has largely acquiesced:  Even though it has persistent trouble referring to actual pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson as "Dr." Ben Carson, it is rare indeed to ever see a reference to Jill Biden without "Dr." preceding her name.

Joe Biden Calls President Trump a "Boll Weevil" While Speaking at a Black Baptist Church in Mississippi.  Sleepy Joe Biden traveled to Jackson, Mississippi on Sunday and visited New Hope Baptist Church.  Biden spoke at the black church Sunday and ripped President Trump as a "boll weevil."  Boll weevils, which can be referred to in a political way, were also beetles that destroyed the cotton fields in the south in the 20th century... awkward.  And gaffe machine Biden knew it was a bizarre thing to say.

A Confused Joe Biden Says 'We Can Only Re-Elect Donald Trump'.  The current Democratic frontrunner fell and tripped repeatedly over his words as he stumbled through a campaign speech in Missouri on Saturday.  The 77-year-old former vice president made a series of gaffes and incoherent statements as he appeared to lose his train of thought.  At one point, he even mispronounced his own name.

No, Conservatives, Biden's Rise Is Not a Victory against Socialism.  Far too many voices on both the right and left are arguing that Joe Biden's recent success is a repudiation of Marxism.  This is so fantastically wrong that it is a little surprising how often we're seeing and hearing it this week. [...] A Biden presidency would do plenty to advance Sanders's vile worldview and further damage constitutional principles.

Republican Sights Turn to Biden's Mental Health and There Will Be No Mercy.  With Joe Biden regaining his position as the Democratic front runner, the scrutiny of him by the right has renewed.  When Biden looked like the helpless, distant finisher he was a few weeks ago, it wasn't worth the energy.  Things have changed in a hurry, though.  Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is still mumbling about billionaires, signaling that he's not serious about doing what it takes to win the race.  While Biden may represent a larger threat to Trump in a general election, he's still a ripe target for political ridicule and the sights are starting to turn on one specific thing.  Namely, the former Vice President's mental health.

Here's Why It Won't Be Either Biden or Bernie.  To understand the present state of the Democrat race, there are a few questions that must be answered before one can believe that either Joe Biden — the resurrected front-runner — or the Communist Bernie Sanders will obtain the Democrat nomination for president at the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee in July.
  [#1]   Will the party that touts identity politics be sanguine with either as their standard-bearer?
  [#2]   Will the Democrats run someone years older than President Trump after snidely arguing for four years that he is "old and fat"?
  [#3]   Is either capable of uniting the Democrat Party and energizing the Democrat base?
  [#4]   Can either stand on the presidential debate stage and hold his own with a successful president with a string of accomplishments that cannot be countered by their rhetoric?
  [#5]   Can either withstand the onslaught of negative ads that will surely be broadcast against whomever gets the nomination?
Those are just a few of the questions, and the short answer to all is "no," but when viewed as a whole, the resounding answer is "no" for both candidates.

Democrat Strategist Justin Horwitz:  Joe Biden Is 'Mentally Deteriorating'.  Democrat strategist and backer of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Justin Horwitz said during a Thursday [3/5/2020] appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight that Joe Biden (D) is "mentally deteriorating" and that it will be a "disaster" if the Democrat establishment's purported efforts to "shield" the former vice president prevail, leading to a head to head matchup with President Trump.  Horwitz, an outspoken Sanders supporter, spoke with Tucker Carlson Thursday night and discussed the Democrat establishment's purported efforts to "shield" a "mentally deteriorating" Biden from the public.

Democrats, Bernie Bros Brawl over Joe Biden's Mental Health.  A number of high-profile Democrat activists and left-wing pundits are concerned with the obvious mental decline of Joe Biden and the party's refusal to acknowledge the issue.  Many of these activists, if not all, are supporters of Bernie Sanders, who is still in the race to defeat Biden for the Democrat nomination.  Potential biases aside, to anyone who's been paying attention, these fears are not unfounded.  Economics author Matt Stoller tweeted on Thursday, "Democratic insiders know Biden has cognitive decline issues.  They joke about it.  They don't care."

The Editor says...
At this point, one could easily draw a reasonable inference that Mr. Biden is merely a placeholder, and the real candidate is whoever the part bosses select as his running mate.  Biden will serve a month and resign, and will appear in the history books from then on.  And maybe that's all he wants.

Morbid undertow as Sanders, 78, and Biden, 77, consider vice presidents.  The ages of the Democratic race's two remaining contenders are becoming a central issue in the increasingly bitter primary fight, focusing more attention on their prospective running mates.  If elected, Joe Biden, 77, or Bernie Sanders, 78, would be the oldest president to hold office in history.  Since announcing his candidacy last April, Biden's rambling oratory style and penchant for, intentionally or not, mixing up details in the stories he tells on the trail, have become a hallmark of his third White House bid.  Sanders, meanwhile, had a heart attack last October but has refused to provide more health records.

Helping Joe Out!  ABC, NBC Hide Biden's Latest Blunders.  This week Joe Biden emerged as the Democratic frontrunner as he started consolidating his liberal base, including his allies on the ABC, CBS, NBC evening and morning shows — who continue to cover-up his blunders and gaffes.  In just the last few days Biden botched an attempt to recite the Declaration of Independence and confused his wife with his sister.  MRC analysts looked at the Big Three evening and morning shows (March 2 evening [through] March 5 morning) and found only CBS This Morning (59 total seconds) reported on the latest Biden bloopers.  Even then, they just relegated them to in their "Eye-Opener" montage.  The CBS Evening News joined ABC and NBC in completely skipping the frontrunner's faux pas.

Obama National Security Officials Susan Rice, James Comey, John Brennan Back Joe Biden.  Former President Barack Obama's national security leaders came out this week right before Super Tuesday to announce their support for former colleague Joe Biden, in apparent hopes to tip the scales against his non-establishment competitor, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).  Their endorsement signals that the national security establishment that has been excoriated by both President Trump and Bernie Sanders for supporting the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and military intervention elsewhere, will also back Biden.

Trump Promises Biden's Ukraine Scandal Will Be 'Major Issue' in 2020.  resident Trump promised to make the media and Democrats rue the fact that Joe Biden's corruption in Ukraine has been placed off limits.  The president phoned in to Sean Hannity's Fox News program Wednesday night, just 24 hours after Biden's incredible return from the dead.  While much can still happen to once again alter everyone's expectations, the former vice president is now seen as the clear frontrunner to win the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination.

Joe Biden:  Not a Socialist, Just a Scoundrel.  So, he is not a socialist.  What is he?  He is a vicious self-serving political hack, for one thing, one whose ambition leads him from time to time into shocking indecency. [...] Just a regular guy from Scranton who takes the train to work (with a 20-man security detail swarming the platform at every stop and the aisles roped off to separate him from the riffraff, as I have seen firsthand) whose kids ended up growing vastly wealthy from unpredictable business opportunities to which they had no especial claim beyond their proximity to political power.

The Democratic Party Is Wounded And Dangerous.  The Democrats and the Deep State needed a first-class warrior; instead, their best option is a walking advertisement for Alzheimer's awareness.  In his best days, Joe Biden was the political equivalent of Jack McCall, shooting his adversaries in the back.  When he wasn't using his position of power for financial gain or stealing other people's words, he was helping his family line their own pockets.  Today, he's a disoriented and stumbling shell of an unimportant political hack who looks on in confusion while his wife does his fighting for him.  If you've ever wondered what happens to the shriveled soul of a lifetime liar and Democratic swindler, just cast your eyes upon Old Joe.  He's a walking, talking effigy of Democratic corruption and amorality.  He's what the Democratic Party usually keeps far off the main stage for the back-alley entertainment; now he's the main event, but no amount of stick-prodding by Donna Brazile or Tom Perez is going to turn Joe Biden into Fred Astaire.  He's a freak-show carnival attraction at best, amazing onlookers by his ability to occasionally jumble audible words together into a sentence.  The Democrats needed a man who could command a movement; all they got was a man who can barely control his own.

With Biden ascendant, it's useful to remember just how awful he is.  With almost 50 years in office, there's a laundry list of "awfuls" attached to Biden:  Borking the esteemed Robert Bork, plagiarism, leading the hi-tech lynching against Clarence Thomas, crafting the 1994 crime law that warehoused generations of black men in American prisons, leading the intemperate pullout from Iraq that led to ISIS, and helping credit card companies ride roughshod over Americans all spring to mind.

Democrats should be wary of backing Joe Biden and his 'senior moments'.  The truth is that anyone who has seen Biden up close knows he has some sort of cognitive impairment. He often seems bewildered, can't remember what state he is in, if he's running for the Senate or the presidency or even whether it's Super Tuesday or "Super Thursday."  On Monday, in Texas, he forgot the words of the Declaration of Independence mid-sentence, substituting "the thing" for God.  "We hold these truths to be self-evident," he began.  "All men and women created by the [pause, consternation, hands waving] go, you know, you know, the thing."  It's sad to see the fear in his face when he suffers these "senior moments."  Everyone has memory lapses, but the problem for Biden is that his are all too frequent and bizarre, and the attempt to explain them away as a function of his childhood stutter are only a temporary diversion.

The Editor says...
Biden is a laughingstock, and a proven liar, even before the election.  Either that, or he's a pathetic old man with one foot in the dementia ward.  Is he just a placeholder for the real candidate — his vice-President choice, yet to be named?  A vice-president that nobody would ever vote for, perhaps, like Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, or Hillary Clinton?

Democrats: Crazy Vs Senile.  [Scroll down]  Biden, the only other remaining candidate with a chance at the nomination, inspires no one.  His lackluster campaign has been one unforced error after another.  His slogan might as well be, "I know Barack Obama."  His mentions of the former president are downright Pavlovian, he finds a way to shoehorn it into every answer.  It's like Barack Obama is running by proxy.  It's unclear who thinks a man on the other side of the edge of senility is a good choice to lead the free world, but at least he doesn't admit he's a socialist. [...] It's clear the party elites, the people who run the show behind the scenes, are desperate for Biden to win.  Sure, he's not playing with a full deck, but at least he's not showing all his cards. [...] He doesn't just lie about his policy proposals, he lies about his accomplishments, he lies about things he's done (being arrested for trying to see Nelson Mandela in prison, for example), there's very little he doesn't lie about.  His only defense against all the lies he's told is he might be too senile to know he's lying.

The Democratic Descent into Madness:  Super Tuesday Edition.  Biden has run for President three times.  The first time, in 1988 (read that date again:  that's 32 years and 8 elections ago), he lasted three months, never entered a primary, and was forced to leave because he plagiarized a speech from a British MP and lied about his background.  In 2008, running against Obama and Clinton, he dropped out of the race after more than 99% of Iowans had the good sense to vote for someone else.  He entered one primary and got zero delegates.  Then, as Obama's vice president, he used his position and influence to enrich his family in various corruption schemes.

Biden Is Not a Moderate, He's Promising to Raise Your Taxes.  Here's what would happen if Biden got what he wanted, according to the Americans for Tax Reform.  A family of four earning the median income of $73,000 would see a $2,000 tax increase.  A single parent (with one child) making $41,000 would see a $1,300 tax increase.  Millions of low and middle-income households would be stuck paying the Obamacare individual mandate tax.  Utility bills would go up in all 50 states as a direct result of the corporate income tax increase.  Small employers will face a tax increase due to the repeal of the 20% deduction for small business income.  The USA would have the highest corporate income tax rate in the developed world.  Taxes would rise in every state and every congressional district.  The Death Tax would ensnare more families and businesses.  The AMT would snap back to hit millions of households.  Millions of households would see their child tax credit cut in half.  Millions of households would see their standard deduction cut in half, adding to their tax complexity as they are forced to itemize their deductions and deal with the shoebox full of receipts on top of the refrigerator.  This would kill the booming economy and decimate many middle class families.

Obama squirms about that Biden endorsement.  Now that the Democratic Party has all-but-consolidated behind decrepit Joe Biden to keep unelectable socialist Bernie Sanders off the top of its ticket, it's worth a snicker to consider President Obama, behind the scenes, suddenly realizing he's going to have to endorse idiot Joe Biden for president, a man he considers unfit for the office.

Why Trump Would Easily Beat Biden.  Tuesday's primaries have, for all intents and purposes, transformed the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination into a slugfest between the establishment-backed Joe Biden and the insurgent populist Bernie Sanders.  With the help of the party bosses — or superdelegates, as they have been euphemistically rebranded — Biden will almost certainly prevail.  This will, however, be a Pyrrhic victory for the former vice president.  It will not merely alienate millions of Sanders' supporters, many of whom will be so disillusioned by a repeat of the Democratic National Committee's 2016 skulduggery that they will sit at home next November.  It will also render Biden's intellectual infirmities and history of influence-peddling impossible to conceal.

Hunter Biden Touted Connections In 2019 While Pitching UCLA Law On Letting Him Teach Drug Policy Course.  Hunter Biden touted his political connections in 2019 while unsuccessfully pitching the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law on letting him teach a course on drug policy, emails obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show.  In his pitch, Biden listed off a number of possible guest speakers, most of whom had ties to his father, Democratic frontrunner and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Godless Joe Biden Refers To The Creator As "The Thing" When Quoting Declaration Of Independence.  These people don't even know our founding documents, the Bible or the Creator as they are constantly spewing forth their hatred of all of them.  While some call it a moment of forgetfulness on the part of former vice president Joe Biden, I'd say it's hard to forget what you never knew.  Yet, the disrespectful and blasphemous way Joe Biden referred to our Creator, without apology while trying to recite the Declaration of Independence only goes to show what kind of man he truly is and why he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.

Joe Biden Promises Pathway to Citizenship for 11 Million Illegal Aliens.  Joe Biden promised a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens during his campaign rally on Super Tuesday [3/3/2020] in Los Angeles, CA. After mixing up his wife and sister, promising to find cures for Alzheimer's disease and cancer if elected president, and describing "climate change" as an "existential threat" to humanity, Joe Biden made his pledge to offer citizenship to illegal aliens.

Biden takes Texas in surprise win over Sanders.  It promised to be a nail-biter, and Texas didn't disappoint.  Joe Biden eked out a win in Texas, the second-largest cache of delegates on offer this Super Tuesday, beating Bernie Sanders, the front-runner before the late consolidation of center-left support behind the two-term vice president.

Biden spokesman:  We don't want James Comey's vote for Joe.  No one, left or right, sympathizes with Comey.  He's the guy who reopened the Emailgate probe right before the election in 2016, tilting swing voters to Trump!  And the guy responsible for spearheading the Russiagate probe that embroiled the president for two years!

A Fantastic Night ... If You Don't Like Bloomberg, Warren, or Sanders.  For Biden, this night is near-miraculous.  Democrats may well end up with some buyer's remorse; Biden is the same guy who unnerved so many Democrats with his aging appearance, forgetfulness, and gaffes.  But the party establishment has put its doubts aside and decided to ride or die with him.

Biden Is Stunned When He Realizes He Mixed Up His Wife and His Sister.  During his address to supporters on Tuesday night, former Vice President Joe Biden confused his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, which his sister, Valerie Biden Owens.  "They don't call it Super Tuesday for nothing!" Biden exclaimed, touting his success in the majority of states.  "By the way, this is my little sister, Valerie," Biden said, grabbing his wife Jill's hand.  He then grabs his sister's hand saying, "And I'm Jill's husband."  Jill Biden was laughing as though her husband was making a joke.  Valerie, however, was looking to Jill for a response.  Once Biden realized the mixup, his eyes widened.  "This is my wife," he said, hugging Jill.

The Editor says...
There must be a reason that Mrs. Biden hasn't pulled the plug on this embarrassing series of daily gaffes and fabrications coming from Joe Biden.  Evidently Mrs. Biden is just as shamelessly hungry for power and wealth as Joe and Hunter.

Joe Biden Gains Endorsements from Corrupt James Comey and Corrupt John Brennan.  Earlier today [3/3/2020] the notoriously political and corrupt former FBI Director, James Comey, provided his endorsement for Joe Biden in the Democrat primary.

James Comey Endorses and Votes for Joe Biden in Virginia.  Fired FBI Director James Comey endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden and said he voted for him in Virginia's Democratic presidential primary on Super Tuesday [3/3/2020].  "Voted in first Dem primary to support party dedicated to restoring values in WH.  I agree with @amyklobuchar:  We need candidate who cares about all Americans and will restore decency, dignity to the office," Comey wrote on Twitter.

How the Democratic establishment helped set up Biden vs. Bernie showdown.  Despite a deluge of debate-night gaffes and sagging poll numbers, Joe Biden is poised to take on Bernie Sanders virtually head to head on Super Tuesday — thanks in large part to a Democratic Party establishment that fears having the socialist Sanders atop its 2020 ticket, insiders said Monday [3/2/2020].  Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar suspended their campaigns on Sunday and Monday, respectively, and said they would endorse fellow moderate Biden, in a last-ditch effort to stop the Vermont senator, who appeared to be steam-rolling toward big wins in delegate-rich states like California and Texas.  "That's a big show of force that the left-of-center wing of the Democratic Party is consolidating around Joe because they understand what's at stake," Adrienne Elrod, a Democratic strategist and veteran of Hillary Clinton's White House bids, told NBC News.

Joe Biden Badly Bungles Declaration of Independence Quote in Stump Speech.  Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday [3/2/2020] botched a quote from the Declaration of Independence during a speech in Texas.  "We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women are created by, go, you know, you know the thing," he said, struggling to remember the words of the famous clause from the Declaration of Independence.  The embarrassing video was quickly clipped and shared by Republican operatives on Twitter.  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
[#1] Such an embarrassment should be publicized on every available platform.  The man is an embarrassment to himself and to the country.  Can he not read a teleprompter?  Does he not have even one competent advisor who can prepare him for a speech?  [#2] As you watch the video clip, notice that the crowd behind Mr. Biden (from the perspective of the TV cameras) is packed with Trump-hating minorities and pro-abortion women.  Biden is almost the only white man visible to the news cameras.  Does anyone believe that such arrangements are accidental?

Dems Circle the Wagons for Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep.  The prevailing wisdom of the past few months is that this hot mess of a Democratic primary would finally start to clear up a lot after Super Tuesday.  With Bernie Sanders stealing almost all of the thunder for weeks as votes finally began to be cast, it looks like the higher-ups in the party decided to get some contingency plans rolling a bit early.

Joe Biden Supporters at Texas Rally Admit They're Concerned About His Many Mental Lapses.  Laura Ingraham sent Raymond Arroyo to interview Biden supporters at his rally at Gilly's in North Texas on Monday night. [...] Outside the venue Raymond Arroyo interviewed several Biden supporters about his numerous mental lapses.  Joe Biden clearly has issues with dementia and it is more obvious as the election season continues.  The Biden supporters all admitted they are concerned about the mental lapses but will support him anyway.  One supporter said, "I wish he was younger but he's the best we got."  [Video clip]

The Editor says...
That doesn't sound like a man who will actually vote, when the time comes.

Joe Biden Declares Beto O'Rourke To Lead Biden's Anti-Gun Agenda.  Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden embraced far-left anti-gun extremist Robert Francis O'Rourke during a rally on Monday night in Texas, declaring that the failed Senate and presidential candidate was going to lead Biden's anti-Second Amendment efforts.  "I wanna make something clear, I'm going to guarantee you this is not the last you've seen of [O'Rourke]," Biden told the audience.  "You're going to take care of the gun problem with me.  You're going to be the one who leads this effort."

77-Year-Old Joe Biden Now The Youngest Man Left In The Democratic Primary.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is currently the youngest man still standing in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. [...] Of the men remaining on the Democratic side, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are both 78, although Bloomberg's birthday was last month and Sanders will turn 79 in September.

Biden Says He Will Send 35,000 to 60,000 More Psychologists Into American Schools.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is vowing to "double" the number of psychologists in American schools, which by his estimate would mean sending an additional 35,000 to 60,000 psychologists into those school, according to the education plan he has posted on his campaign website.  "The current school psychologist to student ratio in this country is roughly 1,400 to 1, while experts say it should be at most 700 to 1," says Biden's education plan.  "That's a gap of about 35,000 to 60,000 school psychologists."

Hunter Biden Has a New Profession and The New York Times Is Ready.  It's good to be Democrat.  No really, I mean it.  You can literally do almost anything and not only escape repercussions, the news media will rush to rehabilitate you the moment you are ready.  We saw this with Katie Hill, who was brought on to CNN and ABC (among many others) to play the victim after it was revealed she had engaged staffers in sexual relationships (including a "throuple").  Hunter Biden is no different.  This is a guy who got kicked out of the Navy for drug use, was involved in all kinds of shady monetary dealings in China and Ukraine, and more recently got a stripper pregnant.  He then tried to skip out on child support by claiming he had no money, something demonstrably false.

Joe Biden forgets where he is [again].  Former vice president and presidential hopeful Joe Biden, 77-years-old, is running for the third time and heading for failure.  Joe, a very confused man, who frequently forgets where he is, forgot he was in South Carolina.  Therefore, he created a new state so as to not appear forgetful.  "Right here in the state of North South Carolina."  Biden said during an event in South Carolina.  Watching Joe on the stump is painful.

Awkward: Biden Has to be Corrected After Calling Chris Wallace "Chuck".  This was awkward.  Joe Biden on Sunday called Fox News host Chris Wallace "Chuck" and had to be corrected.  Chris Wallace interviewed Biden on Sunday morning after he picked up a win in South Carolina.  Wallace invited Biden to come back on his show and said, "please come back in less than 13 years."  Biden got confused and thought he was talking to MSNBC's Chuck Todd.  "Alright Chuck, thank you very much."  Chris Wallace corrected Biden, "It's Chris..."

Biden Gaffe:  I'm Looking Forward to Appointing the First African American Woman Senator.  Democratic candidate Joe Biden is failing.  The gaffe train is moving a mile a minute and only seems to be picking up steam.  During a campaign stop in South Carolina on Friday, the former VP told a crowd of supporters that he was looking forward to appointing the first African American woman to the U.S. Senate.  "Well, I'm looking forward to appointing the first African American woman to the United States Senate," Biden said as the crowd erupted in cheers.  Biden supporters must be so used to the candidate's gaffes by now that they are no longer fazed by them.  Of course, as president, Biden will not have the ability to appoint senators.  And even if Biden did have that ability, he would not be able to appoint the first African American woman to the U.S. Senate since Carol Moseley Braun became a senator in 1993.

Ukraine investigators open case into Joe Biden's role in firing of top prosecutor.  Ukrainian investigators have begun an inquiry into then-Vice President Joe Biden over allegations that he pressured officials into firing a top prosecutor in 2016.  A case revolving around Biden, now a Democratic candidate for president, was opened by the State Bureau of Investigations on a court order following a January appeal for action by Viktor Shokin, the dismissed prosecutor general's lawyer, Oleksandr Teleshetsky, told the Washington Post.  "They need to investigate this.  They have no other alternative.  They are required to do this by the decision of the court.  If they don't, then they violate a whole string of procedural norms," Teleshetsky said.

Biden Can't Even Get South Carolina's Name Right in Yet Another Ghastly Blunder.  Many people have been asking "What's wrong with Joe Biden?" for months now.  Biden has just gotten worse and worse as time has gone on.  What started out as so-called "loveable gaffes" has morphed into talk of "senility" and even possible "dementia."  Joe doesn't know where he is half the time, he can't remember common words, he can't recall dates, times or places.  And he lies — a lot.  However, it's hard to tell if he's lying or if it's just how his fuzzy and frazzled memory remembers things.

Biden Floats Funding Abortions In Poor Countries While Answering 'Overpopulation' Question.  Former Vice President Joe Biden floated funding abortion as a solution to overpopulation in poor countries Thursday [2/27/2020].  The 2020 presidential candidate spoke Thursday at a town hall in South Carolina where he discussed how populations in developed countries have declined and proposed funding programs that help women spur economic growth, the Washington Examiner reported Thursday.  An audience member attending the town hall asked Biden what he would do to "empower women" in poor countries to address overpopulation.

Joe Biden Says He 'Became A Professor' After Leaving White House — He Never Taught A Class.  Vice President Joe Biden claims he "became a professor" after leaving the White House in 2017, but reports from the time say neither he nor the university that hired him expected him to teach any classes, and students and faculty were confused about what he would be doing.  Biden made the claim Wednesday at a campaign event in Georgetown, South Carolina, saying he "became a teacher, became a professor" rather than "taking a Wall Street job" before his book about his son, Beau, released.  The University of Pennsylvania did indeed make Biden the "Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor" in 2017, but neither the school nor Biden expected him to teach any classes, according to comments at the time.

Flashback: Joe Biden Spread Panic About Swine Flu in 2009.  Former Vice President Joe Biden claims that he was responsible for the Obama administration's handling of the Ebola outbreak in 2014.  But Biden caused panic in 2009 during the swine flu outbreak, telling Americans not to take flights or subways.  Biden had to walk back his remarks and the Obama White House had to issue an apology.

Berning Down the Democratic Party.  This is Joe Biden's last stand, much like at the Alamo, where Joe remembers fighting bravely with Corn Pop, his son the Attorney General, and Nelson Mandela.  He recounts this story to a group of 15 supporters in a near empty high school gym as he asks for their support in his run for the US Senate.  Joking aside, this man was the Democrats' great hope to defeat President Trump.  Instead, on display in an embarrassing manner is Biden's early dementia.  Allowing a former American vice-president and senator to be remembered not for his service to the country, but instead as a sad spectacle, is tragic.  Yet his family seems willing to overlook this in their zeal to protect their own corruption and reputations[.]

Biden's Brain Freezes Pile Up Days Away from Make-or-Break South Carolina Primary.  Joe Biden is piling up one bizarre brain freeze after another only days away from a make-or-break stand in South Carolina.  In less than two weeks, Biden has forgotten what office he's running for, who was the attorney general while he was vice president, which Chinese leader he worked with on the Paris Climate Accord, and is just making up stories about being arrested in South Africa in 1989.

The Democrat debate looked like a mixed martial arts cage fight.  Joe Biden has lost a bit more of his disappearing grey matter; he consistently mispronounces words, loses his train of thought, claims credit for things he did not do, and generally embarrasses himself.  He thinks he is Zelig, that he was arrested in South Africa, that he negotiated the Paris Climate Accord with Deng Xiaoping, who died in 1997.  Why on earth has his wife not put an end to his nightmare?  No matter who has urged Biden to run, his wife should have known he was not up to the challenge.  She must want this more than he does, which is contemptible.  She is allowing him to make a sad fool of himself over and over again.

Sorry, Democrats:  Party's Over.  If Joe Biden weren't a corrupt, crude, shallow, self-righteous fondler of people's children I could probably muster some sympathy for him.  There he stands behind the bright blue podium, almost dizzy under the lights, recounting past accomplishments no one ever heard of.  He is a creature beyond his time — a sad figure who has made the subtle crossover from predictable dishonesty into agonized dementia.  But Joe is a corrupt, crude, shallow, self-righteous fondler of people's children.  His dementia only makes his ugly nature more apparent.

Joe Biden Claims A Whopping 150 Million People Have Been Killed By Guns Since 2007.  Former Vice President Joe Biden made an egregious claim during Tuesday's Democratic debate, saying that a whopping 150 million people have been killed by guns since 2007.  Biden was asked how he would stop gun violence, with the moderator noting that "Congress has not been able to pass a major gun legislation in a quarter of a century."  The former vice president said that he is "the only one who ever got it done nationally" before making the false claim that 150 million people have been killed by guns since 2007.  "One hundred fifty million people have been killed since 2007, when [Vermont Sen.] Bernie [Sanders] voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability," Biden claimed.  "More than all the wars, including Vietnam, from that point on.  Carnage on our streets."

Separation Anxiety?  Biden Walks Back From His Claim That He Was Arrested In Seeking Visit With Nelson Mandela.  After weeks of confusion, Joe Biden's campaign have finally admitted that he was not arrested while visiting Nelson Mandela.  Biden has made some false claims in the past but this was particularly bizarre.  No one had any record of such a historic arrest in South Africa.  While Biden did not take responsibility personally for the exaggeration, his deputy campaign manager admitted today that Biden was not arrested but merely "separated from his party at the airport."  That is a bit of a nose bleed of a step down from an arrest with Mandela to an airport separation.  Hard to imagine how you confuse the two since one ordinarily involves custody, cuffs, and confinement.

Former White House Doctor:  Biden's Mind Scary!' 'Might Need Some Testing' On 'Cognitive' Abilities.  Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson called Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden's mind "scary" on Tuesday and suggested that Biden may need to under go cognitive testing.  Jackson made the remarks in response to Biden saying on Monday night [2/24/2020] that he was running for U.S. Senate.  "Where I come from, you don't go very far unless you ask," Biden said.  "My name's Joe Biden.  I'm a Democratic candidate for the United State's Senate.  Look me over.  If you like what you see, help out.  If not, vote for the other Biden.  Give me a look though, okay?"

Nevertheless, He Insisted:  Biden Claims He Can Change China's Policies By Nagging.  Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden claimed Tuesday night that he could get China to allow U.S. health experts into the country simply by hectoring the country.  "Here's the deal.  I would be on the phone with China and making it clear, 'We are going to need to be in your country.  You have to be open.  You have to be clear.  We have to know what's going on.  We have to be there with you.'  And insists on it.  And insist, insist, insist.  I could get that done," Biden said.

Joe Biden tells crowd 'I'm a candidate for the United States Senate' in confused campaign speech.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has raised concern after he delivered a confused campaign speech in South Carolina, saying he was a "candidate for the United States Senate" and that people could "vote for the other Biden" if they did not like him.  His speech at the First in the South Dinner on Monday came ahead of the presidential primary in the state on Saturday [2/22/2020].  A video of Mr Biden's speech shared widely on social media showed him saying:  "My name is Joe Biden.  I'm a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.  Look me over, if you like what you see, help out.  If not, vote for the other Biden."  Mr Biden, 77, has made a series of confusing and controversial statements during a presidential campaign to date that has seen his poll ratings tumble.

Joe Biden Says He Negotiated With Dead Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping.  When 0ne is working on an agreement with a foreign leader, it is always best to make sure the foreign leader cannot disagree.  At least that's the approach of Joe Biden, who claimed when he was VP, he worked on the Paris Climate Accord with former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, who died 23 years before the agreement was signed.

Biden in his prime.  "Someone once called Joe Biden the only 29-year-old underachiever ever elected to the United States Senate," Paul Taylor wrote in his 1989 opus See How they Run.  Biden, he noted, whose 1988 presidential run had ended in disaster, tended to confuse words with action.  Mary McGrory once described him as "a collection of good instincts and incoherent utterance, pleasant, energetic, but not in control."  In the New Yorker, Elizabeth Drew wrote that he was "knocked out by a weakness that was going to catch up with him ... intellectual barrenness."  He was a "nice guy who hasn't demonstrated depth or mental or verbal discipline," and she saw no heft in his mantra of "change."

Joe Biden to Gun Manufacturers: 'I'm Going to Take You Down'.  During a Monday night [2/24/2020] speech in South Carolina, Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden referenced gun manufacturers and said, "I'm going to take you down."  He made this statement after referencing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005).  The PLCAA is designed to shield gun manufacturers from lawsuits in scenarios where the guns in question were legally made and legally sold.

Joe Biden Flogs 'Very Fine People' Hoax to Half-empty Gym in South Carolina.  Former Vice President Joe Biden invoked the debunked "very fine people" hoax to attack President Donald Trump at a rally Monday night in a half-empty college gym.  The rally was intended to show support ahead of Tuesday night's Democrat debate, and Saturday's Democratic caucuses.  Biden has seen the Palmetto State as his "firewall," based on his support among black voters, but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been catching up.

Joe Biden is saying he was arrested trying to reach Nelson Mandela.  He's never said that before.  In at least three campaign appearances over the past two weeks, Joe Biden has told a similar story as he tries to revive his campaign in states with more diverse voters.  On a trip to South Africa years ago, he has said, he was arrested as he sought to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.

Joe Biden claims he was arrested in South Africa in 1989 - but nobody else can seem to remember.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is facing scrutiny over a dubious tale from the campaign trail, claiming that he was arrested in South Africa while trying to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.  Biden, 77, first told the story at a campaign event in Columbia, South Carolina on February 11, as he tried to shake off defeat in New Hampshire, and has repeated it twice more during outreach to black voters.

The Editor says...
There is nothing to be gained by making such a claim, anyway.  Approximately nobody will vote for Biden just because he went to South Africa in 1989; whereas, a great number of voters will be less inclined to vote for Biden if the story is a lie.

'They like Bernie': Biden says Russia working to prevent him from getting nomination.  Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday [2/23/2020] that Russians have worked to block him from winning the Democratic nomination while favoring Sen. Bernie Sanders, though he admitted his claims were not based on anything he had been told by intelligence officials.  "The Russians don't want me to be the nominee," Biden said on CBS News' "Face the Nation," later adding, "they like Bernie.  Biden made the comment after being asked about Sanders' momentum in the Democratic primary race to determine who will take on President Donald Trump in November.  After leading in virtually every poll on the national race for his party's nomination for most of 2019, Biden has fallen behind Sanders in most recent polls.

The Editor says...
Biden knows he's losing.  He's finished.  If he can blame his defeat on "Russian collusion," that will [#1] help keep the pressure on Donald Trump, and [#2] make Biden look more like a victim and less like an idiot.

Biden Vows No Deportations First 100 Days, No Deportations for Foreign Crimes.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said during a CNN town hall in Las Vegas on Thursday evening that under his presidential administration nobody would be deported during his first 100 days in office.  The former vice president also ruled out deporting illegal aliens for crimes committed in other countries, which would make the United States a sanctuary for criminals all over the world.  "Nobody, and some of you are going to get mad at me with this, but nobody is going to be deported in my first 100 days until we get through the part where we find out the only rationale for deportation will be whether or not you've committed a felony while in the country," Biden said in response to a question about ICE.

A recurring Biden campaign story about being arrested in South Africa is full of inconsistencies.  Former Vice President Joe Biden has a pretty good tale to share — but it may be a little tall.  Biden, who is running for president, has been spicing up his recent campaign stump speeches with a story of how he was arrested while in South Africa trying to see Nelson Mandela, The New York Times reports.  But that recollection of events has only recently come to light, and it was reportedly omitted from Biden's 2007 memoir that detailed his escapades in the country around that time.  During recent campaign speeches, Biden says he "had the great honor" of meeting Mandela and "of being arrested with our U.N. ambassador on the streets of Soweto."  As Miami Herald reporter Alex Daugherty points out, Soweto is a ways away from Robben Island, where Mandela's maximum security prison was located.

Too late!
Biden promises one-term presidency if his 'energy and mental acuity' decline.  Joe Biden said that he would not seek a second term as president if his health deteriorates while in office.  A voter at a CNN town hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Thursday night asked the former vice president, 77, if he would commit to serving only one term.  "No, I wouldn't do that, but, I tell you what, you're going to be able to make a judgment," Biden said.  "And, by the way, the two youngest people on the stage now are me and Buttigieg," he joked, referring to 38-year-old former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the youngest candidate in the race.  Biden said, however, that he would not seek a second term if his health declined.

Brain Freeze:  Joe Biden Says Son Beau Was 'Attorney General of the United States'.  Appearing Thursday at a CNN town hall event, former Vice President Joe Biden delivered yet another gaffe by saying his deceased son Beau Biden, who served as the Attorney General of Delaware, was the United States Attorney General — a position held by Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch during the Obama Administration.

Biden Vows to 'get those clips that have multiple bullets in them not for sale'.  At a CNN townhall on Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden promised an all-out assault on our Second Amendment rights.  He told voters that on day one, he will "seek to end gun manufacturers' exemption from civil liability for gun violence."  Surrounded by people who have lost family members to gun violence, Biden said, "It is so long past time that we correct one of the most egregious special interest giveaways the United States Congress has ever engaged in — the civil liability protections granted to gun manufacturers against being sued by the victims of gun violence."  He believes this is "just flat out immoral."  Additionally, Biden vowed to ban assault weapons and to "get those clips that have multiple bullets in them not for sale."  In other words, he will have magazines banned.

Biden Says He Can Beat Trump Because an NBC Poll Says So.  "In terms of who can beat Donald Trump, NBC did a poll yesterday," Biden said.  ["]It says Joe Biden is best equipped to beat Donald Trump.  That's what your poll said.  It says I can beat him in those toss-up states, too, the states we have to win.["]

Turns out Hunter Biden was pretty useful for Burisma after all.  So much for that well-worn chestnut that Hunter Biden "did nothing wrong," heard so very frequently during President Trump's impeachment hearings.  For an $83,000 a month retainer from Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian gas company, (Betsy McCaughey says he ended up with a $1 million payday) young Hunter proved to be very able and willing to make himself useful.

Biden, with a straight face, calls on AG Bill Barr to resign over greatest abuse of power he has ever seen.  Former Vice President Joe Biden "absolutely" agreed with calls for Attorney General William Barr to resign.  The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate joined the chorus of critics demanding Barr resign after President Donald Trump "intimidated" him into intervening in the case involving former Trump campaign official Roger Stone.  [Video clip]

Biden's Stuck Between Barack and a Hard Place.  For all of the agonizing within Joe Biden's inner circle over how to cure what ails the former vice president's anemic presidential run — fourth place in Iowa, fifth place in New Hampshire, presumably another setback in Nevada this weekend — there's an obvious fix:  roll out Barack Obama's endorsement post haste.  Specifically (and yes, it assumes that Biden would be Obama's favorite among the Democrats remaining in the race), have the former president endorse his ex-running mate in the week leading up to the Feb. 29 Democratic presidential primary in South Carolina.

The Rise of Democratic Idiocracy.  Poor Joe.  Is he even still in the race?  He gives every indication of not knowing exactly what world he's in from moment to moment.  He lurches from so-called "moderate" to "Freebie-Joe" as the exigencies of the moment change.  However, there is no question that Joe is trying desperately to find that magical thinnest sliver of unfulfilled need — which simply may not exist — in the minds of those critical swing voters so that he can come to their rescue.  He'd have a better chance if he knew what state he was in.

FBI Raids James Biden-Tied Business.  FBI agents last month raided the home of the CEO of a bankrupt hospital chain and one of its hospitals in Pennsylvania in new signs of trouble for a company central to accusations of influence-peddling by James Biden, brother of former Vice President Joe Biden.  The federal investigation was disclosed in documents filed this month by the acting U.S. trustee overseeing the bankruptcy case of Florida-based Americore Holdings, which is in the business of acquiring and managing rural hospitals.  The filing in Kentucky by the federal trustee, Paul A. Randolph, seeks the appointment of a trustee specifically to oversee the bankruptcy case, or otherwise the dismissal of the firm's filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from creditors.  It said the company's CEO, Grant White, had "grossly mismanaged" his business; "has not operated the hospitals in a manner that is consistent with public safety"; and "improperly siphoned money from the Debtors for his personal benefit."

Joe Biden should do town halls forever.  While a successful politician in many ways, Joe Biden's attempts to become president are marked by quite a severe flaw — he cannot enter a town hall without saying something stupid.  What would American Democracy be without Joe Biden garlanding astonished voters with insults and imprecations of every kind?

Joe and Hunter Biden's China connections under even closer scrutiny.  We already learned that a majority of Americans find Hunter Biden's sweetheart deal with Ukranian energy giant Burisma to be problematic at best.  Despite nearly all of the mainstream media providing as much cover for the Bidens as possible, you have to wonder how everyone is feeling about the unfolding story of a very similar series of deals that the younger Biden landed in China.  The closer you look at Hunter's incredibly "fortunate" affairs in that nation, the worse it smells.  And it also raises questions about Joe Biden's very friendly attitude toward an increasingly aggressive country that's rife with human rights abuses.

Biden has lost confidence of both mainstream voters and Wall Street's money men.  It's not a good place to be if you are a contender for the Democratic nomination who once led the rest of the field — and Donald Trump — by double digits in the polls.  But the sad reality for former Vice Pres.  Joe Biden is that his base is rapidly deserting him.

Translation:  Biden is the pre-ordained establishment candidate.
Pelosi says she is 'not counting Joe Biden out'.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks it's too soon to rule out a Joe Biden presidency.  The California Democrat said in an interview with CNN that the former vice president still has a chance to become the Democratic nominee despite his lackluster showings at the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, where he finished fourth and fifth, respectively.  She said that although the party has come down to the "winnowing process," she still sees "everything as an opportunity."

Top Democrat Donors Want Biden to Drop Out: 'He Has No Chance'.  Joe Biden has managed to go from runaway frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to persona non grata in a matter of weeks, and now top Democrat donors are calling on him to end his campaign and let Mike Bloomberg try to fix the chaos that has been made of the Democratic primaries.  Biden was in New York City Thursday night with deep-pocketed liberal donors hoping to raise some quick cash to save his campaign, but it might be too late as Bloomberg seems ready to swoop in and siphon away Biden's support from the so-called moderate wing of the party.  "I feel sorry for Biden," said Leon Cooperman, a billionaire hedge fund investor and Democrat fundraiser.  "He should withdraw; he has no chance."

After Impeaching Trump Over It, Now Adam Schiff Admits Hunter Biden Had Conflict of Interest.  Adam Schiff just acknowledged that Hunter Biden's job with the Ukrainian company, Burisma, looked shady.  No kidding.  This, after accusing Trump of asking the Ukrainians to investigate the same shady dealings, but cloaking the alleged request as an impeachable political scandal.  Lawd.  The junior Biden, as you probably know all-too-well, was placed on the board of the energy holding company when his father was vice president and in charge of looking into Ukrainian corruption.  Instead, Hunter Biden ended up with a cushy, practically no-show gig on the board.  He made over a million dollars a year.

Poll:  Majority says Biden son's Ukraine job was inappropriate.  A majority of voters believe it was inappropriate for Joe Biden's son to work for a Ukrainian gas company while his father led U.S. foreign policy initiatives in the country, according to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.  The Biden-Ukraine affair ultimately led to President Donald Trump's impeachment for pressuring Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.  Voters were split 47-47 percent on whether it was appropriate for the Senate last week to acquit Trump, the poll shows.

Joe Biden told a group of black mayors in 2019 that an issue in their communities is parents who 'can't read or write themselves'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden told a group of black mayors in Georgia during a 2019 meeting that an issue with education reform in their communities is that "parents can't read or write themselves," The New York Times reported on Thursday [2/13/2020].  The story, which detailed Biden's precarious and unsteady positioning among South Carolina's black voters after devastating losses in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, said that Biden's literacy comment "shocked and frustrated many in the close-knit group."

The Benefits of Being Joe Biden's Brother.  Jim Biden has been at his brother's side at nearly every critical junction in Joe's life.  He's also repeatedly tapped into Joe's political network for help with his finances, and used Joe's fame to promote his business ventures.

