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Timely topics:

Incompetent news media
The politicized FBI
Polar bears
Censorship in Social Media
President Trump
      Versus the news media
      Versus the Deep State
      Platform / Agenda / Mandate
      Constant clamor for impeachment
Al Franken
John Conyers
Wedding cakes for homosexuals
Sanctuary cities  and  Violent illegal immigrants
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,  brought to you in part by  Elizabeth Warren
Puerto Rico
The injection of politics into professional sports
Which political party has a "culture of corruption?"
RFID  and  The Abolition of Cash
The murder of Seth Rich
Violence and hate speech come from the left
Lies about guns
Gun-control failures
Cases in which guns saved lives
Hillary Clinton carries decades of old baggage
The vast left-wing conspiracy against Bernie Sanders
News and commentary about the Russia/Clinton/Uranium scandal is scattered across these pages:
      Hillary Clinton's cloud of corruption
      Obama's culture of corruption
      Obama's secrecy and opacity
      Suppressed news stories
      Media bias in Hillary Clinton's favor
Lists of Obama's scandals
The poisonous fruits of liberalism and socialism
Reverse discrimination
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
The Las Vegas mass shooting
Electric cars
Credible allegations that Obama spied on Trump
John McCain
Imran Awan
Sharia Law
DACA / DAPA / Anchor babies
Domestic surveillance
Near-weekly Islamic terrorist attacks
Hillary Clinton's book tour, endless excuses, and future plans
The recent history of hurricane numbers and intensity
The one-sided separation of church and state
Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi
Current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan
The promotion of homosexuality in the public schools
The promotion of environmentalism in the public schools
The promotion of Islam in the public schools
Wasteful spending in the public schools
General stupidity in the public schools
Socialist indoctrination in the public schools
School lunches   and breakfast, and dinner.
Barack H. Obama spends our money on himself
Global Warming is Blamed for Everything,  including hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
Revised history and the destruction of old statues
Silencing the Global Warming Skeptics
The numerous traps and stink bombs Obama left for Trump
The minimum wage
The New York Times
Specific examples of media bias
Voter fraud  and  Voter ID laws
The murder rate in Chicago
Environmental propaganda movie reviews

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