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First-time visitors should start with the basics:

Abuse of power
Joe Biden
The January 6th (2021) incident at the US Capitol
The Road to Tyranny is All Downhill From Here
Money Down the Drain
Crime and (no) punishment
Coronavirus  — Masks, vaccines, mandates, lockdowns, deception, lies, and baseless hysteria.
The Poisonous Fruits of the Socialist Democrats' Ideas
The Causes and Effects of High Gas Prices
Republicans in Name Only
General news and analysis

What's everybody so agitated about?

Immigration is out of control
Illegal immigration is a threat to national security
The Islamic terrorist attack of October 7
Muslims pretend to be the victims of the trouble they have stirred up
Obama and Iran
Islam is NOT a "Religion of Peace"
The New York Times
The death of George Floyd
Fires — including Maui, but also other rapidly-spreading or explosive fires.
Gun control
Hillary Clinton
Domestic surveillance:  Our own government spies on us.
Senator Robert Menendez
Representative Jamaal Bowman
Black hate crimes
Labor unions
Michelle Obama
Organized mobs of black shoplifters
Intentional power outages — to save the earth   and   Banning gas-powered generators
FBI Trigger Words   to spice up your email.
The migration of the poles   is NOT caused by global warming.
Friday night document dumps
Attorney General Merrick Garland
Islamic terrorists rioting in France
The Supreme Court   and   Racial preferences in college admissions
Hate speech laws
Shopping at Target
Banning air conditioning   while   Mandating heat pumps
The Christopher Steele / Fusion GPS / Hillary Clinton Dossier   and the   John Durham investigation
The FBI seems to avoid any evidence against Hillary Clinton
The Deep State vs Donald Trump
Abuse of power
Reparations for slavery
The death of Jordan Neely in the New York subway
Race-based political opportunism
Electric cars
Coal   and   Carbon dioxide
The abolition of natural gas
National Propaganda Radio
Violence and Hate Speech from the Political Left
Insects as food
Uncle Sam loses stuff

More free samples:

Inevitable Political Opportunism After a Widely-Publicized Shooting
The suppression of conservative speech on college campuses
The abolition of cash
Unionized teachers
Foot-dragging, slow-walking, stonewalling obstructionists
Chinese surveillance of the U.S. mainland
Medical rationing, "Death Panels," and assisted suicide
Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons
World Trade Center Building 7
Greta Thunberg
Bias and Censorship on Social Media
The FBI and Twitter
Global cooling
Electronic Voting, Voter Fraud, and Other Election Day Issues
Criticism of the Republican Party -- from the Right
Islamic invasion disguised as the displacement and acceptance of refugees
Nancy Pelosi
The Brittney Griner prisoner exchange
Violence and Hate Speech Come From the Left
The use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for political gain
Reverse discrimination
The FBI raid on President Trump's home at Mar-A-Lago, Florida
The Supreme Court
Roe v. Wade
News media sensationalism and dishonesty
The School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas, May 24, 2022
The Disinformation Governance Board a/k/a The Ministry of Truth
Affirmative Action
Race-based Political Opportunism
The price of gasoline   which has a lot to do with
      The Keystone XL Pipeline,  
      The Irrational Fear of Carbon Dioxide,  
      Joe Biden,  
      John Kerry,  
      Lies about energy production,  
      The Big Government push for electric cars,  
      Renewable energy pie in the sky,  
      and   ANWR
Joe Biden
      and   The New York Times
      and   Deliberately suppressed news
      and   Media bias in Joe Biden's favor
Racially-motivated crime in Waukesha, Wisconsin
The Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot
Suppression of conservative voices on social media
Suppressed news
Kamala Harris
Immigration   and   Lies about immigration
The Road to Tyranny is All Downhill From Here

Back-to-school section:

Socialist indoctrination in the public schools
The promotion of homosexuality in the public schools
The promotion of environmentalism in the public schools
Low expectations in the public schools
School lunches  and breakfast, and dinner.
Wasteful spending in the public schools
The exclusion of religion from public schools   with one exception, of course:
The promotion of Islam in the public schools
Revised history in the public schools
Miscellaneous bad ideas in the public schools
Zero tolerance
Home schooling and charter schools

Virus-related topics:

Coronavirus news (fresh)
Coronavirus news from 2022
Coronavirus news from 2021
Coronavirus news from 2020
Private property rights and the eviction moratorium
News media sensationalism and dishonesty
Illegal aliens bring diseases into to U.S.
Bias and Censorship in Social Media
Snitch on your neighbor
The Road to Tyranny
Unionized teachers
Abuse of power

Topics that news addicts care about (more than most others):