Joe Biden Bombs Big Time on 'The View'.  They may not agree on much, but the hosts of The View, to a person, have always been on Joe Biden's side.  From the moment he officially announced his presidential bid early last year, the hosts vigorously defended him against allegations of inappropriate touching.  Meghan McCain vehemently attacked his accusers of executing a "hatchet job."  Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg pushed back the criticism of his record on race and Joy Behar wondered aloud if Democrats could just "skip the primary" and anoint Biden the nominee.

Joe Biden Bombs on 'The View' — Says His Crackhead Son Hunter 'Has Done Nothing But Good Things His Whole Life'.  "5th Place Biden" on Thursday told the far-left women of "The View" that his philandering crackhead son Hunter has only done good his whole life.  Biden bombed his appearance on 'The View' because he was on the defense the entire time — defending his spiraling campaign and defending his son Hunter who has turned out to be a huge liability for him.  Biden stuck to his talking points after finishing in 4th place in Iowa and 5th place in New Hampshire:  "You know, we had the first two rounds, made up about two percent of the public.  I'm heading south now where I feel good."  Biden the bully said if he was in high school he'd love to 'be in a room' with Trump for attacking his son Hunter.

Biden-Burisma Corruption Isn't A 'Right Wing Conspiracy Theory'.  President Trump's legal team opened up a front on the Bidens during the Senate impeachment trial today — a far better venue for allegations against the former Vice President and his son than any "Ukrainian investigations" would have offered.  Parking the fact the Democrats have scored an own goal by impeaching President Trump and therefore allowing a Senate chamber and millions across America to hear the case against the Bidens, the known case against the father-son pair is a matter of forgotten fact.

Joe Biden's Campaign Was a Disaster for Liberalism and the Democratic Party.  Candidates who flame out early in presidential primaries, almost by definition, do not make history.  But Joe Biden may be an exception.  Biden's presidential campaign is now almost certain to fail, but he has done more than any other candidate to shape the outcome.  And the result is likely to be disastrous — for Biden's personal legacy and political agenda.  Biden has run for president three times.  He has not yet managed to finish higher than fourth in any primary or caucus.  Biden may, or may not, have been a good enough politician to win a presidential campaign in his prime.  He is now well past his prime.  His campaigning pace is languid, his debate performances unsettling.  And he hasn't built the kind of campaign apparatus that could drag him over the finish line.

New Hampshire Takeaways the Mainstream Media Missed.  As elections drew closer, people started paying actual attention to Uncle Joe.  It turned out that, regardless of whether or not he knows foreign policy, he often does not know what state he is in — both geographically and mentally.  And as for foreign policy, maybe he is a crook who leveraged all that "experience" and the authority Obama delegated to him in dealing with Ukraine so that he surreptitiously could squeeze millions of rubles, hryvnias and kopiyoks, and dollars out of them for his family and, by obvious extension, to fill his own pockets.  It turned out that he is more corrupt than the "common wisdom" realized.  And also more nasty.  Instead of sweet, smilin', jokin' Uncle Joe, voters started to learn that he insults even innocent elderly people who ask him simple questions.  "Tell ya what, buddy — go vote for someone else." [...] It turns out he is nasty, bewildered, not the common man who grew up in coal mines or whatever, but a corrupt swindler who manipulated the trust inherent in his office to squeeze millions of dollars into his family through quid pro quos.

U.S. Attorney in Pittsburgh Handling DOJ Review of Giuliani's Ukraine Corruption Info.  Attorney General William Barr said Monday [2/10/2020] that the Justice Department is reviewing information President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and others gathered about corruption in Ukraine, including allegations involving Joe Biden and his son.  The review is reportedly being handled by Scott Brady, the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania.  "The DOJ has the obligation to have an open door to anybody who wishes to provide us information that they think is relevant," Barr said during a press briefing.  "But as I did say to Senator Graham, we have to be very careful with respect to any information coming from the Ukraine.  There are a lot of agendas in the Ukraine, a lot of cross currents.  And we can't take anything we received from the Ukraine at face value."

Joe Biden's campaign is like Hillary Clinton's in 2016, but worse.  Four years ago, Clinton was also labeled "inevitable" after having waited her turn for years.  Like Biden, she was a well-known fixture on the national stage for decades.  Being elected president was the next logical step.  It was almost unfathomable that the outcome might end in the ultimate defeat.

How Biden's Boast On Judge Bork Precipitated the Ex-Veep's Collapse.  Though this may not be a representative opinion, I think Vice President Biden's decline turned into a power dive with his claim over the weekend of almost sole responsibility for the destruction of Robert Bork's nomination to the United States Supreme Court in 1987.  Even this was dishonest, as Teddy Kennedy's savage attack, imputing to Bork the desire to banish women who sought an abortion to the care of butchers in back alleys, carried more weight than did Biden, who as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee was supposed to show a modicum of impartiality.  They were both guilty, though, of abominable mistreatment of a distinguished nominee.  Nothing else counted but the Kennedy-Biden surmise that Bork wished to ban abortions.  This had its ironies, as both Mr. Biden and Kennedy often made a considerable display of their status as Roman Catholics, and as American public opinion has shifted, approval of unrestricted abortion at the taxpayers' expense is no longer a political free lunch.

The spectacular collapse of Joe Biden as Democratic frontrunner.  He was once the presumptive Democratic nominee, but on Tuesday, Joe Biden fled New Hampshire with his tail between his legs — and headed to South Carolina where he watched his dismal results come in.  Sensing a humiliating defeat in the Granite State, Biden's team announced the former vice president was throwing in the towel before the polls had even closed, spending Tuesday evening at a campaign launch party in Columbia, SC, about 1,000 miles away.  Biden ended up placing fifth in New Hampshire, capturing below 9 percent of the vote and none of the state's pledged delegates.

Joe Biden's My Guy.  [Scroll down]  Of course, my favorite Democratic candidate is Joe Biden.  He is 77 and consults a plastic surgeon almost as frequently as Speaker Pelosi.  Rush Limbaugh calls him "Plugs" because of his hair treatments.  Now cut that out, Rush.  Pick on someone who can protect himself, like Joe's son Hunter.  Hunter is a gifted polemicist, and now that he has settled his paternity suit and has his crack pipe back from that rental car he left it in, he will be a real asset for you on the stump.

Biden 2020: A Pre-Post Mortem.  Perhaps nothing during this primary season will give me greater pleasure than to write Joe Biden's political obituary, and I might not have to wait long to do it, if recent caucus results, poll numbers, debate performances, and fundraising troubles are anything to go by.  My, that's an awful lot to go by, isn't it?  Let's start with the fundraising, which serves as a decent proxy for the predictions markets.  Donors put their own money on the line for a candidate they not only support, but believe can win.  The Hill's Amie Parnes spoke with a Democrat bundler who said of Biden, "His fundraising was already suffering.  It has not been great."  That was before Biden limped into last place in Iowa.

The Dem Candidates Are ALL Crazy.  Joe Biden is always good for laughs, but there isn't really any joke:  he's serious.  On Sunday, he reminded us just how far around the bend he is when he called a female questioner in New Hampshire a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier."  Even Fox News, along with the rest of the establishment media, immediately rushed to his aid by claiming he was "joking," but imagine what the uproar would have been if Trump had called anyone that. [...] The "dog-faced pony soldier" remark was not Old Joe's first trip to the Crazy Rodeo.  Last August, he was asked by a college student in Iowa how many genders there were.  "There are at least three," he answered, and when she asked him to explain, he shot back:  "Don't play games with me, kid."  Three genders.  Well, at least Joe is saner than those who insist there are seventy-three genders, or whatever the number is this week.

Biden Gets Borked In Historic Irony He Helped Create.  [Robert] Bork's defeat in the Senate at the hands of Mr. Biden and his colleagues was a turning point in many ways.  One of the most significant ways was that it upended the standards for desirability in a judicial nominee.  Pre-Bork, the most desirable thing was to have lots of experience so that senators would be convinced that the nominee was qualified for the job.  Post-Bork, the most desirable thing became to have as short a paper trail as possible, so as to minimize the chances that a nominee's writing could be distorted or seized upon in a way that could ultimately derail the nomination.  People haven't focused on it quite yet, but what we are and have been witnessing is a similar transformation in presidential politics.  In presidential candidates, as with post-Bork judicial nominees, lengthy government experience has become a liability rather than a strength.

The Democratic establishment keeps picking terrible candidates.  Perhaps Biden will perk up once the race gets to more demographically favorable terrain in Nevada and South Carolina, but at this juncture, he looks like a parody of an overhyped establishment front-runner.  Biden's campaign couldn't have been more conventional.  It was built on his résumé, particularly his eight years as Barack Obama's veep.  It centered on electability and his polling versus President Trump, both important, but neither prone to inspiring people.

Joe Biden Is a Cry for Help.  There was a time when many on the Right and the Left found Joe Biden's antics charming and amusing. [...] I was never one of those people.  I've always thought that his odd behavior was disturbing, not charming.  He's a skeevy creep who shouldn't be left alone in charge of a goldfish, let alone the most powerful nation on Earth.  During this presidential campaign he has gotten progressively (pun intended) more bizarre.  At his best, Biden hemorrhages odd syntax, non sequiturs, and virtually nothing that indicates he made it past the third grade.  On Sunday, Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep had perhaps his weirdest word barf yet, calling a woman at a campaign event a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier."

Joe Biden Believes in 'Rational' Gun Policy — Like Not Having '50 Clips in a Weapon'.  You know what kind of gun policy is super boss?  The rational kind.  Thankfully, that's exactly what Joe Biden's serving up.  The 2020 hopeful explained on Sunday that a "rational policy" means y'all can't have "50 clips in a weapon."  Got that?  You know how you've been stuffing 50 clips into your rifle?  Well it's rationally time you stopped.

Biden Urges Debate Audience to Give Alexander Vindman Standing Ovation.  Former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday called for the Democrat primary debate audience in New Hampshire to give a standing ovation for Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman hours after he was removed from the National Security Council by the White House.  "Col. Vindman got thrown out of the White House today, walked out," Biden said.  President Trump "should have been pinning a medal on Vindman and not on Rush Limbaugh."

Biden campaign implodes.  Five days out from the New Hampshire Primary, Joe Biden's campaign has imploded.  The Washington Post's Dan Balz writes, "Biden has been a lackluster advocate for his own candidacy, and the weakness of that advocacy was an unwelcome element of his campaign."

Treasury Department Turns Over Hunter Biden Financial Docs to Senate Republicans.  The Treasury Department has granted a request from Senate Republicans for financial documents related to Hunter Biden's relationship with a Ukrainian gas company, according to Senator Ron Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the Finance Committee, who criticized the move.  Senator Chuck Grassley, chair of the Finance Committee, and Senator Ron Johnson, chair of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, obtained the sensitive financial records as part of their continuing investigation into former vice president Joe Biden's son's possible conflicts of interest involving his lucrative position on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

Jill Biden speaks from podium in NH living room — to 10 people!.  Joe Biden is taking a critical day off the campaign trail today, and is leaving the glad handing to his wife.  The only problem?  There aren't that many people who want to see her, either.

His campaign on the line, Joe Biden goes missing in New Hampshire.  Outside the castle-themed Radisson Hotel where Joe Biden has been staying, his campaign bus was parked and ready for events.  But on Thursday [2/6/2020], just five days before the crucial primary here, the candidate was nowhere to be found.  Biden spent Thursday gathered with his top advisers at his home in Wilmington, Del., seeking a reset and perhaps a last-ditch effort to save his candidacy, beginning with a debate Friday night.  He held no public events.

Confidential banking records related to Hunter Biden in Senate hands:  Report.  The U.S. Treasury Department has started turning over confidential banking records related to Hunter Biden in response to requests from Senate investigative committees.  Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson asked the treasury in November for "suspicious activity reports," banking alerts involving money laundering or fraud, related to Biden and his associates.

Why Joe Biden's Collapse In Iowa Means Trouble For Democrats.  Of all the Democratic caucusgoers I spoke with in Iowa last week, not one told me his or her first choice was Joe Biden.  Now I know why: there were never that many Biden supporters in Iowa to begin with.  All of the caucus results might not be in yet, but we know enough to say with confidence that Biden's campaign in Iowa collapsed.  Despite leading in many state polls over the past year, he finished a distant fourth, barely clearing the 15 percent threshold for viability and, with 86 percent of precincts reporting as of this writing, earning 10,000 fewer votes statewide than Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who came in third.  The media, which still relies far too much on polls, wasn't expecting this.  But I have a feeling it didn't shock many Iowa Democrats.

Joe Biden's brother Frank owes dead man's family $1 million for 80 mph car crash, but has never paid a cent in 20 years.  Joe Biden's brother is a scofflaw who is defying paying almost $1 million in compensation to the family of a young single father killed in a horrific car crash more than 20 years ago, can reveal.  Frank Biden has failed to pay a dime to the family of Michael Albano despite having defaulted on a lawsuit filed against him for the death, our investigation uncovered.  And even though Albano's orphaned daughters pleaded more than a decade ago with Joe — then a senator — for help recovering the money from his brother it was to no avail, telling them he had 'deep sympathy' but his brother was penniless.

GOP Senators Waste No Time Investigating Hunter Biden After Impeachment Acquittal.  The Republican chairmen of two Senate committees wasted no time after President Donald Trump's impeachment acquittal Wednesday before opening up a new area of inquiry related to Hunter Biden's foreign business activities.  Minutes after the Senate voted to acquit Trump, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson of Wisconsin released a letter they sent to the director of the Secret Service requesting Biden's travel records during the time when his father was vice president.

GOP senators request Hunter Biden travel records from Secret Service.  In a statement on Wednesday afternoon [2/5/2020], Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said they "requested Hunter Biden's official travel records from the U.S. Secret Service as a part of their ongoing probe into potential conflicts of interest."  The letter by Grassley, who is the chairman of the Finance Committee, and Johnson, the head of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, is the latest in a series of records requests by the pair scrutinizing Hunter Biden's lucrative business ventures abroad.  Hunter Biden is the 50-year-old son of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is now running for the Democratic presidential nomination, and a constant target of Republicans.

Joe Biden's Candidacy Was Irreparably Harmed By Impeachment Facts.  The original claim was that President Trump had committed a campaign finance violation for asking for assistance with a government investigation into Ukraine's known 2016 election meddling and for Ukraine to look into corruption issues related to the family of former Vice President Joe Biden.  His son Hunter Biden had received a lucrative $80,000-a-month gig to sit on the board of a reportedly corrupt energy concern.  Biden had no relevant experience for the position apart from being the son of the man handling Ukraine policy for the Obama administration.  Democrats alleged that the concerns President Trump expressed amounted to 2020 election interference requiring immediate removal from office.  But no one ever offered a non-corrupt explanation for the Biden family's lucrative entanglement in Ukraine, making the argument much more difficult.

Biden Wooed Iowa's Catholics, Despite His Own Shaky Standing With the Church.  Nominal Catholic Joe Biden, who has run into trouble with the Catholic hierarchy because of his history of support for abortion-friendly legislation, made a strong pitch to Catholic voters in Iowa, who make up 23 percent of the state's population.  However, because of delays in the reporting of the February 3 caucus voting caused by difficulties using a new smartphone app, it is unknown how effective Biden's — or the other candidates' — strategies were.

Democrats reap bitter fruits of impeachment as Trump reaches his apex.  On Monday night [2/3/2020], in Iowa, Trump's political rivals fumbled away one of the best public relations moments they built into their election calendar.  Given the chance to emerge from the first-in-the-nation caucuses with a front-runner and momentum enough to consolidate their party, Democrats instead failed to produce a numerical result for at least 24 hours.  The results from their unexpectedly low-turnout contest are still being tallied, but the moment is now gone.  Their nominating field is in chaos, and only one thing seems certain:  Joe Biden, supposedly the strongest candidate to take on Trump in 2020, is wounded, perhaps mortally, by what is looking like a distant fourth-place finish.

Pretending Not to Know — Media Wonder:  What The Heck Happened to Joe Biden?  Last week, after the Senate impeachment trial outcome became likely, we surmised that Joe Biden's candidacy would plummet fast.  The reason was simple, Biden was only propped up to create the Trump opponent narrative.  There really was no underlying support for the DNC/Media creation; it was all a useful ruse.  Today, displaying the Mamet Principle on almost every broadcast show, the TV pundits play the game of pretending to wonder what happened to Joe Biden.

The Reasoning behind Impeachment:  Republicans Evil, Democrats Noble.  [Scroll down]  In the Democrat mind, there is simply no possibility that Trump was seeking to investigate potential past corruption by the Bidens since Joe Biden is of such noble character that no one could ever doubt his purity.  Indeed, anyone even suggesting impropriety by Good Ole Joe is doing so only for personal gain.  Therefore, despite the fact that Joe Biden's son, Hunter, was earning tens of thousands of dollars per month to sit on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, and despite the fact that Hunter Biden had no expertise in Ukrainian energy, and despite the fact that Burisma is a known corrupt organization, and despite the fact that the prosecutor whom Biden sought to remove by withholding U.S. funds had been investigating Burisma — despite all these facts, Joe Biden's character is of such known purity that Trump could have never seriously believed that it was legitimate to request that Ukraine look into the Bidens' past behavior.

Joe Biden flopped in the Iowa caucuses despite a strong showing in recent polling.  Former Vice President Joe Biden came in fourth place in the Iowa caucuses with about 13% of the vote, according to preliminary results released Tuesday evening, underperforming his recent polling.  Biden came in behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.  As of 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Sanders and Buttigieg led with 62% of precincts reporting.  The results came after an approximately 20-hour delay as a result of a malfunctioning mobile app.

Report: John Kerry Concerned As Joe Biden Plummets — Both Had Sons Cash-in on China/Ukraine.  Chris Heinz and Hunter Biden were friends in business together, each cashing-in on the influence held by their fathers' John Kerry and Joe Biden.  Considering the likelihood Joe Biden was only running for President in order to: (1) shield himself from scrutiny, and (2) establish the cornerstone of the impeachment effort; it makes complete sense for John Kerry to be the participating campaign handler.  With Biden's impeachment usefulness now exhausted by DC engineers, there's no reason to prop-up his candidacy.  He's dropping like a proverbial rock.

Joe Biden loses cool after being asked about his son's business dealings in Ukraine.  Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently snapped under questioning about his son's business dealings in Ukraine.  On Monday, he defended his son Hunter's former board position at Burisma Holdings, a major Ukrainian energy company, by claiming he got the job because he is a "very bright guy."  The former vice president went on to say, "no one's found anything wrong with his dealings in Ukraine except it was a bad image."  When pressed whether or not the 2020 hopeful agreed about the perception, however, Biden was quick to attack.

How long will it take for Joe Biden to give good answer to Hunter questions?  Joe Biden really doesn't want to talk about son Hunter's Ukraine windfall and thinks it's outrageous that the media keep asking about it.  Don't they know whose side they're on?  The latest Biden blowup came Monday [2/3/2020], as NBC's Savannah Guthrie brought up the 50-grand-a-month Hunter drew from Ukrainian natural-gas firm Burisma — though Hunter knew zip about Ukraine or gas, except that dad was the White House point man on Ukraine.  "No one's found anything wrong with his dealings with Ukraine except they say it sets a bad image," Joe answered.

Lindsey Graham Warns of a 'Day of Reckoning,' Vows to Call the Whistleblower.  The boomerang effect on Democrats has started.  During an interview with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo over the weekend, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham vowed to compel testimony from the whistleblower in order to get to the bottom of what led to impeachment against President Trump.  He also reiterated his plans to investigate the Bidens for their involvement with Burisma, the most corrupt company in Ukraine.

The Editor says...
I remain highly skeptical.  Wake me up when the malefactors are sentenced to serious prison time.

Joe Biden's Achilles' Heel:  "Too Dumb To Be President".  My current theory is that the Democratic Party establishment knows Joe Biden is too old and too weak to take on Trump one-on-one, but is in a panic about Bernie, which is why the party is now starting to edge Michael Bloomberg into the picture.  Among other things, if Biden gets the nomination, just imagine how the Trump campaign will recycle Biden's old problems captured in this video below from 1987, where Biden admitted his "memory isn't so good."  Is his memory really likely to be any better 33 years later?  [Video clip]

The Biden Purpose is Finished — Watch How Fast He Plummets.  [Scroll down]  I contend that Impeachment 2.0 was contingent upon Joe Biden running for office.  Why?  Because without Biden as a "candidate" the entire premise of the impeachment narrative: "president Donald Trump investigating his political opponent", doesn't exist.  Impeachment 2.0 was centered around a predictable Trump administration Ukraine investigation; much of which was likely being stirred by the coup plotters themselves; and was dependent on a political opponent.  Hence, Joe Biden running for office was needed.  "You don't have to do this Joe"... Indeed.  The crew creating impeachment hoax 2.0 needed Biden, much in a similar way the same crew needed Robert Mueller for impeachment hoax 1.0.

Hunter, Sam and the Sheikh:  Hunter Biden's Alleged Connection to Middle East Shakedown Artists.  Hunter Biden's corruption may not have ended in Ukraine.  The hard partying politician's son also met with a corrupt sheikh, who has illegally given massive contributions to Democrats, about working on a project to unfreeze Libyan assets in 2015.  As the farce they call impeachment is winding down in the Senate, it has become obvious that no new witnesses will be called, and almost as likely that, if they are, Hunter Biden will not be among them.

Joe Biden Lectures Black Voter, Pokes Him in the Chest, For Asking Questions.  Joe Biden this week in Iowa lectured a black voter who dared to ask him questions about his plans to phase out US fossil fuels.  Biden poked the black voter's chest several times as he lectured him about his record.  "Go back to 1986.  I'm the first one ever to, first one ever to put forward a climate change bill and Politifact said it was a game changer," Biden said poking the man's chest.  "I've been working my whole life," he added as he abruptly walked away.

Joe Biden, tough guy.  Attend a Joe Biden rally in Iowa this weekend, and you may find yourself wondering whether he's running for president of the United States or to be a gang leader.  Biden has always liked talking tough.  As his campaign has elevated his electability above all else, he's moved the notion of toughness front and center.  He swung through the Cedar Rapids area on Saturday with the firefighters' union in tow, offering Biden and his surrogates plenty of opportunities to invoke physical toughness.

Why Wasn't Spygate Impeachable?  The Democrats have impeached Trump for merely contemplating something that Obama actually did.  And in Obama's case, the abuse of power was altogether real: it resulted in a massive violation of civil liberties.  Obama's FBI falsely claimed that four members of Trump's campaign were probable Russian agents.  None of them were.  Oops.  Oh well, the Democrats said.  Obama had an obligation to check out the hunches of John Brennan and James Comey.  By contrast, Hunter Biden's corruption wasn't conjectural.  As even Obama's State Department acknowledged, his "work" in Ukraine reeked of improprieties and influence-peddling.  It is hilarious to watch Democrats speak of the Bidens as above reproach.  In truth, Joe Biden stands at the center of a family of crooks who have spent decades trading on his last name.

Joe Biden Argued Against Impeachment Witnesses In 1999: 'The Senate Need Not Hold A Full Blown Trial'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden argued during the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton that witnesses should be rejected by the Senate, according to a memo obtained by Politico.  In a January 5, 1999 private memorandum to his fellow Democrat senators at the time, Biden wrote that the Senate should dismiss the articles of impeachment against Clinton without holding what he called a "'full blown' trial."  "The Senate need not hold a 'full blown' trial" with witnesses and testimony, then-Sen. Biden wrote.  "[T]he Senate may dismiss articles of impeachment without holding a full trial or taking any evidence."

Brutal Flashback Video Revives Biden's Blatant Lies and Shameless Plagiarism.  A video making the rounds on social media flashes us back to Joe Biden's audacious lies and acts of plagiarism during his doomed 1988 presidential campaign.  The video, which is nearly five minutes long, does not engage in any editorializing.  It is merely clips from 1987, clips of Biden either caught stealing his speeches from others, caught lying about his stealing of those speeches, or just outright lying about his résumé.

Devastating 30-Year-Old Video Shows Biden Being Caught Repeatedly Lying for 5 Minutes Straight.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing many issues in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, including the dealings of his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine.  And now he is looking at another scandal.  It is an old scandal, one that knocked him out of the 1988 presidential race, but it has reared its head again and it appears to show he is a stone-cold liar.  A video from 1987 shared by progressive activist and rabble-rouser Shaun King shows the then-senator during his first presidential campaign plagiarizing other liberal thought leaders.

Whatever Happened to the Democratic Primary?  [Scroll down]  True, impeachment has kept Biden's name in the news.  But not in a way he would like.  Trump's defense has drawn further attention to Hunter Biden's questionable position on the board of Ukrainian gas giant Burisma.  What was Hunter being paid for?  Relationship advice?  His dad doesn't have a good answer.  Whether he likes it or not, impeachment reinforces the impression that Joe Biden is a lifelong D.C. politician whose family benefits from his connections.

Ashley Biden organization received $166K federal grant while father was vice president.  A Delaware nonprofit organization received a $166,000 federal grant about the same time it appointed then-Vice President Joe Biden's daughter as executive director, according to government and tax records.  In September 2014, the Delaware Center for Justice was selected for a competitive two-year grant by the U.S. Department of Justice through the federal Edward Byrne Memorial grant program, which Biden helped steer significant funding to as vice president and senator.  His daughter, Ashley Biden, 38, had been associate director of the Delaware Center for Justice for about a year at the time.  Two months after the grant selection, the nonprofit organization announced that she had been promoted to executive director.

Two more reasons not to vote for Biden:
Joe Biden Suggests Making Michelle Obama Running Mate, Appointing Barack to Supreme Court.  Joe Biden suggested on Tuesday that the Obamas would be appointed to high office if he were elected in 2020, telling voters the former first lady could be his running mate, while her husband was destined for the Supreme Court, provided he wanted the appointment.  The former vice president made the promise during a campaign town hall in Iowa, where he was asked by a voter if he would consider appointing Obama to the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden says he'd want Michelle Obama to be his running mate.  Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden this week reaffirmed his desire to have former first lady Michelle Obama be his running mate.  "I sure would like Michelle [Obama] to be the vice president," Biden said Tuesday at a campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa.  The comment came after the former vice president was asked if he would consider nominating former President Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.  "Yeah, I would, but I don't think he'd do it.  He'd be a great Supreme Court justice," Biden responded.

Joe Biden Says He Needs a Strong VP Because He's Old and May Die in Office.  This is a winning strategy.  Joe Biden, 77, told an Iowa crowd that he needs a strong Vice President because he's old and may die in office.  "Whomever I pick" for VP, must "be capable of being president, because I'm an old guy — no I'm serious!" Biden said.

'I'm an old guy!' Joe Biden, 77, admits he needs a Vice President who can 'take over immediately' if he dies in office.  Joe Biden has said that if he becomes president in this year's election, he would need to appoint a vice president capable of taking over the job at a moment's notice in case he dies while in office.  'I can think of at least eight women, at least four or five people of color, that I think are totally qualified to be vice president of the United States,' the former vice president said during a campaign event in Clinton, Iowa.  'But for me, it has to be demonstrated that whoever I pick is two things:  One, is capable of being president because I'm an old guy,' the 77-year-old Biden said.

Biden, rivals privately pitching caucus night deals.  Joe Biden and other leading candidates are actively courting lower-polling campaigns in the final days before the Iowa caucuses, hoping to forge election night alliances designed to pick up the supporters of candidates who fail to move past the first ballot.  Biden's campaign has approached at least two rival primary campaigns, seeking to broker agreements ahead of the Monday night's caucuses, according to sources familiar with his overtures.  And an aide to Tom Steyer said Wednesday that his campaign had been approached by "multiple candidates."

GOP wins House seat Biden and Beto O'Rourke backed Democrat for.  Republicans won control of a closely watched congressional district in the Houston, Texas, suburbs in a special election on Tuesday [1/28/2020].  Gary Gates defeated Democrat Eliz Markowitz, garnering 58% of the vote in a district President Trump won by double digits in 2016.  Several prominent Democrats, including presidential candidates Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, endorsed Markowitz, a teacher.  Former congressman Beto O'Rourke also spent time campaigning for Markowitz.

Watch Joe Biden Angrily Poke an Iowa Man and Tell Him to Vote for Someone Else.  With less than a week to go before the Iowa caucuses, former vice president Joe Biden is hoping to shore up his support with his "No Malarkey!" tour, on which his appearances are getting surprisingly heated.  On Tuesday [1/28/2020], Biden sparred with an Iowa voter, former state representative Ed Fallon, who asked him about his stance on climate — specifically, he brought up Biden's claim to be against building pipelines while also calling to replace older pipelines.  "We've got to stop building and replacing these pipelines," Fallon said.  "You oughta go vote for someone else," Biden says, repeatedly pressing on the man's chest.

Joe Biden Is a Terrible Politician.  here probably isn't a human being alive who mentions the name Barack Obama more often than Joe Biden.  At the same time, there probably aren't two politicians more dissimilar.  In addition to being, as Biden put it, the "first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Obama has always been personally popular, even when his ideas didn't go over particularly well.  Obama engendered passion and loyalty from his idealistic fans and was rarely baited into saying anything impolitic or damaging.  Needless to say, Obama is all the things Biden isn't.  When asked by an Iowa voter earlier this week if he would support ceasing production of all fossil-fuel pipelines, or some other such nonsense, Biden responded:  "You gotta go vote for someone else"

Valerie Biden Owens Sent Millions from Brother Joe's Campaigns to Her Consulting Firm.  Peter Schweizer, the investigative journalist and author of the best-selling book, "Clinton Cash," which exposed the corruption of the Clintons and sparked an FBI investigation into the pair, has come out with a new book [... which] documents the financial arrangements of "the nation's top progressives — politicians who strive to acquire more government power to achieve their political ends," including the Biden family.  Schweizer not only delved into the already known links between Biden and his son Hunter, and his dealings in Ukraine, but the complex arrangement that his sister, Valerie, has had with his many campaigns over the years.  As his campaign manager, Biden Owens worked closely with her brother for years, while working as a senior partner at Slade White & Company, the "political messaging" firm.

Impeachment Being Dragged Out?  Not According to Lindsey Graham.  Despite ongoing demands for new witness testimony during President Trump's impeachment trial, testimony House managers refused to compel before transmitting articles to the upper chamber earlier this month, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Graham is confident the entire process will be over by Friday.  "I'm increasingly optimistic this ends Friday.  I think the question is whether we should have additional testimony from witnesses that the House refused to call. [...] The President had every reason to want to look at the Bidens.  The House managers told us there's not a scintilla of evidence the Bidens did anything wrong, this has been completely debunked, thoroughly investigated.  That is a complete lie.  The defense team destroyed the House's case," Graham said during an interview Tuesday night [1/28/2020] with Fox News.  "[...] There's a mountain of evidence that the Biden's were involved in corruption.  The President would have been wrong not to ask the Ukrainians to help given what we know about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden."

The Biden family's Ukraine games cried out for investigation.  House Democrats impeached President Trump for putting his own political fortunes ahead of the national interest in dealing with Ukraine.  But it's Joe Biden who should be on the hot seat for that. [...] It's not just the $1 million a year Burisma paid Hunter, though he had no energy or Ukraine expertise.  That's what the defense team focused on, but it's small potatoes.  The question is what did Burisma get in return?  The Obama administration forked over $53 million in US taxpayer money between 2014 and 2016 to assist the Ukraine energy industry.  The public should know how much Burisma and its related ventures may have gotten.  Biden should also have to answer for the $20 million in taxpayer-funded loans that went to his Delaware pal John Hynansky in 2012 to launch a luxury car dealership in Ukraine selling Porsches, Land Rovers and other high-ticket vehicles, none made in the United States.

Huh? Joe Biden Says He was 'Raised in The Black Church'.  Joe Biden has told a lot of stories about his connection to black voters.  Back in 2017, he told a story about his younger days at a community pool with minority kids rubbing his hairy legs and jumping on his lap, which was all sorts of weird and creepy.  He told another good one on Sunday [1/26/2020] at an NAACP event where he claimed his "political identity" was molded by minorities back in his home state.  "I have a lot of black support because that's where I come from.  I was raised in the black church, politically, not a joke," Joe Biden said at the event in Des Moines, Iowa.

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin:  No Way to Dress Up How 'Sleazy' Hiring of Hunter Biden Was.  CNN has been a constant anti-Trump machine for the past three years.  So when they say omething which helps the president, you know that it has to be a pretty obvious statement of fact.  Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, one of the Trump defense lawyers, laid out the case of the Bidens and Ukraine at the Senate impeachment trial.  She did a great job, pointing out the real concerns and questions raised by Hunter's work for Burisma while Joe was the point man for Barack Obama on Ukraine.  She did such a great job that she had "Burisma" trending on Twitter.  When you hire someone who reportedly has no experience in the energy field and a past history with drugs, and then reportedly pay him millions for a board position, it's hard to sell that you're hiring him for his great knowledge.  At best, they hired him to trade off his father's name to make the company more amenable to the governments and appear to be less under question.

The Dam Begins to Break as Politico Reveals Corrupt Land and Lobbying Deal Involving QuidProJoe and His Family.  When the story of this whole impeachment drama is written, it may very well turn out that the only person destroyed by it was Joe Biden.  In her presentation yesterday, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi demonstrated why Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden, are critical to understanding President Trump expressing a desire that corruption be investigated.  This theme was picked up by Ted Cruz in an epic confrontation with reporters yesterday in which he restated the case and challenged them on their refusal to cover the QuidProJoe's influence peddling.

VP Pence's Office Forcefully Pushes Back Against Reports Trump Tied Ukraine Aid To Biden Probe.  Vice President Mike Pence's press office defended President Donald Trump Monday, saying that the president never told Pence to link Ukrainian aid to a probe of Hunter Biden's business dealings in the country.  "As matter of policy we don't typically share or discuss conversations between the President and Vice President, but given the journalistic fury over alleged conversations, the President has given me permission to set the record straight," Pence's chief of staff, Marc Short noted in a statement.

Lobbyist bought tropical land from Biden's brother.  In 2005, Joe Biden's brother bought an acre of land with excellent ocean views on a remote island in the Caribbean for $150,000.  He divided it into three parcels, and the next year a lobbyist close to the Delaware senator bought one of the parcels for what had been the cost of the entire property.  Later, the lobbyist gave Biden's brother a mortgage loan on the remaining parcels.  The Virgin Islands land deal, reported here for the first time, furthers a pattern in which members of the Biden family have engaged in financial dealings with people with an interest in influencing the former vice president.

Joe Biden's Sister Valerie Sent Millions of Joe's Campaign Dollars to Her Own Consulting Firm.  Biden's political tenure, as Schweizer's book extensively details, has largely remained a complicated family affair, resulting in little-known financial benefits for not just his son Hunter Biden, but for his sister Valerie.  Her role as a senior partner in the political messaging firm Slade White & Company coincided with her participation in Biden's various political campaigns.  She was only one of two executives — the other being Joe Slade White — at the firm and has remained the Executive Vice President for 15 years.

ABC, CBS, NBC BLACK OUT Pam Bondi's Damning Presentation Exposing Biden, Burisma Corruption.  Pam Bondi opened her testimony [1/27/2020] by asserting the Democrats mentioned Burisma and Hunter Biden 400 times during their opening arguments last week. [...] The Senators got to see for the first time all of the bank statements proving Hunter Biden was paid over $3 million in a 17-month time span for sitting on the board of Burisma, despite having zero experience in oil and gas.  Bondi not only exposed the Bidens' corruption in Ukraine, she also brought up Hunter Biden's sweetheart deal from the Bank of China after flying with his daddy on Air Force Two to China.  But the three largest networks, ABC, CBS and NBC blacked out Bondi's damning presentation exposing the Biden crime family.  Fake news networks, all regulated by the FCC, are covering for the Democrats and protecting 2020 Democrat front runner Joe Biden!

A Great Triggering Occurs After Pam Bondi Lays Out Biden Corruption During the Impeachment Trial.  There went forth the sound of a great triggering this afternoon [1/27/2020] after Pam Bondi took to the Senate floor to deliver a devastating fact case against Hunter Biden, who resides at the center of the question of what Trump was wanting investigated back in the summer.  The common refrain you hear from Democrats and the media is that Hunter Biden is irrelevant.  Yet, they then want to deny Republicans the right to show that investigating him was a legitimate pursuit.  It's an attempt to have it both ways and Bondi was having none of it. [...] Bondi even went so far as to play the tape of Joe Biden threatening to withhold aid from Ukraine while he was Vice President.  That's a clip which has been black-balled by the legacy media, as it's just an awful look.

Hunter Biden agrees to pay child support to Arkansas woman, avoids contempt hearing.  Hunter Biden, the son of leading Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, has agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of monthly child support to an Arkansas woman who bore him a baby out of wedlock, avoiding a hearing Wednesday that put him at risk of being held in contempt of court.  The support is retroactive to November 2018, three months after the child was born to Lunden Alexis Roberts, according to a judge's order filed Monday [1/27/2020] in Independence County Court, Arkansas.

Joe Biden Ducks Questions About Conflict of Interest in Ukraine.  Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed in an interview set to air Sunday morning [1/27/2020] that no one had been able to point to anything he had done wrong in Ukraine. [...] Biden's claim contradicts the testimony of several of the witnesses Democrats themselves called in the House impeachment inquiry.  George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the European and Eurasian Bureau at the State Department, told the House Intelligence Committee that Biden had an apparent conflict of interest because his son, Hunter Biden, had been appointed to a well-compensated position on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, that was widely perceived to be corrupt.

Joe Biden's bias comes through in trying to outwoke competition.  Joe Biden doesn't sound very moderate when he says there is "no room for compromise" on "transgender equality."  It is the "civil rights issue of our time," he tweeted last week, elevating it above women's equality, racial equality, and even climate "justice," an issue he once told us was an "existential threat."  The tweet was rather baffling, other than as an exercise in identity pandering.  Maybe Biden thought he could win over a segment of the 0.3 percent transgender voters who are irate that Bernie Sanders accepted an endorsement from libertarian podcaster and pronoun purist Joe Rogan.  But, by trying to outwoke Sanders on gender fluidity, Biden is empowering a tyrannical micro-minority determined to overturn biological reality and crush dissent.

Times Square Billboard Runs Joe Biden Clip Threatening Ukraine.  The Committee to Defend the President — one of America's largest pro-Trump super PACs — is running a new billboard in New York City, criticizing Democrat candidate Joe Biden over the Ukraine scandal.  The billboard, located at 1500 Broadway and 43rd Street, is two-sided and both sides will feature the video of Biden admitting to withholding aid to Ukraine until its government fired the prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter.  [Video clip]

After the Stillborn Impeachment Finally Is Dismissed, Trump Should Employ Greater Prudence During the Next Five Years.  [Scroll down]  Our tax dollars to Ukraine should be going to protect against Putin, not to give Hunter Biden a million dollars as part of a corrupt Ukrainian scheme to buy American foreign aid by paying off and bribing the American vice president, who was in charge of Ukrainian foreign assistance, to send over one billion dollars.  President Trump did well by demanding that President Zelensky root out corruption.  For three long years, Trump had been the victim of Democrat lies and false accusations from their Corrupt Journalist Corps regarding everything from colluding with Putin to the state of his mental health.  It was right of him to keep his eyes on the prize and to demand that Ukraine look into its corruption rabbit holes, like the Biden Billion Bribe.

Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump, wayward voters, and democracy.  [Scroll down]  Democrats purported to be enraged and astounded that Trump issued a quid pro quo to the Ukrainian government (which they later focus-grouped to "bribery," as too few likely Democrat voters knew what a quid pro quo is) yet are equally enraged and astounded that anyone could take issue with then-vice president Joe Biden threatening a representative of the Ukrainian government who had plans to question his son Hunter about his preposterous tenure with Burisma Holdings.  Biden later literally bragged of issuing that quid pro quo, saying, "I looked at them and said:  I'm leaving in six hours.  If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money."  (A billion dollars in aid.)  The prosecutor was fired.

Biden Ordered To Appear In Paternity Action On Threat Of Contempt.  We have been following the case of Hunter Biden in Arkansas as he continues to resist efforts to confirm his wealth and establish child support for his child with Lunden Alexis Roberts.  Her lawyers have been trying unsuccessfully to get access to financial records and other information and now Independence County Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer has ordered him to appear on January 29th to "show cause, if any exists, as to why he should not be held in contempt for any of the alleged violations of this Court's orders."  The show cause order was issued after Biden missed yet another date for disclosing his finances.  That was also accompanied this week by a "Second Motion for Contempt and for Order to Show Cause."  Biden was supposed to disclose his financial information on Jan. 16th.  Even though the information would remain under seal, Biden continued to refuse.

Adam Schiff:  Exhibit A?  While Joe and Hunter Biden have been absurdly off limits in the impeachment of President Trump, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is quickly becoming the GOP's "Exhibit A" over claims of an unfair trial in the House, as well as his involvement — and alleged coordination — with the anti-Trump CIA 'whistleblower' who kicked off the entire proceeding.  Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has repeatedly come under fire for conducting 'secret basement' hearings, while refusing to call key witnesses such as the Bidens, their business associates, or Ukrainian authorities with intimate knowledge of corruption claims.

Glenn Beck Reads 'Disturbing' Letter from Biden Campaign Demanding Media Not Cover Hunter/Ukraine Issue.  The Biden campaign has been completely floundering when it comes to what to do about Hunter Biden and their Ukraine mess.  Joe Biden has been unable to adequately answer questions people have had, even blowing up at a voter, insulating him, calling him a "liar,""fat" and "too old."  The campaign put out an ad trying to explain it all, but it was an utter fail, with false information in it that was easily debunked.

Trump attorney promises to invoke Bidens in impeachment defense.  Jay Sekulow, a member of President Trump's legal team, told reporters the team plans to invoke the Bidens during the impeachment trial in the Senate.  "For the life of me, they've done it.  Why, they opened up the door as wide as a double door on the Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Burisma issue.  I guess that was their way of getting ahead of it.  We will address it," Sekulow told reporters.  Earlier, he also spoke on what he believes are "issues" surrounding the Ukraine controversy.  Sekulow questioned the Democratic Party's involvement in the funding of the dossier by British ex-spy Christopher Steele.

Laura Ingraham shows emails tying alleged Ukraine whistleblower to Obama White House meeting on Burisma.  Newly revealed documents raise questions about the alleged Ukraine whistleblower.  Fox News host Laura Ingraham reported Wednesday evening [1/22/2020] that she obtained a chain of State Department emails stemming from a standard request for comment from New York Times journalist Ken Vogel, whose reporting helped generate scrutiny of Hunter Biden's ties to Ukrainian gas company Burisma.  Biden, 49, is the son of Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden, and Republicans have called for him to testify during the Ukraine-related Senate impeachment trial against President Trump.

On the Bidens, Schiff Opened the Door.  When a trial starts, both sides know what the allegations are.  Both have had enough discovery to know what the adversary will try to prove.  Just as significantly, both know what their own vulnerabilities are.  A litigator spends his pretrial time not just laying the groundwork for getting his own evidence admitted by the court; each side works just as hard on motions to exclude embarrassing or incriminating testimony — evidence that would be damaging to that side's position but that a court may be persuaded to exclude because it is not clearly relevant.  For an advocate, it is a coup when the judge rules that harmful testimony is excluded.  But such rulings always come with a warning label:  Don't open the door.  That is, don't do anything that makes the otherwise irrelevant evidence relevant.  President Trump's impeachment trial has a Biden door.  Adam Schiff has thrown it wide open.

Rudy Giuliani threatens to go public with Biden corruption allegations.  Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney for President Trump, threatened Thursday to go public with information that would expose corruption by 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.  "Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more.  I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People," the former New York mayor tweeted.  "The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office.  Then when Joe was Obama's Point Man, they ALL made millions."  Giuliani's claim that he could reveal evidence detrimental to the former vice president follows his offer to testify in Trump's impeachment trial taking place in the Senate.

Thanks to Rep. Sylvia Garcia, the barn door now is open on the Bidens and the Democrats.  Much of the day Thursday [1/23/2020] at the impeachment show was spent on how innocent the Bidens are of any wrongdoing re:  Ukraine.  Rep. Sylvia Garcia had fancy charts and graphs to demonstrate her point:  There was absolutely nothing wrong with Hunter Biden trading on his name to make $50 [to] 80k a month on the board of a verified corrupt gas company in Ukraine, nor was there anything wrong with Joe's quid pro quo, that the prosecutor investigating that company be fired or a billion dollars in aid would not be forthcoming.

NYT Quashed Story About 2016 WH Meeting with 'Whistleblower' and Ukrainians on Burisma.  In an exclusive report, Wednesday night [1/22/2020], Fox News host Laura Ingraham revealed that the New York Times last May quashed a story about a White House meeting in January of 2016 between Obama administration officials — including the so-called whistleblower — and Ukrainian officials that addressed Hunter Biden's problematic position at Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.  Ingraham said she obtained a chain of State Department emails between NYT journalist Ken Vogel and State Department official Kate Schilling centering on the reporter's request for comment on the story.  Hunter Biden, 49, the scandal-plagued son of Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden, is a central figure in the Ukraine scandal due to his high-paid no-show job at Burisma, a position he secured despite having no relevant experience in that field.

Will an Arkansas stripper finally shut down the Schiff show?  In an apparent trashy side story, Joe Biden's son Hunter has an Arkansas judge after him for failing to comply, for the third time, to submitting a financial statement so as to determine how much side support he need to pay for the child that came of his congress with an Arkansas stripper.  The judge is angry: [...] Baby-daddy Hunter has been told to show up in Arkansas to explain to the judge just why he won't turn in his financial statements.  He argues it's all political, but the judge says it's all to determine how much child support he has to pay.  And he agreed to accommodate Hunter by sealing the records.

Report: Hunter Biden Prepping for Impeachment Testimony.  Hunter Biden, the youngest son of former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden, is reportedly "prepping" at his Hollywood Hills residence for potential testimony in the Senate's impeachment trial.  "Hunter is taking no chances, he knows that he could get called as a witness any day so he wants to be fully prepared, he's going over every fine detail," a source told the Daily Mail on Wednesday [1/22/2020].  "He's taking the trial very seriously and wants to make sure he's ready for whatever the Republicans throw at him," the source added.

The Editor says...
If he has done nothing wrong, what could anyone "throw at him?"

Biden Unbound:  Three idiotic statements from Malarkey Joe just this week.  With impeachment drawing headlines, and Bernie Sanders sucking all the air out of the room with socialist schemes, Joe Biden is back to making gaffes, except that in this age of fantastical impeachment charges and unreal socialist schemes, gaffes are just business as usual.

Biden Says He'd Fire ICE Agents for Arresting Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden plans on changing the culture over at U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) by firing ICE agents who arrest illegal aliens for anything other than a felony, adding, "and I don't consider drunk driving as a felony."  Biden made the controversial remarks during a 2020 Vice News Election Forum on Monday [1/20/2020].  A moderator asked the Democratic candidate how he would change the "culture" over at ICE.  "You change the culture by saying, 'You're gonna get fired,'" a finger-pointing Biden responded.  "'You're fired.'  If in fact, you do that.  You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that's committed, and I don't count drunk driving as a felony."  So Joe Biden is threatening to fire ICE agents for doing their jobs just like Biden fired that Ukrainian prosecutor for doing his.

Biden Throws Blacks Another Racist Dog Biscuit.  As usual, fake news media ignored a Democrat irresponsibly throwing a racial-hate-generating grenade into a crowd of blacks.  On MLK day 2020, Joe Biden referred to Trump as "this president and his Ku Klux Klan..."  This is extremely evil when you understand that Biden knows his accusation is absurd and easily proven false.  Biden thought he was simply throwing the dumb black congregation a vote-winning racist dog biscuit.  As a black and grateful proud American, it turns my stomach the way Democrats repeatedly pander to us, pretending race relations in America have not progressed beyond the 1950s.  Irresponsibly, Hollywood, public education and fake news media join Democrats in selling black America their absurd lie that America is a hellhole of racism, overrun with white supremacists and KKK members.  It is all a huge scheme to keep blacks believing they are victims, voting for Democrats to keep rabid racist white America at bay.

Joe Biden Claims DACA Illegal Aliens 'More American than Most Americans'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that illegal immigrants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are "more American than most Americans" because they had "done well in school."  Biden, who recently said he believed drunk driving should not be crime that warrants deportation, made the statement during a campaign rally in Ames, Iowa.

Also posted under Lies about illegal immigration.

Not Just Hunter:  Widespread Biden Family Profiteering ExposedClinton Cash author Peter Schweizer is out with a new book, "Profiles in Corruption:  Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite," in which he reveals that five members of the Biden family, including Hunter, got rich using former Vice President Joe Biden's "largesse, favorable access and powerful position."  While we know of Hunter's profitable exploits in Ukraine and China — largely in part thanks to Schweizer, Joe's brothers James and Frank, his sister Valerie, and his son-in-law Howard all used the former VP's status to enrich themselves.

Pretending Hunter Biden Is Irrelevant.  The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump should begin with an indictment of the media.  The alleged crime committed by Trump revolves around his request that the president of Ukraine investigate Hunter Biden's shady business dealings with a corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company when Joe Biden was vice president.  That investigation might have been unnecessary had the news media chosen to do what they're supposed to do:  investigative journalism.

Biden's son was paid by MBNA while Joe backed bill.  During the years the senator supported legislation that was promoted by the credit card industry and opposed by consumer groups, Hunter Biden was paid by MBNA.  The New York Times reported that consultant work followed his departure in 2001 from the company, where he had been an executive.  Obama opposed the bankruptcy law, enacted in 2005, while Biden supported it.  David Wade, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, said that "after working in the Clinton administration in the Department of Commerce on Internet privacy and online commerce issues, Hunter consulted for five years as an expert on these very same issues at a time of enormous expansion in online banking."  He has to say that, doesn't he?

Joe Biden's Brother Frank Linked to Projects Receiving $54,000,000 in Taxpayer Loans from the Obama Administration — Despite No Experience.  Frank Biden, the youngest brother of former Vice President Joe Biden, saw his business interests benefit from millions of dollars in taxpayer loans to Caribbean nations during the Obama years.  The extensive overlap in Frank Biden's dealings and Obama-Biden foreign policy in Central America is exposed in Peter Schweizer's new book [...].

Here's How Joe Biden's Family Got Rich While He Was Vice-President.  There's a long history of politicians using their power to enrich their families, but according to Peter Schweizer, Joe Biden "emerges as the king of the sweetheart deal, with no less than five family members benefiting from his largesse, favorable access and powerful position for commercial gain."  These sweetheart deals include foreign partners and sometimes taxpayer dollars.  And it's not just his son Hunter Biden.  In a piece for the New York Post, Peter Schweizer details exactly how these Biden family members profited off of Joe's political career.

Running out of words to describe the impeachment sham.  Joe Biden is on videotape proudly recalling his promise (while serving as vice president of the United States) to withhold foreign aid from the Ukraine unless a Ukrainian prosecutor threatening to expose the corruption of Biden's son was promptly fired.  This is known as a quid pro quo:  you get rid of the prosecutor, and you get the money.  The quid pro quo was executed:  the prosecutor was fired, and the aid was released.  While Joe Biden was vice president of the United States.  "[T]he corruption of Biden's son" Hunter, which was at risk of exposure by the fired Ukrainian prosecutor, is irrefutable on the basis of publicly known information:  he was paid more than $50K per month to sit on the board of Burisma, a position for which he had absolutely no qualifications — except his last name.  This information is not the product of anyone "digging up dirt" on a political opponent; this is not even "dirt" in the sense of uncorroborated hearsay.  It is documented corruption, per se — in plain sight of anyone with a conscience.  It is self-evident; it is not remotely debatable.

Afghanistan Is Joe Biden's War.  Joe Biden often brags that he was Barack Obama's foreign affairs consigliere during their eight years together in the White House. [...] But as Obama's legacy on international affairs implodes under the glare of Donald Trump's brighter achievements, the role of Obama's self-proclaimed BFF and global guru deserves long-delayed scrutiny.  And no other Obama-era debacle merits more scrutiny than the war in Afghanistan, America's longest-running war that continues to cost young lives and tens of billions in U.S. tax dollars each year.  In an explosive series published last month in the Washington Post, "The Afghanistan Papers" provides firsthand accounts from the war's closest managers.  Dozens of interviews offer insight into how the conflict has been mishandled from the start; how intelligence has been politicized; and how top officials, including former commanders-in-chief, have deceived the public and Congress about the real status of the war.

Progressives Warn of a Great Deflation.  "Please don't make me vote for Joe Biden!" a flock of teenagers pleaded in a series of videos posted to the social-media app TikTok earlier this month.  But as the Iowa caucuses draw closer, a Biden nomination is looking more likely by the day.  Lefty groups are worried — and warning that a Biden win could crush the activist enthusiasm they're counting on to win in November.

How five members of Joe Biden's family got rich through his connections.  Political figures have long used their families to route power and benefits for their own self-enrichment.  In my new book, "Profiles in Corruption:  Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite," one particular politician — Joe Biden — emerges as the king of the sweetheart deal, with no less than five family members benefiting from his largesse, favorable access and powerful position for commercial gain.  In Biden's case, these deals include foreign partners and, in some cases, even U.S. taxpayer dollars.  The Biden family's apparent self-enrichment involves no less than five family members:  Joe's son Hunter, son-in-law Howard, brothers James and Frank, and sister Valerie.

Investigating Biden influence peddling didn't become illegitimate just because Joe ran for president.  [Scroll down]  One framing of this whole impeachment I've been thinking about but never put in words, is that Trump did nothing wrong by raising the issue of investigating the Bidens.  The son of the then-sitting Vice President of the United States received obvious payola from a Ukrainian company under investigation for corruption at a time that VP was responsible for U.S. policy toward Ukraine.  If Joe Biden were not running for president, would it have been improper — much less impeachable — for the successor President to ask for an investigation?  Of course not.  So why does it become improper just because Biden decided to run for president?  Does running for president create an immunity from investigation?

How Frank Biden leveraged his famous name for business gain.  In 2009, the year Joe Biden took office as vice president, a local business executive met the politician's younger brother, Frank, at a Starbucks in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and later asked him to become the president and front man for a fledgling charter school venture.  Frank Biden, a longtime real estate developer in the state, accepted the offer, and over the years, he touted his famous last name and prominent connections in Washington to help land the company a series of charter contracts from local officials in Florida to open charter schools, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars over a five-year period from the company in the process.

Biden Says He Would Consider Beto O'Rourke, Julian Castro as Potential Running Mates.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday [1/15/2020] that he would consider former 2020 contenders Beto O'Rourke and Julián Castro as running mates or members of his Cabinet should he get the party's nomination.  "I would consider either or both of them.  I've spoken to each of them," Biden told the Dallas Morning News.  "My plea to both of them is that they stay engaged.  They are talented, talented people."

Joe Biden's streak of being wrong on foreign policy continues, uninterrupted.  Early on Jan. 7, Biden was savaging Trump as "dangerously incompetent" for the strike that had killed Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps terrorist leader Gen. Qassem Soleimani a few days earlier.  Biden claimed that Trump was close to starting an "endless war in the Middle East" and that "this outcome of strategic setbacks, heightened threats, chants of 'death to America' once more echoing across the Middle East, [and] Iran and its allies vowing revenge — this was avoidable."  Of course, literally every part of Biden's statement was wrong.  Iranians loyal to the current regime have been chanting "death to America" for decades and were, in fact, doing so the very day Iran signed the nuclear agreement with Biden and his old boss, President Barack Obama.

Biden Says Obama's Nuclear Deal With Iran Was 'Working' Before Trump Pulled US Out.  Former Vice President Joe Biden said during Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate that the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran was working before voters elected President Donald Trump.  "I was part of that deal to get the nuclear agreement with Iran, bringing together the rest of the world, including some of the folks who aren't friendly to us, and it was working," Biden said at the debate.  "It was working.  It was being held tightly."  [Video clip]

Trump rallies feature tens of thousands but Biden can't even fill a room in Iowa.  By now, most Americans know that when President Donald Trump comes to town, there's going to be a huge crowd waiting to see him.  Americans line up by the tens of thousands days in advance, hoping they are lucky enough to get inside, let alone near the stage where the president speaks.  It's a phenomenon no Democrat has been able to match — last campaign cycle or this one.

Biden crowd
Is This a Funeral or a Rally?  Top Democratic Candidate Joe Biden Can't Fill a Living Room in Iowa.  There were 11 people in that room!

Book to Reveal How Biden Family Siphoned 'Millions in Taxpayer Cash' — Hunter Biden Just the 'Tip of the Iceberg'.  A forthcoming bombshell book from publishing giant HarperCollins will reveal how five members of Joe Biden's family — the "Biden Five" — siphoned tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer cash and guaranteed loans.  And the recent scandals involving Joe and Hunter Biden, Ukraine, and Burisma are just "the tip of the iceberg," say sources close to the publisher.

Joe Biden's free ride is over.  With actual primaries coming up soon and no sign his lead is disappearing, his top rivals Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have begun attacking his record — Sanders explicitly, and Warren with the release of a bankruptcy reform plan that would overturn one of the blackest marks on Biden's Senate career.  It's high time Biden's record got close scrutiny.

Joe Biden, The Democrats' Bag Man.  Joe Biden says he is 100% in favor of banning plastic bags in the U.S. At this point, it might be better to ask Biden and the rest of the Democrats running for president what they would allow Americans to have.  It would likely be a short list.  Biden's position on the issue was revealed last week at an Iowa campaign stop when a woman asked him about his "focus."  "In Kenya, we are trying to clean the environment, no plastic bags, you go with your own bags," she said.  Biden's response:  "I agree with you 100%.  We should not be allowing plastic, and what we should do is phasing it out."

After 9/11, Biden Wanted to Send $200 Million Check to Iran.  What's Biden's credibility on fighting terrorism?  As he criticizes President Trump, here's a flashback from a classic Joe moment.

Biden: Trump Does Not Get 'Benefit of the Doubt' on Iran.  On Tuesday's broadcast of MSNBC's "MTP Daily," during a preview clip of an exclusive interview with Lester Holt, 2020 presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden said he would not give President Donald Trump "the benefit of the doubt" on the administration's reasons for the killing of the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. [...] Biden said, "I don't give him the benefit of the doubt of anything."  Holt pressed, "You don't believe him?"  Biden said, "It could be true, but I don't give him the benefit of the doubt because he's lied so much about virtually everything."

The Editor says...
Here are some news articles about Joe Biden's lies: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22]

Joe Biden Confuses Iraq With Iran — Twice.  Former vice president and presidential hopeful Joe Biden confused Iraq with Iran twice while on the campaign trail on Tuesday [1/7/2020].  "Iran's parliament voted to eject all Americans and coalition forces from the country," Biden said at a rally in New York.  He made the mistake again when he said Trump threatened to get the United States into war with Iraq.

Investigator says Hunter Biden used identity of dead brother Beau to hide location.  A private investigator has claimed in an Arkansas paternity case that former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden tried to conceal his whereabouts by using the identity of his dead older brother Beau.  In a two-page court document, Dominic Casey, who has filed as a third-party intervener in the case and previously worked on Casey Anthony's defense team, stated that stolen identities were used to check Biden into an Arizona rehabilitation facility as Joseph R. Beau Biden III and Joseph McGee.  The identities were reportedly found by police after responding to reports of suspicious items inside a Hertz rental car on Oct. 28, 2018.

Trump Campaign Exposes Six Separate Foreign Policy Lies by Democrat Joe Biden.  From Iraq to Iran, Afghanistan to Ukraine, and everywhere in between, President Donald Trump's campaign says former Vice President Joe Biden has been lying nonstop about foreign policy in recent days in an attempt to revise history in his political favor.  The Democrat presidential frontrunner in 2020, Biden, has made a number of claims in recent days that are demonstrably untrue, ranging from false claims that the Iran deal during the Obama administration "solved" the problem of Iran to untrue claims that he was supportive of former President Obama's decision to launch the 2011 raid that finally killed Osama bin Laden.

The Editor says...
Mr. Biden is apparently willing to say anything, true or false, to get elected.  Just like the last two Democrat presidents!

Hunter Biden linked to 2016 identity theft involving deceased brother.  Newly submitted court documents link Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, to an identity theft case from 2016 when he was allegedly being checked into an unidentified Arizona facility.  The court papers were filed Monday in an Arkansas court as part of a paternity battle over a child the Hunter Biden shares with Lunden Roberts, who met the scandal-plagued businessman at a Washington, D.C., strip club where she worked.  While the question of whether or not Biden is a father is no longer an issue — a DNA test confirmed he is the baby's father — the parents are at odds over issues such as child support.

Biden Sided With Terror Leader Soleimani in Handing Control of Iraq to Iran.  Former vice president Joe Biden reportedly played a decisive role in enabling recently assassinated Iranian terror leader Qassem Soleimani to push the United States out of Iraq and deliver the country into the hands of Iran.  In 2010, as Iraq faced pivotal elections that decided the country's direction, Soleimani went to great lengths to ensure Iranian-backed politicians won control of the government, according to a comprehensive 2013 New Yorker profile of the terror leader by Dexter Filkins.

Biden now denies he told Obama not to launch Bin Laden raid in 2011.  Joe Biden is the only 2020 presidential candidate who was in the White House Situation Room as Navy SEALs descended on Usama bin Laden's Pakistan compound in 2011.  But a critical detail in his story about that mission has changed in the last eight years.  During a brief exchange with Fox News on Friday [1/3/2020], the former vice president was presented with a hypothetical situation similar to the one President Trump says he faced before ordering an airstrike to kill Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Hunter Biden's Blood Mine.  The Chinese company in which Hunter Biden held a stake invested in a Congolese mine that was the site of gross human rights abuses and at least one death.  Biden, son of Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden, joined the board of Chinese investment firm BHR in 2013, while his father served as vice president.  He purchased a 10 percent stake in the company in 2017 and maintained that stake even after he resigned from the board in October.

An Elephant in the Room on Biden and Burisma?  [Scroll down]  Putin wanted to right "the wrong" that Nikita Kruschev managed in 1954 by giving Crimea to the Ukraine.  Annexation was effected on March 26, 2014.  Less than two months later, Hunter Biden accepted a position on the Board of Burisma Holdings, a major energy company in Ukraine.  His business partner at Rosemount Seneca, Devon Archer, who was a roommate of John Kerry's stepson, Chris Heinz, and a campaign "baby bundler" for Kerry's unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2004, was also on Burisma's board.  Were these U.S. citizens who had ties to high level Obama Administration folks a needed conduit?  Another prominent name, Aleksander Kwasniewski, former president of Poland, also joined the Burisma board around the same time as Biden and Archer.

Joe:  Let Them Eat Code.  Joe Biden's "ancestors who worked in the coal mines in Northeast Pennsylvania and would come up after 12 hours and play football for four hours" frown upon his plan for miners to transition to code from coal.  So do Neil Kinnock's, who expressed disapproval first.  "Anybody who can go down 300 to 3,000 feet in a mine can sure [...] learn to program as well," Biden told an audience in Derry, New Hampshire, earlier this week.  "Give me a break!" he responded to skepticism of his job retraining suggestion for miners.  "Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, [...]!"  Biden's coal mining forebears noted that their jobs actually entailed extracting material from the earth, not tossing it into a furnace.  And Neil Kinnock's people made this precise point before Biden's did.

Creepy Joe is back:  Biden asks an 11 year old to 'talk to me before we leave, O.K.?  [Scroll down]  Is he a pervert?  Hard to say, but probably not, given that perverts usually get caught early.  He's certainly creepy, though, and he's done this many times.  He may have not noticed anything weird about what he said, but the rest of us do.  He may be oblivious, quite likely because he's showing signs of dementia and moving into his default modes, which are seen in people who acquire this condition.

The Mythology of Biden as a Moderate.  The other day Joe Biden claimed that he would consider a Republican running mate.  Right.  The chances of that happening are nil, given the hardcore leftist composition of the Democratic Party.  But Biden likes to feed the mythology that he is still a moderate.  The Trump campaign can't let him get away with that lie.  They should paint him early and often as a liberal Democrat who long ago lost touch with the Rust Belt. [...] It can't be repeated enough that "Climate Change" Joe doesn't [care] about the ruinous consequences of extreme environmentalism for Rust Belt industries.  His Climate Change plans read like something Al Gore might have scribbled to him in a note.  Biden is willing to sacrifice countless jobs in the name of an abstraction as absurd as "environmental justice."  He has endorsed the ludicrous "Green New Deal," and by 2050, he promises "net-zero emissions."  He also solemnly promises that he "will not accept contributions from oil, gas and coal corporations or executives," as if they are members of the mafia.

Judge in Hunter Biden's Arkansas paternity case abruptly recuses himself.  The circuit court judge overseeing Hunter Biden's paternity case, Don McSpadden, recused himself without reason on Tuesday, just days after a private investigation firm sought to intercede in the case.  D&A Investigations, based in Florida, filed a "Notice of Fraud and Counterfeiting and Production of Evidence" with the court on Dec. 23, claiming Hunter Biden "established bank and financial accounts with Morgan Stanley et al" for Burisma Holdings — where he served as a former board member — to satisfy a "money laundering scheme."

The Biden Papers:  Former Vice President Keeps Senate Documents Secret, Hidden from Public.  Thousands of documents pertaining to Joe Biden's nearly 40-year career in the U.S. Senate are still unavailable to the public after one of the preliminary release deadlines agreed to by the former vice president passed on Tuesday.  The documents, which purportedly fill 1,875 boxes and include 415 gigabytes of electronic records spanning Biden's time in Congress between 1973 through 2009, were to be made public on Dec. 31, 2019, according to an agreement the former vice president entered into with the University of Delaware in 2011 upon donating his papers to the institution.

Joe Biden Suggests Coal Miners Should Learn To Code.  Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Monday that displaced coal miners should learn to code.  "Anybody who can go down 3,000 feet in a mine can sure [...] learn to program as well," Biden said at a New Hampshire event Monday [12/30/2019].  He added later:  "Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, [...]!" Biden's adversarial posture toward the coal industry bears similarities to that of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who said her administration would "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business."

IRS Goes After Hunter Biden For Over $112,000 In Unpaid Taxes.  The IRS placed a tax lien on Hunter Biden, and his ex-wife Kathleen Biden, for a whopping $112,805 in unpaid taxes, according to a report from the Daily Caller.  Washington D.C. also placed a tax lien against Hunter Biden and his ex-wife for $48,929 in unpaid income taxes.  Both of the tax liens were filed to collect taxes dating back to 2015.  Shortly before 2015, Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, for which is was paid more than $700,000.

Hunter Biden file:  A brief Navy career.  Navy Ens.  Hunter Biden received a fitness report after his first two weeks as a public affairs officer, his personnel file shows.  Mr. Biden, who received an age waiver and was sworn in by his dad, Vice President Joseph R. Biden, at the White House, underwent a performance review six months later, according to his Fitness Report and Counseling Record.  But what his commanding officer said about him in 2013 is redacted in compliance with federal privacy laws that make performance evaluations off-limits for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.  Because Hunter Biden has become part of his father's story as he seeks the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, The Washington Times filed a FOIA request with Navy Personnel Command.  His file shows the first fitness report was done at the time of a pending drug test.  The second one, in November, came after the Navy told him he tested positive for cocaine.

Joe Biden: 'We're All Dead' if We Don't Stop Using Fossil Fuels.  Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed during a Sunday [12/29/2019] campaign event that "we're all dead" if fossil fuels continue to be used as one of the world's primary energy sources.  Biden made the apocalyptic pronouncement while discussing climate change before a crowd of supporters in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

The Editor says...
If we're all dead, politics is a waste of time, isn't it, Joe?  Fossil fuels are here to stay.  Deal with it.

Biden says he'd consider nominating Obama to the Supreme Court.  Joe Biden said he would nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if the former commander-in-chief was willing to do the job.  The former vice president, who served two terms under Obama, was answering questions during a campaign event Saturday in Washington, Iowa, when he was asked if he'd ever nominate the 44th president to the nation's highest court.  "If he'd take it, yes," Biden said in response.  The move, if Biden were elected as president in 2020, would make Obama the second president in American history to also serve as a Supreme Court justice.

Joe Biden panders to Obama on a Supreme Court slot.  In a departure from the Democratic Party candidate preoccupation of offering up ever bigger banquets of free stuff to voters, Joe Biden has said something that sticks out.  He'd offer a Supreme Court spot to former President Barack Obama, "if he'd take it."

The Editor says...
It would almost be worth the risk to see Barack H. Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro, squirm and perjure his way through the Senate confirmation hearings, before rejecting him.  I'd like to see Mr. Soetoro answer questions under oath about his Social Security number, his forged birth certificate, his Muslim faith, his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, and his invisible attendance at Columbia University.  I'd also like to see his college transcripts entered into evidence.  How about a surprise drug test?  How about some embarrassing questions about his whereabouts during the Benghazi raid?  Let's see how Mr. Soetoro stammers and stumbles his way through his answers to technical questions about the law.  He's supposed to be brilliant.  Let's find out.  Obama has said, in so many words, that one of his goals is "fundamentally transforming the United States of America."  He is the last person in this country who should sit on the Supreme Court.

An Armed Guard in a Texas Church Struck Down a Murderer Immediately; Joe Biden Called His Ability to Do So 'Irrational'.  As I wrote previously, there's no better example of the life-saving answer to a bad guy with the gun.  The church security guard answered immediately.  Because of that, any further loss of life was prevented.  But Joe Biden didn't want the guard to have a gun.  As reported by The Daily Wire, when Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law earlier this year permitting those within houses of worship to pack heat, Joltin' Joe called it "totally irrational."

Texas Church Killer Didn't Use the Left's Hated AR-15. He Used the Gun Joe Biden Recommended.  The Left continually pounds away at how ARs are "weapons of war" because they bear a resemblance to fully automatic weapons used by the military.  And they're scary looking.  Very scary.  But the killer didn't have a semi-automatic AR-15 in his coat as he approached one of the church leaders at the back of the sanctuary.  No, the gun he took up was a shotgun.

Spectacular Biden buffoonery revealed in the wake of Texans foiling attempted church massacre.  The Democrats' frontrunner for the presidential race is an embarrassment to the world's oldest political party.  I can only explain his polling lead by pointing to the pathetic group of competitors he faces.  To be charitable, I assume that Democrats are settling for him, not enthusiastically and affirmatively choosing him as the best possible candidate.  Biden has said and done many foolish things in the course of his long political career, but in the wake of heroic armed Texans taking down a shooter attempting mass murder, the following gem highlighted by OANN's Jack Posobiec takes the cake.  Just a few months ago, Biden actually attacked Texas Governor Greg Abbott as "irrational" for permitting church-goers to carry firearms.

Flashback: Joe Biden Recently Attacked the Governor of Texas for Allowing Church-Goers to Carry Weapons.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden recently attacked the governor of Texas for allowing church-goers to carry weapons when they go to worship.  His statements gained new relevance on Sunday after a gunman at West Freeway Church of Christ in northwest Texas was stopped by armed church-goers.  At least four people, including one security guard, pulled weapons in response to the shooter.

'Don't touch kids, you pervert!': Biden slammed by protesters at campaign rally.  Several audience members at Joe Biden's 2020 campaign rally in Milford, New Hampshire, lashed out at the former vice president, calling him a number of insults, including "pervert" and "quid pro Joe."  Biden, 77, was speaking on Sunday night ahead of the state's Feb. 11 Democratic primary, where he is trailing South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to RealClearPolitics.  A handful of those present interrupted the event on multiple occasions with heckles.

The Editor says...
Those who support Buttigieg are in no position to call Biden a pervert.

The IRS Placed Lien On Hunter Biden For About $113,000 In Unpaid Taxes From Year He Served On Burisma Board.  The IRS placed a tax lien on Hunter Biden seeking $112,805 in unpaid taxes from 2015, according to records the Daily Caller News Foundation obtained.  The federal agency issued the previously unreported lien in November 2018 and it seeks unpaid taxes for a year in which Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, served on the boards of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings and the Chinese private equity firm BHR Partners.

Biden 'Clarifies' Vow to Obstruct Congress, Claims 'No Legal Basis' to Testify About His Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine.  After facing substantial criticism for his recent vow not to comply with any Senate subpoena during an impeachment trial, Joe Biden's now kind-of-sort-of backtracking on that vow.  "I want to clarify something I said yesterday," Biden tweeted on Saturday.  "In my 40 years in public life, I have always complied with a lawful order and in my eight years as VP, my office — unlike Donald Trump and Mike Pence — cooperated with legitimate congressional oversight requests."

OAN Three Part Investigative Report on Ukraine, Corruption and Biden Family.  One America News produced a three part series on the Biden family financial attachment to the corruption in Ukraine.  Each segment in the series is nearly an hour long; they are presented below for viewer/reader reference and review.  One America News Investigates — Chanel Rion interviews several witnesses who destroy Adam Schiff's baseless impeachment case against President Trump.  In a three part exclusive report, Rudy Giuliani debunks the impeachment hoax and exposes Biden family corruption in Ukraine.  [Three video clips]

Jill Biden's open border Christmas message a slap in the face to dead officers.  The last time I checked, Joe Biden was running for president of the United States.  But his wife, Jill Biden, demonstrated where the beltway Democratic couple's allegiance and compassion are rooted this Christmas season:  Mexico.  Biden traveled to a camp in Matamoros on the southern border this week bearing gifts and meals for Central American migrants — all hoping to trespass across the border illegally or exploit our asylum system with the help of "Open Borders Inc." profiteers.  Biden was accompanied by the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.  Holiday spirit or something else?  Follow the money; find the truth.  For Catholic Charities, mass illegal and legal migration is a billion-dollar business.

Latinos Have Little Love for Joe Biden.  New polling shows that former Vice President Joe Biden is struggling mightily with Latino voters.  Although he's doing OK among white, Asian, and black Democrats, Hispanics don't want to have anything to do with the man.  And that spells trouble for him.  According to recent Insider polling, 55 percent of white people who say they'll vote in their state's Democratic primary say they're satisfied with him.  His support among Asians is almost the same, with 54 percent.  Among African American Democrats his support is truly high:  66% approve of him.  It's a different story with Latinos, however.  His approval rating among them is a paltry 40 percent.  As Business Insider explains, this is likely to hurt him "in two of the most important presidential primaries next year in Texas and California."

Biden clarifies remark that he will not comply with Senate subpoena.  Former Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday sought to "clarify" his prior remarks that he will not comply with a potential subpoena to testify in the Senate impeachment trial against President Trump.  The 2020 presidential hopeful on Friday had told the Des Moines Register that any testimony would draw attention away from Trump's alleged wrongdoing and let him off the hook.  "What are you going to cover?" Biden said in response to a question about the possibility of his participation in the trial.  "You guys are going to cover for three weeks anything that I said.  And (Trump's) going to get away."  But on Saturday [12/28/2019], he appeared to partially walk that answer back.

Biden: I Wouldn't Testify in Senate Impeachment Trial if Subpoenaed.  During an interview with the Des Moines Register on Friday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden stated that if he was subpoenaed to testify at the Senate's impeachment trial, he would not comply, and that if he testified it would create a "diversion" that would allow President Trump to "get away."  Biden explained that he wouldn't testify "because it's all designed to deal with Trump doing what he's done his whole life, trying to take the focus off him.  The issue is not what I did.  Not a single person, not one single person, even that thug Giuliani and his [unintelligible] compatriots have said I did anything other than my job. ... This is all about a diversion."

Well Well, Look Who Doesn't Want to Testify at a Senate Impeachment Trial.  It turns out that 2020 Democrat presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has no intention of testifying during a Senate impeachment trial against Donald Trump.  During a discussion with the Des Moines Register editorial board Friday, Biden said that even if he were subpoenaed for testimony, he wouldn't attend.

Watch Liberal Hack Jessica Tarlov Defend Crackhead Hunter Biden's $50,000 Monthly Stipend from Ukraine While Daddy was VP.  Democrats are now defending crack addict Hunter Biden's $50,000 monthly stipend from Ukraine's Burisma Holdings.  Will they defend his $1 billion pay-for-play with China next?

The Democrats Have Stuck Their Heads in a Meat Grinder.  It is already known that Biden's wastrel son was paid between $50,000 to $83,000 per month to serve on the board of Burisma Holdings, a company that was under investigation by Ukraine's attorney general.  It is also conclusively established by Biden's own ill-advised and dim-witted televised boast that he got that same prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. foreign aid.  According to Secret Empires: [...], by Peter Schweizer, in the last days of the Obama administration, Vice President Biden made a farewell trip to Ukraine, where he had served as the administration's point person.  It was then that Ukraine announced that it would halt its investigation into Burisma Holdings regarding the loss of $1.8 billion in U.S. foreign aid.  Was this massive theft connected with Hunter Biden's role on Burisma's board of directors and Joe Biden's demand that the investigating attorney general be fired?

Hunter Biden owns massive home in swanky Hollywood Hills, court docs reveal.  Recovering crack addict Hunter Biden owns a home in one of the swankiest neighborhoods in America, it was revealed Monday [12/23/2019].  The son of former Vice President Joe Biden shares a ZIP code in the Hollywood Hills with celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Christina Aguilera and Halle Berry, according to documents filed in Hunter's Arkansas paternity case.  The three-bedroom, three-bathroom mid-century home is valued at $2.5 million.

Hunter Biden allegedly linked to multiple criminal probes.  Hunter Biden is the subject of multiple criminal investigations related to "fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme," it's claimed in court documents filed Monday [12/23/2019] in his Arkansas paternity case.  The claims were put forward by a Florida-based private-eye firm, D&A Investigations, in Biden's ongoing case against alleged baby mama Lunden Alexis Roberts, a former Washington, DC, stripper who went by "Dallas."  Soon after the claims were filed, a judge struck the allegations down because they were filed by an "intervener," according to court papers.

Jill Biden Hands Out Christmas Gifts at Mexico Border Camp.  Former second lady Dr. Jill Biden, whose husband, former vice president Joe Biden, is running for the 2020 Democrat nomination, handed out tamales and Christmas gifts to migrants in Mexico as part of a visit with local leaders on Sunday [12/22/2019].  Biden toured a migrant camp across the border from Brownsville, Texas, home to over 2,000 asylum-seekers.

The Editor says...
Handing out tamales?  Isn't that presumptuously racist?  Wouldn't it be more appropriate to give each one a slice of pizza or a Big Mac?

Charlie Hurt riffs on 'absolutely amazing' Joe Scarborough theory that Hunter Biden scandal 'helps' his father.  Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt said MSNBC host Joe Scarborough came up with an "absolutely amazing" theory for how former Vice President Joe Biden is actually helped by the firestorm over his son Hunter's activity in Ukraine.  Hurt told host Jason Chaffetz on "Hannity" Friday that the only possible way it helps the former Delaware senator is because it keeps attention away from the 77-year-old's multiple gaffes.  Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida, claimed the Biden-Ukraine allegations show that President Trump is "freaked out" about the prospect of running against the elder Biden.

Media Defends Joe Biden's Manhandling Of Young Girls.  While the #MeToo era has brought down powerful men for alleged inappropriate conduct in recent years, the media exposed its double-standard when it comes to men they want to protect.  Former Vice President Joe Biden sparked criticism this year for his interactions with young girls earning the Democratic frontrunner the nickname "Creepy Uncle Joe."  While the media will eviscerate any man the progressive movement attempts to bring down with allegations of sexual harassment, most notably Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, the media went to bat to defend Biden who has been leading the Democratic primary field ever since.

Joe Biden Goes Woke: 'We Should Unionize McDonald's'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden pledged his support to unionize the fast food giant McDonald's on Thursday [12/19/2019], claiming it was a vital step to correct power imbalances in the American economy.  Biden, who often touts himself as a "union man" on the campaign trail, made the promise while speaking at a rally organized by the progressive organization Fight for 15 in Los Angeles, California.

The Editor says...
Socialists cannot stand to see capitalism succeed.  McDonald's symbolizes successful capitalism.

Hunter Biden allegedly refusing to answer 'basic' finance questions in paternity suit.  The mother of Hunter Biden's child says the son of former vice president and Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden is refusing to answer any questions pertaining to his "basic" lifestyle and finances as the hearing in their tumultuous paternity case approaches, court papers show.  Lunden Roberts and the younger Biden are embroiled in a bitter court battle in Arkansas surrounding their 16-month-old baby, whom Roberts has argued he should support, according to court records and multiple reports.

Biden Appeared Lost and Confused on Debate Stage in L.A.  Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden, the former vice president, had another terrible debate night, in my opinion.  He was confused, rambling — and at one point he was even facing the wrong direction.  He also thought Guantanamo Bay was Israel.

Joe Biden is coming for your job.  Seems it's not enough for the such leftists to come for your toilet paper, your salt shaker, your meat, your SUV, or your air conditioner, Biden wants your job, too.  Your livelihood.  All for your own good.  Oh sure, he promises to replace it with something else, something green, see, as the state central planners dictate.  We all know well that worked out last time Biden got his way and did what he could in the Obama administration to put coal miners out of business.

Democrats are sleepwalking into a Biden disaster.  Biden has so far run a lackluster at best campaign.  He is doing relatively few events, and often puts his foot (or his wife's fingers) in his mouth at the ones he does.  At debates and campaign events he routinely flubs details of current events or even his own campaign machinery.  His own campaign reportedly cut back on campaigning earlier in the year for fear of negative press, and his allies have suggested he do the same.  Biden can't even raise much money, despite his deep-pocketed connections from a career as a handmaiden for the corporations that use Delaware as a flag of legal convenience.

'Lot of issues': Former Obama doctor says Biden is 'not a healthy guy'.  Former President Barack Obama's once-longtime doctor said the medical records Joe Biden's campaign disclosed are concerning and incomplete.  "He's not a healthy guy," Dr. David Scheiner, who was Obama's personal physician for the 22 years before he became president, concluded after reading the records.  "He's not in bad shape for his age, but I wouldn't say he's in outstanding health.  Could I guarantee he won't have issues for the next four years?  He has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there."

Hundreds of Obama Alumni Stab Joe Biden in the Back, Endorse Warren.  Hundreds of Obama administration and campaign alumni are turning their backs on Joe Biden to support Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) in the Democratic presidential primary.  Former Barack Obama aides Sara El-Amine and Jon Carson collected more than 200 signatures from former Obama staffers endorsing Warren, CNN reports.  El-Amine and Carson both worked on Obama's 2008 campaign, but the group they assembled to publicly back Warren includes a range of officials from the Obama era.

Ted Cruz:  President Trump should be able to call Hunter Biden as Senate impeachment witness.  As the House prepares to send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, much is being discussed about how the GOP should handle it.  Senator Ted Cruz says both sides should get a fair shake.  That includes President Trump, who the Senator from Texas believes should be able to call whatever witnesses he wants.  Two names he mentioned in this interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos were controversial figures at the center of this whole mess:  Hunter Biden and the whistleblower.

Rudy Giuliani, back from Ukraine, says he has evidence of money laundering involving Biden.  Rudy Giuliani has taken a lot of flak from both parties, so let's hope he is on solid ground here.  Given the fact he used to be the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Rudy certainly knows a lot about evidence.  He's been tweeting, and last night went on Laura Ingraham's Fox News show for a 15 minute segment [...]

Lindsey Graham insists that the Bidens and Burisma have no place in a Senate impeachment trial.  I admit that I have been lusting after a long Senate impeachment trial in which the Democrats would be put on trial, particularly Joe Biden's confession that he bullied Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was investigating the bribes of millions of dollars in director's fees paid to his degenerate druggie son, Hunter.  But it is worth considering whether or not a Senate impeachment trial is the proper venue for getting to the exposure of the corruption.  Senator Lindsey Graham is making the argument that the impeachment trial is the wrong place for the Biden inquiry.

Latvian government says it flagged 'suspicious' Hunter Biden payments in 2016.  As the U.S. presidential race began roaring to life in 2016, authorities in the former Soviet republic of Latvia flagged a series of "suspicious" financial transactions to Hunter Biden and other colleagues at a Ukrainian natural gas company and sought Kiev's help investigating, according to documents and interviews.  The Feb. 18, 2016 alert to Ukraine came from the Latvian prosecutorial agency responsible for investigating money laundering, and it specifically questioned whether Vice President Joe Biden's younger son and three other officials at Burisma Holdings were the potential beneficiaries of suspect funds.  "The Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity ... is currently investigating suspicious activity of Burisma Holdings Limited," the Latvian agency also known as the FIU wrote Ukraine's financial authorities.

Could Joe Biden change the presidential campaign with an historic promise?  Joe Biden, who is 77 years old now, made it clear the other day he has no plans to serve only four years if elected president.  "I don't have plans on one term," said Biden, who would be 82 at the end of it.  Note the politician's careful phrasing: "no plans."  Thoughts, perhaps.  But no plans.  There's been a lot of recent buzz about that.  Such a vow now would be a thoroughly dumb idea, clearly.  Why presumptuously give up something today that you don't actually have?