The V-22 Osprey
Obama's third term as president
Vivek Ramaswamy
Many homeless people are insane and dangerous
Attempts to silence the global warming skeptics
The Supreme Court
Insects as food
Acceptance and Promotion of Homosexuality in Public Schools
Hillary Clinton's most recent scandals
Recap of Hillary Clinton's Russia-uranium scandal
Bad news about the economy is always "unexpected" now, but under Trump, good news was always "unexpected."
Routine Islamic terrorist attacks
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
The injection of politics into NASCAR — and all other sports
Crime and (no) punishment
The Ghislaine Maxwell trial
The One-Sided Separation of Church and State
Renewable energy
The use of the IRS as a weapon
Censorship in social media  e.g., "shadow banning" conservatives
John Durham's Indictment of Hillary Clinton's Lawyer
Islam vs Women and Girls
Islamic invasion disguised as the displacement and acceptance of refugees
General Mark Milley
Governor Andrew Cuomo
Odometer taxes
Harvesting human fetal organs
Leftist politicians perpetuate poverty and dependence
Voter ID laws
Zimbabwe and South Africa
Snitch on Your Neighbor
Diversity, "black studies," and Critical Race Theory in schools and universities
Immigration   and   Lies about immigration
Electric cars
Pork Barrel spending   and   Money Down the Drain

Politics and elections:

The Ingredients for Civil War
Trump's impeachment(s)
The District of Columbia : Our 51st State
Media bias in Joe Biden's favor
Grounds for the post-presidential impeachment — of Barack H. Obama
Barack H. Obama used to speculate constantly about his third term as president
Conservatives face censorship in social media
Selective enforcement by the police, for example, at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.
News media bias against President Trump
Deliberately suppressed news
The IRS is used as a weapon against conservative individuals and groups
The Supreme Court
The Electoral College
Activist judges
Misleading and inaccurate political polls
The socialist Democratic Party platform
Joe Biden
Kamala Harris
The U.S. Postal Service
The Democrats' culture of corruption
Not everyone should vote
Statehood for the District of Columbia
Planned Parenthood

Illegal immigration:

Immigration in general
Lies about immigration
Sanctuary cities
Welfare programs attract immigrants
Many illegal immigrants are violent criminals
Public health issues related to illegal immigration
Walls and fences
Anchor babies and the use of children for emotional leverage
Illegal immigration is a threat to national security
Illegal aliens licensed to drive
Illegal aliens involved in traffic accidents

The news media:

Media bias in general
Media bias in Joe Biden's favor
Biased against Trump
Biased in favor of Obama
Biased in favor of Hillary
Biased in favor of Islam
Biased about guns
Biased reporting about environmentalism
Other specific examples of bias
Deliberately suppressed news
The New York Times

President Trump:

Good news about the economy was always "unexpected"
Lies about President Trump
Trump versus the news media
Trump versus the Deep State
Platform / Agenda / Mandate
Sore losers
Beneficial side effects
Background noise
The Fusion GPS Dossier and the FISA abuse memo
Trump's (first) impeachment trial in the Senate   and retrospective commentary
Trump's impeachment(s) in general
Trump's Impeachment is Political Poison
Earlier impeachment hearings
The Whistleblower fiasco
Baseless accusations about January 6, 2021

Socialist Democrats:

Joe Biden
Kamala Harris
Reparations for slavery
Race-based Political Opportunism
Nancy Pelosi
Elizabeth Warren
Bernie Sanders
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal
Ilhan Omar
Abuse of power
Emotional Outbursts
Abortion   and   Infanticide
Banning plastic bags, forks, and straws
Smoldering Antisemitism
Culture of Corruption
      Corruption page two:  the minor league players
Wholesale voting fraud
2020 candidates
The Poisonous Fruits of Democrats' Ideas   as seen in
      Baton Rouge
Out of sync with America
Wedding cakes for homosexuals
Democrats Think You're Stupid
Leftist politicians constantly hover over you
Tampering with the Electoral College
The Imran Awan scandal
The Left vs Wal-Mart
The Wealthy Liberal Elite Pretend to Watch Out for the Little Guy
Al Franken
Eric Holder
Loretta Lynch


The state that originated "sanctuary cities"
Wildfires in Australia share the same set of contributing factors as the fires in California
California wildfires and intentional power outages
Electric cars — Very trendy in California, except when the power goes out!
Other California politics   brought to you in part by   Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn
Homeless people supported by California taxpayers
California gives up on high-speed rail
Gun control
Nancy Pelosi
Dianne Feinstein
Maxine Waters
Adam Schiff
Those who can leave are leaving
California compared to Texas
Wasted money
High taxes
Radical environmentalism and restrictive environmental laws

Global warming:

It's all about world-wide socialist government
It has already stopped, all by itself
Global warming causes nearly everything  and  nearly everything causes global warming
The migration of the poles   is NOT caused by global warming.
Volcanos have a huge impact
Reasons to doubt global warming
Low-level environmental terrorism
Greta Thunberg
Inaccurate temperature measurements
Pernicious alteration of previous measurements
Faulty computer models
It's a hoax
Attempts to silence the global warming skeptics
Evidence of a conspiracy to suppress the facts about global warming  a/k/a ClimateGate
Polar bears
Polar ice   and  people who get stuck in it while trying to prove it isn't there.
Resorting to cannibalism to stop global warming
Carbon (Dioxide) Taxes
Carbon Dioxide itself
Solar panels
Media bias about the environment
Environmentalism is a pagan religion
Al Gore  and other  Gas-guzzling celebrities
Numerous other environmental false alarms

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