The Editor says...
First of all, how much can you trust a presidential candidate's promises?  Second, how much can you trust the average Democrat's promises?  Third, how far can you trust Joe Biden?

Biden claims he marched to protest segregation.  Where's the proof?  Biden, who prides himself on his relationship with black voters, clearly benefits from his eight years of service to the popular Barack Obama.  But do most blacks know that for decades Biden has bragged about "marching" and "protesting" to fight to "desegregate movie theaters and things like that" — and that there is zero evidence of any of this?

Giuliani Reveals Evidence Gathered on Trip to Ukraine, Hungary; If Allegations Are True, It Will End Biden's Candidacy.  Rudy Giuliani, a personal attorney for President Trump, recently returned from an evidence-gathering trip to Kiev, Vienna, and Budapest.  He was accompanied by a crew from OAN News led by Chanel Rion. [...] Since his return, Giuliani has been busy preparing a report "on Joe and Hunter Biden's corruption in Ukraine" for Attorney General William Barr, the results of information he has "garnered through hours of research."  And on Sunday [12/15/2019], through a series of tweets, he revealed some of what he has learned, writing that this only scratches the surface.

Giuliani Drops Bombshells Revealing Huge Money Laundering Operation Involving Bidens, Burisma.  Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani taunted the Deep State-Democrat-media complex Sunday morning and said he will be sharing evidence he "has garnered through hundreds of hours of research." [...] Rudy Giuliani traveled to Hungary and Ukraine a couple weeks ago and met with officials in Kiev in his ongoing efforts to expose corruption and pay-to-play schemes involving the Biden crime family and other Democrats.

Schweizer: Biden's Son Cashed In On VP Being Point Man For Obama In Ukraine And China.  Wednesday [12/11/2019] on FNC's "Special Report," author Peter Schweizer spoke about allegations of corruption against former Vice President Joe Biden involving his son's business dealings in Ukraine and China.  In his book, "Secret Empires:  How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends" Schweizer makes the case that Hunter Biden took advantage of his father being the Obama administration's point man for dealing with Ukraine and China to land lucrative business deals in those countries that he would otherwise have been unable to make.  "Joe Biden is appointed the point-person to two countries on policy:  China and Ukraine.  And in both of those countries, they happen to be the epicenters of Hunter Biden's business activities," Schweizer explained.

Joe Biden Falsely Boasts About Getting GOP Votes for Obamacare.  Former Vice President inaccurately claimed on Saturday [12/14/2019] that he helped convince Republicans to vote in favor of the Affordable Care Act.  Biden, who has a history of embellishing his political accomplishments, made the claim while boasting about his ability to forge bipartisan consensus during a campaign rally in San Antonio, Texas.

Biden: Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Shooter Was Wrong To Have A Gun.  During a question and answer session on NBC's "Today" show, former vice president and rumored presidential 2020 contender Joe Biden said the hero who stopped the Texas church shooter earlier this month should not have been allowed to carry an AR-15. [...] Biden apparently doesn't think guns are useful for self-defense and protecting others, even though police and soldiers can't stop bad guys without guns, and neither can private citizens.  Public records are replete with instances of private citizens enjoying protection against evil when armed.

Judge Orders Hunter Biden to Open His Books, Disclose Bursima Cash; Baby Mama Demands Secret Service for Son.  Well, that's one way to find out how much Hunter Biden made at his cushy board position at Burisma and at other foreign companies: his woman scorned.  A judge has ordered Biden to open his books and tax returns to show his 16-month-old son's mother — a stripper — how much child support he can pay.  The Daily Mail reports exclusively that Biden will be put under oath in a deposition before Christmas to show how much he made for being Joe Biden's son.  She already had to go to court to prove that the 49-year-old-son of former vice president Joe Biden was the father.

Joe Biden Promises To Restore Obama's Disastrous Campus Kangaroo Courts.  Joe Biden has learned nothing from the Title IX due process disaster plaguing America's campuses.  The former vice president has released a plan on his website to restore the Obama administration's infamous 2011 Dear Colleague letter, which Biden's plan describes as outlining how to "fairly conduct Title IX proceedings."  In reality, the Dear Colleague letter introduced a monstrously unfair process that has forced hundreds of young men to sue for their rights — and reputations — in federal courts.  An accused's rights to confront his or her accuser through cross examination and to have a neutral adjudicator have long been considered the very basics of due process.  In the name of protecting women, the 2011 guidance encouraged universities to abandon these well-tested pillars in favor of a single-investigator model, in which a Title IX administrator both elicits the stories from the involved parties and rules on the outcome.  The Dear Colleague letter also pushed universities into lowering the standard of proof and discouraged any kind of cross examination that might probe discrepancies in an alleged victim's story.

Revealed: Hunter Biden 'possession of controlled substance' charge kept under wraps while father led drug war from Senate.  Joe Biden's son Hunter was arrested on Jersey Shore drug charges in 1988 and had his record expunged at a time when his father was pushing for the incarceration of drug offenders drawn disproportionately from minority groups.  Congressional records reveal that Hunter Biden, now 49, was arrested in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, where the Biden family has often holidayed over the years, in June 1988.  Hunter Biden, then 18, had just graduated from the prestigious Archmere Academy prep school, which his father had also attended.  The former vice president and his wife Jill have often been spotted on trips to Stone Harbor.  The arrest has not previously been reported.

Hunter Biden's baby mama will get to grill the vice president's son under oath about money he made from Burisma.  Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden's baby, will get to grill Joe Biden's scandal-ridden son under oath about his finances while he was on the board of an Ukrainian oil company, according to court papers obtained exclusively by  Biden, 49, is expected to bring all his financial records as Robert's legal team plans to question him about his monthly earnings serving as a board member for Burisma.  The two are currently engaged in a high-profile paternity case after Roberts, 28, filed suit against Biden in May, seeking child support for their 16-month-old child.

Joe Biden?  Seriously?  The establishment narrative on Joe Biden is, to put it mildly, malarkey.  Gropey J actually is everything the liberals accuse Donald Trump of being — bizarre, vulgar, dumb, corrupt, incompetent, and utterly unfit to be president.  But yet the Creepy Veepy is so much more.  In the last month, this totally not-senile, not-at-all-weird guy has assembled a track record of freaky behavior [...]

Joe Biden Still Can't Answer Basic Questions About Hunter and Burisma.  When Joe Biden was America's point man for Ukraine policy, an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, started paying his son Hunter $50,000 a month to sit on its board.  By Hunter's own account — and that of another board member — Hunter would never have been offered this lucrative gig had he not been the son of the U.S. vice-president.  There is no evidence that Hunter ever lobbied his father on Burisma's behalf, and the elder Biden reportedly made life harder for his son's employer by helping to oust a Ukrainian prosecutor who'd taken a hands-off approach to corruption.  But this much is beyond dispute:  By taking the job at Burisma, Hunter exploited his father's public power for private gain in a manner that undermined U.S. interests, according to several Obama-administration officials.  The State Department's George Kent testified last month that Hunter's role at Burisma risked creating "the perception of a conflict of interest" that could undermine America's standing when it pushed for anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine.  Kent says he raised this concern with the vice-president's staff in 2015.  Another Obama-administration official, Amos Hochstein, says he raised the issue with Joe Biden himself that same year.

Biden Claims Ignorance of Son's Work in Ukraine.  Former Vice President Joe Biden said that he doesn't know what his son Hunter Biden was doing in his five years of work for Ukrainian energy company Burisma, and that he doesn't want to know, either.  "I don't know what he was doing," Biden, 77, told Axios about his 49-year-old son.  "I know he was on the board.  I found out he was on the board after he was on the board.  And that was it."

Biden signals to aides that he would serve only a single term.  Former Vice President Joe Biden's top advisers and prominent Democrats outside the Biden campaign have recently revived a long-running debate whether Biden should publicly pledge to serve only one term, with Biden himself signaling to aides that he would serve only a single term.  While the option of making a public pledge remains available, Biden has for now settled on an alternative strategy: quietly indicating that he will almost certainly not run for a second term while declining to make a promise that he and his advisers fear could turn him into a lame duck and sap him of his political capital.

Hunter Biden's Child Support Case Just Got Interesting:  The Mother Wants Answers About Burisma.  Last month, a DNA test confirmed that Hunter Biden is the father of a child born in August 2018.  The mother, Luden Roberts, reportedly worked at Mpire Gentlemen's Club in Washington, D.C., where Biden frequented.  That's how the two allegedly met.  Roberts has, understandably, gone after Biden for child support, health care and legal fees.  Biden filed a motion in the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence for a protective order to shield his financial records from being made public a few weeks ago.  A judge demanded both Roberts and Biden hand over five years worth of financial records, meaning he has to reveal his position at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma and just how much money they paid him, Daily Mail reported.  It has been estimated that he was paid anywhere between $50,000 to $83,000 a month to sit on Burisma's board, despite having no natural energy experience.

OAN Investigative Report:  Ukraine, Biden, and Far-Left Media Malpractice.  This is Deep State chicanery exposed for all the world to see — IF they are willing to pay attention.  When the far-left media claims there is "no evidence" of wrongdoing by Joe Biden, Ukraine, Obama administration officials, etc., they are pushing an outright lie.  The evidence is clear, it's available, and it's incredibly damning to the wrongdoers involved as is so clearly outlined in the following OAN news report:  [Video clip]

'Trust Us,' the Bidens Said.  Begin with the premise that there's no good way for presidential candidate Joe Biden to address the issues that arose from his son Hunter's work for Burisma Holdings.  The former vice president isn't going to throw his son under the bus, and Hunter can't resign from his position as a Biden offspring.  In mid-October, Hunter Biden did a defiant television interview, declaring he had "no regrets" about anything he did with Burisma.  Joe Biden can't contradict his son and admit that Hunter shouldn't have taken the position on the company board.

How Joe Biden Gets Away With Calling A Voter A Fat, Dumb, Liar.  Everyone was buzzing last week about Joe Biden's confrontation with a voter in Iowa who had the temerity to ask about son Hunter's extremely lucrative job on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma — a job Hunter Biden received one month after his father was named the Obama administration's "point person" on Ukraine.  Biden, obviously, did not take well to the suggestion he had enabled corruption by his son.  As a general rule, I'd like to see more bare-knuckles between politicians and voters in campaign settings, but the real revelation here is that Joe Biden is totally, utterly unprepared to answer obvious difficult questions he's going to have to answer in a presidential campaign.

Biden claims he has the most diverse staff — but won't back it up.  Former Vice President Joe Biden claims to have "the most diverse staff of anybody running" but his campaign won't prove it.  Biden made the sweeping assertion in an interview with NPR this week while campaigning in Iowa.  But when presented with staff diversity figures from other campaigns, Biden's campaign declined to release its own numbers.

Obama and Biden:  Three Scandals, One Day.  The Democrats' Ukrainian impeachment gambit is backfiring on Joe Biden.  The three-time presidential hopeful is getting awfully testy with voters and journalists who dare to confront Biden about his son's ghost-payrolling gig for a corrupt Ukrainian energy company while dad was vice president and acted as President Obama's point man for that country.  Biden taunted an Iowa farmer during a campaign event for raising questions about Hunter Biden's lucrative Burisma board seat; over the weekend, he repeatedly scolded a female NPR reporter who pressed him on the matter.  (An outrageous display that would now dominate headlines had it been President Trump.)  But Biden's in-your-face reaction when presented with valid inquiries about his son's multi-million-dollar patronage job, a post that he surrendered this year only after the senior Biden announced his run for president, is telling:  This is how you behave when the press runs cover for you and your boss for more than a decade.

Former Ukraine Prosecutor Shokin:  Joe Biden "Outraged We Seized Burisma Assets", Could No Longer Pay His Son.  Rudy Giuliani traveled to Ukraine with OAN investigative journalist Chanel Rion.  The U.S. media are going absolutely bananas after finding out Giuliani is now gathering even more information about Joe and Hunter Biden's corrupt endeavors within Ukraine.  In [a recent] interview former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin spoke to OAN about Joe Biden's direct role in getting his office to stop investigating his son Hunter.  The problem for Joe Biden was when Shokin seized all of Burisma's assets the Ukranian gas company could no longer pay his son Hunter Biden.  So the vice president demanded Shokin be removed.  [Video clip]

Biden Snaps at Reporter Asking About His Son Hunter and Burisma.  Creepy Grandpa Joe is used to reporters throwing softballs at him so he snapped when Axios founder Mike Allen asked him about his crooked son Hunter and the millions he made sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings.  Mike Allen, during an 'Axios on HBO' interview, confronted Biden about his son Hunter and his multi-million dollar gig sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company.

Tabloid-worthy Hunter Biden undercuts father's 'No Malarkey' mojo.  Hunter Biden's name is ringing throughout the political universe — from the halls of Congress to the annals of social media and the cornfields of Iowa, messing with former Vice President Joseph R. Biden's "No Malarkey" mojo in the Democratic presidential race.  The 49-year-old has emerged as a central character in the impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill and is complicating life for Mr. Biden on the campaign trail.  Questions about Hunter's tabloid-worthy personal life, as well as his cushy position on the board of a Ukranian energy company, are muddying his father's message.

Joe Biden Contradicts Top Adviser, Claims Was Never Warned About Burisma.  Joe Biden is claiming staffers never warned that his youngest son's role with Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas conglomerate, posed a conflict of interest — contradicting one of his top advisers.  The former vice president, who is increasingly under pressure from voters to explain Hunter Biden's wheeling and dealing overseas, told NPR in an extensive interview on Friday that his staff never brought the issue to his attention.

The Editor says...
Having a "staff" apparently makes a man really stupid, to the point that he knows nothing unless the staff tells him.

Hunter-Ukraine questions cloud Biden tour.  Joe Biden has two methods of responding to questions about his son's controversial business dealings in Ukraine:  denial and anger.  But so far, Biden doesn't have a clear and cogent message — and Iowa voters are starting to take notice, especially after his fiery encounter Thursday with a retired farmer who advanced the unfounded claim that the former vice president played a role in landing his son a job at a Ukrainian gas company.

The Elephant in the Spin Room.  As counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney and in management roles in Lamar Alexander's and John McCain's failed presidential campaigns, Republican strategist Schmidt has done more to advance the Left's political fortunes than almost any Democratic strategist.  No one knows better than Steve Schmidt what it takes to defeat Republicans.  And now, fresh from helping Howard Schultz's presidential campaign implode, he's rejoined the MSNBC team to bestow his analytical gift on the remaining Democratic contenders, such as they are.  The panel listened intently as Schmidt, in his authoritative monotone, insisted that former vice president Joe Biden had his strongest debate performance yet, glossing over Biden's age-related word garbling and the monumental gaffe of his forgetting that the woman of color two podia to his left was an African-American senator.  Undeterred, Schmidt maintained that Biden doesn't actually need to win any debates.  He simply has to "survive" the debates.

Biden Supported Welfare Work Requirements in 1996, Now Calls Them 'Morally Bankrupt'.  Responding to news that an estimated 700,000 Americans could be removed from welfare rolls by a recently announced federal rule, Biden took to Twitter to say, "This administration is morally bankrupt."  He joined dozens of other Democrats who have expressed outrage at the change, which is meant to reduce SNAP rolls and which swelled after the Great Recession.  During his time as a senator, however, Biden was a major backer of work requirements for welfare.  In particular, he supported the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, the Clinton-era overhaul of the federal welfare system widely seen as ushering in "workfare" in the United States.  Speaking in defense of the bill, he heralded it as a victory for the idea that "work should be the premise of our welfare system" and noted that he had pushed for such a reform before his first presidential run in 1988.

Vote For Me You Lying Racist!  [Scroll down]  This is by no means the only time the former Vice President has become abusive to a voter at a campaign event.  A couple of weeks earlier at a South Carolina Democratic event, immigration activist Carlos Rojas Rodriguez reminded Biden that many thousands of families had been separated while he was vice president.  Biden interrupted him by barking, "You should vote for Trump."  This motivated Rodriguez to write in the Nation that this attitude had eroded his faith in the Democratic Party.  The dangers of such behavior toward voters are evidently lost on the former VP.  Yet Biden's contempt for inconvenient voters isn't unique among prominent Democrats.

Joe Biden's Most 'Courageous' Moments.  [Scroll down]  Biden bravely defended his renegade son Hunter after an Iowa voter accused him of helping Hunter win a lucrative seat on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. [...] It was not the first time Biden had insulted the intelligence of a voter.  During his first failed presidential campaign in 1988, he accosted a voter who asked about allegations that Biden had inflated his college resume, saying:  "I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do."

The only thing President Trump has smashed is the Deep State Uniparty Fake News status quo, and the political career of Hillary Clinton.
John Kerry Endorses Joe Biden for President to Fix 'the World that Donald Trump has Smashed Apart'.  "The world is broken," Kerry told The Washington Post.  "Our politics are broken.  The country faces extraordinary challenges.  And I believe very deeply that Joe Biden's character, his ability to persevere, his decency and the experiences that he brings to the table are critical to the moment.  The world has to be put back together, the world that Donald Trump has smashed apart."

The Party of Lyin'.  [Scroll down]  When it comes to Obama Vice President Joe Biden, still the national front-runner, it's often hard to distinguish the deliberate untruths from the gaffes, but he is renowned for one of the most false claims in campaign history, plagiarizing ex-British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock's account of his rise from rags to political power.  In one fell swoop Biden destroyed his own candidacy for president for 1988.  Now, with his son Hunter Biden inseparable from the Democrats' drive to impeach Trump, voters will have a difficult time believing his claimed ignorance of what his troubled son was up to on the board of a shady Ukrainian energy company, being paid a fortune yet having no expertise of any discernible value.  Meanwhile, his father was a heartbeat away from the presidency, bullying Ukraine's government, by all appearances to protect the firm.

It must have been the shills' day off.
Biden campaign stop turns into embarrassing Sleepy Joe ad when tiny crowd won't get excited.  Democrat candidate Joe Biden is in the midst of an 8-day, 18-county tour in the Corn State as he attempts to revive his flagging presidential campaign there ahead of the state's all-important February 3 caucuses.  Iowa is the first official measure by voters of the Democrat candidates.  "Come on, you can do better than that!" the staffer pleaded before Biden's appearance.  "Fire it up!" he repeatedly shouted.  "Ready to go," the seated gathering insisted.

Joe Biden: 'I don't need an Obama endorsement'.  Joseph R. Biden says he doesn't need his former boss's endorsement.  In an interview Monday [12/2/2019] with Politico, the former vice president said having had that post under President Barack Obama is as much help as he needs.

Democrats Want to Manage, Not Represent, the People.  It's telling that the best the ossified establishment has to offer is Joe Biden, a man who, like the ruling class that produced him, appears not only to be losing touch with reality but is so lacking in convictions that his unwieldy attempts to appear downhome can only inspire mockery.

Hunter Biden's lawyers want to pull out of his paternity case.  Hunter Biden was a no-show for an Arkansas court hearing Monday in the paternity case against him — as his lawyers unexpectedly filed papers saying they'd been fired, according to reports.  The motion by Biden's attorneys to withdraw from his case was filed moments before the scheduled hearing in Independence County Circuit Court in Batesville, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  Former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and two co-counsels cited an unspecified "irreconcilable conflict" and also said Biden's "personal attorney" had "advised undersigned counsel of discharge," the paper said.

If he were a Republican, the Democrats would say this man was unfit for public office.
Joe Biden Stuns Crowd by Talking about Kids Playing with His Hairy Legs.  During an earlier campaign stop in Wilmington, Delaware Joe Biden went off script.  He went WAY OFF script.  While speaking to a black audience Joe Biden suddenly started babbling about children stroking his hairy legs in the pool and how much he loves to have children on his lap.

Clip of Joe Biden Sharing Story of Young Kids Rubbing His Hairy Legs in the Pool Goes Viral.  Joe Biden seems to be making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days.  First, he bit his wife's finger for some reason while she was giving a speech.  On Sunday, an old video clip of him is making the rounds on social media.  "And by the way, you know, I sit on the stand, and it gets hot," Biden explained.  "I got hairy legs that ... turn blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and watch the hair come back up again.  They'd look at it.  So, I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap, and I've loved kids jumping on my lap."  You think I'm kidding?  Here's the video:  [Video clip]

Polish Former President:  Hunter Biden Got Burisma Job Due to Family Name.  A prominent member of the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian oil and gas conglomerate at the center of the impeachment inquiry, admitted on Friday that Hunter Biden was tapped to join the company because of his father's political influence.  Aleksander Kwasniewski, a former president of Poland who joined Burisma's board around the same time as the younger Biden, told the Associated Press it was normal for corporations to seek out well-connected figures for advisory positions.  The former president admitted that both he and Hunter Biden secured their posts with Burisma, which at times paid as much as $83,000 per month, due to the influence afforded by their names.

Farmer who ignored Biden in Iowa diner becomes conservative hero.  Some conservatives praised an Iowa farmer after an image of him snubbing Democratic presidential Joe Biden made the rounds on social media.  The picture, shared by Politico reporter Natasha Korecki, shows a man focused intently on a college football game as the former vice president approaches his table during a campaign stop. [...] The man was not moved by Biden's presence and also seemed uninterested in the activity of reporters and flashing cameras.

Biden's running mate.  If Joe Biden gets the Democratic nomination, it's a good bet he will select a woman as his running mate.  Biden has mentioned four women he might pick.  They are Sally Yates, Stacey Abrams, Jeanne Shaheen, and Maggie Hassan. [...] Indeed, it's not likely that he would pick any of the four women he mentioned.  I think the odds are probably better that he would pick one of the women currently running against him — either Amy Klobuchar or Kamala Harris.

Why Michelle Obama may jump into the race.  There are three reasons for believing this.  First and most obvious is the current field of contenders for the Democrat nomination.  As has often been said, they resemble occupants in a clown car that tumble out together for their periodic debates.  The emotion that they instill in the general public is not one of enthusiasm but fear.  The most seemingly stable among the Democrat field is former Vice President Joe Biden.  But Slow Joe is terminally plagued with a cloud of corruption hanging over his head.  This cloud can only grow thicker as more information about Biden's corrupt dealings in China, Ukraine and beyond come out.  Joe also shows early signs of dementia which doesn't help his case.  Although Biden is said to lead in national polls, his candidacy has the stench of political death about it.

The Ukrainian Boogie-Woogie and Going on Offense.  George Parry, former DOJ/FBI and state prosecutor/attorney, is a well-regarded blogger, and writer at many newspapers, but also American Spectator and The Federalist. [...] Parry says the conversation between Presidents Trump of USA and Zelensky of Ukraine are like the lower level conversations between FBI and Foreign law enforcement officials on matters of mutual interest — coordination on corruption investigations and criminal activities as a part of foreign affairs.  This makes sense, doesn't it?  So, if the perp is a candidate for office in the US or the problem is created by that candidate's son, is the candidate or the son immunized?  Are candidates or their relatives above the law?  Is the President of the United States, the chief law enforcement officer of the US of A constrained from inquiring into the matter of illegal or corrupt activities?

Clarence Thomas Says 'The Modern-Day Liberal' Tried To Stop His Career.  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas doesn't blame white supremacists for trying to derail his career — he points his finger at "the modern-day liberal," a group that includes former Vice President Joe Biden.  Thomas expounds on this theme in the upcoming documentary, "Created Equal:  Clarence Thomas in His Own Words," a copy of which was obtained by ABC News Thursday.  He spends a lot of time talking about his still controversial confirmation to the Supreme Court by the Senate Judiciary Committee — whose chairman at the time was Democratic Delaware Sen. Biden.

Hunter Biden hoping to keep finances under wraps in child-support case.  Hunter Biden is hoping to keep his financial situation under wraps as he responds to legal claims that he's cheated an ex-stripper out of support and health care costs for their baby, a report said.  Biden filed a request to seal all financial records in the paternity case in Arkansas this week, the Daily Mail reported.  Biden's lawyers argue that media organizations have been covering the case, and that the likelihood his personal financial records could "be used in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceedings is exceedingly high and should not be tolerated by the court," according to the records obtained by the Mail.

Hunter Biden suspected of smoking crack in DC strip club's VIP room.  Hunter Biden was suspected of smoking crack inside a strip club where he dropped "thousands of dollars" during multiple visits — at the same time he held a seat on the board of a controversial Ukrainian natural gas company, The [New York] Post has learned.  The incident, which took place at Archibald's Gentlemen's Club in Washington, DC, late last year, represents the most recent alleged drug use by Biden, 49, who has acknowledged six stints in rehab for alcoholism and addiction that included a crack binge in 2016.  Workers at Archibald's, located about three blocks north of the White House, said Biden was a regular there, with two bartenders and a security worker all instantly recognizing his photo and one worker identifying him by name.

Hunter Biden's 'baby mama' Lunden Roberts was stripper at club he frequented.  The woman suing Hunter Biden for paternity was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club he frequented around the time he was dating his brother's widow, sources told The [New York] Post.  Biden was repeatedly seen at the Mpire Club in the capital's historic Dupont Circle neighborhood — where Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of his alleged love child, worked under the stage name "Dallas," the sources said.  "He was well-known," a source said of Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic front-runner to challenge President Trump next year.

Are Thought Crimes Impeachable?  In the Ukrainian melodrama, Trump is accused of the thought crime of considering the withholding of military assistance unless Ukraine investigated possible Ukrainian tampering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and also former Vice President Joe Biden's intervention in Ukrainian politics on behalf of his son.  Biden had bragged at a Council on Foreign Relations conference that his threats to withhold non-military assistance to Ukraine led to the dismissal of a prosecutor, Viktor Shokin.  It turns out Shokin may have been considering an investigation of the energy company where Biden's son Hunter had been given a lucrative position on the board of directors. [...] Is thinking about cutting off military aid to Ukraine a greater crime than declining to provide Ukraine with significant military aid?

Lindsey Graham is quite right to investigate the Bidens, Burisma.  Sen. Lindsey Graham, in a series of tweets, said Congress ought to quit the impeachment madness and take a deeper look at Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings and so forth and so on — and he's right.  That's after he called for a Senate investigation into the Bidens and Burisma and whether the money trail of one to the other led to any sort of quid pro quo with Ukraine's government and so forth and so on — and again, on asking these questions, he's quite right.

Biden's senior Latina adviser quits in frustration.  A senior Joe Biden campaign staffer in charge of outreach to Latino, African-American and women's groups has quit her post, telling two allies she was frustrated over her lack of input and with the presidential candidate's immigration rhetoric.  Vanessa Cárdenas, the most senior Latina Biden staffer, had been serving as national coalitions director since the campaign formally announced its existence April 25.

Biden Can't Defend Himself as He Gets Heat at His Own Rally.  Biden just looks like a tired old man here.  All he wants to do is deport people who have committed felonies, but his audience thinks even that is going too far.  [Video clip]

The Bidens don't get a free pass.  While Joe Biden was the sitting vice president, his son, Hunter Biden, received a very lucrative job as a board member of a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company, despite not having any expertise in this area.  During the time of Hunter's employment, the activities of the company were investigated for corruption by the Ukrainian government.  Joe Biden used his political power to threaten to withhold billions of dollars from the Ukrainian government if they did not fire the prosecutor who was, as it happened, investigating the allegedly corrupt company that had hired Hunter.  These are the hard and true facts, and they speak to the only quid pro quo we are certain of in this entire spectacle.

Report: GOP Senators Seek Treasury 'Suspicious Activity Reports' on Ukraine and Hunter Biden.  Republican lawmakers sent a letter to the United States Treasury to inquire about "suspicious activity reports" related to former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, and his employment with Ukrainian energy empire Burisma. [...] Reuters noted in its report that Hunter Biden served on the board of directors for Burisima, which has been investigated for corruption.  The younger Biden served on the board while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States.

Biden Family Corruption Allegations Metastasize.  It's obvious Joe Biden — who is only running for the presidency — cannot be impeached, but were he to win that exalted office, the case for his immediate impeachment would dwarf Donald Trump's if we are to believe Interfax-Ukraine. [...] Whatever one thinks of Interfax, this is a report of a press conference by members of the Ukrainian parliament whose accusations merit investigation — by our Justice Department and, yes, theirs.  That Joe Biden at this point seems unlikely to be the Democratic Party nominee is beside the point.  This speaks to the very nature of the impeachment inquiry currently before us.  Did Donald Trump have good reason to be suspicious of Ukraine's treatment of him before and during the election?  Our Republican friends keep telling us all these theories have been "debunked."  By whom?  Mostly by them and their media allies, I suspect.

W.H. Spox Gidley:  If House Impeaches, Trump 'Wants a Trial in the Senate' and to Call Schiff, Whistleblower, and Bidens.  On Thursday's [11/21/2019] broadcast of the Fox News Channel's "The Story," White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley stated that if the House moves forward on impeachment, President Trump "wants a trial in the Senate" and to bring up witnesses like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), the whistleblower, and Hunter and Joe Biden.

Biden Rips 'Classy' Reporter For Asking About His Son's New Kid.  Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday [11/21/2019] ripped into a reporter who asked for comment on the news that his son Hunter Biden fathered an out-of-wedlock child with a woman in Arkansas.  A DNA test found that Hunter, 49, is the father of Lunden Alexis Roberts's child, according to a motion filed Wednesday in Arkansas.  The 28-year-old filed a petition for a paternity test and support for her 1-year-old back in May, the Daily Mail previously reported.  Hunter denied the allegations in August and asked the court to dismiss all petitions.

Lindsey Graham Launches Senate Probe into Bidens' Burisma Actions.  Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday requested State Department documents related to former Vice President Joe Biden's communications with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.  Graham, R-S.C., sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting the documents to assist in answering questions regarding allegations that Joe Biden was involved in the termination of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin in order to end an investigation into natural gas company Burisma Holdings, where his son Hunter Biden served on the board.

Unheard at the Impeachment Hearings.  The scandal involves Donald Trump not withholding aid to Ukraine but releasing it.  Why does the United States give any money, let alone billions, to a kleptocracy?  In a hearing hearing thousands of questions, this one went unheard.  Transparency International ranks Ukraine as the most corrupt European nation save for Russia.  The worst individual malefactor also happened to own the company that paid Hunter Biden millions to sit on its corporate board.  Like so many instances of graft, pennies invested became dollars protected.  Hunter Biden came cheap.

Keywords:  Dogpatch, double-wide, hicks, banjo, Bubba, WIC, AFDC, hillbillies.
DNA Test Confirms:  Hunter Biden Cheated on His Dead Brother's Widow.  A DNA test has confirmed "with scientific certainty" that Hunter Biden — son of former Vice President Joe Biden — is the father of an Arkansas baby.  The child's mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, cited the DNA test in a motion filed Wednesday.  Roberts is demanding child support from Hunter Biden, who notoriously took high-paying jobs in Ukraine and China while his father was the Obama administration's point person in both countries.  Hunter Biden "is not expected to challenge the results of the DNA test or the testing process," states the filing, first reported by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The press used to mock Ronald Reagan mercilessly for less than this:
What is Wrong with Grandpa Joe?  Biden Jumbles Words, Rambles About Russia, Vladimir Putin During Dem Debate.  The fifth Democrat debate kicked off Wednesday evening in Atlanta and is being co-hosted by MSNBC and the Washington Post. 10 Communist Democrat candidates will face off as they compete for who can offer illegal aliens the most free stuff.  Grandpa Joe Biden was off to a rough start as he stumbled through a few talking points.  Biden jumbled his words and rambled about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Joe Biden Claims 'I Come Out of the Black Community' During Democrat Debate.  Vice President Joe Biden claimed Wednesday [11/20/2019] that he came "out of the black community" when discussing his political support during the fifth Democrat presidential debate.  "I come out of the black community in terms of my support," Biden said, noting that three former chairmen of the Congressional Black Caucus had endorsed his campaign as well as "the only African-American woman who'd ever been elected to the United States Senate."

Joe Biden's son and his partners received $16.5 million from Burisma — Ukrainian MP.  The Ukrainian Office of the Prosecutor General has drawn up an indictment against the owner of the Burisma Holdings energy company, ex-Ecology Minister Nikolai Zlochevsky, that contains information that the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter, as a Burisma board member along with his partners received $16.5 million for their services, Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada MP from the ruling Servant of the People party Alexander Dubinsky told a press conference on Wednesday [11/20/2019], citing the investigation's materials.  According to him, the money came from duplicitous criminal activity.

Lindsey Graham Drops the Hammer:  Formally Demands Biden Docs From State Department.  Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on 'Hannity' on Wednesday night [11/20/2019] and announced that he would be asking Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for transcripts of the phone calls between Vice President Joe Biden and the-then president of the Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in February 2016, the month before the prosecutor who was allegedly investigating Burisma was fired.  "I want to know if there's any transcript or readouts of the phone calls between the vice president and the president of the Ukraine in February after the raid on the gas company president's house," he explained to Sean Hannity.

Hunter Biden-linked company received $130M in special federal loans while Joe Biden was vice president.  An investment firm linked to Hunter Biden received over $130 million in federal bailout loans while his father Joe Biden was vice president and routed profits through a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands, according to federal banking and corporate records reviewed by the Washington Examiner.  Financial experts said the offshore corporate structure could have been used to shield earnings from U.S. taxes.  Rosemont Capital, an investment firm at the center of Hunter Biden's much-scrutinized financial network, was one of the companies approved to participate in the 2009 federal loan program known as the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, or TALF.

Revealed: Adam Schiff Connected to Both Companies Named in $7.4 Billion Burisma-US-Ukraine Corruption Case.  As reported on Wednesday [11/20/2019] the head of Burisma Holdings was indicted this week in Ukraine!  Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.  The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million over several years for their 'services' in Ukraine.  Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden took a lucrative post on the Burisma Board in 2014.  Hunter Biden was making millions from the corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company.

Ukraine Prosecutor Expands Probe Against Burisma Founder Who Has Gone Missing.  Ukraine's top prosecutor announced Wednesday that the country is widening its investigation into the founder of Burisma Holdings, the natural gas firm where Hunter Biden held a lucrative role on the board while his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, was leading Ukraine policy and "anti-corruption" efforts for the Obama administration.  Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka said Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky — whose whereabouts are currently unknown — is suspected of "theft of government funds on an especially large scale," according to a Reuters report on Wednesday [11/20/2019].

Ukrainian prosecutor general denies discussing Burisma inquiry with foreign reps.  Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Riaboshapka has said that he has not met or discussed the investigations into the energy company Burisma with representatives of other countries.  "I haven't met or discussed this with representatives of the administration of any foreign state... I haven't been asked any questions, haven't been pressured or given any requests," Riaboshapka said at a press briefing in Kyiv on Wednesday upon being asked whether he had met with members of U.S. President Donald Trump's administration in recent months to discuss the Burisma case.  Riaboshapka argued that there is no "Burisma case", but there are 13 criminal cases in which the country's former Ecology Minister and Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky is implicated and some of which mention Burisma.

Republicans to Subpoena Whistleblower, Hunter Biden, Alexandra Chalupa.  Republicans intend to subpoena testimony and documents related to the anonymous whistleblower, Hunter Biden, and Democratic National Committee contractor Alexandra Chalupa, according to a letter they sent to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).  "Although Speaker Pelosi promised that Democrats would 'treat the President with fairness,' you have repeatedly prevented Republicans from fully and fairly examining issues central to the Democrats' 'impeachment inquiry,'" House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Oversight and Reform Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-OH) wrote in a November 20, 2019, letter.

Indictment Against Head of Burisma Reveals 'Hunter Biden Was Receiving Payments From Money Raised Through Criminal Means, Siphoned, Laundered From Ukraine'.  The head of Burisma Holdings was indicted on November 14th, but it wasn't reported until Wednesday [11/20/2019].  The Office of the Prosecutor General in Ukraine indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.  The indictment was damning and revealed Hunter Biden's income under his contract with Burisma is a "link that reveals how money is siphoned [from Ukraine]."

Indictment Reveals Ex-President Yanukovich Illegally Obtained $7.4 Billion Laundered Thru Fund "Close to US Democratic Party".  The head of Burisma Holdings was indicted this week in Ukraine!  Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.  The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their 'services[.]'

Nunes on Hunter Biden's Burisma Gig: 4th Obama-Era Official Called for Corruption Probe.  Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Piatt in 2015 joined three impeachment probe witnesses in calling for an investigation into the corruption-linked Burisma company and its owner while then Vice-President's Joe Biden's son, Hunter, was working at the Ukrainian company.  Piatt [or Pyatt], who preceded former U.S. Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, is the fourth official who worked under former President Barack Obama to raise malfeasance concerns about Burisma.  Piatt, however, is the only individual who has not testified in the ongoing impeachment probe to deem a corruption investigation into Burisma necessary.

Ukraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds.  Ukraine has widened its investigation into the founder of energy company Burisma to include suspicion of embezzling state funds, Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka said on Wednesday [11/20/2019].

The Ukraine scandal timeline Democrats and their media allies don't want America to see.  For weeks now, Democratic members of Congress, career State Department and National Security Council experts and their allies in the media suggest questions about Joe Biden and a Ukrainian gas company and Ukraine meddling in the 2016 election were nothing more than debunked conspiracy theories.  In reality, the facts on both these issues are clearly substantiated.  And as I pointed out last week, many of the witnesses that House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff called during the impeachment proceedings confirmed concerns about both.  Here is a detailed timeline of key events in the Ukraine scandal, complete with the corroborating evidence.  You make your own judgement as to what happened.

Joe Biden is strong in the 2020 debates, but he's scared, and that's a problem.  There's a bet to be placed that most people would want to hear more from former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 Democratic presidential debates than any other candidate.  I would take it, but the problem is that Biden is scared.  At the debate on Wednesday night, he didn't talk more than he was allowed.  He never asked for more time.  He never asked to respond to any particular candidate.  He's afraid.  Up until now, he's sat back comfortable that he's the rightful front-runner — he was the first black president's No. 2 — but we're about two months away from the first contest of the race.  It's time for every single candidate to show that they're the one worthy of the party's nomination.  Biden isn't doing that.  When called on, he answers.  But otherwise, he stands there like a Ken doll.

Democratic debates:  Joe Biden says we need to 'keep punching' at domestic violence.  The former vice president had a cringe-worthy moment late in Wednesday's fifth Democratic presidential primary debate when he used the words "keep punching at it" to answer a question about violence against women.  Asked what could be done to address sexual violence and harassment against women, Biden said he authored the original Violence Against Women Act and that its reauthorization needs to pass.  He also talked about changing the culture on college campuses and touted the "It's on Us" movement created in the Obama administration.

Dogpatch in D.C.  Hunter Biden joins Katie Hill and Ilhan Omar in the annals of disreputable personal lives.  I don't generally care about the private lives of politicians, and it is a hackneyed observation, but still:  can you imagine the press hysteria if the people involved in these stories were Republicans?

DNA test proves Hunter Biden fathered child he denied was his, mother wants Secret Service protection.  So you're telling me Hunter Biden lied?  That seems to be the only possible conclusion given that he previously denied having sex with the woman in question.  Back in May, a 28-year-old woman named Lunden Roberts filed a paternity suit claiming Hunter Biden was the father of a child she'd given birth to in August 2018.  Hunter Biden agreed to a DNA test and today [11/20/2019] the results became public.

Biden, partners receive $16.5 mln in payments stolen from Ukraine.  Some $16.5 million received by Hunter Biden, the son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, as payment from Burisma was stolen from Ukrainian citizens, member of parliament Andriy Derkach has said.  Derkach said at a press conference at the Kyiv-based Interfax-Ukraine news agency that on November 14 the Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) announced a new suspicion to the owner of Burisma, former Ecology Minister Mykola Zlochevsky.  "The PGO document once again confirms the data I had previously published on Burisma and international corruption.  According to Zlochevsky's suspicion notice, Biden and partners received their $16.5 million for their services to Burisma.  Biden received funds not due to the successful activity of Burisma or for brilliant business decisions or recommendations.  This is the money of Ukrainian citizens.  The funds were obtained by criminal means.  That's what they say in the PGO," Derkach said.

Ukraine widens probe against Burisma founder to embezzlement of state funds.  Ukraine has widened its investigation into the founder of energy company Burisma to include suspicion of embezzling state funds, Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka said on Wednesday [11/20/2019].

Joe Biden Becomes Unwitting Grandparent Again.  After trying to deny he had a relationship with a woman in Arkansas, and after a DNA test proves paternity, lawyers for Hunter Biden will no longer fight Arkansas lawsuit.  Hunter Biden is the father, and presidential candidate Joe Biden is a grandfather again.

Impeachment surprise:  How Adam Schiff validated my reporting on Ukraine.  For weeks, media have claimed my Biden column was a debunked "conspiracy theory" and no one saw anything wrong.  Now we know the very people working on Ukraine policy below Joe Biden in the State Department saw the appearance of a conflict, long before I reported it.  And they were so concerned about Burisma's corruption reputation that they took official actions to distance the U.S. from the firm that hired Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden Forgot to Collapse.  Just about everyone covering the 2020 race thinks Joe Biden is too old, that he's lost a step since his days as vice president, and that his debate performances have been mixed at best.  But Biden is still hanging in there in third place in Iowa; the CBS News poll has him tied for first.  Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick jumped in late, sensing that Biden was soft and on the verge of collapse, and that not-so-liberal Democratic voters were itching for another option.

Media's Biden Standard of 'No Evidence' Is a Double Standard.  Joe Biden was the Obama administration's point man on the Ukraine.  His son has said Burisma probably hired him because of who his is father and Joe Biden did demand the prosecutor's firing — because, he says, the prosecutor wasn't doing enough to root out corruption.  Still, the Burisma probe was dropped.  Normally media would greet such an arrangement skeptically, to say the least.  A politician's son making hay in a business over which his father has some sway?  That's the sort of stuff traditionally met with journalistic lectures not only on the evils of conflicts of interest but on the perils of the mere appearance of such conflicts.  Instead, in this instance, reporters and editors have read from the same script to diminish and discredit such concerns.

Biden Tolerated Traitors — Trump Pardoned Heroes.  [Joe] Biden hasn't said much then or now about Obama's pardon of the treasonous Chelsea Manning or Obama's trading of five Taliban terrorists for the traitor Bowe Bergdahl, whose parents were welcomed to the Rose Garden and who was praised by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice a having "served with distinction[.]"  Manning betrayed our nation's secrets and Biden was silent when he/she was pardoned.  Bergdahl betrayed his fellow soldiers on the battlefield and Biden decried neither the trade nor Bergdahl's subsequent lack of punishment.

Impeachment Lesson:  Cut Government.  [Scroll down]  It's as if everyone not named Chris Wallace knows this is a complete sham.  The stock market yawned as it rocketed upwards.  What we have is a parade of bureaucratic power players preening before friendly Democrats to complain that nobody listens to their sage counsel and that the president has the audacity to think he decides foreign policy.  The biggest villain in this ill-begotten administrative coup sequel is Joe Biden, whose corruption is so obscene that even ruthlessly friendly media can't keep it from sneaking through.  Hunter Biden sucked in dirty Ukrainian cash like he was hooked up to a beer bong, getting drunk on his father's political influence.

Is an electable Democrat not nominable and a nominable Democrat not electable?  The Democrat field for president may see its second billionaire, Michael Bloomberg.  The former New York City mayor laments that the current field of Dems are "not the way to run a railroad."  Indeed.  The guy in charge of baggage on this railroad is named Joe, and he has a lot of it.  He's been toting his baggage in and around the political tracks for most of his long life.  He's never become the train engineer because he still hasn't learned to stay awake at the switch.  He's a serial plagiarizer and thinks FDR went on TV in 1929 to talk about the stock market crash even though TV hadn't been invented yet and Roosevelt didn't become president until 1933.  He told a false war story extolling his courage and permits his smarmy son to sell political influence around the world for millions.

Ratcliffe: Democrats 'racing' to beat disclosure that 'damages the Obama-Biden administration'.  Democratic leaders are rushing through impeachment proceedings to beat out a potentially scathing revelation about the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, according to a House Intelligence Committee Republican.  Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe said Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's forthcoming report on FBI intelligence-gathering activities is "likely to be damning" in how it reflects upon the Obama administration, and by extension former Vice President Joe Biden, who is a leading candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Ruling Class, Here's Your Warning.  Mykola Zlochevsky is the (allegedly) corrupt owner of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas provider.  Hunter Biden accepted a position on the board of directors with Burisma in April of 2014.  By August of the same year, Vitaly Yurema, prosecutor general of Ukraine at the time, opened an official investigation of Zlochevsky and Burisma.  By February 2015, Yurema had been replaced by a man named Viktor Shokin.  Only four months later, U.S. ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt allegedly warned Shokin to "handle the Biden investigation with kid gloves."  Apparently Shokin didn't listen so good, or maybe Pyatt didn't tell him eight or nine times that he was supposed to clear Burisma and Hunter Biden of any potential wrongdoing.  In either event, Joe Biden wasn't happy, because in March of 2016, he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine unless Shokin was fired within the next six hours.  How do we know this?  Why, Joe told us himself.

Dems' star witnesses bungle Hunter Biden's Burisma bounty.  It's hard to decide which of the two star witnesses the Democrats chose to kick off their impeachment show was more embarrassing when it comes to the central question underlying the entire inquiry: the alleged impropriety — the Dems now call it "bribery" — of asking Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden's spectacularly lucrative ($50K/month) involvement with Burisma.  If Biden's Burisma bounty deserves investigation, then it is more than a bit silly to castigate the POTUS for promoting a Ukrainian investigation of it.  Touting such a request as worthy of overriding a presidential election with impeachment and conviction is a hard sell.

The Swamp's Swingline Stapler.  House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff's (D-Calif.) impeachment tribunal is backfiring in all sorts of ways, not the least of which is producing a drumbeat of bad news about the former vice president's son, Hunter Biden, and his shady business deals in one of the most notoriously corrupt nations on the planet.  But the testimony from lifetime federal bureaucrats once again showcases the hubris of the unelected ruling class who inhabits massive buildings on every city block in Washington, D.C. — or as Trump calls them, the swamp.

The silly sanctification of Marie Yovanovitch.  Until a month or so ago, virtually no one outside of the seven circles of hell that is the State Department had heard of Marie Yovanovitch.  Even the intrepid John Solomon had not heard of her until March of this year.  He had interviewed Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko who told him that Yovanovitch gave him a "do not prosecute" list the first time he met with her. [...] John Solomon has been doing some great reporting on all this, so much so that now he is a target of a smear campaign by the left.  That's what the left does:  They are not interested in facts if they run counter to their preconceived narrative.  In this case, what Solomon has uncovered with regard to Ukraine is catastrophic to all of their invented scenarios meant to destroy the Trump presidency.  For example, the Bidens are neck-deep in the corruption that has long plagued Ukraine.  So are quite a few other children of the swamp.

Hunter and Joe Biden's Democrat privilege.  [Scroll down]  Rep. Adam Schiff can turn a benign phone call into a federal case simply applying this corrupt ploy he honed while in the DOJ.  The Obama healthcare disaster would have never passed the Senate, if the DOJ hadn't fraudulently charged and thereby defeated Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens.  Someone simply swiping a credit card at a hotel owned by a Trump company is enough "proof" that the President was bought and paid for.  But a United States Vice President's son involved in accepting millions of dollars from a Chinese military contractor and a corrupt oligarch is not worth looking into.  It's declared a "debunked conspiracy theory," even before anyone investigates.  The press keeps saying Trump offered no proof of Biden's potential crimes.  Obviously, if you don't look for something you won't find it.

Biden Campaign Tries to Spin Ukraine Narrative with Hastily Created Website.  Joe Biden's campaign is attempting to spin the narrative around his son's work in Ukraine with a hastily created website as the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry continues to heat up.  The former vice president, who is already trying to salvage his foreign policy credentials after revelations about Hunter Biden's wheeling and dealing overseas, launched a new website on Thursday to spin the narrative emanating from the inquiry.

Impeachment Inquiry Is Bad . . . for Biden.  Amid the consensus that Wednesday's [11/13/2019] congressional testimony by the Beltway version of the Duke brothers (that's a "Trading Places" reference, millennials) fell flat without any "pizazz," Democrats undoubtedly are scrambling to create some fireworks next week.  House Intelligence Committee chairman and Hollywood wannabe-screenwriter Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) must be channeling his inner creative genius to fabricate a dramatic role for what Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) called "the low-rent Ukrainian sequel" to the boarded-up Trump-Russia collusion theater.  One can only guess who will grab the spotlight; performances from eight more impeachment accomplices begin Tuesday.

Impeachment backfires on Biden.  Democrats are so wrapped up in overturning the 2016 election that they have forgotten that.  Democrats believe their battle is between President Donald John Trump and them.  Democrats believe their job simply is to convince 20 Republican senators to switch.  But there are plenty of other players, most notably the Ukrainian government which is headed by a reformer who wants to drain its swamp.  While Democrats were making their case based on hearsay and the like on Wednesday [11/13/2019], the Ukrainian government was dumping documents on Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz.

Impeachment Backfire — Trump's Numbers Rise as Biden's Crater.  An objective look at the latest polling proves the Impeachment Hoax is backfiring against Quid Pro Joe Biden.  Obviously, it was not supposed to be this way.  Democrats and their establishment media allies were certain they had crafted a silver bullet that would accomplish two things at once:  1) doom President Trump's re-election chances, and 2) shield Old Joe from the fact he and his son are guilty of looting China and Ukraine.

Rand Paul Considers Forcing Vote Seeking Hunter Biden Testimony in Impeachment Trial.  Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) signaled Thursday that he could force a vote in the U.S. Senate that would impel Hunter Biden to testify as part of the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.  "I believe very strongly the president should be able to call his own witnesses," Paul told reporters on Capitol Hill, reported Politico.  "The rules that are put forward will be amendable, so yes I will consider strongly that the president should get his full due process, which to me means being in his own witnesses."

Documents Released by Ukrainian General Prosecutor's Office Reveal Millions Funneled to Hunter Biden and the John Kerry Family.  Documents released this evening [11/13/2019] tie millions from foreign sources to the Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and John Kerry and his family!  Documents reportedly leaked from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor's office show complex money transfers from foreign sources into former President Obama's Vice President and Secretary of State's families[.] [...] According to counter intelligence in Latvia around $4 million was obtained by Burisma Holdings Limited which was then transferred to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer[.]

Ukrainian Officials Release Records of 46 Payments to Hunter Biden from Burisma Holdings, 38 Payments were for $83,333 Totaling Over $3.1 Million.  New memos released last week reveal Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden's Ukrainian natural gas company, pressured the Obama State Department to help end the corruption investigation during the 2016 election cycle just one month before then-Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor probing his son Hunter.  Joe Biden bragged about getting Viktor Shokin fired during a 2018 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.  The media immediately covered for Biden and said his targeting of Mr. Shokin was totally unrelated to the prosecutor's corruption investigation into Hunter and Burisma Holdings.  New memos released because of a FOIA lawsuit filed by award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon show Burisma Holdings contacted the Obama State Department several times during the 2016 election to discuss ending the probe.

The Impeachment Pantomime.  There is another half to this burlesque.  While Schiff and his House colleagues chicken-scratch for something, anything that may justify a formal impeachment, a clear, documented record emerges of Joe Biden's official interventions in Ukraine in behalf of Burisma Holdings, the gas company that named Hunter Biden to its board in March 2014 — a month, it is worth noting, after the U.S.-cultivated coup in Kiev.  There is no thought of scrutinizing Biden's activities by way of an official inquiry.  In its way, this, too, reflects upon the pantomime of the impeachment probe.  Are there sufficient grounds to open an investigation?  Emphatically there are.  Two reports published last week make this plain by any reasonable measure.

The Death Throes Of A Party.  Is it possible that Rep. Adam Schiff was hung out to dry by the devious Ms. Pelosi, feeding his vanity to be a one-man impeachment wrecking crew, knowing that the congressman from Hollywood would utterly blow it? [...] Why allow this nitwit to stage an ersatz impeachment only to see it fail?  Perhaps to cancel the Jacobin menace metastasizing in the Democratic Party and get on with the business of winning the 2020 elections — with old-school candidates hand-picked to end-run the gang of fantasists currently on display.  The House Speaker must sniff the odor of failure in the wind.  Joe Biden, smiling cretinously, blunders through the primary venues with a big red "L" plastered on his forehead, often uncertain of what state he's landed in, or what direction to face the camera.  Everybody over twelve in this land knows that his kid Hunter was on the grift in Ukraine, plain and simple, and that Joe assisted in the operation.  Color him toast.

Moving to the left:
Joe Biden Rejects the 'Moderate' Label, Calls for 'Fundamental Change'.  Joe Biden, sometimes cast as the "moderate" in the crowded field of Democrat presidential candidates, says it isn't so:  "My proposals on education, climate change, health care are as radical and change-driven enough as anybody else's plan — anybody else's plan," Biden told a CNN-hosted town hall in Iowa on Monday night.

MacCallum Slaughters Swalwell Over Blatant Hypocrisy:  Would You Investigate Eric Trump if the Roles Were Reversed?  Fox News' Martha MacCallum asked Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA), point blank, if he would be interested in investigating Eric Trump if his situation mirrored that of Hunter Biden's.  "Let me ask you this.  If Eric Trump got a job on the board of a company in Turkey, would you be okay with that?" MacCallum asked.  "Would you think that should be something that would be looked into?"  Naturally, Swalwell tried to deflect and say the Trump kids are benefiting business wise from their father's presidency.  MacCallum quickly shut that down and reminded him of the question at hand.

Joe diGenova:  Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella Is John Wilkes Booth — He Is Part of a Political Assassination.  Former US Attorney Joe diGenova joined Mornings on the Mall with Mary Walter and Vince Coglianese on Veteran's Day to discuss the ongoing Democratic coup in Washington DC.  Joe was asked about the Democrat Party's decision to deny Republican request for Hunter Biden to come testify before Congress on his pay-for-play scandals with Ukraine and China.  The former vice president's son pocketed over a billion dollars from foreign governments during his father's tenure as VP.  Hunter Biden even famously traveled with his father to China where he made an historic deal with the communist regime of over one billion dollars.  Democrats will not allow Hunter Biden to testify in their sham impeachment show trials.

Yes, a fair impeachment inquiry would question Hunter Biden.  After weeks of conducting hearings in private, the House impeachment inquiry is going public this week.  But if the Democrats stage-managing this affair have their way, there will be one element of their presidential-misconduct allegations that won't be part of the show:  Hunter Biden.  Democrats believe that the vice-presidential son's Ukraine shenanigans are irrelevant to impeachment. [...] They say that questions about what Hunter did or didn't do, and what his father knew and when he knew it, are just a conspiracy theory floated by Trump and his followers to confuse the American people.

Joe Biden aides reportedly worry their meetings are too congratulatory.  Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to feel his 2020 run may be faltering.  His campaign aides still reportedly don't want to tell him that.

The Ukraine Scandal Spreads.  I take it as a given that Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma paid the Biden family a $3 million bribe.  That follows from the facts that [#1] Hunter Biden doesn't speak Ukrainian or have any experience in Ukrainian business, [#2] Hunter Biden has no experience in the natural gas industry, [#3] Burisma nevertheless paid Biden more than $83,000 a month (!) for three years to serve on its board of directors, a role that usually is only nominally compensated, and [4] Joe Biden at the time was responsible for Ukraine policy in the Obama administration.  But there may be even more to the scandal than that.

The Bonfire of the Democrats.  [Joe] Biden appears to be both personally corrupt and senile.  He has several times made errors with crowds (small crowds) by not knowing what state he was in.  He is an aggressive, mean old man.  (I know that from personal encounters).  His behavior toward reporters who press him is nasty. [...] And then there is Hunter who seems to be the ne'er do well family bagman.  Do the Democrats really believe that most people are going to think that his appointments to well paid board positions were connected to anything but his father's positions?  And then there was the 1.5 billion dollar credit for Hunter's "business" from the Bank of China.  Come On!  Americans are not stupid.

Journalistic standards have had nothing to do with the truth for a long time.  The media does not want any investigation into the massive corruption and collusion by the Obama Administration and other Democrats in 2016 as they sought to take out Trump and elect the corrupt Hillary.  Instead of media outlets wanting the public to learn the truth, they seek to impeach Trump for investigating the criminal activity.  The media absolutely hides the truth about the massive kickbacks by foreign entities and others to the Clintons and Bidens as they pretend that no one is above the law.  The media knows that Trump gave aid to Ukraine with nothing in return and Obama/Biden withheld aid and only gave a loan to Ukraine after they demanded and got a prosecutor fired, but they say Biden/Obama did nothing wrong and Trump should be impeached.

Grassley, Johnson Call on State Dept to Release Documents Pertaining to Hunter Biden and Burisma.  Republican senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday asking the State Department to disclose any internal documents involving Hunter Biden and his Ukrainian firm Burisma Holdings.  The letter follows the release of documents by investigative journalist John Solomon, who revealed that Biden and his business partner Devon Archer joined Burisma despite the warnings of colleague Christopher Heinz, the stepson to former secretary of state John Kerry.  Later, both Biden and Archer scheduled meetings with senior State Department officials, according to email records obtained by Solomon.

Explaining the Weird Persistence and Stunning Weakness of Biden, Putative Front-Runner.  On the ground his campaign is scuffling, with modest crowds at rallies and mediocre fundraising.  He has been losing altitude over the past several months, and some analysts are pessimistic. [...] Yet right now, more voters still favor Biden as the best option against Trump.  He remains the best-known Democrat in the field, and the other contenders have significant flaws.  There is also a gap between political-class opinions of Biden and how he's viewed by rank-and-file voters.  And Trump, recently and perversely, has boosted Biden as much as he's damaged him, by attacking Biden and his son Hunter over their dealings with Ukraine.

Senate Probing if Burisma Leveraged Hunter Biden Ties for Access to State Department.  The United States Senate is probing whether a lobbying firm working on the behalf of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian oil and gas conglomerate, leveraged the company's ties to Hunter Biden for access to the State Department.  Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday [11/6/2019] asking his department to provide all records pertaining to Hunter Biden, Burisma, and any intermediaries.

Alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella was Biden guest at State Department banquet.  Eric Ciaramella, the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, was a guest of Vice President Joe Biden at a glitzy lunch in October 2016 to honor the prime minister of Italy.  Biden co-hosted the banquet with former Secretary of State John Kerry for then-Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.  Ciaramella, who is of Italian heritage, was among the U.S. officials who accepted an invitation.  This week, the Washington Examiner reported that Ciaramella is now a deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia on the National Intelligence Council, reporting to the director of national intelligence.

In midst of 2016 election, State Department saw Burisma as Joe Biden's issue, memos show.  In recent interviews, Joe Biden has distanced himself from his son's work at a Ukrainian gas company that was under investigation during the Obama years, with the former vice president suggesting he didn't even know Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma Holdings.  There is plenty of evidence that conflicts with the former vice president's account, including Hunter Biden's own story that he discussed the company once with his famous father.  There also was a December 2015 New York Times story that raised the question of whether Hunter Biden's role at Burisma posed a conflict of interest for the vice president, especially when Joe Biden was leading the fight against Ukrainian corruption while Hunter Biden's firm was under investigation by Ukrainian prosecutors.

Senate Republicans consider including Bidens in Trump impeachment trial.  Senate Republicans are privately debating whether they should use an impeachment trial of President Trump to scrutinize former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter as some Trump allies push to call them as witnesses while others dismiss the suggestion as a risky political ploy.  The ongoing discussions are a revealing glimpse into the fault lines in the GOP ahead of a possible trial of Trump in the Senate, where there are varying appetites among Republicans for the type of political combat relished by the president and his most ardent defenders.  Among a group of Trump's allies inside and outside Congress, there is intense and growing interest in countering the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry by delving into Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine and China.

Joe Biden pulls rank on little priest who denied him Communion.  In response to a little priest in South Carolina denying him Holy Communion for advocating pro-abortion positions inconsistent with Church teaching, the former vice president and Democratic Party presidential frontrunner made it clear he didn't deal with pipsqueaks. [...] So instead of thinking about the priest's position and offering some kind of contemplative thought, Biden declared it was all O.K. to be advocating for abortion from his position, complete with public funding, because the pope gave him Communion.  Despite the fact that even the pope is a priest and Communion is dispensed by priests with equal weight, even if a priest is tainted, Biden seems to be saying that because the pope gave him Communion instead of the priest, that proves the righteousness of his position.

Impeachment Drama Is Fraught with Traps for Sane Observers.  [Scroll down]  In fact, there is no evidence that there was a direct connection between Ukraine investigating Biden and the assistance involved.  There is no evidence that Trump was asking for more than the facts of Biden and his son's exposure in Ukraine — if the Bidens' conduct was unexceptionable that finding would have fully satisfied Trump's request to know what happened.  The entire United States should want to know if Biden's son was influence-peddling in Ukraine, China, and Romania — as has been alleged — and it should equally wish to know if the charges are unfounded.

Biden Lied — Emails Show Burisma Executives Leveraging Hunter Biden Membership.  [E]verything Joe Biden and the Obama administration previously denied taking place is now documented as having taken place.  Newly discovered emails between Ukrainian energy company Burisma and State Dept. officials show the company was leveraging Biden's affiliation with the company to get U.S. govt assistance.

Hunter Biden's Ukraine Gas Firm Urged Obama Admin To End Corruption Allegations, Report Says.  A new report released on Monday night alleges that the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, that employed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, pressed the Obama administration to end the corruption allegations against them during the 2016 election year.  In February 2016, a representative from Burisma sought to meet with Undersecretary of State Catherine A. Novelli to discuss the allegations of corruption that the U.S. government was making toward the company, according to memos obtained by award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon.

Joe Biden Needs an Intervention.  Joe Biden speaking in an arena in Iowa gets confused where the camera is and keeps talking to a screen.  CSPAN keeps cutting away to try and help him out.  [Video clip]

This is — By Far — the best Joe Biden gaffe we've seen yet.  At a campaign event in Iowa over the weekend, 2020 Dem frontrunner Joe Biden apparently got confused about the camera's location and ended up talking to a giant screen behind him instead of to the audience.  [Video clip]

Business Records Show Hunter Biden Remains On [the] Board Of [a] Chinese Equity Firm.  Business records accessed Friday [11/1/2019] show that Hunter Biden remains listed as a board member of a Chinese private equity firm, a position the son of former Vice President Joe Biden said he'd relinquish by the end of October.  Hunter Biden's lawyer said he had resigned his seat on the board of BHR Partners; however, the lawyer did not provide the Daily Caller News Foundation any evidence of his departure.

Joe Biden's Catholic Problem.  John F. Kennedy was a checkered Catholic, to say the least.  But most Catholics didn't know that or didn't care, and they voted enthusiastically for him.  The checkered Catholics in today's Democratic Party don't have it so easy.  The useless bishops are still in the tank for them, but members of the laity and a few brave priests have wised up to their lies.  In recent years, ironically, the non-Catholic Obama won the Catholic vote while crappy, albeit baptized, Catholics such as John Kerry lost it.  Hillary Clinton added Tim Kaine, who wore his "social justice" Catholicism on his sleeve, to the ticket, and she ended up losing the Catholic vote to Trump and Pence, a Catholic turned Evangelical.  Joe Biden, of course, has a Catholic problem too.  Witness his recent troubles in the Communion line.  Denied the Eucharist at a parish down in South Carolina last Sunday, Biden had hoped the incident would go unreported.  It didn't.

Pro-Abortion Joe Biden:  Pope Francis Gives Me Holy Communion.  Despite being a pro-abortion Democrat who now wishes to fund the practice with taxpayer dollars, former Vice President Joe Biden said that Pope Francis has given him Holy Communion, and that he had never encountered a priest or bishop who would refuse him.  Speaking with PBS News Hour, Joe Biden said that the issue of receiving Holy Communion as a pro-abortion politician has never come up in his life until just recently.

Biden: The Economy Isn't Booming But 'I Don't Look at the Numbers'.  Arguably one of President Donald Trump's biggest successes since he took the office in 2017 is the record low unemployment rate, which currently sits at 3.6 percent.  More people are back to work than ever before and yet former Vice President Joe Biden refuses to give Trump praise.  During an interview with "PBS News Hour" host Judy Woodruff, Biden attempted to buck the narrative that Trump's economic policies are working for average Americans.

Joe Biden Claims He Was Not Aware of Son's Service on Burisma's Board.  Joe Biden claimed on Friday [11/1/2019] he was unaware his youngest son, Hunter, was serving on the board of directors of a Ukrainian oil and gas giant while Biden was responsible for Obama administration policy towards the country.  The former vice president made the claim during an interview with PBS News Hour in which he was asked why a recent campaign pledge to not have children "involved" with foreign countries did not apply to his eight year tenure in the Obama White House.

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Poll: Majority say Hunter Biden's role on Ukrainian energy board was bad judgment.  A majority of Americans say Hunter Biden's role on the board of a Ukrainian energy company was the result of bad judgment, according to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll.  Fifty-eight percent of respondents said that Hunter Biden's role on the board of Burisma Holdings between 2014 and 2019 was a result of "bad judgment."  Twenty-seven percent of those polled said they thought it was illegal for former Vice President Joe Biden's son to serve on the board.  Hunter Biden is not accused of any crimes for being a board member on Burisma.

Nets Skip Joe Biden Being Denied Communion for Abortion Views.  While trying to receive holy communion at South Carolina's St.  Anthony Catholic Church, former Vice President and 2020 hopeful Joe Biden was denied by the priest, citing Biden's support for abortion.  The liberal media were once floored by Biden's support for the Hyde Amendment but welcomed his buckle to political pressure and their radical demands.  So, it's no wonder ABC, CBS, and NBC ignored the religious rebuke of Biden on their morning and evening newscasts.  During Tuesday evening's [10/29/2019] Special Report on Fox News Channel, correspondent Peter Doocy noted the incident in his report on the state of the Democratic primary.

Pompeo Raises Possibility Obama Didn't Give Weapons to Ukraine Because of Hunter Biden.  On Wednesday's [10/30/2019] broadcast of Fox News Channel's "The Story," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo suggested there was a reason why the Obama administration "didn't give defensive weapons systems to Ukraine."  One possibility he raised was tied to Hunter Biden, son of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden.  Pompeo said, "We're now reporting on leaks from Democrats who have a mission set here to take down President Trump.  What I know is I was on the call, I listened to the call.  I thought the way the president handled it was appropriate.  We were incredibly focused on a couple of simple things with respect to Ukraine strategy.  We've executed on that."

Joe Biden Repeatedly Asked Federal Agencies To Do What His Son's Lobbying Clients Wanted.  News of Hunter Biden profiting from his father's political activity is becoming an endless saga that has yet to genuinely interest our media who claim "democracy dies in darkness." The latest set of coincidences, uncovered by Alana Goodman of The Washington Examiner, reveal more unseemly connections between Hunter's business adventures and his father's political maneuvers.  Whether it be China, Ukraine, or China again, we have heard this pattern before.  While serving as senator of Delaware, Joe Biden reached out discreetly to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to discuss matters his son Hunter Biden's firm was then lobbying for, according to government records Goodman gathered.  The latest revelations further buttress accusations that Joe Biden's work as senator and vice president frequently converged with and assisted Hunter Biden's business interests.

The head of Joe Biden's new Super PAC is a foreign government agent.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a brand new Super PAC in his corner, and it's being run by a registered foreign agent for the government of Azerbaijan.  Larry Rasky, a lobbyist who previously worked as a top campaign operative for Biden, is listed as the treasurer of the PAC, according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  "A former Joe Biden aide has filed paperwork to form a super PAC, called Unite the Country, that is set to boost the former vice president with millions of dollars in spending in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary," Politico reported on Tuesday [10/29/2019].

Joe Biden Denied Communion.  [Scroll down]  Biden's target in 2020 is President Donald J. Trump, who has publicly professed that he believes that every human life is a gift from God.  Elizabeth Warren, who supports abortion to the moment of birth, denies the humanity of the unborn and their right to life. [...] Biden's faith is very selective. [...] Joe Biden has the moral spine and religious convictions of a jellyfish.

White House official says transcript of Ukraine call omitted key phrases: report.  A White House official who testified in front of the House on Tuesday [10/29/2019] as part of its impeachment investigation reportedly said the White House's rough transcript of a July phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky left out key words and phrases.  Three people familiar with the situation told The New York Times that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified to congressional investigators that among the omissions were Trump's assertions that there were recordings of former Vice President Joe Biden discussing Ukrainian corruption and a reference by Zelensky to Burisma Holdings, the energy company on whose board Biden's son sat.

Impeachment Witness Bill Taylor Led Ukraine Delegation for Group Advised by Hunter Biden.  Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, who provided key testimony to the Democrats' controversial impeachment inquiry last week, led an election observation delegation in Ukraine earlier this year for a George Soros-funded organization that at the time boasted Hunter Biden on its small chairman's council.  Two months before he came out of retirement to serve as the highest ranking U.S. official in Ukraine, Taylor led an election observer delegation to Ukraine's April 21, 2019 second round presidential election for the National Democratic Institute (NDI) organization.

Biden's Wealth Tax?  Tax Investors 40% on Capital Gains.  Former Vice President Joe Biden says he would tax investors by raising the capital gains tax, now 15 percent or 20 percent on the sale of most assets, to 40 percent.  The money raised would go to programs for the middle class.  "I don't oppose a wealth tax," Biden told CBS's "60 Minutes" in an interview that aired Sunday night [10/27/2019].  (Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren has proposed a 2 percent tax on people with a net worth of $50 million to $1 billion and a 3 percent annual tax on households with a net worth over $1 billion.)

Joe Biden:  Cops Don't Pull Over White Girls.  During the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum at Benedict College, a historically black college, on Saturday, Joe Biden was asked by an African American woman in the audience, "If I were your daughter, what advice would you give me the next time I am stopped by the police?"  "If you were my daughter, you'd be a Caucasian girl and you wouldn't be pulled over," he said.  Biden failed to realize how insulting and racist his comment was because he even tweeted a video of the exchange:  [Video clip]

Why Is the Left So Incurious About Ukrainian Election Hacking?  Democrats and liberal journalists now resemble those world-famous Chinese monkeys:  See No Evil and Hear No Evil.  (Their similarity to Speak No Evil is less convincing.)  The Left clearly prefers that Joe and Hunter Biden's unusual connections to Ukraine remain unscrutinized.  But what if a Ukrainian probe — especially under President Volodymyr Zelensky, who ran and won on anti-corruption promises — confirms that the Bidens are total crooks?  Should Americans elect Joe Biden absent that knowledge?  Conversely, what if Kiev's inquiry demonstrated, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the Bidens' Ukrainian ties were even more legal than a bar exam?  Should U.S. voters not know that?  And, perhaps more important, what about reports that Ukrainians hacked the Democrat National Committee's server in 2016?  What if this suspicion is not "debunked," as the Left now insists?

12 facts about the IG investigation.  [#9] Biden is expendable.  He always was.  If he meant anything to Obama, he would have been the candidate in 2016.  Remember, it is all about Obama when it comes to Democrats these days.  The ship will go down with the captain.

So Hunter Biden followed his dad around to Romania, too?  Hunter Biden was quite the devoted little sproutling, following his dad around wherever he went. [...] Hunter Biden followed his dad around — to China, Ukraine, and now Romania — and somehow always came away with big-dollar business deals.  Kind of the way then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton used Bill Clinton as her bagman to scarf up donations to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary made some foreign policy decision.

Joe Biden in Danger of Humiliating Loss in Iowa, Top Democrats Warn.  Joe Biden risks a humiliating third or fourth-place finish in Iowa early next year, according to nearly a dozen senior Democrats in the state who attribute it to what they see as a poorly organized operation that has failed to engage with voters and party leaders.  With fewer than 100 days until the Feb. 3 caucuses, Biden is failing to spend the time with small groups of voters and party officials that Iowans expect and his campaign's outreach has been largely ineffective, according to 11 senior Democrats in the state.

Hunter Biden's China Entanglements Spark Concern in Senate.  It wasn't just Ukraine.  A U.S. senator is now investigating whether Hunter Biden improperly benefited from his business ties to a Chinese investment firm that has partnered with a Chinese-backed aviation company keen on stealing U.S. national security secrets.  Senate Finance Committee chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) received a classified briefing about the foreign investment deal on Friday, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.  The Aviation Industry Corporation of China had raised national security concern in the U.S. before.  American national security officials and independent analysts strongly suspected that the company, a major supplier of military jets in China, had hacked U.S. networks to steal the design of the F-35 jet and used the design to build its own stealth jet fighters.

Joe Biden denied communion at mass because of abortion stance.  Democratic front-runner Joe Biden was reportedly denied communion by a priest at a South Carolina Catholic church over the weekend.  Biden, a lifelong Catholic, stopped by Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Florence on Sunday, but was denied Holy Communion by Father Robert E. Morey, local newspaper the South Carolina Morning News reported.  "Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communion to former Vice President Joe Biden," Father Morey told the newspaper in a statement.

Joe Biden Denied Communion at South Carolina Church Over Abortion Stance.  Former Vice President Joe Biden was denied communion at a Catholic Church in South Carolina Sunday because of his staunch position in favor of abortion.  Biden, who earlier this year reversed course on his long held stance in favor of the Hyde Amendment, was attending a worship service at Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Florence, South Carolina, when he attempted to receive the sacrament.  The former vice president, however, was rebuffed by the church's pastor, Father Robert E. Morey, because of his support for abortion.

Our Bankrupt Nomenklatura.  At times, former Vice President Joe Biden is unaware of which town, indeed which state, he is in.  He slurs his words often.  Biden strings together unconnected thoughts that result in utter incoherence — not alleviated by his near shouting emphatics or fits of pique at reporters.  Sometimes, Biden forgets names, and referents, and appears befuddled generally.  His biography is mythical.  He cannot address Ukraine and the role of his son, Hunter Biden, because, after all, what would a truthful person say?  That the vice president of the United States allowed his wastrel son to become a multimillionaire by leveraging his father's office with foreign corrupt governments?  And was Biden's moral lapse atypical, or rather reflective of prior ethical laxities that destroyed his two earlier presidential bids when he variously lied about his bio, plagiarized, and used a variety of racially insensitive remarks of the sort that would have characterized most others as racists.

The Zombie Campaign: Joe Biden is the least formidable front-runner ever.  [Scroll down]  The pitch goes like this:  Joe Biden ought to be the nominee because he's electable, a meaningless concept if recent history is any guide, and presidential, that wonderful word — the thing Donald Trump could never be even though he literally is president — despite the fact that Biden, who appears by almost any measure to be a good man, a man whose lone sin in life is ego (and does that even count anymore?), has spent a half-century grasping for this position and watching it slip through his fingers.  To anyone paying attention — the army of political professionals more wired to observe shortcomings than are those likely to actually vote for him or for anyone else — it looks, unmistakably, like it's happening again.  His vulnerabilities are close to the surface.  There's the basic fact of his oldness and the concerns, explicit or implicit, about his ability to stay agile and alive for four more years.

Black accent?  Joe Biden goes Hillary Clinton one better and claims he went to black college.  Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden is taking pandering to new heights, all in pursuit of black votes.  Instead of just slapping on a black accent like a set of false teeth, the way Hillary Clinton did last week for a significantly black audience, Biden decided to claim he actually went to a historically black college, which he didn't.

Joe Biden Falsely Claims He 'Got Started Out' at a Historically Black University.  Former Vice President Joe Biden inaccurately claimed on Saturday [10/26/2019] to have received his start at a historically black college or university (HBCU), despite never having attended such an institution.  Biden, who has history of exaggerating his civil rights involvement, made the claim during a campaign town hall in South Carolina, while talking about his plan for education.

If Biden wanted to 'earn' the nomination without Obama's endorsement, he wouldn't be using Obama as a shield.  Joe Biden made the absurd claim in a Sunday [10/27/2019] "60 Minutes' interview that he told Barack Obama not to endorse him in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary because he wanted to "earn" the nomination on his own. [...] Back on planet earth, where Biden is running as an elderly white man who has taken many positions over his nearly half-century long political career that are at odds with a vocal segment of the modern Democratic Party, he has gone out of his way to associate himself with Obama at every opportunity.  Weeks before he ran for president, he declared, "I'm an Obama-Biden Democrat, man, and I'm proud of it."

Biden campaign on 'life support'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign, it's on life support after spending a million dollars on private jets shuttling in between fundraisers... only to end up with 9 million dollars in the bank[.] Biden's cash on hand totals rank him fourth in the Democratic field despite the candidate doing almost no national media and sparsely holding rallies.  Literally the only thing he does is fundraise.

Hunter Biden's Legal Work in Romania Now Raises Eyebrows of Ethics Experts.  Here we go again — there's another new Hunter Biden story being reported and this one's a doozy, as I see it.  We're now heading to Romania, where Hunter Biden (shown above) apparently did some work with a real estate tycoon who cooked up corrupt land deals.  The individual was eventually convicted and sentenced to prison for seven years, but is said to be hiding out in London, avoiding extradition to Romania.  The Biden family reportedly has "deep ties" to the country of Romania — just as they have "deep ties" to Ukraine and China.  Ethics experts are suggesting we're likely looking at yet another "inappropriate, conflict-of-interest" situation with former Vice President Joe Biden, just as we have in Ukraine and China.

Stop Claiming 'No Quid Pro Quo'.  [Scroll down]  There is no known Justice Department probe of Biden influence-peddling in potential violation of American law.  Instead, the president is said to have pressured Ukraine to open an investigation of the Ukrainian company for violations of Ukrainian law.  Generally, U.S. requests for investigative assistance involve the foreign power's provision to the Justice Department of evidence relevant to violations of American law.  While not attacking Taylor's credibility, the president's backers are adamant that there was no quid pro quo.  This refrain returns us to the argument I urged when this controversy emerged a few weeks back:  It should have been taken as a given that there was a quid pro quo and that the president was squeezing Ukraine for accommodations, some of which were legitimate (even if unwise), and others harder to defend.  To repeat, quid pro quo just means "this for that."  It's an exchange, and it is a feature of all commerce.

Revealed: Joe Biden twice used his position as Senator to intervene to boost son Hunter's lobbying.  Joe Biden privately contacted the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice when he was a senior and influential U.S. Senator to discuss issues that his son Hunter's firm was being paid to lobby on, according to government records.  On at least two occasions, Biden contacted federal departments to discuss issues related to Hunter's firm's lobbying clients, according to records reviewed by the Washington Examiner.  Biden's behind-the-scenes outreach illustrates how his Senate work overlapped with his son's business interests.

Biden: My Kids Won't Have White House Offices or Sit in on Cabinet Meetings.  During a portion of an interview with CBS released on Thursday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden vowed that his children won't have offices in the White House or sit in on Cabinet meetings.  Biden stated, "[I]f I'm president — get elected president, my children are not going to have offices in the White House.  My children are not going to sit in on Cabinet meetings."

Hunter Biden's legal work in Romania raises new questions about his overseas dealings.  In the final year of the Obama administration, an American lawyer traveled to Romania to meet with a businessman accused of orchestrating a corrupt land deal.  The businessman was Gabriel "Puiu" Popoviciu, a wealthy Romanian real estate tycoon.  The lawyer brought in to advise him was Hunter Biden, the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, according to two people familiar with the matter.  Hunter Biden's work for Popoviciu in 2016 went unreported at the time, but Joe Biden's involvement in Romania was very much public.  The vice president was among the leading voices pushing the government to crack down on corruption.

Trump Campaign Owns Web Address For Biden's Newly Announced Latino Outreach Campaign.  The 2020 Trump campaign trolled Democratic candidate Joe Biden Wednesday [10/23/2019] by purchasing the web domain for Biden's new Latino outreach campaign.  The former vice president announced the outreach campaign called "Todos Con Biden," or "Everyone With Biden," Wednesday, but the campaign did not purchase the web address before the Trump campaign got its hands on it.

Joe Biden's Latino Outreach Campaign Forgot To Register Their Domain Name.  Yesterday, to some fanfare Joe Biden kicked off his Latino outreach effort. [...] Today it became obvious that his campaign isn't savvy about a lot of other things.

Trump campaign scoops up Biden's Latino voter web address, trolls his voter outreach.  [Joe] Biden, who spent the day campaigning across Pennsylvania and Iowa, announced "Todos Con Biden," a "national network of Latino supporters" working to help elect the former vice president earlier on Wednesday [10/23/2019].  But there's one problem.  The Biden campaign failed to purchase, or even lock down the @TodosConBiden Twitter handle before announcing the new effort — prompting the president's reelection team to do what it does best:  troll.

Joe Biden apologizes after footage of him blasting the 1998 Clinton impeachment probe as a 'partisan lynching' is unearthed.  Joe Biden has apologized for using the word 'lynching' when describing the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998.  His apology comes after the former Vice President lambasted President Donald Trump for also using the exact same word as he described his current impeachment process.  'This wasn't the right word to use and I'm sorry about that,' Biden wrote in a tweet late on Tuesday night [10/22/2019].  Biden used the word during a 1998 CNN interview as he defended then President Clinton on-air.

Joe Biden is called out after he slams Trump for calling the impeachment inquiry 'a lynching'.  Joe Biden has apologized for using the word 'lynching' when describing the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998.  His apology comes after the former Vice President lambasted President Donald Trump for also using the exact same word as he described his current impeachment process.  'This wasn't the right word to use and I'm sorry about that,' Biden wrote in a tweet late on Tuesday night [10/22/2019].  Biden used the word during a 1998 CNN interview as he defended then President Clinton on-air.

Voting Is a Complex Calculus.  Take Joe Biden's frontrunner status in the Democratic race for several months, for instance.  There are a dozen reasons why Biden shouldn't be the Democratic frontrunner to today's hyper-woke left: he is a white male, a much older one to boot, and one seemingly stuck in the past.  Plus, he has undeniably lost a step and often has memory-and-cognition lapses that are only politely called "gaffes."  Yet, many Democratic primary voters, especially African-American voters, are sticking with him, no matter what.  Again, the reasons for that are all over the place:  Biden is a known entity to many older voters; he is perceived to be electable; most importantly, he is the moderate, centrist candidate against candidates that've veered into far-left, crazy territory on many issues.

Two people showed up to Biden debate watch party in Philadelphia.  Several debate watch parties registered with Joe Biden's campaign had paltry attendance in Philadelphia, where his 2020 presidential campaign is headquartered.  At one party blocks from Biden's national campaign headquarters, just two people attended, including David Bradford, who hosted the gathering, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The Seedy History of Joe Biden and Russia.  Things are not always as they seem in international geopolitics.  The first-glance and facile explanation that this was a simple pay-to-play scheme between Ukraine and Biden doesn't hold up.  Biden has had a long and public career.  If he were an ardent advocate for Ukraine, it would be clear for all to see.  But he has not been.  In fact, he has consistently sided with Ukraine's arch-nemesis, Russia.  Biden was the vice president in an administration that pushed for a "reset" with Russia and oversaw Russia's entry into the WTO.

'You Don't Get More Politically Connected': Participants In Securities Fraud Scam Touted Links To Hunter Biden.  Participants in a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud an American Indian tribe touted links to Hunter Biden and his business associate, Devon Archer, according to court documents the Daily Caller News Foundation reviewed.  Biden is not accused of wrongdoing in the case, which centered on a fraudulent $60 million bond offering involving the Wakpamni Lake Community Association, an affiliate of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.  But the documents, reported here for the first time, shed light on how associates saw Biden during a period when his father, Joe Biden, served as vice president.

Hunter Biden Never Worked in Ukraine, Was Only Hired to 'Protect the Company'.  A report from Reuters paints a very unflattering picture of Hunter Biden's time while on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.  During his five-year stint on the board, where he was making what is now believed to be $83,333 a month, he was regarded as "a helpful non-executive director with a powerful name," according to several sources in Ukraine.  During the entire time he was on the board, Hunter Biden never even visited Ukraine for company business.

Hunter Likely Made $83K+ a Month to "Protect" Burisma.  A career State Department official told House impeachment investigators that he raised concerns with a senior White House official in 2015 about the vice president's son serving on the board of a Ukrainian company, but was ignored.  The White House official told Mr. Kent that the elder Mr. Biden did not have the "bandwidth" to address the concerns while his older son, Beau, was undergoing cancer treatment, according to the people, who were not authorized to discuss the private deposition.  Now is a good time to add the video of Joe bragging about extorting the Ukrainians.  [Video clip]

A nation governed by princelings.  [Scroll down]  In Hunter Biden's case, his father was the vice president of the United States.  Even though the vice president officially has very little power, he wields enough influence to steer large amounts of money.  In recent weeks, the more you heard about the Trump impeachment scandal, the more you heard about Joe Biden manipulating $1 billion to get his son Hunter out of legal trouble.  Today, the former vice president still wields power because he has a chance to become the next president.  Even though his chance is small, campaign contributors want to cover all of the bases, including his.

'Moderate' Joe Biden Bragged About the Political Hit Job on Robert Bork.  While Democrats often blame House Speaker Newt Gingrich for coarsening America's political rhetoric, the character assassination of Robert Bork first ignited the partisan political warfare that hit a fever pitch with Trump.  Biden is campaigning on a platform of "restoring the soul" of America, aiming to reverse the influence of Trump, whom he blames for the white nationalist riots in Charlottesville, Va.  Yet the former VP played a key role in the political declaration of war that turned Bork's last name into a verb.  On Tuesday [10/15/2019], he bragged about that.

Diplomat: I tried to warn the Obama administration about Hunter Biden and Ukraine in 2015, but no one would listen.  A diplomat who served in the State Department under former President Barack Obama testified Tuesday that he sounded the alarm about Hunter Biden's appointment to Ukrainian energy company Burisma in early 2015, but no one seemed to care, according to the Washington Post.  George Kent, who still works in the State Department as deputy assistant secretary of state, testified as a part of the House impeachment inquiry that he was concerned about the conflict of interest with Hunter Biden joining the company at the same time that then-Vice President Joe Biden was heavily involved in the administration's Ukraine policy.

Reuters: Hunter Biden never worked in Ukraine in five years on Burisma's board.  No one has yet provided an adequate answer as to how Hunter Biden got a job on Burisma's board, having absolutely no experience in either energy or Ukraine, apart from having a father serving as Vice President of the US.  Reuters tries to unravel another mystery today — just what did Biden fils do on the board once he got the job?  "He was a ceremonial figure," one of their sources at Burisma tells their reporting team, one who never bothered to come to Ukraine at all in the five years he worked as a director for the Ukrainian energy company.

Hunter Biden Received $700,000 From Company That Held Stake In Chinese Investment Firm.  Hunter Biden received over $700,000 from a New York-based capital management company that held equity in a Chinese investment firm with close ties to the Bank of China, a Daily Caller News Foundation review of Hunter Biden's Chinese, Ukrainian and American business dealings has found.  And despite the deluge of media reports saying Hunter Biden received $50,000 a month for his work on the board of the Ukranian natural gas company Burisma Holdings, the records tell a much different story.

Hunter Biden on new wife he married after 6 days, matching 'shalom' tattoos.  Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, said in an interview that aired Friday that he met, married and got matching "shalom" tattoos in less than a week after laying eyes on his current wife Melissa Cohen Biden, a filmmaker from South Africa.  "I instantly fell in love with her.  And then I've fallen in love with her more every day," he told ABC News.  Their wedding at Melissa's apartment six days later was so hastily thrown together that neither had their families in attendance and their wedding photos were taken by a friend on his cellphone.

Joe Biden lands 51 endorsements in Massachusetts.  Former Vice President Joe Biden has rolled out a list of 51 endorsements from current and former elected officials in rival U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's home state.

On the other hand...
Poll finds support for Biden is fading.  Polls taken after the September debate, then before and after this week's debate, showed a sharp decline in support for Joe Biden among all Americans.  He previously was the clear leader among the candidates.  His numbers fell the most between the September and October debates, but he had little luck in raising his support in the latest debate.  Biden had 30 percent support after the September debate, falling 10 percentage points by late last week.

A Lie Is Not Just a Lie.  [Scroll down]  In the same sentence in which he insisted President Trump be impeached, Joe Biden said he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings.  What kind of father wouldn't talk to his son about such big deals?  Did he really think anyone would believe him, after his son went overseas with him on Air Force 2?  His own son contradicted him and now, following Trump's call-out, has stepped down from the board of the Chinese-backed equity company and promised not to do any more foreign work if his father is elected president.  How big of him — after nearly six years, and while still owning 10% of a company managing $2.1B in investments.

Hunter Biden Cashed In to Fuel His Drug and Sex Habits.  ay what you want about the Trump kids, none of them have been found with a crack pipe on them.  The same can't be said for Hunter Biden.  I picked up the New York Post yesterday morning [10/16/2019] and found an informative reprint from The Intercept by Ryan Grim, who details Hunter's dirtbaggery, including this revealing tidbit:  "One particularly out-of-control bender, which included a crack pipe found in a rental car, took place while Biden was making $50,000 a month serving on the board of [the Ukrainian company] Burisma."  Therein lies one of the obvious motives for his shameless cashing in on his last name.  For years he has had a very expensive drug habit.  Drugs aren't cheap, and neither are loose women — two of Hunter's favorite pastimes.

Democratic Party presidential candidate are unqualified... and weird.  Joe Biden is out of it.  He said "coupon-clippers in the stock market" should pay the same tax rates as teachers and firefighters.  The "coupon-clippers" are primarily those who buy municipal bonds that are tax-free.  The interest is tax-free to induce investors to buy bonds floated by cities, school districts, and states to fund public projects.  Maybe Biden doesn't know this.  And he doesn't know that the tax rate on taxable dividends and interest is the income tax rate and not the capital gains tax.  Maybe Biden should ask his son Hunter, who is such a savvy investor that the Chinese gave him $1.5 billion to invest.

Hunter becomes the prey.  The Biden campaign selected ABC News — run by Bill Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos — as the designated whitewasher of 49-year-old Hunter Biden's slippery career in which he landed high-paying no-show jobs because his daddy held public office.  This is bribery by proxy.  And the old man finally joined in the fray by accepting $900,000 to lobby for the Ukrainian company that paid his son $600,000 a year to do nothing while daddy was vice president.  This is Biden Inc.  Two decades ago MNBA, the largest employer in Delaware (Biden's home state), hired Hunter to lobby for it for $100,000 a year.  MNBA is a credit card company.  Then-Senator Biden was involved in re-writing bankruptcy law, which greatly affects a credit card company's ability to collect debts.  Basically, Joe Biden is a professional troll who uses elected office to shakedown companies and now countries.  Red China invested $1.5 billion in Hunter's investment firm.

Joe Biden's campaign blew $924K on private jets.  Joe Biden burned through campaign funds at a fast clip over the past three months, ending the final quarter in 2019 with less than $9 million — after his team shelled out over $924,000 on private jets.  The former vice president's war chest of $8.9 million was a small fraction of what his leading rivals have on hand, according to newly released filings on how much each of the 12 Democratic candidates raised, spent and have left in coffers.  Among his biggest expenses were $924,000 spent on EJCR LLC Dba Advanced Aviation Team, a company that offers private jet charter services, Federal Election Commission data shows.

Biden Ukraine golf scandal
CNN and ABC News Terrified to Confront Bidens with Smoking Gun Golf Photo.  Far-left CNN and ABC News did not have the moral courage to confront the Bidens with a damning photograph that shows Joe and Hunter Biden enjoying an afternoon of golf with Devon Archer, a board member on the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings.  With the help of the crooked media, former Vice President Joe Biden has been allowed to act outraged while not answering legitimate questions about his son Hunter getting filthy rich by trading in on his father's name and influence, and doing so while Joe was still vice president.

Top Diplomat Testified That Obama Admin, Not International Community, Orchestrated Ukraine Prosecutor's Firing.  A top U.S. diplomat and expert on Ukraine testified to Congress yesterday that the Obama administration — with former Vice President Joe Biden as its point man — orchestrated the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating a company connected to the Biden family, sources familiar with the testimony told The Federalist.  The testimony of George Kent, a State Department official who works on the agency's Ukraine portfolio, directly contradicts claims that the Obama administration was merely following the lead of the so-called international community in demanding the firing of Viktor Shokin, a controversial Ukrainian prosecutor who was reportedly investigating Burisma, a global energy company long suspected of corruption and money laundering.  In 2014, Burisma paid Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, tens of thousands of dollars to sit on its board despite the younger Biden's complete lack of expertise or professional experience running a multi-national oil and gas concern.

Here are five questions that need to be asked.  [#1] There are two simple points about the Hunter Biden-Ukraine issue.  What was his unique qualification to get that much money, which has added up to more than $3,000,000?  Did his father really not know about it?  Hunter has said he did tell his father, but his father has said he did not know.  Given former Vice President Joe Biden's routinely faulty memory, both could be true.  However, most parents would know if their child was making $600,000 a year from a foreign company.

Anderson Cooper Casually Vindicates Hunter Biden.  I realize the task of checking bias at CNN is a Sisyphian one, but moderator Anderson Cooper kicked off the Democratic primary debate on Tuesday with a particularly laughable sleight of hand.  Setting up a question to Joe Biden, Cooper said, "President Trump has falsely accused your son of doing something wrong while serving on a company board in Ukraine.  I want to point out there is no evidence of wrongdoing by either one of you."  Cooper effectively vindicated both Bidens before even asking the question.  Perhaps he thought it was clever to say Trump falsely accused the junior Biden of wrongdoing "while serving" on the board.  Serving on the board was, of course, the wrongdoing in and of itself.

Who is Fiona Hill and why did Joe Biden give her such a glowing book blurb in 2012?  [Scroll down]  Authors often get prominent people to do their blurbs to ensure sales, and it's pretty reasonable to see someone from the Financial Times and U.K.'s MI-6 chief doing such blurbs, given that Hill is a British native and those are foreign-policy oriented entities.  But Biden?  Who's not exactly an academic, and stranger still, who was making the pitch in the pages of Rolling Stone, a real hotbed of Kremlinology readership?  Strange indeed.  Stranger still, Biden's effusive praise for the book, with its many blasts at corruption and dour picture of the Russians, stands at weird odds to Biden's own record of crony deals with Putin-friendly oligarchs, via his son, in Ukraine.  Not only would Biden have been unlikely to have plodded through such a heavy piece of lumber as Hill's book, he'd probably not like what was exposed in the content either, given that he himself was at the Russia/Ukraine hog wallow himself.

Obama WH corruption:  Rampant pay to play by Clinton, Kerry, and Biden.  Pay to Play corruption in the Obama administration was widespread among top officials, especially Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Vice President Joe Biden.  Sweetheart deals.  Board positions on energy companies.  Contributions to "foundations" and overt bribery were the currency of foreign governments and would-be policy influencers alike.  They found rich terrain in the Obama Administration.  Usually funneling money through family members or lobbyists.  The Hunter Biden scandal involving Burisma Holdings and the Rosemont Seneca equity fund is just the tip of an ever-growing and horribly corrupt iceberg.

Seven Joe Biden Gaffes During the Fourth Democrat Debate.  Former Vice President Joe Biden frequently became tongue-tied during the Democrat debate on Tuesday night, continuing his gaffe-ridden campaign for president.

Biden In Decline.  I never thought Joe Biden had a serious shot at the Democratic nomination.  Even when he was in his prime, he wasn't up to the task.  And that was a long time ago.  But it is the Ukraine scandal that is putting Biden's candidacy to a perhaps-premature end.

Hunter Biden's pathetic 'defense'.  Hunter Biden came out of hiding for a long ABC News interview Tuesday morning to try to lay to rest the questions about his foreign profiteering.  He failed.  The main controversy centers on his $50,000-a-month position on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company that's been under investigation for corruption for a decade, on and off.  Why did it bring on a 44-year-old lawyer who had no experience with Ukraine or natural gas — but happened to be the son of the US vice president who was serving as administration point man on Ukraine?

'Dude. You are 49 years old!': Hunter Biden mocked for describing himself as a 'kid'.  In an attempt to jab at Trump, Hunter Biden told ABC on Tuesday, "As it relates to whether he can take on Donald Trump, absolutely.  But my dad doesn't go after other people's kids.  He just doesn't.  Never has."  Biden's attempt to equate himself to "other people's kids" was quickly leveled online, with the Hill's Krystal Ball tweeting, "Dude.  You are 49 years old!"

Flashback: Hunter Biden's One Qualification for Amtrak Board Was Taking Trains.  Hunter Biden's only qualification for obtaining a seat on the Amtrak board of directors in 2006 was that he often rode trains.  That's according to his father Joe Biden's Delaware colleague in the Senate, Tom Carper, who offered the sole nomination speech for the younger Biden when his name was presented in the Senate Commerce Committee.  In his prepared remarks, Carper said Biden would be an "excellent addition" to the board, but was unable to list any reason beyond his frequent use of trains.

Why Pelosi should heed the Rodino precedent on impeachment.  In Joe Biden's statement on the Clinton impeachment released to the Congressional Record on Feb. 12, 1999, he cautioned his fellow senators, calling impeachment "the most obviously anti-democratic act the Senate can engage in — overturning an election by convicting the president."  He also said that impeachment had "no place in our system of constitutional democracy except as an extreme measure ... reserved for breaches of the public trust by a president who so violates his official duties, misuses his official powers or places our system of government at such risk that our constitutional government is put in immediate danger by his continuing to serve out the term to which the people of the United States elected him."  And finally, "Only a president is chosen by the people in a national election. ... To remove a duly elected president clashes with democratic principles in a way that simply has no constitutional parallel."

'Hiding in plain sight': Hunter Biden defends foreign ventures but concedes political 'mistake'.  As President Donald Trump continues to fill his Twitter feed and campaign speeches with attacks on Hunter Biden over his foreign business deals, the former vice president's son defended the ethical implications of his private ventures in an interview with ABC News, but conceded taking a misstep in failing to foresee the political implications on his father's career.

Joe Biden needs to be asked these 8 questions.  [#1] Your son Hunter took a position with a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, just before you visited Kiev and urged Ukraine to increase its natural gas production.  He was paid as much as $50,000 a month despite having no experience in Ukraine or the natural gas industry.  Why do you think Burisma hired your son and paid him such massive sums? [...] [#4] You recently said that you have "never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings." But your son told the New Yorker that you did.  Why did you say you never discussed it with him when you had?  And why would you say to him "I hope you know what you are doing" if he was doing nothing wrong?

Joe Biden calls for a constitutional amendment [...] to 'ensure no future president can ever abuse the office for personal gain'.  Joe Biden has called for a constitutional amendment to publicly finance elections as he unveils an ethics plan pointed at President Donald Trump.  These proposals are to 'ensure that no future president can ever abuse the office for personal gain,' the Biden campaign told NBC News ahead of its formal announcement of reforms on Monday [10/14/2019].  The ban on private dollars, reminiscent of Biden's first days as a Senator nearly 50 years ago, comes as he has been lambasted by Democrat rivals for his leaning on lucrative fundraising events.

Hunter Biden swears no more corruption if Dad wins.  News broke yesterday morning [10/13/2019] that Hunter Biden has officially stepped down from the board of directors of a Chinese-backed private equity company.  Additionally, he made a public promise that if his father, Joe Biden, wins the presidency, he will "forego all foreign work."  Quite a lot to unpack here.  Firstly, he's missing the point entirely.  While President Trump's Ukraine phone call shined a bright light on Joe and Hunter Biden's corruption, the outrage was never about him working for a foreign company.  It was about how he got those positions in the first place — with his father's power and status in the U.S. government.  Questions were raised about what was promised in return for giving the former vice president's drug-addicted child an extremely lucrative career with virtually no experience.  Next, stepping down only brings more attention to the scandal.

GOP lawmaker introduces bill to investigate Biden family's dealings with Ukraine.  Amid House Democrats' push for an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, a Republican lawmaker plans to introduce legislation to turn the spotlight on the Biden family's dealings with Ukraine.  "I'm not asking for a foreign government to investigate him, I want the United States Congress to investigate him," Rep. Bradley Byrne, of Alabama, told "Fox & Friends" on Monday [10/14/2019].  The resolution, expected to be filed Tuesday, calls for several House committees to formally investigate Hunter Biden's dealings with Ukrainian firm Burisma Holdings during the period in which his father served as vice president.

Hunter Biden Was a Paid Consultant to MBNA Starting at Age 21 — As Joe Biden Pushed Legislation to Promote Credit Card Industry.  Hunter Biden was paid an undisclosed amount of money as a consultant by MBNA as his father pushed legislation to help the credit card industry.  Hunter Biden was 21 in 2001 when MBNA started paying the US Senator's son as a consultant.  Hunter Biden at 31 was well on his way making a career for himself as a top Democrat Senator's son.

Is China Orchestrating the Democrats' Faux Impeachment Scheme?  Last Thursday [10/10/2019], a caller into the Mark Levin Show made a brilliant point:  Joe Biden has been completely compromised by Red China, and perhaps other foreign interests.  His family members, and perhaps Biden himself, have significant personal wealth now controlled by Beijing.  While his troubled son Hunter may have forfeited his "board seat" (as an aside, how many no-show jobs does this clown have?), his ownership stake in the $1.5 billion "hedge fund" appears to remain in force.  The typical fee that managers would charge for these assets would be typically be between $15 and $30 million a year.  Nice work if you can get it.  And you can't, because your last name isn't that of a powerful Democrat politician.  Biden isn't the only one beholden to China.  John Kerry's stepson is a partner in Rosemont Seneca, the investment firm that "partnered" with the Bank of China to create a $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).

Biden Believes He Can 'Build On' The So-Called 'Squeaky Clean' Environment Obama Had.  [Scroll down]  Interestingly enough, Biden seems to believe he can build upon the so-called "squeaky clean transparent environment" that existed during the Obama administration.  "And I can tell you now, if I am your president, next president, I'm going to build on the squeaky clean transparent environment we had in the Obama-Biden White House and no one in my family or associated with me will be involved in any foreign operation whatsoever.  Period.  End of story," the 2020 candidate said.  Where was Joe Biden during the Obama years?  Was he unaware of the scandals that plagued the Obama administration or is he simply trying to forget them?  In case you need a reminder, Uncle Joe, here are a couple not-so-squeaky-clean instances you should really re-examine: [...]

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Hunter Biden Steps Down from Chinese Board.  Hunter Biden is stepping down from the board of a Chinese-backed private equity company and promising to forgo all foreign work if his father, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, is elected president in 2020.  After months of keeping a relatively low-profile as President Donald Trump leveled a barrage of unsubstantiated accusations of corruption at him, the younger Biden is publicly vowing to avoid any conflict of interest.  According to a statement released on his behalf by his lawyer George Mesires, Biden said he'll resign at the end of the month from the management company of a private equity fund that's backed by Chinese state-owned entities.

Peggy Noonan:  Hunter Biden Is the 'Story of the Swamp' — 'American People Don't Like It'.  Sunday, during the roundtable portion of NBC's "Meet the Press," Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan warned the Hunter Biden side of the Trump impeachment story, which she called "the story of the swamp," puts the younger Biden on the wrong side of the American people.  [Video clip]

The Last Desperate Effort to Protect "The Chosen One" Will Likely Fail (Perhaps by Design).  [Scroll down]  However, there is a more likely argument to be made that Biden's failure was planned.  Coordinated by members who planned to push the Moonbattery of their useful idiots (their base) to the furthest reaches of left-wing policy; thereby creating a void that none of the current candidates could ever fill.  If that Machiavellian scheme is correct, and I wouldn't put it past the DNC/Club to create such a design, into this DNC/Club created void another "chosen one" would be inserted at the opportune moment.  This basic premise is a modification of the Democrat's favorite rule book:  (1) manufacture a crisis; and then (2) don't let the crisis go to waste.

2020 Democrats Won't Attack Biden Over Ukraine Scandal.  I recently noted the bizarre observation that 2020 Democrats aren't launching any substantive attacks on the frontrunners for the nomination.  Biden, Warren, and Sanders have, generally speaking, gotten off pretty easy with their single-digit-polling rivals.  If you think they're waiting for the next debate to unload, you'd be wrong. [...] According to Beto O'Rourke, "There is no reason [to look] into Joe Biden or his son Hunter Biden.  They have been cleared of any wrongdoing whatsoever." [...] Beto is not the only one pulling punches.

Turns out Biden's family not the only one to benefit from Ukrainian fossil fuels.  On Sept. 24, 2019, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the official impeachment inquiry that would be led by the Intelligence Committee and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).  At first, this was a curious decision to objective persons, since the Judiciary Committee has the authority over this type of procedure.  At the time, Pelosi indicated a threat by President Donald Trump to our national security during the July 25 conversation between him and President Zelensky of Ukraine.  She did this without the benefit of the transcript, but she doubtless already knew much of the CIA "whistleblower's" complaint.  Further, the Ukrainian president disputes her version.  But this is not the rationale for her haste to convene the investigation.  It appears that the D.C. swamp benefits another powerful family.  The Biden family has gotten special treatment from Ukrainian oil interests, and the Pelosi family has a similar advantage.

Joe AND Hunter Biden Were Both Paid By Burisma.  House Democrats have pulled the trigger on their grand plan to impeach President Trump for simply winning the 2016 election.  They couldn't get him on impeachment for "Russian collusion," but they're now using some inaccurate whistleblower report that alleged that President Trump tried to shakedown Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, threatening to withhold military aid unless he opened a corruption investigation into Hunter Biden.  Hunter was being paid $50,000/month at his position at Burisma Group, an energy company and a sector of the economy that Biden has zero experience.

Joe Biden's campaign could have been made into a good Leslie Nielsen movie.
Biden brings town hall to standstill, reminisces on 'gay bathhouses' and 'round-the-clock sex'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden's performance at CNN's LGBTQ Town Hall may not have been filled with his usual gaffes, but there were plenty of head-scratching and simply awkward moments.  The Democratic presidential candidate was one of nine 2020 contenders who spoke on LGBTQ issues with CNN's Anderson Cooper at Thursday's Democratic presidential town hall, making several cringe-worthy impressions with viewers as he joked about coming out and reminiscing about "gay bathhouses and 'round the clock sex."

Biden's bogus buffoonery.  Joe Biden's rhetoric grows more inflammatory with every new Democratic presidential poll, as rival Elizabeth Warren has surpassed him in the national polling averages and he realizes pretend moderation won't sell.  In surveying his multitudinous rivals, Biden doubtlessly sees himself as a man of superior wisdom, experience and gravitas.  [Indeed], he's wanted this job a lot longer than some of these upstarts have even been involved in politics, and he's paid his dues with scandal-ridden, failed efforts and an eight-year deferential stint as Barack Obama's vice president.  In short, he's paid his dues just like Hillary Clinton did, and it's his time.

Dear Democrats:  Hunter Biden Is No Ivanka Trump.  Joe Biden's campaign can best be summed up as a game of dodgeball.  Lately, he's tried to "dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge" questions about why entities in two foreign countries funneled millions of dollars to his son, despite Hunter's lack of relevant experience for those "jobs."  Worse yet are the efforts by Democrats and many in media to provide cover for the Bidens by absurdly comparing Hunter to Ivanka Trump.  When it comes to business background and resume:  Plain and simple, there is no comparison.  Hunter Biden is no Ivanka Trump.

Buffoon: In May Joe Biden Said China's Not A Threat — Now Says Trump Too Weak On China.  If the Democrats nominate Joe Biden, they are not only going to lose in 2020, they are going to look stupid doing it.  In May of this year, Joe Biden told America that China represents no threat to the United States.  Now he is calling them human rights abusers and saying that Trump is weak for not standing up to them.

Biden Campaign Warns Democrat Candidates:  Do Not Repeat 'Discredited Lies' About Hunter.  The Biden campaign is warning any presidential candidate who "calls themselves a Democrat" to refrain from repeating "discredited lies" about Joe Biden (D) and his son Hunter during the next presidential debate.  The Biden campaign is taking an aggressive stance in an effort to dismiss the mounting questions and concerns surrounding the Bidens' business dealings in both China and Ukraine.  The latter has become a particular point of interest in recent weeks, following President Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Who's Afraid Of Whom?  Despite the lack of scrutiny, both from the DOJ and the media, we do know that Hunter Biden was paid $50,000 a month by Ukrainian energy company Burisma for not knowing anything about gas, oil or Ukraine.  And we know from a Ukrainian MP that Joe Biden himself was paid $900,000 by Burisma.  Those are not unproven allegations, as almost every outlet calls them.  And they sure [...] ain't unfounded.  Plus, Trump has every right to ask questions about this, whether in the US or elsewhere.  Where he won't be able to ask questions, if Pelosi and Schiff have their way, is in the fake impeachment inquiry.  There he may not even be able to bring a lawyer.  Who's afraid of whom exactly, and of what?

6 facts about Hunter Biden's business dealings in China.  The furor over Trump's call for Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden's business has brought the spotlight back to the former second family's international dealings.  While his Ukrainian business is currently receiving most of the attention, Hunter's dealings in China deserve at least as much scrutiny.  Trained as a lawyer at Yale, Hunter had primarily worked as a lobbyist and consultant.  His previous foray into financial services, Paradigm Global Advisors, was linked to Stanford Financial, a multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme.  In 2009, Hunter co-founded a new venture, Rosemont Seneca Partners.  Rosemont and Hunter were given extraordinary opportunities in China while his father was vice president.

There's stupidity, and then there's the Democrats.  Since the days of the Clintons, Democratic crimes never seem to come as single spies, or even in battalions, but it something like divisions or army corps.  That certainly seems to be the case with Joe Biden, as several stories that have bubbled up over the past few days attest:
  •   Hunter Biden was caught trying to run interference in Congress for corrupt Romanian land baron Gabriel Popoviciu without bothering to register as a foreign agent.  Popoviciu later went to prison over a corrupt land deal. (This story first appeared last May, but is only now gaining traction thanks to Rudy Giuliani's interest.)
  •   It turns out that Papa Joe himself was paid $900,000 for lobbying on behalf of Burisma, the exact same outfit that Hunter was entangled with. (This was revealed by Ukrainian Rada member Andriy Derkach.  I suppose Trump called him too.)
  •   It has also developed that the 2020 candidate that the whistleblower had a relationship with was none other than Joe himself.  The whistleblower not only briefed Biden about Ukraine, but also accompanied him there on Air Force Two, which suggests more than a casual relationship.
Clearly, we've only scratched the surface as far as this little affair goes.  Hunter had his finger in many pies, it seems, while Dad is entangled up to his neck with the same crew of corrupt reprobates as junior.

Biden Campaign Throws Temper Tantrum over Peter Schweizer NYT Op-ed.  Joe Biden's presidential campaign sent a scathing letter to New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet for running an op-ed by author and Breitbart senior contributor Peter Schweizer, which laid out the former vice president's pattern of corruption and calling for the federal government to investigate his dealings in both China and Ukraine.  The Biden campaign sent its letter to Baquet Wednesday [10/9/2019], expressing outrage for printing "a baseless conspiracy theory" and calling Schweizer, author of the book Secret Empires, a "right wing polemicist."  While half of Schweizer's op-ed in the Times addressed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao's China ties, the Biden campaign did not seem to take issue with that particular coverage.

Ukraine Fallout Turns Tough Guy Joe Biden into a Big Crybaby.  Because he has no good answers for why his ne'er-do-well son Hunter was paid a sweet $50,000 a month — a month! — by a Ukrainian energy company, former-tough guy Joe Biden is going the full-crybaby to kill the story. [...] What happened to the tough guy who was going to beat President Trump like a drum?  What happened to the sunglasses and swagger?

Are all Dems above the law?  As the chief law-enforcement officer of the United States, Donald Trump has a constitutional obligation to investigate illegal behavior, especially when committed at the highest level of our government.  Hence, a more-than-plausible alternative to the subjective and partisan attack device is conspicuously present, truly an elephant in the room — that somehow remains inscrutable to the chattering class.  Lawful obligation trumps unwarranted and inadmissible assumption, as it were.  And what evidence of illegality is there to justify the constitutional basis for Trump's request that Ukraine investigate Joe Biden?  Merely objective evidence, both direct and circumstantial, that Biden has been running an international influence peddling (China) and extortion (Ukraine) operation.

Flashback: Tom Brokaw called out Biden corruption — in 2008!.  Former vice president Joe Biden faces increased scrutiny on his son Hunter's shady business deals in the Ukraine and China, but it's not the first time the Bidens' conflict of interest has caused problems in a presidential campaign.  More than a decade ago, Tom Brokaw asked Biden to his face about a different arrangement with a Delaware credit company called MBNA, which hired Hunter on a six-figure salary and paid then Sen. Joe Biden hundreds of thousands more in campaign contributions to win his favor.

Biden Spokeswoman says Hunter Was Cleared by Obama White House to Serve on Burisma Board.  Earlier this week, Biden campaign spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield attempted to defend the Biden family's shady business dealings in Ukraine while Joe was vice president, and ended up implicating Barack Obama instead.  While his father was vice president and handling U.S. relations with Ukraine, Hunter Biden got a lucrative position on the board of Burisma Holdings.  Despite having no experience in the field, Hunter Biden was making as much a $166,000 a month, sparking allegations that he was selling access to the White House.  "Every single independent outlet that's looked into this has said there's no issue of wrongdoing here," Bedingfield claimed, before adding, "In 2014 the White House cleared Hunter Biden serving on that board."

Senator Who Employed Chinese Spy Endorses Joe Biden for President.  A high-profile U.S. senator with professional and personal ties to China — including once employing one of its spies — is backing former Vice President Joe Biden amid mounting questions over his son's business dealings with the communist regime.  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), a former chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, announced her endorsement of the former vice president on Tuesday [10/8/2019], claiming to have witnessed Biden's "fortitude" and leadership during their overlapping tenures in Congress.

Burisma paid Joe Biden $900,000 for lobbying — Ukrainian MP.  Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden received $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Group, Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada member Andriy Derkach said citing investigation materials.  Derkach publicized documents which, as he said, "describe the mechanism of getting money by Biden Sr." at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine's press center in Kyiv on Wednesday [10/9/2019].  "This was the transfer of Burisma Group's funds for lobbying activities, as investigators believe, personally to Joe Biden through a lobbying company.  Funds in the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, which according to open sources, in particular, the New York Times, is affiliated with Biden.  The payment reference was payment for consultative services," Derkach said.

Facebook Rejects Biden Campaign's Request to Ban Trump Ad.  Facebook has rejected a request from former Vice President Joe Biden's 2020 campaign to remove a video advertisement by President Donald Trump's re-election campaign that highlights allegations of corruption against Biden and his son, according to a report.  CNN on Wednesday [10/9/2019] published Facebook's response to the Biden campaign in which it explains its decision is "grounded in Facebook's fundamental belief in free expression, respect for the democratic process, and belief that in mature democracies with a free press, political speech is already arguably the most scrutinized speech there is."

Solomon Reports:  Ukraine Investigation into Burisma/Biden Was Re-Opened in February 2019.  Journalist John Solomon appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity last night to drop a considerably important revelation.  According to Solomon's reporting the White House has open-sourced evidence that Ukraine re-opened their investigation into Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden in February 2019; several months before President Trump spoke to President Zelenskyy.

Trump's exaggerations stand in stark contrast to Democrats' actual lies.  Joe Biden was found to plagiarize a speech from a British politician years ago.  This is his third try for the presidency.  With lack-luster effort his name recognition and support from African-Americans helped him become the front-runner.  At 76 years of age now, his energy is lacking, but his anger is pronounced when fending off questions concerning his son's dealings with Ukraine and China.  But what about his son's efforts to trade on his political influence?  Is there any hypocrisy when he accuses Trump of nefarious activities?  Where is the media and their curiosity?  They act more like the publicity arm of the Democratic Party.

The Curious Case of the Incurious Press.  Instead of expressing curiosity about why the Bidens had been the subject of a criminal investigation in Ukraine, reporters fell into lockstep with the Democrats' impeachment narrative.  Everywhere you turned for the last two weeks, whenever a reporter was talking about Biden at all, it was to talk about how he was being maligned by Trump, that he had been cleared of any wrongdoing, that the claim that he had gotten a prosecutor fired to protect his son was a "debunked conspiracy theory."  When you asked who cleared Biden, you got no answer except the news media themselves.

How the Hobbs Act Could Sink Joe Biden.  To say the drive-by media have circled the wagons for Joe Biden is putting it mildly.  Every day, in print and on their TV broadcasts, they thunder that there is no evidence!  He broke no laws when his son raked off millions of dollars from China and Ukraine for no-show jobs.  Even New Jersey's most famous traffic judge seems to be confused.  A guy in Ukraine also posits that Biden broke no laws there, either, as if there were really any laws to break in that wild West corruption show.  But as an American lawyer, who often has to advise public officials on state and federal ethics laws, I can say yes, just by the public record we already have, Joe Biden, his son, their bag-man Devon Archer, and possibly John Kerry likely violated 18 USC 1951, the dreaded Hobbs Act, the federal anti-extortion law.  Hobbs has a really nasty bite to it for public officials, because it prohibits not just bribery, but merely the collecting of political tribute under color of official right.

How Biden is Bungling His Ukraine Response — And Does the New Whistleblower Matter?  Yesterday morning [10/6/2019], CNN's Jeff Zeleny reported that Joe Biden's presidential campaign has been deliberately shielding the candidate from interviews throughout the Ukraine ordeal because they don't want him confronted with numerous questions on the topic. [...] That can't last.  The man is seeking the White House.  He doesn't get to duck and dodge uncomfortable questions indefinitely, especially when they're connected to a massive story involving an impeachment inquiry into the sitting president.

Hunter Biden Apparently Gets Around, Caught Doing Shady Deals In Yet Another Country.  It's amazing how a guy with zero experience in certain fields kept getting jobs in certain fields.  And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that his father was conducting foreign policy in the same places, right? [...] We've already heard about Hunter Biden's lucrative dealings in Ukraine.  Then there was the bribery scheme in China involving a guy under indictment.  Now, we are finding out that he advised a guy headed to prison in Romania while not being registered as a foreign agent. [...] In other words, Biden likely broke the law here by even being involved with this dealing in Romania.  He was not registered properly and was clearly advising in a foreign country.  Of course, nothing will happen to him because FARA laws only apply to Trump associates.

We need to talk about Hunter Biden.  [Scroll down]  What's harder to shake is the fact that Hunter Biden's career is undeniably shady in the way that only the son of a longtime Washington insider could muster, failing upwards into positions of influence and power on the merits of his last name.  And that should be considered a huge liability to Joe Biden, for months now considered heir apparent for the Democratic party's presidential nomination. [...] Indeed, his entire appeal is premised on his ties to that political establishment, namely his having been Barack Obama's vice-president.  That's his biggest and perhaps only selling point in a run that's been defined by fumbling debate performances, scant appearances on the campaign trail and awkward defenses of a record that includes support for the Iraq war and pitiful treatment of Anita Hill.

Poll: 57% Americans Support Probe of Biden and Son's Ukraine, China Actions.  A new poll showed that 57 percent of respondents support a Justice Department probe on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden regarding their actions in Ukraine and China.  Only 37 percent of respondents were against investigating them, according to the new poll by Investor's Business Daily/TIPP, published on Friday [10/4/2019].

Joe Biden Donors Gather for Emergency Closed-Door Meeting as Campaign Loses Steam.  Joe Biden's top political donors gathered for an emergency closed-door meeting this weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as his campaign falls behind rivals in both funds and polling.  The New York Times was first to report the meeting on Sunday, noting the financiers were treated to a behind-the-scenes view of the campaign's headquarters and strategy, including a private address by the former vice president.

Rudy Giuliani:  Media "Deliberately" Covering-Up Joe Biden Selling Public Office.  Rudy Giuliani appears on Media Buzz [10/6/2019] to discuss how the U.S. media has refused to dig into the details of Joe Biden's corrupt activities.  [Video clip]

It's in the public's interest to know if Joe Biden is corrupt, even if it's also in Trump's interest.  Almost every poll showed that the Russia investigations ranked dead last among voter concerns.  The whole point of Democrats egging on the special counsel, while conducting their own investigations, was to hamstring Trump's presidency.  And then, after the special counsel produced its report without having found any collusion, House Democrats called for yet more investigations.  But when President Trump asked the leader of Ukraine to continue looking into whether there was any corruption involved with the 2016 election and Joe Biden on his country's behalf, Democrats and the national media put on a straight face and accused him of ... looking out for his own political interests!

Joe Biden snaps at another reporter over question about his family's 'conflicts of interest' in the Ukraine.  Joe Biden has lashed out at a reporter in response to a question about his family's potential conflicts of interest in the Ukraine, insisting that press should focus on allegations against President Donald Trump.  At a Service Employees International Union forum in Los Angeles on Friday, Biden was asked about his work overseeing foreign policy for Ukraine as vice president while his son Hunter served on the board of a major Ukrainian company.  'It's not a conflict of interest.  There's been no indication of any conflict of interest, in Ukraine or anywhere else.  Period,' Biden snapped.

Joe Biden Explodes Over Question About Son's Ties to Ukraine: 'I'm Not Going to Respond to That'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden exploded at the media on Friday when asked about his youngest son's shadowy business dealings in Ukraine.  The tense altercation occurred during a campaign stop in Los Angeles, California, where the former vice president was asked if Hunter Biden's service on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian oil and gas giant, had posed a conflict of interest during his time in the White House.

Joe Biden is no longer a front-runner.  Back in May of this year, Biden had an enormous 26.8 percentage point lead over the second-place Democrat, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls.  By late June, that lead had shrunk to 15.6 points.  By Sept. 1, it was 13.5 points.  By mid-September, it was 9.7 points.  Now, Biden's lead is 2.2 points, which is essentially no lead at all.

Joe Biden's Fundraising Craters amid Doubts over Candidacy.  Biden's campaign announced on Thursday [10/3/2019] it only raised $15.2 million in the third quarter, significantly less than expected.  The sum was less than what was raised by competitors polling below Biden, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg — who raised $25.3 million and $19.1 million, respectively, in the same period.

Ukraine to Review Criminal Case on Owner of Firm Linked to Biden's Son.  Ukraine's top prosecutor said on Friday that he would review several important cases previously handled by his predecessors, including a criminal case involving the owner of a natural gas company that employed a son of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.  The development came amid an impeachment inquiry against President Trump connected to a request he made to the Ukrainian president asking him to investigate Mr. Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate, and his son's work in Ukraine.  The timing raised questions about whether Ukraine was, in effect, bowing to public and private pressure from the president of the United States, on which it has depended on for millions of dollars in aid.

Joe Biden: Mediocrity Personified.  Everyone's religion is a personal matter, but Joe Biden is an ostentatious Roman Catholic who appears to disbelieve practically every tenet of his church except, presumably, that God exists, Jesus Christ was divine, and he told St. Peter to found a church.  Apart from that, it's open house.  That there was a creation, that all life is sacred, that abortions, whether a matter of right or not, are the extinction of life, the notion that marriage was created as an institution between a man and a woman:  Whenever anything touching on these or similarly important issues arises, he emits a damp little mantra about "I don't believe in imposing my views in others."  That's commendable, but legislators are expected and preferred to have beliefs and act on them.  With Joe Biden, there has always been the unpleasant feeling that he doesn't believe in much, what he believes in one day could change tomorrow, and when he takes a stand, he's often mistaken.

Documents heighten scrutiny on Biden-Ukraine dealings, indicate Hunter may have made 'millions'.  A batch of newly released documents, including court filings as well as notes from interviews conducted by Rudy Giuliani, have put the spotlight back on Biden family dealings in Ukraine — even as House Democrats' impeachment probe zeroes in on President Trump's push to convince Kiev to investigate them.  And they've raised more questions about how much money Joe Biden's son Hunter made while serving on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas firm at the center of the controversy, with one estimate putting the figure in the "millions."

Biden Fundraising Plummets From Last Quarter, Below Buttigieg, Bernie, Trump.  Joe Biden's third quarter fundraising numbers are out.  And they are an ominous sign for the former vice president's 2020 candidacy.

Watch the Trump campaign ad CNN is refusing to air.  CNN is refusing to air a new Trump reelection campaign ad that attacks the network's prime-time anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo as "lapdogs" for the Democratic Party.  The 30-second ad, titled "Biden Corruption," highlights the controversy surrounding former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and his son Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine.

Biden duped senators into helping his corrupt son.  Biden has admitted that he held up a billion bucks in a loan guarantee unless it fired the prosecutor who was going after his son, a self-admitted coke addict.  After his drug use snuffed his Navy career, Hunter Biden landed a $600,000-a-year no-show job by a corrupt Ukraine company with ties to Putin.  Ukraine fired the prosecutor and got its money.  Ukrainians got rid of that government this summer.  President Donald John Trump asked the new president about the prosecution of the company.  He said it is on-going.  Democrats now want to impeach President Trump because Biden is a crook.

The Party of 'Impeach!'  [Scroll down]  Meanwhile, all this Ukraine business just places attention on Joe's Biden's son.  Hunter Biden received a lucrative monthly fee to sit on the board of director a Ukrainian energy company, despite his lack of energy expertise or his inability to speak the local language.  Joe Biden's candidacy will be irreparably harmed, increasing the odds that hard-left Elizabeth Warren will win the Democratic nomination.  Trump, post-impeachment, can credibly call himself a victim of a political vendetta and ride that narrative to victory in 2020.

Democrats Have Given Up on the Common Good.  Joe Biden has had a hard few weeks. [...] Speaking recently at an LGBT event, the former vice president told the audience, "In prison the determination should be that your sexual identity is defined by what you say it is, not what in fact the prison says it is."  Put another way, Biden came out in favor of housing male convicts with women.  Watching Biden grovel before the woke mob is rather sad, but it's also telling about the evolving priorities of his party.  With practically the sole exception being healthcare, Democrats have given up on even trying to look like they care about issues that touch on the national interest or broadly shared concerns of ordinary Americans.  The liberal elite that funds their campaigns and televises their phony "debates" has lost all connection with the common good.

Flashback, 2018: Joe Biden Brags At CFR Meeting About Withholding Aid To Ukraine To Force Firing Of Prosecutor.  In this clip from a January 2018 appearance at the Council on Foreign Relations, former Vice President Joe Biden seems to brag about threatening to withhold military aid to Ukraine as a pressure tactic to force the firing of a prosecutor he did not like.  In September 2019, House Democrats launched a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump over a whistleblower's accusation that he threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine as a pressure tactic to force the Ukrainian government to investigate allegations that Joe Biden's son Hunter benefited financially from the firing of that same Ukrainian prosecutor.  [Video clip]

How Trump wins.  [Scroll down]  Also, notice the timing of this.  This came out just as Biden began to fall in the polls, and Warren started picking up steam.  Biden is malleable, morally fungible, with a weak, vulnerable, and problematic family.  The Democrats can handle him.  He'll do as he's told if he can just get across the finish line.  That began to look less and less likely over recent weeks with more of his signature gaffes, not missed by the populace or the mainstream media, thus Warren's rise. [...] No one is safe.  No one is off limits.  Even Joe Biden, a 40+ year loyalist, a man willing to compromise what soul he has remaining for the party, is being sacrificed for this effort to get Trump.  He will be forced to disappear in shame and disgrace after more than half his life in government, rather than retire as a respected elder statesman.

Photo: Joe, Hunter Biden Golf with Ukraine Energy Company Board Member in 2014.  A newly-unearthed photo shows former Vice President Joe Biden and son Hunter sharing a round of golf with Devon Archer, who sat on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings alongside Hunter.  The photo, first obtained by the Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson Tonight, is believed to have been taken at the Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton, New York in 2014.  Both Hunter Biden and Archer joined Burisma Holdings as board members in April 2014.

Hillary Clinton to voters upset about Joe Biden's unwanted touching: 'Get over it'.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a new interview scoffed at the unwanted touching allegations against Vice President Joseph R. Biden, saying voters need to "get over it" and vote President Trump out of office.  Sitting down with People magazine in a joint interview with daughter Chelsea Clinton, Mrs. Clinton dismissed speculation that women might be less than enthusiastic about voting for Mr. Biden after several women came forward this spring and accused him of unwanted touching.  The former vice president has since apologized for putting people in uncomfortable situations.

Juanita Broaddrick Slams Hillary For Saying Women Groped by Biden Need to 'Get Over It'.  We asked Juanita Broaddrick what she thought about Hillary Clinton's recent comments suggesting women upset with being groped by Joe Biden need to "get over it," and she had the perfect response.  In an interview with People Magazine, Clinton, who recently boasted that her 'gutsiest' life move was to stick it out with her womanizing husband, brushed off concerns that Biden is unable to contain his creepy behavior.  This past year, several women accused Biden, one of the frontrunners for the Democrat nomination, of inappropriately touching them and making them feel uncomfortable.

The Editor says...
Apparently Hillary wants the women to "get over it" so that they can forget about all the things Bill Clinton did to defile the Oval Office.  If all of America can forget about that, Hillary can run for president.  If Americans do not forget, Hillary is finished, assuming that her political opponents aren't afraid to discuss Hillary's enormous pile of dirty baggage.

Ukraine Mystery:  Schiff Staffer Made August Visit for Think Tank Backed by Hunter Biden's Old Employer.  A staffer for Rep. Adam Schiff's House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence took a trip to Ukraine last month sponsored and organized by the Atlantic Council think tank.  The Atlantic Council is funded by and routinely works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.  The Schiff staffer, Thomas Eager, is also currently one of 19 fellows at the Atlantic Council's Eurasia Congressional Fellowship, a bipartisan program that says it "educates congressional staff on current events in the Eurasia region."

Bring On the Biggest Nothingburger of Them All.  There has not in modern American history been such a preposterous excuse for a threat to the presidency as the Ukraine affair.  The "favor" the president sought from President Zelinsky of Ukraine was that he reopen his inquiry into corruption so there would be more support in Washington for aid to Ukraine's self-defense against Russian territorial intrusion.  About 500 words later in the transcript, President Trump asked that the question of the Bidens' involvement in Ukraine be scrutinized too, without indicating a desired response, (though he said, correctly, that it looked "horrible").  If, as they claim, the Bidens are innocent of any wrongdoing or impropriety, the Ukrainians presumably will say so and the Bidens should then thank President Trump for eliciting that answer.  If the Bidens, or at least Hunter Biden, were taking bribes, the United States, and the Democratic Party first of all, should wish to know that also.

Biden crime family tries to muzzle mob prosecutor Rudy Giuliani.  We now know that as Trump's personal attorney, Giuliani has been investigating Biden's successful 2014 campaign to pressure Ukraine's government to sack its Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.  The prosecutor was investigating Burisma Holdings, an oil and natural gas company on whose board Biden's son Hunter served.  A position that paid the vice president's son $50,000 a month.  Capitol Hill Democrats and their media propagandists imply that President Trump's July conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was intended to strong-arm the leader.  That "mafia-style" suggestions were to manufacture dirt on Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden.  The president must rely on Giuliani to serve as his private investigator.  A corrupt FBI is far too busy helping the CIA run one failed coup attempt after another.  And even if they did investigate, the FBI would more than likely exonerate Joe and Hunter Biden.  Much in the same manner, they did Hillary Clinton of her many violations of the Espionage Act of 1917.

Five Times Hunter Biden's Business Dealings Presented a Conflict of Interest for Joe Biden.  Joe Biden's youngest son, Hunter, has a long and muddled history of profiting from business interests tied to the former vice president's political influence.  The younger Biden, who has a storied history of personal and professional issues, is at the center of controversy after President Donald Trump suggested the Ukrainian government look into his business dealings in the country.  Although the Bidens are denying any wrongdoing, even going to the extent of accusing Trump of abusing his power, the situation only underscores the shadowy nature of Hunter Biden's professional life.

Schweizer: Biden Family 'Cashing in Through' 'Corruption by Proxy'.  On Monday's [9/30/2019]broadcast of the Fox News Channel's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Breitbart News Senior Contributor and Secret Empires author Peter Schweizer stated that the Biden family has cashed in through "corruption by proxy."  Schweizer said, "What I think it adds up to is the Biden family cashing in through — by corruption by proxy. ... Joe Biden, as Vice President, or his wife Jill Biden can't take payments from foreign entities.  That would have to be disclosed.  That would be easy to catch.  But you set up your adult kids."

Why China thinks it's got a future President Biden in its pocket.  [Scroll down]  Had China's trade negotiators been acting in bad faith all along?  Perhaps.  After all, Beijing has a long history of duplicitous behavior.  But I think the real reason that China backtracked is named "Joe Biden."  The former vice president had just ended months of speculation over his political future by announcing he was running for president on April 25.  The Chinese blew up the negotiations a few days later.  They had decided to run out the clock on President Trump's first term, convinced that they would get a much better deal from a future President Biden.

Hunter Biden's China dealings — approved by Obama — are drawing new scrutiny amid Joe Biden's run.  Scrutiny of business deals by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden's son Hunter now includes his joint venture with a Chinese government entity to buy a U.S. automotive technology company with potential military applications.  The ease with which the 2015 transaction was approved by the Obama administration alarmed Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, who is looking into whether the Obama-Biden White House intervened in the process.  One of the companies in the 2015 deal was Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a billion-dollar investment fund backed by China that was formed by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

Author Peter Schweizer:  We Are Releasing Documents Today Related to Hunter Biden's $1.5 Billion China Scandal.  Author Peter Schweizer from the Government Accountability Institute joined FOX and Friends on Monday morning [9/30/2019] to discuss the Biden Family's massive pay-for-play scandal.  Schweizer is author of the book Secret Empires detailing the vast corruption of the Washington DC elites.  Schweizer is an expert on the Biden family billion dollar pay for play scandals with Ukraine and China.  Peter Schweizer told the FOX and Friends hosts he is releasing new documents today on Joe Biden's pay-for-play scandal with China.

Schiff Staffer Made August Visit for Think Tank Backed by Hunter Biden's Old Employer.  A staffer for Rep. Adam Schiff's House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence took a trip to Ukraine last month sponsored and organized by the Atlantic Council think tank.  The Atlantic Council is funded by and routinely works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company at the center of allegations regarding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Biden should drop out to make way for a moderate not tainted by corruption.  Joe Biden's corrupt dealings in Ukraine and those of his son must be investigated, and the time has come for him to drop out of the presidential race.  While Biden served as vice president, his son Hunter was unaccountably making $50,000 a month "consulting" in an industry with which he was totally unfamiliar (energy), in a notoriously graft-prone country where he didn't speak the language (Ukraine). Hunter made similarly sketchy deals with China.  President Trump's phone call this summer with his Ukrainian counterpart may have been ill-advised, but it simply didn't rise to an impeachable offense.  Meanwhile, the American people deserve to know the truth about the Biden family's lucrative dealings with other countries during the Obama administration.  Indeed, in 2016, Biden oversaw a seriously salacious project in Ukraine that included attempting to get the nation to fire its top prosecutor.

The Editor says...
Let's talk about "mak[ing] way for a moderate not tainted by corruption."  Who would that candidate be?  How many Democrats are "moderate?"  Not many, and certainly not many under the age of 65.  Of those few, how many are interested in having their entire lives sifted for any evidence of flaws?  Of the remainder, how many could actually win an election against a popular incumbent with a long list of accomplishments while the economy is doing well?  It's not going to happen.

Carl Bernstein:  Sources say William Barr preparing to deliver 'evidence' of a 'deep state conspiracy'.  Veteran investigative journalist Carl Bernstein said his sources are telling him that Attorney General William Barr is preparing to push a "deep state" conspiracy to protect President Trump.  During an appearance Thursday on CNN, the famed Watergate sleuth reacted to controversy about an intelligence community whistleblower who filed a complaint alleging Trump improperly leveraged military aid to encourage Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Joe Biden's Parenting Is the Real Problem, Not Impeachment.  DNA undoubtedly has influence, but so does parenting.  And that's what we control.  When your son is bounced out of the Navy for cocaine, when he has long had a drug and prostitution problem (the man also dumped his wife for his dead brother's widow), do you allow him to use your influence to get a $50K-a-month job with a Ukrainian natural gas company?  Do you reward repeated mistakes with riches in an Eastern European country?  Don't you try instead to help your son make his life better, help him deal with his obvious emotional problems first?  Joe Biden himself has had considerable pain in his personal life, the deaths of a spouse and a child, but one would hope that would make him yet more attentive to those remaining children, less centered in the self.  It appears not to have been so.

Schweizer: Joe Biden 'Was Steering Billions of Dollars of Western Money to Ukraine' for Access, Influence.  [Peter] Schweizer told host Mark Levin that the former vice president's son was being paid by Ukraine despite not having expertise in the energy sector while Joe Biden was the "point-person" on former President Barack Obama's administration in dealing with Ukraine.  "The key question here that nobody seems to want to ask in the media is:  What was he being paid for?  He wasn't being paid for his expertise.  What was he being paid for?  And what were the Ukrainians expecting to get in return?" Schweizer stated.

Swamp Elites Toss Biden To The Wolves To Get Trump.  There seems to be a narrative that already-tottering 2020 leading Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden may be sacrificed to take President Trump down. [...] But why would it stop at Biden?  So many leading establishment political figures from the golden heyday of Swamp rule (1988-2016) have been tainted by the whiff of scandal involving dirty foreign money — especially Chinese money.  If Trump and his tens of millions of supporters turn this latest impeachment crusade into a forum on foreign money influencing US politics, a lot of prominent Swamp figures are in big trouble.  Yet by using Ukraine as a vehicle for their efforts, that is exactly the opportunity they are providing the president and his backers.

Busting Biden myths on Ukraine — Conduct of Joe and Hunter raises troubling questions.  Amid the furor over President Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which has prompted House Democrats to move forward with a Trump impeachment inquiry, serious underlying questions about the Biden family's involvement in Ukraine persist.  With evidence suggesting that Hunter Biden's dealings in Ukraine posed a conflict of interest for his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, some Biden defenders are deploying talking points meant to deflect from the troubling facts.  But some of these talking points — regularly repeated in the news media — do not hold up to a fact check.

Biden campaign demands news channels stop booking Giuliani.  Former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign called on news executives to stop booking Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani as a guest on news programs.  Two top Biden campaign advisers in a letter addressed the leaders of news and cable networks and some anchors, saying that Giuliani's appearances on news networks are giving the lawyer and his "false, debunked conspiracy theories" undeserved credibility, The Daily Beast first reported.  The letter has since been shared on social media.

Schiff, Pelosi and lawless Democrats may get the civil war they want.  As they continue to trample the constitution in their efforts to destroy President Trump, Democrats are on the verge of triggering a Civil War in America. [...] If you are a democrat, it is OK for Joe Biden to enrich Hunter Biden with $3 million from Ukraine, and a $1.5 billion dollar investment from the government-run Bank of China.  Interesting to note is that the payments from Ukraine only stopped last April, just before Biden announced his candidacy.

Watters presents Bill Clinton-signed treaty allowing Trump to request assistance from Ukraine on Biden.  A 1999 treaty with Ukraine, signed by Bill Clinton, provides a rock-solid basis for President Trump's request for Ukrainian President Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden for alleged corruption.  The Bidens are in up to their armpits with regard to a potential renewed Burisma Holdings natural gas probe[,] an overdue investigation that was in fact initially stopped by VP Biden while he was in office[,] a fact that he subsequently bragged about.

Hunter Biden's Ex Claims [...] Two Months After Navy Dumped Him for Drugs He Was Put on Board of Burisma Holdings.  The Wall Street Journal reported in October of 2014 that the Vice President's son, Hunter Biden, was released from the Navy for cocaine use.  There was no stopping the Biden's however.  A couple months later, young Biden was on the Board of the largest gas and oil company in the Ukraine making $50,000 a month, an exorbitant amount for a Board member at any company.

Ruling Class vs. 'The Others'.  Should any of us violate the laws, we can expect to have the book thrown at us.  But for them, it's more a slap on the wrist, if anything at all.  We see this in the behavior of the Clintons, deep state actors, and even the Bidens.  No one seriously thinks that Hunter Biden's Ukrainian and Chinese business "activities" are above board.  But even more troubling, consider that a sitting vice president of the United States was potentially involved in pay-to-play with foreign nations.  The ruling class apparently believes the law is whatever it says it is.  It is whatever is convenient for them.

Obama, the Bidens, the Clintons, the IMF and Others Pillaged Ukraine.  President Obama, his Vice President Biden and his son, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Mueller, the Podestas, the IMF and others all pillaged the Ukraine and then delayed loans to the country before forcing Ukrainians to pay grossly inflated natural gas prices.  Now these vultures claim they are innocent.

Heckler Disrupts Joe Biden Rally in Las Vegas: 'He's a Predator'.  Joe Biden had a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, disrupted on Saturday by a heckler noting the former vice president's record of touching women unsolicited.  "Joe Biden is a predator; the media is covering it up," a man waving a #MeToo sign interrupted Biden as he spoke at the East Las Vegas Community Center.

Maher: If Don Jr.  Did What Hunter Biden Did, 'It Would Be all Rachel Maddow Was Talking About'.  On Friday's [9/27/2019] broadcast of HBO's "Real Time," host Bill Maher stated that while he doesn't think 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden was "doing something terrible in Ukraine," Hunter Biden's behavior in Ukraine "does sound like something Don Jr. would do.  And if Don Jr. did it, it would be all Rachel Maddow was talking about." Maher began by saying, "I don't think he was doing something terrible in Ukraine, but [...] this kid was paid $600,000 because his name is Biden, by a gas company in Ukraine, this super corrupt country that just had a revolution to get rid of corruption.  It just looks bad. [...]"

Joy Behar:  Biden Family Should Be Off Limits; 'People Feel Sorry for Joe!'  The View host Joy Behar made a weird argument on Friday's [9/27/2019] show about the whole Hunter Biden, Ukraine controversy.  The liberal host suggested that because the 2020 presidential candidate and veteran politician suffered a family tragedy decades ago, he should be immune from any Republican attacks which involved his 49-year-old son.  While the show opened with Abby Huntsman literally shaming anyone who didn't agree the Ukraine phone call was an "abuse of power" and declaring that it was "clear" cut case for impeachment, the conversation drifted to the controversy behind that phone call.  Co-host Joy Behar suggested it was "dumb" for Republicans to go after Joe Biden's family, because he'd been through enough, losing his first wife and daughter in a car accident in the 1970s, and one of his sons in 2015:  [Video clip]

I Want to See Obama's Transcripts.  It's clear Pelosi and the Democrats just committed mass political suicide.  Radical Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome persuaded Pelosi to jump off a cliff ... and the entire Democratic Congress followed like sheep. [...] Democrats haven't just overreached.  They've walked into a big trap.  No normal person cares that Trump had a phone call with a world leader and asked him to look into massive alleged corruption by an American politician on foreign soil.  Most normal Americans are saying, "It's about time."

Former Ukranian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Sworn Affidavit Outlining Joe Biden Shakedown.  John Solomon is reporting on a myriad of documents that highlight how Vice-President Joe Biden engaged in a pressure and influence campaign upon the government of Ukraine to financially benefit his son Hunter Biden.  One of those documents is a sworn affidavit by former Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shokin: [...]

Wherever Joe Biden went, son Hunter cashed in.  In a now notorious July 25 conversation, President Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to "look into" Ukraine's role in efforts to interfere in the 2016 election as well as the dealings of Joe Biden and his son Hunter with the notoriously corrupt country.  Whether or not Trump's ham-fisted conversation with Zelensky rises to an impeachable offense, the American people have legitimate reasons to be curious about both issues — and especially the Biden family's blatant conflicts of interest abroad as Joe Biden seeks the presidency.

Funk & Wagnall's, 1964
Funk & Wagnall's Standard Dictionary of the English Language,
1964 International Edition, Volume One, page 548.

These once-secret memos cast doubt on Joe Biden's Ukraine story.  Former Vice President Joe Biden, now a 2020 Democratic presidential contender, has locked into a specific story about the controversy in Ukraine.  He insists that, in spring 2016, he strong-armed Ukraine to fire its chief prosecutor solely because Biden believed that official was corrupt and inept, not because the Ukrainian was investigating a natural gas company, Burisma Holdings, that hired Biden's son, Hunter, into a lucrative job.  There's just one problem.  Hundreds of pages of never-released memos and documents — many from inside the American team helping Burisma to stave off its legal troubles — conflict with Biden's narrative.

GOP senators float Biden probe as Ukraine controversy escalates.  A pair of GOP chairmen are floating the idea of investigating former Vice President Joe Biden as Democratic calls grow for President Trump to be impeached over his communications with Ukraine's leader.  Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) both raised the possibility of an investigation into Biden after the White House released a record of a July 25 phone call that showed Trump asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into Biden.  Democrats have reacted to the records released by the White House by saying they make the case for impeachment, but Republicans are countering with calls for Biden to be investigated.

Sen. Tom Cotton accuses Hunter Biden of dodging DNA test in Arkansas paternity case.  Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton lambasted Hunter Biden Thursday by describing a paternity suit in his home state that has been filed against the former vice president's son.  "There is a young woman in her 20s in Arkansas who has filed a paternity suit in Arkansas state court against Hunter Biden.  And he is dodging process, and has done so for months.  He is literally hiding out from process servers so he doesn't have to submit to a DNA test," Cotton told radio host Hugh Hewitt during an interview Thursday morning [9/26/2019].

NYT Journalist:  How Dare Media Report Bad Things About Joe Biden's 'Child,' 49-Year Old Hunter?  An Arkansas woman is suing Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, claiming that he is the father of her child.  But she's encountered problems in the effort because he has been ducking service of process, she says.  Basic news item, right, especially given Hunter being so much in the news?  Hugh Hewitt thought so, when he reported Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) commenting on the lawsuit.

Fox News' Jesse Watters OWNS Juan Williams:.  'Trump's sons stopped doing international business after dad became president, Biden's son STARTED after dad became VP'  [Video clip]

Ukraine furor makes Hunter Biden the political liability Democrats long feared.  Joe Biden has never been shy about using his family as a campaign asset.  But escalation of the scandal surrounding work by the former vice president's son Hunter Biden with a Ukrainian gas company might once again turn into the liability that many Democrats have long feared.  Jobs held by Hunter Biden, 49, have complicated the political life of his father going back at least to 2008, when the then-Delaware senator was chosen as running mate for Democratic presidential nominee-to-be Barack Obama.  Campaign officials were forced to address questions over Hunter Biden having been hired by credit card company MBNA for consulting work, earning him a $100,000 annual retainer.  While with MBNA, he helped pass legislation making it more difficult for individuals to declare bankruptcy.

What Is Joe Biden Hiding?  Suddenly, with his presidential campaign about to begin, Biden's Senate papers are now being deliberately hidden from public view.  In the Watergate scandal, hiding documents — audio tapes in that case — was quickly and accurately labeled as "stonewalling."  Today, Joe Biden is stonewalling.

Sleepy Joe and Hunter:  The criminals in the Trump impeachment inquiry.  Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that "the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry."  Translation:  Joe Biden — the great white hope of the Democratic Party — is fading.

Ukraine Whistleblower's Lead Attorney Donated to Biden.  The lead counsel representing the Ukraine whistleblower donated to Joe Biden's presidential campaign earlier this year, records show.  Andrew Bakaj, founder and managing partner of D.C.-based law firm Compass Rose Legal Group, is the lead counsel working on behalf of the Ukraine whistleblower.  Bakaj earmarked a $100 donation on April 26 through ActBlue, a fundraising nonprofit that helps facilitate contributions for Democrats, to Biden's presidential campaign, the Federal Election Commission's website shows.  Biden appears to be the only recipient of campaign cash from Bakaj this year.

'No one is above the law,' unless you're a Democrat running against Trump in the 2020 election.  For absolutely no identifiable reason at all, it's taken for granted by Democrats and liberals in the media that because we're only 14 months away from a presidential election, it was inappropriate for President Trump to ask the leader of Ukraine to look into potentially corrupt conduct by Joe Biden and his son Hunter.  That's quite a grace period for any high-profile Democrat who might be interested in enriching his or her family by pulling some strings within the federal government.  We still don't know if Joe Biden ever did anything like that, though it looks like he might have.

Carlson: Dems to Explain Why It Was Fair for Biden's 'Ne'er-Do-Well Son' to Get $600k a Year.  Tuesday [9/24/2019] on his Fox News Channel program "Tucker Carlson Tonight" opening monologue, host Tucker Carlson reacted to congressional Democrats moving forward with efforts to impeach President Donald Trump.  Carlson scoffed at the seriousness of the effort and questioned why Democrats were choosing to pursue impeachment with so many other problems plaguing the country.

Burisma 'Clearly' Paid Hunter Biden to Sell Influence, Says CNN Contributor.  Joe Biden's family ties to an influence peddling scheme at a Ukrainian gas company could hurt the former vice president's 2020 campaign, political scientist Ian Bremmer told CNN on Tuesday [9/24/2019].  "[Joe] Biden does have a problem here.  I have to say $50,000 a month for Hunter Biden — clearly to be selling influence because otherwise, no one would ever pay him that kind of money — for a company that, frankly, was pretty corrupt and has been before and has been since under investigation," Bremmer said.  Bremmer is president of Eurasia Group and Time magazine editor at large.

Biden Ukraine dealings — 7 essential facts.  [#1] Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, joined the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma in April 2014, according to RSB bank records.  Hunter Biden had little background in energy.  Over a 16-month period, Burisma paid $3.1 million to a bank account associated with Hunter's business.  [#2] Joe Biden led the Obama administration's policy toward Ukraine when he served as vice president.  Biden helped shape Ukraine's energy and anti-corruption policies, issues that directly impact Burisma.  [#3] Burisma sought to capitalize Hunter Biden's name and relationships.

Why the Democrats have gone insane.  The only hope for Democrats to defeat Trump is, remote and quixotic as it may be, impeachment.  In the midst of the current brouhaha, Joe Biden — their great (alas white male) hope — is being exposed as not just a senile plagiarist, but a senile, corrupt plagiarist with a freaky family out of a Southern gothic novel with tentacles reaching into China and Ukraine.  Again, not good.

Ukraine controversy and impeachment inquiry potentially politically perilous for Biden:  Experts.  [Scroll down]  Biden's messaging on impeachment might seem a shrewd political move for the Democratic presidential front-runner.  However, Biden may now have to carefully navigate the possible fallout as impeachment hearings will likely delve more deeply into conversations about his son, Hunter and his work in Ukraine as members of Congress mull whether Trump made aid to Ukraine contingent on that country agreeing to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

Levin: 'There's not a single Democrat who's interested' in Hunter Biden's suspicious business history.  Monday night [9/23/2019] on the radio, Levin TV host Mark Levin pointed out that, while Democrats and the legacy media continue to focus on President Trump's July phone call with the president of the Ukraine, they're overlooking some very suspicious facts about former Vice President Joe Biden's son's past business dealings.  The most recent controversy surrounding President Trump is the result of a July phone call in which he requested that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky look into Hunter Biden's ties to Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma and the past investigation into it that Joe Biden bragged about shutting down in 2018 while threatening to withhold foreign aid to the country.

Biden's Real Foreign Election Interference:  Russiagate.  It looks as though Joe Biden is about to bumble and babble and bluster his way to a third failed run for president.  Even before President Trump took aim at Hunter Biden for his shady financial ties to the Ukraine while his father was vice president, Biden was struggling with basic facts and weird stories about confronting a disobedient black teen with a chain in the 1960s.  Now it looks like Biden might be forced to answer serious questions about how his children capitalized on the former vice president's international political connections and how Biden himself ran interference when his family's grift was jeopardized.

Watch Joe Biden Brag About Bribing Ukraine To Fire The Prosecutor Investigating His Son's Company.  The media has had a field day over new hearsay accusations that President Trump was wrong to ask Ukranian leaders to investigate political corruption related to Joe Biden.  Predictably, several House Democrats have used this news cycle to again demand Trump's impeachment.  While the whistleblower complaint is based on hearsay, we do know that Joe Biden, while serving as vice president, pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son's company.  Hunter Biden joined the board of Ukrainian national gas company Burisma in 2014 while his father was managing the United States' Ukraine policy and despite zero personal experience in the field.  At the time Hunter Biden joined its board, Burisma was embroiled in allegations of corruption, allegations serious enough that Ukraine's prosecutor general launched an investigation into the company.

The Democrats' Ukraine hoax.  President Obama had made Biden his point man on Ukraine and any informed political junkie knows that family man Biden took financial advantage of the opportunity to enrich his son.  Never mind that the President can say whatever he wants to the leader of any foreign nation, in private, or that Biden is on the record bragging that he demanded the prosecutor investigating his son be fired or US funds would be withheld from Ukraine.  As usual, the Democrats have accused Trump of what Democrats have themselves been doing for decades, getting rich in office by any and all means that present themselves.

Report: VP Joe Biden Specifically Set Up Scenario for Meeting Between Top Ukrainian Officials and His Son Hunter Biden's Company.  Investigative reporter John Solomon joined Sean Hannity on Monday night [9/23/2019] to break a shocking update on the Biden Family Ukrainian scandal.  According to his sources John Solomon says Joe Biden set up the meeting between Ukrainian officials and his son's company three weeks before the met in 2014.  Hunter Biden was then paid at least $166,000 a month following the lucrative deal set up by his daddy with the Ukrainian leaders.

Joe Biden's Folly.  Joe Biden's now famous run-in with notorious gangster "Corn Pop" was a scene right out of West Side Story, The Outsiders, or some other overrated movie that hasn't aged well.  Speaking of things not aging well, Biden's brain is not having a good decade.  From his claims of intimate involvement with the civil rights movement to his opposition to the Iraq War from its start, Joe is very creative with his own history. [...] Biden's moment has passed.  As has been the case throughout his entire career, he brought it down himself.  Like many of the Democrats running, it's unclear what he truly believes; the only thing that's clear is he will do or say anything to win.

Dem Rep González:  Biden Needs to Explain His False Claim About Never Talking Overseas Business with Son.  Monday [9/23/2019] on CNN's "Newsroom," Rep. Vicente González (D-TX) said 2020 presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden should explain why he falsely claimed he has "never spoken" to his son Hunter Biden "about his overseas business dealings."

Is President Trump's sleuthing in Ukraine a crime?  It seems President Donald Trump is in trouble for emulating McGruff the Crime Dog.  Like the trench coat and fedora-donning bloodhound, he'd like to "take a bite out of crime."  Especially from the rump of Democratic Party presidential front-runner, Joe Biden.  You see, Trump allegedly asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to do what the US Justice Department and America's mainstream media won't:  look into the shady business dealings of Hunter Biden, "Sleepy" Joe Biden's son.

Ilhan Omar refuses to back Biden, says former vice president isn't right person to lead Dems in 2020.  Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said she doesn't think former Vice President Joe Biden can be the progressive leader she believes the party needs heading into the 2020 presidential election, against President Trump.  Omar addressed her concerns about Biden in a new interview with The Guardian, after appearing at the Iowa People's Presidential Forum on Saturday.  She said the former vice president lacked the excitement necessary to inspire long-lasting change.

The Editor says...
The American people don't just want change.  They want improvement.  It would be nearly impossible for the next (non-Trump) president to improve on the current president's accomplishments, with or without enthusiasm.

Biden Asked To Make His Case For President, Responds: 'I'm Not Going To'.  Speaking in Iowa, former Vice President Joe Biden was confronted by a reporter who wanted to know why Iowans, with their current low unemployment rate, should shift from voting strongly for President Trump in 2016 to voting for Biden in 2020. When she asked Biden to make his case for why he should be elected, he answered, "I'm not going to."

Biden Refuses To Explain Why Iowans Should Vote For Him.  While in Iowa last week, former Vice President Joe Biden refused to explain in a video interview why Iowans should bother voting for him if they are experiencing a booming economy.  During an interview Friday [9/20/2019] with Denise Hnytka, a news anchor for local news station WQAD, Biden said "I'm not going to," when asked to make his case on why Iowa voters should vote for him over President Donald Trump given the president's record on the economy.

Why is most of the media circling the wagons to protect Hunter Biden?  A foreign natural gas company brings a top US politician's son onto its board, even though he has no relevant expertise, for $50,000 a month.  The politician travels to that country and demands the removal of a prosecutor who's investigating the company.  That prosecutor then gets axed, and the investigation shut down.  Imagine the son was Eric Trump, and the politician Donald Trump.  Would the media be dismissing it as nothing worth looking at, a "debunked" issue?

Joe Biden's 2020 Ukrainian nightmare:  A closed probe is revived.  Two years after leaving office, Joe Biden couldn't resist the temptation last year to brag to an audience of foreign policy specialists about the time as vice president that he strong-armed Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor.  In his own words, with video cameras rolling, Biden described how he threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn't immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

President Trump Ratchets Up The Pressure On Joe Biden's Involvement In Hunter Biden's Rampant Grifting.  Yesterday [9/21/2019], I predicted that the whole "whistleblower" kerfuffle is likely to end up damaging Joe Biden much more than it will Donald Trump.  The reasons for that are simple.  The whole allegation is nonsense as we now know the whistleblower had neither heard the phone call nor even seen transcripts.  In fact, by legal definition he's not really a whistleblower he's what's called a "rumormonger" and there is no statute that protects those.  Secondly, even if it is true, it is hard to see the foul play as the allegation of Hunter Biden's grift has been the subject of media attention on the past and the Obama administration had leaned on Ukraine to stop their investigation.  This, alone, merits asking the Ukrainians to reopen the case.  Third, as the left told us about Trump during the Russia Hoax, if he's not guilty he not only has nothing to fear but should welcome the opportunity to clear his name.

Joe Biden Sure Seems Terrified To Talk About His Ukraine Dealings.  If you've been alive and paying attention to the news the last two days, you've heard of the "scandal" involving Trump and a phone call with Ukraine's new President.  At first, Trump was accused of extortion via anonymous sources, claiming he had threatened on the call to withhold $250 million in military aid unless Joe Biden was investigated.  As I predicted when the story broke, that story end up blowing up into a million pieces.  What we are left with is a lot of questions about Biden and he seems to be really on edge every time he's asked about his extortion of Ukraine, which he admitted to on tape, and his son's dealings in the country.

Ukraine 'Bombshell' Will Explode in Democratic Faces.  The erstwhile VP is extraordinarily foolish to draw further attention to a son who has long been suspected of improperly leveraging his father's prominent role in Ukrainian relations with the United States. [...] In 2018, Biden spoke to a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations and boasted that he had threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees from Ukraine if Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin wasn't immediately canned:  "I looked at them and said:  'I'm leaving in six hours.  If the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money.'"  The ostensible reason for this heavy-handed pressure to get rid of Shokin was the man's corruption.  Presumably, it was just a coincidence that this particular prosecutor was planning an investigation into Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian company for which Hunter Biden worked as a "consultant."

Latest Fake MSM Scandal Tries to Pin Biden's Possible Corruption on Trump.  The latest fake scandal out of the MSM is that Trump needs to be impeached because he allegedly told a Ukraine leader to handle the corruption Joe Biden's son Hunter might be involved in since it affects the U.S. On the other hand, the media believes Joe Biden, who boasted of bribing Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating his son's company, should be president.  If all is as it appears, it is very serious.  A presidential candidate could be very corrupt.

Is Hysteria Over Whistleblower A Distraction From Biden's Ukraine Policy?  Much of the discussion of the whistblower complaint has been centered on amplifying and condemning Trump's behavior without much mention of what Joe Biden's son was doing in Ukraine.  That's likely on purpose.

U.S. Embassy Pressured Ukrainian Officials To End Investigation Of Soros Group In 2016.  We've reached the point where old information that once seemed disconnected and meaningless now makes sense based on new developments.  Unless you've been on Mars for the last few days, you know that former Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold U.S. aid unless the Ukrainian government fired then-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin in March 2016.  He was about to question Biden's son, Hunter, about his involvement in Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company.

'Ask The Right Questions!': Biden Snaps At Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy.  Former Vice President Joe Biden snapped at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, challenging him Saturday to "ask the right questions."  Biden, who was in Des Moines with a number of other 2020 Democratic hopefuls for the steak fry, told Doocy that he had never spoken to his son Hunter Biden about his work in the Ukraine.  But then the exchange got testy. [...] "Here is what I know," a visibly frustrated Biden responded.  "I know Trump deserves to be investigated.  He is violating every basic norm of a president.  You should be asking him the question:  why is he on the phone with a foreign leader?  Trying to intimidate a foreign leader.  If that's what happened ... that appears what happened."

The Editor says...
"Why is he on the phone with a foreign leader?"  That's part of his job!

In a crazy rant, Joe Biden tells reporters what kinds of questions they can ask.  Falling in the polls in Iowa, looking at that indirect political backlight on his son Hunter's sleazy Ukrainian business dealings as Democrats desperatedly scramble to make a new scandal about Trump, he's now reduced to yelling at reporters. [...] Apparently, Joe's so used to the press sucking up from his Obama days he can't help himself now that he's not drawing the same adoring treatment.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani will 'lay out evidence' on Biden and Ukraine.  Donald Trump, his aides and allies went on the offensive on Sunday, over what the president claims is un-investigated corruption involving Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine.  In return, the Democratic chair of the House intelligence committee said the president's reported conduct in the matter may make impeachment "the only remedy that is coequal to the evil".

Joe Biden's 'Gaffes' Are Much Bigger Problem for Democrats Than Embarrassment.  Joe Biden's off-the-cuff comments aren't playing well to audiences any more.  Is this an indication of a too-long political career finally declining, or is this a sign of a much bigger problem for the Democratic Party in 2020?

Joe Biden and his son Hunter can't keep their Ukraine story straight.  Did Joe Biden discuss his son's Ukraine business deal with him?  Joe said "No" Friday [9/20/2019] when Fox News Channel's Peter Doocy caught up with him at an appearance in Iowa. [...] A flat denial followed by going on the offense and then switching subjects.  Why is Biden so testy?  The answer is not hard to find.

Touchy Joe Biden FLIPS OUT on Fox's Doocy for daring to ask about son's Ukraine business.  As part of his many freakouts, he flipped [...] out on Fox's Peter Doocy for the audacity to ask whether he talks to his son about his overseas business.  Complete with finger-jabbing and shouting, he took extreme offense at even being asked, and insisted that the only person reporters should ask questions of or about is Trump.  It's a proposition the media mostly agrees with.  They don't want to challenge Biden and won't dare to.

Pompeo Defends Giuliani Call for Investigation:  We Should Know If There Was 'Election Interference' from Biden.  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave the green light to Rudy Giuliani's efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government into investigating former vice president and possible Trump 2020 rival, Joe Biden.  On Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan asked Pompeo if it is "appropriate" for Giuliani to publicly call for the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden.

New York Times reporter says Ukraine story [is] a 'significant liability' for Joe Biden.  A New York Times reporter says Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden faces a "significant liability" in a developing story about allegations that the former vice president may have pressured the Ukrainian government on behalf of his lobbyist son Hunter.  Potentially damaging details have yet to be reported, journalist Ken Vogel said during a cable news appearance Friday [9/20/2019] in which he additionally warned that President Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who want Biden to be investigated for potential conflicts of interest, have gotten some of the facts wrong.

Biden's campaign likely coming to an end, thanks to Clinton-linked Ukraine bombshell, Nunes says.  California Rep. Devin Nunes predicted on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" that Joe Biden's campaign is likely coming to an end — all because of newly resurfaced reports about his possible misconduct in Ukraine that "first originated back when Hillary Clinton was trying to make sure Biden didn't get in the race."  The top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee made the claim as The Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom poll showed Sen. Elizabeth Warren surging ahead of Biden as the first choice of 22 percent of the voters surveyed, while Biden was the first choice of 20 percent of the voters.  Biden held a 9-point lead over Warren in the poll as recently as June.

Joe Biden Says Male Prisoners Should Be Allowed to Demand Access to Female Prisons, This Is a Dangerously Stupid Idea.  On Friday night [9/20/2019], Joe Biden was at LGBTQIA+ (add more letters, numbers and special characters as needed) Forum in Iowa.  He spent some time trying to explain away his previously held, and imminently logical, positions on homosexual marriage and homosexuals in the military and condescend just a bit to organizers.  No word if any arms were squeezed or hair sniffed.  But there was one interesting segment which is not going to get the attention that it should.

Biden Says If Male Identifies As Woman He Should Be Housed With Female Inmates In Prison.  What could possibly go wrong?  [Video clip]

Joe Biden and Ukraine is "Hillary's Emails" all over again.  Lack of actual facts has not stopped Democrat candidates and various pundits from declaring that this is further ground for impeachment.  The initial claim was that Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine if it didn't investigate the business dealings of Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, while Joe was Vice President.  Then the story changed, and maybe there wasn't a quid pro quo, and maybe the whistleblower never actually heard the conversation.  And so on and so on, a classic case of how the media tries and convicts Trump based on anonymous, shifting, and usually misinformed leaks.  The foreign minister of Ukraine is now on record that there was no pressure put on the Ukrainian president in the conversation.

Biden Says He Never Discussed Hunter Biden's Ukraine Deal.  Hunter Says He Did.  Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed he never discussed Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine.  However, a July article from The New Yorker belies that contention.  "I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings," Biden told Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on Saturday [9/21/2019] in Iowa before calling on President Donald Trump to be investigated over a phone call he made to Ukraine's president.

Ukraine and Biden:  Deep State "Whistleblower" stages Russia Hoax II.  A Deep State "whistleblower" has unleashed a left-wing media firestorm about private conversations President Trump had with a series of foreign leaders.  In doing so he has exposed the entire issue of Joe and Hunter Biden's corrupt relationship with Ukraine.  However, the "whistleblower" has no first-hand knowledge of the conversation.  It is nothing more than yet another baseless acquisition by democrats seeking any avenue to impeach the president.

Biden sidesteps questions about his son's foreign business dealings but promises ethics pledge.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declined to answer questions on the campaign trail this week about his son's overseas business dealings in countries where the then-vice president was conducting diplomatic work, an issue his political opponents have already begun to wield against him as he wades into the 2020 presidential campaign.

The Editor says...
Mr. Biden is not (just now) wading into the 2020 presidential campaign.  He has been in it up to his neck for months already.

Whistleblower Complaint Now Looks Like Democrat Effort to Protect Joe Biden from Investigation.  The mysterious "whistleblower" case now looks like a coordinated Democrat effort to block any investigation of presidential candidate Joe Biden for corrupt pressure on Ukraine to drop the investigation of Burisma, an energy company operating in the country, on which his son Hunter Biden was a board member.  In March 2016, then Vice-President Joe Biden warned Ukraine that $1 billion in loan guarantees would be withheld by the U.S. unless they replaced Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor general who was investigating Hunter Biden.  Ukraine did remove Shokin, and the prosecution was dropped.  It looks like a clear case of a quid-pro-quo.

Peter Schweizer says Hunter Biden worked in Ukraine despite lacking credentials: 'What is he being paid for?'.  Author Peter Schweizer on Friday night addressed the questions surrounding Hunter Biden's involvement with a Ukrainian natural gas company while his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, oversaw America's Ukraine policy.  "The underlying story here involves Hunter Biden going around the world really collecting large payments from foreign governments and foreign oligarchs in the case of Ukraine," Schweizer, the author of "Secret Empires," said on Fox News' "The Ingraham Angle."

Why Trump Will Trounce Biden or Warren.  It's still early in the 2020 campaign cycle, so political predictions are risky.  Nonetheless, it appears that the race for the Democratic presidential nomination has already become a two-person contest.  Elizabeth Warren has replaced Bernie Sanders as the most formidable challenger to front-runner Joe Biden according to the most recent YouGov, SurveyUSA, and NBC/WSJ polls. [...] This is very good news for President Trump, who will have little difficulty beating Biden or Warren.

Biden promises more jobs for women than there are U.S. citizens.  The more candidate Joe Biden hits the stump, the more President Donald Trump hopes he prevails.  Fresh off the bizarre tale of a young Biden facing down a gang leader named "Corn Pop," besting the thug's switchblade with a 6-foot length of chain, the Democratic front-runner spoke about putting American women back to work.  To be exact, 720 million women.  The problem is, that figure is about 400 million more than the entire population of the United States.

Biden Promises Tax Credits Would Put 720 Million Women Back to Work Out of 330 Million Americans.  [Video clip only]

How Old Is Too Old (to Be President)?  According to Vanity Fair, when Jimmy Carter, about to turn 95, was asked at a recent event at the Carter Center if he would consider running again — he only served one term, although it felt longer to some of us — the ex-president gave a definitive no, acknowledging he could hardly walk, and said we should set a limit at 80.  That sounds about right, at least for now before we are all cyborgs.  The behavior of Biden, who would already be months into his 79th year on Inauguration Day, should more than ratify that conclusion.

Jimmy Carter says he couldn't have managed presidency at 80.  Weeks shy of his 95th birthday, former President Jimmy Carter said he doesn't believe he could have managed the most powerful office in the world at 80 years old.

Is Joe Biden too old to be president?  Joe Biden has many of the collective qualifications Americans have liked in a president.  A childhood with family financial struggles that a determined father overcame.  A law degree.  Experience in local government.  Enduring family tragedies.  Experience in the U.S. Senate.  Experience in the executive branch.  Biden would be only the fourth of 13 postwar presidents with no military experience.  But he does have a lot of money now, a pair of homes and a photogenic rescue dog.  However, the former vice president does have one unusual trait for someone who wants to become commander in chief.  He's old, very old.  Biden would be 78 on Inauguration Day 2021, making him by far the oldest incoming president ever.

Biden Talks Racism On Anniversary Of Klu Klux Klan Bombing: 'Hate Is On The Rise Again'.  2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden warned against racism and white supremacy Sunday [9/15/2019], saying that "hate is on the rise again."  The former vice president spoke Sunday to a largely black congregation in memory of the 56th anniversary of the bombing at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, according to CNN.

The Editor says...
Every day of the year is the aniversary of some long-forgotten event in the distant past that can be dug up and used as political leverage.

It's time for Joe Biden to drop out of the race.  Yes, yes, I'm aware that he's the front-runner for the Democrats' nomination and that front-runners never exit voluntarily.  But I'm also aware that Biden knows something else, too: that growing concerns about his mental and physical capacity are legitimate.  He also must know that he and his team are not fooling anyone with claims that all is well.  His rivals, initially reticent to go there, are now willing to raise the fitness issue.

Trump [is] the real winner as Biden again proves he's not cut out to be [the] nominee.  The Democrats' third presidential debate was a long-winded, platitude-filled disaster where no single candidate could claim a clear victory.  Instead, the seven men and three women took turns displaying why they are all probably unelectable.  Start with Joe Biden's incoherence.  The nominal front-runner, the former vice president had a 40-year reputation for never shutting up.  Now he can't manage to finish a sentence without interrupting himself.  Nearly all his efforts to make a point were swamped by a sudden change of direction mid-sentence, and then another change a few words later as a random thought popped into his head and out his mouth.  None of his rivals needed to interrupt him — he did it to himself.  Most of the time I had no idea what he was trying to say, let alone what he actually said.

Joe Biden Delivers 9 Gaffes, Lies, and Awkward Moments in Third Primary Debate.  Former Vice President Joe Biden added nine embarrassing moments to his ever-expanding list of campaign gaffes and blunders during the third Democrat primary debate in Houston, Texas, Thursday evening [9/12/2019].  [This article includes] a list of moments where the 76-year-old Biden misspoke, went off on bizarre tangents, or seemingly lost control of his body.

Former Dem Senator:  People Don't Want a 'Third Obama Term'.  Former Democratic senator Bob Torricelli said during a discussion of the Thursday's Democratic primary debate that voters will not support former Vice President Joe Biden because people don't want a "third Obama term."  "We will not beat Donald Trump by playing it safe, in the margins, offering more of the same, or, to my friend Joe Biden, a third Barack Obama term," Torricelli said Friday on MSNBC.  "People don't want — no matter how much they admire him — a third Obama term.  They want something bold and different."

The Editor says...
The American people don't "want something bold and different" unless it is an improvement.  With Trump in the White House, the U.S. economy is roaring, because common sense prevails once again.  There's no reason to tamper with success.  Moreover, the very last thing any stockholder or anyone with a 401(k) account wants is a repeat of the Obama disaster.

Biden Gaffe:  Former VP Calls to Release All Nonviolent Criminals from Prison.  2020 presidential frontrunner Joe Biden stated forcefully that no one who commits a nonviolent crime should go to jail — in what was either a wildly progressive change of stance or another gaffe.  "The fact of the matter is that what's happened is that we're in a situation now where there are so many people who are in jail and shouldn't be in jail.  The whole means by which this should change is toll — the model has to change.  Nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime," Biden said at Thursday night's debate on ABC.

Joe Biden Says 'Nobody Should Be In Jail For A Non-Violent Crime'.  During Thursday night's debate, Joe Biden proved once again just how out of touch he really is.  He said that nobody should be in jail for a non-violent crime.  What about car theft?  How about not paying taxes?  Has Joe really thought this through?

Slow Joe's Incoherent Rambling About Record Players, Phonographs, and $740 Million To Keep Venezuelans Oppressed.  Slow Joe steps in it yet again, this time with his nonsensical rambling about schools, more taxes, encouraging children to listen to record players (or phonographs, as he started to say), and a completely off topic rant about spending $740 Million so people can't leave Latin American countries where governments are oppressing the citizens.

Joe Biden's Platform Illustrates The Breakneck Speed Democrats Are Lurching Left.  A Tuesday [9/10/2019] report in McClatchy compared Biden's 2020 platform to Hillary Clinton's 2016 platform, finding the former vice president's policy prescriptions have drifted leftward from the former secretary of state's.  "From health care to climate change to criminal justice, Biden has proposed ideas more ambitious and liberal than policies supported by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign," the article declared.  It even went so far as to correctly note that "Biden's current set of policy prescriptions would likely be considered radical if they had been proposed in any previous Democratic presidential primary."  Examples include his health care plan, his climate change plan, his criminal justice reform plan, and his position on the death penalty.

'Hillary Clinton, part two': Democrats fear that Biden could be a ghost of losers past.  Democratic activists in the first primary state worry that if Joe Biden is the party's presidential nominee, he could lose the 2020 election for some of the same reasons Hillary Clinton was defeated in 2016.

Criticism from the Left:
A Joe Biden presidency would be a climate catastrophe.  Biden is trudging through the campaign, constantly screwing up and lying about his record, winning almost entirely thanks to the Pundit Brain-induced learned helplessness that has been carefully instilled into the Democratic base over the years.  Biden may yet win the primary, of course, and sheer backlash to President Trump could easily boost him into the White House.  But it is simply beyond question that he is one of the worst candidates in the field — unequipped especially to deal with climate change, the biggest threat by far facing the American people.

The Editor says...
The article above is a great example of media bias.  There is no extraordinary climate change underway.  There certainly is no "climate emergency."  There are many actual threats "facing the American people," and the weather is not one of them.  Make another selection:  Sharia Law replacing the Constitution, homeless bums defecating in the streets, North Korean missiles, greater than $22 trillion national debt, wholesale voting fraud, unchecked illegal immigration, dumbed-down schools, black lives matter but all others don't, or drag queens reading children's stories at the public library.  Each of these is a far greater threat to America than the weather.

Biden or Bust?  Pundits and politicos play the current parlor game of counting Joe Biden's daily bloopers, signs of debility, or embarrassments. [...] Biden remains what he always was — a deep state fixture.  And his brand is mainstream Democrat left-liberal orthodoxy, which supposedly does not include weird and wild La La Land pronouncements.

Eye-popping Joe Biden among CNN's climate-change dinosaurs.  Chicken Little Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says we Earthlings have a mere twelve years before man-made climate change renders us extinct.  But former Vice President Eye-Popping Joe Biden has done her one better.  The front runner for the Democratic Party's nomination for president told Americans we have a little more than a year before the curtain falls on humankind.

Biden Is The New Hillary.  Joe Biden is the 2020 Hillary Clinton in so many remarkable ways.  Like Hillary, Biden seems to have a palpable lifelong desire to be president and, well past his prime political years, he can't let go. [...] Clinton and Biden are entrenched veteran Dems whose campaigns share a similar aspect of inevitability in large part because neither would be able to garner the popular support of voters on personal merit alone.  Biden argues Dems must back him because he is the only "acceptable" figure in a progressive-dominated field who can attract moderate and undecided voters.  It doesn't matter if you like him or not; he's the only path to victory.  Hillary's aura of inevitability was far more cynical.  She used all the weapons of machine politics to guarantee the nomination from the moment she announced and then dared Dems not to get behind her as the party's only choice.  Neither approach is the hallmark of a strong general-election candidate.

Biden has near-coughing fit and calls Trump 'President Hump' at New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention.  Former Vice President Joe Biden fell into a near-coughing fit and called President Trump "President Hump" during his address to the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention Saturday morning [9/7/2019].  The sporadic coughs came between remarks the former vice president made criticizing President Trump over the administration's immigration policies.

Joe Biden in New Hampshire:  "I guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel"; Idiot Leftists Clap Like Monkeys.  It's a cult.  Democrat Joe Biden stumped in New Hampshire:  "I guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel."  The liberal audience clapped like monkeys.  As Zach Parkinson reported 80 percent of the households in the Granite State are heated by oil, gas, and propane.  The others are burning something else.

Weird, at best:
Joe's Green New Feel:  Biden, 76, holds left-wing protester's hand, 24, as he tells her he WILL get rid of fossil fuels.  Joe Biden took the hand of a young female protester at his New Hampshire town hall on Friday evening [9/6/2019] to ask her to look into his eyes as he promised her he would end the use of fossil fuels.

The Hashtag-Me-Too people are all completely silent.
Hands To Yourself:  Biden Gets Scolded For Grabbing Woman's Hands Without Her Consent.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is known to be a bit handsy at times.  There are the biker chick photo and the various allegations of downright odd behavior, like reportedly smelling a lieutenant governor candidate's hair, which created some controversy at the outset of his 2020 candidacy.  Yet, there was never going to be any accountability.  He's the Democrats' best hope to beat Trump in 2020, and even his past accusers said that his actions, while creepy, shouldn't disqualify him from running.  So, that's the Democratic Party for you.  Weaponize sexual assault/misconduct allegations, but only for use against your political enemies.  Yet, at a campaign stop in Iowa, Biden also got handsy with a teacher who asked him a question about collective bargaining rights.  There was no groping or anything.  Yes, that should be made crystal clear; the allegations against Biden aren't nearly as serious as those facing Harvey Weinstein, but when a woman is made uncomfortable — you need to respect the space.  Biden is horrendous at that.  In this incident, he grabbed a teacher's hands and she was not having any of it.

Woman Chastises Biden For Grabbing Her Hands 'You Need to Ask First'.  During a campaign stop in Iowa, Biden was speaking to an Iowa teacher, when he grabbed her hands without asking, and she was not impressed.

Biden: Trump is becoming more 'erratic'.  Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden on Friday said President Trump is becoming more "erratic" and predicted that the president will double down on his "worst instincts" if the economy moves closer to a recession.  Mr. Biden, who has faced questions over his own series of recent verbal misfires on the presidential campaign trail, said the current president's behavior is cause for concern.

The Editor says...
There is someone in the national spotlight every day whose "behavior is cause for concern," and his name is Joe Biden.

Former Obama Adviser:  Biden 'Serially' Distorts Own Record.  Former Obama White House adviser David Axelrod said in a tweet Thursday [9/5/2019] that Joe Biden was distorting his own record to a damaging degree.  Linking to a Slate article about Biden's misleading remarks about when he began opposing the Iraq War, Axelrod wrote Biden was "in danger" of creating a harmful meme about his candidacy.

Joe Biden's Bloody Eye on CNN Somehow Spiked by Everyone But Fox.  On Thursday [9/5/2019], we noted CNN's New Day skipped over Joe Biden's bloody eyeball during the seven-hour CNN Town Hall on climate change, despite it being an all-day Drudge Report item.  But then something happened that we didn't expect:  CNN never reported it.  Neither did MSNBC.  Neither did ABC, CBS, NBC, or PBS.  Even The New York Times and The Washington Post skipped it.  Fox News covered it, but not obsessively.  The Bloody Eye wasn't Earth-shattering news.  But some wondered if it suggested a health problem for Biden.

Pressure grows on Biden to release health records as campaign stonewalls on bloody eye mishap.  Democratic front-runner Joe Biden was speaking at a televised town hall Wednesday when the corner of his left eye appeared to fill with blood, bringing attention away from the issue of climate change at a time when his campaign is already batting back scrutiny about his age and health.  The eye issue likely isn't serious and will go away on its own after a few days, but it came after reporters have been asking Biden about whether his age will get in the way of his pursuit for the White House and following a string of verbal miscues.  Biden is 76, and if elected he would be the oldest person ever to occupy the Oval Office, older than Ronald Reagan at the end of his second four-year term.  By the time any second Biden term ended, he would be 86, uncharted territory for the presidency.

Joe Biden Just Lost Any Claim To Being A Moderate With His Embrace Of The Green New Deal.  We hear a lot about former VP and 2020 candidate Joe Biden's "electability."  This so-called electability stems from the idea that Biden is a return to a more moderate Democratic party, and away from the infection of radicalism that has seized it.  But anyone who was leaning on Biden for centrism is gravely mistaken, and it's proven with his nod toward Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal."  In fact, Biden not only thinks it doesn't go too far, it doesn't go far enough, according to the Daily Wire.

Biden: I Would Appoint Barack Obama to the Supreme Court.  2020 Democrat hopeful Joe Biden told "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert Wednesday night that he would nominate his former 'boss' Barack Obama to the US Supreme Court.  "Would you appoint him [Obama] to the Supreme Court?" Colbert asked Biden.  "H***... yes!" Biden said with a creepy grin on his face.  "I don't think he'd do it but... he's fully qualified."

The Editor says...
Barack Obama would leap at the chance to sit on the Supreme Court, even for one day.  His nomination would almost be worth the immense risk, just to let the public see Obama get interrogated in his Senate confirmation hearings about his phony Social Security number, his dubious birth certificate, his invisible attendance at Columbia University, his Indonesian citizenship, his long lists of lies and scandals, and many other aspects of his life that are highly suspect.  Unfortunately, the risk is too great, because the Republicans would probably let him skate, rather than be accused of racism and Islamophobia.  As for Mr. Obama's qualifications, his record speaks for itself.

Biden: 'We Can Take Millions of Vehicles Off the Road...'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden told a CNN town hall on climate change Wednesday night that he endorses high-speed rail as a way to "take millions of vehicles off the road."  "Everything is incremental," Biden said.

Biden: 'We Can Take Millions of Vehicles Off the Road...'.  [Scroll down]  Host Anderson Cooper asked Biden, "Will there be a point, or would you like there to be a point — and if so, when — that everybody drives an electric car or has to drive an electric car?"  Biden responded, "Well, I think, look — that's going to be based upon whether or not we can make it economically feasible.  And it is economically feasible, because guess what?  Everybody knows where the world is going.  "You're not — just like, you know — we set out the rules for what kind of plant, you know, coal-burning plants.  No one is going to build another coal-burning — we've got to shut down the ones down we have, but no one is going to build a new one.  Guess what?  They're not efficient relative to what else is available to be done. [...]"

The Editor says...
When was the last time you heard a statement so replete with fillers, crutch words, self-interrupted rhetoric, and verbal tics that add nothing of substance?  Not since the last time Obama's teleprompter quit working.

Sleepy Joe Biden Says That The 'Green New Deal' Doesn't Go FAR ENOUGH.  [Scroll down]  You remember the Green New Deal, don't you?  It was cooked up by AOC and her Democratic Socialist buddies — like the guy on her team who eventually became a liability for one-too-many scandals.  That same Saikat Chakrabarti, who was her Chief-of-Staff, accidentally let the cat out of the bag on the REAL intention of the Green New Deal.

Biden's eye fills with blood during CNN climate town hall.  Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have a blood vessel burst in his left eye while participating in CNN's town hall on climate change.  A broken blood vessel in the eye, also known as a subconjuctival hemorrhage, can be caused by several things, including high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, blood thinners, or even excessive straining.  Biden, 76, has long been plagued by health issues.  In 1988, he suffered an aneurysm that burst and required him to undergo emergency surgery.  The then-senator was so close to death that a Catholic priest began preparing to administer the sacrament of last rites.  Months later, surgeons clipped a second aneurysm before it burst.

Biden: 'We'll Be Telling People, Don't Build in These Places'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden, now running for the Democrat presidential nomination, told a CNN town hall Wednesday night [9/4/2019] that the government will tell people in areas vulnerable to fire and flooding, "don't build in these places."  "The people who are already there are going to be in real trouble," he added, as insurance companies refuse to do business with them.

The Editor says...
The free market is a foreign concept to people like Joe Biden.  In the free market, investors decide what to build and where to build it.  Insurance companies decide whether (or not) to sell their products based on calculated risks.  In the good old days, the government stayed out of this process.

An Excusing Frenzy for Biden's Fact Mangling.  The Washington Post caused an uproar inside the media when it reported that former Vice President Joe Biden told a "moving but false" war story at a campaign stop in Hanover, New Hampshire, on Aug. 23. [...] It was a fabrication. [...] This was no "gaffe."  It was either (a) a trail of gaffes indicating Biden has lost his marbles or (b) a lie.  Which is it, and how serious is this?

Joe Biden Calls for Ban on Magazines Holding 'Multiple Bullets'.  On Labor Day, Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden called for a ban on magazines holding "multiple bullets," which is essentially a ban on magazines holding more than one round.  He said magazines that "can hold multiple bullets" should not be allowed, and this is a giant departure from Democrats' decades old push for a ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

Biden Vows to Destroy Most Guns and Limit Magazines to 1 Round.  Joe Biden just became the most extreme anti-gun candidate in the democratic party field.  Not only did he vow to "eliminate" all semi-automatic guns, but he would also limit magazine capacity to 1 round. [...] Biden was on the campaign trail in Iowa and his handlers were crossing their fingers that he could get through one single appearance without saying something insane or stupid.  He let them down in a big way by doing both.

Biden's Vacuous Pitch.  The frontrunner in the Democratic presidential race seems to have made a key decision on how to win the nomination.  Joe Biden has decided to trash any real discussion of actual issues in favor of touting the single issue of his electability.  The former Vice President launched a full-frontal assault on how he's the only one who can beat Trump ... first by sending his wife, Dr. Jill, out to New Hampshire to say her guy is the one. [...] Yeah, forget about the issues.  This guy can win, don't worry about what he says about your favorite issues.

Are Biden's Lies Catching Up to Him?  Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden is wearing out his welcome, even among his friends.  His latest lie — a war story some version of which he has been telling for years — has finally caught up to him. [...] But, as the Washington Post reluctantly pointed out, Biden got nearly every detail wrong:  "Almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.  Based on interviews with more than a dozen U.S. troops, their commanders and Biden campaign officials, it appears as though the former vice president has jumbled elements of at least three actual events into one story of bravery, compassion and regret that never happened."

Snopes Rates Biden's Claim That 2+2=5 As 'Mostly True'.  Joe Biden recently made a strange claim:  that 2+2=5.  He was ridiculed for his gaffe after making the statement while speaking at an elementary school.  The kids all said, "Hey, dummy!  The answer is 4, not 5!"  But the crack squad of fact-checkers at Snopes quickly got to work on Biden's incredulous claim.  Their findings?  Biden's statement was actually "mostly true."

Biden Defends False War Story: 'I Wasn't Trying to Mislead Anybody'.  2020 frontrunner Joe Biden has claimed he wasn't trying to mislead voters by telling them a war story which turned out to be false.  Reporters asked the former vice president in Iowa whether details matter after he conflated his contacts with several different military service members.  "They matter in terms of whether or not you're trying to mislead people," Biden began.  "And I wasn't trying to mislead anybody," Biden added.

Joe Biden is Going Nuts.  "I want to be clear — I'm not going nuts," Joe Biden assured a crowd in New Hampshire last Friday [8/30/2019]. It was merely the latest in a lifetime of lies this serial fabulist has told.  ALL of the available evidence proves that he is clearly going nuts.  Perhaps part of it is due to the pressure of being an old white man who's posing as the standard-bearer of a political party whose sole agenda these days is the extermination and debasement of old white men. [...] But most of it is due to the fact that he has always been a liar who jumbled the facts, compounded by a septuagenarian brain that is rapidly fermenting.

We Need to Talk about Joe Biden.  There are two possible explanations of Joe Biden's inability to tell the truth about things:  One is that his mind is failing him, the other is that his honor is.  In neither case is Biden fit to hold the office of president of the United States of America, and Democrats would discredit themselves and endanger the nation to nominate him.

Joe Biden Needs An Intervention.  Joe Biden leads the Democrat pack and he's a catastrophe, meaning that we have to weigh the human kindness that compels us to seek to end his humiliation against the practical reality that this doddering establishment weirdo will get squashed by Donald Trump like a dung beetle under a steamroller.  Or even like an ex-Beatle under a steamroller — Biden is the Pete Best of American politics, the guy who never quite made it.  Except Pete Best wasn't a gropey, senile, corrupt Democrat plagiarist with delusions of adequacy.

Donna Brazile Defends Biden Fabricating War Story:  Sometimes There's 'A lot of Information in Your Brain'.  Donna Brazile, former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman and Fox News Channel contributor, offered a head-scratching defense on Friday [8/30/2019] of former Vice President Joe Biden badly mistelling an emotional story regarding the war in Afghanistan.  Appearing on The Five, Brazile argued Biden's latest blunder was caused by an overload of information.

Brooks: Biden Might 'Embellish' for 'Dramatic Effect' — 'But He's Not Mendacious'.  On Friday's "PBS NewsHour," New York Times columnist David Brooks stated 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden might "embellish" stories to make them more dramatic, "But he's not mendacious.  He's not irresponsible."

ABC Panel Defends Joe Biden Telling False War Story.  Apparently, the truth and the accuracy of details meant little to the so-called "powerhouse roundtable" on ABC's This Week.  During the latter half of the Sunday [9/1/2019] show, the panel defended former Vice President Joe Biden after The Washington Post exposed that a war story Biden had been telling for years was actually a tall tale.  But it wasn't entirely false.  As The Post explained and ABC rationalized on Thursday, Biden created the story by conflating several real events into a, sort of, Frankenstein's monster designed to tug on the heartstrings of listeners.  According to The Post, "Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony."  But the facts [are apparently immaterial] on ABC News.

Biden Stands Alone.  According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, only 10 percent of Democratic voters below the age of 34 are backing Biden, putting him in a distant third behind Bernie Sanders's 31 percent and Elizabeth Warren's 25 percent.  The former vice president has maintained his frontrunner status thanks to the strength of his support among older voters like the ones in this Rock Hill audience.  He dominates the over-65 demographic, for example, with 48 percent support compared with Warren's 20 percent.  No other candidate reached double digits among the AARP crowd.

South Carolina Democrats [are] not bothered by Joe Biden's gaffes.  The string of summer slip-ups would seem to reinforce Biden's gaffe-prone reputation and raise questions about his central pitch of electability.  But for many voters who came to see him during a campaign swing through early voting state South Carolina, the former vice president's slips of the tongue made him all the more endearing.  "He's always made them!  I don't think he is doing anything differently than he's always done," said Polly Iyer, a writer from Spartanburg.  "He always has his foot in his mouth."

The Editor says...
None of Joe Biden's lies should be brushed off as endearing quirks.  If he demonstrates before election day that he is dishonest and/or mentally unfit, make another selection.

Joe Biden Undercuts [His] Own Electability Strategy: 'Almost Anybody' Could Beat Trump.  Joe Biden undercut the "electability" strategy his campaign team has been pushing rigorously in recent weeks, claiming on Thursday [8/29/2019] that "almost anybody" could beat President Donald Trump in 2020.

Biden Has No Chance.  Despite everything, Biden remains on top of polls for their presidential nomination.  Other candidates — Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris — have gained a certain amount of traction.  But it is extraordinary that they haven't yet been able to surpass a candidate who, to put it politely, is no longer capable of appearing and speaking in public.  This attests to the weakness of the Democrats' presidential field.  I think there is zero chance that Joe Biden will be the Democrats' 2020 presidential nominee.  He is obviously not up to the task, and Democratic primary voters are not in the mood to select a deeply confused, 76-year-old white man to run for president.

As He Campaigns for President, Joe Biden Tells a Moving But False War Story.  Joe Biden painted a vivid scene for the 400 people packed into a college meeting hall.  A four-star general had asked the then-vice president to travel to Kunar province in Afghanistan, a dangerous foray into "godforsaken country" to recognize the remarkable heroism of a Navy captain. [...] The room was silent.  "This is the God's truth," Biden had said as he told the story.  "My word as a Biden."  Except almost every detail in the story appears to be incorrect.  Based on interviews with more than a dozen U.S. troops, their commanders and Biden campaign officials, it appears as though the former vice president has jumbled elements of at least three actual events into one story of bravery, compassion and regret that never happened.

Joe Biden [is] Unapologetic for Fabricating Afghan War Story.  Former Vice President Joe Biden is unapologetic for fabricating an emotional story about the war in Afghanistan, claiming its "essence" is true.  Biden, who is under fire after The Washington Post exposed a story he told about pinning a medal on a reluctant Navy officer as inaccurate, defended his conduct while campaigning in South Carolina on Thursday [8/29/2019].

Biden: 'Essence' of false wartime story was true.  Former Vice President Joe Biden defended the inaccurate war story he told during a rally last Friday in New Hampshire, saying the "central point" of it was true.  Biden said he had traveled to Afghanistan's Kunar province to award the Silver Star to a Navy captain who had rappelled down a cliff to retrieve the body of a fellow service member.  When Biden went to pin the medal onto the captain, he begged him not to because the person had died.

Joe Biden:  DACA Illegals 'Become American Before a Lot of Americans'.  Joe Biden praised young 'DACA' illegal migrants as more American than Americans during a Thursday campaign event in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  "We have to find a [amnesty] pathway for dreamers ... These kids who come, and they end up doing well.  They become American before a lot of Americans become Americans — No, I'm serious, they get in school, they do well, they contribute to the community, they contribute to the country," he said.

Biden on Detention Facilities: 'We Don't Need Them'.  Former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told a town hall audience Thursday that the United States does not need migrant detention facilities.  Biden was taking questions in Rockville, S.C., when an attendee asked him for the justification for holding migrants and expanding detention facilities if those facilities could not ensure their safety.  She also asked Biden what he would do to help reunite separated families.  "Close them down," Biden answered, to cheers from the crowd.

Joe Biden Can't Remember Obama's Name at Recent Campaign Stop.  As each day goes by on the campaign trail, it's clear that Grandpa Joe is way out of his element.

The media refuses to face the fact that Joe Biden isn't close to collapsing.  Dear Fellow Members of the Media:  We need to talk about the way you're covering the Democratic race for president.  Consider this an intervention.  You all went crazy on Monday [8/26/2019] when a single poll showed a national tie between Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  It was like a ticker-tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes; articles suggesting a historic shakeup in the Democratic race rained down upon America like ticker tape.  Huzzah!  We have a whole new race!

Joe Biden Calls Obama 'President My Boss' in Another Brain Freeze Moment.  Former Vice president Joe Biden (D) suffered yet another mental glitch on the campaign trail in South Carolina, forgetting former President Barack Obama's name and instead referring to him as "president my boss," according to a video that surfaced Wednesday [8/28/2019].  Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the video, which shows Biden referring to Obama as "president," before pausing and adding "my boss," seemingly due to a failure to recall his name.

Keep talking, Joe.  Don't ever stop.
Joe Biden:  Japanese Women Are Only Employed Because of 'Xenophobia'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden seemed to suggest Japanese women are only employed because of "xenophobia" while campaigning on Wednesday [8/28/2019].  Biden made the bizarre remark to a room full of voters in Spartanburg, South Carolina when discussing the "economic laws of physics."

Joe Biden says he'd prefer a running mate who is 'of color and/or a different gender'.  Former vice president Joe Biden has been leading the Democratic field in most polls since he entered the race, but even he acknowledges that he's a long way from winning the nomination.  If he does, Biden said it would be ideal for his ticket to reflect the diversity of the American population.  The presidential hopeful told a small group of black journalists Tuesday [8/27/2019] that if he wins the nomination, he'd prefer that his vice presidential candidate not be a white male.

The Editor says...
That sounds like race-based discrimination to me.

Joe Biden Says Racism a 'White Man's Problem,' Will Not Promise Black Running Mate.  Joe Biden claimed racism is institutional in America on Tuesday [8/27/2019], but would not commit wholeheartedly to picking a person of color as his running mate if he were to win the Democrat presidential nomination. [...] Biden, who leads his fellow 2020 Democrats substantially among black voters, claimed that President Donald Trump had only furthered those divisions by using rhetoric that appeals "to the worst d*** instincts of human nature."  Along similar lines, the former vice president has accused Trump of fanning the "flames of white supremacy" in recent weeks, as he attempts to portray the next election as a referendum on the nation's soul.

The Editor says...
The nation does not have a soul, nor is the next presidential election a referendum on anything so abstract.

Joe Biden's Great Disappearing Act.  No Republican candidate could have escaped being savaged by the liberal mainstream media as being either totally incompetent or inexcusably offensive the way Biden has slipped by, but that is a function of the media environment we live in now.  However, the gaffes are not the issue.  What is becoming blatantly apparent to even the most casual political observer is Biden's complete lack of any inspiring ideological vision for the country.  He has no core beliefs. [...] Every utterance from Biden on energy, climate change, the economy, taxes, social policy, immigration, international relations, whatever, is made in response to what the other candidates are saying, to what Biden feels will net him the greatest political yield at that moment.

Biden: Racism in US is institutional, 'white man's problem'.  Racism in America is an institutional "white man's problem visited on people of color," Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday, arguing that the way to attack the issue is to defeat President Donald Trump and hold him responsible for deepening the nation's racial divide.

'Unfair standard': Top Biden adviser blames media for covering his flubs.  A top adviser to Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic front-runner, has said he is being held to a higher standard than his rivals.  MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell played a video of a recent flub in which Biden, 76, said he was happy to be in the state of Vermont when he was actually in neighboring New Hampshire.  "So I know it's just a mistake, but it's Vermont and New Hampshire, he's running in the New Hampshire primary.  Does he have to be more careful to prove that he hasn't lost his fastball?" Mitchell asked.

The Editor says...
Imagine the media coverage if Dan Quayle or Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz were running for president and saying exactly the same things.  That's the kind of scrutiny Joe Biden deserves.

Biden's Mental Condition Isn't a Joke.  At what point is it no longer the Biden Gaffe Machine on display, but a man whose mental acuity and faculties are slowing down immensely?  The latter is certainly not something to joke about, to make into a punchline, or to promote for political gain.

If Joe Biden Is Elected, Who Will Really Be in Charge?  For those who actually want a meaningful election in which power is allocated by the ballot box, not over cocktails in a swanky private club in D.C., the lesson of Mueller's spectacular failure to exercise any leadership over the probe should cause even the most partisan Democrat to ask:  Who am I really voting for? [...] Biden's gaffes would be funny except they are so obviously an indication of his weakness.  One man's "bug" is another man's feature which is why it should cause concern that the "establishment" finds him so appealing.

Biden Claims He's 'Not Going Nuts' After Another Blunder on the Campaign Trail.  Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed that he's "not going nuts," despite yet another gaffe at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.  Biden, 76, was at his second campaign stop of the day, after speaking at Dartmouth College.

Joe Biden's Turn Left Will Cost Him The Nomination.  Biden lost support among moderate and conservative Democrats, who switched their allegiance to the more overtly socialist septuagenarians.  A likely explanation for this shift is that those moderates don't see Biden as substantially different from Warren and Sanders anymore, because thus far he has basically presented himself as a progressive.  Not only has Biden apologized for half the things he achieved in his decades-long career, he has embraced ideas that 1990's Joe Biden, or even 2008's Barack Obama, would have derided as absurd.  One clear example is one of the most telling and talked about moments of the Democratic primary debates thus far.  During one of the Democratic police line-ups, all of the candidates were asked if they support government-provided, cost-free health care for illegal immigrants.

Legitimate concerns about Joe Biden's state of mind.  Most Democrat primary polls, as summarized by Real Clear Politics, show former Vice-President Joe Biden with a healthy lead over the rest of the pack of socialist wannabes.  Many of the polls show Slow Joe with a double-digit lead over his nearest competitor, in the case of most polls Comrade Bernie Sanders.  Democrats are banking on Joe's "electability," above and beyond all else, since he is a familiar name with a long history in Washington, DC. Kind of like how Jeb Bush was viewed by the Republican establishment before Donald Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower.  The fact that Biden is the most "electable" says more about the rest of the field than it does about Biden.

Exploding cigar:  Biden invites Americans who think he's too old and addled to ...not vote for him.  History is well-littered with the political corpses of leaders who imagine that the invitations they throw out are certain to be turned down by the public.  Which brings us to Joe Biden, Democratic presidential frontrunner, whose advanced age (78 now) is giving voters the willies.

ABC Reports About Biden's "Overflow Crowd" of About 30 People at New Hampshire Event.  About 30 supporters of Joe Biden gathered at the Portland Pie Co.  Stuffed in a small room with six tables, munching on several types of pizza, campaign members discussed Biden's qualities with interested voters.  Still the mainstream media refuse to concede that Liberals can get people on their rally.  It seems that Biden's rally in New Hampshire itself was a huge disaster.  Still ABC news wanted to report about some sort of "Overflow Crowd".  ABC posted video of the "overflow crowd" at the event — there were a few dozen people in the room and most were probably media.

Joe Biden's brain: the missing hamster in the wheel.  The gaff-prone Democratic candidate for president, former Vice President Joe Biden, is doing just fine where his brain is concerned, according to his surgeon.  As you may recall, Biden had two — that's right — two surgeries for brain aneurysms in the late 1980s. [...] This, of course, has caused many to wonder if the rigors of the campaign trail have taxed the mental wherewithal of the 76-year-old Biden.  Like the time he insisted he was still vice president during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February of 2018.  He wasn't.  Or that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy were assassinated in the 1970s.  They weren't.

Joe Biden Sure Has Had A Lot Of 'Gaffes' Lately.  Former Vice President Joe Biden had another 'gaffe' yet again on the campaign trail on Saturday.  This time the 76-year-old told media how much he loved being in the state of Vermont... except, he was actually in New Hampshire.

Biden on voters worried about his age: 'I say if they're concerned, don't vote for me'.  Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden responded to concerns from voters about his age during a brief press gathering on Saturday in New Hampshire.  "I say if they're concerned, don't vote for me," Biden, 76, said to reporters.

Assassination dog whistle:
Joe Biden Asks Audience to Imagine Obama's Assassination.  Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Friday [8/23/2019] took a series of unusual rhetorical detours at the end of a town-hall-style campaign event nominally dedicated to health care, speculating about how a political assassination of Barack Obama might have affected the country in 2008 and recalling that he was accused of being gay because of his support of women's rights in the 1970s.

Uncle Joe asks college kids to imagine if Obama had been assassinated.  What is he talking about and what's the point?  Imagine if Obama had been shot?  According to the New York Times, the 76-year-old was trying to make a point about becoming politically aware in the turbulent times of the late 1960s and 1970s, moving on to mention the deadly Kent State shootings during a Vietnam War protest in 1970.  Biden was elected to the Senate in 1972.  Point not made.  In the clip from New Hampshire, he also talks about how he believed in gay marriage since he was a child and his father explained two men kissing are in love.  That was another one of Biden's prevarications.  In May 2012, he came out for the first time for gay marriage.  He also said 40 kids were shot at Kent State.

Joe Biden: 'If There's Anything I Can't Stand It's the Abuse of Power'.  Former Vice President Joe Biden said in a speech at Urbandale, Iowa, on Tuesday [8/20/2019] that President Donald Trump is "engaging in a gigantic abuse of power" as president.  "If there's anything I can't stand it's the abuse of power," said Biden.  "And he is abusing it every single day."  "He wants to build his wall by executive order.  He wants to change the appropriation process by executive order.  He wants to abuse the power that's there," said Biden.

By all means, let's talk about abuse of power.

Biden Wrongly Claims 40 Students Were Killed at Kent State in 1970.  The problem with Joe Biden isn't that he's a leftist.  Every single Democrat is.  No, the real problem with this guy is that he clearly has no idea what he's talking about.  Politics, history, race relations... it doesn't matter.  Imagine a subject and realize:  Biden has little to no knowledge about it.  That would be perfectly fine if he was, say, a truck driver.  Sadly, however, Biden is a) a former senator, b) a former vice president and c) the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Democrat Dilemma — Base Disconnected From Front-Runner Biden.  What could better illustrate the floundering chaos of the Democratic Party than a new national poll showing Joe Biden as the clear front-runner?  The party's got nothing else besides this fumbling faux pas factory.  You know the base doesn't want Biden, yet he's leading the party's polls.

Biden says 40 were shot at Kent State in 1970, when four students were killed.  Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden added to his recent pile of gaffes on Friday [8/23/2019] when he claimed that over 40 students were shot during a 1970 Vietnam War protest at Kent State.  The former vice president was making a point about when he first became politically aware in the 1960s and 1970s, comparing the hypothetical assassination of former President Barack Obama to the very real murders of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.

Why Obama dropped Biden.  [Scroll down]  Obama won't be there for Biden.  His internal friendship has ended and didn't make it through the next presidential term.  Instead of helping his trusted friend run for the presidency, Obama has refused to endorse Biden.  According to some reports, Obama repeatedly urged Biden not to run.  "You don't have to do this," he warned Biden.  Obama, it turns out, cares about one thing:  himself.  He is obsessed with his political legacy.  Every day that Joe Biden stays on the campaign trail, he detracts from that.

More about Obama's narcissism.

Watch: Biden Makes Disastrous Gaffes While Speaking On Healthcare.  Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden repeatedly fumbled over himself on Friday [8/23/2019] while attempting to talk to a crowd about his healthcare plan, saying that he would make sure that it was "not quality" and ensuring people that their premiums would go up.  [Video clip]

Joe Biden Thanks His "Longfriend Timefriend and She's a Friend Who's Been a Friend...".  It doesn't get much worse than this latest gaffe from Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden.  He was trying to thank a friend during a speech in Iowa and mangled the words into a classic gaffe.  It's hard to believe he's the frontrunner for Democrats.

The Biden Campaign is Collapsing Under the Weight of all the Gaffes.  In what can only be described as an act of pure desperation in the wake of their candidate's neverending string of inexplicable gaffes, Joe Biden's campaign on Tuesday rolled out the neurosurgeon who performed two surgical procedures to correct brain aneurysms on the former Vice President back in 1988. Unfortunately for Biden, the surgeon, Dr. Neal Kassell, was able to only offer faint praise for his elderly patient, telling Politico that "He is every bit as sharp as he was 31 years ago.  I haven't seen any change."  Um, you'll have to excuse us if that doesn't give us much comfort, given that the nation's official Unfrozen Caveman Senator has been running round the country blurting out embarrassing and disturbing statements that must make his staff cringe in horror on pretty much a daily basis.

Jill Biden's Attempt to Campaign For Her Husband Backfires.  Campaign trail spouses want to support their husband or wife who's running for higher office, but sometimes they do more harm than good.  The latest example of this is Jill Biden's attempt to explain why voters should choose her husband in the 2020 presidential election.  She admitted on Monday in front of a group of New Hampshire teachers that some of his opponents may have better ideas, but in the end it's all about electability, and Biden's got it.  Meaning, you may have to "swallow a little bit" and vote for him.

Another Gaffe:  Joe Biden Claims MLK [and] RFK [were] Assassinated in the 'Late '70s'.  Joe Biden continued his string of public gaffes while campaigning in Iowa Tuesday, inaccurately claiming that Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were assassinated in the 1970s.  The former vice president, who has worried even his staunchest allies in recent weeks for often confusing times and places, made the slip-up during a campaign appearance in Urbandale, Iowa.

Joe Biden's long goodbye.  Joe Biden's presidential campaign is dead, but he doesn't realize it yet.  His growing list of incidents of mental lapses demonstrate that he is well past his sell-by date.  Yesterday, his wife Jill delivered what ought to be the death blow.  Mrs. Biden, constantly identified by the MSM as "Dr. Jill Biden" owing to her doctorate in education (a far cry from the implied medical degree), inadvertently acknowledged the problems that trouble all who are paying close attention.  Watch this cringeworthy appeal for support that she delivered yesterday [8/19/2019] in New Hampshire.

Politico Wants Us to Deny Evidence of Joe Biden's Cognitive Decline.  Yes, the very same Politico that told us in 2008 that Republican John McCain's age — he was 71 when he ran against Politico's precious Barack Obama — was a "legitimate issue" and "presents his campaign a problem" and "it is a disservice to try to sweep it under the table and pretend like he is just another middle-aged white Republican male running for president" is now wrist-flicking two freakin' brain aneurysms and an ever-growing pile of troubling gaffes.  According to Politico's own experts, one of whom actually said that Biden "is every bit as sharp as he was 31 years ago," the Democrat frontrunner's chances of surviving his first term are just 79 percent.

Report:  Biden Told Obama He Was Too Old to Run for President Again.  A recent New York Times report on the brotherly bond between Barack Obama and Joe Biden contains some interesting details about how Obama ultimately arrived at the decision to select Biden as his running mate in 2008.  Unlike Hillary Clinton, among others, Biden was seen as a safe choice in part because he lacked presidential ambitions and was unlikely to exploit the vice presidency to maneuver for a future White House run.

Jill Biden to voters:  You may have to 'swallow a little bit' with my husband so we can beat Trump.  Speaking at a bookstore in Manchester, N.H., Dr. Jill Biden urged voters on Monday to consider the "electability" of her husband, former Vice President Joe Biden, ahead of the 2020 Democratic primaries, and how they may have to "swallow a little bit" with the Democratic front-runner in order to defeat President Trump.  "I know that not all of you are committed to my husband, and I respect that, but I want you to think about your candidate, his or her electability, and who's going to win this race," Dr. Biden said.

Jill Biden: 'You may like another candidate better' but [her] husband is most 'electable'.  [Scroll down]  "So yes, you know, your candidate might be better on, I don't know, healthcare than Joe is, but you've got to look at who's going to win this election, and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, 'Okay, I personally like so and so better,' but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat Trump," Biden said.

Joe Biden won't win.  Joe Biden has led Democratic polls since day one, holding the kind of consistent lead within his party that Donald Trump held heading into the 2016 primaries.  The numbers say he will be the nominee.  They also say he will beat Trump.  They're wrong:  you should still bet against Biden getting the nomination or getting into the White House.

Six times Biden described major events in his life that never happened.  Joe Biden claimed twice recently that he met with Parkland, Florida, shooting survivors when he was vice president, despite the fact that he was already out of office when the attack took place.  His campaign said Biden misspoke and was referring to a different meeting he had after the Sandy Hook shooting.  But the flub was reminiscent of Biden's past misstatements and his tendency to embellish biographical details.  In 1988, Biden was forced to drop out of the presidential race after he was found to have exaggerated his academic record, plagiarized a law school essay, and used quotes from other politicians in his speeches without attribution.  But these are not the only questionable claims Biden has made.

Joe Biden has bigger problems than just gaffes.  Joe Biden, 76, has been getting heaps of attention for his verbal gaffes.  Alas, voters should worry about a far bigger problem:  It's impossible to know what he stands for.  Yes, some of his slip-ups can be head-scratching.  Democrats choose "truth over facts," he said.  Huh?  The kids from the Parkland high-school shooting — which happened after he left office — "came to see me when I was vice president."  He lamented "the tragic events in Houston" and "Michigan" rather than El Paso and Dayton.  He warned against giving President Trump "eight more years" and told backers to "go to Joe 30330," instead of texting him.  And that's just recently.

Joe Biden's Achilles Heel:  Age, gaffes, and Foreign Policy.  Former President Obama and his BFF, told Joe Biden "You don't have to do this."  An attempt to keep Biden off the stage and offer some protection his dwindling legacy?  Perhaps.  A recognition that an unchained Biden, without Valerie Jarret to reign him in, might just be an embarrassment not only to the DNC but to the former President?  Likely.

Hey, Dems — If You Tank Biden, Who Else Wins the Middle?  In the week after earning plaudits for a powerful speech calling on the nation's better angels to combat racism and hate and fight for the soul of America, former Vice President Joe Biden has stumbled into a danger zone with gaffes and misstatements that could cost him the Democratic nomination.  Questions about his fitness to prevail in the grueling next nine months — let alone the 14 till the general election — have given progressives a huge opening, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren surging in popularity and momentum.  And that is grim news for the Democratic Party.

Joe Biden confuses Burlington, Iowa, with Burlington, Vt., in latest gaffe.  Gaffe-prone Democratic 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden reportedly added another factual blunder to his list Friday [8/16/2019